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Weather for Today Fair.
WoXj XLVH. No. 144 Salt Lake City, U.tah, TFEDirajSDAY MoKraG, September 7, 19oZ ; 12 phgbs.Fiye Qents.
(Wreck on Wabash
I in Missouri.
t Passsngsrs Killed,
jmri Fifty Others Are
I" Injured.
tn'Wheel Causes Derailment of
;Coach and Diner on Heavy-
Laden Train.
fcLOUIS. Sept. 6. The Wabash
juT passenger train southbound
Ses Moines to St. Louis was
i?3i near Pendleton, Mo., slxty
fies northwest of here, this af
m, killing eight passengers and
ig fifty others. The cause
ffwreck has not been determined,
flis thought that a broken wheel
id a passenger coach which
ill the track and derailed the dln
rjwith it.
Dead. '
NICHOLS, Macon, Mo.
SC H. GRAVES, La Plata, Mo.
FA PATTERSON, La. Plata, Mo.
HENDERSON, La Plata, Mo.
ifiANNA GRENNDR. Macon, Mo.
5jj- HEBLER, daughter of A. F.
Macon, Mo.
MV. L. FITCH, Huntington, Pa.
J Seriously Injured.
ID BRUNER, Klrksville, Mo.
i CURTAIN, La Plata, Mo.
ID CRAWFORD. La Plata, Mo.
flDULET, La Plata, Mo.
RIZZEL, Manltou. Colo.
' GRAVES, La Plata, Mo.
tJ HENLY, cook dining-car.
ELSO, La Plata, Mo.
KELSO, La Plata. Mo.
5 AN.NA MARIENS, La Plata,
lAF, PLEMENS, La Plata, Mo.
(WILLS, Macon. Mo.
jDO WALKER", Macon, Mo. '
ITATE, La Plata, Mo,
jfcmshed by Dining Car.
heavy dining-car crashed on top
jfnd injured were passengers in
U'er. There was no one In the
xar. It- Is stated, except the em
f who escaped with Injuries.
jTrain Heavily Laden.
he general offices of the Wabash
tLouls it was stated that thero
ver BOO people on the train, which
roceedlng at regular speed when
pldent occurred
JSleeper Held the Rails.
Bleeper, which was the rear car,
0t leave the track. The day
md dlnlng-car which went down
ibankment were totally wrecked,
(casualties were among the pas
sion the former car.
Bellef Train Sent Out.
sljef train was sent from Mober
llylBion point of the Wabash, and
lured and the bodies of the dead
)jaken to the Wabash hospital In
'dead were Immediately taken In
Mby undertakers and were sent
j.ltowna In which they had lived
rht trains.
. ftl Judge Renders Decision Ro-
farding- Arbitrary Routing.
NGELES, Cal., Sept. 7. Judge
W Wellborn of the United States
-t court today announced his de
f 'in the case of the Interstate Com-
-commlsalon against the Southern
ri,and tlie Atchison, Topeka &
I If e Railroad companies and their
itlng lines, holding: that the arbl
j routing of citrus fruit shipments
tial lines la opposed to the pro-
I'of the Interstate commerce act
''' u dc3troyB competition and
j ;,the shipper at the mercy of the
t d companies. Judge Wellborn or-
a, decree entered granting a writ
a inctlon.
? Lv yellb0. hn his decision
-icoplouo extracts from the tes
rt or Paul Morton, former second
4 reB'flenj- of the Santa Fo com
, and of other prominent railroad
a. in which they say that the ar-
r, routiner of citrus fruit shipping
t PUixlse ot stoppfnir the re
i v-'h,ch. It was claimed, was
,"T iment of the 0011111 ahlppers,
( Wnu t0, ,nn,ntnn tariff rates.
' I, rn ho,dD thal thl position
?iable,ld gainst both the leUer
J act of th0 interstate com-
Jt guilty of murder.
