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WEATHER TODAY Fair; warmer. ll
ijfoii. XLVII. No. 149 Salt Lake City, Utah, Mondat Mokniostg, Septesebeii 12, 1904. , 12 paGB9.FrvB Objtts. jH
551 1
hf 'Earth to be
It Tested,
?rj iitlon of Pref. Parsens
r irtlss and Intarssts
Itotn of Science.
IMS of Earth's Crust Estimated
Jg iTwenty-Five to 2500 Miles
Experiments to Be Made.
K t
tM t0 Tho Trlbun0
"jS flNGTON, D C, Sept. 11. Expor
dS ;ti bo tried in tlio Washington
rW int by officers of tho geological
Wj toi try to determine tho comprcs-
!?of tho earth's mass, has awnk
Bespread Interest in scientific clr
ming ns It does on the heels of a
broached by Charles Algernon
Si ol England to boro a hole twelve
lajt ito tho earth, tho scientific world
rr, ph food for speculation.
'jjf it Would Bo S25,00O,O00.
itim Parsons estimates that to sink a
ii-'h c've rniles deep would coat 525,
ti fnd that it would requlro clghty
mftb 'fs to accomplish it. This shaft,
P5 m into tho earth, would ropro
f i equivalent of a hole ono foot
jn. mass 6CG foot thick. It would
l any questions that tho scientific
go of tho world has left unan
'ot it would investigate only tho
itjjt' A leave thousands of miles of tho
tlH mass still untouched.
S has gone down Into tho earth's
jboyond the distance of one mllo
rI"-: d to toll the story. The deepest
ti' x'.the "crust " of the planot Is 5000
bfifc tnnn ono four-thousandthB of
anco to 11,0 center of tho globo.
& rth's Interior Is a vast unknown,
MWi vhlch, in tho realm of mystery
ito rons aro an open book. The most
etfti explorer seeking new fields of
ltl Pn unraveling tho mysteries of
rBunnount the-obstacles that He
'"jfcathway of the secrets oC tho
we" mass.
'o Test Force of Gravity.
"fted mount of compression at the
mm eentc'r should, to somo extent at
rTTLj ("no tho character of the mass
'"'JJ t it Is formed
ureil iv tho "Washington monument.
nS i. SO feet high, is to bo stretched
j iOO feet long, on tho free end of
ttfflu rill be hung heavy weights. Sur-
Brts, who will conduct tho experl
J. hope by this means to gain a
ge of tho force of gravity at equal
WM j toward the center of the earth.
rh9l rgued that tho great mass of the
Mtrfwtot the earth Is solid. Against tho
.ifti on tliat the planet, under a crust
Z.ZL five miles thick. Is a mass of
"Id Is arrayed tho fact of tho
; lJ lensity of the globe That density
m-M arth's entirety is about G.5 times
fiifj? slty of the water that covers
Ja artcrs of the surface.
ffboill illiam Thompson's Theory.
; I wJaptlon of n comparatively thin
nl7S flulrcs. according to Sir "William
r1 a an, that this crust should have a
l!,lj possessed by no known substance,
ualifc exurts such a strain upon the
rti 3 to cf tho earth that tho planet
9t maintain its shape as It does,
tains, unless the supposed crust
Jleast 20(0 or 2300 miles In thick
est'3 a Frad,mi Increase In the tem
V4IP wn"e Inctratlng tho surface of
-ilBt. This Increase In somo local
Kas rapid as one dogrce for each
a Jim1 ccl descent; In others ono
QWor seventy-five to elghty-tlvo feoU
Comstock sliver mines of No
a depth of 30G5 feet, water has
liripraturo of 170 degrees, Fahronhelt.
pest excavations In the earth are
, -alumet and Ilccla copper mines
7!it Bnn'' where the longest perpendttr
)r41! Lf t goes down -IMO feot, while ono
., ijjll itandlng shafts la moro than SOOO
jWould Render Tools Useless.
fare in theso mines 230 miles of
r.nH PJorio8 Colossal engines aro ro
y.o ;o ventilate tho immense subtor
UT;!5 city and to keep tho temperature
h3t! J6 ,n tho lower levc. All deop
-7 IneS TimVA hnw ctlmnn.lnnol.. rllf-
i&M thc taak of descending bc
TJiq mllo lovol
I i lowest rate of Increase in tho
h A VL ,R Penetrating tho earth, thc
iikl t0, dPln suggested by Mr. Par
ffi velvo mlles down, would bo EtO
v Fahrenheit. This heat, though
n j"0 l81"? point of wrought
U'lfc ocgrees). would render tho use
t WJj p even If tho lower borings of tho
ere constructed ns they are in oil
,,K:P -difficult process. It would defy
.l C0,088al scheme of artificial ro
Ion to render such depths avall
fl.lf .ontranco by human beings.
