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f Mines and Prospects-Furnaces and Millsj
I False Reports From
Ball Frog District
Rich Strike in the Ealston Desert
Proves to Bo Without Eoun
datlou. Special to Tho Tribune.
RENO, New, Oct. 9. Reports which
have been coming In of rich strikes Mn-tho
Bull Frog district, which Ilea 112 miles
by trail south of Goldflold. In tho south
western neck of tho Ralston desert nnd
at tho head of Amargosa desert, nave
been greatly overestimated, and havo
beon tho means of causing a stampede of
miners which may end seriously.
Tho country surrounding' tho territory
of the roported strike 13 ono of tho moat
dcaolato to bo found In tho cnllro West,
and In somo respects Is moro dreaded
than tho famous Death valley of Cali
fornia. Water Is extremely Bcarcc, the
nearest spring being three miles distant,
and this la so Impregnated with alkali,
borax and mineral aa to bo unpaJalablo
for man. and animate, even when suffer
ing from extromo thirst, refii60 It.
Tho mineral deposits of which so much
has been said are entirely on the surfaco
and aro tho result of blowouts, which
have left the mineral scattered In small
pockets of no great vaTUO- There aro no
deHned lodgos, and what little mineral
ha3 been found Is In such small quanti
ties as to prohibit profitable work. De
velopment demonstrates that at no point
does the or go downward, and experi
enced miners who have visited the region
pronounce' It &f unworkable.
These facts wero gleaned from mining
men who have Just returned from an ox
tended trip through this region, and who
have examined all of the alleged strikes
that havo been made within the past
seven weeks. They, advise miners nnd
prospectors to stay away, as food sup
plies ennnot bo secured excepting at
Goldflold and LIda. the former more Jhan
100 ami the latter forty mllc3 distant.
Everything has to be packed In at largo
expense. In the reports sent out, the
statement has been made that twenty
men were engaged In mining nnd that
moro were coming In dally. Tho truth Is
that but two prospectors were at work,
and these were dissatisfied nnd would
soon leave. Another report Is that a
townslto had been located and the snlo of
building lots begun. This Is a fabrica
tion, as no town could exist In that
region, and not a stick of timber Is with
in nearly 100 miles of tho spot.
With the foolhanllness which follows
all reported rich strikes, scores of miners
havo started for the new fields from To
nopah, Goldflold and other camps on tho
north, and from Arizona and California
on the south and west, coming by way of
Death valley and crossing tho Orapcvlnc
mountalna, which He somo twelve miles
to the westward. These latter will faro
badly, and It Is for them that grave fchra -aro
Benator Frank J. Cannon will speak
at the county mass convention of tho
American party Monday afternoon.
Salt Lake theater.
Strike on Tonopoh Club and Opening
of Shipping on the Val Verde.
Special to The Tribune.
SODAVILLE. Nov.. Oct. 9. Tho striko
Hj on the Tonopah Club and the opening up
of three feet of shipping oro on the Val
Verde of the Jumbo Extension constitute
Er) tho two most Important events in the dc
vclopment of the mining properties of the
Goldflold district during tho past week.
H Tho former astonishes mining men of
Hj vast cxpcrlenco because of the unusual
character of the formation, which Is en
tlrely different from anything hcrctoforo
opened up In the district. Tho presence
B of high sllvor values is another cxccptlon-
1 nl occurrence, So far fourteen feet of oro
1 ban been cut through, and neither wall
Is In sight. Assays continue to run high.
1 The ore has been described as nu Igneous
conglomerate, having something of the
appearance of shnlc. With depth It le
j conjectured that a more dctlned rock will
bo found, most likely solid quartz, A
H shaft Is to be put down on the lead to
thoroughly exploit the oro body.
Tho east drift on the Quartzlto con-
1 tlnucs to show remarkably rich ore. An
H assay taken yesterday from across tho
1 rich streak gave returns of fI0,7C1.S0. An-
1 other shipment of several carloads will be
1 Rent out next from oro that Is extracted
1 In doing development work.
H Tho Black Butte la showing up cxcccd-
lngly well under tho extensive plan of dc
1 velopment prosecuted by the company,
1 and the property Is now classed as a big
1 mine. Ore has been opened up on flvo
H different place In tho upper tunnel, where
j a big body of milling ore Is showing In
1 three ledges that have been cut by tho
j working tunnel, and In a new shaft that
1 has been started on the extension of tho
H Quartzlto leud. Good values arc found In
1 the shaft.
If you don't know who the reglstra
tlon officer is of your district or where
to And tho place, apply at headquarters
of the American party, Atlao Block,
Bell 'Phone, AM; Independent, 27SS.
Reorganization Will Follow Appoint
mont of Receiver.
Hj Tho Whlto Knob Copper company, of
which W. K. Mathews of Mathews & Co.