W AeQinst ldhoan for Sensa
:oual Killing IB Dismissed.
jjU.CE, Ida., Sopt. C.-Tho chargo of
magalnat Fred Engntroni, who was
Wi? onnHat,lon.Rl kl"'ng of Edward
rnJ,c.Be1 timber-claim jumper,
mtot county on AUKuat , was dls
miloday at the prellmlnnry hearing.
iBan.i ,llJodued, showing that
,E ngstrom hod quarrelod prior
Sd tiJiRbut.lhero waa no ovldenco
K,'"ai iSngetrorn was present when
Wer was committed.
Maude Adams
Alarms Afenooniies
Quiet Folk in Lancaster County, Pa.,
"Worried Becauso Actress Ob
serves Them.
NEW HOLLAND, Pa., Sept. 6 Mon
nonltes, Dunkards and Amlsh, the
"plain people" of Lancaster county, are
exercised over the rumor that Maude
Adams, the actress, Is among them
studying their peculiarities, their good
points-, their faults, their customs and
their costumes.
The natives believe that the actress Is
absorbing "local atmosphere" that she
may star in a dramatized version of
"Tlllle, the Mennonlle Maid," a novel,
which has been received with Interest In
this locality.
Some of the residents doubt the Ptory
of the mysterious actress, but many ac
cept II, and view with apprehension a
dramatic representation of their quaint
characteristics, and the countryside
teems with gossip and suppressed excitement.
Russian Volunteer Fleet Steamers
Given Orders From Czar.
ZANZIBAR, Island of Zanzibar, Sept
6. The British cruiser Forte early this
morning found the Russian volunteer
fleet steamers St. Petersburg and Smo
lensk within the three-mile limit and
communicated to them the orders of
the Russian Government to desist from
interference with neutral shipping. The
commanders of the Russian vessels said
they would forthwith proceed to Eu
rope. Word was brought in yesterday by
the German steamer Kron Prlnz that
the St. Petersburg and Smolensk were
coaling In territorial waters. The Forte
immediately proceeded to search
and found the Russian vessels. They
were not coaling, but after the orders
of the Russian" Government had been
delivered to them the Smolensk and St.
Petersburg joined a German colliery
and proceeded to Daxes-Salaam on the
African coast, twenty-five miles south
of Zanzibar. The Forte returned here
this afternoon.
"War Bureau Directs Seven Artillery
men Be Given Ohio Authorities.
WASHINGTON, Sopt. G As an out
come of an attack by a body of regular
soldiers and militiamen upon a mllltla
provost guard at Athens, Ohio, recently
attended by the killlnc of one of the
guards, a telcBram today was received
from the Governor of Ohio by tho Secre
tary 01 war requesting ino uouvory ol
seven men of Fourteenth battery field ar
tillery located at Fort Sheridan.
Acting Secretary Oliver lmmodlutoly re
plied by telegraph, saying: "The com
manding general, Department of tho
Lakes, has today been directed by wire
to dollvcr at Fort Sheridan, tho addi
tional soldiers desired on demand of prop
er authorities, with a vlow of their ap
pearanco at a preliminary hearing beforo
a committing magistrate. Department
will toko pleasure In cooporatinc with
civil authorities In bringing guilty par
ties to trial."
Federal Court, Denvor, Issues Order
Against Cripple Creek Association.
DENVER, SepL C Judge John A.
Marshall, In the United States District
court today, granted the application of
tho Inter-State Mercantile company, a
Montana corporation, for a temporary
Injunction restraining the members of
the Citizens' alliance and Mine Owners'
association of Teller county from Inter
fering with Its bunlncss In the Cripple
Creek district. The Inter-State com
pany acquired the union store formerly
conducted by the Western Federation of
Miners In Cripple Creek and it was
raided1 and wrecked by a mob on the
night of August 20. The hearing wa-?
continued until September 20.
