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4 fAGi THE SALT LAKE TSMBrjinS. wbdsebdIy MOig, aWSaaffol
i ! f
h ;: -Be Will Appeal to
fj : Local Pride,
in Order to Induce Weber
i Delegates to Carry Out
j His Wishes.
" I J Then, According to Report, tho Mayor
f !j it Will Say It Was a Part of His
l Original Plan.
! :
Tcy Wm Glasmann baa a trick up hl3
I ' i; F sleevo by which ho expects to turn tho
I )! $ defeat of his forces ln tho Wobor county
, primaries into a victorj' for hlmaclf, nc
k ,1 1 1 cordlnp to ono of his ORden friends who
! ,, I was In the city for a few hours last nlsht.
1 I IK It la a clever bit of acting and it ro
' i, J mains to be seen whether tho Offdcn
I , Mayor can mako tho
' ' s Mayor Glnsmann turn. Glasraann was
Has badly worsted In the
., , n primaries. He did
i an Idea. not get a smell, on
r the face of tho ro
ll' turns. He was wiped up In nearly every
votlnp district and admitted In his news
I ', ' paper that his opponents had Just causo
' for rejoicing over their victory.
But Bill said this before ho had thought
. . I out a way out of tho wilderness. Now he
,1 Is taking a new tack. It Is worthy tho
wllv Mayor. The chief fault with his
(' plan Is that he did not keep his trick up
J ' his bIcovo until after tho convention and
' , not talk about it. But he talked to his
i friends, and his friends are feeling so
: good over the matter that they, too, arc
telling the people.
Glnsmann says ho was not defeated In
tho primaries. Here Is how he has rattled
It off to tho Descrot News: "Say, 1 see
:' J tho Salt Lake papers say that I was
, ; licked bv the Kcarns crowd. Well. I want
' M to tell you I wasn't licked, for tho very
' ( good reason that I was several hundred
i ) J miles away when tho licking was going
, 'J J on. .Besides, I have been away for tho
' '! pnst ton days. I have been In Idaho all
'it! of that time. I guess Lf I was licked l
,',l would know It. Don't you think so? Why.
I of course you do. Then you fellows down
,: f there ought to know that I can't be llckea
C ) that easy, anyway. Say, but the Joko Is
: I a good one. If 1 had boon home taking
It ' part in tno primaries, it. is uouuiiui u i
I , could have got a better lot of delegates
' 1 ' I Think of It! Thirty-ntno out of forty-flvo
i I delegates are my delegates, anyway, per-
. ! sonal friends of mine. That doesn't look
, so bad. does It? I don't think so. Yes,
f I ' ? thirty-nine out of forty-flve. That looks
'I. pretty good to William. If Senator Koarns
' ; can get any comfort out of that I hope
h he'll enjoy It to the limit, for I am on-
f p Joylnjr It here all right. Senator Kearns's
' .8 crowd licked tho Glasmann crowd, did It?
I j. Well, look at that Il3t. and don't forget
i thirty-nine out of forty-flve. That Is a
, I; 3 good game to play any day of tho year."
'' j
. ' 1 Now everyone will say, "That Is Just
, ; like Bill." He sees a way out of tho
, disaster suffered by his friends and ho has
I , t begun to claim a victory, believing events
i ; will sustain him.
I , j' I His Ogdcn friond tells about It In this
, ill I vfay:
' " "Yes. Bill Is about to turn a trick on
J ! j' .1 t tho othor fellows that Is ono of the best
I ..' f In the land. It Is this way," he declared.
.1 fi "Bill knows the delegation la packed
' II against him that hlB candidate for Gov-
ii ernor. Cutler, has but a few votes and
) Wells has about all of the others. Well.
! Bill knows that Weber county has not
'J :' been given her share of the Stato offices
' - iy In tho past and that Bob Moyes Is a
l , . ,;" popular fellow and should be put on the
, . !!- State ticket, Moyes and Bill nre good
1 . (' rriends and Bill sceH a way to help hlm-
. i ,5 self by boosting Moves.
"I i Ik "He knows that Snioot will try to got
' lj Moyes to agree to a trade whereby Moyca
i ( fl will be put on tho Cutler slate In ox-
' li change for the Wcbor delegation for Cut-
, !' ler. Fact Is, this matter has already been
. ! ', figured out. Smoot will wait until tho
i ' Ij Utah county primaries have been held
.iVs and then offer to Moyes tho llfty-four
' ,' ,ll votes of Utah county, all of the Salt Lako
' ff'li; Cutler votes and aa many other Cutler
, ; delegates as may be neceosary to con-
lull vlnce Moyes that he can be nominated,
f 'ill "Then Bill and Bob will call the Weber
t .fl delegation together and say: 'Do you
f-f want to nominate a Weber county man
, by sticking together, or follow your own
f I' j ; inclinations for Governor and dofent a
I ; home man?' You know what tho dele-
I I' xatlon will do. It mav not want to be
j 1 1 traded off, but noi n maf; will dare kick
, jj against a Weber county man who Is suro
L ! of nomination. The boys will say: 'Wo
j i would like to support Wells or Ilammond,
'' y A but we can't afford to go on record as
1 ( standing In tho way of the success of
t I : Weber county success. '
j "Bill knows this. He Is for Cutler bc-
' causo Kced Smoot Is for Cutler and be-
1 J, ; cause George Sutherland Is for Cutler. Ho
' j) will urge a combination througli Moyes's
; j men on tho delegation. Bccd, will pull his
'i 1 , brother-in-law off and will hold as a bait
;f ' to Weber county all of tho Cutler dele-
I ' . gates if necessary. Bill sees this. He be-
1 ., lleves It will pan out. If It does ho will
oay: I toid you. .didn't I? Thought they
r , : had me skinned! But they .voted as 1
j wanted 'em to. It was a good trick 1
l.l, played on thoso fellows who opposed me.
t , I They -put themselves just where I wanted
I !;f them.' "
, Ujvlt This la tho way Mayor Glasmann has It
'' figured out, accordlpg to his friend's
;L'i' atory. He will control Weber county for
I HlfJ Cutler, if ho can, by appealing to county
J ,f,;;J pride. He will accomplish by Indirection
. ' ViJ what he could not In the primaries,
i ' .nil 'I That Is, lf AVcber delegates do not call
. ' ' 5 , fVir. trlnlr nml flpollrm fn ho trnrlfxl whlnli
I I i ( ono Weber county man declared lasc
H1 , i ?, ' li night he would not consent to.
