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page two THE SALT LAKE TKIBUNnE. Wednesday moeuisg, October 12, xooi, '
I People Gelling Ready
Vital Issues of Approaching
Election Have Aroused
American Party's Strength Grows
Dally and Politicians Now Say It
Has Come to Stay.
fJetwocn MOO and C000 names were rdff-lstu-ed
yesterday, according to all rc
portn received last evening. This is re
garded as si very hoavy registration for
the first day, and Is an Indication that
the total will show up fine before olcc
tlon. The telephone at Amcrlcnn head
Quarters was ringing all day, people be
ing onger to find out where to gov and
how to register. Many of those who reg
istered were people who went to the
office without any urging so as to bo
on hand early. Only the Kopubllnnns
had workers at the reclstry offices yes
terday, but the scramble will take place
on the final days, when all the parties
will be urging delinquents to the differ
ent district ofllcca. -
Politicians and tho people generally arc
icrauaded dally that the American party
has come to stav until Its mission has
lxen completed It is no longer treated
tie a Joko by men of sense. A few two-b-four
statesmen of the Calllstsr-llld-rodgo
stripe, continue to Jcor at It,- but
In their private- conferences they know
that the- probability Is that the American
I arty will bo their undoing,
e f 9
Frank J. Cannon's great speech at ths
American party convention -Monday was
one of the things J
American Party' that has made the
(irn,.,. people of Salt Lake
urows cUy tll0VIKhrfl,. And
m Power. lrtc people of Utah
will be likewise
il.ouphtfi.l when they read or learn of
lh truths of history that tho popular
I t.ihn uttered.
"I U is the opinion of many conserva
i'k nun and women. They know tha;
in( thing which tho American party Is
rndcrtaklng must sooner ' or later be
t ought out. It is no longer a mattep of
opinion as to the propriety of the movc
1 1 nt Tho movement has been started.
Th light Is on. Tho" sooner the results
Mi niched the belu-r for Utah. This
la Iho sentiment ofevery honest heurt.
nd now that the battlo Is on tho things
iLnt would be regoided as Improprieties,
'ndcr other Circumstances, iwilo before
th crcater obligation.
Utah Is In the clutches of need Smoot,
1 apostle, and the priests of tho rtom
iiint church. Thosn are determined to
make the people of Utah bend to the will
or the business and political powers of
tm Mormon church. If UiIh thing Is con
tinued. It 1b generally believed the time
will eome when no man will have busl-lit'-s.
or political freedom In Utah unless
1 first obtains the consent of tho po
litical and business leaders of the dom
inant church.
And the shame of it!
Yet every man and woman in tho State
know that there Is a boycott on those
ot In harmony with the leaders as ab
solute as It is possible for men with
power to direct.
A crisis has been reached. Tf Smoot
1 m triumphs It will become bolder and
will make Utah, an ecclesiastically bound
commonwealth. It is practically that
These are tho things that are occupy
ing' the attention of tho peoplo of this
State this year. Other things are sub
ordinate. Party ties are but entangle
ments The issue against tho domina
tion of the priests of the Mormon church
in business, In Stata affairs and In tho
public schools Is clean-cut. It should tri
umph at tho polls. If It does not it will
lo a sorry day for this State. The coun
try will know that the people of this
State are absolutely In tho clutches of
men whoso chief ambition Is. to mo
nopolize thq politics and the business of
thi State and to mako merchandise of
the suffrage of tho peoplo who follow
them through a blind religious fanat
icism What is tho success of a few office
seekers, who may be our friends, to the
greater lssuo involved?" asked a well
known citizen. ''We may take tq our
bosoms the thought that wo are 'regular'
that wo sustain our party nominees
but how insignificant this all Is when
viewed In the light of our greater re
sponsibilities. Do we hope to see Utah
as other 8tates? If we do, It Is neces
sary that we lay asldo our personal pref
erences, so far as men aro concerned,
and vote to free Utah from the yoke of
the cccleslasts. Do wo hope to mako" for
our children a homo that is watched over
by a Government which guarantees equal
rights? If we do, wo must got together
and voto for tho men who unselllshly ad
vocate thoso principles."
