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4; r r-AOKSix THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE. essay mqbmxq, avqJ
, I. a-pan?;.uw.., n iiin mi ill i'IiIiIMIiI I Wi Ml I Ii MHH InHltfi 1 liM il i hi I Ml i T ill ' I ' i
I'll '; j , Sacking Rich Rock From the New
I 1 ' Channel That Is Working a .
Mr " :
r 1 ' 'tj ' Transformntl011,
I' 1 ' I Just to cmphRi'lze its position among
I'1! the foremost of Utah's, gold-bearing
lyf mince, lhc Mum moth of Tinllc. now
. 'l coming into (he "open market" with a
( jjlji larger tonnage, of gold-bearing ore than
!J;il nry producer in the State, will lit a
I (1 , J I; v short time come forwaM with a coiifIrii-
I ' i f ment that promlses'to worry If it does
j ('! not lipwi the record. For several
'f months this lot has been accumulating.
; ;( the contents coming from a streak of
' i quartz which looky as If there might be
J f a lelluride of sold in the fractures and
, ' j I which. In every instance, has revealed
,( sensational values. The ftrenk has
j I persisted throughout th(r new gold-bear-
I ;, ' Ing channel opened up last of the
,,''( 1 hitherto "main workings?." and while at
i ! 'j intervals it has narrowed down almost
k ' V to the Imperceptible. It has neveer quit.
. ( I Some of this has. no doubt, crept into
I 'j " 8 recent consignments which showed a
'3 sold valuation of nearly 70 per ton,
M-lth a few ounces silver. Of the very
' ' high grade there are over 200 sacks now
1 I at the mine, the lot to be billed out
! ; w hen it shall fill a car, said an olllcer
i ; J of the company yesterday. To the naked
t eye there Ls nothing whatever to de-
,, f note the presence of gold In any unit
t b in the rock In question, the furnace
if alone revealing its? pretence, although
the miner has now learned to identify
it. On yestereday's market the manage-
1 ment appeared with 132 tons of gold-
r' 'l bearing ore, thirty three of which
; ! was tattled for on controls showing
'l as much as 545 lier ton in the yel
') , ' low, while the average of the remainder
j was $20. with the usual amount of sil-
' e vcr. Jn addition to these consignment?
. a 100-ton lot wan delivered at the
sampler. The treasury is reported in
, j most gratifying condition, and the
. g Tribune Is asuurcd that the ?20.0C0 divi-
L dend distributed Monday will be re-
,, peatcd In September.
Jf'l Assurance of Inventors That Its Rock
1 Can Be Made to Pay.
The gold-bearing ores on the "nurlier-
. ,h ous-bcaring muds." as they have been
' J maliciously characterized by. some fellow
,j who dumped his roll on the West Dip at
' J Mercur In vain effort to recover their
y precious contents, are to be given an-
I !,' r other trial, and to thnt end a consignment
, I j. of ore from several of the properties will
I bo subjected to new processes that are
-, glutting the diggings. An owner in one
I j; of the properties says he has the assur-
' ,f ance of the Inventor of one of these pro-
j cesses thnt he can posltlvvly demonstrate
I 'ri'S Ihat therein re one or more commercial
! propositions on the Dip. and that If ho
falls the companies shall be out only the
',' i cost of transportation between the 111
' A fated camp and the experiment station In
. this city It is claimed for one of these
i j processes that with its methods at least
, , l f 00 per cent of the metal may be rccov-
, '.' ered. and that with this the mud or rock,
, i J Which Is very slimy, can bo mnde to af-
M ford a margin. The Inventor of another
. J 'I if new process claims for his method that
i , j It will do oven more. Each of these ana
; i, then the others should be permitted to
' ! demonstrate It.
'! 1 Without exception, the undertakings ox-
?! plotted on the West Dip have been dlsap
i , polntmcnls. however sincere at least one
or two were In commending them as In-
, K vestments. Certainly these dlsnppolnt-
' I. mcnts have been a source of Injury to the
! ,t' Industry In this State, and the least that
,'"; the founders can do is to throw the Held
1 ; 1 open to experiment.
,i 1 i;l .
; , ' ' Foundation for the Plant Now in.
j With Machinery Ordered. ,
' m For the new mill with which the
1 properties of the Estc-lla Mining com-
! il pany out of Milford are being equipped
i , ,j !! the orders for machinery have been
i placed with a Milwaukee house, said
1 f' Hugh Tarbct, who has been visiting his
'' i, son, Manager Samuel Tarbct, at camp,
J' 'Pi . the plant to be put in operation as won
, ii'L 'I as It is possible to accomplish It. The
trials made at the Baxter plant down
I t there have demonstrated conclusively,
H L said the former, that Estella ores, which
j ! show an average of $10 gold per ton.