H;' ill "I am for Wells," said he. "I will vote
, iij for Wells lf mine Is the only vote for
j 'illi , him In tho delegation. I like Bob Moyes
1 ;f J He Is a bully good fellow. I would ho
1 '' ',, Ij . glad to see him on the ticket, but I shall
1 ' .'fiiJl noti be traded for him against my candl-
1 fit! date for Governor. That's all there Is
Hi i !" i ,1 "After a most careful and earnest con-
t ! : ' jt E alderallon, 1 am for Heber M. Wells for
1 i (ju) ; Governor, and I believe that he will be
HL ' 'j T) nominated and elected.'"
1 V 1 i This straightforward statement by
l 1',' UK George M. Cannon, president of tho flrat
i ,(! ? Iccpubllcau State committee and of tho
i 1 1 1 ft 8 first State Senate, is causing much elation
r l,i ii ' I in the WcIIr carnp.
1 'Iv'i K B "I liave ueen giving the question of tho
' Mi' Ij h 8 Gubernatorial situation much thought for
1 V i j S more than a month," snld Mr. Cannon. "I
' 1 JM am well acquainted with all of the gentle-
,ii ' . i . nnen who are active
' ' 1 1 ' 1 -A-ll Good .Men, candidates for Gov-
1 III' but He Is crnor, and have had
'!'" s i' iirn (Intimate business rc-
, ', HJ; for Wells- 'latloiis with each for
Hi-' more than twenty
U fr -'J-' years. I was County Recorder or this
,i5H Vjf county at tho time John C. Cutler was
) t . , County Clerk. I met Mr. Cutler froqucnt-
, I t ' ly, and am satlstlcd that no more gen-
j ; tlemanly officer ever held office than he.
j' ! i ' In ms relations with the public ho was
H'llj. ill. prompt, conHklcratc and efficient. No
I, man could have shown greater care and
J ' il' it) ' economy In the interest of the county.
' i i n 1 1 know that he w.-is liberal with his own
1 i L ! ,! j money and scrupulously economical with
- lli i !j that of the pubic.
M!1!!.'' ' "James T. Hammond Is a man of great
H'llllni 'It' capacity for public work, knows tho
Hi lli! l ? I nt-eu'3 of the State aa few men do, and
i 1 1
hna made a splendid record In his offlco
of Secretary of Stalo. If either of these
men secures tho nomination for Governor
I shall most heartily support him, and I
am as suro as ono can bo before tho elec
tion that tho Republican nominee will bo
"Many statements were made to me as
to why I should support one or tho other
of the rospcotlvo candidates, but after
giving tho matter tho most careful con
sidoratlon 1 have ever given a political
nomination. I am unqualifiedly for Honor
M. Wells for Governor and believe he will
bs nominated and elected to succeed nlm-
"The Senatorial question." continued Mr.
Cannon, "Is not, In my opinion, affected
In any way by the nominations for State
office. It should not bo forced Into tho
State convention. The county conven
tions nro the plnceH in which to consider
tho attltudo of the candidates for the
Legislature on present or pro.Mpectlvo
United States Senators, and tho attitude
of any delegate on tho candidacy of the
respective aspirants for tho office of Gov
ernor does-not and should not Indicate
that such delegate Is for or against
chher of our present Senators."
a i ft
The Democratic State convention, which
will bo held In Salt Iiko City September
S. will contain f.2 delegates. On the two
thirds rule basis 319 votes will be neces
sary to a choice. The apportionment fof
lows: Beaver 10
Carbon l
Garfield '
Juab 20
Salt Lako 121
Sevier ?
Uintah , J
Washington .. - 13-
Box Kldcr 15
Davis 10
Grand .. ;
Kano o
San Juan -
Summit ' J?
Utah C
Cache ST
ISmery - iJJ
Iron ,2
Millard 12
Rich t - B
Sanpoto G
Tooclo 12
Wasatch Ji
Weber CO
Total C2t
x Parker Democrats, led by Juab county's
big' Democratic boss, Senator George M.
Wnltmore, wore organized into a club at
Nephi Saturday night
State Chairman James H. Anderson
says he feels his position in regard to
tho appointment of temporary officers
of the Republican Stato convention has
been misunderstood. Ho says ho had
no Idea of appointing tho temporary of
ficers himself, but calculated on calling
the committee togothcr for that purpose.
iHe further declares
' Chairman Ahat tho letter ho
a TiftfiTioa 'ont out and which
Anderson Defines AmB s0 much
His Position. comment, was mcre-
jly to obtain an ex
pression from tho committee as to Its
wishes concerning tho temporary offlcors.
On tho matter of tho chairman's pre
rogatives In such matters Chairman An
derson lias authorized tho following
"Tlicro was really no excuse for Mr.
Metoer's letter. His Intimation of ulter
ior motives In appointing tho temporary
organization Is so unbecoming that I will
not deign to reply to 1U So far as the
annolntmonts aro concerned. I was criti
cized by several committeemen nnd other
tho last meeting for having permitted the
matter to come before the committee at
all. They said my action was Instituting
a dangerous precedent, contrary to es
tablished custom In State and National
Republican politics; that It was the pre
rogative of tho Stato chairman to name
the temporary organization. They pointed
out that I was the first chairman who
had ever referred the matter to the Stato
committee. As tho subject had been up
on my suggestion to th? State committee,
which did not transact it at tho meeting
of July 9, I consulted former Stato chair
men, and they informed mo It
was the business of the Stato chair
man and executlvo committee to malte
tho selections, lhat the State commlttoo
never had been called on to do It before
my time. I found tho precedents all
that way, both In this State and with tho
National Republican committee, and so
informed the members of the committee,
but made no suggestion of any change of
purpose on my par. A few members ob
jected to me taking action. Several oth
ers stated a willingness to have the for
mer procedure continued, and several
members Insisted that It was my right
and duty to go ahead and namo the tem
porary organization.
