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page four ; ; , ; TitE SALT LAKE TRIBUTE. mhpay mobmho, A
' 'III ribnne.
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, ;jk '
1 ; III Monday, August 22, 1904.
' w . .
Hj ;( f j'j Port Arthur would bo able to hold
Hj fi j out Indefinitely If the Japa Its defend-
H ' ji' crfl k111 would 'only stny dend.
n . ,
H j j Maine voters, however, cannot see
;.,5 what they have done to Justify the
H: ,' !! sending of spellbinders to practice on
,,!,- .
1 ;. Some delegates can doubtless sec
that thoy really ought to have two or
,;j j three votes eacli to be able to dq what
; fi is cx-pected of them.
;j j! withdrawing from the Idaho Dem-
-'Vfi! ocratlc ticket, Mr. Holzhelmor and Mr.
ji'j ! Paine have set an excellent example
y ' for their ljellow-nomlnees.
t l We navc Just 's crood authority for
!"''? the statonient that Kentucky wlfl go
H :t Republican as anyone has for saying
! I -j that Parker will carry Indiana.
I r j! ; Grover Cleveland may talk much
i ' j i J about the superiority of Democracy,
r I but It is noticeable that when he wants
Hj 'j; good fishing he goes to a Republican
H, .j ; State.
.;i '
:j Of course, the Hon. Frank Cannon
1 1 will make some able and eloquent
' 1; speeches n Maine, but as he cannot
j; i R'ote there we do not ecc how he can
'; affect the result.
;'; ' ,
' Senator Dubois was very anxious to
1 ' jj i in his party's State convention,
,' ) feeling that the only victory an Idaho
' i ,l- 1 i Democrat can caln this year Is one
1 over othe'r Democrats.
H j
' : I Missouri Is being claimed . by St.
i " ; jj' Louis Republicans, -with greater con-
fldence, now that It is settled that both
i j r j Bryan and Parker aro to make
I speeches in that State.
. :,' Each manager Inslts that his candl-
L dato is as good as nominated, but In
v'' of the conflicting claims the mat-
,'JjjiJ ter will probably have -to be loft for
derision to the conventjon.,
Coes not the taking of' a leading
'ijffi Utah Democrat away to work In Maine,
HT !' biggest the awful thought to local
'lll' democrats, that the Keepers of the cam-
. '! Pain funds do not think It wise to
.M.'; flght for Utah's -vote?
fAp1 To tne 8,,vor Ine" "ho went for Bry-
' w silver In 1S0G and 1000, not bo-
Hl 1 I )-, causa cf their love of Democracy but
( . M because cf their friendship for the
' . .I!! white metal, tliore Is but one courso
H Hjil Pen. this year, and that Is to abandon
HK , K (ij the Party which claimed to bo for ell-
Hj1 ' , ' ..if ver but has now. repudiated it. Either
' j j these sliver men must repudiate that
; r .'li parl- or confess that with them silver
1 , ' 'til 1h no ?PSor the paramount or con-
Hi ! i.'ll trolling issue.
''I'li There can be no queatlon but that
Hl , ''.'Ji;' 'J tne Jnpacse statement in regard to
j" fll ; the capture of tho Russian vessel, the
. V Ryeshitelni, in the harbor of Chcfoo, is
Hj , i ' strongly put nnd well grounded in logic
Hj ,! j and fact. Russia has undoubtedly used
' ' ' the harbor, and town of Chefoo for her
Hj t J ,) i own purposes during the war, and has
Hl , J f ji in cO' way which BUited her intorost,
' ( 'j 1 1: violated ChlncEe neutrality. In view of
' pj)i lhe facts 8' tersely put, the complaint
j ot Hussla against Japan's action must
, ,' '!! lose much of its force; while the hypo-
j. ' jijj j critical and Wver-rccurrlng complaint
, ( fj y of Russia that she fenrcd China waB
Hf '' ill aiding Japan stands forth In its full
I 'i iW: duplicity.
Hl. , ,ij ;!S I , Tho terrors' of the tornado must be
H ' jrj feIt lo bc reaHzed. The latest cxhi-
Hl,'1 j'' j 1 bltion of the havoo of tho atmosphere
L( ; ( j Ei! in this form of diHturbance, as seen at
j - t- Paul and Minneapolis on Saturday
V jIm! night, can-led tho usual terrors, and
i ' dlaplaycd the usual fierce power of the
&X 'A elements, Houses were lifted and shat-
M. j ered like structures of cards, and peo-
fill 1 .jfr ple "ere ,ur,ei1 to an(1 fro antl hilled
' 'I ' 1 ' by the ,,nP&ct of f'y'hK Umbers and de-
H; If i 'Jpr brlB' We have seon the ruins left in
' I i' jnjfi lhe wake 8t,cn !ornental fury, and
f! j 'iPH Jvave noted the devastating power of
''(''' Ml tfie a'r 'n KUcn trGmenlous activity. It
, , uj ,(! ,s something fearful, and there is no
ill M ' mim escape or safety for anything on the
eoi-th'a surface while the storm rages,
I' W (R '1Jle QnaQB oyclono cellar is the only
BJj rtfilge, aud its popularity in the cy
clone belt Is a convincing testimonial
to Its efficiency. The people of tho
"Twin CilloB" will have the sy.mpahy
of tho whole country In the destruction
of life and properly wrought upon
thorn by this heavy calamity.
