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I Cincinnati Downs the
I World's Pair Crowd,
H Second Game Was Short
H ened to Seven Innings
H by Agreement.
Hj Winding' tip of the Season ' and
Pino Weather Brought Out
Great Crowd.
Hl CHICAGO, Oct. 9. Tho playing season
In tho Rational Baeebal leaguo closod to-
1 tiny, with tho New York team 65 points
ahead of Chicago for first plnco. For tho"
past month thoro has novor bcon any
doubt as to tho final result. Tho light for
recond plnco bctweon Chicago, Pittsburg
and 'Cincinnati has boon a spirited one,
however, but Chicago Anally won tho
much-coveted plnco.
j Tho American Icaguo season runs twon-
ty-four hours longer, with New York and
Boston fighting It out for llr6t placo. Two
gnmes are to bo played botwoon th.CRo
clubs. New York' will havo to win both
to capture tho pennant.
Standing of the Clubs.
P. W. L. P. C.
New York 162 105 At .C97
Chlcngo 153 95 67 .C27
Cincinnati 163 S3 Co ,K1
Pittsburg 153 SS 67 .CC2
St. Louis 152 73 79 .-ISO
Boston 164 55 9S .305
Brooklyn 149 ao 91 .259
j Philadelphia 152 62 100 .335
Hj Yesterday's Gamos.
SL Louis, 0: Cincinnati, 3. First gamo.
St. Louis, 0; Cincinnati, 1. Second gamo.
Chlcngo, 1: Pittsburg, 2.
Cincinnati Takos Two.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. D.-Clnclnnatl won both
games from St. Louis today, shutting out
(ho home team In each event. Tho sec
end gnmo was shortened to seven Innings
by agreement. Tho winding up of tho
PBV season and tho flno weather brought out
a crowd of 14,00). Scorcn:
First game: TL H. M.
St. Louis 000 000 000-0 C 1
Cincinnati 011 100 0303 11 1
Batteries McKlnley and Zcarfoss;
Walker and Schlct.
Two-baeo hit. Shannon: threc-bnso hit,
HBh Corcoran; bases on balls, oft Walker, 1;
off McKlnley, 2; umpire, Zlmmer.
Hfri Second ffamo; R. H. E.
St. Louis 000 000 00 1 0
I Cincinnati 001 pOO 0 1 4 0
Batteries McFarland and Grady; Hahn
Bn nnd Schlcl.
Bones op alln, oft Hahn, 1; struck out,
by McFarland, 3; by Hahn, 5; umplro,
HBb Zlmmer.
Chicago, 1; Pittsburg, 2.
CHICAGO, Oct. 9. Tho last gamo of tho
season went to Pittsburg. Attendance,
S300. Score:
J R. H. B.
Chlcngo J....0OD 100 000 1 3 3
Pittsurg 0 000 0022 6 0
Batteries Brown and Kllng; Robortalllo
and Phelps.
Struck out, by Brown. 5, by Robortalllo,
H 3: bases on ballB. oft Robortalllo, 1: um-
plrc, Emslle.
Standing of the Clubs.
P. W. L. p. c. 1
Boston 151 93 63 .610
New York 149 91 6S .611
Chicago 152 87 To .578
Cleveland 151 So C6 .663
Philadelphia .149 SI 68 .644
'St. Louis 153 CS ' SS .431
Detroit 155 CO S3 A2T
Washington 148 30 112 .243
Yesterday's Games.
Chicago, 6; St, Louis, 2. First gamo,
Chicago, 1: SL Louis, 0. Second game.
Chicago Wins Two More.
CHICAGO, Oct. 9. Chicago won both
of the final games of tho season today.
Tn the first Chicago found Slovor easy,
batting all over tho Hold, and won out
J without trouble. Polty and Smith put
IH up a tine pitchers' battle, but the formor
lost out by hitting a batter with tho bases
full and forcing In tho winning run. At-
tendr.nco, 10,000. Scores;
First game: R. H. B.
Chicago , .500 200 10 5 14 2
St Louis 010 001 000-2 8 3
Batteries Altrock and Sullivan; Slover
H and Kahoc.
Second gamo: R, H. E.
J Chicago .0)1 000 00 1 4 0
St. Louis 00)000 0000 3 0
Batteries Smith and Ilcyburn; Pelty
and Kahoo.
Tacoma, 3; Los Angeles, O.
TACOMA. Wash., Oct 19. XCeofe's
n great pitching today resulted In a com-
paratlvoly ,easy victory for Tacomn. At
no stago of tho game did Los Angeles
havo a chango at tho plalo. Scoro:
H R. II. E.
Tncoma..... 002 100 00 3 9 1
Los Angeles COO 000 COO 0 G 2
H Battorlcs ICcofo and Graham; Newton,
Hall and Spies. Umpire Brown.
