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I WEATHER TODAY Partly Cloudy. '
.oL(XLVII. No. 161 Saxt Lake City, Utah, atutcday MoitNESTG, Septeimber 24, 1904. 14 PHGES.five cents. li jj.
; its
e of Others Have
imr Escape.
y Children Precipitated
jo Cesspool, Floor
Giving Way.
& Accident During Recess at a
tVUc School Near Cin
cinnati. i
JJfKATI. 0., Sept. 23, At least
ted girls, all from the primary
We mflocated in a' vault to
?X the afternoon recess at
jipjjge public school house, and
'ef others narrowly escaped the
mb!e death,
HTA FIXKE, Cincinnati.
m a .
ILromi Into Cesspool.
ijcdte sides of the spacious
i to the rear of the suburban
W-iir.g are two outhouBes. At
itat thirty young girls were In
baas assigned to them when
e give way, precipitating them
jfcK-millea cesspool twelve feet
li containing four feet of sew-
f lti frantic struggles of those
son top kept at least nine un
i utQ they were dead.
.Child Gives Alarm.
Ki shed over the sewer "was
raty feet square, without
, uA had only one narrow
, to that only one girl - escaped
Steran luto the school bulld
ri toid the teachers what had
E Principal T L, Zimmerman
female teachers ran to the
', Overcome by Gas.
Ijal Zimmerman secured a lad
! Tthlch the drenched girls
,tsstof them fainting as soon
Si nicked the surface, overcome
tied tewer gas. The teachers
a reinforced by the entire pop-
the suburbs, the police and
stents rendering effective
fttjr Spectators Faint.
fJ Zimmerman finally fainted.
lifted out dead bodies until
& pool was cleared. Those
Represented such an appenr-
brake many in the crowd of
n faint.
;49 Hope of Flag.
'Salvaged 14, a pupil, climbed
fMiof the echoolhouse and got
klch was made into a rope
res Body of Daughter.
HlRkarap, when his daughter
icxsg those brought out alive,
vault and carried out sev
n among them that of his
Then he fainted. At the
tterewere other parents In
j tha fainted when it
IS , al1 01 the llvinE- had
m and tnelr children were
i&c tlle funerala that are
tSLl UiBday there wl be nie
ln lhe threc churches
Beported Unsafe.
r are dei,,ed by the school
krtV ltiy thc no0" were re-
- Smith says that he had
wfafe.the board that the
Girdes Preserved.
a5Serim.d the "recited
-'' found '!'v!,al(1 that the
f of Kd t0 b rotten, and
WlLS; "Pllcedr The
aiffiihitt0 C1"clnnatl to-iZntinquest.
m Sinks Fangs in Child's
Ml tongue.
m land faIth of ?h,ld-
m b lenki aBed 8 yrs,
Sn,? CXh,blt,0nB Of
r fair , a sldc ow at
f?CIle' bup-
It41 lh bile Pany th0USht
rlBL111 a iff?, the Perform-
tiy nco for the child's
bltWa is but a
im& Ida w?H r a,.n 01(1 ral6r
smt, to i? them wthout
yptts. 3 11 wau jsaid they
Suicide Mystery
No! Cleared Away
Body of Unknown Girl in Now "$Tork
Morgue Is Idonti
' fied.
NEW YORK, Sept. 23. MyBtcry en
veloplng the suicide of a pretty young
girl, "L K.," ln Centrnl park, wa3
partly cleared when Mrs. Annlo "Wil
liams called at tho morgue and identi
fied the body na that of Millie Kruger,
a manicurist.
The ldcntillcatlon followed the visit
to the deadhouse of two mysterious
women ln a carriage on whose panels
wore emblazoned a coat of arms, a crest
and the initials "J. B. in a mono
gram. "Women Overcome.
After entering and viewing the body
both women showed such signs of deep
emotion as to make It certain that they
recognized the body. But just at this
time, when it appeared certain that the
mystery was to be cleared, it was ren
dered deeper than ever by their fail
ure to admit recognizing the dead
The note found ln the dead girl's
hand was addressed to "J. R." The Ini
tials upon the carriage were "J. B. R."
