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taget-wo THE SALT LAKDS TXQDStnSTE. Monday morning, October. 10j ifl04.
I Through Line Assuming
I Tangible Shape,
Rails Connecting Salt Lake
and Los Angeles Will
Soon Join.
Peaks of California Can Now Be Seen
H From End of Track in
B Nevada.
Special to The Tribune.
CALIENTE, Nev., Oct. 9. Much Joy la
shown by the limited number of "old
residents" of this place over th'o news
that It will be a permanent division
headquarters for the San Pedro, Los
Angeles & Salt Lake road. The work
H of constructing the roundhoiiEC and
other buildings will commence at once
and already the material Is being- re
eelved dally. The through line to
Los Angeles Is now assuming tangible
B shape and standing on the hill at the
end of the track one can look over the
Hj desert and see the peaks of California,
Hj so It will not he very long now before
the road is completed.
Already the trip from Salt Lake is
full of interest. Tho Leamington cut-
Hf off Is a scene of, activity, and below
Lynn junction the road Is being rebuilt
in excellent shape. The Newhouse
branch of the Frisco district is com
pletcd and will make that district quite
a busy line, something quite new to
Frisco people, ns it has been very dull
on the line for the last ten years.
TJtr.h & Pacific district.
Mllford Is seemingly In better posl
tlon than ever nnd business Is picking
H up. Here will be maintained a round-
house for the Frisco branch, and it may
be used as a freight train terminal.
From here the old Utah & Pacific runs
to Uvada, and this is a continuation of
the main line of the Salt Lake Route.
It is being repaired In good shape and
will be the stralghtest and speediest
track in the Went when main line
trains run over Its heavy rails and well
ballasted line. At&Lund and Modena
the business for stages and freighters
is Increasing, the activity being shown
in adjacent mineral development and
the prosperity of southern Utah settle
ments. The people of St. George arc
H eager to hear of some news about the
extension to Cedar City and their town
of the proposed branch from Lund or
Modena, which has been included in ,
the published plans of Senator Clark
and associates, but nothing is known
of this matter at this end of the line.
Heavy Traffic to the Front.
While Calicnte is still the terminus
of the operated railroad, the trafllc to
the front, now about 117 miles below
HH here, is very heavy and shows an in
crease daily. The construction de
partment runs a train through to the
end of the rails every day, to Moapa,
seventy-flve mllefl, on a regular tlmo
card, and from there to the end of the
track as conditions arise. Freight Is
going in and many prospectors travel
through here almost every day. The
scenery through the Meadow valley
wash Is not at all eo dreary as has been
pictured. It Is quite Interesting, and
leaving Salt Lake City with Its lake
and snow-capped mountains, passing
through the green valleys and hills of
the central port of the State, one can ,
find a strong contrast when passing
through this famed defile. It Is not
Hj nearly so narrow as one might imagine.
and at different points can be found
curious Indian writings and marks,
while in coloring the picture Is superb.
Register on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Delays are hazardous. No one who la
not registered anew can vote this year
at the general election or at the De
cember school election.
Via Denver & Rio Grondo.
St. Louis and return .', $12.00
Chicago and return J47.G0
Chicago and return via St. Louis.. ?47.C0
St. Louis and return vis. Chicago.. J-1S.75
Tickets on Bale every Tuesday and
Friday. Final limit sixty days. Transit
limit ten days In each direction. Stop
overs allowed. Through sleepera to St.
Louis without change Choice of routes.
Registration Days.
Five days aro set apart -for registra
tion days this year. They are October
11, 12. and 18, November 1 and 2. No
one can vote unless he registers. Old
registration Is void. Complete new
books will be made up. Register early.
Bold strictly on their merit. Whit
aker & Dallas, manufacturers.
Monday afternoon is the time. Salt
Lake Theater is the place. County
mass convention of the American party
is tho event.
The Test of Woar.
The Perrin and Founes gloves stand
the most trying ordeal of hard usaee
New Hhades for fail. v B
Bad Tenants Evicted
And rent collected. Merchants' Pro
tective Association. Francis G. Luk
General Manager, Top Floor Commer
cial Block.