" Portland, 14; SeattloT
PORTLAND, Or., Oct. 9. Four hits and
four bases on balls off Hall and four or-
rors In which nearly tho wholo Seattlo
'nflcld participated, all In tho fourth In-
ring In tho game today with Portland
furnished tho material for nine of tho
fourteen runs made by tho homo team.
Boylo replaced Hall and held Portland
down to thrco runs. Stnrkelln pitched an
elrgnnt game, tho vlt-ltora bolng ablo
I to hit htm but four times, Tho scoro:
VflV r, , R- H. E.
J PorUnnd 000 912 20 14 7 7
Seattlo 011 CC0 000- 4 4 10
BV Battorlcs Starkolls and Stanley C
BSBBj jvfa Boyl and Blakenshlp. Umpire-
h iDjured in
Auto Race Better
Protest Disallowed nnd Heath Was
Offloinlly Awarded PirBt Place,
oo First Decided.
NEW YORK, Oct 9. Gcorgo Aronts.
Jr., who was thrown from 'his machlno
yestorday during tho automobllo race for
tho Vondorbllt cup, was somewhat better
tonight. Mr, Arents Is suffarlnu from a
frnoturo of tho skull. Ho had several
sinking Bpolls during tho night, but at
4 o'clock this morning thoro woo a slight
reaction, and although tho gain hna been,
plow it has boon steady, and Arents was
In a seml-consolous condition tonight. His
recovery Is still somewhat uncertain.
It was nearly 2 o'clook when tho do
ciolon In tho protest of Albert Clement
In tho Automobllo club of Franco was
announced. Heath of tho r-imo olub fin
ished first, but Clement's protest rcmiltcd
In tho commlttoo holding up a decision
on tho race. Tho protest wan finally dis
allowed, and tho following tlmo of tho
raco was glvon out:
Tlmo elapsed. Corrected time.
Heath 0:56:4?; 5:25:45
Clement C:63:15 6:2S:13
Thore was much EpecdLrfr over tho
courso today and as a result a numbor
of nrrcsts wero mnde, while other chauf
feurs were warnod to keep within tho
speed law
Was Largest Evor Shot in New
Brunswiok; Weighed 2000 Pounds.
READING, Pa,, Oct, 9. Reading
friends are in receipt of a letter from
Mrs. Martin Polndextor, who, with her
husband, is on a hunting trip through
Canada, announcing: that she had killed
tho largest moose ever shot in New
Mrs. Poindcxter 19 a plucky little wo
man and a true shot. The killing of
the moose is best told in hor letter,
which saj's:
"We started on a moose hunt, and
after w& went two miles Mr. Poin
dcxter was compelled to turn baclc I
continued with the- guldo, and soon wo
heard tho moose coming. Wo orossed
a swamp up to our knees, and lay down
behind a big tree. Tho mooBO soon
started for me. I didn't get the least
bit excited, but Instead leveled my gun
and fired, the first shot taking effect In
the neck. I gave him two moro 'pops'
to finish him. It took the combined ef
forts of five men to drag him back to
camp. In honor of my luck the crowd
asked me to name the camp and I
named it 'Big Moose-' "
The mooBO will be shipped to Reading
this week. It weighs almost 2000 pounds,
has red horns, which are very rare, and
they measure sixty-two and one-hnlf
Inches from tip to tip. Mrs. Poindexter
declares that she will not return homo
until she has succeeded in shooting her
flrBt bear.
In One State Legislative Corruption-
ists Asked Money From Fair.
ST. LOUIS. Oct 9. Charles M. Reeves,
chief of tho department of domestic ex
ploitation, has completed his roport of tho
lcgislntlvo work of tho World's fair. It
shows that the States of the American
Union havo expended about fS.000.000 on
their buildings and exhibits at tho ex
position. "Not ono penny of the money obtained
was corruptly expended In tho accom
plishment of these splendid results. Every
cent that was paid out Is accounted for,"
says Mr. Reeves. '
"In only ono Stato out of tho fifty-ono
States, Terrltbrlcs and possessions having
buildings nnd exhibits on tho exposition
grounds were wo approached with a cor
rupt proposition, and that was not made
to mo direct. A clique of about seven
men declared they controlled the Legisla
ture of tho Stato In question, and thoy
demanded coin for passing a bill appro
priating money for the State's participa
tion In the fair.
"This was not considered for a moment
and the bill was defeated. Wo at once ar
ranged a private subscription plan, which
worked well, but tho people, without a
hint from St. Louis, surmised the reasons
for tho failure of the bill and I havo boon
told that every ono of tho seven was de
feated for renomlnatlon or re-election at
tho subsequent primaries and elections.
Tho next Legislaturo mado a rather lib
eral appropriation.
