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Vith Bankers, the Merchants and the BretoTl
H lail Wn Market
jk, Tumble of Four Cents
hostel, Duo to General
aTJ i liquidation.
( .
' rlGO SopL 26.-A break of 4
W &! in wheat occurred her
i fSdtcllnewnsdue to general
tcjl : , rd the reduction of numc-r-
V Larders- Surprisingly heavy
Ipts contributed to the
'5 Jrt The low point of the day
Wt before the close, tin-
uS & t--. a decline of
"! the high opening price
P ice May sold at 51.11.
U Ltit the close was extremely
IB 2 Si Quotation? on December be-
ni KS'of wheat and Hour were
S bushels. The amount on
'Creased 720.000 bushels and
SKttl Icereased 1.312.000 bushels.
5 ELi vrann weather throughout
ai jvti, t weakening influence on
-Airket early in the day, and
u'v; ftre break In wheat prices
iifj fee dtprcsslon. The market
as- ' Uxo?: the lowest point of the
am rtobtr opened a shade to
i Sfc and sold off to C0?6
aft ddoJSd'atSOtic.
J.PW hk weak in sympathy with
rile Deceirber opened 1
15 ttr'at Sliic.to 31c, sold to
Ii titted at 30?fc Local receipts
.th iu Heir?.
iti3 it cf the weakness In corn, the
'market was firm. Small re
f ' tfhJrjand higher price? at the
a&J Iftt tV bull factors. There was
-tit't acl buying on a fair scale by
j SilUns wdd mainly In the way
" 7- 'ittiics, At the close January
tag riJtp 10c at 13 3-5c Lard was up
Ribs clo?el at a gain of
It I iilU56.92i.
4 Open IlUrh. Low. Close.
"JiS ...112 I " 1.0S51 1.00
5,1; U 1.151 1 15Vj l.UV. l.lHi
i a? to S2"i . 52
erari te 60s? 31H B0Vt
iT '. .s 5rt 48 4Si
crSf, fe S) 23V; S
ilbisj' to.. SIS soft
Miii : SJV-J MIL 33 33
.-v3a! ifcrfc. per bbl - )
US I r... 11.0) 11.5214 11.57& 11.G2M:
ku 7 . ..13.33 13 3o'5 13.27. 13.35
a- L VM lbs.
mii r 7 274 7.37'i 7.27'. 7.35
18 C ?.) 7.45 7.iT7l: 7.15
ataH r. . 7.C 7.80 7.0T. 7. SO
i & . . G.HIA C.93 C.50 C.D2
1'fcw ipttillons wens as follows: Flour,
tint sJa. J Jprln? wheat. $1.1$: No 3.
!lnil Lfi'.Xo. 2 red, $1.1101.15: Nn. 2
J S iV.' Xo. 2 yellow, 6t',4c; N0, 2 oats.
: q h No. 2 white, S2'iKlc; No. 3
Isrbi .VSW No, 2 rye, 74c: pood food
rT? c!-T'7rJ'C; fair to rholco maltlnEr,
ijd.i 5Nxl(hxsl, $1.09; No. 1 N'ortli
t b c,tli4. prime tlmothv seed. $2,Sfr
rJf w;k' Pr barrel," 511.7511. SO":
m9 cWpounJs. 57 60; short rib sides
short clear sides
'2b?fi! fSr11-75: whisky, bnsls of hlch
2 dover contract grade, S9.07ji
33J5! , Rcc'ts. Shlp'ts.
togf, 23.000 23.400
i LTr?'s 137,000 lfiTi.eoo
Jjl P.1! 250.600 717.701)
3-r5 210.C00 170.200
10A3 S.Wi 5.0j
..-3. -ibU 2JS.703
e. il:;cl-c1change today the but
w,?"1!' creamery, lfJTl&Uc;
Jet i Coast Grain.
SISkC0 Sen- 2C.-Whent-
; c niy; December. $1.12.
fcr v
ifoJ i EtMks and Bonds.
WA?-,,.Scpt .r3--130 strength
yfii STw,;6 raanlfoHl In the dealings
"S SSfiian,d 1 10 market as a
clcarl- a revival from
; .f "nency of tho latter part
Kii n.H6 slrcn5th and activity
u nSSu COnFestcd In special
Snan,i V10 market had
ffind0yOf qulct for
(f. ": uUhiS0R.Inilrk?.1 ,n Point of
i 'ceifn tS,8lais Slccl preferred.
lW,if ,f sympathetic ad
?eSB roW ,l,8t- Th Pro-
rSs f0r h" ""vldcnd on tho prc
isr.ltotr,Me S'fent quarter is
?HtettlL" N authority could
4 tePtlon The lnde-
' SiVia teS-y? 3trnP- There
A-StttHn.1 lnn"f"co on sentl
AjKu accumu- '
inWhlworffS ?lUons ot Progress
Total 5alcSi Mr
wtf8 1,18 old
:; Losing stocics.
i7: l BfeH'-. w. Close.
: r.-- -i
' Sit" 'fiS lP lisii ils
,a fi4 jp iss
-! S it
2i f . " iss
for2 .rr 'j u iBiz ,2
l-: r i h !?;
.1 fif S g gs
insl SkiL" 1 1: Ir
do we mean when we
"coffee better than
it a
New York 07c -f
-f- San Francisco 07c -f
London 2Gd
New York Exchange ?1.20tH.30
-fs Now York Exchange. . .$12.502112.02 -f
preferred ioo SVi S2W S2
Er,e .35,100 31Vi SO' 31M
1st preferred 1.1C3 67A G5 C7
2nd preferred .... 1,100 4Cg
Hocking Vnlley 73
preferred GC0 m sk S9
Illinois Cen G00 13S 13S14 1K
Iowa Central 2.ITO 21 231 24
preferred 1,400 40 -14 J5V.
K C South 100 24"4 'MT 4 "
preferred 700 47' 4C
T- MOO 125V! 121 121
Manhattan L 1.20-3 155 15-J14 154'.