These Initials, Mrs. "Williams says, were
those of a wealthy merchant who used
to call on Miss Kruger and who prom
ised to marry her.
The morgue-keeper believes that, the
girl belonged to a different, station in
life from those who usually drift Into
the dreary little building of which he Is
In charge, and for that reason the body
has been kept on view much longer
than is usually the case.
Wore Fine Apparel. 1
.The clothes of the young woman, of
the finest make and in the best taste,
the hat from a Fifth avenue milliner
and the dainty shoes, which were evi
dently Imported from Paris, all pointed
out clearly and Indisputably the social
position of the dead girl.
The appearance at the morgue of the
two women who called to see the body
ln a carriage, which established at once
their position ln the social world, only
made certain the character of the girl
who lies ln the morgue, besides giving
a connecting link, however vague, ln
establishing the Identity of the owner
of the Initials "J. R.,". to whom the last
note of the girl was addressed.
Strike of Machinists on Lake Shoro
Is Called Off.
CHICAGO, Sept. 23. The nine
months' struggle of the machinists and
bollermakers of the Chicago, Lake
Shore & Eastern railroad against a 10
per cent wage reduction Is at an end.
The company announced that If the
unions would call off their strikes It
would reinstate as many of the former
employees as possible at the lower
wages. The result was a stampede of
more than half of the 400 strikers,
which caused fighting and brought out
the police.
The company hired 100 of the old men
and will take on more until full union
crews have been engaged. The strike
breakers will be -discharged.
The railroad, which Is owned by the
Illinois Steel company, announced the
first of the year that It would Inaugu
rate a 10 per cent cut In wages. The
machinists and bollermakers walked
out and the company started to employ
non-union workers. Fifty arrests have
been made by the police for assaults,
forty men have been "slugged," loco
motives have been damaged so that
they could not be run and tracks have
been torn up.
Professors of Theology Deliver In
teresting Addresses.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 23. Sectional meetings
tcday again occupied thc attention of the
delegates to tho International Congress of
Arts and Science, which Is ln session at
the World'B fair grounds. One of tho Im
portant features of the day was tho ees
Blon of tho "New Testament" division,
which was held ln Convention hall.
Prominent professors of theology dcllv
cicd addresses, and many delegates were
Interested listeners.
Dr William 11. Maxwell, Superintendent
of the Public, Schools of New York city,
vaa the principal speaker ln tho Bectlonal
meeting of the department of education
Rebuilding Idaho Falls.
Special to The Tribune.
IDAHO FALLS, Ida., Sept. 23. Tho re
cent lire, whllo a severe blow to Individ
uals, Is indirectly a benefit to the city.
'The Coltman Lumber company Is pro
paring to resume biiHlneas In a fire-proof
structure. Gcorco Payno Is also exca
vating preparatory to erecting a hand
somo brick block Tho Consolidated Wa
gon and Machine company Is going right
along with their building, commenced be
for tho fire, and will occupy It In sixty
Idaho Falls Sugar Plant Heady.
Special to Tho Tribune. '
IDAHO FALLS. Ida , Sept. 23. The
nurar factory will begin work October 1,
ami on that date will put on all tho men
nocessary. Tho beet crop Is a lnrgo ono,
and with tho machinery thoroughly over
hauled, a steady run la anticipated.
Youthful Burglar Escapes.
Special to Tho Tribune.
IDAHO, FALLS, Ida., Sept. 23. A
youthful burglar, caught In tho act of
robbing tho storo of Lewis St Locks, mndu
hla escape by picking a lock In tho city.
Jail lato last evening. Ho la probably an
old hand at tho buslnoHK.
Grain Moving in Idaho.
Special to Tho Tribune.
IDAHO FALLS, Ida., Sept. 23, Grain
Is beginning to movo rapidly, and at tho
prevailing good prices cvury effort possi
ble Ih being made to dollvor it. ThrcBh
lng crews nre working overtime to na
slat tho farmors in getting their grain
to market, ,
lade Them Prisoners,
Took Treasure.
