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I Brown Men Advance
I - on Fu Pass.
Site of 'msperial Tombs of
the iVlanchu Dy
nasty. Japanese Trying to Isolate Bussian
Columns and Turn Kuropatkin's
Ift Flank.
Kuropatkln telegraphs that the Jap
ane"se have assumed the offensive from
Bentsiaputze, on Fu pass, which Is on
the railroad between Mukden and
Funhun, about twelve miles from Mul;
den The Admiralty here does not confirm J
the report of the departure of the
Vladivostok squadron.
Brown Hen Are Moving.
A brief toiegram was received to
day from Lieut. -Gen Sakhnroft an
r.ounclng the advance of the Japanese
from Bentsiaputze on the village near
Fu pass, cast of Mukden, and the site
of the imperial tombs, which is likely
to revive the fears expressed at Pe
king, that an engagement may be
fought at the burial place of the Man
chu dynasty.
' No Opposition by Russians.
No mention Is made of resistance to
the advance, but it Is not believed this
indicates that the Russians do not In
tend to further oppose the march of
the Japanese on Mukden. It probably
signifies that the Japanese force is
tslng the small road to Fu pass, be
tween the highways leading to Mukden
and Fushun. with the Intention of Iso
lating the Russian columns guarding
To Turn Kuropatkiu's ICft Flank.
The Japanese are still trying to turn
Gen Kuropatkin's left flank, but there
is no indication of their moving west
of the Hun river.
Compelled to Pawn Everything but
Boy's Picture to Obtain Food.
NEW YORK, Sept. 23. 'ISir, I have
to report that the ship has been blown
up and is sinking."
The famous words of "Bill" Anthony
are written over a photograph that
hangs In one small room at 65 Jefferson
street, Hoboken. The room Is the- home
of the mother of the hero of the Maine
'who uttered those words. The picture
is the only thing In the house besides
a mattress and two chairs that has not
been pawned.
Hero Anthony's mother Is starving.
She Is 74 years old, and her only sup
port is a crippled son, who gets a little
work on a pier in New York. She tries
to help pay the rent by sewing, but her
trembling fingers can hardly hold the
needle. Neighbors have given her food
for the last month.
"Bill was my support," she said.
"When he met the woman who deserted
him and caused him to commit suicide,
I was left alone with my son. Alexander.
I have had a hard time of It since poor
Bill died. I pawned the bed that I slept
on yeoterday, so you can tell how poor
I am. The chairs, the table, the furni
ture all went, until all I have left Is
Bill's picture. Let me die tomorrow,
and If a perron offered me a million
dollars for Bill's picture, so that I
might get food, T would refuse.
WAU I have of him now is a pair of
the gloves he wore when he was on
the Maine." she moans.
Via Oregon Short Line.
St. Louis and return 512.60
Chicago and return 47.50
Chicago and return via SL Louis.. 47.G0
St. Louis and return via Chicago.. 4S.75
Through Pullman sloepera via Union
Pacific and Wabash lines.
Tickets on sale Tuesdays and Fridays
each week See agents for particulars.
City Ticket Office 201 Main St.
Prisoner Declared Ho Stolo to Save
Family From Starving.
, NEW YORK, Sept. 23 Dr. Edward
T. W. Ellis, whose father is said to
I have been a Colonel on the staff of Gen.
I Grant, and president of a Rockford,
311., bank, will appear before Recorder
Goff today for sentence, having plead
ed guilty to stealing gold from a den
tist's offlee.
In court Ellis made the plea that ho
had stolen so that he might buy bread
i for his wife and six-year-old daughter,
I whom he l-epresentcd to be In a starv
ing condition. Mrs. Ellis denied this
u statement, and said she had supported
herself and daughter for some time.
Three quarters, of the tea
in this country is not very
i good.
The fraction is npt too
B oar grocer return your mjr.ey If jou don't l'&o
Remaining uncalled for at the postofrtco
nt Salt Lnko City, Soptembor 27, 1DOI. lo
obtiiln these letters applicants must call
for "advertised lottern" and must give tho
dato of tho list. If not called for within
two wookfl thoy will bu sent to tho Dead
Lutter ofllcc.
Gentlomcn's List.
