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page two JEHE SALT LAKE TIOBTJNTS. .Wednesday mobkcto, scttombbb
W II ' cm tho bourse, and at nno time threatened
to cause n. panic.
! ; Defeat at Lino Yang- Great Disnp
J I pointment to Empire.
1 , ST, PETERSBURG, Sept. 6. Willie
Insisting that Marshal Oyama missed
his main object at Lino Yang, most of
the Russian papers do not disguise
their profound disappointment over the
result of the battle of Llao Yang. The
! Russky Invalid, organ of the army,
I however, Is of the opinion that Gen.
I Kuroputkln, both strategically and
technically, got everything possible out
of Lino Yang, saying:
' "It enabled him to cope with nn
I army very much superior to hl3. Field
Marshal Oyama was compelled to
waste thousands of men to capture
a position which Is of no Importance,
now that Kuropatkln has left- It Is
evident that Oyama's plans miscarried,
since he failed to surround and' Inflict
a decisive blow on the Russian army. '
Russian Hopes Blasted.
The other view, presented by the
Russ, Is as follows: "The fact that
Kuropatkln was compelled to leave
Llao Yang has not only military, but
political, significance. It is no use
concealing "the fact th'nt the evacua
tion of Llao Yang was a surprise for
the Russians.- Everybody was led to
. believe that the hour had arrived for
1 a decisive struggle. It was thus we
. Interpreted Kuropatkln's telegram say-'
. ing the men were, thirsting for an op
' portunity to meet the foe. Dashing
1 our hopes means a prolongation of the
campaign. "
1 "The moment for taking the offen
I ' slve Is now definitely postponed. This
- Inevitably will Influence the fate of
Port Arthur and the further develop
' ment of the Japanese operations. The
evacuation of Llao Yang will have an
i effect upon China, which already Is In
' a state of nervous tension under the
j Influence of Japanese agitation. The
( Japanese, of course, will do their beat
to restore Mukden to China, and China
must foot the bill.
J j Japanese Can Increase Force.
"We cannot deceive ourselves any
longer with the idea that by.retrent
1 Ing into the heart of Manchuria we
are gaining time and adding to our
forces, whereas the Japanese are
lengthening their line of communica
1 tions and therefore losing strength.
Our Ideas of the military strength of
i Japan were far from correct. It Is now
' known that It can Increase Its, forces
i . as well us we can. We fully believe
in our ultimate success, but' it Is Idle
to blink at facts. We shall have to i
i make many heavy sacrifices In order ;
to protect the vital Interests of the em-
i Reinforcements for Russians.
I g- PETERSBURG. Sept. C It Is stnt
? cd that by the end of October tho fourth,
, eighth and thirteenth army corps, total
I Ing 192,000 men. will reach the front, and
that before the end of September 11C0
' guns will have been dispatched to Gen.
, J Eifjht-Year-Old Lad Disappears From
' ' His Home in New York.
' NEW YORK. Sept. C What may de
i j velop Into another Italian kidnaping
' case has been reported to the Bronx
police. Antonio Laduro, S S'ears old,
I son of an Italian employed by a con
tractor, has disappeared and no trace
of the boy has yet been found,
i He was walking near homo with a
' , younger brother when two men en
' gaged him In conversation. Their ap
J ; pearance alarmed the younger boy. who
) ! fan away and told of the affair when
t Antonio failed to return. There are 5000
. Italians In the- settlement and all be-
came greatly wrought up when the
news spread.
H !j ' Of Torturing Eczema
H by Cuticura
:; When All Else- Had
H : Utterly Failed.
" My baby, Owen Herbert Quirk, waa
j afflicted from the age of six vre,eks with
HHH j i a loathsome running eczema, almost
covering his face. I took him to Drs.
and of Victoria lload, .
I j Aldershot, and he was treated by thera
f for" three months, but got much worse,
j and was a sickening sight to look at.
j I saw an advertisement of tho Catlcura
' Remedies, and got tho Soap, Ointment
and Resolvent.