Iffltfcf' nl(19;ations of commercial benefit
J.ftf) lto tho Pinna of Mr. Pareons In
liJ "L1"0 twclvo mUe boring into tho
OffJ .''ho earth. It Is a ochemo purely
caAt Interest of scientific knowledge.
jjKGo Devil" in Shaft and Result
isflfjj?8 1000 -Barrel Gush or.
5ER CITY, lnd SflpL 11. Mrs. C.
cbanks. wlfo of tho Vlce-Presl-
jjljjtn'mlnco. had tho experience of
"rt'lig:- the "go devil" which brought
iiuPWf th, bMt 0,1 wclls in this sec
- -iflR? voi"nteered to "shoot" the well
iiSBsteS811" and 11 13 flwlng at tho
3pijPpogO barrels a day-.
iaKV Contlitlon8 for Xabor.
riiSKFZPS?' .la-,sPl- ll.-Presidcnt
ot tho Amalgamated Meat-Cut-.Mlilmy.udllJ'C8SlcI
,aro crowds at a
iDHWi tho Uutchcrs' union. Ho de-
.iSKlf1"0 r,?F,erit slrlko had resulted
llMPK'c1 conditions of labor, and that
JP!HjfBrB Jl'ol,ld. eatabliah a permanent
. MarliraUon and bring about
1 fJawiauBtiial peace.
Melba's Auto Kills
Old Man in Paris
Famous Singor "Was Out Riding in
French Capital When the Ac
cident Occurred.
PARIS, Sept. 11. Mmo. Mclba, tho
American prima,, donna, whllo driving in
an automobllo this evening, accompanied
by her two cousins, the Misses "Walker,
ran over a man about S4 years old and
killed him Instantly. Tho accident oc
curred on the boulevard Porolro.
The chauffeur was not to blame, as the
old man got in tho way of tho automobllo
whllo endeavoring to escape being run
over by a cab. Mmc. Melba was greatly
distressed and returned to thc hotel,
whero alio is now confined to her apartments.
Nearly One Million Admissions to the
World's Fair During Week.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 11. Tho attendance at
tho world's fair during tho pas week
broko all records slnco tho opening.
Thero wcro 871,431 admissions, b,clng al
most 100,000 moro than on any previous
six days. Ljibor day had an attendance
of 200,cr-'. tho largest singlo day's attend
ance. Tho official record of tho week's
attendance follows:
Monday. SeplOmbor 5 200, C22
Tuesday, September G 113.819
Wednesday. September 7 137,075
Thursday. September 8 ltt.SOO
Friday, September 9 137,003
Saturday, September 10 133.5M
Total S71.S5-1
Altogether a total of 9,334,510 admissions
havo been recorded since tho opening of
tho exposition.
Many Small Towns Along Rio Grande
River Washed Away.
ALPINE Tex., Sept 11. The Rio
Grande is on the worst rampage in its
history and great destruction of proper
ty has already occurred at Presidio del
Norte, OJinito, and many other smaller
settlements situated on both sides of; the
river for a distance of 300 miles along its
course. More than 100 houses of Presidio
del Norte, Including the United Slates
custom-house, were washed away by the
flood. The flood Is said to have swept
away whole settlements of houses occu
pied by Mexicans between Presidio del
Norte and Bouqulllas No reports of loss
of life have been received.
Followed by Explosion, in Which
Building Was Wrecked.
NEW YORK. Sept., 12. Thc barber
shop of Joseph Stravelll, in Third avenue,
was wrecked by an explosion Just before
1 o'clock thla morning and twenty fam
ilies living In the house were thrown Into
a panic, during which several of tho ten
ants were hurt.
Six weeks ago Stravelll received a let
ter signed by a crudely-drawn "black
hand," in which he was order to deposit
$500 between two stones at First avenue
and Thirty-eighth street. Tho letter
closed by saying:
"If you do not leave tho money, you
take care of yourself "
Daughter of Lord Mayor of London
the Victim.
LONDON, Sept. 11. The wedding of Mr.
