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MfeesDAT moksing, September o, loot TEDS SALT LAKE TEIBUKB. pageetvu m
Of Interest to T
9; J BY &icha:rI) b- SHELTOE". .
L? fit. by Richard B. Sholton.)
wfe y met him nrst at one of the
"SMlf dnesday night hops at the Wa
!'5&!essett Inn. He was somc
t'fch it more than passably good--3s
fair haired, of a military build,
nan. His name was understood
msterberg. He danced a num
:5j imes with Peggy, and finally
?S fean to sit out dances In a quiet
pf tho veranda, where, with
i? lairs close together, he talked
n English with the faintest of
'm accents, and she replied in
n-madc German that set them
!la ighlng. n , 4I
lyjjfi ivent of the German was time
fa 'eggy. She had' just fallen'out
Qipl ,'hald Macomber. had sent him
b ring, and, being In the af tcr
f;a broken engagement, she was
"iStf itneed of diversion. The Ger
9 med to give good promise of
39 e was well-bred, possessed of
?M bane finish that much travel
in give, and. moreover, after
Bt dance with Peggy, it was
Wbe seen he was very much In
jK'ostenslbly to relieve the va--Slllng
In her heart, began a des--iLtfllrtatlon
I'1 a week's time
fberg was her slave. "Where
''-'rent, there went he. He drove
lit; he sailed with her on the
HPcllmbed the mountain with her.
!. Is true vocatlori.
' e blamed Munsterberg for fall
'' love with her. Indeed, at one
. Sanother, almost every unmar
. In at thp lake had offered his
, T ad his worldly goods to Peggy.
i b adorable from the toe of her
I tie shoe to her quaint little
fnose, that always gave one an
Peggy's superiority.
floubtful if Peggy entertained a
terious thought of the German
iie day Jack Motley discovered
Jeans of a crest on a silver
mask that worthy's true Iden
je"It said of Jack Motley that he
lew to Peggy with the news. He
h'er In the boathouse combing
rom the poodle's mane.
!," he excal lined, breathlessly,
ji'earth do you sui-ose you have
ilng at your shrine?"
mlled wearily,
you again. I suppose," she said,
vlloyal Highness Ludwlg Wll
Prlnce of Coburg-Gotha," said
Iwlth the air of profaning so
bT title by letting It slip from his
7, tongue,
sterberg he's the Prince doing
if Incog , ' Motley went on.
turned pale. She rose and
over the poodle. Motley rattled
favhole story, and capped it trl
uly with a confession to the
jthe part his royal highness. By
i'e he had finished she was the
f-possessed Peggy.
rou think you've told me any
Ishe asked,, easily. And then,
should betray herself, she gath
P the poodle and fled to the
V may be forgiven if she
1 of many things after that
a, gray castle In the hills of Co
f three letters and a royal title
ig her own name; of stationery
the crest of the triple-headed
In fact, she did dream much of
advantages at first, and the in
g German of that first Wednes
ht hop was suddenly vested in
f?..w,th mucn romance and
roh, hart of woman! after
3t romance of the thing had
- an "Is royal highness had
o repeat his rather slender store
nt remarks, she found herself
ff of Donald Cacomber, and
ng why he had not come back
as all the others had. She re
IC, "JaJ Macomber had always
Ipasterful and high-handed, even
Ifl ' a" that 5 bccausG hc
hey lhugheb
ie Arguments on the Packages.
lf?wSd C an 0hl woman
I g ahome ?me packages of Grape-
4 aeSdo from '"'eestlon, was
aenous, and could not sleep at
J g. "ot Physically or
t nth umwrm ,ny dutles nnd "a3
i auj under the caro of our phy-
Eerif trl0tJ .P,a,u llvIn aS all
KiT dlS reconimended by
R ? tot no better.