(T. "We noticed an
LHH improvement at
1 a fW once, and within a
i fViiL? fortnight the run-
fiGuSw nnK nfld ceased
' 3xL'ttt?vt anc Bdrtlcswcre
T'ov" ncar,y q11 dried off,
Hl, ' f 'vvt and ,n a month 1,Ia
Hl Ji ohiZLL facc waa perfectly
JT clear, not a spot
L111H' l' J3?5 ?irv ''t I have en-
Hi 't:Ww closcd photograph
W of him when he
f ' was thirteen months old. He is now
t two years and four months, and has
y never had tho slightest return of It. I
r am very grateful for the benefits de-
rived from your remedies, and shall
f feci It a pleasure to make their value
H. . known. For corroboration of tbis
Iji statement you may refer any ono to
Hi ' ' Mrs. Williams, 45 Michaels Tload. Aldcr-
Hfj r1' ehot, or Mr. Uutmtano, 40 Victoria.
Hj j Koad, Aldershot, to whom we recora-
Hl -y mended the remedies for a skin humour,
H ' 1 which they also cared. You nro at
I liberty to do what you liko with this
' statement, ns I shonld Jlho all to know
H i of the value of Cuticura."
'. -No. 1 West End Cottages, Ruywood
Hl Road, N. Southnmptou.
H Bstd Itrtraehoul the wtra. Catlctm ntioWcnt, e.
1 ' On t'srea ot Chocolate CoiUJ Tills 2c Pir rltl of CO),
H Olnlmrnt, 40c., top, 2. U.(oin Lomlon. V ChuW
Hl , houMq.c Fn,4 Kumla U Palxi DottoD, 1ST Cclumbnt
Art. To'.ter Dru Jk Chtro. Coro . So! fropilcton.
H EySctur Xlo lo Curs kcictn..'
Democratic Factional
Disturbances. ;
Nebeker, fWoyle, rVIonsen and
Thoresen Mqw on State
Chairman Barber's Stand for Monson
J Hns Aroused the Ire of
Special to The Tribune.
LOGAN. Sept. 0. Tho murmurlngo
ilnce the recent Democratic convention In
Ldsan seem to bo Increasing and at pres
ent It is evident that the delcKallon la
composed of a quartette of factions
Nebeker, Moyle, Monson, Thoresen with
a email margin of Independents, but not
enough to make any difference In the line
up, according to the poll of the delega
tion as given by one' of the prominent
delegates today.
That Moylc has a good lead is not lo
bo disputed; at the same time tho Hon.
"Qull" Nebeker has come ardent sup
porters on the delegation, but they iiro
not numbered among the heavy-weights
and are seldom permitted at the private
caucuses of the slate makers.
Further, there Is a thread running
through tho majority of cue delegation
to the effect that enough taa been dono
for tho Ncbckers, and now that Frank K.
has been placed on tho ticket for District
Attornoy against- tho united and unani
mous opposition of Box J2iuCr countv,
that claim Is ti good one at least.
Fight Assuming Proportions.
The MonBon-Thorcsep contest for Sec
retary of Stato Is assuming proportions.
It was asserted after the convention that
Thoresen had the lead, but It now looks
Jirrerent. One of the shrewdest of tho
crowu pons mo delegation twenty for
Mongon. ten for Thoresen and seven
doubtful. Should tho churchman get all
of tho doubtfuls tho ox-Senator would
then have him skinned Color Is given
this statement from the fact that Mr"
Thoresen is nnxiouH to settle the matter
by casting lots. Mr Monson. apparently
knowing where he Is nt, smiles suavely
and eays nothing, as a result of which
tho stako president Is hot under the col
lar, Tho opinion that a great storm was
averted, a shower of hot shot prevented,
which would haVc opened up wounds
that hnve scarcely healed, by not allow
ing this matter to come before, tho con
vention, is now questioned, as tho divi
sion among the delegation and tho attl-,
tude of the candidates are assuming such
a stage that the wisdom of the conven
tion would have been preferable toithat
of tho delegation.
Arouses Thoresen's Ire.
The supposition that Chairman Barber
Is for Monson rouses tho Ire of the enn
didato from the south end of tho county,
as it was Barber who defeated Thoresen"s
aspirations for the position of Secretary
of State four years ago., This was un
kind of Barber.
Thoresen forMvecks before the conven
tion made a canvass of the Stato and
completed arrangements to go In on tho
Moylo slate, and would have done so had
not Barber worked tho delegation en
route to Salt Lake, and at the oleventh
hour carried off the county Indorsement.
'I norcsen. as a result, did not go before
the convention. Barber did- and got
bumped good and hard, as a result of
which theso two generals have looked as
kance at each other ever since.