"Thero Is no auostion but that under
the proceduro In this and In other States,
as well as In the National Republican
committee, tho State committee has not
named tho temporary organization, but
has upheld tho chairman's action In doing
so. As tho question has been raised,
however, it Is my purpose to let tho Stato
Committee pass on it. If the members
"of that body choose to throw down tho
established rule, now that tho prccen
donts and custom are before them, they
are going to have tho privilege'. Tho
temporary organization does not help or
hurt any candidate. It cannot bo a ma
chine for either effect. Tho convention
Itself Is In full control of the whole busi
ness. If tho temporary organization Ib
not suitable for permanent work, the
convention will name others. The method
' uniformly followed In Republican Stato
conventions here Is for each county dele
gallon to namo Its own member of each
committee. The temporary chairman ex-,
erclses no appointive power whatever in'
naming committees. The temporary or
ganization of a convention is composed
of persons selected to fill the respective
places capably and honorably. Under tho
established rule It is my right to namo
them for Use convention, but as there
have been objection and undignified ac
cusations, I shall ask tho State commit
ter to givo Its Judgment whether tho
selection is the State chairman's pre
rogative, or whether tho existing- rule
shown by the precedents shall bo broken
In nominating candidates for Repre
sentntlves, Cache county Republicans uro
expected to select ono from tho north
part of tho county, on'6 from tho center
and one from tho south. There are three
candidates from the center. Bishop
Charles Hyde of Hyde Park and Lorenzo
Hansen and D. R. Roberts of Logan.
Thomas Smart of Logan, who was a
candidate, has withdrawn. T. II. Morrill
of Richmond Is tho only candidate from
the north end. For the nomination to be
given to a resident of the southern por
tion of tho county. Joseph A. Smith of
Providence and W. 11. Maughan, Jr., of
-MrA11....llli nn Ihn o . rt I .......
Ratification day at Snltair, Friday,
August 20, will be one of the mosL pleas
ant of tho outings ever planned by the
Young Men's Republican club.
t a
Republican city committee will meet at
the Young Mon's Republican club rooms
at noon today, Tuesday, for the purpose
of deciding when tho Judicial convention
for tho purpose of nominating city Judges
shall bo called.,
To the Cuf'lcr men It looks like Cutler.
To tho Governor's followers It looks like
Wells. And Hammond's friends say
Ilammond .occupies the place of vantage
and will bo nominated.
So there It Is "You pays yo' money, you
lakes yo' choice."
Tho Kurfaec drift In Salt Lako county
Is anti-Cutler. Tho undercurrent- Is Cut
ler. And the wary politicians ay tho
undercurrent Is the thing to keep one's
eye on In Utah politics. .
Cutler machinists began the last full
week's work assured that If they arc to
be victorious the vlc
Bnttle lory must bo won In
Rovnl Salt Lake City and
trZr n7. jcounty. It Is told in
Wow Ui. Hit camps of the en
temy that an extra
amount of lubricant had been apportioned
to tho workers for this week, or, in other
words, that the merchnnt hud concluded
to spend a few dollars In Salt Lake rather
than 6co Hebor M. Wells carry away the
prize. Some things seem to Justify the
statement that Mr. Cutler Is not permit
ting many of his lieutenants to work foi
nothing, and this Is making the Wolla
crowd a bit nervous.
1 The result Is tliat admUle royal la" on In
Salt Lake, with Wells men nnd Cutlor
men busily arranging lo act their friends
to tho primaries and Hammond playing
for a position to flank both positions. Tho
maneuvering Is becoming very Interest
ing, and It looks very much at IhlB time
as though a very prettv game of politics
were being prepared, tho result of which
Is with tlie man whose foresight Is the
Neither side is able at thl3 time to fore
cast the result. Several things threaten
to complicate the matter. These compli
cations havo begun to present themselves.
And thoy are troubling not a few of tho
managers at this time,
IX Wolls can hold his Webor county
friends together and capture a fair share
of Salt Lake's votes, the nomination may
be said to bo his. He will either capture
(something like sixty
Wells Must of Salt Lake coun
Fifhr for ly' votes, according
e i? x i lo ncn we" Informed
, Salt Lake. on i0Cai politics, or
not half that num
ber. His organization is .strong, but hlx
managers are believed to be overlooking
a class of voters, who will attend the
primaries practically to a man. These are
the warm friends of the Junior Senator.
That Senator Smoot's friends aro busily
calling attention to the fact that tho Sen
ator Is as much a factor In the contest
as Is Mr. Cutler. Is not doubted. This Ib
tho undercurrent which Cutler's frlcnda
aro boastful of and which his opponents
Powerful Influences nro supporting the
Governor, however. These will be great
factors here and at other points. They
may offset tho work of friends to tho
Junior Senator, but this Is to be seen. No
politician of standing who Is not biased
1- personal Influence, will venture a pub
lic opinion. Tho primaries must deter
mine. Almost all agroo that a vory heavy
voto would be favorable to the antl-Cutlcr
candidates. A light voto uiu'avomblo,
for the reason that It will be easier to ,
poll the Cutler forces than thoso who aro
opposing, tho merchant.
Tho primaries will bo held Friday even
ing In every election district In tho county.,
a e
There is an Interesting rnco for Attorney-General
between Judge M. A. Ereo
don, tho incumbent, and William A. Lee.
Judge Jacob Johnson of Spring City may
get Into tho race, and If he does It Is be
lieved ho will have a strong following in
southern Utah.