'tilow wJU,abaJia bro"Ght home
li- 03 and aJd. 'The grocer
B? tryhthI,l,f0,0d and
III read Mi ft hi.n.ks 11 w,n heIP
flGiS?NS J? boxes
5 hod hi if r t lcu,mDer now
2 Ve,a11 att -SS.c'Sth cream
I k't it .,.t i' not because we
jtould cure me but because
! Sat Umf we had no Idea what
suits would be but now I am anx-
'ahS ,WOfr,d know thal
and KtrnK woman nhvsl
. mentally. I Balnel overffiy
n suffer frot" any of "he
ThJ j?.. 1 my restored
J-ney call me 'Grape-Nuts' hiw
the cauno of It all. t ilv
SS S,v'eral f thcm 1 GwSe
SiJ ?e of em who has
o has been benefited and I wish
IS? Power to Induce everyone
& We sUHhn ,5hS nderful 'food
Ka dav nn, aVC Gr,aPC-Nuts three
uy Dostum Co., Eatllo Creek,
on this nourishing and com
digestible food will show any
o Is run down from Improper
mwAn,Cat cha"Be- sometimes
Sn&a BOld m,ne because
KeS?h in S.y and sprlnff of Pei'
0B 'Merc's a reason "
Konvea.?upa$!ase for the famous
rok The Road to "Wellvllle."
had been unwilling to yield to some
trivial point that she had broken with
him. She began to think seriously and
to compare his royal highness with
Donald. And when the comparison,
point by point, was ended, Peggy was
a very unhappy girl, to whom the
castle in Coburg' was a nightmare.
And because of all these things tho
throne of Coburg-Gotha barely escaped
J loslnr Its heir. '
It happened one August evening. His
royal highness was paddling Peggy
slowly about the lake, singing, as he
paddled, little sentimental German
songs, and looking very contented.
Peggy gavi the song no heed. She
was watching a solitai-y figure in an
approaching canoe. The figure bent
to the paddle in an easy, familiar man
ner. There could be no mistaking
those broad shoulders and that curly
brown hair. The two canoes drew near
er. The man in the other canoe looked
up. Peggy smiled and bowed. The
man nodded coldly, and began to pad
dle faster.
Something seemed to clutch her
throat. The Prince was quite forgot
ten. . She realized only that Donald
Macomber was paddling out of her
sight and out of her life.
' "Donald!" she cried.
He paddled on with never a glance in
her direction.
"Donald!" she cried again, and as he
still gave no hepd she tremblingly
stood up.
His royal highness gasped.
"Sit down sit down!" he urged.
Peggy deliberately put one little foot
on the spreader, and In a moment they
were In the water.
When she camo to tho surface she
was seized by a strong arm, and a big,
tender voice said, evenly:
"Don't struggle, dearest; you arc safe
with me." ,
And Peggy closed her eyes and was
very happy.
Not so His Royal Highness of Coburg-Gotha.
He was floundering about
miserably, and shouting spasmodically
between choking gurgles:
"Help in God's name, help! I do not
The rescuers fished them out Prince
Ludwlg "Wllhelm of Coburg-Gotha first,
for he was far spent. And while at
the Inn they were rolling him In hot
blankets and pouring brandy down his
throat, Peggy was laughing and crying
hysterically on the shoulder of the
other prince although he was not
known to the world at large by this
title, it Is true and making a most ab
surd confession When she had fin
ished, Donald's face was very grave.
"But if he had drowned, what then,
Peggy?" he questioned.
"Coburg-Gotha could have got along
without a prince better than I could
without you," she said.
CapL S. V. Ham returned yesterday
from a brief visit with relatives and
friends In Illinois. Mrs. Ham will not
return for several weeks.
Mrs. F. W. Beers of San Francisco has
arrived in tho city and Is a guest at tho
homo of her relatives. Judge aud Mrs.
Wilson I. Snyder.
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hempstead en
tertained a few friends Informally at
their home Sunday evening.
Robert Gould Smith has returned from
tho Noble ranch In Nevada and will spend
the winter in this city.
Miss Alice Goodwin entertained about
twenty-live of the college boys and girls
at her home last cvonlntr. Dancing and
guessing games made the evening pass
very pleasantly for the young people.
, Mr. and Mr3. Richard A. Kcyes leave"
about September 15 for tho East. Mrs.
Keyes will go to Indianapolis, whcro she
will bo the jruest of Mrs. S. V. Ham of
this city, and Mr. Keye3 goes as far East
na New York.. They will be gone a month
or 3lx weeks.
