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u JiM" vasstsQ, October i, mt. THE SALT LAKE TKIBUNE. page thseh
rado-Utah Freight
ireau's Session,
flany Matters of Traf
j Discuss but Details
Not Given Out.
sland and Union Pacific Now
to Be Equal Owners of the
jcego & Alton Railroad,
artint rawllng of tho Colorado
ht bureau will bo held in this
5. " Mns many m11"
a over from Colorado and It Is
natters of Importanco will bo
although railroad men, at this
J tfcM to otato Juat what la In the
I I of tho Utah-Colorado tariff
II 'j como up and othor mattors
r jidij:uaed relating to traftlo of tho
ISC f'
; pacific Announces ITow
: Tariff to St Louis.
&IUXD, Or, Oct 3.-Tho Northern
I fruisy announces that, commenc
ed fci&r E, tho rate on wheat to St.
'$A iin be cents, or equal to the
r eia Kintc to Chicago. Tho former rato
treil littols. Tho rate applies from points
CtaGi &cruln line of tno Northern Pacific
IBhai fcrf EUuaburg and on tho Palousc
W ft i'5jcb5 branches, as well as points
l! r fcWisblnpton t Columbia Rlvor rail
p i ft rate will also apply to East
-if Ifij, 11L, and Is concurred in by
totm Railroad & Navigation com
i jdI the Great Northern from points
1 iirrtsptcthe territories.
'Tl hxn&n Railroad & Navigation com-
- stt! publishes a rato on oats wcst
milt rifion Kansas and Nebraska points
UUUK&U a hundred pounds to Pacific
(, joints, it seems the supply of tho
If! i iSh ibis coast la somewhat lnade
miiJ the railroad Is making an es-
jl &5j Iof rate with the view of utillz
1 J. jstbouitd empty cars after haul
alyai Ti3. l0 tho middle West. The
& H Birnte was cents, making a very
nifii fcnhl reduction In the freight. It
11 a tlo effect this week.
J afa ;
i, tbll Dispatchers to Familiarize
) lrf.il actives With Their Divisions.
it uii 1
di! 19 The Tribune
' . GDLV, Oct. 3 -Superlntendent W. B.
:o a ti the Southern Pacific company
1115 Bfirait line with tho policy of East
itkGl skjJs and is now sending tho six
.Q ia&Mtchers located In this city on
21 & W 3 trips over their division. This
TO? ;fe r that tho men may know the
i bj. ration of sidetracks, water tnnkfl,
i; nrpsdea etc. Tills is of vital lm
prts ftiwand, In many cases, of financial
tfiui e-t to th company. Dispatchers Mll
p , zA Dilmore were out last week, and
5 alia will be sent out today.
IV P.CUwIf. Orecon Short Lino superln-
list of dining cars and hotels, this
nnrM fAnnouuccd a change in his dc
'r. whereby J. M Lapp Is appolnt
trtaiji hror of hotel3 and outfit service.
rHIfll F Lobdcll, resigned. Mr. Lapp
nn'tl ncceeled by J F. Dawson.
wiaT) uiitrtfult of serious washouts on tho
itj E-iTt ritar Trinidad, Colo., that road
e-aW irr--& lts trains through this city by
Jf I -I te Rio Grande and Southern Pa
j,TH S0- Two trains passed through Og-
i ftoi morning.
I; Pacific and Rock Island Con
:htl" trol Alton.
jjjwiWGO. Oct. 3. Under a compro
'yj tfjcted. today between tho contond-
W,tlcllMis for the control of tho Chl-
'irJaJPA A'(on Railway company, tho road
ii hkK- ,wratcd alternately for two-
by lne Rock Island and the
umSmKT , flc biterc-sts Under an ngrce
k ,nto betwocn the divergent
crWCiiii mny will reign at tho nn-
iVtMflKj nS tomorrow.
ficEivr of the Rock Island In Now
"K, Affirmed the report that the an
3bi i 5 tomorrow of the Chicago &
filj TocM probably be harmonloue Ho
m r
1 03 happiest man In Undo Sam's
must have got tno pUca from-aN
aCi mt,DKon the guns, for I have to got
rlr to clean them, as I am rtrst-class
il ',iaato In tho after turret.
j wld not do any work when I had
a?31 iff1 D,y shipmates did It for mo. I
iJi r!ly In a bad condition; today
fiu " mn aboard the 8hln 1" better
j., lhan I am. and I can certainly
frs! u... mld pe Cure for tho world of
otji J' 048 lono mo. I used so many dlf
Mjat,Jlclns and Bpent lots of money
pyts. a. d lhls remedy, It In tho only ono
I Tj n lot tnal lld mo nn5' t'ood.
ft't im 1 near,y cured me, and I
..nCf ,,lnk 1 ever felt happier in my Hfo,
,U -I k 0U8ht 1 sot tho real stuff at last.