From Inquiries concerning tho open
ing of tho Uintah reservation to set
tlement, It is evident that many people
do not underatand the difference In
statuB botweon tho Uintah and tho Un
compahsre, adjoining, which was
thrpwn open soven years ago. The
Uncompahgro was never an Indian res
ervation in tho strict Interpretation of
the term. It was simply a body of Gov
ernment land, of near two million acrec,
set apart in tho year 1SS0 and loaned to
tho Uncompahgre Utes, and conse
quently rcmalnud public land. The In
dians having no posseosory or other
right in it, tho Government threw it
open for sottlament under existing
homoBtead laws.
Tho Uintah, Indians, however, located
on their reservation more than half a
century ago, and by Executive order,
act of Congress, and treaty negotiations,
were made seouro In their rights, hence
must be remunerated when dispos
sessed of lands accorded them under the
usual treaty methods.
After deducting 250,000 acres set aside
for range purposes, there will remain
1.7S9.00O ncros for allotment to the In
dians and for the public. Tho proceeds
arising from the sale Of this land to
those complying with tho law requiring
fourteen months' continuous residence,
will go into a fund to be disbursed to
the Uintah'and White River Utes.
The Uncompahgre Utes have a like
fund, arising from the sale of lands In
their former Colorado reservation, and
a disbursement should have been mado
to them ere this, for, not having rcr
sources equal to the other tribes, they
are In need of the money.
It may be taken as final that the
opening will not be by race and rush re
sulting afterward In contention and liti
gation. The drawing mathod has be
come so popular with the Government
that It will uundoubtedly be adopted In
this case. The surveying Is neaiing
completion, and the Government will
detail expert clerke to push the work
in the Surveyor-General's office and the
Land office, al6o in the departments at
"Washington, so as to comply with the
act of Congress Axing the time for the
opening, March 1st next, and have
everything ready for tho opening at
that date.
The new immigration rate of $7.50 per
passenger from Europe to this country,
which went Into effect on Monday last,
August 15th, Is a direct menace to this
country. It puts a premium on the ship
ment hither of persons who aro diseased,
are paupers, or in other wayanre a bur
den to tho places where they wero
reared, and of whom It is desirable to be
rid. And the fact that European na
tional and local authorities are aiding
this immigration proves its fraudulent
The steamships which bring over their
thousands of immigrants on this rate
should first be put Into a long and ex
pensive quarantine, and the human cat
tle they convey should be inspected at
leisure, with tho utmost thoroughness,
and in so searching a manner that all
about them would bo thoroughly known.
There can be no doubt that the present
movement.of so-called immigrants from
Europe, which is being directly fos
tered by the Governments there, is a pro
cess in large measure of jail and poor
house deliveries.. The pauper records
and1 the prison records of the Atlantic
coast cities "prove this.
If it cannot be stopped any other way,
tho steamship company detected in
bringing over either of these classes of
immigrants should, In addition to helng
compelled to take them back whence
they ajtmc, bc fined a sufficient sum
per head, of every such immigrant de
tected, to effectually deter it from ever
again undertaking such an imposition
upon this country.
The New York Times, which is sup
porting Parker this year, doeB not at
tempt to dlsguleo its dissatisfaction
wllh Parker's votes for Bryan in 1896
and 1900. It concedes that his Indorse
ment of silver was a bod thing, and
that it will loso him some Democratic
"sound money" votes. How much
more, then, should his present attitude
cost him the votes of the men who sup-,
ported Bryan solely on account of his
advocacy of silver! Theso inen can
have no possible reason for wupportlng
Parker, the gold-spouter, this year.