I - a can be made to afford a handsome profit
,j w ith amalgamation and subsequent
1 1 leaching by the cyanide process. The
I " ' foundation for the new plant has now
' U jU been completed, and with five stamps
I t dropping twenty tons will be reduced
I daily, enlargements to follow.
1 v 4 Ir. Tarbct, Sr., has accepted the
, ' C management of the Arrow Mining com-
' f pany's properties on Arrow Jtange.
!jj Lincoln county, Nov., and will depart
1 ' ' i for tnat- caniP about September l, to
. ' ,11 " Inaugurate systematic work.
1 ?j) Campaign of Construction at the New
i ( ,i Camp of Copper.
' ' i, f,J' Joseph Dederichs, superintendent of
I ' construction down at Newhouye, came
! ' If j up from that camp of copper again yea-
'-i l 'i terday morning much pleased with the
(' I! progress of work In all directions. On
f !i , Monday night the railroad between
, ) Frisco and Its terminal at New-house
, i'i had been completed to a station three
and a half miles? out of the- former,
V while sixty persons tire now employed
I ! Mj on the grade between Newhouse and
i, the mouth of the long tunnel out of
; which tb,e wealth of the mines will
j , njfl pour into the reduction works at camp
!.' Jj Ir" De(lct,,chs reports ?omc 43f the
I j' ffjn structural malerlul now moving west,
) 1 M with a great deal to start within tho
' (n a ' next thirty days, and with every condl-
M.i M M t5on now favornble to the completion of
I j Jt . qquipmenta as scheduled.
( i Its Miners Discover That They Have
Been Wasting Millions
M l J, DENVER. Aug. 16.-Uadlum ore has
H,j DCCI1 dbscovered at three different places
jlj 'l.'r.jl hi the Cripple Creek district. At two
i M places the ore has been found In a well-
(I I illt defined vein, averaging from eighteen
s.'),' i- Inches to two feet In width, while at an-
i lii 'I other place It Is scattered around In the
., l! f ,1 "oat on tllc surface In large quantities
1 ! Ul and ls known to exist ut a very good
i j r I depth In one shaft. Thouanndsof dollars'
I ' I! i worth Of the precious ore has been thrown
liir1' H ! ovcl" tnc 'hJmps by tho people operating
1 w (if !" mines in the sections referred to because
BOSTON Crawford. Tarter.
CHICAGO Auditorium, Great North
ern. I'nlmor Ifousc.
DENVER Brown Palace.
KANSAS CITY Midland. Coatcs.
LOS ANGELES Tho Angelus, B. F.
Gardner. 30: Spring Street.
M I NNEAPOLI S-West 1 lolol.
NEW YORK Waldorf-Astoria, Imperi
al. Astor House.
OMAHA The Millard, The Paxton.
PORTLAND. OR. Portland Hotel.
ST. LOIMS-Plnntora'. Southern.
SEATTLE Hotel Northern.
WASHINGTON Wlllnrd, Raleigh.
Third Locomotive With Which to Re
move the Stuff at Bingham Con.
So, satisfactory has been the service
of the electric locomotive in the hand
ling of slag at the Bingham Con.
smelter thai an order for a third ma
chine was yesterday placed with Fred
C. ltlchmond, tlni mechanical engineer
for the Salt Lake Hardware company.
The two machines now in use at the
plant have revolutionized the handling
of the slag, and with the three In opera
tion and a fifth furnace in commission
Superintendent Nutting will be pre
pared to show a new record among the
pyrltlc plants of tlie valley.
Market Generally More Active Witlv
Prices Maintained.
The day on the mining exchange closed
on tho silo of 21,100 shares of stock that
brought SaSSO.KI and with the market not
without an element of buoyancy, however
short It may have been on sprinters
Yankee Con., on favorable reports from
Us Tinllc properties, and a revival of ru
mors that a dividend was likely at any
time, was ngaln in active, demand and
moved rapidly up to 3SVi cents, although
It forfeited Its gains at the afternoon
session, while Daly West rallied and sold
at $13.024. with Daly filling an order at
S2.-J0. Con. Mercur came nut to a bid of
8-1 y. cents at tho afternoon session, with
Sacramonlo changing hands at llc and
CI... -., nl lln ITfl, lii.,.l,.rr nr,lli
sent Now York up to I cents, while Bo
nanza of Gnldlleld was In good demand
at 5 cents, with AJax changing hands at
3Vs cents. Grand Central was nn offering
at S3 and Silver King at ?tl. with SLr0 bid
for Daly Judge, the day closing on tho
following market:
I a7m.h PMl
I Bid. IAsked.ll Bid. Asked.