Thus it goea and tho question of bring
ing order and union out or such a cha
otic aggregation of ambitions and desires
Is a problem that has baffled the sages
for the ages.
Lehi Democratic Delegates Said to Bo
for Governor's Brother.
Special to Tho Trlbnno.
LEIir, SopL C Six Democrats held a
primary last evening In tle City hall and
elected fivo delegates and threo alter
nates to tho Stato convention, five dele
gates and three alternates to the Judicial
convention, and- twouty-n'liio delegates
and ton alternates to the county con
vention. Tho lists follow:
Stato convention A, SJ Evans, T. F.
I rune. Goorgo Schow, A. It. Anderson
and Joseph W. Goates.
Alternates Mrs. A. J. Evans, Mrs. "W
5. Evans and Mrs. George Schow,
Judicial convention D. J Thurman. A.
A. Peterson, James M, Anderson,, George
Glover and A J. Evans. r '..
Alternates John Peterson, Mrs. A J
Evans and Mrs. S. A. Smith.
County convention-Edward Southwlck.
Goorgo Schow, Mrs. Gcorgo Schow. Petor
Schow. Abram Goatos. Thomas Thurman.
W. E. Evans. J. M. Klrkham. Robert
J. Evans, Georgc L. Schow. "Mrs Peter
Schow, Mrs. George Southwlck, "V. R.
bnarp, 1 nomas Jones, Mrs John L
S' A4 b,0IT.. Jackson Wanlass,
c?P ,WdVb A. J. Evans. Frank
Smith, MnrlonJoniSs, William Southwlck.
L. F. Trane, D. I J Thurman, Gcorgo
Glover and Maggie Sharp. ' b
AlternatOH-Georgo A. Goatcs. Hyrum
Anderson. James Goatcs, S. A. Smith
?rcrS,,.Schow- William F. Gurney
John Warl ton. Jennie Bromley, Goorgo
Southwlck and Hebcr Allrod
Joseph Anderwon was nominated for
Justice- of tho peace for Lehi precinct
and lienor Allrcd was glvm the nomina
tion for constable.
No yoto was talton binding tho dele
gates for any proposition, but tho Hontl
mont of the State delegates Is for Wolls.
though a little persuasion might land
ccry delegate for some other candidate
fh0iiJ.ut,,?,UT1 s,entlmcnt is for Corfman
for district Judge and William 12. Ry
dalch for District Attornoy. -
Tho twenty-nlno delegates to the county
convention probably will urgo tho candi
dacy of Edward Southwlck for County
Commissioner, but at present seem to
lion" u candidate for any other posl-
Ablo John Evans, who acted a3 chair
man of tho mcctlnc. Is not a candidate
for any position, but will have a 'big In
llucnco In selecting the candidates In all
three convention. to each of which he Is
a delegate.
Ono of Payson's Most Influential Re
publicans Mentioned.
Special to .ThefTrlbuno.
PAY80N, Sept. C A now candldato for
Legislative honors on tho Republican
ticket has loomed 'up In tho person of
James S. McBoth, oho of Payson'a most
progressive and Influential citizens. Ho Is
a Republican and has always worked hard
for his party. Ho has beon one of tho
prlmo movers In tho work of getting
stops taken to got tho Strawborry water
down horo, and this would assist him
In many ways among the voters. Ho has
numerous business Interests In this aec-
Ion. He Is favorably spoken of for tho
Postmaster Simons was In Provo yes
terday on matters political. Ho Is also
a candidate for the Legislature from
this city.
Mayor Justin A. Loveless Is mentioned
some for County Commissioner on tho
Democratic ticket. Many porsons wonder
how tho Democrats can expect a Commis
sioner from horo when the holdover mem
ber of that board Is a resident of this
city. But then they havo a right to live
In hopes.
Iron County Delegation Favors Salt
Lake Democrat for Governor.
Special to Tho Tribune.
MODENA, Sept. 6. Tt. C. Lund, Jr.,
of B, J. Lund Cp., left here today to
attend the Democratic convention at
Salt Lake City. Mr. Lund says he will
vote for J. H. Moyle of Salt Lake and
that while he does not know how the
rest of Iron county'H delegation will
vote yet, he believes tnat a majority If
not all of them are for Moyle. Mr.
Lund, hns held the county chairman
ship several terms and I-v well Informed
on political uffalrs In this county.