It .Is Bingham instead . of Bingham
Junction whoro on Amorlcan party rally
will be held Thursday night. A special
train will carry Senator frank J. Can
non, Judgo Ogdcn lilies and tho Amerl-'
can Party Fife and Drum corps to Blng
bam. Several Salt Lakers will accom
pany tho party. Tho train will leave the
Rio Grande station at C o'clock In the ev
ening and return directly after tho meet
ins, . o
George E. Blair left lout night for Moab,
where he will fill a speaking appointment
for tho Democrats. Mr. Blair savs Demo
cratic prospects in Utah, so far as tho
State ticket is concerned, arc especially
good. He feels that Chairman Snrv win
not be able to deliver many Mormon
Democrats to tho Smootler ticket and
that the next Governor's name Is Moyle.
One of Cacho county's best-known Re
publicans says that John C. Cutler addod
nothing lo his party's following by his
speeches In Cache. From Lehl comes the
report that at tho meeting addressed by
Secretarv Hammond and John C Culler
Monday night tho merchant tailor
throw away his manuscript and mado an
off-hand speech. It was tho kind of a
speech that stirs men's qouls to resent
ment too.
Gov. Hebor M. Wells and Secretary of
State Hammond are making a monkey of
the Smoot candidate for Governor every
where they go. They do not do so with
design, of course, for both are gentlemen.
But the manner In which the narrow
gauged protege of Smoot shows up In tho
presence of a couple of capable men Is
a thing which offends even the most
truckling tools Smoot has.
"Fussy Jimmy" Is In the hustings try
ing to savo tho day for President Roose
velt! And what a savior "Fussy Jimmy"
Reports from many of tho Salt Lake dls-
tricts indicate that the people arc allvo to
tho importance of registering this year.
The registration for the llrst day was
generally heavy. Several thousand will
register today. Then there will bo no
registration possible until Tuesday, the
ISth. Mako it a point to register today
If you. have not had your name entered
011 the rolls. Then get busy with your
friends. No one can vote In tho general
election and the school election who has
not registered. Old registrations are void.
6 a
Yesterday there were many expressions
of approval of the work of the Bait Lake
county nominating committee. It was
admitted that tho ticket presented ranks
well with the work of tho old parlies
some say It Is a much better one and that
in addition to this tho candidates are not
under the domination of the priesthood.
Rudolph Alff has never voted a Demo
cratic ticket He and his family stood by
iho party In 1S0G when Utah went with
overwhelming force against William Mc
Klnley. With this force was young "Jody"
Bldredgo. the brash young man who Is
now quoted as saying who is and who Is
not a Republican.
Fresh Young Rudolph Alff fought
TVTnn'q for the American
,i . , , flag. He has been a
Methods. stcaUfast party man.
He Is an enthusiastic
supporter of Roosevelt and Fairbanks.
Hut In local affairs lie Is working with
thO American party. Ho Is free from tho
influences of the priesthood. Chairman
Eldrcdge Is as clay In the potter's hands.
When Jimmy Anderson and 13d Calllster
and Reed Smoot crack their whips "Jody"
dances to the music of their lashes. He,
tave perhaps Thomas 'ull. Is tho most
subservient tool of the Anderson-Callls-ter
clique in Salt Lake county. Party Is
secondary to priesthood with him always.
Everyone must concede this who knows
the chairman of Ihc Smootlzed Republi
can committee in Salt Lako county. Yet
Chairman Eldrcdge, with a Smoot-Ander-son-Calllster
muzzle, says Rudolph Is not
a Republican. He also says that no man
who mill late? with the Amorlcan. party
Is a Republican. The people should note
this. J. U. Eldredge wishes to be elected
County Clerk. Is there any man In all
Salt Lake county who does not know that
If elected ho would follow the be
hests of the priesthood to a letter? Is
there any man who will doubt that ho
would carry out their bidding In all things?