Quantity of Counterfeit Silver Dol
lars Found in Camp Outfit,
MISSOULA, Mont., Sopt. 6. J. T. Daly
was arrested near Iron Mountain yester
day at tho Instance of tho Salmon City,
Ida., nuthorltlos on tho chnrito of burg
lary. An examination of Daly's camp
lnir outfit, which was found noar Iron
Mountain, disclosed a quantity of coun
terfeit silver dollars and somo crude ap
pllancos with which the spurlouu coins
might have been made. One hundred and
fifty of those coins worn found, and but
for a perceptible light nesn, are exception
ally good counterfeit!, Daly will b? hold
hero for appoaranco beforo tho United
States courlH, although tho Idaho Sheriff
Is on route to take him back to Salmon
Well-Known San Francisco Merchant
Probably Fatally Hurt.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sopt. 6. Morris
Slmlnoff, a well known merchant and
donor of the Masonic homn, met with
accident In the parade that muy prove
fatal. Ho Is a member of California
commandery and was mounted1 on a
spirited horso. At Market and Seventh
streets the horse became- frlghtenod and
Slmlnoff was thrown from the saddle.
Before the 'frightened steed could be
stopped Uk unfortunate rider had been
dragged two blocks. Ho was picked up
In an unconscious condition and carried
to tho Central Emergency hospital. His
skull Is fractured, but ho may wtcoYor
Two Men Killed by a
Fall of Rock.
Third One Who Was With
Them Is Seriously In
jured. Accident Occurs in the "Winter Quar
ters Colliery at Scofleld,
Special to The Tribune.
SCOFIELD, Utah, Sept, 6. Two men
are dead and a third seriously In
jured by an accident In the Winter
Quarters colliery.
Seriously Injured.
The men were at work in the mln'o
when, without any warning, there was
a fall of rock and Bishop and Hutch
inson were caught and their lives were
crushed out In a twinkling. Gentry
also was caught by the cave-In, but
managed to extricate himself from tho
debris, though seriously Injured. Ho
was found later on and brought out
and his injuries cared for.
Both the bodies of the dead men were
recovered late this afternoon.
It Enabled a Trusty to Make "Jin Es
cape From Prison.
NEW YORK, Sept. 6. Private Frank
Reese, an army prisoner serving one
year on Governor's island for desertion,
has escaped in an unusual manner.
Reese was a model prisoner, and as a
"trusty" had acquired the complete con
fidence of Capt. Horton of the Eighth
infantry, quartermaster of the Island.
CapU Horton left the post Saturday
night for Manassas, Va.. to take part In
the maneuvers. A company of coast
urtlllery not familiar with the. prison
ers, was detailed to the po9t In place of
the troops sent south, so that Reese's
flight was greatly facilitated. When
the Captain went away he gave the
prisoner a key, to his house and ordered
him to take care of things.
After Reese disappeared a search ot
tho Captain'9 quarters showed that tho
prisoner had gone away In a peculiar
disguise. He had donned a dress coat
and shirt, a big red necktie and a pair
of riding breeches. This novel outfit he
topped off with a silk hat, and boldly
walked to the landing place and took
the next boat to New York. His odd
costume caused much amusement, but
no person spoke to him, and when the
boat landed at the battery he lost no
time in disappearing.
A search for Reose later by the guard
disclosed the Identity of the person who
had furnished so much amusement to
the sentries, who were much chagrined
over the escape.
Commander-In-Chiof Announces His
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Sept. C Capt.
W. E. English, commander-in-chief of
the United Spanish War Veterans, has
appointed1 the following committees:
Executlvo The commander-in-chief..
Senior Vico-Commander George M.
Moulton, Illinois; Junior vice-commander,
William McKee. Indiana, Governor
W. T. Durbln, Indiana; Senator Charles
Dick, Ohio.
Appeals Senior Vice-Commander
Moulton, Col. James McCllntock, Ari
zona; Wilder S. Metcalf, Kansas; H. L.
Warren, Michigan; Harry F. Huber,
Rules and regulations Judge Advo
cate Col. I. N. Kinney, Michigan;
Thomas F. O'Nell, California; Ferdi
nand Koenlg. Pennsylvania; J. L. King,
District of Columbia; S. D. C. HayB,
TvUiinway Girl Is Discovered in Queer
Hiding Placft.
NAPOLEON, O., Sept. 6. Snugly
curled upon a grave In Glenwood oeme
tery, with hor head reBtlng on a foot
stone and the sky as a cover, little Sa
die Bryan was found by Adam Glour.