"Few promises were mado. Neither
patronage nor passes were hold out to
Legislatures as Inducements to them to
support our bills,"
.Preston LX. Takes the S20,000 in the
Autumn Flat Pacing in Paris.
PARIS. Oct. 9. Tho Prix du Council,
municipal, J20.000, tho great event of tho
autumn flat racing, resulted In' a hugo
surprise, a rank outsider, Preston II.,
owned by Gaston Dreyfus and ridden by
Jockey Ransch, easily defeating tho hith
erto Invincible English marc, Protty Pol
ite, whom even tho French public bucked
oxtonslvely at 2 to 1. Preston II. took
and held tho lead from the start and won
without effort. Protty Pollle and Zlnfan
dal, another English crack, mado a keen
fight for second place. Tho winner paid
CO to t
Tho weather was splendid nnd the at
tendance enormous, Including many lead
ing horse-owners.
Archbishop of Canterbury Speaks of
What United States Must Do.
BOSTON, Oct. ?.-Thc archbishop of
Canterbury today preached to the largest
congregation that has attended a regu
lar service at Trinity church olnco tho
days whon tho cloquenco of the lato
Phillips Brooks was a feature of tho re
ligious world. Ho wild:
"You in the United States aro face to
face with problems bewlldoring In their
greatness and perplexity. A Christian na
tion has novcr before now in tho world's
hUfry had to deal with euch a gigantic
transfer to Its own shores of people from
other lands: people of other creeds nnd
beliefs and different races, in dlfferont
stages of civilization, who havo got to
be dlsalmllated and combined and nation
alized, and that speedily if harm and con
fusion aro not to ensue."
Barney Oldfleld Vs.
"Jed" NewMrfc
Salt Lake May See Some
Mile-a-ftlinute Automobil
ists Come Together.
Newkirk's Manager Arrives in Salt
Lake and Makes Arrangements
for a Eaco With Oldfleld.
"Jed" Nowklrk and Barney Oldfleld,
two of tho world's greatest chauffours,
may raco In Salt Lako within the next two
wooks. "Billy" Pickens, Newkirk's man
agor, was In Salt Lako yesterday on his
way to Denvor from tho const, and made
deflnlto arrangements for an exhibition on
somo local track about November 23.
Barnoy Oldfleld will reach Salt Lako somo
tlmo during the following week, nnd It Is
tho Intention of the promoters to havo a
match raco between the two colebrated
"chefs" In their mlle-a-mlnuto motor
cars. Oldtlold has signified his willing
ness to raco In this city, and little diffi
culty Is anticipated In arranging tho
Nowkirk a Nervy Driver.
"Jed" Ncwklrk Is recognized throughout
tho East as one of tho most daring chauf
fours In the business. In his cele
brated "999" cor, tho "man-klller," ho has
lowered many records, and at present
holds tho mllo record for a hnlf-mllo
track. Ills tlmo Is 1:13, mado at Aurora,
III., on August 23, 19M.
A Mile in 39 2-5 Seconds.
Newkirk's car "K9" holds tho world's
record for a mllo ovor a straight away
course. At New York last January tho
car went a mile In the astounding tlmo
of 39 2-5 seconds. This Is four seconds
fnster than Oldfield's beat time. Ills rec
ord is 43 soconds ovor a straight away
According to press reports, Nowklrk's
drlvo In his "man-klller" Is a most sen
sational feat Whllo rounding tho curves
on a half-mile track the machine Is said
to slide nearly twenty-five feet and turn
almost completely around, whllo going at
a hair-raising clip. Should a tire burst or
a wheel give, Ncwklrk would probably
meet the fato of Chauffeur Clement, who
was killed In an accident of this kind In
tho Vanderbllt cup race at Now York city
last Saturday.
Should tho meeting between Ncwklrk
and Oldfleld bo arranged. Salt Lake sports
will havo an opportunity of seeing some
real automobllo racing. Great rivalry ex
ists between tho men. and tho raco would
certainly bo an affair for blood.
Injured Footballist in Critical State.
DENVER. Oct. 9. Chorlos Richardson,
a substitute member of tho University of
Nebraska football team, which played tho
University of Colorado eleven at Boulder
yesterday. Is lying unconscious at the
Emergency hospital In this city. Phy
sicians attending him havo been unablo
to definitely dlagnoso the case, but be
licvo Richardson Is suffering from tho
effects of a blow ovor the heart recolvcd
during the game. Richardson participat
ed In tho latter part of tho second half,
rellevinc ono of the forward men who
had been hurt.
Senator Clark's Son Buys Bon Voyage
LEXINGTON. Ky., Oct. 9. Bon Voy
age, the winner of tho two-year-old di
vision of tho Kentucky futurity JTCOO, has
been sold to W. A. Clark, Jr., of Butto,
Mont., son of United States Senator W.
