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iuicans Ready for
i Visitors.
m i County Convention te
1 fe Held There en Sep
tember 10.
9 mittees Appointed to Arrange for
B the Entertainment of "Grand
fIJS Old Party" Guests.
B :Jal to The Tribune.
H .EASANT GROVE, Sept. G. Thero
9 &fa spirited mcctinc of tlio Rcpubll
S if of Pleasant Grove In primary on
8 irdav evening. A warm contest
if. ns the ecclesiastical wards for a rcp
lptatIon on the ticket resulted In a
ISiof tcn or p,caeant Grove, flvo for
I en nnd three for Manila. In tho heat
tie conflict tho women wero forgotten
not ono was given a placo on the
Ration, but to make up for the slight,
tiwomen were elected as alternates.
iF. Wcstphall was elected chairman
'D. Noble secretary. Delegates wore
i-uctcd to vote ns a unit for candl
s from Pleasant Grove at the Coun
onvantlon on September 10, and wore
e'd as follows
!JK. Nlclaon, C F. Wcstphall, C. A.
alcy, Alex Bullock, James C Jcnson,
AValkor, Robert Thorn, A. B. Cooper,
Ij-Thomas, A. B. Walker. A. G. John
VA. E. Holman, C. P. Warnlck, F. S.
nphrles, A. G. Benson, F. Bcor3 and
yV. Drlggs
tcrnates Mrs Alex. Ellis, Mrs. Rob
i Thome. Mrs. J. D. Wadley, Mrs. J R.
s liday. Mrs. Ben Walker, Mrs. Efllo
rwlck. Mrs. R. E Drlggs, Mrs. Hen
Peterson 1 Iter considering the question of en
? lining the visiting delegates to Pleas
tj Grovo, the chair appointed the fol
V ing committees
nance D. Noble, A. Holman and A.
icoratlon J D. Thorno, Anton Heck
Wllllam M Frampton, William Ellis,
sph Jacobs, H. Niclson and Carl Han
f atertalnment Mrs. Robert Thome,
K. NIelson. B. W. Drlggs. F. S.
nphrles, F RIcby, Joseph Jacobs,
tie Thome Luclla Thorne, A. E.
per, J. II. Walker, A. B. Walker and
k,tA- Ellis.
Ws County Elects for State, Judi
cial and Senatorial Conventions.
Klal to The Tribune.
SRMINGTON. Sept. 5. At tho Demo
tic County convention, held hero to
Jthe following delegates were elected
tho Stale convention, to be hold at
n September S
hllander Hatch J Fisher. David Van
t; J. J. Holbtook, J. W. Birmingham.
Reading, John A. Bourne, E. S. R030,
H. Phillips. J G. M. Barnes, Hyrum
wart. Georgo Dibble, David B. Nalder.
!er Chrlslcnscn. William 11. Miller. C
Flinders, Andrew Patterson, D. W.
elegates to the Judicial convention to
held at Ogden on September 17 wero
cted as follows.
aiqes Bryson. P. W. Roberts, David
liter, Alma Hardy. James Green, W.
fStreeper. A 11. Wilcox, A. M. Lamb,
yld L. Rice. J. G M. Barnes. H. J.
sfflcld. H. J Jackson, Seth Nalder,
nes Warren, George Williams, E, H.
ul, James Barber.
Iho following delegates wero elected to
sfSenatorlal convention, to bo hold at
rmlngton on September 9:
villlam Atkinson, Joseph Grant. E. T.
riitc. William B. Halght. C- E. Lay ton,
R. Barnes. Thomas H. Phillips. Georgo
IGrecn, Thomas Evans. David Galley,
reph A. AVllley, Matthew Bambrough.
exander Patterson. Georgo S. Stoddard,
ranocratic County Convention Meets
S at Ferran and Elects Men.
plal to Tho Trjbunc.