Arndt Harry Lynn A G
Alt Jno Ua;elle Jack
Adamson I R Lambert J Jr
Agncw T G Love J A
Budd Goo Uyrao E J
Buinzn J M Ungcnfolter A T
Bo wen Loster Morgan H F
Burn E II Mitchell J C
Bee J Mlddcmlst II
Brown A S (2) Miller Edward
Brown Epsy Maxwell Robort
Burnslde A P (2) Brooks
Bates A Martin Dr H H
Earclav C B McAllister W
Ballard Phil McGowan Paul
Bcrger Edgar McDougall Jack
Bcnnott Jas 8 McMillan II J -
Bennett W S McGee Geo H
Bersslngcr G McQueen E B
Best W A McKlroy D J
Block B F Norrls E C
Bloom Dr F M Nobto J S
Blood Geo li Nielsen Jno E
Blsdrarla Potcr Noble Rev C W
Bills S A Nodds C K
Bucklev Arthur Obrlcn E II
Corwln Thos , Prone Guy R
Currlc J A Puentc Cesarlo (2)
Coles Jno S ' Peters Arthur
Craney Hugh Pullyman A V
Cunningham E F Paunclforth Sir
Coon Frank Palmar Jas R
Clark Wm Pew J Howard (2)
Clay pool E E Palmer H H
Conklln Arthur Palm Carl N
Clays Erne.it Rogers E W .
Carlson N P Robinson Trico
Cassldy Jas A Roe O H
Dawson M E M Bitter V.r A
DcNcon Edison C Richards B H
Dungs Frank Redding M II
Deem Harry Ramshaw Wm O
Doloy J A (2) Raihono wife
Douglas Mr and Mrs Ratcllff A N (2)
Richard Smith W R
Duncan W C Splllnno Herbert A
Davles Dr Phullp J Stevens Dan H
Daw Isac Stone D A
Edwards Robt Stewart Angus
Fehr Jno Benedict Slcgcrt Herman
Ferguson F Simmons Placer
Kolt R N Mining Co.
Flldlng W D Stlth A O
Fowler Frank Schulkds K
Forsyth W B Landvlk Johan
Fullmer J B Schneider Jno
Ge.lst Goo J TMinn Jno
Oilman M S Tyndalc Dr W R
Goldsmith Ed word Trlppctt J P
Goodfrlend Henry Tics G
Dr Thomas J L
Griffin Jno C Teller Geo
Gulber.on Jno C Thurston Chos
Guerrero Glbbcrto Taaffo Jas
I-Tocker S Tlmptln Raymond
Halloway F E Trlppett Paul N
Harrington Ernest Vaughn Wm
Hardy Wright B Whitehead R T
Hall W A Whitney W S (2)
Herrcll W W Williams Harry
Helthcr W T Owen
Hooper Frank Whitehead Cha3
Jacobson Andy Wcrz Puko
Jennings Dr Woolcock W II
Jacobsen E Woodrow Col H C
Jacobs J J Whitney W S
Jenings Richard Wldcer E E
Johnson Fred Wood F S
Jones A B Wade. E W
Jacobsen Chas Wagewood D W
Kimball F J (2) Weir A L
Kemper Ray Young Clarence
Lee Howard Yost Geo M (2)
Lufkln A W Zernlgcr Paul W
Ladies' List.
