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0f interest 10
d JiBht. ISOJ.by T- C. McCturc.)
S am. standi meekly inconsplc-
flthe most 'emote corner of the
r2 nit storeplevator, listened to
inotonous dant of the elevator
5; Ihe stoppU lus craft with a
$ Teach sucqs-slve lloor. .r
Snd floor Boots and shoes,
f. upholstry goods! Going up!"
js. tt-tfas a svlsh of skirts. Sev-
ahcrlnp wlmen crowded off, and
jfmore. eroded on. The door
il$ and the levator crawled Hpas-
'(loorViInens. draperies, wail
Si IGolne u""
om crowdil farther Into his cor
i ft-d experjneed that sense of
3 ihess tha fall to, the lot of
4 mnn who nvades the domains of
S xTment stfre.
3 rlli floor Rugs, carpets, fur
's! Im pushec his way out as gently
!3 Bible, and heaved a sigh of re
's is he dldJso he bumped against.
!(8 ng womrft 'who was about to
S "the elcvAor.
1 CourUtyf he cried In sur-
fi, Graham" said she.
ig up"" said the elevator boy
3 Hy and ar.ged the door.
ttdon't nv an you're here all
9 Jshe af: d.
M Smy nlsfortune to be In that
m on," heJaughed. "You couldn't
a iris a 0w minutes, could you?
B nVincedl need a pilot for this
(journey smiled knowingly,
in't lee you to such, a fate,
jelplca man that you are," she
;5Vha' are you looking for?"
fied brjskly
slots a" things," was the non
tial riply
truth of the matter was that
-nVhafl come merely to purchase
1 ;fu, fr his den, but the chance
J. hat vith Miss Courtney was
Jit ilng- bo tempting to let slip.
I iflsudlcnly decided to go much
ithan the rug.
tthete a furnished suite or
ilng ot the ?ort up here?" he
I noddel
ltha will probably give me
fleas," said he. "Between you
f t&J'm after furnishings for a
his mrniiig "
I tfshe ?ild, with a comprehend-
I m.
ctly," pld he, calmly. "You see,
to suipnse her."
you ',ere beginning to think
urprlge might prove more com
ithazi satisfactory?" she asked
1 4
Bm laughed.
isj Indeed. ' paid he. "In fact,
dh't fourJ you. I think I should
liken iht nrxt elevator down
jj kIV
ilTnust lrut Implicitly lo my se
rene expuincd. '
yassured, will," he said, hear-
flfound tht "furnished suite"
fespTted It from the spotless
lnfihe kltclcn to the point cur
njtho parloi. Miss Courtney of
.rnany suggestions, and every
Ifon Grahan hailed with enthu-
ifthr purchasing began. Furnl
Br, rrHirn ar- room they picked
ml floor nfur lloor of the de-
J . t
1 llafl Covered with Scales
ill Festal off Takinc
lii Years OM wl TM
lair aid Clean Scalp.
Cire taaaeit.
'baby was abo?t six weeks old
the top of her toad became cov
thick scales, which would
d come oir, takiD? tl10 hair with
ould aoon form again and be as
before. I trleJ several things
n went to the doctor. Ho said
czcrna, and prescribed an olnt
C, djd not do any good. A
'Spoke of Culicma Soap? I tried
iiT on Ule wrapper about Cutl
intnient as a remedy for Eczema,
sot a box aud washed her licad la
pI lr .a-,d Cuticura Soap and
tabed the scales oil. They did
back ami her hair grew out
fbick She is now u year and
i and has uo trace of Eczema."
fw", BUliGES, Iranistan Ave.,
Port, loud.. Feb. 'B9B
vBurpcs writes Feb. 28, 1903:
nr i7i ",ho had Ecsscma very
Sn ,hea' M 1 told yu hsforo,
i'Jp che Cutlcnra Hemcdlcs was
Sit r 'f, a.nt1a clean scalp."
In J IcfJau'l refxcshlng sleep
'SSr2lred bablcs and rest f
, SiP. aud gcntlo anoint
SlnntSaUSura 0ltient, purest
Sllmln iD-d Breatcstof skin cures.