AJax 03Vt .OJVfc "
Alice 15
Bos. Coll. ... G.00 G.OO 7.00
Bul-Beck 1.60 1.00
Beck Tun. .. .03 03
B-Llbcral ... .10', .10!i .10 .10
Caiisa 0S& .07 .0Si
Century 20 . .2S .S3
Creole E0 SO
Con. Mer. .. .30 .a.-! .20 .33
Daly 2.30 2.13 2.37 2.50
Daly-J -I.STi 5.00 1.50 1.70
Daly-W 12.C0 13.20 12.774 13.23
E. t B. B... .75
Grand C. ... 2.50 3.00 2.C2!A 3.00
Gold-Bow. .. .03 fH-J .0G
Horn Sll. ... 1.00 1.00
Ingot V.01 .01
Joo B 01V -00 00
Little C. .... .01 .01& .01 .01V,
Low. Mam 20
Me Namnra. .30 j. .30
Mammoth .. 1.40 l.ST , 1.-17& 1.79
Muy Day ... .01 .01 .01 .01V1
Martha W.;. lOOfc .00 .00
Mon. Ton. .. 2.11 2J2 2.l9,i
New York... .034 .035 .01 .01
Ontario 3.50 3.50
Pctro .03V4
Rlch-A CO1,
Rocco-H. .50 50
Sunshine .... , .00& .02
Swansea 33 .-53 ..13
So. Swan 07& V. ).....
Sacram ! .11 .IP -10T6 -11
Sll. King ... 89.00 -11.25 10.00 11.00
Star Con 13i ,1 .13Vt .13
Sll. Shield .. .01 .02 .014 .03
Ton. Bll 40
Tetro ai4 .32',! .31 .32
Ton. Exb 95 1.30
Tonopah .... 7.75 7.75
Ton-Mid mi .51
United StalesI 21.75 23.50 I 21.87" 22.50
U. S. Con...T .2P, .2?W .21 .23
ITlah ,10 .5.) .10 .63
Victor .01 Vi
Victoria J fo 1.10
Yankee C. .. .37( .3S .30; .S7't
AJax. MOtjac. '
Daly-West. 10CTS13; US13.0214.
May Day. lOOOGU'fcc: lOOOSlVtc seller
thirty days.
Goldfield-Bonanza. lOOOtJf.c.
Sacramento. COOfjllc; 500ffll4c.
-Star Con.. 5005711c.
Butler-Liberal, roolOc. seller thirty
days. '
Yankco Con.. 100T7'3G!4c; JiX'S'c; 200f
3714c; G00O3Sc; 2003Sltc; 200I?37'ic, seller
thirty days; inftTJlic.
Shares sold. 7-120.
Selling value: $I.29.S7.
rPEV nnAun
AJax.. 1003c.
Daly West, 3&17S13; 5(V0?13, seller fifteen
Goldrield-Bonnnza. lOOtTSc.
May Day. 300J?lifec.
Martha Washington. 100D5sc.
New York. 2000'gi3!4e; lSOOGfl-c; lOOO)
3',4c. seller sixty days; loogS'KiC, seller
sixty days; SOOfiflftc; 500ST4c; COOJc.
Tetro. 500531 'Ac.
Shares sold. 10.S50.
Selling valuer $1535.So.
Con. Mercur. lOOt34'.ia
Daly. 200552.10.
Saci-amento, &005'10c. seller ten davs.
Star Con.. lOOOQllc.
Yankee Con., Jt0537c; 100536'c: zmp
Zlic, buyer sixty days; 3005(!7c.
Shares sold, 2SO0.
Selling value. ( J10S1.G3.
San Francisco Mining Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 10. The of
ficial closing quotations for mining
stocks today were as follows:
Alta 7 $ .12 coss OS
Andes , 20 Julia ml
Belcher 22 Justice ' y
Best & Belcher .KG .Mexican ... ' "un
Bullion 2!i Occidental Co'iil '.SO
Celedonla IS Ophir V j
Challenge Con. .22 Overman . '
Choljar 1G Potosl
Conlidence ... JG Savage ;,
v Con. Cula. nml Sag Belcher ...
Va 1.13 Sierra Nevada. .21
Con. Imperial . .01 Silver 1IIH .. o
Crown Point,., .17 Union Con... 25
Exchequer (JO L'tnh Con....', "n
Hale & Nor- Yellow Jaoket.. 2.
Gould & Gurrlo .22 ,
Adams Con. .20 Leadvllle Con.. 0
Alice 20 Little Chief ....N iu5
Breece 10 Ontario . rn
Brunswick Con .1C Ophir '.,)
Comstock Tun- Phoenix 'in
nol OS Potosl .'. ;. 15
Con. Col. and Savage "'(j
Va. 1.10 Sierra Niivada
Horn Silver ... 1.50 Small Hopes ..
Iron Sliver ... 1. 15 Standard i
New Sun Typewriter, S40.
Carbons, ribbons for all machines.
Pembroke sells them.
Western Cro Shippers' Agency.