The Sheriff was notified, and he took
her In custody.
She had run away from her parents
In Defiance, she aayn, because thoy
wanted her to marry against her wishes,
and had used this graveyard as her hid
ing place for two days and nights. She
wa3 almost starved, as nothing had
passed her lips since Sunday, vherv she
left home. 8he was taken to Defiance
by Sheriff John.
Le Nordcz Has Resigned.
ROME, Sopt. 6. In private audlenco
with the Pope today Monslgneur Le
Nordoz resigned tho bishopric of BIJon.
The Vatican authorities consider this
an answer to the speech or Premier
. Cpmbe.Btt Auxrrre. Sujlte". IS&hJ " V j
Great Labor War
Is Near an End
Proposition Submitted to the Unions
Providing for Calling the
Strike Off.
CHICAGO, ScrA. 6. The Allied
Trades council today decided to sub
mit to tho unions the proposition for
settlement of the stockyards strike.
According to the statement of Cass
Schmidt, vice-president of the Butch
ers' union, the proposition upon which
the unions are to vote provided for
calling off the strike, the men to bo
re-employed as soon as possible, the
skilled hands to receive the former
scale of wages and the abandonment
of the office of steward by the unions.
Strikers In the other striking centers
also assembled today, by order of Pres
ident Donnelly, for the -purpose of tak
ing a referendum vote to declare the
strike off.
Apply for Old Jobs.
Early this moring when, according to
the packers, more than 1000 of the
strikers applied for their old Jobs and
were taken back. Men began to seek
work a few hours before the time set
for a meeting of the Allied Trades con
ference board, which, representing
twenty-two trades involved in tho
strike, was, as seemed to be the gen
eral Impression, to consider the ques
tion of submitting to the unions wheth
er the strike should be called off or not.
No Agreement With Union.
There was talk among the strikers
at the yards about "terms of settle
ment." Officials of the packing com
panies, however, declared that no terms
of settlement had been reached, that
strikers applying for their old places
would be reinstated without discrimi
nation, but no agreement would bo
made with the union.
Feared to Wait Action.
Meetings of all local' unions Involved
had been called for today to hear tho
result of the deliberations of the Allied
Trades board. But many of the men
who have been Idle for eight weeks
feared to await their action. So it was
that a thousand applied for work. Expecting-
all would be ordered by their
unions to go back tomorrow they went
today to make sure of their places.
A dispatch from Kansas City says the
unions of the packing house trades in
the two Kansas Cities voted today to
continue the present strike until tho
packers Bhould be brought to terms.
Light Vote Being Cast.
Up to midnight not over 7000 out of tho
GO.000 men said to be on strike had cast
their votes in the different packing cen
ters throughout tho country, according to
tho returns received by the union offi
cials In Chicago.
May Resubmit Question.
In Chicago, whero 25.000 men nro on
strike, tho total vote cast will not ex
ceed DO0O. Unless a greater majority of
tho strikers decide to bnllot on the prop
osition It was said tonight that In all
probability tho entire voto would bo
thrown out and tho proposition would bo
resubmitted to the strikers after being
extensively ndvortlfled.
Will Defeat Abandonment
Unofficial reports of tho result of tho
balloting In Chicago on tho proposed
abandonment of the strlko Indicates that
tho mon will defeat the proposed aban
donment of the strike. Tho reault of tho
balloting by the first throe unions re
porting tonight Is said to have been 1201
for remaining on strike and but 112 for
returning to work-
East St. Louis Man Confesses to Mur
der of- Two Men.
EAST ST. LOUIS. Ill . SopL 6. Accord
ing to statements made tonight to Chief
of Police Puidy by Louis Kano, formerly
a barkeeper In tho Yellow Dog saloon,
tho lattor Is guilty of killing' tho two men
found dead undor mystorloua circum
stances near Black Bridge last night.
Kano, In his statement, oaya that his
reason for killing Reynolds, a white man.
and Green, a negro, was that they wero
strlkc-breakors. He told Chlof Purdy
that he was formerly employed an a
butcher, and although he had surrfandorod
his card, he was a "strong union man
and had used every means In hlu power
to further tho caueo of unionism."