Wed ln Bovcrc , mlld
iL I ,CUm Resolvent. This la
rest . sweetest, most 5peedy, per-
H,oC0"?m,cal trcatmeut for
0. dbflsnrlng, noting, burning, ,
apS'sted aud pimply skhi 1
rJJd children, as well as adults.
Ri ?, 8I,l?cecd whcn all other
g and the best physicians fail.
jKfr Mln'f.l.t1 lndon. V Chart;!
'i n,"rV CblJHf ' ntfP ,w Colore
partment store they Invaded. Tliey
argued about rugs and draperies and
screens, and Graham drew up checks
with surprising prodigality.
Shortly after noon the purchasing
was finished. The fittings for the new
domicile had all been selected, even
to the vrought-lron lanterns that.
were to adorn the hall.
"Let's go back to the 'furnished
suite' and rest a bit before we leave,"
Graham suggested.
"Done1" Miss Courtney cried. "And
you shall tell me all about her."
The "furnished suite" was quite de
serted, fortunately.- They chose the
diminutive library as the quietest place
to talk, and settled themselves com
fortably In the big leather chairs.
"Now tell me all about her," Miss
Courtney commanded,
Graham smiled quietly.
"If seems almost like profanation
at the Alta club yesterday, ncr guests Do
lus mostly members of the Bridge club.
The gamp of bridge was enjoyed ln the
parlor and then an elegant luncheon was
served In the prlvato dining-room. An
infective centerpiece was made of sweet
in as. a card w ith Uie ace of hearts being
formed of the dainty flowers. It wjis a
complete success and but another evi
dence of Mrs. Reed's charming hospital
ity. Mrs. Will S. Evans, wife of Dr. Will S.
Evans, formerly of this city but recently
of Pittsburg. Is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Harry Clark. Mrs. Evans will bo pleased
to meet her old friends Friday afternoon
at 1102 South West Temple street.
- f '
Mr. aild Mrs. J. A. Augustus and Miss
Augustus of Topeha, Kan., arc the guests
of Chaplain and airs. Axton for a few
days. Mr. Augustus was physical direc
tor of the Y. M. -C. A. in this city . for
many years, and Mrs. Augustus, nee Kid
well, was a popular member of the Salt
I-uko Opera company. They have been on
the Pnclllc coast for the past month and
at e now homewardi bound.
MIrs Laura Foster has returned from
Europe. J
After his Eastern trip. P. H. Lnnnan
expects to sail for Europe.
Mrs, Warren C. liojmo has left for the
' f
Mrs. Lillian Ti. Pardee leaves for the
East next week.
Little Jeannctte Young will be the
hoste3s of a box party lor a .half dozen
of her younsr fiiondsi at the "Wizard of
Oz" next Saturday. T,t will be a unique
vent and a pretty picture will, no doubt,
be the result. (
. .
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson of Logan are
hero on a visit to Mr.'. Thompson's staler.
Mrs. J. W. Merrill.
Today will be solemnized the marriage
of Miss Eddlngton and Mr. Squires, Miss
I Rose Jenkins and F. q. Icwls.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifforfl R Pcrsall will
leave about October 1 for a trip o the- fair
at St. Louis and from there will go to
New York and other far Eastern cities.
Mrs. J. J. Jenkins has returned f.om
l On the Pacific Stepe, I
SEATTLE, Wash.. Sept 13. R. B. Bul
lock, wtil known as a mining broker and
prominent Democratic politician, died this
morning In this city of typhoid fever.
ASTORTA. Or., SopL 13. The official
figures of the spring salmon pack of Co
lumbia river for 1901 wera mauo public to
day The atatemont of tho pack Is basod
on four dozen one-pound cans to tho caso.
f The total number of cases Is C02.750.
, SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13. An official
Invitation has boon received by tho Cali
fornia promotion committee from Presi
dent Coodo of tho Lewis and Clark expo
sition to visit the Portland fair next year.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 13. War risks
on cargoes to Japan Jumjutd yesterday
from one-quartor of 1 per cent to from ?,
to 5 per cent, as a result, of ih arrival of
the Russian cruiser Lena ln this port.
to pulso hailing n tongue as mine to
such a task," said he, "but she Is all
that Is good and sweet and clever."