163 Main. sU P. O. box 457. Phone 2000.
Prospectors Exploring the New Field
With Good Results Some Sam-
pies nt the Assay Furnaces.
' .i
I Rarely a sun sets now that among the
loen.1 assay offices there is not to be
found a certificate or two with which to
cii.phnstec the merits of diggings along
the margins of the San Pedro road,
and that a cluster of most productive
camps will have begun to contribute to
its revenues before the expiration of
another year is now quite positively as
sured. Among recent assays to which
this profession Is testifying and in
which not a little interest manifested
locally. Is that which tells of the pres
ence of ore In what Is known as the
Bullock locations, out of Veges ranch,
the certificates showing over $100 gold
per ton. In some of the rock exhibited
by Mr. Bullock, who has been prospect
ing the country for several months,
not a little free gold was revealed, but
these were "picked samples" and told
their own story without the aid of the
furnace. Of course the gentleman re
turned to the south much encouraged.
A letter from Callentc to The Tribune,
during the day, says that on the arrival
of Mr. Bullock there on his way to the
"Old Glory" group, twenty-two miles
southeast of Las Vegas ranch,v hp
showed ah assay which certified to the
presence of ?114 gold per ton. In the
same locality others are mining with
main- prospecting the field and big re
sults are not at all unlikely during tho
next few months.
Rock Containing Big Values in Gold
on the Virgin River.
Special to The Tribune.
CALIENTE. Nov.. Aug. 16.-Charles
Murray and Frank Mllsap came through
camp today. In company with Hon. Jo
seph Trevor, formerly Mayor of Cleve
land, an uncle of Mllsap. They are en
route to Los Angeles via tho San Pedro
and huckboard between the termini of the
road. They will stop for a week or ten
days at a group of silver-gold claims lo
cated bv Murray & Mllsap In February,
twelve miles south of the line near Los
Vegas, and If an examination by Mr. lre
vor ls satisfactory, men wl'.l be put to
work developing tho claims.
W. F. Smart and Joe Dyer came In to
day from their claims north of Moapa
summit, where they havo Just completed
an eighty-foot tunnel and cross-cut on a
vein two feet wide of gold-copper going
well In both metals. They brought sev
eral sacks of samples to have assayed In
Salt Lake.
Morris Wilbur and Tim MeCarty report
125 feet of a tunnel completed on their
Old Ireland claim, twenty-live miles south
of the upper Virgin river, where they
cross cut twenty-three Inches of J82.20
free gold ore. They are going East next
week to try to place their group with
Chicago friends.
"Doc" Flemmlng, who passed through
here two weeks ago with samples of
tellurium and free gold from his claims
on the Virgin river, returned today, and.
if his assavs are all right, has opened up
one of the'rlchest claims In southern Ne
vada. The former went S28S and tho lat
ter 519G per ton, and he claims to have
from eight Inches to one foot four Inches
of this valuable ore. He went west to
t'ay and claims to havo interested Den
vor capital In opening up his properties
on a large scale. ....
Boyd Young reports having sunk eighty
five feet on his Olympia claim north of
Moapa twenty miles, on a four-foot ledge
of gold and black oxide of copper, and
says ho has ten tons or shipping ore on
the dump.
Charles French and Matt Dugan re
turned from Cheyenne today and went
back to work on their Stars and Stripes
group of free gold claims near the Virgin
river Thev have a HO-foot tunnel run
on twenty-six Inches of $12.10 free gold
end a seventy-five-foot shaft on the same
ledge. Thev had a large supply of grub
and mining material with which to con
tinue work. v
Willis B. Hewlett, expert for Brown
Hewlett of New York, passed through
camp yesterdav en route to Los Vegas,
where he will go twenty-live miles north
to examlno Burns & Flynn's Four Aces
gold-copper group.
Demand Cor Local Securities and
Their Eastern Position,
The Bulletin, reviewing the market at
Boston, says: "There was no great activ
ity In United States Mining, but the price
held around $22. Brokers say the stock Is
very strong, and one house sold 1000 shares
tho other day for a trodlng customer
without breaking tho price one-eighth.
There was a spasmodic upward movement
in Utah In the early part of the week,
based on buying by Now York. The
stock did not quite reach $10. Boston Is
not as bullish on l'ah as ls New York."
Ores and' Bullion.
In the ore and bullion market the day's
Settlements amounted to $102,400, MeCor
nlck & Co. reporting them as they follow:
American bullion, ?44,400; gold, silver, lead
and copper ores, $58,000.
In the metal market silver ruled at 57T
cents an ounce, lead at SC.50V4.10 per hun
dred pounds, and casting copper at 11;
cents a pound.
Mining Notes. '
Ernest Bamberger, assistant manager
of the Daly West, left for tho East yes
terday morning, his pilgrimage to Include
the St. Louis fair.
Manager C. E. Loose of the Grand Cen
tral was among the visitant from Tlntlc
yesterday, lie reports tho main shaft
again dropping down.