I ,a , Ure of Sl euro I used a number of
M t0 lwo boxes of Pyramid Pllla
iZl ean(1 on-hal boxes of Pyramid
1 (town"1 1 HlUl have four b0XC3 o
iMjj T, P,e Cure left, that I keep In ca'so
fcirvn0110 lhat B a BUfiercr of piles.
Mti t ml(1 Pll Curt a million
bVj JuUus A. Koestcr. U. S. Flagship
?VM&1 Sf!1. curC3 effected by this
tbtra i,f .Vcct for remark among
,he sJ' A iuii Vncdlcnl profession ovcry
7rt jftcareof V n b?ok describing the causes
i itftDrnr &,w,1.8 PuWlshcd by tho Pyra--fa)lfWli
evttv ' Marahall, Mich., and wo
Mlneur3"ft?l'e.r t0 write for It. It
cA fW; wrer act u!at "e out of every
anrt from l"lB distressing com-
-VUlnna.nothcr Peculiar feature Is
im'it ih;Mic,cler of peraons, attack
afc.l4b.irer nl-hlBh and of low degree.
!n tort u Jh9 rnllllonalre, the scrub
fByure 2 th:e lad' or fashion. We havo
tf lo all ommendlng Pyramid Pllo
IS 3 1nr ".. ?"ch. as It possesses merit,
. "lholf.!?W .by a" druggists gon
31 TPla ttSSi ?nd speedy euro la easily
f it I o ov:yDno
ndded that all material differences with
the so-called Harrlman interests have
been amicably settled.
Railroad Notes.
Vico-Presldont Schlacks loft for the
Eas,t on No. 2 yesterday.
The Rio Grande handled many Odd
Follows returning East yesterday.
General Superintendent Buckingham of
tho Oreson Short Lino han returned to
tho city.
Qenornl Manager R. E. "Wolls of tho
San Pedro has gono to Stockton to look
Into tho work of ballasting and othor
Vico-Presldcnt Bancroft was in Now
York yesterday.
AVeathor fgr today Fair.
Yesterday record at tho local office of
tho weather' bureau:
Maximum temperature. 77 degrees; min
imum temperature. 19 degrees, moan tem
perature, 63 doBree3, which la 7 degrees
Rbovc tho normal.
Accumulated excess of temperature
slnco the first of tho month. 13 degrees
Accumulated doflclcncy or temparaturo
6lnco January 1, 2SS degrees.
Totnl precipitation from C r. m. to G p.
m.. none.
Accumulated deficiency of proclDltatlon
slnco tho first of tho month, .14 Inch.
Accumulated deficiency of precipitation
slnco tho first of January, .R3 inch.
Temperatures Elsewhere.
Abilene 0 MUeci City SI
Ashevlllo 76 Modena 74
Atlanta 74 Montgomery .. .. 91
Bismarck CO Moonhead ....54
Boise 82 Now Orleans ....91
Boston C2 New York 18
Buffalo EC Norfolk 7S
Cairo G Northtleld &)
Calgary 70 North Platto .... 83
Charleston 7C Oklahoma . 90
Chicago 50 Omaha 7G
Cincinnati 78 Phoenix 9fi
Denver 7C Pittsburg G2
Detroit 5S Pocatello 74
Dodgo S4 Portland 70
Duluth 52 Rapid City 70
Elklns 72 Roseburg SO
El Paso S3 St. LouIb T2
Galveston SO St. Paul 6C
Grand Junction v 74 Sault Sto. Marie. 44
Havro 78 Santa Fo CS
Helena .T. 78 San Francisco .. 78
Huron G3 Scranton 52
Jacksonville 92 Spoknne 7S
Kamloops 74 Swift Current ... CO
Kansas City 74 Victoria 03
Knoxvlllo 74 Washington .. S2
Lander 74 Winnemucca . ..76
Llttlo Rock 76 Winnipeg 4G
Los Angeles 74 Yuma
Cause of iockjaw.