Metropolitan Sec .. 7,030 79 77-i 7SU
ctP SJ, y G'500 "84 119
M fc S L 55
MSP&SSJL... 2,700 75V 74 75
preforrcd GOO 132 130!6 131V-
lo Pac : 21,700 9SV1 ST?& 97T4
M K & T 1,300 2-IV4 235 21
preferred 2.900 4S-"i iSIA 4S'A
IS at Mex prcf 331A
N Y Ccn 3.400 127 120 127
Norfolk r 3,00i) C5i 6751- CS
preferred 100 9i 91 30
Ontario & W 10,403 35 31 4
en,Eylvanla 7C.KO 132 131W 131
P C C & S L. , t . 71
Reading 35,100 G7.$ GGk CCi
1st preferred &jA
2nd preferred .... 500 7oi 75-i '75H
Rock Island 2.S00 72 71 1VL
S L & S F 2nd prcf 200 BD'. 59 5SA
S L & S W S00 21 M 20L 21 Vl
preferred 200 44 -H -14V.
Southern Pac 13,100 G? 5014
Southern Rail 13.S0O 33- 32
preferred SCO 93 P1" wi,
Tex t Pac k. 900 81 31 3U.
T S L & W 100 32 32 31VI
preferred 300 51 51 51A
Union Pac 60,100 101Vi 100 100-
preferred 02
Wabash 900 21 VI 20 21
preferred 1,000 4 2 412 41i
W & L E COO IS 17 17
Wisconsin Cen .... 5C00 20 19 20
preferred 1,100 40 IS 40
Mex Cen 1,300 13 13 13
Express Cos
Adams 230
American 203
United States U5
Wells Fargo .... 235
Amal Copper 10.000 5S 57 57
Am Car & Found 1,800 1 23 23 23
preferred 10-3 S0 0 S0
Am Cotton Oil 00 32 32 32
preferred 200 93' 92 92
Am Ice 2.S00 7 7 7
preferred G.EOO 30 2S 20.
Am Linseed Oil 12
preferred 31
Am Locomotive .... 1.C00 2 2G 20
preferred 500 9i 95 PoJ
Am S & R -1.300 07 C7 07
preferred 1.700 109 10S 100
Am Sugar 23.5CO 132 130 132
Anaconda Mining ... 0.M0 93 93 90
Brooklyn It T .... 2,400 55 54 51
Colo F & J 900 35 Sl 31
Con Gas 2,100 205 2fi 201
Corn Products .... -ICO 11 14 11
preferred CS
Distillers Sec G.I00 30 0 30
Gen Electric 1.S00 171 100 171
lntern'1 Paper 10
preferred 100 To 75 74
Tntern'l Pump ..... 00 31 31 31
preferred 200 77 77 77
Nat Lead 0 23 2j 23
North Am f-'W 90 95 95i
Pac Mall 7CO 35 33 33
People's Gao 2.200 '103 101 10W,
Pressed Steel Car.. GOO 33 33 33
preferred 103 SO SO 79
Pullmnn Palace ... 103 217 217 215
Republic Steel .... 1.9-30 9 S S
preferred d.20-3 45 43 41
Rubbr Coods 100 19 19 19
preferred 300 S2 Sl S2
Tenn C & 1 2.200 47 47 47
U S Leather 3,00-1 10 0 9
preferred 1.203 S7 S7 S7
U S Realty 3,300 55 Ft 1
U S Rubber 500 20 19 19
preferred 1.100 75 74 74
U S Steel 01.700 17 17 17
preferred 0.300 70 GS 00
AVostlnKhouso .. .. 3,100 10-1 162 101
Western Union ... 100 . 90 90 9-3
U S rof, 2s rcg.104 Man con gld 4s.l00
t Coupon 105 Mex Cen 4s 07
U S-3s rcg 105 1st Inc 10
Coupon 105 M & St L -is ... 9.1
U S new -Is. rcg. 131 M, TC & T 4s.... 100
Coupon 131 2nds 80
U S old 4c. reg.100 ICat R R of Mex
Coupon 107 consol Is ...... 0
Atch gen is 103 NYC gen 3s. 93?i
Adjt Is 95 N J C gen 5s .131
Atlnntic C L 4s. 93 Nor Pac 4s .- .105
B & O 4s 103 3s
3k '5 N & W con 4s.l02
Cen" of Ga 5s... .111 OSL Is and par. 99
1st inc S3 Pa conv 3s ... 90
C & O 4s .... .105 Reading gen 4s.l00
C & A 3s 80 StL&IM con 53.117
C, B & Q now 4s 97 StL&SF fg Is.,. SC
C.M&SIP gn 4S.109 St L & 3 W lsts b
C & N W con 73.129 Scab A L 4s.... S2
C.RI&PRR -In... 70 So Pac Is 93
Col 5s S7 So Ry 5s 110
C C.C&St Lgnls.101 T & P lsts 119
Chi Tcr Is 75 T St D & W 4s. iO-u.
-Con Tob 4s 73 U P 4s . 101
Colo & So 4s.... S5 Conv 4s 10A
D & R G 4s.... 100-?', IT S Steel 2d 5s. S3
Erie pr lien Is.. 99 Wabash lsts .-..ll'-
General 4s .... 87 Deb B pt-.f
F AY & D Clst.,110 W & L E 4s .... 80
Hocking V 4s.l0K Wis Cen 4h 90tk
L & N unit 4s. .100 C F & I con Cs.. 7G
Silver nnd Drafts,
NEW YORK. Sept. 20. Bar sllvor, 57;4c.
Mexican dollars. 45c.
bars. r7c. Mexican dollars, 4(4i14Gc
Drafts,' sight 5c: tolegi-nph. 7c.
Monoy and Exchange.
NEW YORK. Sept. 20 Money on call,
firm. per cent; closing bid. 1; of
fered, 1. Tlmo loans, steady. Sixty
days. 3 per cent; 90 days, 3 per cent; six
months, 1 per cent.
Prime mercantile) paper, 4'oj per cent.
Sterling oxchango firmer, with actual
business In bankers bills at $l.65.7617;l.S0.M)
for demand and at Ji.SC 45tM.S3,fo for
sixty-day bills; posted rates, HWj-Slyj
nnd JJ.SG1,S7, commercial bills, J4.S21P
4.S3. '
New York- Metftls.
NEW YORK, Sept. 20. Tho London tin
market cloBfid at 120 12s 6d for spot, and
127 Is 2d for futures. Locally tho mar
not was a little lower in sympathy, clos
ing ?27.6Aff.2775, , , . ,. a,"
Copper was unchanged at 01 lie uu tor
both spot and futures in tho London mar
ket and romalnod unchanged locally also.