In describing the killing Kano told
Chief Purdy that ho and Bevoral Htrlklng
butchors had hud an arcument with
Reynolds, and that the latter made a mo
tion as though to draw a rovolvor. Kano
says that ho then ohot Roynoldn through
tho hoart and hid his body In tho buahoa.
According to Kane's utatcmont to tho
police, lib killed Reynolds at 3 o'clock In
tho afternoon. After closing tho saloon
at 7 o'clock at night, Kane aays, ho otort
cd to go home, and whllo crossing tho
Black brldgo recognized Green, who was
approaching him, ns a strlko-breakor
Kane says that he hid behind a support
of tho bridge until Green was within a
fow foot of him. when ho placed his ro
volvor on a lcdco and ilrod, tho bullet
penetrating Green's heart.
. Kano was arrested on suspicion on tho
night of tho discovery of tho two bodies.
Frithjof With Zieglcr Relief Expedi
tion on Board Passed.
HAMMERFEST, Norway, Sept. G,
Tho Norwegian steamer Vlrcola, which
has arrived here, reports that she met
tho Zlegler relief expedition steamer
Frithjof August 27 In latitude 79 north
and longitude 52 east. The Frithjof, up
to that time, had been unable to reach
Franz Josef land.
The Frithjof, having on board the Zle
gler rellof expedition, which arrived at
Vardo, Norway, August 4, after an un
successful attompt to roach the steamer
America, bearing the Zlegler Arctic ex
pedition party, walled from Vardo Au
gust C for Franz Jonef land, with coal
for the America. The latter vessel sallett
from Trondhjcm, Norway, for Franz Jo
aof land oil iuno 23. 1903, " .
Travels Over World's
Fair Course.
Dsmonstrated to All That
His Machine Is Di
rigible. Scarcity of Power Prevented Its Be
ing Propolled Without Groat
Difficulty Against "Wind.,
ST. LOUIS, SepL 6. T. C. Benbow,
a Montana aeronaut, Is the first man
to sail an airship over the "World's
fair aeronautic cdurse. He made a
trial ascension today and demon
strated that his machine is dirigible,
but, owing to scarcity of power, he
was unable to propel It without great
difficulty against the wind.
Easily Handled.
The Benbow airship ascended to a
height of from 150 to 200 feet, and,
starting from about the center of the
course, sailed as far as the east gate
before descending. Tho descent was
made In a straight path and the ma
chine was thon led back to the start
ing point,
Cigar-Shaped Ship.
The airship consists of a cigar
shaped balloon and an aluminum car.
It has a 10-horsepower engine, run by
hydrogen gas. The bag is about seventy
feet long and has sixteen propeller
blades, four on each wheel, and two
wheels on each side of the car. The
bag has a capacity of 14,000 cubic feet
and the hydrogen gas which it holds
has a lifting power of 900 pounds.
Members Various Parliaments of Old
"World Begin Tour of America.
WEST POINT. N. Y-, Sopt C.-Tho
members of tho Interparliamentary union,
a body comprising delegates from England
and from overy legislative body In Europe,
were tho guestH of tho United States tc-
uuy, wiicii a lour 01 um country uvuu
under tho auspIccB of tlds Governmont.
Distinguished members of tho various
Parliaments of tho old world to the num
ber of 15 were officially welcomed to
these shores at tho military academy this
afternoon after a trip on tho Hudson slver
from Now York on board tho United
States revenue cutters Mohawk and Grcs
lmni. Escorting tho llttlo revenuo flotilla
was tho crulBcr Topeka. At tho military
academy tho distinguished guests dlsom-,
barked to tho firing of tho national saluto
of twenty-one guns.
Aslsstant Secrotary of the Treasury
Henry A. Taylor, who represented tho
President, welcomed tho visitor on behalf
of the Governmont. Tho rest of the after
noon wan dovoted to an examination of
tho academy and a review of the cadots.