Allred A F Lenzlc Miss OUvo
Atkins Miss May Lyon Miss Laura
Alexander Mrs A Lewis Mrs Annlo
Budd Mrs Edith Y McDonald Mrs Rons
Barnes Mrs Jno Bry- McConaughy Miss
son (2) Gladys (2)
Bakin Lllllo Moss Mrs Llnnlo
Bcnett Mrs H S Monthrle Mrs F
Bevls Mrs H Morton Miss Mary
Barnes Mrs Ella Murphy Mrs Luella
Bcrnure Mrs C Mahoney Miss Mag
Benson Mrs D A i?le
Bennine Mrs Marks Miss Jcnnlo
Brown Mrs C II Mallaney Miss Fran
Bennett Mrs els
Clinton Mary .McDowell Mrs A E
Cosby Mrs Bell Nllsson Miss Hllman
Cantlon Miss Sadie Nasblt Mrs Helen
Felix Nelson Miss Balljda
Channlng Rose Olson 2,Uss Ellza
Clark Mrs G F 'both
Clark Mrs Laura Prcade Mrs H
Collins Miss Flora Pctro Mrs H L
Condlc Ernest Prlco Mrs Jas
Clifton Mrs F E Robow Miss Bessie
Clark Miss C Richardson Mrs C A
CofTman Mrs Redman Miss Hazel
Curtis Miss Roberts Jlmmle
Davis Miss Rose Spafford Miss Allco
Dey Miss Louisa Stott Mrs Alexander
Daggltt Mrs M E thlpman Mrs C W
Davidson Corn Siller Miss Elsa
Davis Miss Bertha Symons Miss Erma
Dean Miss Mables K
Blanch Steele Miss Ella V
Farrell Mrs T O State Mrs Geo
Fulton Mrs James Smart Mrs Hilda
Ferguson Mrs Dick Stensel Mrs H R
Frederick Mrs Chas. Snow Miss May
Grlflln Mrs M A Stark Miss Marv
Geddes Mrs S, Swartz Mrs Loulso
Grimes Miss S E M
Gallagher Ella Snow Miss Lllllo M
Golni Mrs Fred Simons Llzzlo K
Greene MlRs Frances Snow Miss Luvcra
Graham Miss Fran- Smith Mrs P
ces Taylor Miss Nettlo
Grlest Mis3 Flora Treallopsen Mrs J
Grant Mrs Augusta. T
W Thoybcrg Mrs Fred
Hall Mrs Roby Twomey Miss C M
llamshlre Mrs Paul Tillett Mrs Allle
Hatch Miss Maude Ulrich Miss Mario
Halm Mrs May E Vlckers Mrs Lucy
Hanson Miss Mattlo Ventress Mrs F L
Homo Miss Jessie VIgllne Mrs Addle.
IllnOs Miss Grace (2) (2)
Hill Mra Helen Wnlsh Miss Blanch
Harlow Mrs Williams Mrs
Harris Mrs Chester Blanch
Juste Miss Zencth Williams Mrs ,
Jnnson Miss Klara Blanch
Jensen Mrs Ida Westphal Miss Ecs
Johnson Mrs B F slo
Kimball MJss Mcllsa Williams Mrs C E
Klrkeby Mrs Hllma Waldenstrom Mrs
Kennedy Mrs Eliza- Th
veth Woolcy Mrs F C
Loursen Miss Alvlra Wroo Mrs II A
Luff Mrs Mary Woost Mrs F D
Ruby "Wood Miss
Murray Station.
Batcman Miss Allco Keel Curtis
CIgrand J H Lowe E S
Clark Lewis O (2) Laymon E J
Davis MIks Allco Moore Harry
Deanery Bart Nlnn Bob
Fitch Mrs Anna Ncstcr Bertha
Frampton Mr Ira Nlder J H
Gdranson Crlstlna Peterson Maggie
Gorsic 7. Parlalcln Jamln
Glenn R F Samuelson A
Hansen Peter Welch Dan
Jordan Thos
Station A.
Anderson B Morris L E
Corum Mr and Mrs Abbott Mr3 Chas
B L Enrll Miss Carroll
Brown Epsy Korrlck Mrs L C
Decker R V Marshall Mrs Sarah
Floyd Richard Williams Miss Maud
Howltt Thos
Postal Card.
Anderson Mrs
A. L. THOMAS. Postmaster.
When In need ot a carpenter, 'phone
H. F. Williams Bell. 2145-K; Independ
ent, 241. Shop, 71 S. State.
Rudolph Wetter Pound Guilty of the
Murder of Chris Long.
SPOKANE." Wash., Sept. 23. Rudolph
Welter, on trial at Grangovlllc, Ida., for
tho slaying of Chris Long and John Wain,
ha3 been pronounced guilty of murder in
tho first degree. The penalty Is stated to
bo hanging, but sentence has not yet boon
passed. Wetter and IiIh victims lived less
than a mile apart In the Salmon river
country. One evening, declaring n!a In
tention to "drive thoso fellows down the
trail," Wetter went to their cabin and de
liberately shot down Wain and Long. Two
others of their party ran away. Later
Wetter appeared at a store several miles .
dlttant, where he took some drinks and
otatcd that h would get out of tho killing
scrape all Tight.
Noted Prelate Has
a Narrow Escape
Special Train Carrying Archbishop of
Canterbury and Party Wrecked
in Massachusetts.
23. A Hpeclal train conveying the
Archbh'hop of Canterbury from Bar
Harbor, Me., to Wayhington was
wrecked on the Boston & Albany di
vision of tho New York Central rail
road near tho station here today. Tho
Archbishop wes not Injured, although
considerably shaken up.