A. Clark. Tho price paid was $10,000. Bon
Voyago is by Expedition. 2.15?4. out of
Bon Mot. Ho has a record of 2:1G.
Young & Fowler have moved. Now
located in the new basement at 32 Main
street, opposite Z- C. M. I.
Populr.ticn Objects to Attacks Upon
Sovereignty of Lieppo.
BERLIN. Oct 9. A popular voice
against tho endeavor to displaco Prlnco
Leopold from tho regency was raised to
day In Llcppo at a publlo meeting held
in Lago, which wns attended by LOOO sub
jects from all parts of tho principality.
After a number of speakers had vigor
ously supported tho position of tho Gov
ernment tho temper of tho assemblage was
shown In tho adoption of a resolution
saying tho convocation regarded attempts
to contest the decree of tho regencv as
manifested In tho Emperor's telegram In
reply to tho Schaumburg Government's
protest as an unwarranted and deplorable
attack upon tho autonomy and sov
ereignty of Lleppe and urging that tho
diet take a firm stand In favor of Prince
To prove that devotion and loyalty to
the Interest of Lieppo did not conflict
with fealty to tho Empire tho meeting
closed with cheers for Emperor William
as well as Prlnco Leopold.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who Is acquainted with Its
good qualities can be surprised at the
great popularity of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It not only cutcb
colds and grip' effectually and perma
nently, but proventa these diseases
from resulting in pneumoniae It Is
also a certain cure for croup. Whoop
ing cough is not dangerous when this
remedy Is given. It contains no opi
um or other harmful substance and
may be given as confidently to a baby
as to an adult. It !s also pleasant to
take. When all of these fucts are tak
en Into consideration it Is not surpils
lng that people in foreign lands, as
well aa at home, esteem this remedy
very highly, and very few nre wll'lng
to take any other after having one
used It. For sale by all loading druggists.
But This- Man Lives, and Vows He
Will Live 100 Years.
TORRINGTON, Conn., Oct. 9. The
rnpld recovery of Thomas Cahlll, who was
taken to Litchfield hospital at Wlnatcd
a Xow weeks ago, Is pronouncod ono of the
most remarkable on record. Cahlll had
fallen twonty-llvo ffet from a bridge,
Btrlking his head on a rock In Nnugatuck
river. His body rolled Into iho stream
and for five minutes bubbles showed that
he was swnllowlng lmpuro water. Whllo
bolng drawn up the rope slipped and left
markB on his throat. Within a few days
ho had rocovorcd.
Whon he was taken unconscious to a
small ehop an old woman asked, "What's
wrong?" A small boy replied: "It's a
dead man. Ho was killod, drowned and
hung." "Umph!" said tho woman. "It's
Tom Call 111. Ho won't die. He's vowed
to llvo a hundred years."
Cahlll camo to Torrlngton becauHo
Litchfield Is a "dry towfi." "WTdlc loan
ing against a railing at Conter brldgo ho
fell Into tno river. A man went to his
aid and a rope was placed under Cahlll's
arnia. In drawing him up tho rope
slipped around his neck.
At tho police station It was found that
ho had a bad cut on his head and a gnah
behind his left car. His bodv was badly
brulood and he had swallowed foul water.
A physician drocscd hlo wounds and ho
was removed to tho hospital.
Cahlll Is a local colobrlty known as tho
possessor of a tallyman against death. Ho
Is called "The Iron Man" and "Tho
Human Football."
Twolvo years ago a hugo stono dropped
from a derrick, crushing hla right leg and
foot. Later ho foil from a load of stono
and a wheel of the wagon passed over his
Jaw. This only cured hlo speech, ao ho
had been tongue-tied. Three years ago
he fell .from a roof, breaking his collar
bono and fracturing his right arm. Laat
winter ho cut tho Instep of his loft foot
whllo chopping wood.
Cahlll 1b about -10 years of age, is mar
ried, and Is a mason's helper.
A Little Moro Value
Than you pay for given In our "Hor
ton" S3.00 hat.
160 Main St.
Episcopal Leaders Favor Upholding
Sanctity of Marriage Bond.
BOSTON, Oot. 9. Great crowds wont
to Trinity church today to hear tho
archbishop of Canterbury preach, and
to tho Church of tho Advent, where a
mass meeting In tho interest of uphold
ing the Fanctity of tho marriage bond
waB addressed by soveral well-known
leaders In the Episcopal church.
Right Rev. William C. Doan, D. D.,
bishop of Albany and chairman of the
Interdenominational committee of
chufches which Is endeavoring to se
cure conformity rogarding tho remar
riago of persons who have been di
vorced, quoted from the marriage rit
ual of the prayer book to show that
nothing but death could sever those
who have been united In holy matri
mony, nnd said:
"I think It Is time that the canons
of the church agreed with the prayer
Rev. Dr. W. W. Webb of Noshita,
Wis., said: .