Lake Is quoted at $12.75GTJ.O0; olectrolytlc
at 3l2.75tfl2,S7, and cabtlnif at $12.00i?
Lead was unchangud at $4 20tJ4.30 In
tlio local market and at 11 17s Cd in Lon
don. . , ...
Spelter was unchanged in both mar
kets, closing at $5.105.20 locally, and at
22 7s Gd In London.
Iron closod at 60s 3d In Glasgow and
at 42s lOy-d In Mlddlcsboro. Locally iron
was unchanged, No. 1 foundry northern
is quoted at $13 7r4?14.25: No. 2 fpundry
northern at SU.'flSG; No. 1 foundry
southern and No. 1 foundry southern soft
at $13.5013.75,
London "Wool Auction.
LONDON, Sept. 20. The. offerings at
thu wool auction sales today amounted to
12.007 bales: sllpca were in strong demand,
and oovcral lots were taken for America.
Merinos were in good demand for home
and German buyers. Crossbreds wore In
good demand. American buyers secured
several parcels of fine crosabreds. Capo,
of Good Hope and Natal grades met with
a Bteady demand. '
1 1 T-MTTflTTfri-rnTrTWirrittfj33fcajB
Produce fiaso't
Felt the Freeze
Fruit nnd Vegotable Market Remains
Unchanged Some Meats a Lit
tle Cheaper.
No effect of Sunday nights frost was no
ticeable on tho local produce market yes
terday, tho supply of seasonable fruits
and vegetables having been still unlimited
and prices governed by the ability of tho
producer to unload his products in other
words, by tho demand of tho hour. It was
thought that some results of tho light
freczo might bo apparent today.
Dressed lamb has been reduced from 7
cents to G cents, wholesale, and dressed
veal from S to while the retail prlco
of porterhouse steak has dropped from 25
cents, to 20 cents. Pork continues firm at
the recently advanced prices. In other
lines there wero no changes yesterday, and
thc market was comparatively quiet.
A largo arrh'al of new oranges was on
the market,
Wholesale Quotations.
Hay. Grain and Straw. Oat straw, per
ton. $10.00; alfalfa. $10.00fiilO.GO: timothy,
per ton, baled, $140Oa15.0): wheat, per
bushel. 95fi$1.05; com, per cwt . $1.40fi1.60;
corn, cracked, Sl.45ffl.55; oats, $1.407jtfl.50;
rolled oats, fl.eoff.1 Co, barley, rolled, $1.3547;
1--I5; Hour, bakers No. 1. 22.30; Hour,
straight grade. J2.40ff2.W), flour, high pat
ent $2.COff2.70 rye. $2.60: granam flour,
$2,6052 75; cornmeal. $1.9022.00; bran. $1;
bran nnd shorts, $L10uU5.
Meats Dressed beef, pound. 4Q5c;
dressed veal per pound, Sc, dressed pork,
per pound. Sc; dressed lambs, per pound,
Cc; dressed mutton, per pound, &T5c;
dressed hogs. 8c; live. Gc per pound.
Poultry. Dressed hens, He; broilers, per
pound, 16o. 1
Fruits Valencia oranges, case, $4.50;
Utah cantaloupes, dozen. 30ff50c; Utah
watermelons, dozen. 50cff$l GO; white
grapes, case. $1 15; Mack grapes. $1.00;
Tokay grapes, $1,35; Utah apples, bushel.
75c; Santa Paula lemons, box. $4.03
peaches, box, GOffTSc: plum3. box, G0c: ba
nanas, per bunch, t2.Cv, Hmca, per 103,
$1,50; Utah pears, box, S1.2G; cranberries,
$10 a barrel; Concord grapes. 25c a basket.
Sugar. Beet sugar, per 100. $6.40; cane
sugar, JG.50.
Vegetables. California head lettuce, 50
tfTGOc per dozen; oyster plant. 45c a
dozen; China radishes, 40c a dozen: new
celery, dozen, 50c; parsnips. . dozen,
bunches, GOc; new peppers, per- pounds. Gc;
Utah summer squash, dozen. 2yc; Utah
tomatoes. COffTOc a bushel; yellow onions,
per 100, $1.23; vegetable marrow,' doz
en, GOc; red cabbage, ppr pound, 2c;
sweet potatoes, por cwt., $2.50; Utah
cabbage, per 100, 75c; now potatoes,
per cwt., 90c; bunch turnips, per dozen.
15c; green onion, per dozen, I2c; rad
ishes, Utah, 10c; pumpkins, dozen, $175;
golden tomatoes, pound, 4c; Utah egg
plant. Gc-
Dalry Products. Butter, per pound, 25c;
cheese, per pound. 12c: eggs, per case,
$7.50ff7; comb honey, per crato $2.75;
sweltzer cheese, per pound, 18c; limbing'
cr cheese, per pound, 10c; cream brick
cheese, per pound, 17c; Edam cheese, per
dozen. $12.00.
Fresh Flsh.-Utah lake bass, 30o; sal
mon, 13c; mountain trout. 35c Utah cat
fish. 12c; halibut. 12c; striped bass, per
pound, lGc; shad, por pound. 11c; Macki
naw trout, 10c: mackerel, 13c; soles, per
pound, 9c; floundors. per pound, 9c: Cali
fornia smelts, per pound, 12c, catfish, per
pound. 13c; perch, per pound, 10c; lobsters,
per pound. 15c; oysters, New York
coimts, $1.G0 per 100, selects. $2.50 per gal
Ion. Retail Quotations.
Meats. Prime rib, 17c; porterhouse,
20c; pork. 17c; mutton chops, 10ft 15c; legs,
.Gc; spring lamb, per quarter, S1.00S1.50;
veal. 12ff20c: veal loaf. 30c.
Poultry Dressed hens, ISc: brolbirs, 35
GOc; turkeys, 25c; geese, t2c; ducks, 20c;
roast springs. 0c.
Fruits. Crabapples, 40c a peck; Utah
apples, pound, Gc; figs. 15625c; lem
ons, per dozen, 25c; oranges, per dozen.
lOffGOc; peaches, per pound, Gc;
per case, 10 to COc; bananas, per
dozen, 30c; pears, Gc a "pound; limes, 2c;
plums, Gel noctarines, Gc a pound; L'Vah
watormolons, 15ef740c; Utah cantaloupes,
5ffl0c; grapes (black), three pounds for
25c; grapes (white). 10c: Tokay grapes,
10c; Utah Concord grapes. 10c a pound.