County, legislative and city Judicial
candidates will be nominated at mass
convention of American party, Salt
Lake theater, Monday afternoon.
H Hat Customers
H Who have word either Miller, War-
H burton or Denny Derbies never fail to
H duplicate their purchases; good stock,
H good styles, good wear In all; $5 quall-
H ties only. Sole agents.
166 Main St.
40SffHQ 1
" k Our rst October sale and therefore the greatest effort we've ever put forth to make iJ?H
I ff V our best sae- Each year after this you'll find just such an offering at just this time in October. 1
lliit' j'''K''''' ')Xi ' ': n tie ear"ly days the housewife has most leisure to select linens. .Later the holidays crowd
5 "' I ',,auvu Lx : n au a s kunry, skurry this we have learned from the housekeepers themselves. HenceDB3T
$. S-::, ' au October sale. Remember we are distributers for the John S. Brown noted linens and many!"
1 bv I fT (7 v) S " other of the world's best. Sale includes our entire stock. Daintily embroidered pieces, hem4S
2 . 1 I stitched pieces, table damasks, table sets, fine towels, pillow shams, bedspreads, a partial list
1 - ' only in the following: '
$ Glass Doylies, embroidered, 40c each kinds' for, 24:. Scarfs, hand embroidered, the $5 for, $3.20. The $8 Separate Cloths that were $8-50 each for, $4-75. Thet
2 Glass Doylies, snowdrop pattern or plain with scalloped for, $5.20. $15 for, $9-75. f Sv
g edges, 25c each kinds, 1 6c. Damask Tray Cloths, hemstitched, the 50c each for, Table Damask by the yard, $1.25 regular for, 95c.fS3
$ Plate Doylies, hand embroidered, 55c each kinds, 32c 32c. The 65c for, 40c. The 75c for, 48c The. - The $2 and $2.25 for, $1.45. The $2.75 and $3$
g The 90c for, 60c. ?0c for, 60c. The $2 for $1.20. for, $1.95. . W:
o Plate Doylies, plain with scalloped edges, 50c each Damask Scarfs, the 60c for, 40c. The 90c for, 60c. Butchers' and Art Linen, 60c trade for, 35c a yard. ri
S kinds, 28:. The $1.25 for, 80c. The $1.75 for, $1. The AnT. , . Rn . , n , Qc 7Ac
-r, rN f r ..f i j j -ir V ci zn All Linen Sheeting, 80-inch, $1.40 grade, 95c. b
o Plate Doylies, snowdrop pattern with scaiIopd edges, , $2.25 for, $1.60. 5 5 tn,i?c.
0 40c each kinds, 24c. Towels, Webb's dzw bleached, beetle finish, the 90c Afternoon Tea Cloths, the $10 for, $6-40. The $12.50U ff
$ Round Trays, hand embroidered, 90c for, 60c. The each for, 68c. The $1.25 for, 80c. The $1.50 tor, tt.
$1.50 for, $1. The $2.75 for, $1.80. , for $1. Fringed Tray Cloths and Center Pieces, the 35c for, x
Round Trays, prain with scalloped borders, 60c for, 40c Huck Towels, tin 12 l-2c each, 7c. The 25c for, 15c. 20c- The 50c for 28-- The 75c for 48c' Thclffii
1 Oval Trays, hand embroidered, $1 kinds, 68c The The 30c for, 19c. ' $1-25 for, 60c
g $2.75 for, $1.80, Table Sets, hemstitched cloth and one dozen napkins, Hemmed Bed Spreads, full size, $1.75 grade, $J.40.;f:toir
0 Lunch Cloths, hand embroidered, $3 kinds, $2. The the $12-50 for, $8. The $25 for $16. The $2 for, $1.50- The $2-25 for, $1-75.
t $7 for, $4,80. The $13.50 for, $9.60. Pattern Cloths with napkins to match, $9 set for, $5. Fringed White Bedspreads, the $2-25 for, $1-85. The
Pillow Shams, hand embroidered, the $8.50 a pair for, The $13.50 for, $8.50. The $27-50 for, $14 75. $5 for, $4. :S
$5.60. The $1 1.50 a pair for, $7.20. The $32.50 for, $16-75. Fringzd Colored Bedspreads, $450 for, $2.85. 1
1 Charming Costume Velveteens Given a Cut-Price. I Wc MaKe Accordian and ah other Piaitings. t
X $ There's a very complete department here to mako any kind of plaiting ectd."