McCalmnn, an officer of tho Egyptian
Government, with Constance, daughter of
Sir James T. Rltchey, Lord Mayor of
London, and niece of the former Chan
cellor of tho Exchequer, was fixed for to
morrow. Everything was prepared and
costly presents were on exhibition, when,
on Saturday a letter arrived breaking off
tho engagement. The bride is prostrated.
Her brother Bays ho has not tho romot
est idea why the engagement was broken
Babies Aid Jail Escape.
SHEBOYGAN. Wis,, Sept. 11. Four pris
oners, ono a forger and three burglars,
sawed their way out of tho Shoboygan
county Jail In this city while tho Sheriff
was playing with his twin babies In an
adjoining office. AJ arc supposed to havo
escaped, from tho city on a freight train.
Men may differ from us but they can
not accuse us of shiftiness or Insincer
ity. The policies we have pursued are
those which we earnestly hold as es
sential to tho national welfare and re
pute. A party which, with facile ease,
changes all its convictions before elec
tion cannot be trusted to adhere with
tenacity to any principle after election.
We are content to rest our case be
fore the American people upon the
fact that to adherence to a lofty Ideal
we havo added proved Governmental
efficiency. Therefore, our promises
may surely be trusted as regards any
Issue that Is now before the people and
we may equally bo trusted to deal with
any problem which may hereafter
The service rendered this country In
securing the perpetual right to con
struct, maintain, operate, and defend
the canal was so great that our oppo
nents do not venture to raise tho Issue
in straightforward fashion; for If so
raised there would be no Issue.
At all hazards, and no matter what
else is sought for or accomplished by
changes of the tariff, thc American
worklngman must be protected in his
standard of wages, that is. In his stan
dard of living, and must be secured the
fullest opportunity of employment.
Offers Fortune to Save
Heroic Stand Takn by B0
lovsd Primate of Church '
in America.
Clergy Asked to Hally to Support of
Institution Which Suffers From
Wnggaman Failure.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 11 Cardinal Gib
bons, primate of thc Reman Catholic
church in America, Is in a fair way to loso
tho greater part of his personal fortune
through tho financial difficulties that
have overtaken Thomas Waggaman.
treasurer of the Catholic University of
America, slnco its foundation, fourteen
years ago. Many other Catholic clergy
men and virtually every Catholic Institu
tion in the District of Columbia, Includ
ing many churches, face the same pros
pect of disaster. , ,
Mr. Waggaman's financial difficulties
aro of thfe most extensive order. Ho has
long been considered ono of tho wealth
iest and most responsible men In the Dis
trict, and Catholic clergymen had un
bounded confidence In him. A few days
ago somo of his creditors filed a petition
to have him declared an Involuntary
bankrupt. , , .
It was said his groat estnlo had been
nearly all lost in speculation and that tho
stop proposed was necessary to urcvent
him from turning over what was left to
tho Catholic University of America, to
protect J300.000 of Its funds that had been
intrusted to him.
Mr. Waggaman at first denied that
thero was danger to any of his creditors,
but later made application to have a re
ceiver appointed for his properties.
Cardinal Offers His Fortune.
So serious is the situation that Cardinal
Gibbons, who Is Archbishop of Balti
more, has called the clergy of his diocese
to meet him In conference to discuss tho
affairs of tho university. The Cardinal
has expressed a willingness to sacrlllco
his own fortime to aid In saving the uni
versity, and lias strongly urgeu mo same
course upon other clergymen. St. Pat
rick's church In this city hoa nearly JS0.000
Involved, and other churches havo simi
lar sums The visitation convent at
Georgetown, tho oldest female Institution
of learning In thc country, cases a proba
ble loss of Sl&O.OOO, and other Institutions
havo smaller sums at stake. Thc Catho
lic University of America, the most pre
tentious Institution founded by tho church
in America and thc especial prido of thc
higher authorities in Rome, is Mr. Wag
gaman's largest creditor. It has nearly
5900,000 at stako. and Mr. Waggaman's
bond as treasurer is for only $75,000. This
represents the endowment of the univer
sity, which was supposed to bo invested
beyond the possibilities of loss.
University Not Spared.
The bankruptcy proceedings threaten,
however, to demolish the university's
claim to rights as a preferred creditor
and to force it to share on an equal ba
sis with other creditors. This condition
not only threatens the existence of tho
Institution, but is almost certain to preju- '
dice its standing before the authorities
hero and in Rome.