Bold Hold-Up in Broad Day
light in San Fran
cisco. Two Messengers Carrying S4400 Be
lieved of Their Charge by
a Bandit.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 23. Com
pelling two clerks to go Into a room at
the point of a revolver to be made pris
oners, a masked man today took a suit
case containing $4400 and records and
papers belonging to the Central Grain
and Stock exchange at 20 Llscndorff
street and then made his escape.
Held Up in Passageway.
P. J. Flynn and H. T. Hearny are
clerks employed by the exchange and
they were carrying the suit case con
taining the goldf silver and papers In
to the office through a passage way ln
the rear of the office when they were
confronted by the robber. His revol
ver caused them to obey his com
mands. Thief Knew Premises.
The thief was hidden behind a par
tition co that he could not be seen un
til a person was within a few feet of
him. He showed perfect familiarity
with the premises, and the police who
are working on the case think they
have a good clue to his Identity.
How He Got in.
It Is customary for these two clerks
to carry the suit case to the safe de
posit department of tho Union Trust
company, Market"- Tind Montgomery
streets, every night and return in the
morning. Before their arrival the
place Is cleaned out by an Italian, and
it was through a door left open by hirn
that the robber slipped In.
Looked Down, a Gun.
As the clerks entered they heard a
command: "Hands up!" They turned
around and saw the robber. He was
wearing a mask made from a white
handkerchief. In which holes had been
cut for the eyes and nose. The re
volver was of large size and formidable
Tied to a Hook.
"March with that suit case to that
step half way down the hall there,"
ordered thc robber. On arriving at
the designated point the clerks wore
instructed to drop the suit case and
then move forward. They were forced
to go into a toilet room, and getting
them there the robber took a piece of
cord and tied their hands to a hook
which had been made In the brick wall
with a large wire nail, which had re
cently been placed there.
"Walked Away With Funds.
"With the clerks tied in the room .ho
robber took the suit case and departed.
Presumably he had some conveyance
near at hand. The two clerks released
themselves after some trouble and no
tified the police of the robbery.
Well-Known Insurance Man Suc
cumbs to Heart Disease.
FRONTENAC, N. Y.. Sept. 23. Death
sat at the banquet of members of the
Western Union of Fire Underwriters
last night. H. M. Maglll of Cincinnati,
while responding to a toast celebrating
the tvcntv-flfth anniversary of the or
ganization, fell forward and died soon
Mr. Maglll was reviewing the cai-ecrs
of the presidents of the organization,
and had just closed a humorous refer
ence to himself as past president, when
he expressed his good wishes for the
health and long life of hlB-associates
and friends. He grew suddenly pale
and fell forward on the table. Friends
quickly attempted to revive him, and
a physician was summoned, but life
was soon extinct.
Wealthy Philadelphian Is Robbed of
Valuables. ( v-
PHILADELPHIA, Sept, 23 Jewelry
and furs valued at nearly $4000 wore
stolen from the home of a wealthy resi
dent of this city during the week. The
loss has Just become known through
the publication of a list of thc missing
property. The most valuable article
was' a gentleman's scarf pin set with
diamonds and pearls, valued at $1000.
Whllo it Is said to be probablo that
the robbery was dono by professionals,
there was Intimation of possible sen
national developments, Every precau
tion has been taken to prevent the vic
tim's name; from becoming public.
Dewey Is Congratulated.
"WASHINGTON, Sopt 23. Admiral
Dewey today received tho congratulntlouH
of his fellow officers and friends on the
fiftieth anniversary of his entrance Into
tho naval scrvieo. President Roosevelt
Bont a letter and a handsome bouquet of
( flower.
Iride Flees From
Arms of lusknd
Wlfo of Crack Ball Pltohor Roturns
Home; Friends Try to Untangle
CHICAGO, Sept. 23, A brido of a few
hours, Laura Trumbull Wolmer, wlfo of
Jacob "Wolmer, tho crack pitcher of tho
Chicago National basoball team, It la an
nounced today, fled from his arms to tako
refuge at tho homo of her father, Georgo
T. Trumbull, president of tho Trumbull
Safe and Vault company. Sho had discov
ered that "Welmer had been divorced a
condition not recognized by tho Reman
Cntholic church, of which she Ih a dovout
To Untanglo Complications.