Hon. R. C. Lund, who will head the
Washington county delegation, when
asked recently who would bo the next
Democratic candidate for Governor,
'I think J. H. Moyle of Salt Lake
stands the beat chances at present "
While Mr. Lund has not been, heard
to express himself for Moyle, yet It Is
believed1 that he Is for him and it Is
more than likely that Washington's
twelve votes will be cast the same way.
Mr. Lund iy not seeking; any olllce.
Delegates from Iron county to the
Democratic convention: W. II. Barton,
James Allerton. Charles D. Adams. Ed
ward H. Parry, L. W. Jones, Francis
Mlddleton. William Nord, It. C. Lund.
Jr., and Albert French.
Republican Aspirants for Legislature.
Special to The Tribune.
Wooton, the Legislative aspirant from
American Fork, who the American
Fork Republican delegates were In
structed to support. Is making an active
campaign. C. F. Weatphall of Pleasant
Grove Is after the same plum and Is not
leaving any stone unturned to further
his own nomination.
John R. HIndley, who Is a Republican
seeking nomination no County Assessor
ntil ulm u-nc H,-n.r.V,, I l.r, !,.!
In this end of the county, 'has found
that he will have Joseph Beck of Alpine
to deal with.
American Fork Republicans nro go
ing after three plums In the coming
convention. The third is in the way of
commlssloneryhlp for T. E. Steele, for
mer party chairman here. Mr. Steele's
opponent Is Webb of Lehi, who re
ceived tho commlsslonerahlp two years
The American Fork Democrats arc at
a loss who to select for a Legislative
candidate. James H. Clarke very cor
dially declined to run.
Republicans Have Good List to Select
From at County Convention.
Special to The Tribune.
COALVILLE, SepL C Politics In
Summit county Is warming up In
good shnpo and both partlos arc
picking out tho best men to put on tho
county ticket, so that there will be no
strength lost when 11 comes to clectiop
day. Tho Republicans will hold their
county convention on September 15 and
tho men who are mentioned so farxfor
tho respective offices arc about as fol
lows: Senator Fred Raspand of Park City
and Abram Hatch of Hebcr.
Representative M. J. Dally and Dr. C
M. Wilson.
County Clerk Alex Farrell of Park City
and Walter Caldcrwood of Coalville
Recorder Mrs. R. F. Northcott of Coal
vlllo. Attorney Frank Evans of Coalville and
Henry Shields of Park City.
Treasurer James Don of Hark City.
Assessor Peter Martin of Park City.
Sheriff Ed Stromncss and George Robl
son of Park City.
Commissioners William Archibald and
W. S. Wright of Park City and F W.
Marchant and J W. Hoyt of Peoa and
The Democrat? will not hold their con
vention until the latter part of the month
as they aro going to tako plenty of time
to hunt up their bcBt men, as they con
sider their case a-hopeless one for either
national. State, Judicial, county, senator
ial or precinct tickets.
Leaders in Conference Regarding an
Electorlal Ticket.
SEATTLE, Sept. C Populists of the
State of Washington, to the number of
about twelve, met In Seattle today In
their State convention. Only the party
leaders were present and these declare
that a ticket will be nominated. George
F. Cotterlll, who has been a Democrat,
twice a candldato for Congress, Is the
leading llguro of the convention. it
Was Anally decided to nominate nn Ju
dicial ticket and let the State ticket go.
Nominated for Congress.
Fifth Kansas Dlstrlct-G. A. Flache
Democrat. . '
Second Nebraska District John L. Ken
ncoy, Republican.
Nineteenth Pennsylvania district Jo
seph E. Thropp. Democrat.
Second Maryland district J. F. C. Tal
bot, Democrat, renominated.
Fourth Vircinla district Robert G
Southall. Democrat.
Bean 1 tho Tha Kind You Kara Always Bought
8lsr (ZM
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., SopL d-Surfl-clcnt
returns from tho Stato ejection have
boon received to Indicate tho election ot
G,javLa to a th,rd crm by a plurality ,
of 23.000. Sevoral counties heretofore Dem
ocratic gave Republican majorities.
DOVER, Del , ScpT C.-Tho Democratic '
State convention mot hcroUoduy. The (
platform Indorses tho principles of tho l
Democratic party and the St, LoU8 plat
form. It ratifies tho nomination of Parker
and Dnvls. ; '
..N;pr, YORK. Sopt. fi.-At Democratic
Rational headquarters today nearly every- 1
body was busy with preliminary arrange- 1
merits for the conference of Democratlo 1
on Thursday.'101'" W,U Ieave for E80pl,B ,
Blair, Pale and Sloan
Boys Worsted.