H was Friday appointed a rcqclvor, Is a
H New Jornoy corporation, Incorporated In
H 1S00, and owning a mlno and smoltcr at
Mackay, Ida, Tho company has out
standing 00,000 0 per cent debentures
H duo 1313. and has borrowed qulto largely
H on tho balance of tho authorized Isnuo of
H 51,000,000 debentures. Tho capital stock
outstanding Is 200.000 shares, par $10.
H Thcso shares have been traded In on tho
H New Yorkurb for tho past two or threo
H yeans and havo declined from up In tho
Mj twenties down to $2 n share, Friday's
1 Tho company haa been turning out at
H the rato of between 400.000 to 500.000
H pounds of copper per month, "but has not
j succeeded in obtaining enough copper
1 from Its ores to allow of a profit. Tho
H prencnt production Is taken entirely from
H a tunnol on the 700-foot level. For some
H tlmo past construction has been actively
H under way on a tunnol at tho 100-foot
level. Tho expectation of tho company Is
j that copper oro may bo found on this
H level of quality euch as will show a profit
H on tho company's production. Tho smelter
B 1b expected to start up como tlmo tho
H middle of October.
H The company has no money. After the
1 money borrowed on the security of tho
H bonds had been spent on development
H work and tho now tunnel tho largest
H holders advanced money from tlmo to
H time to meet tho company's needs. Over
H $1,500,000 was advanced In this way. Thoro
H Is no money on hand now and these
H parties dccllno to advance further sums.
H Hence tho appointment of Mr. Mnthowi
H ns rccolver. A reorganization will sh'ortly
H follow. Wall Street News.
1 The American party e county ticket
H will Burely win if overy supporter will
H register on Tuesday or Wednesday.
B08TON-Crawford. Parker.
CHICAGO Auditorium, Great North
ern. Palmer House.
Brown Vftlnc.
KANSAS CITY Midland. Coatcs.
LOS ANGELES Tho Angelus. B. .
Gardner. C03 Spring street.
NEW YORK Waldorf-Astoria, Imperi
al. A stop House.
OMAHA-Tho Millard. Tho Paxton.
PORTLAND. OR Portland Hotel. .
ST. LOUIS-PIantcrs'. Southern.
SEATTLE Hotel Northern.
WASHINGTON Wlllard. Rnlolgh.
Hopes U Rival
GoWficld Camp
Gold Crater Mining District Attracts
Considerable Attention From
This new district, about twenty-six
mlleQ'ii little south of cuat of Goldlleld,
attracted a great deal of attention In
the mining world tho last week, nnd
several grouns of claims havo been sold.
Ridge & Curtlu purchnscd a group of
claims and In a twelve-foot hole, taking
an average sample from top to bottom
and across, obtained an assay of $17-1,
according to the Reno Gazette.
The Inman and Sanders strike runs from
J2i to 760.
The Elliott, WllJIama & Colburn prop
erty chows a fine lead that runs from
570 to $1-10.
There Is mother striko about seven
miles east of Gold Crater that runs as
high as any found In Gold Crater.
It. W. Grlswold and associates have pur
chased a group of claims.
The formation la the same as tho Gold
field district and Is bounded on the west
by a lava cropping. Porphyry mountains
dot tho plains, and In these are found
(ho quartz ledges. Some of the oro re
sembles the Goldfleld ore. and somo looks
llko the typical California quartz. Tho
same mineral zone extends to the east of
Stonewall jnountaln and continues a
groat distance southcastcily from Gold
American party voters, avoid the rush
by registering early on Tuesday and
Twonty-Four-Inch Vein Averages
S2700 a Ton.
W. A. Bycrs has recently returned from
Lemhi county, where he 13 managing the
mine and mill of tho Virginia Mining
company. Tho proporty consists of thir
teen claims, covering 16,000 feet of tho
ledgo. Three thousand foot of work has
been done. Tho drift on the 000-foot level
Is being run on a twolve-lnch pay streak
which averages ?205 in gold. On the 100
foot level the ore Is twenty-four Inches
thick and assays 52700 a ton for tho full
width. In another place thero la six feet
of solid oro running $10 to tho ton.
The proposition calls for some concen
tration, but works nicely In tho three
atnmp mill. Threo thousand fcot of de
velopment work has been done and the
mine Is amply equipped with track, cars
and tramway.
American party's Salt Lake county
mass convention at Salt Lake Theater
Monday afternoon, October 10.
'San Eraxicisco-Tonopah. Exchange. .
Quotations on tho San Francisco Tono
pah mining exchango on October 7 wcro
as follows:
Bid. Asked.
Brunswick C. G. M. Co....,? -07 ? .03
Eunker Hill Mln. Co 1.00 1.75
Central Eureka M. Co 1.35 1.37V&
Gwln Mine Dev. Co S.0)
Llghtner M. Co -1.00
Pennsylvania C. M. Co 4.00..