Lockjaw, or tetanus, Is caused by a
bacillus or germ which exists plenti
fully in street dirt. It is" inactive so
long as exposed to the air, but when
carried beneath the skin, as In the
wounds caused by percussion caps or
by rusty nails, and when the air Is ex
cluded the germ is roused to activity
and produces the most virulent poison
known. TKese germs may be destroyed
and all danger of lockjaw avoided by
applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm
freely as soon as the Injury is received.
Pain Balm is an antiseptic and causes
such injuries to heal without matura
tion and in one-third tho time required
by all leading druggists.
Via Denver & Rio Grande.
St. Louis and return 542.50
Chicago and return 547.50
Chicago and return via St. Louis. .547,00
St.' Louis and return via Chicago.. 54S.75
Tickets on sale every Tuesday and
Friday. Final limit sixty dnyB, Transit
limit ten days in each direction. Stop
overs allowed. Through sleepers to St.
Louis without change. Choice of routes.
McCoy's livery stable for carriages
and light livery. Telephone 81.
Reduced Rates.
Will be made via the Oregon Short Line
and U. P lines west of Green River.
Tickets on sale from Ogden and Inter
mediate points October 3rd to 9th, inclu
flve; good for return until October 12th.
From Green River to Ogden and inter
mediate points October 3rd to 8th, inclu
sive; limited to October 12th. Other
points. October 3rd to Sth; limited to
October 15th. See agents for full particulars
Young & Fowler have moved. Now
located In the new basement at 32 Main
street, opposite Z. ,C. M. I.
Horton Goes to Utah "Lake.
Engineer A- Horton of tho Government
reclamation sorvlco loft last night for
Utah lake, where he will have charge of
an engineering party charged with the
work of gathering odds and ends of In
formation needed by tho consulting en
gineers to complete their report on the
Utah lako Irrigation project. A. second
partv engaged in the name work will iu
in charge of W. D. Beers of the local
office. Tho hoard of consulting engi
neers will hold another meeting in this
city early In November to further con
sider tho Utah lake project, and It Is de
sired to have all the required details on
hand for their use In closing up the pre
liminary workj
Mary Trlntow to Henry M. Pcarapn,
warrantv deed, 200x100 feci, section
G, 3 south, range 1 east... w
M. A. H. Cannon to M. B. Thomson,
warranty deed, 01x132 feet, section
lot 5. block 2. plat C 100
G. A. Linden to Ruth H. Petti t.
warranty deed. 40x157 feet, lot 15,
block 18. 5-ncre pmt a.............
G S. Bills to Burtha L. Jensen,
warranty deed, 3GHi acres, section
35, 3 south, rango 1 wot...... ... i
L L, Woodruf to Henry Smith,
warranty deed. 25x120 feot, lot G,
block 9, plat F ;vu"'
John E. Dooly to James Hughes,
warranty deed, half Interest In lot
G, block 10, plat F x
Youngs Cutler to C. R. Chambers,
warranty deed. E0xl90 feet, section
25, 2 south, range 1 west.... ...... iw
Emily Lowls to John W. Snydcn,
warranty deed. 2H0 rods, lot 4,
block Gl, plat C ......
P. J. Wcstlund to Johann S. Elg.
warranty deed, lots 13 to 1G, block
CI, Sandy ...
"Business Notes.
I Mrs Marie Cushlng has purchased from
the Home Trust and Savings company n
aSvenrooin house In Waterloo for a homo;
consideration. $1700.
C W Corflcld, electrical engineer on
the Newhouso stuff, left last night for a
three-wc"kfl' visit to St. Louis, combining
business and pleasure.
t j Trenam, manager for thp Stock
ton mid tho Beaver Harrison mining com
nanles returned yesterday from an East
ern trip He reports business In ho East
virtually at a standstill, pending the p eti
tion He found sentiment very largely In
favor of the election of President Roosc-
V Yesterday's local bank clearings
amountedayto JC70,125.21 as against &.
110.07 for tho same day last tir.
A Comrado of General Grant Testifies
for Paw-Paw.