The Times says on this point:
No one will cvor hoar from tho Tlmea
a word of oxcuao or palliation of Judge
Parker's two votes for W. J. Bryan. Any
reasoning by which n defense of his Kolng
with his party lr. 1WC and 1SO0 might bo
attempted would nrotty certainly be falso
and dangerous. From the point of view
of sound-money Democrats Judge Parker
was guilty cither of a fault in political
morals or of a sorloUs error in Judgment
lp tho Bryan cnmpalKiiH, "Whichever It
was ho will In somo meosuro suffer the
pennlty this year, slnco It cannot bc
doubled that his support of Bryun will
allcnato Homo Democratic support from
him. i
"With tho rank and file of the Demo
cratic . par.ty of the "wild and woolly
class," what benefit would the countrj'
receive in the election of a "safe and
sane1' Democrat to the Presidency, e'ven
conceding Parker to bo "safe and
sane?" The body of the party In Con
gress would be theeame intractable,
Impracticable, dangerous crowd as
ever, who lack only the power to bring
utter destruction upon the countrj'
again, as they did when they had tho
power in 1893 to 1S07. Cleveland was
also "cafe and sane," of tho sameWder
of "safety and sanity," precisely, that
Parker is, and yet hl9 party wrecked
the countrj'. Indeed, on tho tariff ques
tion Cleveland was worse than his
party; his policy, If carried out, would
have immediately forced the American
wago down to the European standard
or closed every American manufactory
ft3 long as his policy wub the law. Tho
lesi-dn 3s, that the more of this "safety j
and sanity" the country has the worse It
In off. I
In the course of an article both strong
and splendid, Judgo Brewer in tho Inde
pendent beur testimony to official In
tegrity In this country. The article Is
entitled "Organized Wealth and the Ju
diciary," and It deals primarily with
the relations of courts to tho corpora
lions of tho countrj" In the litigation
which inevitably springs up. Tho
lcarnod Justice, po far from fearing tho
Influence of corporate wealth upon tho
courts, is inclined to the view that tho
eminent lawj'ors who arc selected for
tho bench aro doubly careful not to fa
vor tho corporations, for tho very rea
son that they might popularly be sup
posed to extend that favor. His argu
ment and illustrations on this point are
powerful, and should be convincing to
any candid mind. He makes the strong
point verj' clear, that the bulk of the
litigation is not between Individuals and
corporations, but la between corpora
tlond and other corporations; so that
corporations are in fact more strenuous
for capable and incorruptible Judges
than are oven tho common people, for
they have lmmenseij- greater interests
at stake. '
The demand for judicial integrity Is
universal. "While evorj' failure of offi
cial duly offends, a failure by a Judgo
Is especlallj odious," saj-s Judge Brewer-
AnH mi tUn. nlkn V. n A tUa. Tiw1i.ua
aro careful to protect their good name
and Integritj'. "No one," he saj's,
"likes to be condemned at the bar of
public opinion, and least of all of that
which It pronounces a heinous ofTcnsc.
Few covet Infamj' or even social ostra
cism, and a guilty Judge Is a social out
law. Tho restraint of public sentiment
Jy, therefore, a potent factor. Helpful
to this Is the greater publicity which
now attends all official action. Tho
prep.s with Its myriad ej'es Is watching
every minute action, and anything
which a Judge may do in disregard of
official duty or even In such a waj' as to
create suspicion of his integritj' Is seen
and published throughout the land. He
acts as never before in the full light of
daj and, conscious of that, guards well
his own actions,"
"Which is certalnlj' true, and well said.
And when the broad-minded Justice
leaving the eBpecial calling for which
prlmarjlj' ho speaks, touches upon in
tegrity in public life in general, he
strikes an equallj plenr and resounding
note. "But after all," he concludes, "the
surest guaranty is the growing earnest
ness of tho demand for highest Integrity
in all official life. No one can compare
generation with generation without be
ing conscious of a wonderful Improve
ment. A few centuries ago a Judicial
decision meant favoritism. Still later It
meont corruption, and the great Lord
Bacon could only plead the custom of
the tirnea In exteuallon of his miscon
duct. All that has passed away, and
now Judicial corruption Is a thing al
most unknown. Nor Id official integrity
confined to Judicial life. How verj' rare
are the instances of failure! Think for
one moment of the hundreds of thou
sands in tho employ of this Government
and only here and there does one prove
false to his trust. "Wc hear through the
papers of every nuch instance and are
sometimes alarmed therebj', but we sel
dom think of tho hundreds of thousands
of those who are true and of whom no
mention is made. More and more is In
tegrity In official life the rule. And it
is" the rulo because of the increasing
Integrity In personal life."
The scattering and disabling of the
Russian vessels which got out of Port
Arthur appears to have been complete.
Those which put Into the German port
are out of the war, being disarmed and;
their ammunition removed. Those
which Vire In Chinese ports will be
treated the same, at once. Two got
awaj-, and for a weok were unac
counted for. Now they have been heard
from, one away up at Sakalln, evi
dently having been -afraid to put In at
Vladivostok: tho other has arrived at
the French port of Saigon, the capital
of French southeastern Asia. These two
vestals reached about as far in op
posites as It was possible for them
to go, both being evidently very badly
scared. This accounts for the whole of
tho Russian Port Arthur fleet, and
what Is left of It is practically a neg- I
llgible quantity, or will be with the now
Imminent fall of that fortress.