Republican Mg. & D. Co 1.75
South Eureka Mg. Co 20
MacNamara Mg. Co 31 .37
Mlzpah Extension Mg. Co.. .07
Montana Ton. Mg. Co 1.S5 1.90
New York Ton. M. Co .05
Paymaster Mg. Co 03 .01
Pino Grovo G M Co 10
Ray Extension M. Co .03
Ray &. O'Brien Mg. Co OS .10
Ray Tonopah Mg. Co 1. .OS
Red Top Mg. Co , .10
Rescue Mg. Co 11
Sandstorm Mg. Co 20
Ton. Belmont D. Co CI SA
T. & California M. Co .20
Tonopah Extension 1.00 l.0
Ton. Gold Mountain 14 .16
Ton. Midway Mg. Co 13 .40
Tonopah M. Co. of Nev S.00 S.12U.
Ton. North Star T. & D 10
Utopia Mg Co 10 ......
West End M. & M. Co 15 .17
Adams Goldlleld Mg. Co... .11 .12
Colehan Mg. Co .03
Columbia Mt. Mg. Co 25 .2C
Diamondflcld G. M. Co 43
Espcranza Mg. Co 01 .02
Eula Con. Mg. Co .01
Golden Anchor Mg. Co 15 ....
Goldlleld Bluo Bell Mg. Co. .03
Goldflold Bull & B. M. Co.. .15
GoldflcM Mir. Co. of Nev... .M .70
Goldflold Mohawk M. Co... .15 .10
Goldfleld Silver Pick M. Co .18
Goldfleld Ton Mg Co 11
Gold Mountain Con. ' .02
Hannapah M M fc S Co 10
Hannapah Mutual Co 10
Hazel Kirk Goldfleld Co .12
Jim Butler Ton. Mg Co .CO
Jumbo Mg. Co 70
Llttlo Ton. Dev. Co.. 25
Adams Goldfleld, 1000 at 11c: Central Eu
reka. 300 at JL37fe; 500 at 11,37: 200 at
51.37; Diamondflcld. 100 at 43c; 100 at 43c;
Goldlleld. 250 at C5c sellor flvo days;
Jumbo, 100 at 71c, seller five days; 100 at
73c; 1000 at 70c, seller ten days; 100 at 73c;
Montana Tonopah, CO at 51.S0; 00 at $1.80;
100 at J1.E5; Sandstorm, 100 at 27c; Tonopah
Belmont. KO at 63c; COO at C3c; Tonopah
Gold Mountain, E00 at 15c; -1500 at lie; GOO
at 14c; Tonopah Midway, 100 at 4ic; 10) at
4lc; COO at 15c, buyer thirty daye; 500 at
4Cc, buyer thirty days: 500 at 44c; GOO at
45c. buyer sixty days; GOO at 44c.
Assessment Brunswick, 2c; South Eu
reka. 2c.
Register on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Delayo are hazardous. No one who i
not registered anew can vote this year
at tho general election or at the De
cember school election.
tSS American
y&yf 9S.CO to 4.oo
$l.CO to 93.00
Sold strictly on their merit. Whlt
aker & Dallas, manufacturers.
American party's Salt Lake county
mass convention at Salt Lake Theater
Monday afternoon, October 10.
lews Budget
From Goldfleld
Many Mines in tho New El. Dorado
Aro Making Rapid Progress and
Goldlleld continues to be productive of
reports . of rich strikes and rapid devel
opment. Ono of the strongest mining
companies whloh has recently been
formed Is the C. O. D. Mining company,
which owns tho C. O. D., Zoo and Golden
Eaglo claims, says the Reno Gazette. Not
only are tho claims very valuable but
tho company 1b composed principally of
pioneers of the district of tho highest
Active development work Is about to
be commenced on the ground of the Gold
lleld Diamond Mining company. Several
leasers have been prospecting tho ground
with a view to leasing. M, 11. King and
T. L. Hoppln of California obtained'
$15.C0 from acrois a four-foct ledge at
seven feet depth on the Head Center
claim, and at or.co sccurod a twelve
months' lease and will begin active work.
Tho Daisy Mining company, owning tho
Daisy Nob. 1. 2 and 3. near Dlamondlleld.
has been incorporated under the laws of
Arizona with a capitalization of Jl.f-OO.OCO.
Under the direction of Sup;. McKay,
the Goldlli'ld Mining company has start
ed dcvelomeiit work on the September.
October, St. Paul, Henry Clay and Crack
er Jack cialms Some peoplo have tho
notion that this company owns only the
January claim, but It owns tho above
named chilms also. They are among tho
most valuable, prospectively, In tho camp,
and the development work now going on
will possibly show up another big bon
anza. Capt. John A. Hassell, Marshall Bond
and Louis Bond havo bought tho St. Ives
claim from Lockhart & Williams and in
corporated tho St. Ives Gold Mining and
Milling company to operate the same.
Capt. HassPll Is president of the com
pany, Marshall Bond vice-president, and
Louis Bond secretary and treasurer. The
St. Ives promises to moke one of the
bis mines of the Goldfleld district. It Is
understood that Col Lockhart retains an
Interest In the company.