J. Plerpont Morgan of New York, who
was also on the train, accompanying
the Archbishop, was ehnken up but not
Running at Sixty-Mile Rate.
The special running nt the" rate of
sixty miles an hour, was just passing
the station when a detached locomo
tive, which had been drawing a train
on the North Brookfleld branch, ran
onto the main line, for somo reason at
present unexplained. The engineer of
the special sighted a danger signal, but,
owing to the high speed of the train
and the slippery condition of the rails,
due to the mist of early morning, ho
found It Impossible to do more than
slightly reduce the speed of his locomo
tive. The engineer of the hranch en
gine heard the onrush of the special,
but he had not time to move out of
the way.
Light Engino Demolished.
l The Archbishop's train struck the
North Brooklleld engine with a terrific
crash and demolished it. The other lo
comotive was thrown from the rails
and landed across, the eastbound track
near the wreck of the isorth Brookfleld
engine. The cars did not leave the
Immedlatelj" it was realized that the
lives of the Archbishop and Mrs. Da
vidson, as well as of others nttendlng
them, had been Imperiled, and first In
quiries were for them. The Rev. J. El
lison, the Archbishop's secretary, an
swered for those In the Archbishop's
car, saying that no one was Injured.
Maid Was Hurt.
With the Archbishop, besides Mrs.
Davidson and Mr. Morgan, were the
Rev. Hyla Holden and iho Rev. J. Elli
son and attendants. It was rumored
that a maid was hurt, but her Injuries
were not serious. Traffic on the road
was blocked for some time.
Several of the train hands were slight
ly Injured. So great was the speed of
the special that the solitary engine was
carried along 100 yards before It was
dropped on the eastbound rails. The
tracks were considerably damaged.
The Archbishop's special train, with
a new engine, later resumed Its trip
to Washington.
Drake's Palmetto ftino.
This wonrtcrtul tonlo medicine Mill immedi
ately help you and absolutely euro you. Every
reader ot tals paper who desires to cive this re
markable Palmetto medicine a thorough test Is
oflorcda trial bottlo ot Drake's Palmetto Wlno
tree. One tablcspoonful onco a day relieves and
absolutely cures Indicestlon. Flatulency, Con
stipation. Catarrh ot the Mucous Membranes.
Conccstloo of Liver or Kidneys, and Inllatnma
U6n of Bladder to stay cured. It is a wonder
ful tonlo for the nppetlte. nervous system and
blood, and promotes and maintains health
and vltror.
Sorcuty-flvo cents at Drug Stores foralarsro
bottle, usual dollar size, but a trial bottlo will
be sent free nnd prepaid to qvery reader of thin
paper who needs such a medicine. Address your
letter or postal card to Drake Formula Com
pany. Drake Ilulldinir. Chicago. 111. A trial bot
tle will be sent prepaid.
I I I H I I I I ) I t It I I I I I I I I
I Our Display of f
i Bath Goods!
i Brought us a splendid business, so -r
wc havo decided to conHnuo the T
window another week. In the X
meantime we are still improving 4
the Interior of our store.
X Welcome. Step In.' All cars start Jl
from -f
I Godbe-PItts Driigj
I Store
fferve Fago
If You Waste Youp
Nerve Energy, After
Awhile You Will
Suffer For It.
You can wasto nerve forco by oiccsb,
' ver-work, worry, anxiety, oto.
You can weaken yourself by not eating
propor food or securing sufllclcnt rest to
renew tho norvo energy you uso up.
Tho proper treatment, in addition to
good phosphatlc food, nuch na wholo
meal bread, prepared cereals, etc, la.
Dr. Miles' Rcstoratlvo Norvlno.
This Is as truly n brain and norvo
food as any food you could cat, and bor
cldes, furnishes strength and tone of its
own, which goco to tho wcakonod nervo
nyctem. nnd sets It to rights.
Dr. Mllca' Restorative Ncrvlno Is a ' re
freshing, revitalizing tonic food-mcdlclno
for the brain and nervc3. It reconstructs
worn-out nervo tlssuo, and fills your
languid brain with new llfo and vigor.
Dr. Miles' Ncrvlno has mado so many
marvelous cures, of peoplo so sick tho
doctors thought they vero Incurable,
that It is today tho standard mcdiclno
In many thousands of American homes.