JASTLE DALE. Utah. Sopt 5,-Tho
irnocratlc County convention was held
jForron Saturday to elect tcn delegates
the Democratic State convention,
lirty-one out of the full quota of tlilrtv
ndfClnBat0M a"nileI Jasper Robcrt
nl M.nT,,E:2V,n.e waa chosen perma
nt chairman ana O. J. Sltterud sccro-
rh,?r.e,,fm,nilrIc8 ,wcrc 1uIckly disposed
fniirJi conv,e"tlon quickly elected
ate meeting dclcates t0 atlend tho
StlS'nSr1, TV''-g. C. E. Larson,
ri- B w : n 1L TCook' Llv' olscn. Fori ,
Mp- m ' r'ox,' Jr- A- Tuttlo. Orange
ml, Emely Johnaon- Ko"hl L. wil
i"" ot Instructing tho delegates
rant ?nr nC ,tho clacy of any ao-
onarchni lnted ,at Mo,lc 18 th
. cno'ce of nearly ovcry dolocato
Qd although the twoHu tS
"ells? U 163 are as favornblc to Rulon
kliTfor ;ah!,JouArnmont the raa"r of
Stlckot i?-?, cdllor H, P'ace on tho
dbrsed Cr? v lut"'1, and favorably
mntv PXl ,,nAerEr' for man" years
lihtv XiamX Recordor ot Emery
Tho'Mnnl0- J Sltterud, who held
itho nf Hn, here' and 'as a'so clerk
Ire ffl" C0Hr,lJ for several years,
ro faorably considered for that posi-
ota From Pleasant Grovo for Three
gclal to Tho Tribune.
EnrST R0VK- ScpL G.-Demo-it03"1
Grve met at tho court
SH r,day nKht lo select delegates to
Sfbtato convention at Salt Lake on Sep.
gibfcr 8, and the Judicial and County
rkwanr' Jnr0V0, on September 10.
ke nrlnill 1 chosen chairman of
y. I'ollowing aro tho delegates aclcct
r State Conventlon-D, H. Roblson,
A tired woman ; a fresh
Pt of tea; there is joy all
oyer her face.
C. F. Fugnl, Mrs. Helen Harvey, L. P.
Lund and Mm. Guy Robleon.
Judicial Convontlon L. Wj Lund, Mark
Bezzant. Lydla Lund, Joseph Dlckcrson
and C. B. Harper.
Utah County Convontlon Robert Cob
bloy, L. S. Roblson, J. P. Hayes. D. F
West, J. C. Nelson. J. L. Harvey,
Thomas Larson, F. C. Banks. Jens Fugal,
Mark Bezzant, Mrs. Joseph Dlckcrson, C.
B. Harper. D. H. Roblson, M. D. Atwopd,
E. F, Walker. P. E, Brown. Joseph Dlck
crson, Jt H Oilman. E. R. Halllday, Rox
ey Roblson. Georgo Richards. Annie Wulk
er, F. W. Newman, Emma Larson, A. E
Cobbley, Miss Emily Bullock, D. Mllcy
Smith and L. W". Lund. i
D, H. Roblson was ujianlmously elected
chairman of the Democratic County com
mittee for two years.
Maj. Myton Predicts Cutler's Elec
tion by Large Majority.
MaJ. H. P. Myton, ono of the Presiden
tial electors nominated on the Utah Re
publican Stote ticket, and ex-Indian agent
of the Uto reservation, who Is spending
several weeks in western Montana on prl-.
vatc business, in speaking of the political
outlook for the Republican ticket In Utah,
both State and National, at tho coming
election, is very optimistic. He regards
the nomination of Mr. Cutler for Gover
nor as an especially strong one, and pre
dicts his election by one of the largest
votes ever cast for a Republican nomi
nee In the State. Ho declares that the
Democrats have mado a bad bungle of
matters in both their National and State
conventions and hnvo hopelesslv divided
their strength by Hl-advlscd platform de
clarations against tho Mormons, Roose
velt, he says, has the hearty support of
his party and Is a tower of strength at
the head of the Republican ticket. Mla
soullan, Missoula, Mont.
Echoes Sentiment of Utah.
Tho Salt Lake Tribune, the Republican
organ of Salt Lake City. Is maintaining a
dignified silence In regard to Cutler, the
merchant tailor, who has been nominated
for Governor of Utah. Its action Is mak
ing some of the truly loyal tear their
hair nnd weep. Tho action of Tho Tribune
only echoes a sentiment felt in all parts
of the State. Cutler's nomination has de
stroyed that feeling of confidence reposing
' In many minds prior to tho State con
vention. RlchJleld Sun.