Yet this same young man has publicly
announced that he will remove any other
registrars found to bo affiliating with tho
American party, even though he believed
them competent to serve. Wap there ever
a more glaring display of parlisonshlp?
Rudolph Alff will voto for Theodore
Roosevelt and Charles W. Fairbanks be
cause ho bellc-vps that they represent a
principle that commands the respect of
the country. He would bo considered a
Republican In any court in the land not
Influenced by U12 same forces as hold his
accuser In its gnisp.
Were he to go to Washington, President
Roosevelt would take him to his confi
dence as a true frjend lo the administra
tion, while tho President would ,, have a
ready reprimand for the brash young
county chairman for his Inexcusable In
terference. Salt Lakers will not forgot tho Eldredgo
Insult. They will place their votes In such
mnnner that they will Install In the Clerk's
office a man who has breadth of views and
a sympathy for the personal rights of
every voter.
They will vote for a competent man.
For a man who, when elected, will treat
all alike, whether ho be Mormon or Gen
tile. They will vote for Al Reese. And
they will elect him.
Democrats profess to have received much
aid from tho visit of Senator Tom Patter
son. They aro hoping for a visit from
Bourke Cockran, tho eloquent New York
Congressman, beTorc the closo of the cam
paign. And possibly other dignitaries.
They should get the ""apostolic liar" on
Iho stump- Ho, of all men. could save the
Democratic bacon from the political ma
rauder, William Spry.
Judge O. W. Powcra is resting his voice
at St. Louis. He will return within tho
week and renew the work of attempting
to prevent the chairman of the Smootlrcd
Republican committee from appropriating
Several thousand Mormon Democratic
A Smootllo admitted yesterday that Iho
American parly would poll COW votes. This
will mako Chairman Spry very busy from,
this time until the polls have closed. lie
will be obliged, In order to keep his word,
to corral lO.fc'O Mormon Democrats.
Now the question Is, "Can he do It?"
The wind-up rally for the American par
ty In Salt Lako will bo one of tho great
meetings of the campaign. Tho State com
mittee proposes to give the people some
thing lo talk about for the rest of their
Register your name today, so that you
may register your vote on November S.
"There ic no place In Utah which has so
much room lo complain against the inter
ference of the churcli, In politics and busi
ness as Murray," remarked a friend to the
American party. "A fellow does not daro
to start a candy shop thero without tho
consent of tho bishop,"
State Chairman Wlllard F. Snyder of
tho American party, who Is in Boston on
a business mission, will return to Salt
Lako the last of the week.
The ugly work of Smootltcs In sending
from tho Fairbanks train a telegram re
flecting on the discretion of tho distin
guished Indlanan, with a view to humil
iate Senator Kearns, is condemned alike
by all politicians. It was a thing that will
rlso up to curse some of the parties to tho
John McAllister, one of Logan's best
known citizens, was In tho city yesterday.
He Bays there Is a sharp fight on In Cacho
between Democrats and Republicans, with
th" result in doubt, but favoring th6 Re
1 nubllcans.
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'Offensive MM h
Bulldozing Methods Pro
voke Some Caustic
Sheriff Emery In Hard 'Linos Main
taining a Member of His Of
ficial Household.
Deputy Sheriff William Edwards, whoso
wife, a gentlewoman and thoroughly
competent, Is tho registration ofllcor In
the Fifty-first district. 2d South Second
East, brought on his head an amount of
criticism yesterday that ho will find an
noying for several days.
According to men who visited the reg
istration office. Deputy Edwards was un
der tho lnllucncc of liquor and proceeded
to mako himself offensive.
A particular Instance was when W. O.
Norrell, bearing a loiter from Secretary
Al Rccso of tho Amorlcan party county
committee, went to the registration office
with a request for tho names of those
who had registered.
Law Provides for Copying' List.