Captain Charles A, DdArnaud, Wash
ington, D. C, tho manof whom Presi
dent Lincoln said: "Congress and the
Nation owes Cnpt, Do Arnaud a. debt of
gratltudo for his services to Gen.
Grant," and whoBe damage suit for
5200,000 against Gen. Farnsworth has
attracted such wide attention, says: "I
was a great sufforer from vertigo and
could hardly walk. A Grand Army com
rado Induced me to try Paw-Paw and
the results have been marvelous. I de
sire to thank you in behalf of ail suf
ferers for the good you aro doing."
(Signed.) CHAS. A. DE ARNAUD.
I want every weak nnd debilitated
person to give Paw-Paw a trial.
I want every dqctor carefully to test
this remedy and thon honestly toll tho
public the results.
I want evory clergyman, when he
feelB exhausted, to take Paw-Paw and
then tell his friends what he thinks of
Sold by nil druggists. Largo bottle,
51. Paw-Paw Laxative Pills, 25c a
lit All TO
Nicholalevitch fill Be
Advices From the Front
State Quiet Prevails Along
the Whole Line.
Russian "War Office Reiterates Belief
That Battle at Mukden Is Not
ST. PETERSBURG, Oot. 3. Emperor
Nicholas roturncd to St. Petersburg to
day from the south, and tho Associated
Press hears on very high authority that
tho appointment of a commander-in-chief
will bo announced within forty
eight hours.
Whllo Gen. Kuropatkln's friends still In
sist that ho will bo appointed, members
of tho Emperor's en tourago express no
doubt that Grand Duko Nicholas Nichol
alevitch will be chosen.
Battle Not Imminent.
The official advices from tho front to
day report that all Is quiet along tho
whole line of the opposing armies. St.
Petersburg reiterates tho belief that a
battle is not Imminent. Tho Russian war
officers admit that some worry Is caused
by tho fact that Kuropatkln's scouts
havo been unable to locate Kurokl's army,
which comprises the extremo Japaneso
right. It Is Intimated that this condi
tion may contain tho potentialities of a
big surprise.
Kuropatkin Will Not Fight.
While Kuropatkin Is disposing his forces
to meet anv posslblo contingency, St.
Petersburg holds to tho opinion that ho
wMll not accept a general engagement, but
will withdraw to Tie pass.
Japs Strengthen Advance Posts.
A dispatch received today from Gen.
Sakharoff. announcing that the Japaneso
havo strengthened their advance posts at
Feng Tleapu. sixteen miles southeast of
Mukden, adds that thero aro no developments.
New Cloths Now Styles.
New cutting, goods selected person
ally by me In New York. Will make
them up better and cheaper than any
other tailor. J. Bnumgarten, 122 Main.
Royal Bread Is pure; every loaf bears
our label with the crown. At all
grocers and flrat-class restaurants.
Bad Tenants Evicted
and rent collected. Merchants' Pro
tective Association. Francis G. Luke,
General Manager, Top Floor Commer
cial Block.
Corner Third South and State.
The management of the Hotel Halls
announce tho completion of New An
nex which will allow the accommoda
tion of many more guests. Tho hotel
has been renovated throughout. Rooms
single and en suite. American and Eu
ropean. Inquire for raUB.
950.00 for "Wood.
We collected this amount for A. O.
Wood, the grocer, last week. Tho debt
was four years old. Man skipped to
Idaho. Merchants' Protective Ass'n.,
Francis G. Luke, GenM. Mgr., Scientific
Collectors of Bad Debts, top iloor
Comm'l Blk, Some people don't like ua.
Rockwood Hoar Nominated.
WORCESTER. Mass.. Oct. 3. Tlic Ro
DUbllcan convention for tho Third Con
cessional district today nominated Rock
wood Hoar, son of tho late Senator Hoar,
by acclamation, for representative.
A Wonderful ftlodicino.
If you rend this paper you know nbout Drakc-a
Palmetto Wlno for tlio Stomach. Flotulonoy and
Constipation Wo continually praise It, us mm
tlrcds or our readers do. Any reader of this can
havo a trial hottlo of Drake's Palmoito Ino
free, by scndlne n letter or postal card to DruHo
Formula Company. Dralto Duildlnc, Chicago, 111.
Onodosoa davof this ionic, laxative Palmetto
meulolno elves immedlato relief and of ten cures
lu a fow days, Drake's Palmetto Vlno Is a
wonder worker for Wood. Liver and Kidneys.