Breeden has boon credited to Wobcr
county and Lee Is also a former Weber
county man, although ho has lived In Salt
Lako for several years Lee's friends nre
claiming a following that will surprlso
some people. He Is a hustler jind his lieu
tenants aro beating tho brush and making
littlo noise about It. Brecden's frlonds are
confident of his success, but politicians
who aro on tho fence say It is Impossible
to say who will bo tho next Attorney-General.
The office hns so often been used
as "sop" to throw to disappointed coun
ties that a new man may carry off tho
A meeting of the Stato Domocratlc ex
ecutlvo committee has been called for
this city Thursday, at 2 o'clock In tho
a a
Harry Malr of Mercur, formerly City
Marshal, and ono of Tooelo county's wide
awake Republicans, was In tho city Mon
day. a a o
Tho Domocratlc county convention for
Salt Lake county will bo held Wednesday,
September 2S.
It Is roportod lhat Wayno county wilr
go to tho Senatorial convention solid for
Hebor Wilson.
Big Repobllcao
Midion Meeting
Roosevelt, Fairbanks and Republican.
State Ticket to Bo Given Great
Send-Off August 26.
Friday, August 20, will bo a great day
In tho history of tho Republican party In
Utah. Tho plans now being perfected
for tho National and State ratification
meeting and clarrbako at Saltalr. Include
details that (will make the occasion one
of great pleasure to tho public and profit
to the party in Utah.
Hon. W. 13. Borah of Idaho, one of the
West's most eloquent and entertaining
sjHiakera, has accepted an Invitation to
come to Salt Lake and speak. Senator
Heyburn of Idaho, also, Is expected. In
addition to these Senators Kcarns and
Smoot, Congressman Howell and For
mer Congressman Gaorgo Sutherland will
deliver short speeches.
Chairman Anderson of the Stato com
mittee has endorsed the mi'cllng In be
half of the committee and has requested
that tho Young Men's Republican club,
take tho meeting In hand. The Stato
organization has promised earnest Bup
port. One of tho features of the day's pro
gramme will be a parade. This will bo
participated In by the Young Men's Re
publican club, delegations from out of
town including the State convention visi
tors, and all Republicans of tho city and
Stale who aro willing to participate. Tho
Utah State Band will be engnged and
furnish music for tho entire day.
Tho parade will bo formed at tho Atla3
block. Second South, at 1:30 o'clock p. m.
and move east to Main, south to Third
South, counter-march on Main to tho
monument, counter-inarch back to First
South and thence west to West Temple,
where cars lo Saltalr will be taken.
Tho guests will be in line In automo
biles and all automobile owners In the
city are Invited to get in lino.
At the lake a grand programme will be
carried out, consisting of speeches, songs
and a great clam-bakc. Four tons of clams
will b? ordered fresh from Olympla and
these will be served free to all.
Tho pnrade committee has been In
structed to appoint a committee from
each of tho county delegations to tho
State convention with reauest that evorv
county bo in line.
Doublo train service on tho Saltair lino
has been arranged for, which will pro
vide for one train each way everv forty
flvo minutes.
The following committee has charge of
the arrangements:
P. P. ChrlHtensen, chairman: J. J.
Myers, Horace II. Smith. J. L. May, C.
S. Buckwalter. Fred W. Price, J. Parley
White, Dana T. Smith, W. J. Leaker
George Wilson. Orson II. Hewlett, Frank
1. Sefrlt, Ed Penrose, B. B. Bltner.
Eureka Couple to Wed and Live Hero.
Special to The Tribune.
EUREKA. Aug. 1G. George Edgar Ad
ams and Miss LIUlo Thurmond of Eu
reka wero united In marrlago at Salt
Lako yesterday. Both are well and fa
vorably known In this ' city. They will
make their home at Salt Lako, whero tho
groom Is employed.
a a a
Mrs.vP. G. Donnelly returned homo last
Sunday evening from a visit with Salt
Lako and Ogdon friends.
a a a
Phil Clarke left yesterday for Califor
nia to Join Mrs. Clnrko and Mr. and Mrs.
Jackson McChrystal. Tho partv will re
turn to Eurelca In about two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hannlfln returned
yesterday from, a vls.lt with her sister
at Park City. 1
t a a
A farewell dance in honor of Carl Hahn
will be given at tho L. D. S. church this
evening. Mr. Hahn will loavo about Au
gust 20 Inst, upon a mission to Germany.
a a a
Dr. and Mrs. Townsend of Robinson
left todny for Salt Lake, whoro they will
maku their home.
ONLY $31,50
Portland and Return,
From Salt" Lake Aus. 16 to 19, Inclusive,
via O. S. L, Tickets good jsLxty ,dr.ys.. 1
3r:ght outlook for
utah county farmers
Special to Tho Tribune.
AMERICAN FORK. Aug. 1C Tho har
vesting of wheat and somo other grain
Is In full blast hero. Tho Bromley Throbb
ing company will begin on J. S. 13ocks
largo grain stack. Mr. Beck will have
In (ho neighborhood of 4000 bushels of
grain, which by tho farmers of this sec
tion Is concodod to bo tho largest run.
Tho heavy rains of two wocks ago did
eonsldorablo damago to grain that re
mained uncut, causing It to fall down
and causo rust to form, which ffrcatly
affects the quantity and quality of tho
grain. Notwithstanding this slight dam
age, tho wheat crops aro roportod to be
much hotter than thoso of ono year "jio.
and tho runners wlli on weu pnJ'J u
price of wheat will hold up near whoro it
was last year.
The potato crop this year Is reported to
be a fair average. The potatoes on bot
tom ground havo not proved productlvo
this year, owlnu to the great amount of
wot. cold weather In the early spring,
which caused the scod to rot In tho
ground On the upper ground tho
Iilurphys are somo bettor than thoy wero
last year. If the present prlco prevails
tho farmers will have a prosperous fall.