Now they aro far dpart, Welmer in
Brooklyn with his club and his brldo at
hor parents' homo. Friends and relatives
aro trying to untnnglo tho complications.
Appeal to tho Popo for a special dispensa
tion Is ono of tho suggestions advised.
Whether the separation will bo perma
nent, or tho ncwly-marrled couplo will bo
reunited, no ono pretends to be ablo to
Bride Is Prostrated.
"Wo aro waiting to sec," said Mrs.
Welmer, between sobs, today. "Wo aro
waiting to see that Is all I can say " Her
eyes wer& red with weeping, and it was
apparent tho shock had borne heavily
upon hor. It was tho first time she had
left her room slnco sho had sought Its
solitudo within a fow hours of her wed
ding. Groom Feels the Blow.
Reports from the East Indicato that
Wolmer, too, has felt tho blow. Ho Is
said to look haggard and to have lost
nearly forty pounds ln weight through
Txorry. Tho ceremony was performed by
Bishop Muldoon a week ago. Welmer
abandoned Luthcranlsm ln order that tho
wedding might conform to tho wishes of
tho bride's family.
Wedded When Mere Boy.
Ten years ago, when a mere boy, tho
noted left-handed pitcher was married at
Dcs Moines. Ia,, the union being unhappy
and of brief duration. Divorce followed,
and tho former Mrs. Welmer took up her
homo ln L03 Angeles, Cal., whoro she now
Is with her llttlo daughter.
Family Learns of Marriage.
Novor giving thought to the possibility
of such an Incident ln his life, none of tho
Triimbull family asked Welmer if ho had
been married before, and, not appreciating
its significance to a romance, Welmer
mado no reference to It. So It was not
until after tho ceremony that tho family
learned of the true stato of affairs. Slnco
then Wolmer and sho havo exchanged
correspondence, but havo not met.
v . .....
Woman Drinks tho Poison in Mistake
for Water.
Special to Tho Tribune,
EUREKA, Utah, Sept. 23. Mrs. Seth
Longabaugh of Payson, who has been
visiting her children at Mammoth the
past ten days, died there this morning
at S o'clock, having been poisoned by
drinking embalming fluid. Wednesday
Mrs. Longabaugh went over to the
home of Fred Samuels, where a three-3'ear-old
child had just died, and whllo
there she asked for a drink of water,
and by mistake was given a bowl con
taining embalming fluid. She drank
some of the poison and shortly after
ward was taken 111. Her condition was
not thought to bo serious until last
night, when hor husband was sum
moned from Payson. The deceased was
48 years of age and leaves four children,
two boys and two girls, all of whom re
side at Mammoth. Funeral services will
bo held at the Latter-day Saints'
church, Mammoth, Sunday afternoon
at o'clock.
Men Who Dynamited Depot at Inde
pendence Believed to Be in Butte.
Sxeclal to Tho Tribune.
BUTTE, Mont., Sept. 23. W. N. Swain,
superintendent of the Western division
of tho Thcll Detective agency, Is ln the
city and ia authority for a statement
that the man Roumalnc, who confessed
to his complicity ln tho dynamiting of thc
railway station at Independence. Colo., ln
which nine persons wero killed, has no
connection whatever with tho outrage,
according to almost undlsputablo evi
dence ln their possession.
Superintendent Swain declares Rou
malne's confession was- made for tho pur
pose of attracting notoriety. Tho real
perpotrators of the outrage. Swain de
clares, aro now in Butte and in tho Cocur
D'Alencs. who aro now being searched
for by detectives. Rouraalno la now ln
tho Kansas pen
Usual Result Follows, One of tho
Boys Killed.