Tho amount of Mr. Waggaman's debt to
tho university is made up of sums given
by rich Catholics to found chairs, fellow
ships and scholarships. Among tho heavi
est contributors were tho Misses Drexel
of Philadelphia. Eugono Kelly of New
York, Patrick Qulnn of Philadelphia and
numerous other Individuals, as well as thc
principal Catholic societies.
All of the sums wore given to Mr. Wag
gaman jo invest, and he regularly paid
the university C per cent a year on tho
amount ho hold In tr.ust Since the dif
ficulty aroso leading clergymen and Cath
olics have admitted that they know, by
his paying C per cent yearly that Mr.
Waggaman was using the funds for spec
ulation It Is this knowledge which
causes great uneasiness among thc Amor-
Icon -hierarchy, which can hardly escape
a sweeping censure from Rome for per
mitting church funds to become Involved
In speculation.
Sneezes Eyes Out of Head.
EVANS VILLB. Ind., Sept. 11. Jacob
Gelss was solzcd with a fit of sneezing
today, and one oye burst from his head.
Ho may lono the sight of both eyes.
It (the administration) has behaved
toward all nations, strong or weak,
with courtesy, dignity and Justice; and
It is now on excellent terms with all.
Some of our -opponents complain be
cause under tho anti-trust and inter
State commerce laws suits were un
dertaken which have been successful;
others, because suits were not under
taken which would have been unsuc
cessful. The record of the last seven yeara
proves that the party now In power
enn be trusted to take the additional
action necessary to improve and
strengthen our monotnry system, and
that our opponents cannot be so trust
ed. The fundamental fact Is that In a
popular Government such as ours no
policy is irrevocably settled by law
unless the people keep in control of the
Government men who believe In that
policy as a matter of deep-rooted con
viction. No other administration in our his
tory, no other Government in the world
has more consistently stood for the
broadest spirit of brotherhood in our
common humanity, or has hold a more
resolute attitude of protest against ev
ery wrong that outraged the civiliza
tion of the age, at home or abroad,
It is our economic policy as regards'
Disastrous Fire
Visiis Idaho Fails
Loss May Exceed Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars Greatest in
City's History.
Special to Thc Trjbuno.
IDAHO FALLS, Ida., Sopt.j 11. Tho
most disastrous lire In tho history of this
city or in southeastern Idaho started here
this evening at 0 o'clock in tho Butto
bakery. It rapidly gained headway In
splto of heroic work by the lire depart
ment, ably assisted by tho citizens. Al
most adjoining thu bakery was-the largo
lumber yard of E. P. Collman & Co.. and
when tho greedy flames, reached this it
was seen that the entire block was
doomed. This proved truo with tho ex
ception of one building on the corner of
Park avenue and Broadway, owned by
Dcencn & Larue. Conservative estimates
placo the Iocs at $500,000, many others say
that three-quarters of a million' Is a low
estimate. Tho following is a list of tho
Consolidated Wagon and Machine com
pany, implements and lumber; tho Butto
bakery and restaurant; Johnson & Co.,
saddles and harness; Ray Smith, Jewelry
storo and photograph gallery'; E. P. Colt
man lumber company; O. K. Wilbur,
clothing; Frank Smith, glnsswaro and no
tions; Ralph Willis, livery and contents.
It is Impossible to give a list of tho In
surance carried, but It is thought to rea
sonably cover a good part of the losses.
Tho losses and Insurance as far as can
be ascertained are as follows:
G. G, Wright .of tho Co-op Wagon and
Machlno company, stock ?K5,000, insurance
SSO.OOO; Coltman Lumber company, stock
M0.000. Insurance JS0CO; Johnson it Co.,
harness, stock $1000. no Insurance; Ray
Smith, Jewelry, stock $2500, Insurance 5300;
O. K. Wllber, clothing, stock 510,000. in
surance $1000; Frank Smith, notions,
stock 11500. Insuranco $500; Idaho Packing
company, meat market, stock $1000, insur
anco $500; Ralph Willis, livery stable,
$2500, no Insuranco.
Tho losers are already contemplating
plans for resuming business In a tempo
rary way until quarters can be had. Tho
heaviest. Individual loser Is G. G. Wright,
and his loss indirectly affects the city
and county, as ho carried an Immense
stock of farm implements.
Medals for Officers and Crew of the
Steamship Discovery,
LONDON, Sept. 11. King Edward has
telegraphed his congratulations to tho of
ficers of the Antarctic British expedition
steamship Discovery, which arrived at
Plymouth yesterday.