Tho law provides that the registration
ofllcor may prepare a list of votors reg
istered on requost and It provides that
tho registrar may charge one cent per
Mr. Norrell boro with him a book In
which the names might be entered and
suggested to Mrs. Edwards that she
should be paid for making tho copy. Ho
further volunteered to assist In making
the copy.
Deputy Edwards began his offending by
poking one of C. Frank Emery's cards
under Norroll's nose. He then protested
ngalnst giving out a copy of tho voters
According to Norrell, ho followed his
protest with a declaration that the list
could hot be had unless ho. Edwards,
were pard So a day for making the copy.
Wouldn't Be Held Up.
Norroll declared that he would pay Ed
wards nothing, and though the registrar
was willing lo do the work. Edwards
would not permit of It and Norrell went
Lafer In the day Mrs. Edwards noti
lled tho American party headquarters
that; as had been requested, she would
mako the copy.
It was reported last night that Ed
wards's conduct was such as lo give of-,
fensc to others and It Is possible that a
nrotest will be llled against his further
"Fussy" Jimmy Anderson Says Busi
ness Man Is Needed for Governor.
Special to' The Tribune.
SPANISH FORK, Oct. 11. James, An
derson, ex-chalrman of tho Republican
party of rtah; his brother Will, and Dan
Moutz, candldnto for County Attorney,
opened tho Republican campaign here
last night. Tho voters wero slow in gath
ering, although tho Spanish Fork band
discoursed somo fine music on tho street.
Qhalrman Lawrence Introduced as the
first speaker of tho evening David Houtz,
who remarked that although reared with
in a few miles of this thrifty village this
was his llrst appearance In a public ca
pacity. Ho had changed his party affil
iations because of a charigo of faith on
the tariff question, which ho reviewed.
Ex-Chairman Anderson was In England
when the McKlnley bill was passed and
witnessed In Sheffield tho burning of
McKlnley In effigy. He, together with
Smoot and John C. Cutler, were engaged
In mission work- Ho shipped himself and
a number of convorts 011 a vessel loaded
with tin. the captain of which had or
ders to make all possible speed to reach
the port of New York before tho McKln
ley bill became a law. Ho explained how
tho Irrigation measure was passed IIo
acknowledged that an Irrigation bill had
been Introduced by a Democrat. But tho
bill as passed was duo to Theodore
Roosevelt and the Representatives from
tho arid States, chief among whom was
George Sutherland. He said tho times
In Utah called for a Governor who would
look after the Institutions of tho State
In a business-like way. John C. Cutler
was a business man, nnd would lay aside
his private affairs and devote himself to
the Interests of Iho commonwealth.
Bcforo the meeting closed a good audi
ence had llllcd the house, but a number
of prominent Republicans wero conspicu
ous by their absence.
W. E. Smythc Is advertized to speak at
a Democratic rally here next Thursday
Republicans Hold Rally at Payson.
Special to Tho Tribune.
PAYSON. Utah, Oct. 11. Republicans of
Tayson held a rally at the Payson pa
vilion last night and an Immense crowd
was In attendance.
Judgo H. S. Tannor of Salt Lake and
Harvey Cluff of Provo were the speakers.
N. H. Tanner, a brother of Judge Tan
ner, was also present, and spoko a short
time. He just arrived Sunday evening
from Ann Arbor, Mich., where ho gradu
ated from tho law department of tho Uni
versity of Michigan. He will practice law
.in Salt Lake with his brother.
After tho speaking a free. ball was given
to all who cared to dance.
Tho Republicans of Benjamin held a
rousing rally at the Benjamin pavilion
last nlghu Lars E. Eggertsen and George
A. Hone were the speakers. After tho
speaking the evening was taken up with
a lunch Berved by the Republican .women
and a ball concluded tho evening's doings.
Admits That The Tribune Is Right in
Urging1 Voters to Register.
Special to Tho Tribune.