Tho first bottlo Jo guaranteed to help
you, or druggist returns your money.
"Tho extreme heat, closo confinement
and Intense menial strain Incident to
tho banking business, has caused mo
to suffer with nervousness and Insom
nia. It gives mo pleasure to say that
I havo used Dr. Miles' Norvlno with
vory satisfactory results In tho treat
ment of theso nffcctlons. I am now on
my fifth bottlo, and cat And sleep well.
In fact havo almost forgotten that I
possess nerves." It. L. DALBY, Asst.
Cashier, State Bank, Tcxarcana, Ark.
,p,, Wrlto to us for Freo Trial
JJ XiJhilt Pnckapo of Dr. Miles' Antl
Paln Pills, tho New Scientific Remedy
for Fain. Also Symptom Blank. Cur
Specialist will diagnose- your case, tell
you what Is wrong, nnd how to right It,
ft i
t -
J A nice lot black kid patent ;
f.. tip, lace, 2 1-2 to 5 1-2.
Black kid patent tip. Patent i
t foxed, lace, 2 1-2 to 6. I
i 1?
i Black kid patent tip, velvet f
i foxed, lace, 2 1-2 to 6.
L : I
k i
c All sizes in soft soles. j
Sold at 5c per pair above nc- J,
tual cost.
SHOE ca l
I 258 S. MAIN I
quartermaster, 512 Dooly building. Salt
Lako City. Utah, September ii. 19il.
Sealed proposals In trlpllcalo will bo re
ceived here until 11 a m , standard time.
October 22, 1004, and then opened for the
extension of water system, at Fort Doug
las. Utah. Bidders will state In their bids
the time in which they will complete tho
work. Full Information and blnnk form
of proposals furnished on applcatlon to
this office Plans and specifications mav
be seen hero. United States reserves tho
right to accept or reject any or all pro
posals or any part thereof. Envelopes
containing proposals to bo Indorsed,
" proposals for water 3ystcn." and ad
dressed to Captain Samuel V. Ham, quartermaster
-'-'' ''1' C A'A, L'&ztS& ;rfrag'i&alA.fll cV:
4 S (tH Among the old chemists gold -was I
? sL'Iir a J) symbolically represented by the sign .
r; Ifis? Webster's Dictionary, j
It looks like a bulls-eye.
rj It is a bulls-eye. - j
Whoda thought those old chemists knew so much. Hun-
dreds of years ago they adopted this symbolical sign, and yet j
. they knew nothing of Utah politics, tariff reform, nor trust
mergers. We all know that the one who hits the most bulls-
Seyes in the financial, political and social world generally has
the most gold, but we don't know much about chemistry. i;
It's peculiar our diverted and dissimilar intellects should
so thoroughly coincide as to the appropriateness of the sign.
ra Evolve .the thought and think are we evoluting into '
( natural born chemists, or are we going to stop at the bulls- !
eyes? ,
j We collected one hundred and twenty-five dollars for Mr. (
3 William Kirkup of Franklin, Idaho, last week. So far as we I
know, he is not a chemist, but he hit the bulls-eye, and is one J
hundred and a quarter ahead. It was an old note. It was torn !
jj and ragged; had to be pined together. Its fragments had long j
I lost whatever glitter they ever had, but the gold we traded the I
note for was as bright as a midday's sunbeam. Do you need
any of this kind of gold? If so, send us your old, mildewed and '
j mossbacked claims, and notes. We will make some bulls-eyes I
l br collecting them, and you will get some gold.
Collectors of Bad Debts.
FKANCIS G. LUKE, Gen. Mgr., j
Jeneral offices 117, 118, 110, 124 and 125 Commercial j
block, Salt Lake City, Utah. t
U Branch offices in Boise City, Idaho, ar Honolulu, H. T.
"Suttie People Don't Like Us."
1 Delays Are Always
I Dangerous !'
-- Don't put oft stopping that cough.
O Ono contracted so early In tho sea- fc
q Bon la liable to lurk around all win- q
tcr Wo aro still making that over-
effective propnratlon, TAR, IIORE- &
which wo ponltlvoly guarantee- will
euro Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
Bronchitis and ull directions of tho $
throat and lungs. 25 ami CO-cent 4.