Chris. Potcrson, tho Utah Sugar com
pany's beet Inopector, has Just comploted
a thorough Inspection of tho sugar boots
of this county and reports that tho crop
this yoar will exceed any previous crop
In the history of tho Utah sugar industry.
Thin crop in nnd about American Fork
Ib bettor In tho wny of sugar-producing
and In tonnngo grown.
a a a
Tho fruit crop, Including most all va
rieties, is heavy and of a good quality,
On Thursday next, Augusl IS, tho Amor
Ican Fork baakot ball team will play a
matched gamo with tho Draper team.
a a a
Tho American Fork basoball team was
subject to a defeat by tho Bingham Can
yon nlno. Tho gamo was played in Bing
ham and lost by u score of 8 to 4.
Ncphi Strow of the Strow & Storrs
Railroad Contracting company camo In
from tho works, above Mack, for a short
business slay. Mr. Strow reports tho
road as rapidly ncarlng complotlon.
, 4 a
It has Just bocomo known hero that Da
vid Cousins was married about six wooks
ago to Miss Dolllo Mangrum of Idaho
Falls, Ida., tho wedding havlnz tnkon
placo at tho bride's home. Mr. and Mrs.
Cousins will mako their homo In Ameri
can Fork.
a a
Mrs. A. G. Dunkley hno Instituted dl
vorco proceedings against A. G. Dunkley.
Mrs. Dunkloy nsks for 520 monthly ali
mony, for tho malntenanco of herself and
four minor chlldron She charges non
support and cruel treatment.
a a
Tho Draper basoball team will cross
bats with the Amerlcnn Fork nlno on tho
American Fork diamond Thursday, Au
gust IS.
a a
Chan Crnndal Is hero from San Bernar
dino, Cal. Mr. Crandal. formerly of
American Fork, is at present In contract
work on tho San Pedro. Los Angeles rail
road In California.
a a
Miss Clarlo Hardline of wiuaru. wno
has been visiting In American Fork as
tho guest of Mrs. Thomas Barratt, Sr.,
returned to Salt Lako this evening.
a a a
James IT. Barratt loft hero today for
Park City, whero ho expects to engage
In mining.
a a a
Miss Ida Pulloy was married to Joseph
Shelton of Murray this evening. Tho
wedding took placo at tho homo of tho
brido. A pretty homo reception was
given tho couple by Intimate frlonds and
near relatives, who jvlshcd them a pleas
ant Journey through llfo.
- I
Leo Singleton, who has bcon suffering
with a severe case of sunstroke, which ho
rocolvcd whllo umpiring a gamo of base
ball last week. Is sufficiently recovered to
get about town.
a a a
Tho district school trustees of American
Fork aro experiencing considerable dif
ficulty in getting a full quota of teachers
lor pile year. At present they aro lack
ing about five.
a a
J. W. Storrs, grocery manager for tho
American Fork Co-op., will leave hero
Thursday for a ten days' trip to Mack.
Colo., where ho will, for that length of
time, be engaged with Strow & Storrs,
the railroad contractors, as bookkeeper
and paymaster for tho company.
a a a
Mayor Joseph H. Clarko, In connection
with tho Mayors and Irrigation commit
teemen of this town, Lehl and Pleasant
Grove, will leave In tho morning for
American Fork canyon, where they ex
pect to stay four days In studying, and
Investigating the condition of tio water
supply of tho three towns. Thoy may se
lect a suitable site for a reservoir.
a a a
Tho committee for the preparation of
entertainments for tho benefit of tho four
American ' Fork meeting houses, which
havo rccontly been completed, announces
the first entertainment Friday next.
Manager L. O. Taft of the Provo
branch of the Z. C. M. I.. Salt Lako City,
is In American Fori: today.
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO, Aug. 1C The delegation ap
pointed by tho committee of Black Hawk
veterans to wait upon the Governor to
ascertain his ylews In connection with tho
apparent conflict of tho Utah National
Guard encampment and the Black Hawk
reunion roturncd to Provo last evening
full of Joy and pralso for the cordial
treatment received. When tho Governor
l.ad fully understood tho situation, ho
said, "Well,, boys, wo will either chango
the day or the place for the N, G. U. en
campment." This gives the Black Hawk warriors
free access to the grounds which had
been engaged for both camps, the dato
for the encampment and tho reunion being
tho same. The Black Hawk veterans en
gaged the grounds April 1C. While honor
ing tho Black Hawk veterans, It Is to bo
hoped that Provo will not be deprived of
the N. G. U encampment.
Tho Tellurlde Power company's lino was
not struck or disabled during tho electric
storm which occurred Sunday night. The
report thai considerable damage was done
Is Incorrect. Tho disturbance caused by
the storm was at Intervals of short dura,
tlon. The power was Interrupted on the
main line so that Salt Lako could not get
the power at Intervals. Tho longest In
terval of eleven minutes was due to test
ing outlying llnej.
Tho Utah Light and Railway company
was taking power from the Tellurlde
company at the time of tho accident, and
because of the systems being connected
the disturbance naturally interfered with
the service temporarily. The storm was
unusually heavy near Ogdon. The report
that two transformers were burned out
Is Incorrect, tho company sustaining no
loss whatever. No apparatus belonging
to the company has been lost by lightning
during tho past yoar.
a a
llyrum G. Sm'.th. aged 25, and Martha
E. Gee, aged 21. both of Provo, have re
ceived the necessary permit and will be
married In the Salt Lake Temple on
Wednesday, August 1".
a a n
Mayor W. M. Roylance returned from
St. Louis and Eastern points Saturday
evening. Ho reports that the political sit
uation Is fuVorablo to the success of the
Democrats In tho E&st.