AMERICAN FORK. Oct. 11. Tho Re
publican rally held here last evening was
an enthusiastic affair. The city was sere
naded before the speaking by tho Pleasant
Grovo silver orchestra, which worked like
magic In getting tho people out. The
opera-house was crowded. The rally wa3
conducted under the auspices of tho Wo
man's Republican club, which had Ihe
house prettily decorated. The speakers,
George Sutherland and Joseph Howell,
were surrounded by members of tho club
and prominent politicians.
Mr. Sutherland said ho could support
The Tribune In regard to the necessity of
getting registered, If he could not agree
with It on anything else Ho said that It
was difficult to tell what the real lssuo
was in this campaign, and reviewed the
Democratic paramount Issues from ISS-l
until th present time, showing wherein
they had misled the people.
Mr. Sutherland paid a'glowing tribute to
to President Roosevelt, whoso picture was
artistically arranged with an Inscription
bearing the phrase, "For tho Arid West."
Mr. Sutherland also dwelt at length upon
tho Irrigation bill, which the Democrats
were claiming tho credit for. and cor
rected the Idea that Mr. Howell had op
posed this bill in the House.
Mr. Howoll closed the rally with an en
ergetic speech, wherein ho set forth that
tho new Rmerlcan parly was working
along parallel lines with tho Democrats,
and charged that tho Americans wore fos
tering the Democrats.
Mrs. S, L. Chlpman of the Woman's Re
publican club mado a hit with her closing
tribute to the speakers of tho evening.
The Republican rally held in Alpine last
evening was well attended. The speakers
wero County Chairman Eph Homer and C.
A. Glazier, both of Provo.
Eastern Sisters Urge Them to Vote to
Suppress Chuxch Hierarchy.
Special to Tho Tribune.
CALDWELL, Ida.. Oct. 11. Mrs. Anna
McKean White, tho ropresentativo of tho
Inter-Denominational Society of Women
for Patriotic and Christian Work, spoko
horo with Senator Heltfeld; Democratic
candidate for Governor, bcforo a largo
audience, considering the threatening
Mrs. White was listened to with tho
greatest Interest when she spoke of tho
band of Christian women of all denom
inations and political parties 100,000
strong who have united to suppress po
lygamy and church Interference In Stalo
Sho told of her porsonal experiences
while living in Mormon communities In
Utah, and urced the women of Idaho,
regardless of party politics, to vote to
gether to put down the power of tho
Mormon hierarchy.
Sho said In tho East women could not
vote, but that thoy turned to their sis
ters In Idaho to provo that In woman's
hands tho ballot would bo cast for moral
ity and honesty in .politics.
Mrs. Whl to showed that women's suf
frage was practically 011 trial, and In an
eloquent appeal aslted all women to as
sumo tho responsibility given them by
suffrage and to vole to suppress the ter
rible evils of polygamy and church In
terference In Stale affairs.
Senator Iloltfeld was frequently ap
plauded as he explained the State Issues.
Ho handled tho Mormon lssuo without
gloves, charging Senator Hoyburn's elec
tion to his promises to tho Mormon
hierarchy, and charged that W. E. Borah
had gone to Chicago to get an anti
polygamy and church Interference plank
Into the Republican national platform.
Democrats Preparing to Make Hot
Fight Republican Chances Good.
Special to The Tribune.
PARK CITY, Utah. Oct. 11. The Re
publican narty opens the campaign to
morrow night with a rally at Kamas. fol
lowing that wllh one at Coalville the ev
ening following, and ono at Henefer on
Friday evening.
Tho Democrats opened the campaign on
October 0 with a rally at this place, at
which Judcc A. J Webber made Iho
principal address. This rally was poorly
attended nnd aroused little enthusiasm. It
Is whispered, -however, thai Stale Chair
man Bamberger Ik to mako his flht for
iho Democrats In this and Wasatch coun
tiesthat he will personally conduct the
campaign here and lhat there will be
'something doing" from this time until
The County Democratic committee has
secured the support of the "Park Clly
Miner," and that paper is doing its ut
most to advance the Interests of the local
candidates. The editor and publisher of
that sheet announced editorially somo
tlmo ago lhat it would not support the
Democratic party because It had no mo
no:' It Is conceded that the Democratic
chances In tho county have been advanced
by the name of John W. Gelger on the
State ticket. His nomination as candi
date for State Auditor will help his party
lo secure a good vole. Aside from that,
neither State ticket arouses enthusiasm.