Shut Out in Their Districts
After Lively Centest for
Absence of Old-Time Democrats in
Councils Deplored Loose's Head
quarters Causes Comment.
Moylo men of Salt Lake City, ran tholr
lumber wagon over a quartet of ,young
Democrats who opposed them last night,
and made It necessary that tlioy go to
the convention tomorrow with proxies or
take a seat In tho rear with tho othor
members of tho unwashed ns ordinary
Tho four who wore disarmed and un
horsod were Gcorgo E, Blair In tho Thirty-eighth
district; Bob Sloan, in the Thirty-ninth;
Billy Dale, in the Forty-second,
and Tom Sloan, In tho Fiftieth. They bit
tho dust after a sharp light, but came up
smiling and will doubtless bo heard during
tho early hours of tho convention.
Moylo seems to lead stronger than over
In the gubernatorial tight. Tho other can
didates are Ruloi S. Wells, William M.
Roylnnco and Aqullla Nobekcr. Thero Js
an opinion that the strength of tho threo
may be sufficient to control the conven
tion and nominate either, with Wells the
most likely benedclnry.
Delegates selected In Salt Lake county
last night, so far as reported, follow:
First Municipal Ward.
First Delegates: E. D. Iloge. Joseph
Pitt. Alternates: William Naylor, N. V
Second Delegates1 Lo Grand Young. C.
E. Angell. Alternates, R. Leo Bird, Miss
liLUll -LUUIII,'-
Third Delegates: H. A. Anderson, B. F.
Collott Alternate: Mrs. F. A. Cannon.
Fourth Delegates: L. E. Ivcrson, R. H.
Slddoway. 11. !. Penrose.
Fifth Delegates; Ernest Dunn, Philip
b. ' Maycock. Alternates: J3. M. Weller,
Sr.. Edward Gardner.
Sixth Delegato. George Klonke. Al
ternate: Charles K. Rowland.
Seventh Delegates : Joseph M. Cohon,
Stephen Hayes, Mllando Pratt. Alternates:
C. V. Littleton, Mrs. J. M. Cohen, Mrs.
Llbblo Pratt-
Eighth Delegates: John Holt. Mrs. A.
H. Woolley. H. S. Mnrgotts Alternates:
Fred Barrow. A. II. Wodjley, W. II. Wil
kin. Ninth Delegates: G. W. Goddard. Al
ternate: Mrs. Anna Mlers.
Tenth Delegates: S. I Moylo, H. F.
Fernstrom. Alternate: E A. Gregory.
Eleventh Delegates- Joseph S. Darko,
E. A. Walton. Alternates. B. T. Lloyd, J.
H. Walcott.
Twelfth Delegate: T. C. Lewis. Alter
nate: J. R. Ilardman
Fifth Municipal Ward.
Forty-fifth Delegates. F. W. Penrose
.Alternate: C. L. Whitney.
Forty-sixth Delegates: A W. Brown,
Dr. C. I. Douglas. Alternate; Alec Mc
Master. Forty-seventh Simon Bamberger. Alter
nate: D. B. Hempstead.
Forty-eighth H. P. Henderson. Thomas
A. Williams. Alternates: Edward Mc
Gurrln, II. K. Aldous.
Forty-ninth Delegate: MaJ. William H.
Bird Alternate: Thomas Marshall.
Fiftieth Delegate: Joseph E. Taylor.
Alternate: Georgo W. Rlter.
Fifty-first Delegate: Thomas Williams.
Alternate. Joseph Morris.
Fifty-first Delegates. John S. Crltch
low, E. Shuler. Alternato: J. I. Hallow
cll. Fourth Municipal Ward.
Thirty-seventh Delegates: H. P. Rich
ards. W. N. B. Shopard, Frank C. Moylo.
AllornaloH: D. A. Swan, Mathow Noall.
Thirty-eighth Delegates. Georgo D. Al
der, Goorgo F. Felt Altornatcs: Frank
R Snow. Josoph E Calnc.
Thirty-ninth Delegates: D. L. Murdock.
John W Burton. Alternates; Fisher S.
Harris, George Romney. Jr.
Fortieth Delegates John T. Calne, Mat
Thomas. Alternate. T. F. Thomas.