II. N. Bo'wen, for the past year super
intendent of the Annli; Laurie company's
mines ut Klmberly, has resigned. Tho
company sustains tho loss of another good
man. to whom It Is largely Indebted for
the excellent condition of Its ore bodies.
The Star Con. of Tlntlc yesterday dis
posed of three carloada of second-class
ore, with the proceeds of which It was
very well satisfied, and with the co-operation
of smelton1 and railroad the manage
ment sees how It can continue to come to
John A. Klrby, superintendent of tho
Dalv West, was among the visitors from
Park City yesterday.
John II. McChryslal has returned from
Custer, Ida., where he has been conduct
ing an examination of mining properties
for local cllentfl.
Milan Packard, former president of the
Star Con, of Tlntlc, came up from Spring
vllle yesterday to confer with -the di
rectors. W. B. Deveretix. a prominent mining en
gineer whose name has been Identified
with some of the foremost of We3tcrn
mines for many years, camo In from New
York yesterday and, with Mnnagor Chnn
lllng of the Utah Con., dovoted the ufter
noon to a study of tho smelter.
AV. C. Alexander of the Black Diamond
has gone to Its Stockton properties.
Manager M. M. Johnson of the Boston
Con. left for Its Bingham properties yes
terday morning.
Capt. S. M. Koehler. U. S. A., cama In
from Lenvcnworth, Kan., yesterday ana
will depart for Park City this morning to
look personally lnt the resources of the
Daly West, In which ho Is a shareholder.
Tho Captain has been ordered to the
Philippines, for which ho will depart h.
a short lime.
Prof. W. II. Tlbbals, accompanied by
Mrs. Tibbals, will leave. for Portland. Or.,
on Tuesday to attend tho session of the
Mining congress.
William II. Child of the Shcba Mining
company has returned from Its mines and
mill In Humboldt county, Nevada, much
encouraged by conditions there. He was
accompunled by President Bartch and
Prof. Talmaue.- Upon an expression from
the latter, local Interests will wait with
much eagerness.
ManagM- D. C. Jackllng of the Utah
Copper company left for camp again dur
ing the afternoon.
S. I. Hallot Is projecting a trip Into the
southern country, via tho San Pedro.
Dr. Wcldman, a Pennsylvania share
holder In tha Tlonerlne. Inspocterd Its
mines and mill yesterday, In company
with Assistant Manager Levy.
George A. Robertson left for the- Britan
nia mines, out of Vancouver, B. C, Mon
day night.
The Monterey of Tlntlc had a twenty
ton shipment of ore on yesterday's mar
ket, the controls showing 20.7 ounces sil
ver, 4.1 per cent copper and $2.70 gold per
Ed. Hoffman, whose intelligent efforts
arc doing so much for the Silver Shield
and United Bingham, camo In from camp
lust night.
B. A. M. Frolseth, who has been ap
pointed tho representative of the Sail
Luke Real Estato Exchange to collect ore
samples for Its permanent mineral ex
hibit, leaves today for Tinllc In the law-rest
of the exhibit. Mr. Frolseth has Just
returned from Bingham. Where ho was
mexst fortunate In securing specimens
from the big mines, there.
77 gtS&p' Amorlcon
dStfiA S2.G0 to S4.00
European" OTH"
?1.00 to 53.00
The Telluridc,
For fine rooms, 22 E. Third South.
Flrst-cla3s bank and commercial work.
Delicato enough fo me softest
skin, nud yet efrip.-.cious in removing
any stain. Keeps the skin in perfect
condition. In the bath gives all tho
desirable after-effects .of a Turkish
bath. It should bo on every wash
The State Bank of Utah
Coiner Main and South, Temple Sta.,
Salt Lake City.
.70SE7I F. SMITH. President.
HENRY T. M'EWAN, Asst. Cashier.
Accounts Solicited. Special attention to
country trade. Correspondence InvJf-
J. E. Cosgrlff. Pres. E. W. Wlloon. Cashier
J. J. Daly, W. P Noble. Vlce-Prcaldcnts.
A. H. Peabody, Asa't Cashier.
Suit Lako City. Utah.
Established 1652.
The Oldest and Strongest Sank la "Utah.
Surplus V ...514.379.CCO
Undivided prortta )
Transact a general banking buslnesa,
domestic and foreign.
Direct connections with banks In all
principal cities of the world.
Draf'.e, ) On all.
Letters of Credit, f prominent
Telegraphic Transfers. j cities.
Deposits received subject to check. i
H. L MILLER, Cashier.
II. P. CLARK, Asst. Cashier.
p:stablished is4i.' iso offices
Gr. DUN & CO.,
The Mercantile Agency.
GEORQE RUST. General Manager.
Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.
Office In Progress bldg , Salt Lake City.
Established 159. Incorporate! 503.