By placing llieinamcs of Col. W. M. Ferry
for Governor, and W. W. Armstrong for
Treasurer, the American party has done
much to got votes here. Both men are
well known and universally csteomcd and
have strong personal followlngs. That
party" has no organization In this county.
On tho national ticket Roosevelt will
get more than his party vote.
If you don't know who the registra
tion olncer is of your district or where
to find the place, apply at headquarters
of the American party, Atlas Block,
Bell 'Phone, 444; Independent, 27SS.
Senator Patterson- of Colorado De
nounces President Roosevelt.
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO. Oct. 11. Tho opera-house was
comfortably filled this evening to hear
Senator Thomas Patterson of Denver
speak to the Democrats of Utah county.
With tho Senator, who arrived In Provo
on a special train at 1 o'clock, were
James H. Moyle, Democratic candidate for
Governor; C. S. Varlan, Simon Bamberger,
H. Perry and David Evans, all of Salt
Hon. A. C. Morgan Introduced S. P.
Thurman as chairman of the meeting. Mr.
Thurman made a short speech," mostly de
voted to an arraignment of the American
party. James H, Moyle briefly outlined
his policy and told what he would do If
elected. C. S. Varlan also spoke.
Senator Patterson devoted the first part
of his speech to complimenting tho people
of Utah on the products, scenery and
especially the flno women he had met In
this State. He said that If Utah would
do tho right thing and elect a Democratic
ticket all through, Colorado would un
doubtedly follow suit. As It was, he had
no doubt that the cntlr6 country would go
Democratic. He said that the Republican
party was not the true friend of tho great
Middle West. If it had been, Provo would
long ago have been a great manufacturing
The latter part of Senator Patterson's
speech was In tho usual style of the Dem
ocratic orator, denouncing tho Republican
party and especially President Roosevelt,
whom ho characterized as not at all an
Ideal man, but a man of bad temper and of
vicious motives He made fun of tho
President on tho raco suicide question and
said that If every woman were to be mar
ried, polygamy would have to bo re
introduced The question of a big army
and navy was touched upon and Senator
Patterson urged the necessity of keeping
out of entanullng alliances.
Senator Patterson called upon Senator
Smoot during the afternoon nnd dined
with him this evening.
Opposition to Cutler in Weber. J
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN. Oct. 11. It is almost a cer- I
talnty that John P. Cutler. Republican
nominee for Governor, will fall away
short of tits party vote In Weber county.
It was learned tonight that tho laboring
element of Ogden Is strongly adverse to.
Cutler's candidacy and this Is a blr
thing in this town. Ogdcn is strictly a
union town and probably one-third of Its
population bolonss to ono union or an
other. The movement against Cutlor Is
onfined chiefly to the railroad organiza
tions. Just what the grievance Is against
tho Republican nominee Is not given.
Tho Democratic county central commit
tee met tonight nnd filled the vacancy
on the Representative ticket caused by
ho resignation of Thomas A. Whalon.
Dr. George W. Baker was chosen to fill
tho vacancy.
Clay's Canvass In Idaho.
Special to 'The Tribune.
BOISE, Ida.. Oct. 11. B. F. Clay, Dem
ocratic candidate for Congressman,
spoko at Salmon last night. He Is mak
ing that stage trip across the country
Just ahead of Mr Gooding, the latter
being at Salmon tonight
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Fairbanks k the
Hawkeye State
Senator and Party Devote a Day to
Talking to the Peoplo of
MARSI-IALLTOWN, la., Oct. 11.