Sovcnty-nvo cents at Druu' Stores for o. lartro
bottle, usual dollar size, but a trial bottlo will
bo scut frco uud prepaid to ovory reader of this
paper vrho writes for ik
I Worsted Suits j
'Al for Hard Wear. I
smooth .goods for service they I
P'iSf do not show thz dirt, rough 1
IMM up 'anc 'ast muc inser' 1
WSmM We have some fine effects
WMmS in Brown, Gray and mixtures, 1
mmWM koth in single and double- I
fil breasted, among them are our
p Wm special lin of I
Shirts are Values in
Famous. Underwear j
61-63-65 MAIN STREET.
Special to Tho Tribune.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 3. Following Is a list
of Utah visitors at tho World's fair, as
shown by the register of tho Utah build
ing, from September 19 to September 30:
September 10. Ezra S. Hcnno. Mr. and
Mrs. Grant Hampton, LiouL and Mrs. W.
P. Piatt, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sut
ton, Willis Johnson, Gcorgo A. Pursoll,
Martin S. Ellason, M. M. Steclo Jr., Jarcd
A. Mercer, John P. Smith Jr., W. II.
LvwiB, George B. Hendricks, Osborne
Wldtsoo, W J. Shealy, Gcorgo A. Beal,
Will A. McAlIstor. Vloletto Craig, Lucy
M. Van Cott. Orson II. Heckerloopor, Ar
thur Livingston. Herbert Lynch, Mrs. M.
Y. Rosslter, Mrs. Hobcr Young, Mrs. H.
S. Lynch, Charles H. Ward, Mrs. C. H.
Ward, R W. Breroton, F. Emma Brerc
ton, Gcorgo E. Hemphill, Don C. Clay
ton, John Clayton, D. H. Haran, A. L.
Hurloy. Axchlo L. Brown, H. Ross Brown,
iiiinivrn lra H AT AfrTntvro. M.
A. Whltaker, Mrs. E. Whltakor.
September 20 John Cooper, Elizabeth R.
Cooper, Alice T. Steele, Laura Steele, S.
J. Griffin. Mrs. C. J. Griffin. Kenneth
Griffin. Loyal Grlftln, Eater Williamson.
May Williamson, Eva Williamson. Ben B.
Hall, E. A. Rogers, W. II. Evans, M. R.
Wheeler. George McDonald, William D.
Shaw. Herbert R, Macmellan. L. J. Lang,
Mary A. Pursoll, Ella Ncllson. Mrs. H.
S Ncllson. Elols Anderson, Mrs. Annlo
Anderson, F. A. Anderson, J. N. Spargo,
W. E. Whalen, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Lb
crly. Mrs. Fred N. Hess, Mrs. Tennle
Brown, J. II. Patrick. Mrs, J . H Patrick.
S. A. Whitney, Mrs. S. A. Whitney. W .
D Ncbeker. 11. S. Young. James D. Shaw,
James M. Howell, L. J. S. Jones. Ray B.
West. C. E. Roth. A. B. Cllne, Ladyp L.
Cllne, I. Cllne, James Carpenter. Violet
V. Ball. G. S. Ashton, J. M. Chrlsten-
3 September 21. Kitty M. Harris, James
Barton, Alexander Lyon, J. H. Anson,
Virginia Shannon, William Ranscher, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Thomas B- Shannon, Mr. and
Mrs- Joseph A. Cutler. Mr. and Mrs. A.
E. Becker, Sarah A. Crowton, Mr. and
Mrs M. J. Dalley. A. Woolen Jr., O. E.
Hendricks. S. W. Morrison, lone P. Mor
rison. S. W. Morrison Jr., Mary Ock
ender. Marsona Foster. L. R. Chamber
lain, T. J. Morley. Richard T. Hanson.
B F. Price, Walter Stadmen. HollstOr
Hancock. Mrs. Gcorgo R. Hancock, John
R. Hancock. Ed Dillon. W. C. Shipp.
John P. Smith Jr.. DavklJHIrachlo. Jo
seph J Shields. Luclnda Peterson, John
B. Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Rolapp, C.
C. HacketL George E 1 Iemphll 1. C. J.
Hlgson. C R. Illgson. L. W. Searlght
Joseph S Taylor, M. E. Lcmmon. David
Jcnaon. William Goff. William Olsen. S.