35c a basket; Eastern concord grapes. 33c
a box; riomogranltc, 15c lb.: pineapples, 35
and GOc each.
Vegetables. New celery. Gc a stalk; oy
ster plant, Gc a bunch; China radishes. Gc
a ounch; Utah egg plant. 5c a pound;
parsnips, bunch, 5c; Utah peppers, threo
pounds for 25c: rod cabbage, four pounds
for 25c, sweet potatoes, per lb., 5c;
green corn on cob, dozen, 20 and 35c; vege
table marrow, two for 15c. Utah summer
squash, three for 10c; Utah cucumbers,
three for Gc; cauliflower, 12c a pound;
potatoes, per peck. 20c; wax bcana.
four pounds for 25c; cabbage, per pound,
Gc: turnips, per pound. 2c; green onions,
ic; carrots. 2c; beets. 2c, Utah to
matoes, per pound. 2c; lettuce, Gc;
California lettuce, two for 10c; pumpkins.
15c- Hubbard squash, 15c. pickling
cucumbers. GOc per 100; pickling onions,
GOc a pock.
Dairy Products. Butter, por pound. 30c;
cheese, 15c; eggs per dozen. 25330c;
fancy cheese, per pound, 25c; comb
honey, per comb, 15c; strained honey, per
pound, 16c; Swiss cheese, per pouno. 40c;
Hmburger cheese, por pound. GOc; "cream
brick cheese, 25c; Edam cheese, oach
Fresh Fish. Black bass. 35c; 1 salmon.
17c; mountain trout. 40c; brook trout,
each 12c; Utah catllHh, per pound, 15c,
halibut, iuc; striped basH, 20c, shad, lGc,
Mackinaw, trout, 20c; soloa, 12c; lloun
der 12c; smelts, 15c: codfish, lGc; perch.
lnt.c'- sturgeon, lGc; white fish. 20c; moun
tain herring, 20c; select oysters. COc quart.
St. Louis Wool Market.
ST LOUIS. Mo.. Sept. G. Wool FIrmj
medium gradco combing and clothing. 20j
2Gc; light fine. lGff20c; heavy line, VJ-SlCc;
tub washed, 22635c.
Now York Sugar Market.
NEW YORK. Sept. 20. Sugar Raw.
firmf refining, 3c; centrifugal; PO-teut.
4G-lCs; molasses sugar, HMc. Reilnfd.
firm; crushed, $0.95; powdered. $0,0; gran
ulatcd, $5.25.
Butter nnd Eggs.
NEW YORK. Sept. 20. Butter Firm;
street prices extra creamery. 20c; official
price creamery, common to extra. 13620c;
Stato dairy, common to extra, 136'19c.
Choose Firm. ... ,.,
Eggs Dull; Western fancy selected, 21
622c; do averago best, 20621c.
Elgin Butter Market.
ELGIN, Sept. IG. Butter ruled firm on
the board of trade today, selling at 20
contn a pound, an advanco of cent from
last week's prices. Sales for thc week
were C93.000 pounds.
Visible Grain Supply.
NEW YORK. Sopt, CO. Thc visible sup
ply of grain Saturday, Soptember 21, as
compiled by tho New York Produco Ex
change, was as follows:
Wheat, 15.203,100 bushels; Increase, 1,
193.000 bushels.
Corn. 0,471.000 bushels; Increase. S19.0CO
''"oatsf lS.lGG.OOO bushels; Increase, 2,073.000
blRvco"' 1,401,000 bushels; Increase, 110,000
Barley, 3,127,00 biiBhcla; Increase, -934,000
CHICAGO, Sept. 20.-CattIc Receipts.
24.03, Including 1000 Toxans and CC03 West
erns; market steady to 10c higher, good to
prime steers, $5.7560.50; poor to' medium,
$3.io63.40; stackers and feeders. $2.256100,
cows. SL5064.33; heifers, $2.0065.23; can
ncrs, $1.5062.40; bulls, $2.0:64.00: calves.
$3.5060.25; Texas fed steers. $l.C063.C0.
Wostorn steers, $3.6065.10.
Hogs Receipts, 17.000; market 10615c
higher; mixed and butchers.- $3.Co6t'30
good to choice henW, $3 906.30; rough
heavy. ?5.C0ff5.90; light, $5.7060.30; bulk of
salc, $0.936016.
Sheep Receipts, 35,000; sheep and lambs
steady; good to choice wethers, $3.7561 2i;
fair to choice mixed. $3.006103; Western
sheep. $3.0061.25; native lambs, $3.506'3.S5;
Western lambs, $4.0065.G3.
o SOUTH OMAHA. Sept. 20 Cattle Re
ceipts. 9500 Market, best fully steady;
others, shade lower. Native oteors, $1 0OQ
6.00; cows -and hcifcra. $2.506 3.76; West
ern steers, $3.0061-70; Texas steers, $2.036
3.75; range cows and heifers, $2 2563.35;
canners, $1.7562.16; stackers and feeders,
$2.2561-00; ailvcs. '.0065.00; bulls, stags,
etc , $1.756,3 23.
HOGS-Rccclpts, 200. JiLirkct. active:
10c higher; heavy, $5 7565.93; mixed, $5.85
65.90. light, 55.956G.05J pigs. $4,506-3.70;
built of sains. ?5.E565.30.
Sheep Rccolpts. 30,000. Market, steady,
easior. Westerns. $3.0063.90; wethers, $3.40
63.S0; ewes, $3.0063.50; common and stack
ers. $2.5063.75; lamb3, $4 G06C10.
Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY, Sept. 2G.-Cattlc-Ro-ccipts,
21,000. Steady. Native steers. $3.75
60.00; nativo cows and heifers, $l.a64.76;
stackers and feeders. $2.2561.00; bulls,
$1.7563.03; calves, $2.5065.50; Western
stoers. $3,006-1.23, Western cows, $1,506
$3.23. s
Hogs Receipts. 4000. Maricot, 10615c
higher. Bulk of sales. $5.8560.03; heavy.
$3.1:560.03; packers. $3.io60.10; pigs and
light. 55.SO6C.05.