Senator Fairbanks crossed the Missouri
from Omaha early this morning, made
hlo first speech in his campaign of
Iowa at Council Bluffs before he had
taken breakfast, and arrived here to
night, where a monster meeting fas
held and where he was given a great
Gov. Cummins joined tho party for the
Jowa trip at Council Eluffs. as did also
Chairman Spence of the Suuc :-mmK-loe,
National Committeeman Hart and
Stops were made during .the run hero
'at Dunlap. Denison, Rockwell, Fort
Dodge, Webster. Iowa Falls and Water
loo, and crowds greeted the party at
these points.
Petition Filed With Nevada Supremo
Court Is Withdrawn.
CARSON. Nov.. Oct. 11 The attorneys
who filed a petition with the Supreme
court asking for a writ of prohibition
against the Secretary of State and the
fourteen County Clerks to prevent them
from printing the names of ' tno nomi
nees of the rump convention on the
ticket under the liead of "Silver partj "
nominations withdrew their petition to
day for tho reason that tho tlmo was
too short tp servo the dofendnnc nnd
have the ease tried without absolutely
disfranchising Iho votors of eastern nnd
southern Nevada, and In that case a spe
cial election would cost over $20,000
EATING. The Rule of Choosing the Lesser of
Two Evils Applies to tho Way You
I want to know how a man Is to know
when ho has had enough?
Tho Pilgrim Fathers, I believe, had a
quaint saying lo tho effect that you
should always rise from the tablo feollng
as If you could cat some more.
But tho question Is, how much more?
Just when to stop?
That's tho point.
Tho rulo Is wrong, because It's no rulo
at all.
It Is Inexact and unscientific.
, It Ib likely to lead to tho dangerous
habit of eating too little.
And eating too little or digesting too
little, which amounts to tho same thing
Is the causo of nino-tonths of tho dis
eases from which humanity suffers to
day. What is disease?
It Is simply unoven balance between
waste and ropalr. ,
Somo organ lacks strength to carry on
tho special work for which It was cre
ated. Whero shall It find the strength It
In drugs7
Ten thousand times, NO!
Botter die than becomo a hopeless drug
No; In food.
"But," you say, "I oat a plenty of good
'food every day!''
True, dear friend; but you don't digest
And food, undigested. Is mero poison.
So, to mako food do you good, you must
take Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets.
The great thing about Stuart's Dyspcp
' sla Tablets Is. that their action aocs not
depend upon stimulative drugecry.
'fhsy cannot create a habit.
They contain no ingredients to "pick
you up," "tono up your nervous system"
or furnish wnlj mergy, by calling out
your vital reserve fores.
They create new strength, force and
energy out of your Food.
If taken starving, they will do you no
good at all.
So, eat lo live, and llvo to cat, with
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets.
The curse of our present civilization la
And exhaustion, whethor of brain,
nerves, physical strength, or vital force,
Is cnused by starvation
Of two evils. It Is better to overeat (and
prevont Indigestion with Stuart'8 Dyspep
sia Tablets), than to rlso from the table,
not having eaten enough to repair tho ex
haustion of your vital forces.
For exhaustion or starvation leads to
the most varied forms of sickness or dis
ease, brought on by Inability of the
weakened vitality to counteract tho dis
easepoisons, and .microbes.
Whereas tho well-fed and woll-nour-lshed
person, without over foollnc tho
worso for It. can expose himself to dan
gors. tho mere thought of which would
drive tho weak, starving dyspeptic Into
a panic fit.
Good food, well digested. Is tho great
secret of a healthful 'existence hero on
So cat heartily, every day, of tho best
food you can got, and regulate tho work
ing of your digestive machinory with
Stuart's Dyspopsla Tablets.
As a result, yqu will be astonished to
find bow much stronger and livelier you
feel, how much more and bettor work
you can do, how much more pleasure you
will get out of llfo. and how your old
enemy, that chronic trouble which has
fastened upon your weak spot, wherever
It is, will up and away, and ever aftor
leave you In peace, health and comfort.
There's more truth than poetry In all
Try' It once-
IrWiraH- more und moro Mwrtiant 1
Tfi Mor Men every day. : .