O Bei nlon. W. E. Nichols. J. Ilalfson.
George E. Nichols, Parley uenmon, v
T. Stcadman, F. E. Grant.
September 22. -H. P. Lytle. Mr. and Mrs.
Jr.mcs Chipman. Mr. and rL-cJ;.."n-rlngton,
D II. Chipman J. M. Sullivan,
Mr and Mrs C. A. Dole and daughter,
Bcrtlo Beckstead. Josoph A. Rasband, D.
J O'Brien, Samuel Lindsay. I. T. Al
vbrd. Mr and Mrs. E. S Wright. Lu
ther Howell, W. J. Tollcton. Gcorgo Rom
ney. Margaret A. Romney, Ardollo Rom
i.ey C. W. Wilson. M. E. Mulvoy, E. F.
Carruthers, David Keith. Mary h. Keith,
David F. Keith. Bertha A. McKernnn, M,
B Hart, J- H. Cardon. Mary Be 1 Car
rion Mrs Hcnrv P Henderson, Mr. and
Mrs. W M Anderson. G. O. lladloy. John
Wagman. W. A. Duvall, Vera Duvall.
Flora Duvall. Louis E. Ivcrson, Edna S.
Ivorson H. E. Booth, J. H. Carter, Rev.
GSottcmber .-Horace Merrill. J. Cecil
Clark. R. E. McConaughey, Nora E. Mo
Conaurhev. J. B. Macfarlane. John L..
PorVy ,1 and Mrs. II- S Pync Mrs.
Amos D. Holdaway. Mrs. Rachel Mar
shall, A. M. Whiting, Mr. and Mrs Newel
Knight, Clarence Walling, J. M. Mc
Gregor IV. W. Hall. Joseph J- LaBep.
Mrs J J. LaBee, P. Paulino LaBce. W il
liam P. Forguson. Fergus Ferguson, B.
D. Carney. AT S. Erlckson. Howard Trum
bo George D. Matcer. Mrs. A- S. Cor
lew, AVUllard Scowcroft and wlfp, John
W Scowcroft, Rosabol Scowcroft, Mar
garet Scowcroft. H. P. Fabian. E S. Pil
grim. 1. C. Brangham, Wlldman Murphy.
ronV Tinnqnn. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Wal
ker John S. Witchcr. Carl A. BadKcr, I
II Cook and son. A H. Poul.son. Charles
Gunderson, John Gundcrson, Mrs. E. S.
Tlmonoy. Mrs E. F. Snyder. Arta BanUt.
R. T. Rhees. Mary II. Rheea
Sfptombcr 2I.-Mr. and Mrs. H. T.
Revnolds II a it v RcynoldH. Mrs. M E.
Mucy Margeo' Mulvey. Martin Mulvey.
F D Chrlstenson. Hcnrj' Anderson. Wells
Clark Sarah E. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. E.
B Parsons Amy D. Erlckson, Pennlna
Wrathall. Alvla Scelcy, Leslie Wrathall.
a q Erlckson, E. S. Hinckley, F. C.
Schramm. J. C.' McNIchoIs. Mr and Mrs.
r a qcara Mr. and Mrs. A. E BcOkcr.
Mrs Dnn Hamer! William F. Ward, Gill
Stcmber 2G.-Mr. and Mrs. S H.
Brown Mr. and Mrs. P H. Clark Mr
and Mrs. T. II. Carr. Mr. and Mrs. W.
A McGarr. J. C Robblns. A. W Harmor.
t v. rieeir. Mrs. J. E. Clegg. S. II.
Browne. John Y. Smith. Joseph Walker,
V Gerald Child. F. J. Kurtz, Mr. and
Mrs. F. E. Gregg and family. Mrs. Dan
el Hamor, P. R. Ferguson. Mrs. P. R.
Forguson. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Carlson.
Mr and Mrs. Moroni Helnor, Lucy Baker,
Mr. and Mrs. Homan llarins. R. L. Ir
vine. A. Ray Irvine, M. D. Lester. Roy
Parrell. Chester P. Cahoon, Orson T.
Rogers J. A DeBouzok. Ed A. Culbert
son Mr, and Mrs. F. M. Brown. Sam
ucl 'Llndsay.'Cora V. Booth, Mr. and Mrs.