A big parallel ledge has been struck
In tho 130-foot level of the Combination
at a nolnt about COO feet west of tho
shaft. The ore where encountered Is not
rich enough to ship, but higher grado
ore may b& found in drifting.
Great Advancement by One of Ameri
ca's Best-Known Mining Experts.
Special to The Tribuno.
ISPIPEMING, Mich., Oct. 9. Walter
Fitch, one of the best-known mining
men In the Lake Superior region, has
accepted the general management of
the mines and smelters of the United
States Mining company, one of the
largcot corporations of ItB kind in
America, and is about to remove to
Salt Lake City to assume his new du
ties. For more- than thirty year9 Mr. Fitch
has been a resident of Marquette county
and for twenty years he hae been lo
cated at Champion, where for an ex
tended interval he haa been superin
tendent of the big Champion iron mine,
acquired by the steel corporations sev
eral months; ngo, and long pointed to
as a model property of the kind.
He is president of the board of con
trol of the Michigan college of mines
at Houghton.
Mr. Fitch is a self-made man. He
was employed as a common miner on
first coming to the Lake Superior re
gion from England, and from that sta
tion ho long ngo attained high ranks
In the mining profession. The United
States company, whose practical af
fairs he will now direct, Is capitalized
at S21.000.000 and has only recently ac
quired additional claims valued at sev
eral million dollars.
If you don't know who the registra
tion ofTicer Is of your district or where
to find the place, apply at headquarters
of tho American party, Atlao Block,
Bell 'Phone, 441; Independent, 27S8.
Improvements on That Plant Will
Effectively Transform It.
Reports from Bingham state that tho
improvements now being made on tho
Yampa smelter aro tho feature of that
camp. With the great addition to ca
pacity and tho radical chaugce and Inno
vations to bo completed this fall. It will
havo been transformed Into a new propo
sition, with hardly a suggestion of the
old plant remaining. It Is thought that
by the end of the year the present 2C0-ton
plant will have been practically succeeded
by one of 100 tona capacity,
Oro Shipments From Tintic.
The following shipments, were sent out
from mines In the Tintic district last
Cars of ore.
AJax .w. 3
Bullion-Beck 5
Centennial Eureka 10
Carlsa 3
Eagle and Blue Bell .' 10
Gemini 30
Grand Contral s
May Day , 2
Lower Mammoth l
Mammoth 7
Star Consolidated t. 3
Uncle Sam ...A ": ,.. 4
Yankee . 6
Total '. '.
Undo Sam 3
Total 3
Engl Eye Gets New Claim.
A quit claim deed from A. C. Leo and
Bertha F. Lee of Salt Lake City to tho
Eiglo TJyo Mining nnd Milling company
haa been tiled with the County Recorder
of Utah county. Tho grantors for a con
sideration of ?1 and K.M0 shares of tho
capital stock of the Eagle Eyo Mining
company transfer tho following mining
claims, situated about four miles north
west of Eureka. In the Tintic mining dis
trict: Church. Lincoln. Nineteen Hun
dred. Secret, Now York, Reserve, Good
Luck, Bee Hive, Future and New Home.
May Day Ore.
The last two carloads of oro sent out
by the May Day Mining company aro
said to havo netted $1WG, or 5i53 a car.
Tho new striko is turning out much bet
tor than tho management expected a short
tlmo ago.
Star Con. Shippings.
About ICO tons of oro are being shipped
weekly from tho Star Con. The sensa
tional values of oies already taken out lead
tho superintendent to believe that the
same values can be had by sinking Ac
cordingly a wltio Is being started on tho
COO-foot level, which will be sunk about
205 foot.
Fpcclal to Tho Tribune.
RICHFIELD. Oct. 0. The new mill
and plant at the Sevier mine In Gold
Mountain will tomorrow start out for
real business. The machinery haa
been thoroughly tried and tested dur
ing the past two weeks and everything
is now in excellent working order and
ready for regular work. Ah Erie en
gine has been Installed during tho sum
mer, It having been found thnt the wa
ter supply for power was loo uncertain,
and now there is horse-power to nparo.
The engine can slip every belt in the
"While getting tho mill In readiness
for operations, the development of tho
mine has not beon neglected, and last
week one of tho most important disclo
sures In the history of the property was
Some time ago Capt. Lawrence, the
manager, reached the conclusion, from
a careful study and Investigation of
the mine, that there wero big ore
bodies to the east of tho present open
ing?, nnd he ordered cross-cutting in
that direction Last week the judg
ment of tho captain was most emphati
cally verified, for a nev vein course has
been struck. Tills carries ore matter
at least twelve feet In width and par
allels the other veins. The values aro
of the same high-grade class found In
other veins on the property.
Another piece of development work
is the beginning of a new tunnel, No. 4,
about 1500 feet below the mill. This
tunnel is now in a distance of about
200 feet and already mineralized ground
has been encountered. There 13 every
indication that the big veins exposed
above will be found In this tunnel. This
will give a vein depth of over 1200 feet
and running back Into the mountain
nt least a mile. This, together with
the demonstrated ore zone in tunnels
Nos. 1, 2 and 3. and the recent discov
eries in crosscutling. give the Sevier
an area of ore ground that Is little
short of marvelous. Much of the ore
goes 575 to SS0 per ton, some of it goes
over a hundred., and there are fissures
which yield values In tho thousands.