"There havo been 60,000 divorces in
tho United States In tho past year.
Signs were riot wanting that tho peoplo
are realizing that the divorce evil must
be checked."
Shirts That Fit.
Our fancy shirts are built on the right
principle. They nre cut to fit.
The patterns will attract your fancy
16G Main St.
School Breakfast Free.
MILWAUKEE, Oct. 9. Poor children
are to bo furnished breakfast free of
charge in all public schools.
Alderman John McCoy recently made
an investigation and concluded that
many poor, children whose parents work
for a living often go to rchool without
any breakfast
So he started a fund, and at a meet
ing in Mayor Rose's office a committee
of prominent women took charge of the
money and will see that janitors In
various districts furnish breakfast to
all who apply.
This Is In accordance with a sug
gestion recently made by Superintend
ent Maxwell of the New York City
schools, in an address at St. Louis.
Thousands of children in city schools,
he said, are unable to give their at
tention to study because of the gnaw
lngs of hunger.
Soft Hat Selections.
We have a variety of pleasing shapes
for the wearer. The styles are dis
166 Main St. '
Industrial Honor for Carnegie.
NEW YORK, Oct. 9 On Andrew Car
negie is soon to bo conferred ono of the
greatest honors In the Industrial world,
the Bessemer modal, which Is given only
to those who aro prominent In tho iron
and steel Industry.
Established by the great Inventor In
1875, tho medal has bom conferred at suc
ceeding meetings of tho Iron and steel
institute on men whoso Inventions havo
been of a revolutionary character or
whose researches havo been considered
of the utmost Importance.
Sold strictly on their merit. Whit
nker & Dallas, manufacturers.
Fifteen Deaths From Impure Liquor.
NEW YORK. Oct. 9. Fifteen deaths
within eight dayB In the neighborhood
known as Stryker's Farm on the west side
has started an Investigation by tho police
and the coroner's office. Coroner Scholl
cays the death? woro caused by Impure
liquor. All tho victims knew one another
and a curious circumstance Is that tho
men had attended their friend's funerals
until all wero dead. Of tho fifteen deaths
In tho eight days four were In ono houso
and two oach In three other houses.
Firo Destroys Wedding Presents.
NEW Y'ORK. Oct. 9. Tho residence at
Tarrytown of M. Rumsoy Miller, a law
yer of Now York, was destroyed by flro
today. The placo was ono of tho hand
Bomest In Tarrytown. Only a few Jowels
wero saved. Mr. Mlllpr Is an Invalid from
paralysis and was removed with tho great
est difficulty. Ho suffered from tho shock
and Is said to bo in -a serious condition.
Miss Louise Miller was married on Tues
day and all her wedding presents wero
destroyed. Tho loss Is estimated at $100,-CJ0.
Fourteen Injured in Collision.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 9. A north
bound exprc3 on tho Missouri Pacific
railway and a freight train collided In
tho yards horo today. Fourteen persons
were injured, two seriously, Mrs. .J. M.
Purtello. wife of Major Partello, com
manding officer at Fort Reno, Okla.,
probably fatally. Tho injuries of the
oth-s were slight, and they resumed
their Journey. Major Partello and his
daughter and son wero slightly Injured.
Arctic Exploring
Expedition Safe
Capt. Amundsen's Party to Detenu ino
Earth's Magnetio North Pole
in Davis Strait.
DUNDEE, Scotland, Oot. 9. A whaler
returned from Davis strait brings news
of tho safety of Capt. Amundsen's
Arctio oxpcdltlon which loft Chrlstlanla
June 17, 1903.
Capt. AmundBcn's oxpedltlon had been
described as having for Its purpose a
tnsk of tho highest Importance in the
domain of terrestrial magnetism. The
plan was to go first to King Wllliam
lond on tho east coast of Greenland
and thence proceed for Bering otralt.
If the plan should be carried out It
would take the expedition almost di
rectly across the north pole.
The vessel on which tho oxpedltlon
sailed as the GJoa, forty-six tons yacht
rigged, and having an auxiliary pe
troleum engine, and sho waa equippod
for four yearo" stay In tho Arctic re
gions, Capt. Amundoon was experi
enced in Polar explorations, having ac
companied Gerlach's Antarctic expedi
tion In 1697-99 as first oflicer of the
Aftor hla return AmundBen consulted
with Prof. Neumayor of Hamburg, a
loading authority on terrestrial mag
netism, who informed him that expert
determination of tho earth's magnetic
north pole would be of great value to
eclence. David otralt, from whenco
comes tho report of tho safety of Capt.