JucIec.J. E. Booth has gone, to Maplelon-,,
to Inspect certain water ditches connocrted
with a. caso which is brought in from that
a a m
Sheriff Harmon In In SI rawberry valley
looking Into a case of sheep stealing re
ported from that soctlpn.
m a
It l said D. S. Van Wngncn ct al. havo
purchased the remnlnlng stock ol tho late
Julius litay. and will contlnuo tho busi
ness from tho old stand In tho Holbrook
IN 0GDEW TO COST $15,000
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN. Aug. lC.-Ono bid was all that
was recolvod by tho City Council tonight
for the northwest portion of tho City Hall
square. Julian II. Young, who had previ
ously applied to lcaso tho ground for
tho oroctlon of a thoaler building,' re
newed his bid, offering $100 per month for
a lot 100 foot on Twenty-fifth street and
200 feet on Grant avenuo. Mr. Young pro
poses to erect a two-story brick and stone
building to cost SlCi.OOX
P. N. Morrlscy was appointed a member
of tho police force by Chief Browning,
and tho appolntmont was confirmed,
G. M. Mitchell and C. D. Brown peti
tioned tho Council for tho position of
Plumbing and Sower Inspector in district
O 0
Tho' Council spoilt considerable tlmo dis
cussing a mothod of enforcing tho auto
mobile ordinance. According to Cnlor
Browning's statement, tho "benzine bug
gleB" are too swift or him. Ho has tried
to run them down, both on foot and on
bicycle, but haBn't won a race yet. Tho
Council wishes to compel nutomobllers to
register their machines at the police sta
tion, whoro thoy will be given a number,
nnd n similar number of white enamel to
be carried consplcuuously on each side
of tho carriage. When an officer soes a
machine exceeding tho speed limit no will
simply catch tho number, which will be
all that Is necessary.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Goodfellow had c
narrow escape from death In Ogdon can
yon last night. AVhllo coming down the
canyon during tho heavy electrical storm
tho horse went down tho grade, and the
whole outfit went Into the river. They
escaped serious Injury, but tho buggy "was
a a a
Tho friends of Mrs. Frank Do Camp of
Eureka will learn with regret of hor seri
ous Illness at tho residence of Mrs. T. J.
Paine, where sho Is visiting.
a a
Tomorrow morning nn oxcurslon train
will leave Ogden for Salt Lako, carrying
about 100 members of tho local lodge of
Eagles and their friends, headed by a
band, to participate In tno Eagles' day
celebration at Lag6on. Tho Ogden Eagles
go through to Salt Lako In order to tako
part In the parade, later going out to
Lagoon with their Salt Lako brethren,
a a
Leo M. Child, aged 20, and Fannie II.
Burnett, 18, both of Clinton, Davlo county,
wero today granted a llconso to wed.
w a
Elton B. Shaw today brought suit
against Burnett & Deo, asking damages
In tho sum of 51C1.B0.
John McCarty, who was arrested for
disturbing tho pence, was sentenced to
thirty dayB on tho rock pile by Judge
Howell today.
a e a 1
T, J. Alexander and wife aro In tho city
from Provo.
a a a
M. A. Conley wns arrested today for
stealing an auger from tho Southern Pa
clilc car shops.
a a
As anouncod In Tho Tribune yesterday,
ex-Sheriff II. H. Cordon of Box Elder
county has been appointed spoclal officer
of the Southern Paclllc to succeed Wil
liam Sullivan, promoted to the position ot
depot master at Ogden. The announce
ment of Mr. Cordon's appolntmont came
this morning and will be good news to his
many friends here. Mr. Sullivan, the new
depot master, assumed his duties this
Special to The Tribune.
PAYSON, Aug. 1C Saturday forenoon
Dr. Tllson of thl3 city, assisted by Dr.
Smart of Sprlngvlllo, performed an oper
ation on an olght-ycar-old son of Amasa
Jones for appendicitis. The little fellow
has been suffering for some time. He
rallied after the operation and It Is
thought he will recover.
Mrs. MIkesell, who died in Benjamin
Friday, was brought to "Payson Sunday
and services were hold In tho tabernacle.
She died of old age and general debility.
Sho was 79 years old. The funeral was
largely attended.
County Game and Fish. Warden Gus
Slade was over from Provo Saturday
and Sunday. For somo tlmo It has been
reported that hunters have been shoot
ing chickens up above Pondtown field, tho
chicken haunts In this section, and for
this reason ho camo over. Ho went up
there Saturday night ai.d again Sunday
morning, but failed to find anybody. Citi
zens have san hunters up there doing
considerable shcotlng. This same thing
takes placo every year and tho3 here
who try lo obey tho laws get the worst
of It. Tho hunters aro talking of uniting
hereafter and see if they can't land somo
of thes- poachers.
George A. Pecry was coiled to Provo
Sunday morning on account of the se
rious condition of his brother-in-law.
County Attorney Joseph E. Page, who
was operated on Thursday for appendi
citis. a S
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Hanson came
down from Eureka this morning for a
few days' visit.
a a a
Mrs. O. P. Huish Is visiting with her
husband at Castle Gate for a few days.
The pipe line laid by tho school board
to the Pettetnect school la to be rushed
to completion.
a a
C S. Six and J. W. Mcintosh have re
turned from southern Utah, whero thov
purchased a herd of mules which they
brought lo Payson with thorn.
a a
Miss Fay Loose of Provo Is visiting In
Payson. ho guest of Miss Minnie Colvln.
The Rev. and Mrs. Samuel I. Ward will
return this werk from their visit In Min
nesota and North Dakota.
a a
Mr. and Mrs. A.' G. Guthnll will leave
tomorrow for a visit to tho fair after
which they will procede East and spend
a few weeks' visit In Minnesota and Wis
consin. a a a
Willis Rogers has sold out his business
In Robinson and moved to Pnvson with
his wifo and baby to make their home
a a a
This is a busy week outllnod for Pay
son. Tomorrow an excursion will be
run to Payson from Tlntlc district
Thursday the M. Ir A. of Nebo stako will
gather hero and havo an all-day cele
bration, and Friday the business men of
Payson will play tho courthouse gang of
Provo a gamo of baseball, and the same
day "bnelo Tom's Cabin" will be pre
sented here
A daughter of Mr and Mrs. Melvln Pot
ter died, this mc ruing of dropsv, from
which she has suffered for many months,
She was only 12 years old.