flt'fl.JllBfE? hiP fl 9 O fi you mtiy desire. Accordian, sunburst plaiting, side plaiting and the re3tl' a, a
? 9 1 alia LjU a YStfO riS0 OC I XT reCC,VCd ln SmAMn upstairs and Promp J
0 . Buy velveteen for your gown and never fear its sryle-lightness. Everything in the velvet, or velveteen, line has first AlfPfl)P 1 'and
call of fashion favor this season, atfot in years has there been such a furore for them. They are the desired fabric for rich- r j3J2 Ol nUCSl Y ZTlnfci'b. ?p"a
0 est of evening costumes, visiting dresses, street dresses, opera coats, street coats and separate skirts and waists. These of- ' The little stationery store which isn't anything like as little as it mayj; 'G
S fered are the newest for fall and winter 190. Twenty, at least, different and distinct Parisian velvet combinations. Charm- JJ-8 ioMtaimpiJ cSnePcUofwLfoTendtLeseeP 'awa? "soS ?:S
a inc oleos and crystal effects in the new browns, greens, blues, reds, black and Parsifal. The new designs and solid. ' Wear- French perfumes, Pinaud and several other makes, in Peau de Espagne. Lei ;
X . ' xi , i. x, ii T ,1,1 Trefle. Royal Muduet, violet and pink carnation odors that sell always at Jl er
g Ulg quality of these velveteens IS thoroughly recommended. , Qnd $1 05 an ounce, today and week-G5c. Those sold at 50c, 65c, 75c an ounce!"-1
1 , Sale Monday ek, Instead of $1 $1.50 a Yard78c. 1
044-tt rOffitOOfO3iD0 "VIBItll J JO. JBiU UJ.llJ JtJ,. -
Q 2330 .a ye . r n xptv on 2 New season belts, in the different silk qualities, colors and styles. A 8plen-1, c
s The Great Black Goods Sale CEtiniied0 ZZi::
1 Another Week of Remarkable Price-Redudtioifes on Entire Stock, Glass Tooth Brush Holders 15c Each Instead of 35cJ
A x , His
2 . i Pretty holders with sterling tops, glass bottle. Regular price 3oc eaco.. n n
We still have plenty of black goods 'to sell. All of last week there was a continuous stream of buyers, but i collec- Three days Monday, Tuesday, "Wednesday i5c. ' ti
fion 6f more than li53000 jards is a rather momentous one to dispose of. 'Tis in the assembly of black dress fabrics that J04Ofti4-WW buic
0 our pride centers. In it are all the aristocrats made by world-best weavers, but from highest caste to lowest all are the AnP APj MoaAohfiri( tiifSanfc ilf thf FIP 1 F1"
1 choicest the market affords of their respective grades. Only a partial list is given in what follows. Come for any sort of UUfl nH IKKUIK 3lUUKIIlb dl UIC BOH. Ub
-v hinir rlrPRc; rmnds fhiq wppk find find a snlendid reduction from reulnr vvicc , There's a pardonable pride within ua all when those ln whom we are fe t,
9 DiaciC arCBS gOOUS mis Tceiv anu nuu a spicuuiu iluulliuu liuiu iLcUiiu putL w greatly interested "do something" in the world. And this is exactly the -tfiat
, sensation we are having about our needle work students who exhibited j
' 6;c Black Venetians and Zibelenes, 42c a yard $1.40 Black Camclhair, 83c at the Fair From the von-highest award-a gold medai, with sic 1 m n - c
X vow . 7 -T 4 1 ca.ah for a laco robe all down the lines, they carried away prizes, i-or
68c English Storm Serges, 48c $1.25 Black Panamas, hard finish, 78C many years teacher and students of this needle work store have been j jPM
uuw "S"-'" 67-4- ri r . t renowned for cleverest of work; but praise 1b always salutary and en- -f Is has
1 ooc Twill English Storm Serges, 69c $1.25 Black Basket Cloth, 74c couraging. Lx-iSb
85c Black Voiles, 59c $1 Black Granite Cloths, 62c r 12.