Candidate for County Assessor.
Special to Tho Tribune.
AMERICAN FORK, Sept 5.-Joscph
Beck of Alpine, is out for nomination on
the Republican ticket as County Assessor.
Ho says that Alpine should be considered
this year.
Democrats of Southern Utah Backing
Levi N. Harmon for Place.
"The Democrats of southern Utah will
contend for tho second placo on their
State ticket this year, and will come prac
tically solid to tho convention Thursday
for Levi N. Harmon of Carbon countv for
Secretary of State." Is the word brought
by W F. Olson of Price, who is here in
tho interest of Mr. Harmon's candidacy.
Ho says: "Tho Democrats of the north
ern portion of the State were given this
place on the ticket the last time, and wo
feel that It Is only right that It should go
to the southern counties this year. Mr.
Harmon will not be tho candidate of Car
bon county alono; ho will be tho candl
dato of Carbon, Grand. Emery, Uintah,
Washington, Millard and other south
ern counties. He is a natlvo son of
Utah, was raised In Washington county,
han been for several years successfully
engaged In business enterprises of Carbon
and Emery counties and other points of
the State. Ho is a man of affairs, of edu
cation and of sterling Integrity. No man
in the Stnte Is better qualified than he is
for Secretary of State, and no ono could
add greater strength to our ticket for
that position.
"Mr. Harmon Is a good campaigner, is
popular In the south, has no onpmies in
the north, 19 financially ablo to make tho
race, is entitled to this recognition on ac
count of his life-long service to tho party,
and wo expect him to win it.
"Mr. Harmon served In tho Legislature
from Emery county In 1901, and was re
garded as ono of the strongest men In
that body. He has many friends In Salt
Lako and will get his sharo of support
among the local Democrats."
Candidate for Legislature.
W. L. Dunn Is a candidate for tho Leg
islature from the First precinct. He Is a
Republican and says he Is unpledged.
Stato Senator Looao has engaged rooms
at the Kenyoi) hotel to bo used as political
headquarters during tho campaign.
County Attorney J. J. Whttakcr is get
ting In somo good strokes for the Repub
lican nomination as City Judge.
Assistant County Attorney Dana T.
Smith Is out for tho nomination as City
Justice of the Peace on the Republican
Ex-Sheriff J. W. Ho wells -Is working
hard to land the Democratic nomination
for Sheriff. Other Democrats mentioned
In connection with this offleo are J. B.
Burbldge, J. B. Cummock, Joseph Barlow
and Arthur Cummlngs.
Cardinal Has No Fears of Future for
Catholic University.
BALTIMORE, Sept. 6. In a state
ment today Cardinal Gibbons said' he
did not feel any anxiety over the fu
ture of the Catholic university in Wash
ington, nor does he fear that its pros
perity will be affected by the bankrupt
cy of Thomas E. Waggaman of that
city, who was the depositary of large
fundy belonging to the university.
"I ohall do everything In my power
to assist the ugicrslty' said the. Car
dinal. "My inteiest in its success and
prosperity is well known. There need
be no apprehension that the work of
the university will be impaired. There
will be no diminution of Its work, stu
dents will be taken as usual and the
courses will go on during the present
year precisely as If there had been no
shrinkage in Waggaman funds. There
is money belonging to the university
which was not In the hands of Mr.
Dr. Stafford, rector of St. Patrick's
church, tonight in speaking of the con
dition of the Catholic university, in
view of the Waggaman affair, said that
there might be for a time a shrinkage In
the funds In consequence of the Wagga
man trouble, and perhaps a temporary
suspension of Interest; but, admitting
all that, at the next meeting of the uni
versity board, It could be safely and
truly said, there would not only be
money enough to meet the current ex
penses of the university, but something
left over for a sinking fund, and that
every dollar of trust money would bo
Invested In flrst-clara securities. Dr.
Stafford further said that in this mat
ter he was speaking with authority.
Eighth Japanese Division Under Ta
tema Arrives at Dalnoy.