Forty-first Delegates- M. S Woollov
W. W. Calder. Altornatcs: II. C. Ball,
Mrs. E- Barton.
Forty-second Delegates:-John Dcrn, W.
J Tuddonham. Altornato: Mrs. J. Few
son Smith
Forty-thlrd-DoIogates: William Igle
hart. A. J. Weber. Alternates: Heber J.
Davis. James Maxwell
Forty-fourth Delegate: Frank B. Stop
hens. Alternate Frank Luff
Second Municipal Ward.
Dclegnte: Ben D. Luce.
Fourteenth Delegates: C. A. Carlqulst
Gcorgo E. Burbldge. Alternato: Mr. Mc
Laughlin. Flfteonth-Dclegate: II. J. Walk. Al
ternate W. C. Husbands.
Sixteenth Delegate: A. M. Rudolph
Seventeenth Delegate: A. G. Glaquc
Alternates: W. L. Watson, Hugh Wat
son. Eighteenth Delegate: P. J. Wlntor. Al
ternate; George G, Smith.
Nineteenth Delogato: James Dlnwoo
doy. Twentieth Delegate- A. F. Thomas. Al
ternate; Mrs. John Shea.
Twenty-first Delegate: C- W. Nunn
Twenty-second Delegates: T. E. Tav
lor. Henry Tribe.
Twenty-third Delegate: R. C, Badgor
Twenty-fourth Delegate: Joseph p
Evans. Alternato-. A. M. Buchanan
Twcnly-flllh Delegates: B. G. Quiver
G. K. Johnson. Altornutes: J. H, Ford'
T. B. Lewis. '
Twenty-sixth Delegates: Thomas V
Howells, Albert Fisher. Alternates: Dan
iel Elton, J. W. Urc.
Third Municipal Ward.
Twonty-soventh Delegates; O. W
Moylo, Thomas F. Fowler. Alternates:
C. B Felt, A. E. Hyde.
Twenty-eighth Delegate: D. O. Wlllcv
Alternato; Mrs. L. Margetts.
Twenty-ninth Delegates: Mrs. Ben
Johnson. George H. Sheppard.
,.T.f!rtlctJi-Dc,enlcs; Herbert Price,
William E. Kennerslcy. Alternates: Mrs
Mary Katz. George E. Aspcr.
Thlrty-llrot Delegates; George D. Rei
ser, Jr.. W. H. Walters. Alternate: Mrs.
E. J. D. Roundy.
Thirty-second Delegate: John B. Reld.
Alternate. Thomas Morris
Thirty-third Dolegates. J. H. Holley
W. A. Hodges. Alternates: E. H. Davis"
Joseph Haslam. '
Thirty-fourth Delegates: Spencer X)
Wallace, Pearley A. Hill. Alternates:
Samuel Holmes. John F. Frost.
Thlrty-llfth-Delcgates: Paul A, Elkcns.
Gcorgo Stuart. Alternato: Richard Grlf
tlth. Thlrty-slxth-Dolegatc: F. S. FeniBtrom.
Alternate: D. P. Felt.
Mountain Doll John F. Howells.
If tomorrow's Democratic State con
vention Is not a commonplace affair In
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men -nho made the Democratic party
In Utah will not run thnt convontlon.
Tho genernl apathy of the old-time
Democratic leaders Is so pronounced that
It has provoked comment gm chagrin.
New faces aro on the boards theso days,
and new hands somo say unseen hands
aro directing tho course of the party.
A few weeks ago things were taking
such shape as to lead the politicians to
bellevo tho Democracy of Utah would
have moro Ufo In It this year than since
tho campaign of 1SD0 when the Peerless
Leader thrilled the State with his silver
screed and swept the voters off their
feet. But that condition has changed.
'The Utah Democracy is battling with a
condition that Is generally hopeless, evon
though the membors of that party know
thousands of Republicans are In open re
volt because of the domineering Influ
ence of an ecclesiastic boss.
"Thero Is no uso denying It," said ono
of tho stnunchest of the Utah Demo
crats, "our old-timers arc occupying rear
seats this year. The men who used to
stand shoulder to shoulder In tho bat
tle for Demoorncy have been pushed aside
bv those whoso Democracy Is a new
growth and to whom wo could never np
neal when the i:onoral coffers needed fill
ing. Thcy were not there.