Amundsen, connects Baflin'B bay with
the Atlantic and forma the Westorn
boundary of Greenland-
Next Arctic Exploring Expedition
to Loavo at That Time,
NEW YORK, Oct. 9. W. S. Champ,
secretary of William Zlegler, and who
had charge of tho unsuccessful Flrthjof
party sent to search for tho America
exploring party in tho Arctic regions,
has Just returned from Europe. He
"The next expedition will start next
June, but It Is just possible that tho
America will release herself thlB month,
although I do not think anything will
be heard from her until next year.
There is no cause for anxiety about hor
By Arriving at St. Louis in the Morn
ing You Gain One Full Day at the
Leave Salt Lako at 7 a. m. via tho O.
S. D., U. P. and Wabash and arrlvo at
St. Louis 7:15 a. m. the second morn
ing, 47 hours and 15 minutes actual run
ning time.
Our competitors, leaving here the
Bamo morning, arrive at St. Louis In
the evening, 10 hours and -46 minutes
longer on tho road.
Returning, the Wabash leaves St.
Louis 7:30 p. m. (permitting all duy at
tho Fair), reaches Omaha tho next
morning, connecting with the Union
Pacific "Overland Limited." arriving at
Salt Lake next afternoon at 4:20 p. m.,
45 hours and E0 minutes actual running
time, with a through Bleeper in both
directions, without change, between
Salt Lake and the World's Fair
Grounds or Union Depot, St. Louis.
Our competitors, leaving St. Louis
same evening, arrlvo here In the morn
ing, 15 hours and 10 minutes longer on
the road.
Examine the official Guide and verify
our figures.
For rates and sleeping car reserva
tions call at 201 Main street, Salt Lake
Sold strictly on their merit. Whlt
aker & Dallas, manufacturers.
Swindle Through Sale of Counterfeit
Proprietary Preparations.
NEW YORK, Oct. P. Tho New York
pollco are convinced that they have
broken up a gigantic drug swindle by tho
arrest of several men In this city. Tho
arrests wero mado on lnforaiatlon that
well known proprietary modlclnos wore
being counterfeited and sold as genuine.
Drugs seized at tho apartment of How
ard E. Wooten today. It Is said, aro valued
at $10,000, Wooten Is ono of tho men undor
arrest. Tho others aro S. B. Mlndon, Man
vlllo Thomas, Charles S. Horn, Charles
F. Rlsloy and Walter S. Rockoy. Slips
wero found in tho places raided giving the
names of 5000 druggists throughout tho
country to whom dangerous mixtures
mado In New York woro sold. It la said
that tho most important find In tho raids
was tho circulars sent out to druggists
and containing the codo by which thoy
could order.
Preparations mado by tho best known
chemical firms In Europe were counter
felted. The price list showed that tho
drugs In the list wero sold at from 15 to
DO per cant bolow tho usual soiling prlco.
Ths Semi-Weekly.
Those peoplo living away from the
railroads In tho Rocky mountains and
at great distances from Utah through
out the United StatcB, who are inter
ested In the exciting and history
making, anti-church domination cam
paign now under way In Mormon lands,
should subscribe for The Salt Lake
Semi-Weekly Tribune, at $1.50 per
year in advance.
Tho Know-How
Is the basis of good laundry work. Our
plant Is full of know-how people and
methods, hence perfect work.
The Laundry of Quality,
166 Main SL
Phonos, Bell 192 and 193, Ind. 192.
Bad Tenants Evicted
and rent collected. Merchants' Pro
tective Association. Francis G. Luke,
General Manager, Top Floor Commer
cial Block.
American party's Salt Lake county
mass convention at Salt Lako Theater
Monday afternoon, October 10.
Tunnel Coal das
Suffocates Six Men
Train Broko in Two and Before It
Could Get Out Fatalities
PORT HURON, Mloh.. Oot. 9. Six em
ployees of tho Grand Trunk railway woro
HiifTocnti'd by coal gas today In tho St.
Clair tunnol, which runs undor tho! St,
Clair river from Port Huron to Samla,
A coal train broko in two whllo passing
through tho tunnel, and threo of tho train
crew woro suffocatod whllo part of tho
train lay stalled In the tunnol.
Tho engineer pulled out with his cnglno,
but returned and loBt his llfo In an en
deavor to push tho stalled cars back to
safety. Superintendent A. S. Bcg and
anothor man perished In attempts to go
to the rescue of tho others. Tho dead:
A. S, BEQG, Port Huron, superintend
ent of terminals.
FIroman Frod Foreator, with great pra.
onco of mind. Jumped into the partly filled
water tank of the englno. where thore was
enough air to presorvo his llfo, although
he Is In a serious condition tonight. For
OBtor wns In tho tank nearly two hours
beforo he was rescued, and his oscapo la
little fshort of mlraculouB,
Rev. Father Lenihan Takes Charge of I
Dioceso of Great Falls.