He paused. "Go on," ' she demand
ed, "and tell me what she looks like."
Graham rose, nnd taking Miss Court
ney's hand gently drew her from tho
chair. He led her to a little mirror
hung above the fireplace.
"Look! There she Is," ho said aim
ply. Miss Courtney gasped.
"Well, of all" she began.
Graham was looking at her with
eyes that were Intent and pleading.
She colored beautifully, but faced him
bravely with a smile.
"And where is this nuite of yours?"
she demanded some few minutes later.
"I thought well, the truth of the
matter is," said he, 'haltingly, "1 hadn't
the courage to hunt for It without
your assistance."
Miss Courtney burst Into merry
"Come on, you dear, funny man,"
she said. "Wo may as well find It right
away "
wmjjlr -
iffC ' Calumet, Mich..' after spending a pleasant
3 js5 summer with friends and will be In Ihe
city a llttlo while before goine to Butto
S , to spend the fall.
The event of the week about which cen
ters the most Interest Is the marriage to
morrow morning of Miss Lowe and Mr.
Hampton. It will be a very quiet affair,
the guests being limited toa very few
of the friends of the bride and groom.
Miss Park will be the maid of honor and
Samuel C. Park the best man. After tho
ceremony the bride and groom will leave
for an extended visit to the East.
An engagement will shortlv bo an
nounced which will bo the most com
plete surprise to everyone. The pros
pective bride is a Salt Lake girl who has
always lived here, while tho groom to bo
Is a young Easterner, who has been In
business hero for some years and Is well
known ln social and club life.
The Hanau,ors will visit tho fair about
tho last of October.
Miss Fannie Hanauer Is visiting Mls3
Nason at the Bancroft house ln Island
Mr. and Mrs. Lamb have returned from
California, where they had a cottage for
tho summer at Ocean Park. 'Thoy will
give a "Wizard of Oz" party on Thurs
day evening and on the rollowlng night
will, entertain at dinner In 'honor of Miss
Holmes, who' Is tho guest at Amelia Pal
acS. Covers will bo laid for ten.
The lake has been very . popular during
tho auUimn days.
Llngorlongcr la a hospitable homo at
any lime, but when one Is enjoying an
hour or two with the hostess on one of
these perfect days the pleasure Is most
pronounced. Mrs. Powers I is giving sev
eral Informal Uttlb luncheons which are
greatly appreciated by her friends, and
one of vesterday was enjoyed by several
ladles, the' entire absence of formality be
ing one of the chnrma.
A. C Ellis. Jr.. entertained at a delight
ful dinner at the University club last
evening for some of tho directors of tho
Montana-Tonopah Mining company.
Mrs. Hubbard W. Reed was tho hostess
Calumet, Mich..' after spending a pleasant
summer with friends and will be In Ihe
city a llttlo while before going lo Butto
to spend the fall,
Ashby D. Cleveland left yesterday via
the Rio Grande for St, Louis, whero ho
will spend two weeks at the fair.
Tho Mutual Improvement associations
of tho Fourteenth ward gave a lawn
party on the grounds west of tho county
jail last evening which was attended by
about 350, and all who were present thor
oughly enjoyed the ovont. The grounds
were brightly Illuminated with many
electric lights shaded In Chinese lan
terns and tho scene was one of great
beauty. A lloor was laid on the lawn and
an orchestra was In attendance, so thoso
who enjoy dancing had amplo opportu
nity for participating. Refreshments
were served at 11 o'clock and the rest of
the evening passed in music and singing.
Idrs. Martha Koyle King-,
Teacher of artistic singing, will begin
the fall season Sept- 15th In her new
studio, 255 Commercial Club Bldg.
Voices tested free Saturday forenoons.
A man can't work right with a lame
back. j
Takes all tho life out ot him.
Doan's Kidney Pills make Jame backs
At any drug store, 50 cents.
The Royal serve:, delicious German
lunches, sandwiches, beer and wine.