Q bottles. a
ir -X-
Both 'phones 5il. QuU'.c dllv-
cry. 5
O Agents for Lowncy's Candy It's Q
always fro.h.
fSj sill
I Putting Up Any Fruit? I
Well. If you are, remember we Fpj
St are lenders In supplies. JARS? Pwj
fiS; Hermetic, the New Jar. The Kfjl
5$ Kind without Fussing. So
easy to use, you wonder how
I you ever got along without It. jffj
No danger of leaking or of r)S
fruit spoiling. The Jar with 3
the Vacuum Top. We have i&
other klnd.9, also Mason's
and the Weir Stone Jar. S
Fono 748. jj
fa, ,wr . ,Mr7ff-,i,,-rrtr-tr.rfyi''n17lt.
Medina lower prices for you the
H moro we sell tho lees wo can afford
!to sell for.
We sell you a guaranteed piano
for J250, S16 down and JS per month.
Tou can buy ono now for $10 caah 3
and JC a month. j
Weber Dealers. I
Carstcnsen & Amon Co, J
(Incorporated.) 1
Temple of Music. I
J ; Succoseors to Dayncs Mu6lc Co.
When tho kidneys are sick there Is The final outcome Is either drS'
always a warning to tell you of it. and diabetes or fatal Brlght's pip
when the kidneys call for help there Is Nothing cap cure the sufferer a
no time to lose. Kidney diseases are stage except a medicine that cureBl-'
common nnd fatal cause more deaths kidneys. H-
every year than any other human Ills. There Is one remedy whlchjiW'
But In nlno cases out of ten this Is due falls to cure sick kidneys Doaa'aAl
to neglect- Kidney disorders arc easily ney Pills. This specific helps thwBT
contracted, but just as easily cured p.eya to take out all the kidney poj9'&
when treated properly and in time. Its effects are lasting HundraBf
Common causes of kidney troubles are cures have been made, by Doan'sB-
colds, fevers, exposure, strains on the ney Pills in tills city, imd many gB""
back, blood-poisoning diseases, and In- ful .peoplo testify. Here's onoU?
dulgenct In stimulants. case: ixB
The kidneys are the blood filters, and 3S
when they become sick, the blood is jffl
soon laden with Impurities, which tho Qolf I nlra Cn DfA.cK
kidneys have failed to remove. This Jflll JLdaG AVj irQQlK;
.causes backache, stiff, lame, and sore lm
muscles aching, joint.s, spells of dlzzi- Mrs. Robert C. Klrkwood, residS
ness, headaches, rheumatic pains, 424 West 4th South, says- "An-aiMf1
sleeplessness, nervousness, and lan- Usement in a Salt Lake CltyJBi
guor, weak heart and many other bodily about Doan's iKdney Pills so Impr
aches and Ills. me that I asked Mr. Klrkwood tK
Meanwhile the kidneys are fast at the JP J. Hill Drug Co.'s store-'
breaking down, and from this cause the box. After an attack of the grlpBy
uHne becomes discolored and full of kidneys were weakened and easllJH
sandy sediment; passages are too fre- fected. The pain centered In the'T
quent, and often painful. of the back and was partlculariyW.!!
Uric acid crystallizes and causes vere, rendering stooping or the.a'iS1?
gravel and kidney stones. The bladder lifting anything but pleasant., DdB'
cannot perform Its natural duties. Wa- Kidney Pills certainly did me ajjjMf,
tor which should pass off In the urine of good. I will be only too pleasiSI
collects In different, parts of the body, recommend tho medicine when' op9
causing dropsical bloating. tunltles present themselves.' ' jjjf
For Sale by All Dealers. Prlco 50c. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, II. Y., Pnj'mV
I How are you treating the free lunch "sharks" I i
a down at the end of your bar? "We havo just received a
3 fresh shipment of corn, peanuts, pretzels, herring', ,
S beef extract and clam juice. 1
"The Whiskey Merchants."
I II I'll MBiMWUU:lW.a
m""1 ' ' f
S In Gold Trading Stamps Witiit Everyl Purchase B
Not an effort to dispose of summer goods, but everything you need for-the com- IpJjB
ing seasons. , lrW
IgHSl Every collector of Gold Trading Stamps entitled to 1.00 worth of Stamps Free. S
Jjy Brings your books.
WS 7 0 n Gold Trading Samps (N A A
M wih Every Purchase of
. ....BARTLING fl

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