MISSOULA, Mont., Oct. 9. With Im
prosslvo sorvIceB and with all tho coro
monlal of tho Catholic ritual, In tho pres
ence of a dlBtlngulshod gathorlng of
church dignitaries, Rov. MAtlns Clement
Lonlhan of Dubuque, Iowa, was today In
stalled bishop of tho newly created dio
ceso of Great Falls. Those pronont from
outflldo tho Stato woro Archblohop Chrls
tlo of Oregon, Bishop Odea of Seattle-,
Bishop Glorloux of Boise, Idaho, and
Bishop Shanly of North Dakota. Tho
now bishop wns escorted In a princely
procession from his homo to St. Ann's
cathedral, where an immonso crowd
greeted him. Later a bannuot was served.
Neckwear Selections.
Our UneB exhibit neat, attractive
ideas In shapes and new patterns.
166 Main St.
Young American Woman Climbs 21,
000 Feet, but Didn't Roach Top.
LIMA, Peru, Oct. 9. Miss Annie S.
Prent, the American mountain climb
er, has ascended Huascan mountain to
a height of 21,000 feet. She was pre
vented from reaching the summit be
cause of immense crevices and snow.
Huascan is 22,050 feet high.
To Stop Opium Traffic
BUFFALO, N. Y.. Oct. 9. A proposal
of the International Reform bureau that
whon tho closo of tho war In tho far East
reopens all Chinese questions frlondly
powors shall press Great Britain to ro
leoso China from tho treaty that com
pels toleration of the opium traffic, has
neon forwarded to tho Japanese Govern
ment, which. It Is sold, favorably consid
ered a similar proposal when tho war
broko out. This fact was mado publlo
here today In a sermon by tho bureau
superintendent. Dr. Wilbur F. Crafts, at
tho Niagara Squaro Congregational
Your Money's Worth.
A $3.00 "Horton" hat gives the buy
er the maximum of value and long
wear. Solo agents.
, 166 Main St
Pope Doesn't Absolve Catholics.
ROME, Oot. 9, Contrary to assertions
tht Pope Plus Is disposed to absolve
Catholics from tho prohibition to parti
cipate In political elections, a prominent
Cardinal has assured the Associated Press
that tho prohibition will be maintained
and that a special notice to that effect
will bo lssuod shortly beforo tho approach
ing gcnoral election.
The Wearing Qualities
Of Perrln and Founes are unequaled,
their reputation world wide. All sizes,
new shades.
166 Main St.
DeadBlew Out the Gas.
CHICAGO, Oct. 9. Peter Karolsihol and
Chris Mnstcrlas. who camo to Chicago
last week from California to visit a cou
sin horo, wero asphyxiated by a gas Jet
In a room at tho Woodlawn hotel today.
When the bodies wero found life had been
extinct for soveral hours. Tho men had
been In Ameilca but a short timo. Thoy
blew out tho gas by mistake. It Is bo-llcved.
Public Long-Distance Telephones,
With sound-proof booths. Telephone
building, State street, city.
Fatalities Greater Than Reportod.
LISBON, Oct. 9 Tho latest news from
Angola shows that the disaster to tho
Portuguese forco in tho recent fighting
with the Cuanahomns In southwest Afri
ca 1b moro serious than was at first re
ported, tho number of killed being great
er. Tho Government Intonds to send a
largo punltlvo oxpedltlon, composed of
regulars, to the dlstrct.
Pionoer Montana Gold Seeker Dead.
MISSOULA. Mont. Oct 9. Samuel
Scott, who It Is believed antedated any
living gold-seeking ploneor In hla advont to
Montana, died hero this afternoon, aged
74 years. Scott first camo to Montana
from Sallno oounty, Missouri, in 1854 as
a freighter in a pock train.
Burton Coal & Lumber Co.
Coal, lumber, cement. Telephone 80S.
Threo Killed by Explosion.
SIGBURC, Prussia. Oct. 9. Explosions
have occurred In an ammunition factory
horo In which threo persons were killed
and eight Injured. In tho room whore
tho explosion occurred wero 00.000 loaded
shells and 1C0 men were at work in tho
Sold strictly on their merit. Whlt
aker & Dallas, manufacturers.
Special Envoy From Japan.