The Sacramento Ree, which has op
posed the Republican partj' for the last
eight years bocause of Its attitude to
ward silver, and supported Bryan in
1S9G and again in 1900 on the sliver is
sue, refuses to aid tho Democracy' any
longer. II endorses tho Republican
candidate and platform in these perti
nent wordG:
The Bee can say of Theodore Roosevelt
that tho trusts do not want him, whllo
thoy do want Parker.
And it can say of tho Republican plat
form that whenever there was anything
to bo said on anjr nubile issue, it said it.
R did not hesitate, and stammer and
stutter and finally put out a long farrago
of words, saying muoh and meaning noth
ing; nor did It smother tho question alto
gether, on the ground that tuero wero no
votes to bc got by Injuring anybody's feel
ings on either side.
Mr. Roylance feels quite confident
that he can socuro the Democratic
nomination for Governor, If the con
vention Is fair enough to leave it to the
Utah county delegation.
Tho public which goes to these co-called
amusements of sporting events In which
men take exceptional rlskti to life nnd
llino to nccuro favor, is to be hold re
sponsible In n great mcanuro for the llfo
that Is occasionally glvon up. But for
public favor nnd notorloty gained through
the preaa tht?sc men would not take such
risks and Ii In to tho dlngraco of the
American people that their strcnuoslty
nnd dcslro for tho soncallonal domands
mich sacrifice. It would seem that suffi
cient pleasure and diversion might bo se
cured, from other amusements than loop
ing the loop, hlf?h diving, high trapczo
porformnnceu and ouch like. Wc are a
rc3tleoD, enorgctlo, nervous people, but wo
should not cultivate brutlohnoss. Logan:
Tho susccptlblo hoart of tho fooliah
j'oung maiden is apt to bo cap
tivated by tho partner who can
most gracefully perform tho two
stcp. but tho wiser ono will pay
moro attention to his dally walk, to hoc
llifttli., W.A ill..,., II. Ik . V...
regular avocation of Ufa to flag tho bread
wagon ovorj day. Some times tho orna
mental and useful aro conblnod, but thoy
aro not by any means oynonymou.s lermH,
and It too frequently happens that the
young Adonis who can waltz fifteen miles
during tho ovenlng, all tho time exerting
a fifteen pound pressure on a lady' waist,
haen't enorgy enough to take tho exor
clao necessary to aid digestion, much lcaa
to earn his own living. Richfield Reaper.
"Dlnna doe tho noo, Jock; for If yo dee
wc canna bury yo!'-" Such wnu tho pa
thotlc appeal that an old Scotch wlto ut
tered when the sad truth came beforo
her that her hucband seemed too sick
for him to recover from his sickness.
Now this appeal of tho old
broken-hearted Scotch wlfo was not
spoken away back In Scotland, but It wn3
uttered right horo in Utah, whoro tho
people arc generally In posaceslon of
cnouch good senso to lift thcmsch'cs
nbovo that unholy pride and show that
fast bringing tho burial of the dead Into
a seeming prjzo competition of who will
spend tho most means In useless, senao
lcss display. For In this thing wo nro
rast crossing tho lino of propriety and
going In to tho pathH of Bin In our ful
some dead horo worship, and attendant
show. Tooelo Transcript.
How to Cook a Carp -Cloan tho fish
nicely, lot It dry for two days in the sun.
Nail tho Hah to a plno board, cover with
salt, and after standing .for two dRys
longer put in oven and bako slowlj' for
eighteen hours. Then draw tho nails
out throw tho earn a'wav and oat thn
nalla nnd board, whloh aro said to be
tho best part of tho fish. Payaon Globe
Tho Republican party Is peculiarly for
tunate In securing Col. J .1-1. Brady of
Pocatello as State chairman. There Is
no more shrewd, energetic of porftcvoring
personality In the Stnto. He reprosents
pre-eminently vigorous, progressive and
successful Amorlcanlsm. Ho occupies a
foremost position In tho development of
tho National rosourcos of tho southeast
ern counties. Blackfoot Ropubllcan.
Aro tho business men of Ilebor going
to take any steps to advertise the fact
that tho reservation Is In this county and
that Hebor Has adjacent to tho reserve
and will form naturally tho baso of sup
plies for that country for at least two
or three years, to como? Our business
men should wako up to their own Intercs'
and let this net be known. Hobcr City
Wave. '
fs. o. eyhnsTI
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Wo make V
shipping ord.e J 3mZ
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