Transact a General Banking Business.
Salt Lake City. Utah.
Capital, S50O,COO Surplus, 3250,000
President. Vlco-Prcaldcnu
Cashier. Asst. Ca3hIor.
Safo deposit boxes for rent.
FRANK ICNON. President
JAMES A. MURRAY Vice-President
W. F. ADAMS CaBhlor
Banking In all Its branches transacted.
Exchange drawn on tho principal cltlca
of Europe.
jyjcCORNICK & CO,,
Dolt Lako City, TJtai.
All Avenues Extending in Ore With
200 Tons Going Daily to the
Company's Smelters.
From Ynmpa mines at Bingham there
Is now going to tho Yampa smelter In
Bingham canyon us much at' 200 tons
of ore dally, with this to be more than
doubled when the capuclty .of the
latter, for which contracts have been
awarded, rhall have btfen Increased, tald
W. IT. Crnlg, the superintendent of
the bonanza, who came In from camp
yesterday. In the production of the
preyent tonnage, which Is an enormous
one In the average camp, no sloping
whatever is being .done, said the super
intendent, the orus comlne entirely
from development and the extension
of the levels Into the great copper, gold
and silvei-bcuring zone. With every
shift the resources of the company arc
Increasing, added Mr. Craig, and there
is no doubt at this time as to Its po
sition In the conclave of big ones. For
several years, or since the completion
of the main tunnel through which the
ores are spewed, the work has heeii in
ore, the volume now blocked out among
the largest In the country. Since the
regeneration of the smelter va begun
under the direction of Mr. Bellinger re
sults have been infinitely Improved, and
while the plunl, which It was necessary
to reconstruct, is yet incomplete, the
company Is piling up wealth and
making It possible to perfect its equip
ment without molesting the treasury.
The management may be relied on to
place the Ynmpa among the most pro
ductive) of Bingham before the expira
tion of another year. The wealth awaits
it under ground nnd efficient methods
for It' reduction will do the balance-.
In Ball's Mason Jars: m
50c I
I QS.!:.?.er 65c 1
aK por J g5c I
Jelly glasses, per doz., 26c and up. jfj.
These aro better Jars than tho m
20 per cent off on Granite waro. m
Brobaker-Campbeli j
Hardware Co, S
The Popular Hardware Store. j
Phone ;C3;-K. 27- V. Srd So.
Prlraajy, Seoondasy Icriisry RIcod Poison
Permauootlv Cired. "oil can be tTcatctTnt homo
nmlor RTT.o'ifiaratity. Capital 3000, Wo Mllelt
tho inot obstinrUo c.nsoa. Yo havocr.rod the wore:
caic in 15 to 31 Joy. If you havo token mercury.
Jotlldo potash (inl Etill havo itei.ea stul phId3, Mccas
Patches In Month. Sore Throat, PJaiplos, Copper.
Colnrod Spots. Ulcers on any part of the body.llulr
or Evobrows fa'dintt out. write for proofs ot curci.
Cook Remedy Co
JilOlJiSOJlO TXmS. Clilsc. UL HK-j;o Scot 5th-
ScoifsSanbl-FBpslQ GapsoiK
nfe.C PorlnflMnratttlon orCatftrrhof
(Sf: y tho Ulad.lernnd Dlcefxaed Kid-
S?j filamckly and tormnnently Uto
IM,. ; ) worst rates of CJouorrioca
VSf. -fat."- J?Q1 Olcft. no matter of hnw
V vCy. iDK tandlff. Auoolutel7
k?7Mfc- RaFID'!M- So''J by druggist.
nif fontaioe, Ohio
E J. HIL.I, DRUa CO.. Salt jLsko CltR
JT v o w o r ds. "Schilling's
Best;" a;icl one more that is
money back stand for the best
in trade: best goods and best,
dealing. y
Your Z7o:c:' ; moa:ybek.
N V (& Jl V EJvorythlnE: In Jew-,
Tfy clry from tho cheapo
Thousands iu use, not ouo fall,
urn. not one returned.
Send forfroo pnrtlculars.
Standard Appliance Co.
657 Mow Nelson Building, Kaasaa City, flo.
Consult County Clerk or tho rcspcctlvo
signers for further Information.
bate division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty. State Of Utah. In the matter of tho
estate of John Henry CrlppH, deceased.
The petition of Ernest Edward Crlpp-s,
administrator of the estntc of John Henry
Crlpps. deceased, praying for an order to
11 the following described personnl prop
erly oT said decedent, to wit: GO shares of
the capital stock of the Daly West MIninc
company, has bech set for hearing on Fri
day, the 2nd day of September, A. D,
19&I. at 10 o'clock a. m., at the county
courthouse, In the courtroom of said
court. In Salt Lake City, Salt Lake coun
ty. Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said court, with
the seal thereof nf fixed, this 16th day or
August, A. D. 1001.