Mrs. J. E. Williams and daughter, Miss
Ruby, who have been spending the past
year In Balmore. .where Miss Williams
has been attending tho Peabody Conser
vatory of Music, have returned to the
city and arc at homo to their friends
at No. 10 Delmar court. They will have
as their truests for the next few weeks,
Mrs. W. S. Evans and children of Balti
more W. P. Noble and daughter, Miss
Mayme, -leave durinc the month for a
visit to the World's fair and other East
ern cities.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Ferry enter
tained a few friends at breakfast on
Sunday at their homo.
A very pretty homo wedding was that
of Miss Clara Groshcll and Oscar W.
Rawlins, solemnized yesterday afternoon
at .6 o'clock at the homo of tho bride's
parents, Mr- and Mrs. Fremont H. Gro
Bhell. Rev. Elmer I. Goshen performed
the ceremony, in the presence of the Im
mediate family. After tho ceremony a
wedding supper was served, tho bride and
groom leaving later for a month's visit
to tho World's fair and Chicago. The
home was simply, but effectively decor
ated with autumn flowers, white asters
and greens being used In tho parlor, and
pink and white sweet peas and asters
in tho dining-room. Fern leaves thickly
studded tho curtain of tho largo window
in front of which tho bridal party stood,
with tall vases of white asters on either
sldo and on tho plnno and mantel. As
sisting In tho dlnlnc-room wero the
Misses Flora and Alberta McCann. In
the center of the dlnlnu'-tablo was a
largo cut gloss bowl of swcot peas, with
crystal candelahra shaded In pink at
either end of the table, and sprays of
plumosa extending tho full length of tho
table down tho center. Tho bride's gown
was of cream vollo chiffon, mado en
tralno over taffeta, with an exquisite
yoke of real lace. The going away gown
was of brown silk, with hat to corres
pond. Mr. and Mrs. Rawlins will be at
homo to their many friends after October
1, at 442 Fourth East.
Mr and Mrs. Charles D. Rooklldgo
gave an Informal card party last Sat
urday evening for a few friends.
Dr. Frank B. Steolo rotumod yesterday
afternoon from Chicago, where ho has
been dolnc post-graduate work for the
past two months.
Mrs. Anna Behlo and two daughters aro
limn. t.-nrr. Tniv-i ix'Unr. 1. I
.....v. iiiuj uau jmaciuu
a delightful summer visiting friends.
Frank ICnox and two sons left yester
day afternoon for tho East, tho boys to
enter the university at Nolro Dame, and
Mr. Knox to ko as far cast as Now York
before returning.
Tho first largo homo wedding of tho
fall was that of MJss Bertha Foster
Groesbeck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lon
Groeabcck, and Molvln C. Smith, which
took place last evening at the homo of
tho bride's parents on South Main street.
The large, old-fashioned rooms wero vrv
prettily decorated with fall flowers, white
asters, with quantities of plumosa in tho
parlor and pink aHlars and sweet peas In
tho library and dlnliiK-rbom. In the par
lor ropes of the smllax. Kluddcd with as
ters, extended to the four corners of tho
room, the ropes being multiplied Just over
the bow window, In front of which tho
bridal party stood Rev. Peter A. Slmp
kln of the Congregational church read tho
morriaKo service In tho preBonco of moro
than 100 friends of tho younp couple. Mrs
Harry Mellon presided at tho piano and
played tho "Bridal Chorus" from "Lohen
grin" as tho bridal party entered tho par
lor, and tho Mendelssohn wedding march
at tho close of tho oorvlcc, Tho bride
who woro a beautiful gown of cream i
crepe dc Paris over taffeta, was attonded
by Miss Rctta Gardner, wearing a dainty
gown of whlto otamlno over taffeta, and
carrying a shower bouquet of pink roses.
William N. Lewis was the best man. An
slstlng the young couplo In receiving tho
guests were Mr. and Mrs Lon Groesbeck
parents of the bHdo, and Mr. and Mro
James M Smith, parents of tho groom!
During tho evening several pleasing mu
sical numbere wero rendered by Mrs.
Harry Melton, Miss TIUIo Porkes. Miss
Ruby Williams and Miss Millio Williams.