An Interesting dovelopmont of tho day
was the dlsclosuro of the fact that tho
Interparliamentary union at Its forthcom
ing conferenco in St. Louis will undertake
to adopt a resolution looking to the calling
of another International arbitration con
gress of the character of Tho Hague. It
Is possible that President Roosovolt will bo
asked by formal resolution to Issue tho
Fool Officer "With a Gun Mortally
"Wounds Laborer.
SEATTLE, Sept. C Charles Ander
son, a laborer of this city, was shot and
perhaps fatally injured by City De
tective Lane loirt night.
Anderson was taken sick and went
into an alley to He down. People living
near by notified the police of his pres
ence and Lane appeared. Lane called
to Anderson to hold up his hands, but
instead of doing so Anderson ran. Lane
thereupon shot "him, tho bullet taking1
effect near the spine. Today Anderson
is paralyzed and1 may die-
They Knid the Town of Newport, Ida.,
Robbing Citizons.
NEWPORT. Ida., Sept. C Three men
carrying largo revolvors and sandbags
entered Nick Brown's saloon laot night,
covered tho night bartondor and secured
SCO. Thoy thon fired sovoral Bhots to In
timidate the bartondor and departed. A
few minutes lator they hold up three citi
zens and robbed them of a few dollars and
two watches. They struck Charles Die
trich a glancing blow, but ho oscaped In
the darkness.
Unknown Assassin Shoots a Fedoral
SANTA FE, N. M Sept, 6. Postmas
I ter Robert Carley of Golden, N. M., has
' been phot and perhaps fatally wounded
by an unknown assassin, who made
good his escape. The shooting oc
curred as Carley wa leaving his home.
Carley Is part owner of the famous
Gold Standard mine, over which thoro
hao been much litigation. ,
Vermont Remains
in Republican Column
Plurality for Bell for Governor "Will
Be in Neighborhood of
6. Vermont today elected a Governor
and othr State offlcors, two members
of CongressP thirty Statc Senators and
ono Roprcsentatlvo from each city and
town. As was expected, tho Republicans
wero generally victorious, electing their
entire ticket and maintaining control of
the Legislature by the usual large ma
jority. Tho day was passed without in
cident. The day was flno and tho vote
was normal for a Presidential year.
Congress and Legislature.
David J. Foster of Burlington was
elected to Congress from tho First dis
trict, and Klttrcdgo Haskins of Brat
tlesboro from the Second district.
The complexion of tho Legislature is
practically unchanged. This Indicates
that Senator Redfleld Proctor will bo re
elected. Cnmpaign Hard Fought.
Tho campaign was hard fought by both
of the leading parties, Democrats bend
ing their efTorls to a reduction of the Re
publican majority of 31,000 given to W.
W. Stlckney for Governor In 1900. Re
turns received at midnight Indicate that
the Republicans elected tho head of tholr
ticket by v plurality equal to If not
greater than that returned for Stlckney.
Plurality Larger Than Ever.
Election returns from 200 out of tho 216
cities and towns of the State glvo 'Boll,
Republican, SS.SC0; Porter. Democrat,
12.S02. Tho same places In 1900 gavo
Sllcknoy. Republican, 3S.01S; Sentor.
Democrat. 13,655. Theso figures show a
slight falling off In. the vote of both
parties and Indicate the election of Bell
by about 32,000 plurality.
"Wag-gam an Files His Answer.
WASHINGTON, Sept. G. Thomas E.
"Wuggaman filed answers in the Dis
trict Supreme court today to the rule
directing him to show cause why he
should not be adjudged a bankrupt and
why a receiver should npt be appointed
to take charge of hl9 property, claiming
that a receiver In equity Is absolutely
unnecessary and that, as far as the pro
ceedings In bankruptcy are concerned,
the notes are safe In his hands.
Portland Authorities to Shut Out All
Games of Chance.
PORTLAND, Or., Sept. 6. Public
gambling In Portland of all kinds must
stop once and for all, according to the
authorized declarations of District At
torney John Manning and Sheriff Tom
Worn. The pale of the law will be
construed to encompass every species
of gambling from faro to card ma
chines on the counters of cigar stores.