T E. Klclnschmldt. Uss Klolnschmldt, T.
A. Barnecott. C. N. Vprlaii. R. Booth,
Mrs R. L. Booth, J. W. Booth. A L,
Cook, James Dodcrlcks, Gertrude Dede
rlcks Mr. and Mrs. A, F. Elggron, Mrs.
M. Blrchonall, Clarcnco A. Leadbottcr,
Charles Smith Jr.. W. P. Martin, Carl S, I
Adams, Mrs. H, S McMillan, Leta Mc
Millan. A. N. Hanson.
September 27. Horace E. Holbrook, T.
F. H. Morton, Mrs. Georgo Hlrschvogol,
Jennie Halght, Julutta M. Cook, R. Leo
Irvine, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Anderson.
W. B. Dougall and wife. W. C. Barker.
S. W. Wallace. Leo Whistlers. Alice M
Durnford, T. J. Longley, A. Ray Irvine,
R. R. Smith, George W. Barratt, E S.
Wright. Mr. and Mrs. J. B Cecil and
son, Mr. and Mrs William Shlll, James
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Soptcmber 2S. J. W. Wright, Abonadl
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September 29. J. G. McQuarrlc, John S.
Chrlstenscn, G. P. Parker, B. Parker,
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September CO. Roy Hlgson. Bernard
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Webster. Daniel Webster. E. E Hatch,
Ira Hatch, L. E. Black, N. C. Peterson,
Parley L. Smout. Frances Jensen.
ADEN, Arabia, Oct. 3. A So-
mall Mullah Is reported to havo
attacked and robbed the Ogadaln
tribe, killing 600 tribesmen' nnd
capturing many camels and
The Joy of Eating
is common to all humanity until
the organs go wrong then joy
is turned to sorrow and food
does the body little or no good.
IE you would return to the
ability to enjoy food use
Sold Everywhere. In boxes 10c. and 23c,
' !." iM!ui'!:SBmiir H
I 12,000 Rotors Loaded Shells,
j Semi-smokeless, S2.00 por I
100; Dupont, S2.25 por 100. 1
1 We aro going out of the H
j shell business. Come nnd 01
? get them. . M
I Brubaker Campbell 1
Hardware Company, 1
0 27 and 20 West 3rd South,
I And they are good cooks, too. If you haven't room for a I I
range, why not get a good cook stove? We parry a complete
line in all sizes, with or without reservoir. Come in and see 1 1 jH
H them. I 'i
GREAT SPIRAL TOWER and Phil Green's Globe Act, with Magnificent P , I IH
Fireworks at Night! IH
r' The Electric Theater, Old Plantation. Statue Turned to Life. Giant Octo- '1
f pus. Loop-the-Loop. Jump-tho-Gap, Merry-Go-Round, High DLvo from SO- r
" foot Platform Into 2' Feet of W ater ? )
i j JH
I $5.00 Worth of Genuine Enjoyment for Only 2Sc.
mm mi nil m rm 'im i-- aj:--- asa M
When Arrests Are Mado tho Public
Will Be Much Surprised.
Prosecution of some of tho cattlomon
who killed 1100 sheep belonging to Benja
RitimclorR In Colorado will begin In
a ohort time, If tho attorney In chargo of
Mr, Saunders's caso can complete the
chain of cvldenco ho is weaving.
Tho names of twenty of tho men impli
cated In the slaughter havo been socurcd
and other namos aro promised in a short
time. About eighty men participated In
tho slaughter, and tho nnmos already se
cured aro those of the ringlendcrs.
"Wo have names of twenty, ' said Mr.
Saunders last night, "and we hope to havo
moro In a short time. My attorney 13
working hard on the case, but I havo not
had much tlmo to devoto to It You sco.
I'm looklas; after about 250,000 moro head ,
of shcop. and it has taken so much of my jH
time that I havo not had any to doyoto
to the sheopklllers. Howover. I bollovo jH
we will be ready to begin making arrests jH
in a short timo, iH
"Ono of tho men who helped kill tho iH
sheep has a brother at Farmlngton nnd UH
has only been in Colorado a few months. HH
Somo of the other arrests to bo mado HH
will bo a surprise to tho people also. ' iH
' TEA 1 H
We want you to know your
money back rights; we're not
afraid of you. I
Voar grocer turns your moiuy if you don't liki

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