While Capt. Lawrence and other
backers of this property had sufficient
faith in it to put up $100 000 to secure
It from Charles Lnmmersdorf, they
did not begin to anticipate the great
extent of its possible wealth until re
vealed by the development work of this
season. "It Is, without any flattery or
exaggeration, as great a property as I
have ever seen In my thirty years of
mining experience," says Capt. Law
rence, "and far exceeds my most san
guine expectations. We have enough
ore now in sight to task the mill for
years We have Just made the Junc
tion between No. 3 and No. 3 tunnels
by means of an upraise, and can now
handle the output of all the tunnels
through No 3 right to the mill. If
we get nothing more ihan -what is in
sight right now we have a big mine,
but with the latest developments we
have a property that it 1b impossible to
form any idea of its immensity."
If you don't know who the registra
tion officer Is of your district or where
to find the place, apply at headquarters
of the American party, Atlas Block,
Bell 'Phone, 444; Independent, 2783.
Drifting in Progress Lono Pino Shut
Down for Winter.
Drifting has been commenced from tho
450-foot lcvol of tho Comstock to tho orc
chuto now being developed on tho 250-foot
level. To reach this point will require
about COO feet of work, though, from past
experiences In the mine, Mr, Hlckey be
lieves that other oro bodies of no small
lmportanco will bo oponcd up as this
work progresses. The oro bodies to tho
cast of tho shaft, which opened up well
cn 'the upper levels, will nlso be sought
for from tho 450-foot mark, so that In
teresting developments may be looked for
from the property for tho next few
months. Though no doflnllo information
has been given, tho company is consid
ering the Installation of a compressor
plant and machine drills
Work has been discontinued for tho
winter at tho Lono Pino property In Snake
Creek district. Tlio new tunnel Is now in
150 feet and It will tnko but a very llttlo
work next spring to reach tho contact,
whero It Is expected tho ore-chute opened
at a considerable depth In tho old work
ings will be encountored. It haa beep im
possible to get capital Interested in tho
property as yet, but before much further
work has been done tho management
hopes that tho showing made will be such
as to warrant the placing of money by In
vestors for tho greater dovelopmont of tho
ground. Park Record.
Quite a Number of Mines Being
Bought and. Sold.
There h"as boon a number of mining
men at Lovelocks and vicinity tho past
ten days and as a result of their Investi
gations wo havo this week -three sales
of mines In this vicinity, 3ayB tho Love
lock Tribune.
Tho Rescue claim Is a property which
H. C. Hatdwty and son havo developed
la the mountains east of town. A shaft
sixty feet deep has been sunk on tho
property, and in tills Is some very good
Fpr somo tlmo J. P. Elttlng has been
investigating tho merits of tho Old Eaglo
mine and trying to get Eastern partlca
to tako hold of It.
Ono of the oldest properties In this vi
cinity Is tho Humboldt Queen. It has
produced good values In years gone by,
but with tho decline of silver tho mlno
was closed down. It is about twenty
miles cast from here.
For some months past Tom Throlfall.
tho San FranclBCO mining engineer, has
been Interested In this property and after
thorough Investigation and tests of oro
has secured it for some San Francisco
parties. Tho sale is in tho nataro of a
bond, with a good cash payment to bind
tho bargain a,nd with certain require
ments for development work.
Will Bo Worked Through tho Daly
West Tunnel.
The Qulncy mine was closed down
Thursday evening and hereafter will bo
worked through the Daly West, all neces
sary connections having been made. This
move has been under consideration for
some time, as tho Qulncy hoist has really
been an unnecessary cxpenco on tho com
pany. Tho ores mined In tho Qulncy will
hereafter bo sent down through tho
chutes to the 12CO-foot lovel of tho Daly
West and sent out through tho tunnel.
The Qulncy has been an expensive plant
for the company, owing to Its location,
being very hard to get Its winter uupplies
and coal during tho winter and spring
months. The work in tho Qulncy will go
on as usual, the only change being in
tho method of handling tho ores, so that
tho camp will not suffer much by tho
change. Several thousand dollars per
month will bo saved by tho Duly West by
this scheme.
New Strike of
Rich Silver Ore
Nevada Men Find a Promising Ledge
Near the California State
Six Reno citizens, who went camping
a few days ago, made a striko In Plumas
county of ore carrying high valuos In
silver that may net thorn splendid ro
turr.s. Tho men aro all woll known In
R;no and their names are G. H. Humph
rey, W. S. Hilc, Fred Zlmmsr, August
Johnson, Goorgo Gclger and J. M.
Thompson. Thoy brought samples of tho
ore to Reno and on It showing values of
62 ounces In silver to J2 to the ton In
gold thoy oont parties to tho place to etako
out claims In addition to tho two they
took while on their trip.