His Majesty has ordered that a new
modal bo Instituted for Polar servlco and
granted to all tho officers and members
of tho crew. Capt. R. S. Scott, commander-
of the Discovory, has been promoted
to tho rank of a captain In the Royal
Vessels Collide
and Eight Drown
Steamer Crashed Into Launch, Grind
ing It to Pieces.
PHILADELPHIA, Sept. ll.-Tho Dela
ware steamer Columbia, on its way from
this city to Bristol. Pa., tonight crashed
Into n steam launch ten miles north of
here, grinding It to pieces and causing
tho drowning of eight of tho dozen occu
pants of the small boat. All of the party
were Phlladclphlans. Tho dead arc: .
Joseph Fortescu.
Wade Aday.
Thomas Duffy.
Thomas Corvcscier. i
Anna Young.
Joseph Pfromer. ,
Mrs Joseph Pfromer.
Engineer James Brlggs.
The launch was owned by Joseph For
tcscue and the party had been made up
of his friends Tho day was spent in a
orulso up tho river. The return trip was
bagun after nightfall, the i)lot keeping
close to tho Pennsylvania snore. When
at a point near Andalusia was reacned,
tho Columbia suddenly loomed up In tho
darkness. Fortcscuo Jammed hi3 wheol
to starboard, but Just a moment too late.
The big steamer struck the launch
squarely In the middle and cut it In half,
throwing all tho occupants Into tho water.
A panic almost ensued among tho pass
engers on the Columbia. Dozens of life
preservers were thrown overboard to
those In the water and a boat was quickly
lowered When the rowboat reached thc
spot only four persons could bo found in
tho darkness. It Is believed that several
of thc victims were crushed by the pad
dle wheels on tho Columbia.
tho tariff and finance which has en
abled us as a nation to make such
good use of the Individual capacities
of our citizens and tho natural re
sources of our country.
At no time In the history of this or
any other country has there been an
era so productive of material benefit
alike to worklngman and employer, as
during the seven years that have just
m m
All other classes depend upon the
farmer, but the farmer in turn de
pends upon the market they furnish
him for his produce.
Tho American manufacturer could
never have placed this nation at the
head of the manufacturing nations of
the world If he had not behind him, se
curing him every variety of raw ma
terial, the exhaustless resources of the
American farm, developed by the skill
and the enterprise of Intelligent and
educated American farmers.
What shall we say in speaking to ra
tional persons of an appeal to reduce
an army of sixty thousand men which
Is taking care of the Interests of over
olghty million people? Tho army Is
now relatively smaller than it was. In
tho days of Washington. '
The expenditures of the Nation have
been managed in a spirit of economy
Good Haul Made in
British itimm,
Robbers Expected to Capture
an Especially Rich
Said to Have Duped Express Messen
ger With Cipher Telejrram, and to
Havo Uondered "Work Easy.
WINNIPEG, Man.. Sept. ll.-At 9:C0
Saturday night tho Canadian Pacific west
bound transcontinental express waa held
up by four masked men. four and a half
miles west of Mission Junction, in a wood
ed district.
Three of tho meri crawled over thc ten
der of tho locomotive and, at thc point of
rovolvcrs, ordered Engineer Scott to stop
the train. They left one man to guard tho
engineer, the others taking tho fireman
with them. They compelled tho fireman
to uncouple the mall and express car, tho
fourth standing guard over thc train, and
Conductor Warrell was made to go for
ward when the train stopped. Tho rob
bers then proceeded with tho engine and
express cars several miles west.
Express Messenger Herbert Mitchell at
first refused to open tho car door, but on
being Informed that the car would bo
blown up with dynamite, he complied,
was disarmed and forced to open the safe.
They secured four or five thousand dol
lars In gold dust and about $1000 In cur
rency. Tho mall clerks were similarly compelled
to open thc mall car, which was rifled of
tho contents of registered mall sacks.
Tho engine, expruss and mall car was
then run to a point east of Warnoch,
whero tho robbers took to thc woods.
None of tho passengers was molested.
A description of tho robbers has been
wired to cities south of the boundary line
toward which It is supposed the robbers
havo made tracks. This Is the first in
stance of train robbery reported on tho
Canadian Pacific within tho past twenty
-The robbery was planned to the minutest
lotn II Afffr hnvlnir rnliKliwl thn nvnrnca
and mail cars, the- robbers forced Fireman
Freeman to uncouple the engine, and with
It they started for a point which they
named, two miles down the track toward
"Tako us to the Wharnock mile-post Jn
front of the llttlo church," Is thc way In
which they described the place, and with
an oath the leader of the threo robbers
commanded the engineer to hurry. When
they approached the place thc leader said,
"This Is the place." and ordered a stop.