Tho young couplo wero the recipients of
many beautiful gifts from their large cir
cle of frlende. Mr. and Mrs. Smith left
on tho late .train for a short wedding
trip, and will return to bo at home to
their friends at G04 South Main street af
ter September 15.
Mrs. Fred Plschel of Chicago, who has
been spending the past six months In this
city with her son, William M. Plschel,
leaves on Friday next for her home. Mr.
Plschel will accompany her as far as
Denver and enjoy a fow weeks' vacation.
Miss Nelllo Jeremy entertains Informal
ly this evening In honor of Miss Sadio
Dr. and Mrs. Mayo, of Rochester, Minn.,
and Dr. Otto of Oshkosh. Wis., wero
guests of honor at an elegantly appointed
dinner at tho Alia club Sunday evening.
Tho others who enjoyed the dinner wero
Dr. and Mrs. II. N. NUes. Dr. and Mrs.
S. C. Baldwin, Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Kerr.
Dr. and Mrs. Union Worthlngton and
Miss Bessie NUes. Later the party en
joyed a trip to tho lake.
Mrs. M. F. Cunningham and children
will return about September 15 from Illi
nois, whero they havo been spending tho
summer with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs.-W. G. Lamb are not ex
pected to return from California until
next week. .They are having a most de
lightful time at the principal resorts of
that State.
Dr. A. A. Kerr. Dr. H. D. Nllcs. Dr.
S. C. Baldwin, and Dr. A, C. Ewlng left
on tho late train Sunday for Denver to
attend tho medical convention therp. Dr.
Ewlng was accompanied by Mrs. Ewlng.
and will )pend several weeks visiting In
the East, going as far as New York, but
Drs. NUes. Kerr and Baldwin will re
turn on Friday of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Clark and daughter.
Miss Lola, have returned from Chicago,
where they passed a most cnjoyablo sum
mer. o
Prof, and Mrs. E. N. Cook have as
their guests for a few days Dr. and Mrs.
iB. N. Hamilton and James Anderson of
'Kankakee, 111. They nro on their way
to California and stopped off hero for a
few days. ,
P. L. Williams and sons, Paul and Sam.
have gone to Exeter. N. H.. whero the
boys will enter tho Phillips academy to
preparo for Cornell.
W. E. Field, who has been a popular
visitor hre for several wcks past, a
guest of the University club, has returned
to his home In tho East.
Miss Kathcrlno Pursoll la home from a
five weeks' visit In St. Louis, Chicago
and tho East.
This evening In Uie parlors of the ICbn
yon hotel. Miss M. Eleanor Ford of Now
York city, a great traveler and one who
can tell what she has seen In a most de
lightful fashion, will give an entertain
ment. In which sho will speak of "Whom
Eaat Meets West," "Tho Midnight Sun"
and "Aftermath of Humor." Tho music
will be under tho direction of Mme. Swen
son, Mrs. Bcsslo Browning singing two
J. H. Hlnman loft Saturday evening for
a visit to his mother In New York city.
Miss Dorothy Do Graff, daughter of Mr
and Mrs. C. D. Do Graff, Is very 111 of ty
phoid fever at tho home of her parents.
Mrs. 'M. E. Boes will entertain the P.
N. G. club at her home, 410 East Second
South street, next Thursday afternoon.
Miss Ruth Cooper of Seattle left for her
home lost evening after a most enjoyable
visit In this city, whero she has been en
tertained by Miss Eveline Thomas. A
number of Miss Cooper's Salt Lake friends
upent last evening at tho homo of Miss
Thomas, all of them accompanying her to
the train which carried ho to her North
west home.
Miss Geneve Ellerbeck will register
pupils at her studio. 201 Second dtroel,
on Wednesday, September 7, 1304, from
eleven' until twelve and two, until four
Those desiring good hours should ap
ply on that date.
Becital at Kenyon.
M. Eleanor Ford will give a recital
this evening (Sept. (J), at S:30 o'clock
in the Kenyon parlors, devoted to
travel-stories and humor, assisted bv
Mrs. Bessie Browning as soloist Tlelt
ets $1.
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Vrito Tor catalogue and particulars.
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