CHICAGO, Sept 13 More than 7(HV) of
tho former strikers at the union stork
yards gathored ln Packlngtown today
looking for work. ' About 1100 were given
employment and tho rest went away to
try again tomorrow
BUFFALO. N. Y.. Sept. 13.-Distrlct
Attorney Coatcsworth has announced that
tho evidence In connection with charges
of corruption against public of llclals and
others will bo presented to tho County
court crand Jury which was sworn In
TROY. N. Y.. Sept. 13.-Tho West SIdo
foundry at Watervict has been dyna
mited. Considerable damage was done
tnu .i nuiii vmu ruaneu 10 ino scene was
shot in tho right foot by a watchman.
Tho explosion was heard for miles.
NEW YORK. Sept. 13. Dr. Jorgo Mu
noz. the Guatemalan Minister, who Is
now In this city, will shortly present his
credentials to the President. Dr. Muno;:
denies tliat fresh efforts aro being mado
to start a revolution in his country.
NEW YORK. Sent. 13. Fire has de
stroyed the Manasquan (N. J.) block1 lco
and cold storago plant, entailing a loss
of S150.000 Fish to the amount of 1,000,000
pounds, stored against the winter de
mand, was destroyed.
CHICAGO. Sept. 13.-Aflor an idleness
ot two weeks, the plants of Morgan &
Wright and tho Mechanical Rubber com--pany
have been opened without an agree
ment with tho Rubber Workers' union.
Flvo hundred men wero nut to work.
NEW YORK, Sept. 13. Application for
a receiver for iho Consolidated Liquid
Air. company has been made in tho Su
preme court here on a Judgment obtained
Home time ago by a woman stenographer
for salary amounting lo 2573.
ESOPUS. N. Y.. Sept. 13. As a result of
recent conferences between party lead
ers who have visited Rosemount, It has
been decided not to open Western head
quarters. ALBUQUERQUE, N. M.. Sept. 13. W.
II. Andrews of Slorra , county, president
of the Albuquerque Eastern & Santa Fo
Central railway, has been nominated by
the Republican Territorial convention for
Delegate In Congress. Mr. Andrews was
formerly prominent ln Pennsylvania politics.
Complaints Agrimct lUiilvroads Being
DENVER, Sept. 13. State Commerce
Commissioner Charles A. Prouty today
r Sale Ten Million Boxes a Year,
8! .
l prevent all mmfnzvi bowel roubles JM
rssnrrriuuLsji-ayJ ykuA Many novel conceptions In hat faJii- Hi
1 fiSjMWML-i ons are snown tnls aeason In our hat si
J6p3sP department, and If you are a student of pfj
fy I (SrISi? fashion ln its various details, you should y
U Zifj$ keep In touch with our newest shapej?. fj
I jJf ! erb,es In nl1 the latest blocks, poft rM
I ByBdyl I as ln a'l shapes and colors, Stetson Kg
B SSS-T I nat9 $J-00 nn(i 5'00- So,e' agents yi
I r J IWIGray&Bro. j
If pill Electric Sign "Gray's" 1
I Apricot brandy lias recently conao into such favor M
I as the after-dinner drink that we wero obliged to get a 6
1 great deal of -the best of it. Know where to comeP 1
I "Tho Whiskey Merchants."
II . ' 1
continued the Investigation begun yes
terday of complaints of alleged "dis
crimination in freight rates by the rail
roads against this city. Evidence wao
submitted by local manufacturers and
merchants In support of their conten
tion that rates on some commodities
from Atlantic coast points are higher
to Denver than to San Francisco, and
that Missouri river points are granted
lower rates than Denver to interior
Colorado points.
The following railroad ofllcera were
ln attendance at the hearing today:
William R. Kelly, general attorney of
the Union Pacific; J. A. Munroe, of the
Union Pacific; J. A. Kelby. general at
torney of the Burlington, all from
Omaha; George H. Crosby, assistant
general trafllc manager of the Burling
ton. Under examination Traffic Manager
CMumoe of the Union Pacific explained
that Missouri liver points were es
pecially favored because that section
was the great distributing point east
nnd west, and the railroads must neces
sarily make a rale basis at those cities;
that Denver had a contributory terri
tory of 100 miles lo the east, but that
lack of population kept the Jobbers and
manufacturers here from selling all
their product. '
"The Union Pacific railroad eannpt af
ford and never has tried to build up Mis
souri river points to the detriment of
points West," declared Mr. Munroe.