MMfM Am0US lhom rafnvlfc'
SiJ'tOTwf with wl,om price is ! I r
n wrWrS con's,deralion fiv' r
MBSw Th0' U is tni0 save '1 1
I fcfcNiVMBg cent. r
WllW Wo aro pleasing tholr ft,
MlmMmfw fnncies for st-vle fabric 1?
mMMmi nd n perfect fit, '-f
I r M necessary. .
I Our Suits, from 20 to J -
' ft' ' ' r " " ' 35, and Overcoats, from f S
: 20 to 50, will make you desert your Tailor. ;
g 1 cc
" ' c
rj-' Underwear if
! ! BaftOfl's ! Here's s
' ' ; Underwear
: V
Our many lines of underwear present an attractive assortment. I.fi-r
; We have all worthy sorts to bo found in tho market. )
- p. Hi
25c, 50c, 75c up to $3.00 a Garment. : 1 si'
- j I i by
' - 7 3 r, n)
- i- T; of 1
For the Mouth. Throat, -M Mvr F.ii;- Fot Sale by All Druggists i , .
Stomnch and Bowels ncvci 1 and General Stores. Stat
j- wit
CJ f
; The Stale Fair j
; Judges Say: j
; 1st Prize Gold modal for '
1st Prize Gold medal for
1st Premium for bread baked ;
( from
r Bread baked by Mrs. J. A.
Steele, 858 East 1st South.
t IlliV.J 'JTIW.HP.l.l,lkllJ. ' 'I I
Two llttlo words, but how Important!
A mlnuto late and your train la gone. A
needless delay and disaster overtakes jour
pluruDlm;. 1 It happens, though, call on
Tes. and we'll do any Job wo contract
for on the "dot," on "time."
That's our reputation now, and will be
next year. If wc repair, or contract for
entire new plumbing. It's on "time."
Ours Sb tho best work and price no
higher Try ub.
1. M. HIGLEY & CO.,
Elcctrlo wiring and fixtures.
109 E. 1st So. Ind. 'phono 752. Boll 2t2S-x
The St. Nicholas Hotel
Is now open. European rates. 75 cents
a day and up. Corner "West Second
South and West Temple, over F. J.
Hill Drus Co.
New and eloRant In all Its appointment.
ISO rooms, alngld or en suits. Li rooms wltls
tatb, O. B, Holmes. Proprietor. I
- JK Pl
ifa tfci
wfew This ' m
y " Automatic X
Memory" M
Wm will keep your business
engagements and arrangements a bar
straight -hlb'
YA and annoy- vrsjSsgw 4 the
fit S&fwr complete, tlrx
I gr$1.25 g
1 i3 MUSie.
1 The store's library of music cm-' Ttom
3 braces overy composition, from licst.
B Bach and Bocthoven, down to thj ijc;
A latest ra-tlrae melody A eplondld
J collection of cantatas, oratorloj .S C
and anthems for church festivals. 4ifciQ
I Glad to play anything for you.
Glad to have you visit the store.
i Victor Talking Machines. ,
1 " " -rrrrr-Tfwr M. Us.
I Carstensen & Anson Co, I
II (Incorporated.)
B Temple of Music.
I ..?4 MAIN STREET..; 5
8jyilTCrYZiiMj i pre
1 Primary, Caacnthry cr Tcrtkr Blood Jim A
I Poriaaaontly Cured. Yon cap K-SSoJ: 11 M
homo under amo Guaranty. "P.v.t.jTa I '
enrod tho -wont caws Jn 16 to idar. m
I bavt. taken mercury, lodldo potash enO n m
! have nehes and pafns. n-u. "1$ B 1
Jloath.KoroThroat.l'lraplr,Copp'!r or IB 1
I Spots, blcera on any part of tho body, 'Jnct II
I Eyobrowa falllDC out, rlt for proo
I cores. ICO-paffo Book Fre. Bfl k
) .1

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