Sheep Receipts. 20.000. Steady to 10c
lower. Muttons. $3 0033.75; lambs. $1,006
5.00; rango wothers, S3.2563.Wi ewes. $2.50
63 '.'0; Utah lambs. 72 pounds, $5.00.
Not Fatal
No Matter What Doc
tors Say We Know .
That Heart Trou
h I e in Many
Cases Can Be
Thero nro seven main features of
heart disease, viz.: (1) Wealmcsa cr
Debility;- (2) 'Rheumatism or Nouralgla;
(3) Valvular Disorder; (4) Dilation;
(6) Enlargement; (6) Fatty Degenera
tion; (7) Dropsy.
Documentary evidence will 1 prove
thousands of so-called "Incurables" havo
been absolutely cured by Dr. Miles'
Now Heart Cure.
Patients often havo no idea their dls
easo 13 heart trouble, but ascribe it to
Indigestion, Liver Complaint, etc.
Here aro some of tho symptoms:
Shortness of breath aftor exercise.
Smothering Spells. Pain In Chest, loft
Shoulder and arm. Discomfort In Lying
on ono Bide. Fainting Spells. Nervoua
Cough. Swelling of Feet and Ankles.
Paleness of Faco and Lips. Palpitation.
Nightmare, Irregular Pulso.
"I have great faith In Dr. Miles' New
Heart Cure, and speak of Its merits
whenever opportunity presents. 1 can
now go up and down stairs with case,
where three weeks ago I could hardly
walk ono block." Ono year later. "I
am still in good health; tho Heart Cure
did so much for me, that I find it a far
greater medlclno than you claimed It
to be." S. D. YOUNG, D. D., 0S7 North
Pino StM Natchez, Miss.
Money back If first bottle fallo to benefit
T4"R7vT1 "Write us and wo will mall
JXShlj you a Froo iTInl Package ot
Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills, the Now.
Scientific Remedy for Pain Also Symp
tom Blank for our Specialist fo diagnose
your case and tell you what Is wrong
nnd how to right it. Absolutely Froe.
H "We collect bills in such a
manner as to give no offenoo fSJ
W, to thc debtor and conao- jy,(l
RjJ quently no loss of patronage M
to our client. Wo would llko Jfr
to hnvc overy business man vg
In Salt Lako City and Utah g
inentignto our syatem of Aj
collecting. We want to lm- 5
press it on all that w.e col- &ji
Uct current accounts as well
, Eft fto bad debtx.
i Offices. top floor D F W
'$3 Walker Bldg 'Phone 1063-IC; go;
32j Ind. 'phono. 10C9. SALT g
M LAKE CITY Reference, &
.yjL Walker Bros Bank. j&j
500 r
50,000 ," "
Shipments: Just thc same care
ful attention and the same hlgh
grado flour.
Wrllo us, j'
. , j
M. S. II AN'AUKK. MnnaKer
Removcd to 152 South W. Temple.
rtll receive prompt attention. Auulytlc
work a Bpcclal'y, Bend for prlco List. ,
Get Your J
$ Money's Worth
jr When you pay 40c for a pound of T
t Aukola Coffee you may bo assured T
j" you arc getting every cent's worth J
J" of quality possible for the money. T
j Ankola CofTeo wouldn't bo na good TJ
a as it Is If wo gave you "a premium T
with It, and you know 1L T
x Cook Tea & Coffee Co. I
X 'Phone 974-Y. 14 B. 3rd So.
Continuous quotations on Now w
York Stocks nnd Chicago Grata, l-
j Wo buy and sell stocks and grain m
$ on margin or for cash. Our private
. room3 cnablo our customers to m
j come In nnd transact business with Kj
v tli utmost secrecy M
p Wrlto or call for our Book of In-
formation ("System of Specula- 3
tion"). free upon application, d
Rooms 209.210-211-'.'12 D. F. Walker S ;
i block 3
? M-mbers Salt Lako Stock and a
,J Mining Exchange. 'Phono C?0.
Copper Stocks
Should Subscrlbo to tho
$1 a month, $12 a year.
The highest recognized author
ity on all matters pertaining to
It publishes more facts rela
tive to tho equipment, coats of
productlonoutput, earning pros
pects and tho lntrlnolc and spec
ulative values of developed cop
per propositions than any other
financial publication in tho
Send, for free sample copy.
C. W. BARRON, Publisher,
Exchange Place, Boston.
Send for our record pamphlet on
You began to think of a rfrh
lng oummcr tonic or beverage? Of
cours?e( you desire the beat no
mistake can be mado by orderinc
a caso of
One trial Is all we aok. Put up
In quarts or pints. A small glass
ful two or three times a day will
add etrength and vitality.
Adam Snyder, Agt., 276 S. Main St.
Fred Krug Brewing (2o.
Omaha's Model Brewery,
Telephone 1061 Y. SALT LAKE.
It Inoures ea enjoyable. Invitroratlng
bath; makes every pore reopond, ro.
moves dead akin.
starts tho circulation, and leaves o
clow equal to a Turkish bath.
Lrunicenness -urcJ.
. positive and Kmanant euro for
drunkenness and the opium diseases.
There la no publicity, r o sickness, Ladloa
treated as privately as at their own
homes The Kecloy Infatltute. 314 W. So,
TVmple. 8nit Iike City. Utah.
K Distributers of UTAH'S BEST j
FLOUR, mado by tho Farmers' M
U Vnlon Roller Mills, SmithfioUl, j
U Utah K
I ys C. W. M. D.s f
"JjK. w Mlcroucoplc ana. Analytic Physician.
JmIIUw CURES Fits, Norvoua Wenknoss. Ncu-
b Wy$I rMgla, Varicocele. Weak Splno. Bllioua- 0
t (Ci w& nets, Gravel. Soro Eyes. lyang Dir.eanes. i
jhJS &JcP Tapo W6rm, Dyepepeln, Hvcr and Kid- ?