LONDON. SepL C The Chcfoo corre
spondent of tho Daily Telegraph savs the
Russians have mounted two 12-lnch naval
guns on ParapoloHchne mountain, close to
the city of Port Arthur, from which they
are shelling the Japanese positions. Tho
correspondent says that the eighth Jn
paneso division, under Lieut.-Gcn. Tato
ma, tho eminent strategist, ha3 nrrlvcd at
I Dalny to rolnforce tho besiegers.
Republican Candidates
Trying to Solve Puzzle as
to Ceunty and Legisla
tive Delegates.
Plan to Issuo Credentials to Regulars
and Alternates for Separate
Republican candidates for nominations
In the coming county convention were
seen in goodly numbers at tho resorts yes
terday, where they flocked to meet their
supporters and glvo them the glad hand.
Thero is a host of candidates and their
ono purpose at this time seems to bo to
get a lino on tho delegates In all tho dis
tricts and find out about where they aro
As Legislative delegates are to bo chosen
at the samo time as the delegates to tho
county conventions, thero is a surplus
of candidates In every district. Tho call
for the county and Legislative convontlon
makes no provision for separate delegates
and ns all who want to go can not be thus
honored a scheme to effect a compromlso
has been started with tho object of satis
fying all and preventing a fight.
Credentials for Two Days.
It Is proposed to elect a full set of alter
nates in each district who are to act as
delegates to tho Legislative convention
to be held the day following the countv
convention. The intention is to issue
two sets of credentials, ono for tho ilrst
and the other for tho second day of the
convention, which 1b to be held on Septem
ber 22 and 23. Tho regular delegates aro
to bo given tho credentials for tho first
day and tho alternates aro to havo the
credentials for the second day.
Much interest is manifested In all of tho
county offices nnd the .candidates for
nomination are doing somo hard work.
Tho light for the County Recordershlp
promises to be Interesting If not exciting.
Tho following candidates aro in the field:
P. O. Perkins, Calvin Buckwalter, Jack
May, A. W. Smith, Angus McKeller.
Has No Opposition.
T. M. Fisher apparently has no opposi
tion for renomlr.atlon as Countv Auditor,
for the Treasurership there aro W. O.
Carbls, tho Jncumbent; C D. Rooklldge,
W. IT. Famsworth and John Groc3beck.
Ben R. Eldredgo Is not a candidate for
renomlnatlon as County Assessor., He
hns filled tho office for the last two terms
nnd Is casting his net toward a chair In
the County Commissioners' office. Tho
candidates for Assessor are Cam Brown,
B. B. Bltner. W. M. Wnntland, Seth PIx
ton and William Grocsbeck.
Sheriff C. Frank Emerv Is making a
strong light for renomlnatlon as Sheriff.
Others In this rnco arc Seme Naylor,
brother of Ham Naylor, tho Democratic
ex-Sheriff; JSck Smith and former City
Street Supervisor Peter S. Condlc.
The folio vlng are out for Countv At
torney: Parley P. Chrlstenscn, A. B. Ir
vine and Judge D. H. Wcnger.
Three After Surveyorship.
It Is understood that County Survoyor
J. B. Swcnson Is out for renomlnatlon.
He has somo formidable opponents In J.
T. Breckon. Sam Paul and J. D. IL Mc
Allister County Clrk John James Is working for
a third term In that office. Ho Is op
posed by Deputy County Clerk J. U. El
dredec. Jr.
The candidates for County Commission
ers thus far entered In the race are li
N. Standlsh. for renomlnatlon; Rudolph
Alf. John Sharp, Jr., Ben R. Eldredgo,
Wright Pickering. E. D. Miller. Thero
aro two commissioners to be chosen In
November, ono for two and tho other for
four years.
Only Lukewarm Interest Shown in
tho Democratic Primaries.
On the eve of tho primaries for the se
lection of delegates to th'j Democratic
Stato convontlon all is qulot and naught
Is stirring. What Interest there Is being
taken in the outcomo of tho coming elec
tion Is lukewarm and Insipid. Primaries
will be held In tho various voting districts
of Salt Lako county this evening at 8
o'clock and 121 delegates t6 tho Stato con
vontlon, to be held In the Salt Lako The
ater on Wednesday nro to be chosen.