"Ono of tho leaders two years ago con
tributed to tho campaign fund of tho So
cialists. Another who Is foremost In tho
convontlon arrangements was not a Dem
ocrat In the last campaign. Brother Pcn
roso of tho News Is the only ono of
the old school who Is yet In the front
Brig Roberts was until he hiked off to
St. Louis tho other day.
"This reminds mo thnt wo Democrats
are pretty much like a trout that has been
well hooked. Wo think we are free at
times. -Jhey glvo us a considerable play
at tho end of the line, but, like tho
trout, reel us In when we get a bit frisky,
and our only show Is to break the line.
I feel that I have about broken my
lino. At least, that I am ready to mako
the flnnl struggle for liberty. I don t
like the men at the reel. And that Is
the way tho majority of tho old fellows
aro feeling."
At last night's meeting In the Fifteenth
district delegates to the Democratic
County convention woro also named, 11.
K. Walk John Coin and G. L. McKeover
hnvlng been elected as the regular dele
gates and Frank Dunford and Thomas
Gold ns alternates W. C. Husbands was
nnmed as chairman of tho district com
mittee, .George L. McKeever secretary,
Nels Nielsen, Frank Dunford, Jr.. and
Cyrus Gold as the othor members of
tho committee.
Tho regular election proclamation has
been Issued by Gov. Wells, calling on the
voters -of Utah to hold an election on
Tuesday. November S next, for the pur
poso of electing tho following officers:
Three Electors of President and Vice
President of the United States, Governor,
Secretary of State,
Officials to Be Stato Auditor. Stato
Elected in Treasurer Attorney
t.t , General, SupOrlntcn-
Novcinber. ,icnt of ppuc in
structlon, Judge of
(the Supreme court.
Representative of the Fifty-ninth Con
gress of tho United States;
Ono Stato Senator from each of the
following- Senatorial districts: The First.
Third, Fourth, Fifth. Sixth and Tenth;
Threo State Senators from tho Sixth
Senatorial district;
Ono Representative In tho State Legis
lature from each of the following Repre
sentative districts: The First, Third,
Fifth. Sixth. Seventh Ninth. Tenth
Twelfth, Thirteenth. Fifteenth. Sixteenth,
Seventeenth. . Eighteenth, Nineteenth,
Twentieth. Twontv-nraf Twpntv.Mwnn,)
Twenty-third, Twenty-fourlht "Twenty
fifth Twenty-3lxth and Twenty-seventh;
Threo Representatives In tho Stato Le
gislature from the Second Representative
Folir Representatives In the Stato Le
gislature from oach of the Fourth and
Eleventh Representative districts;
Ten Representntlvcayln the State Legis
lature from the Eighth Representative
Two Representatives In the Stato Le
gislature from tho Fourteenth Represen
tative district;
In each Judicial district In the State,
except tho Third, one District Judge:
In the Third Judicial district four Dis
trict Judges;
In each Judicial district In tho
State ono District Attorney;
In each county In the Stato two County
Commls8lonors. a County Clerk, a Sher
iff, a County Recdrdor, a Countv Attor
hoy,. an Assessor, a Treasurer and a Sur
veyor; In each county having a property val
uation of $20,OW,0(X) and upward a County
In each precinct In tho State a Justlco
of tho Peaco and a Constable.
Mayor William Glasmann of Ogden was
In the city yesterday to cbnfor with State
Chairman WllllanASpry.
Tho Young Mon's Republican club of
Salt Lake county held an Important moot
ing nt Murray last night. The purpose
, , ,. of tho meeting was
County Republi- to consider tho sov
cans Want cr..ai nominations
Seven NomlrifiPK which Salt Lake
jeven xjominees. county, outside of
. .. , , tho city, will work
for in tho nominating- conventions to bo
hold on tho 22nd and 23rd Instant. A very
roprescntatlVo meeting was held and tho
conclusion rcachod was that tho county
Republicans would ask and work for ono
County Commissioner, County Assessor
one State Senator and four momUors of
the- House of Representatives
AH delegates to tho county and Legis
lative conventions will meet at Murray at
i o clock In the afternoon of September
21 to caucus pn candidates and effect nn
organization for tho convention work
An afternoon newspaper has announced
that State Senator C. E. Looso of Provo
wl l have headquarters during the cam
paign at tho Kcnyon.