Mrs, M. A. Hardy, formerly of Salt
Lake, now of Portland. Or., fs vlsltlnr
In Payson. b
To Brighton In six hours or no pay
Leave Kenyon hotel Monday, Wednes
day and Friday, 6:30 jl. ro. -C. C. Smith
LeleRhone 31S. -
BUTTE, Mont.. Aug. 1C Jerry
-f McCarthy of Salt Lako defeated -f
Moso La Fontlae after a ten-round
-fr- preliminary of fierce fighting, win-
nlng on a decision.
Three Times Gardner Dropped tho
Man From California.
BUTTE, Mont.. Aug. IC.-G-eorge Gard
ner last night defeated Jim Jeffords in tho
third round, knocking him out with a
right swing to the Jaw that laid tho
flesh opon and sent tho Callfornlan reel
ing and spinning to the floor. Jeffords
struggled to his feet and gamely mixed
it again with Gardner, who, with an
other swing, sent hlrn to the fioor again.
Jcfford3 for tho third tlmo regained his
feet and in a dazed manner attempted
to striko at Gardner, who calmly squared
off and landing again on his groggy op
ponent walloped him one that dropped
him llko a log. Jeffords lay llko ono dead
for sovcral moments and waa in his cor
nor for about threo mlntitos beforo ho
was able to comprehend anything.
Jeffords wn3 no match against tho
Lowell man's cleverness, Gardner re
peatedly Jabbing his left and right into
Jeffords' face. Jelfords would swing at
Gardner with terrific force, though tho
blows almost invariably would go wdli
or be ducked by Gardner. With his long
loft Gardner kept tantalizing Jeffords as
If feeling him out, and when In tho third
tho big follow made on effort to get
away from ripping lefts Gardner swung
his rieht to Jerfords' jaw with deadly
effect, dazing and sending him to tho
Jeffords was a disappointment to tho
flght followers here, his footwork appear
ing clumsy against that of the clever
man against him.
Littlo money chanscd hands on tho
flght. Odds of CO to 40 on Gardner went
It was announced from tho ring sldo
by Manager Nolan of the Montana Ath
letic club that Aurello Herrcra and "Bat
tling" Nelson had agreed to a match In
Butto In September and articles and
transportation had been wired two fight
ers. i
Two Girls, Seven and Five Years Old,
Expert Burglars.
SYRACUSE, N. Y., Aug. 15. Tho
home of Frederick M. Davy was looted
with such thoroughness that the police
believed export burglars had done it.
The real culprlt9, It Is asserted, were
Muriel Hulton, swven years old, and
her five-year-old sister, Artlmese. Every
room In the house gave evidence of a
careful search. Drawers had been
emptied and their contents picked over
and clothing was scattered ubout. De
tective William Dorner noticed that
most of the missing articles were of a
character that would attract children
rather than a grown person. Dolls,
rocking chairs, monej' and Jewelry were
taken. With this clew he traced the
articles to the I-Iutlon home, and ho wont
there with the expectation of finding
that well grown boys- were the culprits.
Instead he found two little glrte, who
confessed taking the goods. They were
lectured and set free.
Man Dies Fearing Blood Poison From
Slight Wound.
NEW YORK, Aug. 15. Hiram Wil
son died at Wells hospital, New Bruns
wick, N. J.. yesterday, insane through
fear that a small wound would result In
poisoning. Wilson, an electrician, a
year ago fell on a coll of old copper
wire. A pointed end. green with dirt
and rust, punctured his arm. He was
certain that poisoning would result. He
had the wound treated by a specialist,
but declared that it had not healed
properly and each time It became in
flamed Wilson assured his friends that
he was sure to die from It sooner or
later. Last Saturday night he became
violently Insane and began smashing
furniture. At the hospital the physic
ians declared there was absolutely noth
ing the matter with him, but he failed
to rally.
Imperial' Edict Issued by the Dowager
Empress. y
WASHINGTON. Aug. 1C. Minister
Conger hns sent to tho State department
a copy of a remarkable Imporlal edict Is
sued by the Chinese Empress Dowager,
Tls Iln I, and promulgated by the Em
peror. Tho Empress, In strong language,
calls attention to the precarious flnanclal
condition of tho country, which makes it
difficult to provide funds for drilling the
troops. This condition Is said to require
the exercise of the strictest economy. The
Empress says:
"The habit of those between us and you
to surfeit themselves and spend monev
extravagantly has bocomo so strong and
systematic that now there Is no way it
can be broken. The useless expenditures
for these sinecures works a great Injury
on tho whole country."
Holding that the Imperial household
should take the first step In economv, the
Lmpress Dowager has given orders that
there must be no diversion of funds of the
revenue for household purposes, while the
number of officials in the household must
be reduced. All the yamens and princes
throughout tho empire are directed to
exercise similar economy and to rid
themselves of sinecure holders.
Train' on Massachusetts Road Drags
Tie for Miles.
Ofllclals of the Massachusetts Central
railroad are Investigating an attempt to
wreck a passenger train between I-Ind-ley
and this place discovered last
night. About three- miles out of North
ampton the engmc driver noticed that
tho air seemed full of splinters. When
the train reached Northampton a rail
road tie about eight Inches wide and
six inches thick was found wedged un
der the pilot. It had scraped the road
bed for the entire distance and had
threatened the safety of the train at
every jolt.
, rTle" r n need of a carpenter, 'phone
H. F. Williams Bell, 1053-z: Indenend
.eut, 24L .Shop, 71 S. State, lupsi
Millard BepuU
for State Senate and HoaS
Spoclo.1 to The THbuT H
county convention conl
day. County Chairman iS i
brief speech, r0VG 2"
party, then presented , , Umfi
fleers C W. Ahlraph 0 '
chairman and Carl Honk n rI.
secretary. The var 0uf0
then appointed Z T
taken. an y?a
The convention ro.-uob. ,
approved the ivDort
Tho temporary organi c
permanent and an adloS
Tho convention was calJ
afternoon. The flm
Tfu tho. nomination of a ' 61 5
to tho State Legislate Th
L Thompson of SclSo .