Democrats of Gontllo faith virtually havo
lain down, realizing that It would be use
less expenditure of energy to take any ac
tive part In the game at this late hour.
Tho other Democrats foci that tho elec
tion was virtually decided In tho Repub
lican convention last month. A, few of
the more enthusiastic Democrats predict
that there will bo something doing to
night. They aro looking for a warm fight
over tho nomination for tho Supremo
court bench.
Where Main Fight Will Be.
Chief Justice Baskln, who Is out for re
nomlnatlon. has many strong adherents
in this county, llo Is opposed by Judge
C. S, Varian, who is said to havo a good
show of landing tho nomination. Tlio
main light tonight will Iks over these two
The Gubernatorial contest is devoid of
-any interest whatever. Aqullla Nobekor
of Cache, known as tho cowboy candi
date, has entered the race and It is ex
pected that he will give J. II. Moylc a
lun for his money in tho convontlon. Wil
liam Roylanco has a good backing In Utah
county, but local politicians do not con
sider him in tho racc The only other
candidate mentioned for this offlco is
City Councilman Rulon S. Wells, who is
sold to bo a receptivo candidate. Should
Moylc fall to get tho nomlnntlon on tho
first ballot any ono of tho other candidates
is likely to win.
One Candidate for Congress.
Judge O. W. Powers Is tho only namo
mentioned for Congressman and the gen
eral feeling Is that ho will receive the
nomination by acclamation." Thero has
been some question as to whether Judge
Powers would take this honor at tho
hands of the Democratic party, but It was
said last night on good authority that ho
had consented to accept the nomination.
With tho offices of Congressman, Gov
ernor and Justice of tho Supremo court
conceded to Salt Lako county tho local
Democrats will tako no hand In tho scram
ble for the other Stato nominations.
Cli fford'Knocks Out Frederics.
GREAT FALLS, Mont., SepL 6. Jack
Clifford won from Kid Fredericks in the
tenth round tonight. Knockou
That is the Message Which
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Munyon's Witch Hazel Soap, Witch
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fine comploxlon.
Baby's bright eyes, rosy
cheeks, firm flesh and sound
limbs are the results of using
Mellin's Food.
You will be clcd that you sent for a sample
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Democrats Carry Arkansas by the Us
ual Majorities.
MEMPHIS, Sept. 5. Early returns
from tho State election In Arkansas In
dicate tho ro-olectlon of Gov. Jeff Davis,
tho Democratic Incumbent, ovor Harry
Myers. Republican, by the usual largo
Democratic majority. Tho Democrats
easily elected their t.ntlro State tlckot,
and the Interest centered In tho vote In
large towns, where the regular Democrats
wero opposed In many Instances by in
dependents. Returns aro nocossarlly
slow, tls many voting places are remoto
from railroad and telegraphic stations.
Additional returns from today's elec
tion show that Myers. Ropubllcan candi
date for Governor, has probably carried
Lafayette and Littlo RIvor counties by
small pluralities. Davis, Democrat, Is
running behind In somo of tho towns and
cities, but Is making largo gains In tho
country precincts John IT, Page, secre
tary of tho Democratic Stato Central
committee, estimates that Gov. Davis's
plurality will bo C5.000.
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WMm1 indication of body, ago and excellence of 'Si! jjtiH
'fM) bf&wing material in beer. Unless the M
i'4Tw ucst graces of barley and hops, selected
ilWM e3clremc care, arc used iu sufficient ''-
quantity, brewed so as to give the beer j iH
, the proper strength and body, and after- V kiH
word the beer 13 thorounhly ripened and aged, it cannot I 'Y
j j show the solid, creamy foam always found iu the famous
& Tfeo only beer bottled exclusively at tb.o WQ;r------vJ '
Try it theNext Time You j JJ J J
8. C. EWING, Proprietor. PQD WOM F N I fH
Headqutrtorn for mining men and tock. i - fl (; H
mn. RfctfE3 W A DAY AND. UP. J WwtrTrrqattfB i -? ,m -n? y. jf lH

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