Tho purty were camplnir about seven
teen miles northwest of Reno, Just on
tho border of tho Stato line, and it was
on tho California nlde that tho find was
mado They noticed that thero wero In
dlcatlonH of gold on the surfaco and on
panning out some of tho dirt concluded
that tho oro wao In paying quantities
Thoy investigated, and, dlocovering a
promJlng ledgo, took out a fow speci
mens, which woro brought hero to bo
After making tho find the mon pros
pected In other placos and found in one
spot another lodso carrying a fair ylold
of gold and silver. Thoy recorded two
of their claims today, and next week will
record the others.
Voters of the American ticket should
register on Tuesday or Wednesday from
8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Thle is Important.
Bonds on North Star and. Talisman
Taken Up for S5500.
Tho North Star and the Talisman mi
ning claims at tho Point, four miles west
of Ploche, which woro bonded lost spring
by Honry Wellnnd and T. J. Osborne to
C. E. Rives, were pasrfed over to tho
Ploche Consolidated Mining company yes
terday, the balance of the $5500 purchaso
price having been paid. Rives formed tho
company and passed his option over to It,
and has done extensive proapcctlng on tho
ground all during the past summon
R. W Brady, secretary of tho company,
went down to close up tho transaction,
and Is carefully Inspecting tho claims and
the other ground of the company sur
rounding. Sovcral promising oro chutes havo been
found on the claims, says tho Lincoln
County Record, covering a length of 400 or
COD feet, and work will now be prosecuted
to see if the oro bodies tako on depth.
Sevoral ledges outcrop on tho ground,
and tho belief is general with thoso who
hnvo given that section any attention that
big mines exist there. The Bcction forms
tho westerly end of Ely district and has
not been prospected at any point to a
greater depth than seventy-live feet.
With dozens of ledges showing values
between the Point and this town, some of
which havo turned out considerable quan
tities of gold ore In the past, tho future of
the Point mines when depth la attained is
promising indeed.
Lubeck Mill Is Active.
The Lubeck mill In Emplro canyon is
grinding away steadily, says the Park
Record. Tho mill is equipped with a re
volving screen and a Wllfloy table, tho
motive power being furnished by a large
water-wheel which utilizes tho flow of
water from tho creek on which tho plant
Is built. Tho product Is hauled down
from tho creek bed farther up tho can
yon and, after being treated. Is loaded
Into tho wagons again and brought to
town. Between 1600 and 2S0O pounds of
sand aro run through dally, the tonnage
of concentrates dcpondlng largely upon
the condition of tho water, whother It Is
clean or muddy. As soon as tho heavy
frosts set In this llttlo plant will havo
to bo closed down, as Its water supply
will be cut off.
Mining Notes.
Thomas Weir was In Tintic Tuesday
looking after his mining Interests.
Manager H. S. Joseph of tho Carl3a
was In Tintic last wook.
The number of leasers at the Bullion
Beck mine has Increased considerable dur
ing the past few weeks, and that prop
erty presents a very busy appearance at
this time. Of coureo, there have beon
but few sensational strikes In tho ground
In which tho leasers are at work, but
nearly all of them are at work making
bitter than wages, while others are do
ing exceptionally well.
An air compressor will be Installed at
the Bullion-Beck Tunnel company's prop
erty. Oro is piling up on tho Bullcr-Llbcral
dump and will bo allowed to accumulato
for tho present. Tho company has a
good bank account for development ex
penses from its season's sales.
From the Ohio this week was shipped
a lot of crude oro carrying a high per
cent of copper.
Bingham 3tocks on tho Boston market
are steadily advancing.
Bingham's monthly output of oro Is
doubling tho yearly output of soven or
eight years ago. when it barely cxcocdcd
45.000 tons. With tho enlargement of
Its smelters and concentrators completed,
tho camp's output will havo made an
other largo Increase. Bingham Bulletin.
Thero Is good demand for teams in
somo of the camps. Tho Bingham Bul
letin says that many lots of ore from
the smaller mines would be marketed at
onco if the teams wero available.
Park Record: Excavating for tho new
addition to tho Daly Wc3t mill Is com
pleted and tho work of laying the founda
tion has commenced. Tho automatic
scales recently Installed at tho mlno 13
now working perfectly and has been
found to be a great time and labor-saving
Park Record: The now tunnel-houso at
tho Federal tunnel Is completed and tho
laying of air pipe has begun. Work will
progress uninterrupted all winter, and be
fore spring something of Importance will
occur at tho old Daly.
Park Record: The oxtenslvo Improve
ments being made to the Empire canyon
road In front of tho Daly-Judge mill aro
almost completed. Other work Is being
done about tho mill, which Indicates that
there will be "something doing" thoro cro
At a meeting In Goldflold last Saturday
night an organization was effectod to pre
vent lot and claim Jumping. Thoro has
boon llttlo trouble from claim Jumping,
but the new arrivals flocking thero pitch
their tonts on other peoplo's lots and re
fuse to movo. Tho owners rcfuso to noil
or lease the land, and th tont-dwelloro
aro almply trespassers.