Black of Deserct wrir h
Thompson received tJr
and Black twelve T M,
clared nominated. ron;r,l
By Acclamation i
Joseph Fcnllnson's nam,
placed beforo tho conviS?4
date for Supc&t
ho was nominated by
H. S. Cahoon of Dewret
for County Con-mtoffir
four years. For uK.6?'
County Commissioner th "
Bushncll of Meadow jM?''
more and C. N. IlopklfiW
presented. On the s se?nJ
Hopkins was nomlnatT
L. Cropper wan nomlnsM
dldato for County Clerk hJ
For County Attornev ihV5
lHnckley wero presented n,u'
twenly-to votes and Stent
was nominated 0iWt7
John Cooper was nomlaatri .
ty Treasurer by ncctanauSr "
CH1"3 for County
E. Robinson. France? Keih
received twolvo votes, the t,-?
three and was declared i ncj
Easy for Slangfcte',
Candidates for Asaeiror W,i
Hunter of Holden. C. 0 GtakJ
ham, Frank Slaughter ol Vv
soph L. Stott of Meadow Tta
as follows: Glover, nort a
twenty, Stott, three. sL'-w
William Burbank of BlwipJ
nominated by acclamation r
Surveyor. -Tho
candidates for ShcriIlCn
J. Beauregard and X, p pv
more. Tho vote was, iWi
toon, Payne, nineteen. Ttb
nominated. '
TelegTam From Karj
The following telesram sua
from Senator Kearns
. Salt Lako City. A t
itepubllcan County ConvcciiMR
Tho outlook for RepubliccsBf
tho nation was never more edLw
am!.,Vta!1 wUI b0 ln giflinM
Millard county. I know. trSlKJ
assistance In Keeping In UV PtR
chair our hero. PrUirt
Roosevelt, and in pLidnc !a ir
Presidential chair that sulrif
Charles W. Fairbanks. K
Permit mo to extend ny ptMl
good wl3h3 to all the
bled. (SIgnedi TIIOiiAS sfl.
' IHIllard for HelvifliW
The following resolutloa i
"Whereas, At tho general tkfln
In the Stato of I'tah oa NorcViKi
Millard county polled a hrjfrbjKe
voto than any other county eaKT
the Fifth Judicial district tf aflfe
except Juab county, and flfe.
"Whereas, Millard count bS;
had recognltlJi on cither tuSl
Stato ticket or judicial ticket dr
trlct since wo were gmtci
"Whereas, In ho p?racJJ.Mi.
villo we have a candidate la litfe
of District Attorney on ti? EaK
ticket of said district, t?L) b A
qualified for tho position, f-'-iiE
and otherwlso. and who hu dcaH
his ability as a public prttxtamp
conservative and fearle's dSaJfe;
as countv attornev ot oor a?fcfe
fore, bo It mt:
"Resolved by the ncpubliciarfKji;
county ln contention as:?nb.yatj
cay of August, ltoi. that
approve his candidacy, aal wgc
him as a strong and rpiraft
and an able and efficient ?'&' Is
The convention took vcnlaw
to determine the strength '1
candidates for the Sal Si-Jy
Thomas C. Calllstcr rccclrfiiW(i
Delegates Eledfi
Delegates to Senatorial tsftt
Thomas C. Calllstcr, Bri? iWrJMi!
Thompson, Hyium BaLru
Flnllnson, L. A Dlnco, E.LCtt
J. P. Johnson. vKr
Judicial conventton-J A J-'jaEJr
Kellv, Orville L. Thorapsoa.
venes, Carl Hopkins, A. A. kfBE5
Black, Hyrum Beckstrard
Finllnson. Ln
Stato conventlon-M WW
Galsford. W. It. Thompson, '
G. W. Nixon. C W Watts, AWf.fc
Icy, C. W. Aldmch and JrH'B,Ji
County Chairman (fcJjU
C. W. Watts was elected M
man on the second ballot
This convention was tr.e -f
held here. At first there
dldates ln tho flekl for
namely: T C. Call fster,
C. W. Watts. Virgil Kell)
rnch. Kelly and Aldracb f J
In the day, and every etr?, ii
have either Wntts o- ,J"K
and throw his strength to
tills could not be don., and
both went lo defeat.
Young; Republican ClubftpK?,
Special to The Trlhnn" JE?,
Kcans nn-t last PrlQaymstSJt1
a temporary organization , v
Men's Republican club. ivitw
way chairman nnd 'VhhhiritfB?
Next Wednesday nlfitatM yaUi
permanently They, Pyfc
times here durlnthc cottM
The Carbon F?unteiMrtBP
tlon will be held at bcoOw "'Wjfei
Sunnysldo seems to
for candidates for.yiV!
Mean ticket. Gu KtiW
himself for county clew. - .ym
and It. O RsmffiS,aaSEBh:
Sheriff. James A. I.fi3!!MP,.
cent a term as Count) eraU
Edward Burton v.ants
James A. HrlfflS
bo elected the MX . 1 Pu
at the county cccnii m
Carbon County Convent
Special to The Trito y,
Republican pWy,SrfVy !ee
precinct was hclg IbS tjMl ,
tho purpose or nowj" nsbSSlF-'
1! the Carbon count) 1$ Wt 5
tlon to bo held tSn0(dcnj W t
to nominate precl
lowing deli'Rnir-3
Ihe convention, ftir
Caffey and J-.jctJiyt?
pates were not las
to vote for theJsi
Whilo the Jolff c9well
their opinion, H Ktliss jm.&
sonnlly lcetcor .,.,jggi
and Wells tor uoj1 w0s ;y,isgC
nt this wfsctfsi&mffi

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