Tho robbers clambered off together, the
leader backing away, covering tho engi
neer with his revolver.
"Now go back to your train." ho com
manded, and the engineer and fireman
started back to where their cars had been
' This morning the special train carrying
the posso arrived at daylight on the scene
and went over thc vicinity with the fire
man. The latter showed where the rob
bers jumped off. From there the tracks
led plainly along the railway for 200 yards,
then through a field to the bank of tho
Frasor river close at hand. There tho
threo had jumped Into a boat, which they
doubtless had previously prepared, and
crossed the river. On the other side they
started for the International boundary by
the Mount Lehman road, a distance of
' eleven miles. They may havo had horses,
and there was nothing to prevent their
being In American territory by daylight
The police are watching this district and
inclosing the roads on all sides, so that
there Is still a chance of the men being
captured beforo they reach Blaine or Bel
llrgham The sending of the telegram, together
with other circumstances, shows that the
robbers hod local conditions sized up to
a nicety. Tho robbers must have climbed
on the blind boggago at Mission. Neither
tho fireman nor the engineer heard a
sound until the revolver In tho hand of
tho leader touched the driver's shoulder.
When tho engineer turned he found this
revolver and two rifles leveled at him from
the coal tender. The loader, a small, old
man with an effomlnato voice, told him to
stop at a certain point If he did not ho
would bo killed. The- only man in thc
train crew who had a gun waa the express
messenger, und he promptly put It away
when I no robbers appeared at his door
with the muzzles of their rllles sticking
Into the ribs of tho fireman and engineer.
as far removed frcm waste as from
Tho prime reason why the expenses
of the Government have Increased of
recent years Is to be found in tho fact
that tho people, after mature thought,
have deemed it wise to huve certain
new forms of work for the public un
dertaken by the public. This necessi
tates such expenditures, for Instance,
as those for rural free delivery, or for
the inspection of meats under thc De
partment of Agriculture, or for irriga
tion. Do our opponents grudge the fifty
millions paid for the Panama canal?
Do they Intend to cut down on tho pen
sions to tho veterans of the Civil war?
Do they intend to put a stop to the
Irrigation policy? Or to the permanent
Census bureau? Or to Immigration in
spection. Do they Intend to abolish ru
ral free delivery? Do they Intend to
cut down the navy? Or the Alaska
telegraph system? Do they Intend to
dismantle our coast fortifications? If
there Is to be a real and substantial
cutting down In the national expendi
tures it" must be In such matters as
those. "
The public servant who betrays his
trust and the private individual who
debauches him stand as tho worst of
criminals, because their crimes aro
crimes against the entire community,
Theatrical Agent
Shot hy Woman
Han Is Dying, but Hofuses to Accuse
His Assailant, Who Charges Him
With Assault,
NEW YORK, Sept. 11. Warren J. Fer
guson. 35 years old, a theatrical advance
agent, Is dying from a bullet wound re
ceived during a quarrel today in tho
Metropolitan hotel on Broadway, and a
young woman who gave her namo ns Mrs.
Gertrude Itoberts, although acknowledg
ing it to be fictitious, is under arrest and
admits that she did tho shooting.
She alleges that Ferguson attempted to
assault her, that she pointed the revolver
at him to frighten him, and that during
a scuffle thc revolver was discharged.
Ferguson refused to nccuso her. Both
lived at the hotel and tho shooting oc
curred In the woman's room.
Miners in Goldfield Object to New
comers From Cripple Creek.
GOLDFIELD, Nov. Sept. 11. A commit
tee of six, representing thc local union,
Western Federation of Miners, today gave
E. B, Aker and Lewis W. Rope ono hour
Jn which to leave camp. Aker and Ropo
arrived hero Saturday morning from Crip
ple Creek with a vlow of purchasing and
devoloplng mining property.
Thero Is a very strong undercurrent of
feeling against the actions of thc union
that may result In the formation of a
Citizens' Alliance to prevent further de
portations or acts of violence.
Fanatic Explodes Crackers During
Service in Westminster Abbey.
LONDON, Sopt. 11. A singular affair
took place In Westminster Abbey today.