LIMA, Poru, Oct. 9. Sunjlmiyao, a
special envoy of Japan, has arrived
Apply to American party headquar
ters. Atlas Block, for information about
Says Mas Slanfep-I
Maliciously, 'ja
Was Accused of Disgracef j q0i
Practices With Employee? jje Li
of Calumet Club. 1 fl
Oaso Promises to Bo as Nolsom yext
One That Onco Scandalized j iv-i,
England. 7
NEW YORK, Oct. 9.-Frank do Pey
HolU ono of the bjt-known clubmon.1, a11
New York, has sued Alfred H. Bond, pnj 3 nd
ldent of tho Calumot club, and Gwri 4 tht
A. Carmack, sccrotary of tho Now Yw ut Of
Yacht club, for $50,000 each for aluidi
Hall alleges that both men. In converS f K
tlon with others, accused him of dlRgrai
ful practices whllo ho was a member': Et7
the Calumot club with employees of b c
club. Thoy admit having mado tho bUI l Tff
monts. but plead that tho charges t v r
true and the conversations v$rtJt
Hall denies the truth of tho charwi & ot
Hall Ib a membor of an old family, aj J it
unm n.-tniij- was president o: F de Pevr
ter Hall & Co., Importers of wine. atJf
Cedar street Ho was a member of ti rl v
Calumot club until July 23, 1002, when 1
resignation was demanded and lmraedlaJ t Hill
May Duplicate English Case, f. id at
Hall's suit against Carmack -m Sarla
brought in tho City court, and tho olii Htn
tiff oxpresscs his determination of oroi laocke
cutlng both actions to the end, If" jThel
does, tho caso threatens to bo as noteoi in
as a similar ono that scandalized Enelaj Z
and resulted in tho Imprisonment of e l"e
brilliant man of lottcrs. lds
Hall alleges that tho charges wero i c
peatod to a director of tho company M.B
which ho was president He was oblhi Hm
to resign from the presidency of this H i .1.7
company, losing a substantial salaj "I1!
Furthermore ho swears his acqua!ntan '-r"
and associates, both business and sock ilfflv
havo refused to transact business w .-nmai
him any longer or bo connected with h! Jr rr
In any way. Ho has therefore b Zl K
obliged to abandon entirely his ocean 1
tlon. trjan-i
Bond Says Charges Are True. Jpjj
In his amended answer Bond, after a -man
mlttlng he mado tho statement attrlbul .
to him, sot up for his first defenso Tr,
the charges of disgraceful conduct i :l3Clut
Hall's part are true. For tho soi vllt
defense Bond says that on July 23, fcr.Rc
Hall was asked to resign from Uia Ca t'nA
met club, and that on Octooer 13 m iilZ t
bell H. Hoadloy, the secretary of Hal ? y ,
company, called on him and said hed il!con'
sired td know the truth of the rumof. -flying
about concerning Frank Hall. iwtir 1
Bond says ho was unwilling to dlscagU:e '
the matter, but Hoadlcy urged that hi
and tho other stockholders of F. de Pkyfw
ter Hall & Co. woro entitled to know tr-'V
facts, as. If the rumors were well foundefW
thoy could no longer retain Hall as pro tit J
dent Undor this persuasion. Bond site Moo
mlts, ho disclosed all he knew, Just Chatt
Hall has alleged, but he did It In aDsT
luto good faith and without malice. -'?-ent
It scorns tho Calumet club's house coil'
mlttco employed a detectlvo to w&tfcma
Hall' The dotoctlve disguised himself 'Inner
a bellboy and discovered such a state- him
affairs that tho board of governors
ompoworcd to go to Hall with a wrltt;nul
resignation and demand his slgnatwJ'KTf
: ilsda
County moss convention of America i rath
party at Salt Lake theater Monday 4cUe a
ternoon. i4t$t ca
Also Madame Pejano and Thery, tl
Champion AutomobiUst
PA.RIS, Oct 9. Embassador ti bor
Madomo Jussorand, Madamo Rojano J tijzet
thirty members of her company, and 3 jjjjy
Thory havo sailed for Now York fro
Havro on tho French liner Latorralne. J
Thery Is tho ohampion French autoia '
bllo driver, winner of the International c Ural
of 190-1. Tho latter took with him t i.latt
car In which ho scored hla famous vl istwi
tory. expecting to challenge tho wins .j."
of tho Vondorbllt cup raco. j .
Mme. Relano goes first to Havana a: v "
opens In Now York Novembor L Ma U
Rejane Informed tho Associated Pri 4 rtllrt
that sho was considering a proposition; ijj,
remain In Now York for a long time .
Connection with tho establishment of- t
dramatic conservatory similar to t a
French conservatory. "We
"" I'm.
TEA j ;
Don't risk any money oj J;
doubtful tea Schilling'-JitfuS
B est is your tea. i ot u
, ften
BACF.S, V :g
And All Sporting Events. , ttt
23 W. 2nd South. I gtrn
. Jmi
208 MAIN ST. , ire.
California and Eastern races. Dlf jg o
wlro for Ul sporting oventa.

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