PORTLAND. Or., Sept. 23. Lads at play
with a rifle led to tho usual tragedy today
at Fulton, a suburb of Portland. Charles
Edelman, a lad of 1G years, was shooting
,lli a field with a rifle, when Carl Loowlg,
his chum, came riding down the road on
a bicycle. Loowlg held up his hat for
Edolman to shoot at and with tho custom
ary Ul-n!m which attaches to such cases,
tho bullet flow wldo of tho mark, entering
Loewlg's head at tho baao of tho brain.
Ho died before medical help arrived.
Boys Uso Insect as Aid to Rob Lettor
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Sept. 23. An at
tempt to rob, a mail box in Minneapolis
this afternoon was frustrated by tho ap
pearance of a patrolman, who fright
ened tho three boy thieves away. Tholr
equipment, which thoy left behind, con
sisted of a piece of thread and a largo
grasshopper. Tho boys had been drop
plnK the grasshopper Into thc mall box,
when the Insect would catch hold of a
letter With Its claws and hnnc on whllo
Jirtw8es sawn to Jtho ononlpgj.
Awful Rain of Shell Is , , I
Falling Upon Port Arthur fji; I
Russians Expect One
Any Pay,
Disposition Oyama's Forces
Is Puzzling Officers
of Czar.
Lino of Outposts Established by tho
Brown Men Cannot Be a
MUKDEN, Sept. 2-1, 10:40 a. m. Tho mili
tary authorities continue to express the
belief that a battlo will bo fought near
Mukden within a few days, but, on the
other hand, the Chinese profess tho belief
that hostilities are remote.
Russians Uso Balloons.
Tho Russians aro using war balloons
southeast of Mukden to observe the move
ments of tho Japanese. The lino of out
posts established by tho Japanese is so
effcctlvo that even tho Chlneso have been
unable to penetrate It. It Is Impossible,
thcroforo, to say definitely how Marquis
Oyama has disposed his forces.
Kuroki's Position.
It is bollovcd Gen. Kuroki's army
stretches from Bonslhu to Bentslaputzo
nnd tho armies of Gens Oku and Nodzu
from Ycntai along tho high road and rail
road to Shahopu, slxtcon miles south of
Mukden, whllo a fourth army Is moving
from Dzlantchan across tho Da mountains.-
All theso roads converge at Muk
den. Oku Uear Mukden.
Of the four armies, those of Oku and'
Nodzu aro nearest Mukden, and their pro
gress will havo to bo slackened In order to
permit Kurokl and tho flanking columns
time to como up. Meantime Oku and
Nodzu havo command of tho railroad.
Supplies for Japs.
Supplies of grain and ammunition aro
carried from Yental over heavy roads and
oxposed to capturo by Cossack raiders.
There has been ' an Improvement In tho
weather at Mukden, which has been a
great help to tho Japanese.
Not Likely to Contest the Japanese
Advance at Mukden.
ST. PETERSBURG. Sopt. 24. Absenco
of detailed reports from the seat of war,
dcsplto tho Important character of events
that are bollovcd to be developing around
Mukden, leads to tho supposition that Gen.
Kuropatklu may, after all, not seriously
contest tho Japanese advance, and tho
long-expected battle at Mukden may turn
out to be merely a rearguard action oa a
large scalo.
What Sakharoff Reports.
Gen. Sakharoff reports that tho Japan
cso army la moving from Bentslaputze
toward Fu pass, a village six miles .north
east of Mukden and near tho right bank
of tho Hun river. Thc- river at tms point
Is shallow, and probably for tlus reason
tho locality has been selected by tho Jap
anese for crossing.
If Japs Get Fu Pass.
If tho Japaneso gain a foothold at Fu
pass, Gen. Kuropatkln's position at Muk
den will bo Insecure, as the Japanese will
thence be able to threaten the Russian
line of communications
Fu pass Is only twenty miles north of
Bentslaputze, but at tho present rate of
progress tho Japanese will probably occu
py four or five days ln traversing these
twonty miles.
Only One Army Corps.
Tho Russian forco south of Mukden Is
believed to consist of only one army corps,
which is acting as a rearguard and is not
intended to effect a serious reslstanco to
tho Jnpaaieso advance.