This Item attracted much altontlon last
night because of tho belief that It Is con
m n 1 a , , flrmatlon of a story
Talking About quietly - circulated
Loose's Head- last V00k that tho
auarters V,cal candidate for
quarters. tho united States
Senate will not im
Goorgo Sutherland, but present National
Committeeman and Stato Senator Looso.
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Senator L.ooso, it Is thouuht, la closer to
Sonator Smoot than any man. Ho has
been ono oC his most loyal defenders.
,fn,.IlP0Sit1'? , Scal01- knows Sutherland
denounced li m two years ago, whon ho
was a -candldato for the Senate. Ho also
knows that Sutherland blows hot and
cold on thu church question, according to
the company he keeps.
Up to date Sutherland lias boen obedi
ent. Ho haw rushed Into the fraens with
the enemies of the sonlor Senator rally-
Ln5?irounA hlm ,ch00rlnK him on and
spending his funds. Some aro supposed
to be earnest. Others are known to desire
a candldato other than Sutherland. Loose
If ,UI'nMr?b,e- P10 "W- and anothor and
i vealtfilcr gentleman much moro so but
hnnhS. re,fl,sod 10 be Pluckod and Loose's
headquarters aro supposod to be opened
w.ihe Sy10,. Senator from Provo may
havo an "at homo" any hour In tho day
and be ready to pot Into the campalpn
Sends. nir fol,owins f ncw-nS
.m? f11' that. considerable business
h1n?.nd?no a,1 1 10 p,ovo n's Konvon
?h rl. ha DU8neBS will not be to boom
the former Congressman. George Suthor-
biwlnJM,?NK ?lytdn 13 in Montana on
b sincsb. Hp was quoted as savlnc Utah
will dvo the Republican Presidential
electors a great majority. esiucntlal
from I'ewVrk tftfiS wcpcctcd homc
SiM. rTh(e,nh,gernstC,o;f V'h
cratlc headSSarS1! demand
0b,H!K JfeOg ' in
trar forh1!!08 b.c.cn "Pointed regls
Lako counfy to nV h el3'1,1" ,n Salt
the resignation 'df' ES Y
tlmSS of
requested by the S e na l)00n
committee tJ0 PcrauYKs'narnrSTe
placed on tho speakers' list. ItS1;
pected that he will be asslsnbUJMTLJ,
during the coming campaign nK
Idaho. Colorado and other W1
States. iWiia
Iven O. Nielsen of Mt. Pl'eaM
ber of tho Stato Board of E3
Is in the city on business.
I3en Johnson will bea candldit-'y
Democratlo nomination for Jii.m4?
Pence of Salt Lake county.
t -Ml1
There is a report In poll""1 cJftii
promlnent railroad men aro PfifcWp
nomination of Judge R J4?ifcr
tho Supremo bench. AccordlssMiui
story, Judge Alexander Howai mYZ
first cholco of tho railroad ks W.
nomlnutton and that Judge &hJmh
Is second. Tho report ltf not "-w?,
but It is believed by man). l' !
County Chairman J V E-SlUitt
It is nn error thnt It Is In(e,nVrv;Srrv
alternato delegates to the ''.JBlfi
ty conventions tho delegate M:
first day and the alternate wM
The official call reads "prcclnClJ ft r
ono set of delegates to net in ffcf't
vontlons. " Chairman Eldrcdse JKl
while alternates will Prob?b.j vi
ed In some proclncls tture
general purpose to do so. I Irtal
1 1 POLITICS AT uiil
esopus. sept. c.-Ve"ft;;5Sai a
Miles arrived here this Tttn
driven directly to Itoscmouni Ji;
Callahan, a member of jrTm;
University of Colorado, 'jciWV?
terday at Rosemount. -"e P'
new acquaintance jK'jftV'
ESOPUS, N. Y.. Sept. C.-y,,eSRJ;
of Massachusetts rrli X,WWL TU
today to confor with JudBf tuuitv:!,,
Ing the national poHUcal - .
OYSTER BAY N. ' Awtilff
ncy-Qencral Moody "ivfdrtrtifcsfi
confer with the Pre-s den : cr,Wr.
Governmf nt and political ms .If
they aro Interested. JKrji
ST. LOUIS. Sept. CThoniraU;
of Georgia. Presidential iiWM
People's party, called on n VW
els. who escorted him lfh0 flt&M
Purchase monument on v iittMi
Louis, where he made an IMS
lnir tho campaign of his !'

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