William Sprule of the Southern Pacific,
William B. Riddle of the Santa Fe and
George H. CroBby of the Burlington
freight experts, were questioned u-gard-Ing
Uio reasons for the higher rales to
Denver than to Salt I Lake and other
points west of this city. Ti was xhown
that while Denver paid $2.2 1 a1 .hundred
pounds on cotton piece goods. Sail Lake
paid only S2, while shipments to China
were taken for J1.10. Tills discrepancy
was attributed by the railroad men to the
nec,d of ballaxt on some roads ami io the
fact that others operated ships for which
they required cargoes.
0 jMS S 18 0t1il11 wTlfch nil
(sQs) Mz3F 'vSF t$WMi fflW women aPProach with
indescribable fear, for
J Miffiffl WMrM SEB nothing compares with
KlWiy f&Js? IS frS fcr; MM thc Pain and hrror of
child-birth. The thought '
of the oaffering and dangcr in store for her, robs the expectant mother
of all pleasant anticipations of the coming event, and casts over her a
shadow of gloom which cannot be shaken off. Thousands of women .
have found that the use of Mother's Friend .during pregnancy rob:j
confinement of all pain and danger, ana insures safety to life of mother
and child. This scientific liniment is a god-send to all women at tho
time of their most critical trial. Not only does Mother's Friend
carry women safely through thc perils of child-birth, but its use
gently prepares thc system for the coming event, prevents "morning
sickness, " and other dis-
$i.oo'er bottje. Book fj
containing valuable information free. ft fiT ff
Do YOU wanf a nice plcturo? t
Do YOU want your pictures i
framed properly and at reasonable I
nrlees? 5
57 South Main. Tel. 1G56-X. I
Jo Wo essford
57 SO. MAIN. I
Tel. 1GCC-X. W
Better than any Eaatern make. Will
cost you less money. Ask your deal
er for them. Look for our trade
mark. Utah Bedding & MTg Co.,
Salt Lake City, Utah.
The secret of success In handling
, PERFUMES Ilea ln the knowledge ?
T of knowing how to preserve them Z
X ln order lo retain their original y
P aroma.
This subject wo have made a
r study of lo such an extent that you
( will always be atlstled with any Y
odor you may purchase from us.
a We'makp no pretensions towards S?
handling all the Perfumes that are J?j
(j) made, but wo do claim to handle T
. all Iho best odors of both European (o
?and American manufacture.
Knowing how to buy Is another q
feature. Ve buy often and In small X
i- quantities, therefore avoiding any 3
qj possible deterioration by long keep- -
Ins in stock. jj
Qt Give us a trial for your next Per-
r fumo wane
f ' a
1 p I mil' 1 1
1 mm company I ;
Both 'phones ail. Qu'.ck d'Bllv- Q
e Cl''- X
A. tor Lov.nei f Cndy -in ;
Q al 1 i huh g C
r - : H
:j Takes a fresh start this morning. Crowds have "beerr coming thick I 'fl
i and fast to this great Linen Sale, and this will he the best day yet. 3) nl
3 The choice is practically as broad and rich as ever. All wlo- came tho !
j last two days pronounced the values oven greater than wo represent- H tl
ed them to be. Every price is marvelously low. There never were H 'il
choicer bargains in Table Linens, Napkins, Tovelings, etc. There K
J never wero better values in Bed Sheetings, Sheets, -Pillowj.Cases, .ll
otc. 11
If you value money you will be hero bright and earlyrthlsjmom- E
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W Uffnt and heavy sole, dress and walk- ' I
'feiw lns shoes. Muat be seen to be appro- j '1
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258 SOUTfi MAIN. ! iH
INelden-Judson Drug Co.
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F. Li. PEARIJ, Sec. J
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