Nothing la known at tho Admiralty of
the reported sailing of the Gromobol out
of Vladivostok to capturo a Japaneso
transport, supposed to be a sailing vessel.
Big Guns at Dalney Fire Two Shells
Per Minute.
CIIEFOO, Sept. 24. A Japanese who has
arrived here from Dalny says that the
battle which began at Port Arthur Sep
tember 13 continued during September J,
but he is unable to rIvo any details of tho
fighting. On September 21 and September
23 the Japaneao bombardment was light.
Tho -Japaneao further said that thero
wero unvurlflcd rumors at Dalny to tho
offoct that tho Japanese, had, made somo
mlna Tho bombardment of September 10
began at 3 o'clock In tho morning and
lasted ono hour. At dawn tho volume of
firing Increased to an extent hitherto un
known. Two Shells a Minute.
Some of thc heavy guns which havo late
ly been placed oponed fire from a quarter
which has previously boon silent. During
the fiercest firing tho heavy guns fired at
an average of twice In one minute. Every
window In Dalny shook. Tho firing con
tinued heavy during the night of Septem
ber 20, Thereafter It was Inconsequential.
Heavy Firing Heard,
Chinese from a vIllaKo near Port Arthur
confirm tho foregoing and add that whllo
off tho Mlaotao Islands yesterday they
heard firlnK from 10 o'clock ln tho morn
ing until 1 o'clock In thc afternoon.
No Attempt on Life of Don Carlos.
VENICE. Sept. 23. The report pub
lished ln tho United Suites by a news
agenev that nn attempt has bcenjnade to
assassinate Don Carles, tho Spanish pre
.tender, is wi.tho.ut jfo.uudatloi
Cholera Breaks M
in Port Arthur
Plague Appears in the Besieged City
and It Is Feared It Will Be
. come Epidemic.
TSINg'tAU. Sept. 24. A Russian naval
officer hero has received official advices
that cholora has appeared at Port Arthur.
Up to Scptcmb?r 13 thero were only a
few cases, but there wero jrravo fears
that thc disease would become epidemic.
Monument to Her Memory Is Un
veiled in Vilna. j
VILNA, Russia. Sopt. 23. Tho unveiling
of tho monument to Cathorino tho Great
today In tho squaro facing tho Governor's
palace, was particularly interesting be
causo it was the occasion of the last pub
lic appoaranco of Prlnco Svlalopolk-Mlr-sky,
tho former Governor-General of Vil
na and present Minister of the Interior,
who will leavo for St. Potcrsburg tomor
row. Ho was received everywhere dur
ing the day with tho utmost enthusiasm
by Jews and Christians, alike. In fact,
the Prlnco Is extremely popular with tho
Jews, who composo nearly half the popu
lation of Vilna.
In conversation today the" Prlnco was
quoted as saying that ho firmly Intended
as Minister of tho Interior to act ln the
spirit of the Czar's manifesto of 1303, nnd
In effect said he was a resolute opponent
of forclblo repression and intended to de
voto special attention to education. It la
confidently expected that important con
cessions to tho Jews will bo announced
Thc wholo town Is festooned with bunt
ing, and a great crowd attended the un
veiling ceremony, which was significant,
owing to tho presence of varying ele
ments. The ecclesiastical dignitaries on
tho platform Included orthodox priests,
Lutherans, Jows and! Roman Catholics.
When the monument was unyollod Grand
Duke Michael, brother of tho Czar, gavo
tho signal for a salute of 300 guns. Tho
Grand Duko subsequently reviewed somo
This With Short Skirt Is Latest
Walking Costume.
NEWPORT, R I., Sept. 23. Tho sun
bonnet and tho short skirt, with waist.
Is the latest walking costume for young
married women hero. Mrs Lawrence
Waterbury achieved distinction by tho
Innovation. She seemed Immensely pleased
with tho sensation her appearance cre
ated. "Who Is thc llttlo dear?" chirped
Harry Lehr, when he saw a dainty
vision in whlto enter tho tennis courts
at tho Casino. When ho caught a
glimpse of tho face beneath the sun
bonnet ho hurried over to congratulate
Mrs. Waterbun'. "Tho most daring and
picturesque stunt of tho season," ho said,
and from Lehr that was a compliment.