$1.25 French crepe voiles, 59c - $2 Black Broadcloth, $1.10 Some Charming New Dresses for Women lamefc
i $1.40 .German Black Voiles, 68c $2.25 French Chiffon Voiles, $1.19 I I DlSHn Last WeeK. S
Si so English Sicilian, double warp, 99c. $3 French silk and Wool Eolians, $1.39 t n S , ost I oat
Z & ri 1 -r o y Just a limited lot the first notes from our buyer now in the East f WogI.
Si 0 Black Prunellas, 08c $3.50 Silk finish iYlOhair Melrose, $I,o8 Z se6klng latest dress and wrap innovations. , f Jn.
. , j , o u jt .r ., rj, . o 5 Delightful lot of silk shirt waist suits. Several color combinations; I, ko
X Sl.O Black Silk and WOOl Crepe de Paris, 80C 34 5andOW lailOl 1 Wine ClOth, Si. 38 X prettily shirred, silk braids and buttons put on in new trimming ways. tijygK
I . r. f jr.- tf- r- u ,,, . r , , g. skirts with different style plaltlngs. Prices 51S.75 to $35. t ci
ft $1. 0 Black VlCUnaS, Close Sheared, 86C $4.75 rrencn UlUSlOn Crystal Crepe, $2.25 Somo new Crepe de Chlno frocks. Very dressy; shirrings and charm- us
ingly trimmed with Persian medallions and laco appliaues, $10 ana j
I Many, Many Other Kinds of Black Dress Fabrics at Equally Wonderful I05ffl&.u.B f
v flf P n n vitr ti flounces; trimmings are Persian bands and lace. Handsome suits. &0- ' afco-i
I Price Redwfoom. Come Today and Week. , . A Few of the Vry Handsome Visiting and Reception ,
f 444-' Gowns Here Yt. Sell Less Than j.;ehrin
?. 1 I Half Prices. iS
I "" B if J if jffl , Jt X The fine show of last week Is gone carried away quicker than even ft on
M W F-m ff jffu 'yy-w JxUL jfLd7 Wr Jk O we anticipated but thoro is still a handsome dress out of the dirfer'c- ',!rciub
iii lL 1 UL0y03r'f!s 5- lota for somebody's choosing. Remember these arc original models-- a
X. w- 9 Xf rf T r-y&ifr Tuff g Ajr OWO sSa O the llncst examples of artistic dressmaking. We never presented a more ,M,jaj,
$ BF Tafcr- charminsr lot. Come see if tho dress you want for visiting or recession . Thej
4- H isn't ln this group still with us. Prices are all considerably less man nconVc
f regUar. aV eVei1
, 1 ,, ,. ,11111.,. , 1 11. n rn. 1 , ,. :
TTT I Z ! II 4--to mmmmm-. m nj m t,n.nc Hn: ixfe
HALL S CAMKER .AMD DIPHTHERIA REMEDY i u mm m i Vm0N rS M. I vogelerseed s produce co.. I The St. Nicholas
Z 7, ; I 0 t SZ '? Removed to 1G2 South Mr. Tomplo. E DlBtrlbutors of UTAH'S BEST H ,.... rates, 75 F ev
rJn0nUHthTlTi;r?at' Ne VC r Fa 1 1 S - - FoI Sal byi 1 Drulata 239 MAIN STBSET. SAMPLES BY MAIL AND EXPRESS 1 FLOUR, made by tho Farmers' B now open. European raie. . t
Stomach and Bowels...... ncvu rU1S and General Stores 0 Has Cpcni wm receive prompt attention. Analytical B Union Roller Mllla SmUhflekl, I a day and up. Corner West
NELDEK.JUDSON DRUG CO., General Agent. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH pen yarodrdnf.hts0nc,S m'r' ork tt Bpoc,alty' Sond for prlc0 llsu S? tm over
' tt i aaataBWWta ii1'1 ' " Wl J 1 hm 1 1 WWftl Hill Drug Co.

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