District Attorney Manning declares
that If one game Is to stop the rule
must be made to extend to every form
ui (umui iiivuiviiiB iiiu vicnieni ol
chance and his declaration goes to
the point where he declares that here
after he will enforce the gambling stat
utes to the letter
General Returns From Tour of Posts
in Alaska.
SEATTLE, Wash., Sopt. C Brig. -Gen.
Frederick Funston, accompanied by his
aide. Lieut. B. J. Mitchell, returned to
night from Nome on tho steamship Oro
gon. Thoy have Just completed a tour
of tho army poets In Alaska, with the ox
coptlon of Fort Llsoum. That post Is
being inspected by AdJL-Gon. Maj. B. K.
Evans. Gen. Funston reports all tho
posts and soldlors In excellent condition.
Ho will make no recommendations for
further post construction. The General
will leave Vancouver barraok3 about Oc
tober 1 to assume command of the De
partment of the Lakes.
Rocky Mountain Company Not Le
gally Qualified to Do Business.
Special to The Tribune.
BOISE, Ida.. SepU G District Judgo
Stewart today, In passing on a tolophono
contract, hold that tho Rooky Mountain
Boll Tolophono company woo not legally
qualified to transact business In this
State, having, failed to comply with tho
new law requiring the filing of articles
of Incorporation. The case will bo ap
pealed to tho Supremo court. If affirmed
tho effect will bo far reaching, Invalidat
ing every contraot with tho oompanv In
this Stato.
Shoriff in Butte Arrests Two "Well
Known Mon.
BUTTE, Mont., Sopt. 6. As a sequel
to the attempted robbery of the gold
vaults of tho Granite Bimetallic com
pany at Phlllpsburg, Mont., last Sat
urday, Frank Noble and Jack Boyd,
both well-known mcn-about-town, were
arrested here today and held for the
Sheriff of Granite county. Boyd was
formerly watchman at the company's
warehouse in Phlllpsburg and was in
charge when 3175,000 was stolen from
the vaults three years ago.
Arkansas Exectitivo "Will Have Less
Than Forty Thousand.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sopt C Lato re
turn tonight from tho Stato election yes
terday show that while tho unopposed
Democratic nominees for State ofllccs re
ceived &5 nor cent of tho total vote, tho
plurality for Governor Davis, Democrat,
will be less than 40.000, and may drop to
30,000. Tho next Legislature will stand:
Sonata, Democrats 34. Republicans 1.
Houao, Domoorata 25, Republicans C.
St. Petersburg Has No H
Word from Him. H
Whole Nation Is Anxious IH
About Fate f His
It Is Believed That an Order to Mobi- IjH
lize Several Army Corps Nl
Will Issue. 1
. The dearth of Immediate pross and of- lHjjl
flclal dispatches from the present actual fjl
scat of war of the far Eastern struggle; pHI
continues. It is admitted by the Russian PfH
"War offlco that no telegrams whatever Ml
wore received from Gen. JCuropatkln IfH
bearing Tuesday's date, the last message nMI
to the Emperor from the General being wjl
dated September 5 and briefly telling that ys
tho army was advancing northward; that Kl
It had extricatod ltsolf from a dangerous Hl
position; that there was constant can- lH
nonadlng of tho rear guard, and that the jll
losses on that day were about 100, The Pl
situation, in tho light of the latest infor- QH
matlon, may be summed up as follows. 1 KtlH
Pushing on to Mukden. KMH
Tho Russian forces arc pushing on to lHI
Mukden, greatly Impeded by heavy roads p9
and floods, conducting an orderly retreat, rol
and followed step by stop by the Jnpa-
nese. Details of the fighting and of the Fnl
exact position of the opposing armies are ral
lacking. j Iwl
Rear Guard Not Annihilated. rfil
The roport that Kuropatkln's rear ifl
guard has been annihilated and that tho jjl
Russian forces arc In danger of being
surrounded Is denied by the Russian gon- fll
oral staff. The Russian War office is
entiroly confident that the retreat' is H
slowly, but surely, being effected. 2I
What Toklo Says. ihH
From Toklo comes tho official report ilfl
that the bulk of the Russian forces Is Vl
still at Tental. Tho Japnneso Field Mar- eH
shal, In an' extended report of the tight- IKI
lug up to Soptombcr 4. says that tho Rus- Ijfil
slans burned all tho railroad bridges over
tho Taltso river, and predicts that, while vHI
tho Jananeso list of casualties Is not vot rQII
completed, the losses will provo heavj. sifl
Russian Commissary Trains. vil
The heads of Kuropatkln's long com-
mlssary trains have passed through Mule- 3H
den nnd arc continuing northward.