At the middle of the moTnlng services a
scries of loud explosions camo from tho
north transept and started the kneeling
congregation to Its feet, causing an al
most dangerous rush for the doors. The
Rev. Canon DucEworth succeeded In re
assuring tho people and in preventing a
It was discovered that the cause of tho
explosion was firecrackers, tho label at
tached to which showed the outrage to
bo tho work of a fanatical adherent of
tho lato John Kensll. tho anti-ritualistic
crusader. The culprit escaped.
No Trace of Yachting Party That
Sailed for Oyster Bay.
BRIDGEPORT. Conn., Sept. 11. Gravo
fears are entertained for thc safety of
William F. Robertson and his wlfo, their
daughter. Mrs. R. F. Kolb, and her hus
band, who left this city Thursday after
noon In a 3S-foot naphtha launch, intend
ing to go to 'Oyster Bay.
A few hours after thc launch, sailed out
of tho harbor a furious thunderstorm
swept over the sound and, as ho trace
of the boat bus been found and no word
from any member of tho party received, it
Is supposed that they wuro all lost in tho
J. W. Eddy Rescues Wife and Two
ChildrenSees One Son Drown.
CLARK S FORK, Ida"., Sept. 11. As J.
W. Eddy was rowing his wife and threo
children across tho river to church this
morning, tho boat capsized. Mr. Eddy
rescued his wlfo and the baby, and thon
went to tho aid of his two boys, who
wcro clinging to thc side of tho boat.
Glen, the elder, was holding Leland up,
but beforo the father could got to thorn
Glen sank. Leland kept his hold on tho
boat and was saved by Mr. Eddy, but
Glen was drowned. The body has npt yet
been recovered.
White Star Ocean Liner Aground.
NEW YORK, Sept. 11. The White Star
lino steamship Germanic, In Jho servlco
of the American lino which sailed from
Southampton on September 3. went
aground in the main ship channel about
three-quarters of a mllo off Sandy Hook
about 11;30 tonight. A thick hazo pre
vailed at thc time. Reports from Sandy
Hook show that tho vessel does not ap
pear to bo In a bad position. She may
possibly float clear at the next high water
tomorrow morning.
Gems of Argument From President Roosevelt's Letter
and not only against this generation,
but against the generations that are
yet to be.
It may- be asserted without fear of
successful contradiction that nowhere
else In recent years has there been as
fine an example of constructive states
manship and wise and upright admin
istration as has been given by thc civil
authorities, aided by the army( In the
Philippine Islands.
We believe that the progress that we
have made may be taken as a measure
of thc progress we shall continue to
make If the people again entrust the
Government of the Nation to our
We do not stand still. We press
steadily forwanl toward the goal of
moral and material well-being for our
own people, of just and fearless deal
ing toward all other peoples, In the In
terest not merely of this country, but
of mankind.
There Is not a policy, foreign or do
mestic, which we are now carrying out,
which it would not be disastrous to
reverse or abandon.
We hold ever before us as the all
important end of policy and adminis
tration the reign of peace nt.home and
throughout the world; of peace, which
comes only by doing Justice- ' ,
War Operations Almost H
at Standstill. H
ftlain Fsrco of the Mikado's
Army Has ReMrsd to lH
Czar's Baltic Fleet Has Sailed for thf J
Orient, and Bescrvo Troops flH
Ordered Out. Hl
What llttlo nows was received Sunday nl
from thc Manchurian theater of war In- FH
dlcates the almost entire suspension of
active operations by both Russians and
Japanese. Bl
Tho last dispatch from Mukden was Sl
filed by a correspondent of tho Associated "jl
Press Sunday evening. It said that all Hl
was quiet in that region and that thc un- lH
derstanding that tho main 'force of the ul
Japanese had retired to Ycntal on thc IftH
railroad, about ten miles northeast of HH
Llao Yang. Il
Kuropatkln briefly reports that thero H
was no fighting Saturday, except small ; H
patrol encounters. A dispatch received In ' H
London from St. Petersburg gives a re- 5
port that Viceroy Alexlcff has resigned. j H
Tho Baltic licet, rumors regarding which H
have from time to time occupied the press vll
reports, ealled Sunday from Cronstadt, fl
and it Is officially announced In St. Pet- H
crsburg that its destination is tho far ; H
St. Petersburg dispatches indicate ac- H
tlvc preparations to greatly Increase tho H
Russian fighting force. Tho story from ;
Fort Arthur Is ono of bombardments. 'H
Russia's Flans Indicate That She Will kH
Vigorously Prosecute War. !