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
Ry David 15. Davles. Deputy Clerk.
Wm. M. Bradley. Atty. for Estate.
Third Judicial district of tho State of
Utah, County of Salt Lake S. W. West,
plaintiff, vs. F. R. Work, defendant.
The State of Utah, to tho said defendant:
You aro hereby summoned to appear
within twenty days after the service of
this summonii upon you, If served within
the county In which thlsactlon Is brought,
otherwise within thirty days after service
and defend the above entitled action; and
in case of your failure so to do, judgment
will be rendered against you according to
tho demand of the complaint, which,
within ten days aftor service of this sum
mons upon you, will ho tiled with tho
clerk of said court.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
AJax Mlnlnp company. Office and prin
cipal place of business. Salt Lake City
Utah. Notice ls hereby Given that at a
mectlns: of the board of directors of th
Aja Mining company, held on tho ISth
day ft July. 1904, an assessment of four (I)
cents per share ires levied upon the capi
tal slock nf tfv trxporatlon. Issued and
outstanding, payable Immediately tc io
secretary at his office. Room 306, Dooly
Block, Salt Lake City, Utah. Any stock
upon wh'ch this assessment may remain
unpaid on Friday, the 10th day of Ausust,
1KU, will be delinquent and advertised for
salo at public auction, and unless payment
Is made before, will bo sold on Tuesday
the Cth day of September, 1D01, at li
o'clock a. in., at the secretary' office, to
pay ihf dcllnoucnt assessment thereon to
ccther wltli the costs of advertising and
expense of salo.
By order of tho board of directors.
J. M. BURT. Secretary.
2(W Dooly Block. Salt Lako City, Utah.
Of Special Stockholders' Meeting of
the New York Tonopah Gold
Mining Company.
Notice Is hereby given that a apodal
meeting of the stockholders of the Nc
York Tonopah Gold MIninc company
hereby cnlled to bo held at the main office
of the company In room 322 Dooly block.
Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday, Sept. ,
1501. at the hour of 2 p. m. The object of
the meetintj Is to confirm by vote the ac
tion of its board of directors in disposing
of its real and personnl property to the
New York Tonopah Consolidated Mining
qcmpany.of Arlxona.
Due notice of a special meeting has been
mailed to the stockholders of record of
August 1.
Dated Aug. 2. 1M1.
B. L. BROWN.IPrcsldcnt.
Frank L. Krelder. Secretary. 2477
I OR . I
1 . ,;' HARNESS '
I Is pf the same high standard (iiality as all the other things
I in this store, and is priced iil the same reasonable manner, i
g making the most satisfactory kind for yonio buy.
I The same may be truthfully said of harness-makers' and !
I shoemakers' leathers and supplies. We have all kind
1 " i
' - 15
KoJ York ffiffy0VCn,nB contan'- the beat rmanclal reports of any
tho Saturday edition
fj Tho Evening Mall. Broadway and Fulton St. New York City. W
iHhj.H.i:a-;Y-i?isE,wi Jj
City, Utah. The?; 'SB
J,ho following rfeh0? 9
of assessment Ko T 1
day of Junn. 9fr V' Icy1
opposite U,A naUs n7nivSM
gockholdei a8anr0.of
1 &.:r:::':5a
-Jg Simon . . jH
111 xH'1- mVo55'":::1".:
.Ox A Pqro 7M
1W liuward r7eni tlH
210 ThopdorcTcy' Jr ':-:l
f.i J A. Poiiock & 0 W
370 Hear!; iS j
S92 J . T. JIu rphy - Si
3 J- T. Murphy " - M
K'. J. T. Murphy SB
596 J. T. Murnhv 9
207 JS. T. Murphy W
SOS J T Murphy m
1C Jonathan U IS
4.w S. c Eivlng . V
011 Is. A. Pace " W
20 A- L. Stewart X
H. B. Colo & Co W
eg 5,1 wf--. m
017 Hudson Sons & fa V
g P Tj. Fcaklns .r0 M
wC Mrs. a c. Rlchir,',
"i Jonathan p"ne Mjoa-'--
.40 Sheets & Thompson 9
il ttpi3a-l
S0o J A Pollock & Co 9
W IT. B. Colp & On " - V
Ig V- s- gSISScS:::rS
IS M.ff
SGI M. M Mil er
M. M. Miller .
7o Sheets & Thompson' S
S78 Shoe s & Thompson. " M
2i3 Sheets & ThompKon 9
S M.M3 MlK-l
33 M, M. Miller 'M
013 James FarraKh :S
D73 N. A PaKe . . M
078 John M. Martin '. 9
W. Armstrong
ir w 3X- Armstrong. " ' " M
1113 II B. Cole &. Co. S
UK M. M. Miller lM
75 John Ohlham53:.1. M
1177 John 0!dham .. '" iB
117D A. N. MeCail.. . ',9
1181 J. Bostrom . , HJB
118S James f'ampbcll .!! tfl
1201 A. S. Campbel :'M
1240 A. S. Campbell 9
1244 J. Williams 9
12G3 Oscar Rltienbere ""9
1255 Sheets & Thompion..."..'; 9
S,hee,lv? Thompwn.. : 9
2 . Armstrong S
W. U. Armstrong 3
5X- V Armstrong .. !" 9
,203 A. J Pollock & Co,. 9
1295 W. W. Armstrong-9
1303 Sheet3 & Thompson " 9
13C6 Hudson Sons & Co. " 'ifl
1309 Sheets & Thompson".!' " 9
ldl3 Hudson Sons & Co " ' tSM
133o II. G Manvell
lfri Thomas L W'aldon .' 9
13SG Mrs. Fran. 13 Irvint 9
1392 W. J, Browning . . " nB
1401 M. M. Miller 9
1400 Shcete & Thompsoa .... 9
1I1G Henry Exfonoe . ...9
1143 Ben D Lueo . ... . W
1449 Ben D I.ur-o . . ,. ....
1477 Mary Pan in 71M
l.r2 I,, li. njm'K-rgcr .... 9
15IS Sheets & Thompion Tifl
lf-2S W. W. Ar-nstron? .. ..
1523 V,r. W. Armstrong
1531 W. W. Armstrong dm
1541 Francis Louise Pare?.... lifl
16S3 G. E Blakely am
J55G Sheets & Thompson nm
1570 Ralph Guthnc
1501 L. E. Camomile m
1C15 M. M. Mliler
1015 M. M. Miller ill
162S Chiles S. Crant ... (M
1630 Charles S Grant ;M
1645 Mrs. Mary Kilkenny Dl
1657 G. W. Fell; ins HM
1CC7 Mrs. Mary A Bell Ill
IOCS Joe L. Sheets
1CC0 J. L. Sh ts 39
1C70 Mrs. A. M SMoJtU
Sheets & Tboror".T 3
13S0 M. M. Millpr W
160-1 Sheets & '1 mproc - m
1693 Sheets & '! orapjen ... V
I65G Sheets & Thompson .. m
fil Sheets & Thompson ?
1701 M. .v. -Minor,
1703 M. M. MI'Hr 3
1705 Henry Esenoo
1712 Dan Oldham 3B
1721 Hcnrv Welch iTU
1751 Sheets & 1 J?mPon .vj' ?M
143 Aloxnndf-r W alUnssbax jj
1741 F. E. Srott fjBL
1749 A. L. Jacobs Sm
1757 F. E. Rutnnh fM
17C2 Joe L. Sheets
1771 II. B. Cole & Cd
1772 JlrsA. R. ,kL;j9
1773 IL K Bu'cb .. . J9
1750 Mrs. P J. Wa'- "V
17S7 Thos. Chogwlddcn '-.JM
1502 A. Maflll Lg
lS'M Sheets & Thompson .. m
1521 Harry A Malonc m
i' - v- ''S 1
1M0 Joe L. Sh-e ,
1S41 Joseph Brandell 2
1S-1G Nellie F, Kcogh -'3
ISIS G B B'akely g
1S57 G, W. Morgan - t
1S72 Joe L Sheets .
1S75 Joe L. Sheets g
1S7S II- B. Cole & Co
asoi a. c. Shields 5
1S3G Joo L. Sheets . rf
IS07 Joe L. Sheets "' " J
ISOt P. A. Han-on - .
1911 Oscar '",?" P " .. .
1012 L. 13- B mibcrgcr .. j,
112 I E. Paxnbf -S'T - ?,
IMS t E a' J
1S10 Hudson P''S 3
1021 Hudson Sons S.
lOi Frank Bairol -
If!: Mary A. ou .
company, . " 1 ' t,c 3 w
pense of sale. barNb
First pubKeatlonUUrj-j
Old Evergreen fff'VK
pany -Principal IH-tWm
Lake City. Utah-ot.M
linauent uion tne ii!t&$m
stock, on account o sh3f
of three (3) fcnts 59
2S. 1001. P'abVn,h day ofJ9
'Unqtunt on the SOtn 0 wfc &mi
amount set opPtte .
shareho dor as fol No. W
N. Cerlincate Nnmjb3(h MJ,
Therefore, n ncoJ wri J9 .
an order made l)' in f ,U m
on the 2Sth iJlt ot ttfjttmt
shares or "Hgl
necessary m m rapan.
secretary of earn. CWt
Main street. Sa" w 0f .",
Monday, tho .-i l" tbc
2 o'clock noon to
vertlfllng and IK?by 0. 9
(Seal.) llE tV
No. 1G1 South Mf 9
City. UUh,. Ausu 11 K

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