The attack on Port Arthur continues iffl
and Chinese arriving at Chefoo aay the ijgil
Russian garrison oxpocta a general land rjl
and sea attack today (Wednesday). Jll
Russian War Office Without Advices 33
From Kuropatkin. $11
ST. PETERSBURG. Sopt. 7. Thorc has J
been no news from Gen. Kuropatkin since KiiH
Monday afternoon. This Is attributed to MliV
tho Interruption of direct communication
with tho commander-in-chief, owing to the lll
transfer of tho telegraph office to Muk- JtH
den, whither messages have to bo sent by fll
courier. Tho utmost confidence prevails fil
at the War offlco that the Russian army wl
Is slowly but suroly effecting tho retreat ajl
without serious riak of being cut off. hJI
Whole Nation Anxious. jjl
None the leg slntcnse anxloty is felt ftHill
throughout the wholo nation, and this Sfl
feeling Is shared by tho Emperor. Ills tfal
Majesty Is unwilling at such a Juncture 10
absont himself from Potorhof, and has filial
countermanded all proposed Journeys Ho cfl
will not go to Warsaw or Llbau, and rc- Wl
mains closctod for hours with his military al
advlncrs. It Is bellevod that tho outcome fll
of these deliberations will be an order to Itl
moblllxo soveral more army corps. Hl
What War Office Says. fcjl
Late Tuesday evening the Astfoolatcd ffil
Press obtained tho following statement Enl
from the War offlco: "No telegrams what- ffiliV
over wero received from Gon. Kuropatkin HIIH
today (Tuesday). It Is Inferred that the ikH
only Russian troops remaining at Ten Tal IHIII
Soptcmbor G are tho rear guard, whose Hill
mission Is solely to retard the enemy's jiiH
"It Is quite consistent from tho position bflllH
of affairs to suppose that a portion of tho Ollll
Japanese forces ontorcd Yon Tail, there bo- RBill
lng no Intention to hold this point, as It ffliH
is of no Intrinsic Importance. Tho stores yll
there have already been removed, and Oiil
whatever was not removed was burned. Sll
The transfer of tho telegraph oflloo to PlH
Mukden has cauaed delay In the direct pflilll
transmission of messages." hII
News Is Censored. Ol
A Russian oorrospondent of tho Asso- llllH
elated Preys font a message from Mukdou fliiiil
Tuesday ovonlng, moro than twenty-four H
hours after the dispatch of Gen. Kuropat- H
kin's last published message. This corre-
spondent gives no dotalls of the rotreat, liH
and the censor Is probably not allowed to IHjiil
authorize the tranmnlsslon of this nows ll
until tho commander-in-chlof sends his rc- ffH
Undergoing Sovere Ordeal. j
The corrospondont points out In his (lis- iiH
patch that tho Russian forces are followed liH
step by step bv tho Japanese, and aro pjppB
greatly Impeded by heavy roads and Ekl
floods. He iulda: "It Is Impossible to say iiH
how long tho fighting will continue, as the
Inltlatlvo Is In the hands of the Japanese." pH
Tho correspondent does not conceal the IJPpH
fact that tho Russians are undergoing a pJH
severe ordeal, but ho ways that the cour- lpJH
ago of the troops remains undiminished. DppH
Wild Rumors Afloat. jJ
St. Petersburg Is full of the wlldoct ru-
mors, some claiming that Kuropatkln's pJH
1 ear guard has been annihilated; that Ku- Jpppj
ropittkln has been taken prisoner and tlmt JPI
Port Arthur has fallen. iifl
Theso alarmist reports woro clroulatd Bkkl

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