KoImvI "Oil neJ Complaint, Detjfneas, Catarrh, Ery- i
KiSvrtlw. Rtm P olpelofl, Old Sores, bcrofula. llii-' - -, Vmi. A
Jaxfy'j til'tt Jo. I'Ucs in their woil ..v..-m. U
w&ypYTfl rf. Those afflicted vllh Epllopay or Fits can i
y,i?JtfS$'( HiviWiy "c Permanently curod. Ti
vJ'vyS-J) BJ' th? aid of tne Mlcroscopo wc con ic- f
-7wlVA i tcct Calcut. Cancerous Matter, Carbonate .
yKJlL Tga W i Ii ' Lime. Albumen, and nil extraneous r-
"'uyyST rvS 1 IB aubBtanecB mlrcd with tho Urine in- P
fe:V&rfnW Tf Blood. Thin Is tho scientific prlnclp:-! V
MynlLl " f reatlnc Chronlc Dleeases. L
vt no? f3 Can found at bis office. St. Elmo Ho-
la ' VV Jfr tel. frpm 10 a. m. to K p. m. Rooms 17, IS
A!ii-i'-n'jzxzs:a;.zzixiiikL"'firT, Ti:..vm1K"",-'--."''i '-j- t 't-'.j-
, " J"" ""i J 1 1 " i. . .i , . i 1 1 , ,,, uu ..... ... ...i i i , . , i u i , . .ip . i i , . , im
I DOCTOR COOK gf"vcnDlsoass
EFhw&o $fT Cure, quick and radical in j
S dScicrin frSm G to 20, I So1-0.? my
; cSuli 1 rain irun o do W Completely and permanently ,
. Sn'fC'bu iS frWffl curfd by my new process; all
; tention non uusincss. dfip. disagreeable symptoms soon :
i WASTING WEAKNESS . 4V disappear completely and i
'i . , , . M . A jw! forever; It Is safe, palnlcts i;'
i Time of cure. 10 to 00 days, 4V Gand bloodlcFa. An absoluto :
3 by my original, very slmplo .VN. Jrvffl&curc guaranteed.
remedy (used exclusively by iKM jSrJW U
me) 'VXWWiS BL00r POISON" j
1 PRIVATE DISEASES iMf Even- voatlgo of poison ro-
, , -j WOTr moved from system without i
cured in 8 to 10 days, without Ww.P aid of mercury or potash.
the use of poisonous druga. ,
I Consultation la free and Invited and in consulting mo you may bo sure that ;
i nothing that science can devise or skill perfect haa been left undono to afford j
3 you a speedy, snfc and permanent cure.
WRITE mo in full confidence, explaining your troubles as they appear to f
j you nnd receive by return mall my honest and candid opinion of your case. t
I eooK MSDaeftL eo., "iS-tfS:
r Kt-i r .M.lL.-Tn--'Nl'r-:r.tJLr.Jrr.r-. '.-y:jrf ,, ,.f 'i'.,.i.v.':.'.r'i'?i
CATAUKU-lVsafness. :.'oio ai.J 1'hroat f ?-
I W&JZ&l. Troubles. lSyo and KAr Ulscuses. Lironoliliil A (T&W
Kfti'&Sh? "Ti and Lunj; Troublos. Asthma. Htomucli, Mr- (Hfr. STjlS'i
foti$o Sv or nn,, Kidney I)l60.isi. 1'ladUor Troblos. yV "SStefl
SCftfij forualo Complaint. (Ihronlo D'se.ises ot iniiO
W&rh Woman and CUlldron, Ueurt PIeftso Nor- Li ,w"J.AI(
XJiy if ?,V voue IJUeaies, Chore'.. (Hu Vli-ia Dnneo). Tr '- itf A$ I
i 'ilJr BtorilH, Klckole. Spinal Trouble. Sitln 1)1- C
H oaen, Uoiatloa and HUoumutlsm, l)lc."l.oi 7j--& j1 I
jNv. AtL ot tbs BotoU, I'IIck. flitula uud ltco'.ul "wyp'R, Afjfc. J
n jr TroublM. GoUro (or blc us'-k). lllocd Dl- Kyfx2SxSi5
Ai -!3 . noose, Tajw Wonn. ituy rover UjBtorla, -. flfirftgM&Zr
i vW?v- Yr W lpllopcy, miomnln, oto.. and aU Nurvoui, iW4yZc
OuffRv WsrCTItS Prl7v and Chroulo Dlsnui. vi, '
aWlr.iVM ConMultutliiM Froo. 1
'-'wcivfl. ,n 0,1 Private diseaioi o! mtn. jo show our AWV'V!f?Jt
SSfJiw ' good faith and skill, ivo are alwsvs Willing to fjvfnvx
Dn. AwJ siiouna Wait tor our leo until o euro io etiaclcd. do.o. w. onoaaa.
! S'WEAK MEN1" v"ocelb.
j thoroncb, Not ouo or " 1 Abv)lntolr palnleia
our patlonlii ha.i ovur I 11 1 -- , . ,. , , tToulrucnt toaC roa
! i-a - rrln.pao nnSr So called "Woakncis" In mon rLroerr.lx cocjpieioi. Inrtaii. I
1 bolDff dlscuar''od u a yraplotu or obroolo InUhmmalloii In ptii our inolhoa. It
1 ourcd, and ho onro lu ito prostalu ainud, broUKla ou by early 1 too only thoroucnly j
leu) tlmo than thfc or- dissipation or by tho liupropur treat- c ontlUc troatuiout tor
dlnary lorois of troat- roont of some tontrnctod dlioao. A lV' ,J,S0'lM bolnjr m-
mont require. oomploto aud radical cuioh, tboryforo, I-'oyod.
; u q-jostlon of roJtorlni: tbo prostate I
' t'luud to Its norma) iUiq, nd this iro 1
StxtifIC DI001 PolSOa. ffi 'ntSal'mS V I
No dani:orou5 ralr.orald Our '.icatmoni l u local ono outlroly. u. -Jirlntnro' i-l 1 n
to drlvo tbo virus to It I: tjrisliial nnd soluntllle, aud haa i'oVt SliiiTliooTl Ilvi
, tho InUirlpr. but barm- Iwon proven nhtol'jtuly nnucilrn by droccN- 8 iVi lri iil
le.a. blood-cleanslnc tbouMnd of tests. Wo oro convinced Wc-ikiioi? etcu ar i
wm4lci. that r.imoTo that bj no other molbods cnu rull Ltd ttIo iiiiioii- th hi '
j ' ' ' '
3 TT Biako o apcalnley of curlnK patients by mnll. Wo havr curOi thousand who hare g
j noror oeen us pcrsunaily If yon aro ordtoiod and cauuot ill, nrllo us for adrke aud freo tyrap- H 1
I torn blank, and tto wl'l uladly odrlae you rcuardltic your ca&o. frco of oharco. Q I
063 co Hours! Vt. m. to6p.fi, I Kenluir.7 to 6i Sunday, and Holidays, 10 a. to, toll jj
DBS. SHORES & SHORES, Expert Specialists, 249 aaa jl
Consult County Clerk or the re.pectlv w'' I ' ' I 'IbLh
Ignero 'ior further Information. Kj ', i '
bo to division, in and for Salt Lake coun- llf j HlH
ty, Stato of Utah. In tho matter af tho l - ul
cntato of Etban Barrows, deceased. No- IE- ' ?