Mrs.. Waterbury is just abovo me
dium height. Tho effect of her whlto
skirt was startling. It would havo been
six inches abovo her shoo, tops, hod
sho worn shoes, but her dainty feet
wero encased in whlto canvas ties. Her
stockings of whlto silk camo Into view
generously. Tho skirt material was of
whlto canvas and her shirt waist of
flimsy silk peekaboo. About hor laugh
ing face hung tho truffled edges of a
sunbonnet of thin whlto llnon. If her
hair had been worn In curls Mrs,
Waterbury would havo passed for a
Elrl of 1G.
Connecticut Man Pays S24 for Pro
testing Against Spooning. .
nARTFORD, Conn.. Sept 23. For
"butting In ' when Miss Elizabeth Cush
inan and George Leturnoy were sitting
on tho stairs at Miss Cushman's home
in Ann street last night, Frank Smith,
a prominent horse-dealer, who lives In
tho fiat over tho Cushman family, paid
a fino of $15 and J3.70 costs ln tho police
court this mornlnir.
"No. Georgo and T arc not engaged
exactly, but" stammered Miss Cush
man, blushlmr. on tho witness-stand.
"But you have hopes," said Judge
"Well, you might ask Georgo. Any
way, Mr. Smith opened tho door so hard
it bumped George and ho muttered
something about the late hour. Pretty
! Boon wo heard Mrs. Smith say; 'No,
Frank, don't butt In.' but Mr. Smith
camo to tho top of tho stairs and told
GeorKO ho thought It about time ho wont
homo. Georgo said he didn't need any
advlco from him. Mr. Smith came
down with d horsewhip and hit Gcoijo
over tho head. Wo called a policeman
and had him arrested "
"I havo nothing to say," said Smith.
"if you had taken your wife's advice
It would havo been choapor," said Judge
Chicago-Portland Special Is Derailod
Near Perry, Or.
PORTLAND, Or.; Sept. 23 A telephone
incosngo from La Grande, Or,, to tho Orc
gonlan states that the baggage and mall
cars and tender of tho cnglno of tho Ore
gon Railroad & Navigation company,
eastbound train No. 2, known as tho Chicago-Portland
spcclnl, which left hero this
morning, went into tho ditch at Perry, Or.,
ten miles west of La Grande, tonight. Tho
baggageman and two tramps who wore
stealing a rldo were Injured. Tho cause of
tho wreck Is unknown.
Extensive Meerschaum Deposits. )
Special to Tho Tribune.
SHOSHONE. Ida.. Sept. 23, Muoh ex
citement has beon occasioned hero by tho
discovery of what nppcarn to bo extensive
beds of meorschaum. Tho deposit was
found by JoBoph Montgomery and George
Dcluc, and Is wild to be n mile long and a
quarter of a mllo In width. From trenches
along tho bed It In estimated that tho de
posit Is from flfteon to fifty feet ln tltlck
l ness, N t
Attack Is He from ! I
Three Sides. I jl
Slaughter of Grown ftflen by I
Mines Is Indescrib- S
able. f ; j'l
Japanese Warships Aro Pouring an 1 n I
Awful Fire Into Russian K. ii j i
Stronghold. Iff
PARIS, Sept, 24. The Matin's St. j , '
Petersburg correspondent telegraphs as I lil
follows: .j. , ll
"Telegrams of which the general staff -j- ll
has as yet no knowledge reached the jji j
Czar at 4 o'clock this morning. I can ij ,
affirm that they concern Port Arthur, '. , jH
regarding which the greatest anxiety 3 !r
prevails at court. j
Attack From Three Sides. '
"The Japaneso are now engaged in a jfl
general assault, which is more furious I i , !