A strike of J3S oro is reported on tho
2250-foot level of tho Con. Cal. Sc. Vir
ginia mlno at Virginia City. Tho ledgo Is
said jto bo a new one.
Why throw away $60.00 in
"buying a typewriter? Wo sell
New Sun Typewriter
For $40,00. .
S4 W. 2nd South. 'Phonci TiV
Coniult Count- ClerK or tho respective
signers for further Information.
oati tvislon, in and for Salt Lako coun
ty, JL-to of Utah. In tho mattor of tho
ectatt. nnd guardianship of Mary A. R.
Carrington, Incompetent. Notice.
Tho potltlon of Irono I. Carrington.
praying for tho Issuance to herself, or
somo other responsible person of let
ters of guardianship on tho person and
estato of Mary A. R. Carrington, lncom
potont, has beon set for hearing on Frl
day, tho 14th day of October. A. D. 1004,
at 10 o'clock a. m., at tho county court
house. In tho courtroom of said court. In
Salt Lako City, Salt Lako county, Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said court with
tho seal thereof affixed, this 3rd day of
Octobor. A. D. 1004.
Seal. JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By Holena A. Mcintosh. Doputy Clork.
bato division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty. Stato of Utah. In tho matter of tho
oBtate of Joseph K. Clark, deceased. No
tlco. The petition of Amanda E. Clark, pray
ing for tho Isuuanco to E. W. Clark of
letters of admlulstratlon, with will an
nexed upon cstato do bonis non. deceased,
has beon set for hearing on Friday, the
14th day of October, A. D. 1901, at 10
o dock a. m., at tho county courthouse,
In tho courtroom of Bald court. In Salt
Lake City. Salt Lako county, Utah.
Witness tho Clork of said court with
tho seal thereof affixed, this 3rd day of
Ootober, A. D. 1904.
(Seal. JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. DrvIps. Deputy Clerk,
Harrison O. Shopard, Attorney for Pe
titioner. ' b303
bate division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty. Stato of Utahj. In the mattor of tho
e3tato of Ruth LT Grant, deceased. No
tice Tho petition of Robert D. Grant, ex
ecutor of tho estate of Ruth L. Grant,
deceased, praying for tho settlomont of
final account of said executor, and for
tho distribution of tho rcslduo of said
eatato to the persons entitled, boa been
sot for hearing on Friday, tho 11th day
of Octobor, A. D. 1001, at i0 o'clock a. m.,
at tho county courthouse, in tho court
room of aald court, in Salt. Lako City,
Salt Lake county, Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said court with
the seal thereor afAxed, thi :rd day of
Octobor, A. D. ISO I.
Ssal. JOHN JAMES, Clork.
By David B. Davies, Doputy Clork.
Andrew Howat, Attornoy for Estate.
court. In and for Salt I ako county, Stato
of Utah Department No. 1.
In the mattor of th? estate of F. L.
Oswald, deceased. Notlcp.
The petition of Ellis E. Oswald, pray
ing for tho admission to probate of a
certain document, purporting to bo tho
last will and tc.mcnt of F. L. Oswald,
deceased, and for tho granting of letters
testamentary to herself, has been sot for
hearing on Friday, tho 21st day of Oc
tober, A D 1501, at ten o'clock a. m.,
at tlo county courthouse, In tho court
room of said court. In Salt Lako City,
Bait Lnko county, Utah.
Witness tho clerk of said court, with
tho aoal thereof affixed, this Gth day of
October, A. D. 1901.
(Seal) JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
David B. Davle3, Doputy Clerk.
William H. Bird and C. L. Olson, At
torneys for Petitioner. b510
batvdlvlslon, in and for Salt Lako coun
ty.tato of Utah. In tho matter of the
estato of William C. Ljons, doceaoed.
Tho petition of W. N. McGill. praying
for the tsuanco to W. T. Gunter of let
ters of administration in the estate of
William C. Lyons, deceased, has been sot
for hearing on Friday, tho Hth day of
Octobor, A. D. 1904, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
at tho county courthouse, in the court
room of aald court, in Salt Lako City,
Salt Lake county, Utah. '
Witness the Clerk of said court with
tho seal thereof afflxod, this 3rd day of
October. A. D. 15CM.
Seal. JOHN JAMES, Clork.
By David B. Davies. Deputy Clerk.
Dickson. Ellla & Ellis, Attomoys for
Petitioner. b394
bate division, in and for Salt Lako coun
ty, Stato of Utah. In tho matter of tho
estato of Charles Mayborry, doocasod.