Tho petition of Lucy Barrows, admin- m , (niH
lstratrlx of tho estate of Ethan Barrows. Hit . ,
deceased, praying for thc settlement of W. t-nH
llnnl account of said Lucy Barrows, ad- Kj eLH
minlstratrix, and for the distribution ot ffif i ' ILI
tho residue of said ostate to tho persons Vi ; U
entitled, has been set for hearing on Frl- H' . '.!BiH
day. tho 30th day of Soptomber, A. D. HM .'TliH
liOi. at 10 o'clock a. m dt tho county K 'aH
courthouse, in the courtroom of said HI! I lH
court, in Salt Lake City. Salt Lako coun- fft' ' i
U', Utah, m IH
Witness the clerk of said court, with ;' ,r
tho seal thereof affixed, this 19th day of H . Ipj
September, A. D. 1904. V ! ' I IH
I Seal JOHN JAMES, Clerk. j
By David B. Davics, Deputy Clerk. If : lH
al722 ffl;
bato division, in and for Salt Lako coun- j; iaH
ty. State of Utah. In tho matter of tha flf' . ffj
estate of Clara Z. Dooloy, deceased. No- HI j IfHJ
tlce. K - HHB
The petition of George Jay Gibson, or- if- j rHBaffJ
ecutor of the estate of Clara Z. Dooloy. U )HHaVJ
deceased, for confirmation of tho sale of I
the following described real estate of said I p 'J
aecedent towlt, all that certain tract or I . 1 HBVJ
parcel of land situate, lying and. being In I 1 1 JHBpJ
tho county of Salt Lake, Stato of Utah, I ' ! i hVA
described as follows, towlt: Commencing I'M 1 HBaVJ
at a point flvo and one-half rods .north of I ; ,1
tho southeast corner of lot S, block CT, r ! 1 ifAVJ
pat B, Salt "uike City survey, and run- Ii I. , iHH
nlr.y thence jirth threo and one-half (3V1 : I "IVAb
rods. thenfi west ten (10) rods, thenctf' M .
south '.iirc and one-hnlf Mi) rods, thenco P 1HH
cast ten (10) rods to tho point of begin- 1 ! pHBVJ
mi)g, for the sum of 35750, and upon tho I HBVJ
following terms, towlt, cash upon con- , i i HbVJ
llrmatlon. as appears from tho return of I , HbVJ
flftlo, filed In this court, has beon set for j ' , HBpJ
hearing on Friday, tho 30th day of Sep- lj. )
tcmber, A, Dt 1901, at 10 o'clock a. rn- at HI, i HftVJ
tho county courthouse, in tho courtroom ni'. ! HHBH
of said court, in Salt Lako City, Salt B! , IftV
Lako county, Utah. BbbJ
Witness tho clerk of said court, with ; i iiB
the seal thereof affixed, this 10th day of II V ! 1 AVI
September, A. D. 1904. H r, ; . '
fSeal JOHN JAMES. Clerk. Hi . 1
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. Uf,'1
Thompson &. Gibson, Attorneys for Es- B BaHj
'ate. al733 lj. ' f'H
hate division, In and for Salt Lako coun- B BBBJ
ty, Stato of Utah. In the matter ot tho '; I BaVJ
cr.tato of Johanna Olsen Hogcnscn, db- B ;t i BBBJ
ceased. Notice. '
Tho jjetltion of F, S. Fcrnstrom, admin- m; I .
islrator of the estate of Johanna Olsen I i ! ' ;
llcgcnscn, deceased, for confirmation of 1 5!
tho sale of tho following described real I i ' BBBJ
esrato of said decedent, to wit; All of lo'tu 1 1 ' ,BBBl
9. 10, 11 and 12, block 35, Sandy Station I II : ; , BBbI
plat, Sandy City. Salt Lake county, Utah, i J! - . IH
for the sum of J361.00, and upon tho fol- 1 I. I IBBBJ
lowing terms, to wit: Cash upon conflrma- Bfr'- IbBBI
tion, as appears from the return of sale, mi'' v-
filed In this eolirt, hns been set for hear- P?J , IBBBJ
Ing on Friday, tho 7th day of October, H -T , ' BBBl
A D 1H)I. at 10 o'clock a. m , at thc coun- !, ' BBBJ
ty courthouse, in thc courtroom of said lut- i ; , i BBl
court. In Salt Lak6 City, Salt Lake county, ' I BBBl
Utah. Hi:.
Witness thc Clerk of said court, with tho fl;'. MbBBI
seal thereof atilxcd, this 23rd day of Sep- w 1 MBBBl
leniber, A. D. 1001 Ii ,i .IBBBI
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk. Ii 1 1 i ' BBBl
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. ! '
C. M. Nielsen, Atty. for Estate. alS&l - i , BH
bato division, lu and. lor Salt Lake coun- j! ' iB
ty, Stato of Utah. In tha matter pf the jj, i HBBJ
estate of Anna Sunhla Llndqulst. dc- Jl t ' BBBl
ceased. Notice. It 1
Thc petition of Alexander Llndqulst, ad- If 1 ,
mlnlslrator of thc estate of Anna Sophia f . )
Llndqulst, deccast'd. praying for an order , ,, ,
of snio of real property of said decodent. t1'!- i
and that all persons Interested appear be- t 1
fore said court to show cause why an or- Ml ' BBBJ
dor .should not be granted to sell so much jfi ' BBBl
as shall bo necessar' of tho following- B(J, 'IBBBI
described real estate of said deceased, to Hi' I I
wit: Part of lot 2. block 51, plat "C," Salt IMi-
Litkc City survey, commencing on tho hJ', ,
cast lino of Jeremy street, 2 rods cast and m
ono rod coutli of the northwest cornor of Wi ' I
said lot. running thehec south 2 rods; A;j
thence cost S rods; thence north 2 rodi; IBL ' '
thenco west S rods to the place of begin- Uf
nlng. in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake county. Bfj i BBBJ
Ulah. has been set for hearing on Friday. CJ, .- I BBBl
the 7th day of October. A. D, 10M, at lo ;! ( I BBBJ
o'clock a. m at tho county courthouse- in Bjl ;