than its predecessors, attacking the , 1 1 i
town onthree sides simultaneously and I j 1
employing their wholo forces, being de- ! LH
ter mined to finish the business. fy jH
Awful Massacre of Japs, i ij 1
"Russian mines blew up wholo n X,
battalions.' Gen. Fock especially dls- u''?' i ll
tlngulshed himself, directing the fire JwU U jjl
from the wall, which tho Japanese SwV
reached after indescribable massacre. g1 ' ll
Fighting as in a Furnace. iP (
"The whole of Admiral Togo's and , B
Vlce-Admlral Kamimura's squadrons wM 1
are aiding the struggle, which, it Is R V;, ll
feared, will be final. The besieged forces fi p jH
arc fighting as in a furnace. Jj H
Fearful Hail of Shells. f!;
"A perfect storm of shell Is falling on I 1
the town, port and fortresss from the j !
whole hill and roadstead. Gen. Stocs&el I jJ
Is going from fort to fort encouraging jjjt. jl
the defenders in their desperate efforts. 9
St Petersburg Is Ignorant. jij
"In St. Petersburg the facts concern- ( !
lng the tragio event which perhaps will uj jH
terminate, by a glorious fall of Port Vj '
Arthur, are wholly unknown. At court ll
hope has not yet been entirely abau-
doned." ''H
London Morning Papers Print a Ser- '
ies of Messages.. ij;'-- ll
LONDON, Sept, 23. A scries of belated I.! I
dispatches from correspondents with tho IH
Japanese army aro published ln tho news- jjjj fH
papers this morning, but they add littli ) IH
to tho knowledgo of tho situation in the jj 'H
far East. . . , W 1
Tho Standards correspondent, under
date of September 17, comments on Gen. ' (;; jH
Kuropatkln's vaccination. He eaye that V.
one time tho Russians outnumbered the n.
Japanese, and that thoy havo now lost ,,
tholr onlv chance of assuming the off on- 'jH
alvo beforo the release of tho Japanoso B
troops boforo Port Arthur. '; .H
Other correspondents confirm thc reports if
that tho Japanese arc suffering because of . j
tho Inclemency of tho weather and a lack jf,, iH
of tents. $i; IH
View of tho Post. Jk ijH
Tho Morning Post thinks It Is lmpossl- 2j! , jH
bio precisely to place a largo Japanese JhL , jH
forco that is endeavoring to turn Gen. 9Jj
Kuropatkln's left, because Ta pass, that hi;'
is. "Groat pas3," Is a term applied to nu- v jH
merous rldpcs nnd passes in Manchuria. j H
Tho papor. however, supposes that Its lm- ,
mediate object may bo tho coal mines of if-. iH
Fushan, which must bo south of thc Hun .jM , -H
river, becauso tho prejudices of tho people j
of Mukden are utrongly against mining j,-,-
on thc north bank of that river for fear .i jH
of disturbing the sleeping dragon that s UL- iH
supposed to inhabit the mountains cast- r jH
ward from Mukden toward Kirln. LjiV. tH
Tho correspondent at Kobo of the i Dally itfffc iH
Express, telegraphing on September 23. IS,' I
says that the Japanese stopped tho Brlttah m
steamer Crusader In tho Tsugarti otralt I .(K ! M
and took It to Hakodate. U 1 Ih , !
Wero Not Mistreated. I
Tho Times' Toklo correspondent tele- Ili'A' ! '1
graphs as follows: "Llout.-Gon. Sir WI1- It&'-i.
nam Nicholson, director-general of tho ?j. j
military Intelligence of the i British War i?. ,;
of nco. who was appointed to observe i the M U (
r movements of the Japanese army, has re- j
turned to Toklo. owing tri sickness Ho h
: emphatically denies tho stories of 1111b- S h fH
oral treatment of foreign attaches by tho S z !
Japaneso staff, and declares that it would H U, ,
lmvo been Impossible to show greater II t
courtesy, grant larger facilities or rcposo W ,
fuller confidence Gen. Nicholson ox- W l i,
presses tho highest appreciation of tho W ! tj JH
skill of tho RuRlsan military engineer B 1 1 '.
and regards thc Japaneso capturo of tho Ktf! fllBl
Llao Yang ontrouohmonta as an cxtraor- Jjy wpj
dlnary-feat of arm ' 1 )T
mrT' Bk

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