Tho petition of Adollno Maybcrry, ad
ministratrix of the estato of Charlos
Mayborry, deceased, praying for an or
der of salo of roal proporty of said de
cedent, and that all persons Interested
appear beforo tho said court to show
causo why an order Bhould not bo
granted to soil, lcaso and grant an
option on so much as shall bo neces
sary, of tho following doscrlbcd real es
tato of 3ald decedent, to-wlt: Tho Botsy
mining claim, patented by tho United
States as lot 471, In West Mountain Min
ing district, Salt Lake county, Utah, has
beon set for hearing on Friday, tho 14th
day of October, A. D. 1004, at 10 o'clock
a. m., at tho county courthouse In tho
courtroom of uald court, in Salt Lake
City,. Salt Lako county. Utah.
Witness tho Clerk of said court with
tho seal thereof affixed, this 3rd day of
Octobor, A D. 1001.
Seal. JOHN JAMES. Clork.
By David B, Davies. Deputy Clork.
Bradloy & Plschell, Attorneys for Es
tate b302
New &nd elegant In all Its appointments.
CO rooQA. singlo or en suits. 61 room wltn
ttb. O. 8 Holme. Proprietor.
Consult County Clerk -r -J:s r.-JN I
clgnera for lurthcr information. "(J
No?lcef MarK0JT AJdrlc. m)i
Tho petition of Zlna Martin n-
drlch, dceaed. praying for tt?
ment of final account of Ettlrt .M
tratrlx and for the dl.irlbSfonn1? -
titled, has been set for hcarlno 2f Al M
at 10 o'clock a. m., 'at the coiintv i
house In tho courtroom of t
Witness the Clerk of cald court ftl
tho teal thereof affixed, this Slth 1
September, A. D. 1904 h 44 Ul
(Se:i1 JOHN' JAMES. n.A '
By David B. Davies? Doputy cf! ;
uSfSr' BradIey- Att0rne: V ;
' i rtt to
diSVff sav frortl
Stato of Utah.-In the matof t8 "
tato of Alnanda M. Pierce, decease
Tho petition of Adam Splerjj, a2
trator of tho estate of Amanda JJ pt ;
deceased, for confirmation of th"
tho followlng-deucrlbtd roal estate or S?
decedent, to wit: Tho north half L r
eight l, block twenty-seven (?n '
B," Salt Lako City survey, si uPi'd.
Salt Lako City, Stato of Utah. ?-? ft
sum of $2500.00; and upon the foiloi 7 ti
terms, to wit: Cash upon conflrraa'
as appears from tho return of sale cii
this court, has beon bH for hearirl. !
Friday tho 21at day of Octobor, A n' i
at 10 o'clock a. m., at tho county m
house, in the courtroom of said cotir rr.T0
Salt Lake City. Salt Lako county. uE H
Witness tho Clerk of said court. Vlts Thoir
eeal thereof affixed, this 7th day of f anto
Der, A. D. 1001. ' 01 taB(
By David B. Davlco, Doputy Clerk
G. H Backman, Attorney for Estat "
'its bn
L (hicl
bato division. In and for Salt Lake m
ty. State of Utah. KB (( the
In tho matter of tho estato of 'rji
Torkulla. deceased.-Notlco. U0
The potltlon of Andrew Miller adi i
latrator of the estate of Wm. a. " ? In
kulla, deceasod, praying for the
ment of final account of said adro
trator and for the distribution of the i A3 0
due of said estate to the pcraoni 'i cc
tied, haa been Bet for hcarlnp on Prl i ,
the 2!st day of October. A. D. l&M. 8' M1
o'clock cl. m.; at tho county courtha flM
In tho courtroom of said court. In '. Mch
Lako City, Salt Lako county, Utah. ! ,
Witness the clerk of said court, i Ps e,c
the seal thereof affixed, this 5th dai Vnsti
Octobor, A, D. 11. j
(Seal) JOHN JAMES. Clei CM,
By David B. Davies. Deputy Clerk.' iipllci
N. J. Shcckcll. Attornoy ,' '
j 31 bC
The annual meeting of the atockl
er of tho Rio Grando Western' Rll M'v
company will bo held nt the prwv m
office of tho company In Salt Laka ( auf
Utah, on Monday, Octobor 21, WM. i
o'clock noon, for the election of nn
of the board of directors of tho cor Ism
and the transaction of such oth'H !rmis1
ness as may bo brought before f a aitate
in'g. ul ri
The books for the transfer of atock tt Is
be oloseu at S o'clock p. m. on Oct i fcber
3rd. ISO I, and will bo opened on ths' dtr, 1
following said meeting or the flmli dy, p
lournment thereof. i lis ir
STEPHEN LITTLE, SccreUi irat-1
September 21st. ue i
3i!!r a
I suffer from' ,. ,
Y A vous dob! sa
V V" tency, vai
Kfm .c.cIc' , rh v ta t
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nch trouble L""
r A .wlu Klvc tb8 "
famed Dr.JI aR
Vri den H . w i
A l f ico until o ., co
W pcnn 9 the
V vanco or on ;j.
V posit. 1 bJno
when cured y10
low aa -tt..
most cases
It falls to M
you don't pay me anything what! f
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