the courtroom of said court. In Salt Lako ii ' 1 , BBBJ
City, Salt Luke county, Utah. Ul 't 1 BBBl
Witness thc Clerk of said court, with W: ,BBbJ
the seal thereof affixed, this 21st day of JffsH- BBBl
September, A, D. 1901. 1 BBl
MSeall JOHN JAMES. Clerk. Tit r' I' BBBJ
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. "r "V i BB
O. H. Backman, Attorney for Estate. JkVr.
bato division, In and for Salt Lako coun- i; , ''BBBJ
ty, State of Utah. In tho matter of tho i : BBl
estate of Mildred Russell, deceased. Jit 1 BBBJ
Notice. pi BBBJ
The petition of Ebor W Hall, praying h IBBBJ
for thc Issuance to himsolf of letters of J; IBBBJ
nclmlnlstratlou in tho cstalo of Mildred V' IBBBI
Russell, deceased, has been set for hoarlng 2 ; BBBJ
on Friday, the 7th day of October, A. D. it 1 BBBJ
at 10 o'clock a. m at tho coUnty " . B
courthouse, In th.o courtroom of said court, '
in Salt Lake City, Salt Lako county. Utah. i i
Witness th6 Clerk of said court, with i
I thc seal thereof atllxed, this 23rd day of 1 B
l September, A. D. 1S04. i i -
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk. J , !
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk. j ,
Powers & Straup, Attorneys. al9S3 . j . jH
bato division, in and for Salt Lake coun- ? I BBBl
ty. State of Utah. In tho matter, ot tho BBBJ
estate of Susannah T. L. Schultz, de- 1 : IBBBJ
ceased. Notice. rBBl
Thc petition of Syvcrt Schultz. admin- ' BBBJ
Islrator of the cstato of Susannah T. L. , !BBB
Schultz, deceased, for confirmation of tho , BBBJ
sale of tho following described real cs- BBBJ
talc of said decedent, towlt, all of lot. 11, ! ', BBJ
In block 1. of thc Woodmanseo subdlvl- f BBBJ
slon of block 1, plat B, Salt Lako City sur- ' -BBBJ
cy, for thc sum of $400, as appears from 1 ll BBBJ
the return of sale, filed in tills court. haH j! rBBBJ
been set for hearing on Friday, thc EOth ; ' , BBBl
dsy of Scptomber, A. D. ICO I. at 10 o'clock if) : BBBJ
a. in., at the county courthouse, in tho nL BBBJ
courtroom of said court, In Salt Lako ' I BBBl
City. Salt Lako courty. Utah, 'W (BBBJ
itness the clerk of said court, with ail i BBBJ
thc seal thereof affixed, this 19th day of Wi BBBJ
September. A. D. 1S0I. i; . '
(Seal JOHN JAMES. Clerk. W: .BBBl
By David B. Davles. Deputy Clerk. ! i BBBJ
C. M. NIclsOn, Attorney for Potltlonnr. iff "flBBJ
ami y , BBBJ
bate division, In and for Salt Lako coun- 1 ' BBBJ
ty, Stato of Utah. In thw matter of tho ' BBBJ
estate of Peter Van Houton, decoascd. i BBBl
Notice. BBBJ
Tho petition of Mary J. Van Houten, l " BBBJ
praying for the issuunco to hosclf of let- V BBBJ
tors of administration in tho estate of t'M .1BBB
Peter Van Houten, deceased, has been set s ! BBBJ
for hearing on Friday, tho 20th day of BBBJ
September, A, D. 1904, at. 10 o'clock a. m.. 1 j 'BBBJ
at tho county courthouse, In tho court- BBBJ
room of said court. In Salt Lako City. Salt i; i IBBBJ
l.ako county. Utah. J-, lJJJJ
Witness tho Clerk of said court, with i i 'BBBl
the seal thereof aflixcd. this 17th day of F'U 'BBBJ
Srptember, A. D 1SOI. jJ JJJJ
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk. I- iBjH
By David B. Davids, Deputy Clerk. !' ; ! IBBBJ
Henderron. Pierce. Crltchlow & Bar- B- ! BBBJ
r.-tto, Attorneys for Petitioner. ali2 l iBVil
Trade Dollar Extension Mining com- , 'nflBB
pany. Location of principal place of bus- lj- i'BBBB
Lalce City. Utah, jBJJJJ
Notice is hereby giver. tr.l at; & meet- i , BJJJJ
lug of thc board of directors of said com- K BBJH
pany. held on the 15th day of September, h, BBBJ
1901, an assessment of ten CS.10) cents per jflBBB
sliaro was levied on lhc6utstandlng capl- ; d' , JJJJJ
tal stock of this corporation, payable lm- rj-i 'UJJJ1
mediately to tho secretary, at his office, HH
room No. 100 David Keith building. Salt K , ,JJJJ1
Lake City. Ulabc' Any stock upon which V j 1 . .BBBB
thl3 assessment shall remain unpaid on p-.1i , JBBBJI
the ISth day of October. 1901, will be do- ! . 1,1 ' 'H
llnqucnt nnd advertised for sale nt pub- ii;':.' 'BJJJJj
liu auction, and imlcss payment Is mado 1 iBJJJB
before, will be sold on tho 9th day of No- lj; BBBB
vombor. UOf. at 2 o'clock p. m. at tho of- W -'BBBB
flco of the oompaiiy, room No. 100, David Bj !BBBfl
Keith building,, Snlt Lako City, Utah, to 1 1 . iBBBB
iiav tho delinquent nsst-sracnt together a.'1'! 'BBBBj
with thc costs of advertising and oxponse. Ri , 1 1 iBBBB
of sale. E. G. KIDDER, Bn .,' iBJJJB
Socrotary. I 'BBBB
Salt Lake City, Utah, Soptomber 18. 1901. Iflk 1 . BBBB
First publication. Scptomber 17, 1901. BBBB
Last publication October IS, 190L a 1353 Tj --BBBB
'W'aBg'-1 YwttBMU,iSBr-B

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