ST. PETERSBURG. Sept. 12.-2:33 a. m. iH
The departure of tho Baltic lleot for tho jl
far East is officially announced. Admiral jl
Blrlllcff, commander of tho naval forces
at Cronstadt, will accompany tho fieet as '
far as Llbau, from which port tills mod-
or 11 armada of almost forty pennants will &H
sail immediately for thc Orient. 'IH
Tho Admiralty docs not say how long "tM
Admiral Rojeslvcnsky will stopat Llbau,
but it Is understood that It will only bo jI
for a few days. '' H
A plan for the cruiso has been divulged 1
Colliers accompany tho fieet for the pur- jl
pose of supplying torpedo boats and tor- ll
pedo-boat destroyers, whose steaming ra- .-H
dius is small. Other colliers have already 4H
sailed or aro awaiting orders at foreign
ports to meet the squadron on tho way 'lH
All tho vessels aro equipped with appa- iH
ratus for coaling at sea. Jl
Thc goneral opinion is that tho vessels jH
will go by way of Suez, but some rumors 'jH
say that thc Capo route will be taken 'JH
The decision of the Admiralty to send out IH
tho fieet In tho face of thc existing sltua- jH
tion in thc far East is evidence of thc uH
temper of tho Government to prosecute iH
tho war to tho finish. ?H
It Is understood that thero was consld- -iH
crable dlvcrgenco of expert opinion on the MH
question of delaying tho sailing of tho fleet 'fH
until thc eprlng, but the Emperor turned H
the scale In favor of immediate departure. rvH
In this connection thero are other war !H
moves. Mobilization In southern Russia QH
was announced tcday. and virtually all of mH
tho reserve officers of tho navy have been SH
called out. ... ftH
Tho first army corps has arrived at i.H
Mukden. lH
At a meeting of thc Emperor s military
advisers on Saturday, War Minister Salt- iVH
haroff recommended the Fending of an 'jH
additional 3T4.00O men to the far East. 1H
Tho brief report from Gun. Kuropatkln, vH
which waa given out Sunday, constitutes IjH
the latest nows from thc front. The place iH
at which thc dispatch was tiled is not In- tlH
dicatcd by tho report seems to show an jjH
almost entire suspension of actlvo opera- 'H
tlors on both sides. fH
Russian Warships Leave Cronstadt
for War in Orient
CRONSTAD Sept. ll.-Tho Baltic fleet j
sailed today for tho far East. The ves- (
sels of tho fleet are tho battleships Sou- I
varoff, Vlce-Admlral Rojestvensky's Hag-
ship; tho Navaiin, Slssol, Yellky, Boro-
dolno, Alexander III, Orel, Oleg and the fl
Osliabla, Rcnr-Admlial A'oelkcrsam s llag- nH
ship; tho cruiser Admiral Nahaklmoir, aH
DImltrl Donskol. Aurora. nd tho Almaz. IH
Roar-Admiral Enquhrfs ntifcuhip. and scv- f
oral torpedo boats and lorpcdu boat dc- gH
stroyers. . lH
Tho fleet will merely touch at Llbau, lH
whoro it will be joined by twclvo trans-
ports, collleru and supply ships already JH
walling ihore. and will then proceed dl- nH
rcct to the Orient. jH
At dawn the first anchor was hoisted
on the swift cruiser Aurora, which ac-
companled by two torpedo boats slipped IH
out of tho harbor. Tho town was awak- BH
ened bv tho booming of the S"spf tho
forts uh tho Aurora sped toward Llbau in QH
advance of tho main squadron. ' ll
At 2 o'tiock In tho afternoon, the time NB
set for tho departure of the remainder
of the fleet, the imperial yacht with tho hH
EmiKM-or, Grand Duko Alexis, the High
Admiral and other high naval officers on
board put out from Poterhof on the other
side of the bay with an escort of three
torpedo boats. Admiral Rolostvensky.
Admiral Voelkcrsam and Enqulst went on
board tho Imperial yacht and pcrsonalb
said farewell to tho Emperor. Jm
Tnon, with destroyers ahead and abeam.
tho So ivarorf led the squadron down 1 tho
Finnish gulf. The water r.roht and pit r.
and forts wcro crowded with spectator?
Tho ensigns on the yachts were dippe I
and the gims of each chain of forts across
the bav Joined In an admiral's salute
whllo from the signal masts above the
forts fluttered a string of .colored , flagB JM

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