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I Mines and Prospects-Furnaces and Mifis
I The Daly West to
Have New Manager
Mr. Bamberger Retires From Posi
tion With His Sou to Succeed
Him in tlio Saddle.
Not an Interest whom this announce
ment will roach but will roprrct that
Jacob E. Bamberger has found It neces
sary to retire from the management of
the Daly West Mining company. Mr.
Bamberger's retirement took place at tho
recent meeting of the board of directors,
to whom he pleaded that personal Inter
ests! would not pormlt him to hoi-vc longer
In this capacity. Since ho took hold or
tho properties of the company he has
mado It possible for tho company to pay
not leBs than M.OM.WO. Who his successor
will be the hoard of directors Is not yot
prepared to announce. Tho hope Is ex
pressed, however, that It will bo a servant
as efficient as has been Mr. Bamberger.
Nothing within his personal resources hut
has been expended In the Interest of the
company. Ernest Bnmbergcr and Jasper
McCcskell are each men of experience,
and that tho record of tho past will bo
at luafit approximated, If not reproduced,
local Interests at least believe.
Mr Bamberger Is at this time in San
Frnnclsco. where he is propagating an
other big proposition. To doterrnlno Its
morits he has Mr. Klrby. former superin
tendent of the Daly West, making an ex
amination. No doubt his following will bo
as responsive as that whloh rallied when
ho took charge of the Daly West. Ills
record with this property has shown him
a master miner, and not a man In Utah
but hopes that Its success will bo repro
duced In any enterprise that ho may
launch. ,
The question of who will bG Mr. Bam
berger's successor, as manager of the
company, .will be decided at the next
meeting of the board, tho directors, In the
meantime, refraining from any discussion
of the topic. It was suggested during tho
afternoon that Mr. McCornlck might bo
called upon to exercise this function, but
In reply to this ho pleaded that It was
Impossible for him to do so. It Is moro
than likely that Ernest Bamberger will
be made the general manager, lie knows
the mine thoroughly, has been assistant
general manager durlrg his father's ad
ministration, and Is. perhaps, tho likeliest
of many .candidates who will undoubtedly
seek tho position.
Much Activity Now Visible in Coun
try Around Marysvnle.
In Deer Creek canyon an era of earnest
development has begun H. J. Gottfred
aen, with a forco of men. Is pushing the
necessary preliminaries to a vigorous
campaign of exploration on the Gold
Mountain Development company's fine
property says the Free Lance of Marys
vnle Recently a consignment of rails,
cars and other mining supplies was sent
from Marysvale over to that flno prop
erty. Word Is received from Gold mountain
thnt the Improvements In -tho Annie
Laurie mill have added largely to the con
venience of handling the ore, and. there
fore, have correspondingly reduced the
cost of production.
At the Sevier mine and mill thlng3 are
moving harmoniously toward the condi
tions whero dividends will not only be
"in sight," but will bo a reality.
Sidney Black Is In town from Deer
Creek and reports that the tunnel on the
Richfield Mining company's ground has
pierced a three-foot vein of ore, and that
everything looks fine and promising.
Superintendent B. T. Ashby reports the
completion of tho station near tho faco
of the 700-foot Alcdebaran tunnel and that
the sinking of the winze on tho ore chute
Is In progress
Conditions at the Log Cabin aro In a
fltate of "innocuous desuetude." but wo
have the assurance from Superintendent
Olo Larson that tho old-time activity will
soon be resumed.
Gold Hunter Mines of Idaho Doing
Some Business.
D. P. Rohlrfng, who has Just returned
from the Gold Hunter mines in tho Coeur
d'Alenes in Idaho, la quite exultant over
conditions there, and says, that ho will
Increase tho earnings from that source
hero Immediately, beginning the enlarge
ment of the mill that ho may put through
Its crushers not less than WO tons of ore
daily. At present the management of the
property Is sending some ore of flno qual
ity to tho furnaces of this valley, the set
tlement sheets showing tho presence of
72 ounces in silver, with GO per cent lead
per ton. "Under tho direction of Mr. Rohl
flng tho Gold Hunter mines havo opened
up In a manner that Justifies tho owners
In looking forward to a steady production,
and dividends should begin next season.
Of tho Coeur d'Alenes In general, Mr.
itohlfing says they will perhaps closo this
season on a new record of production.
All tho old properties aro showing an In
creased output, while not a few of tho
youngsters arc revealing eomo oro. with
tho prospect of finer quality than at any
period In many years. The local Interests
aro congratulating Mr. Rohlflng on the
results that havo been achieved by him
in tho Gold Hunter, and undoubtedly, un
der his direction, will begin tho payment
of dividends next year. Mr. Rohlflng
leaves for the southern country tho pres
ent week to Inaulro Into developments In
tho property of the Lulua Mining com
pany, adjoining that of the Horn Silver.
I Silver Shield Strike.
Whllo Harry Joseph, the manager of
the property, pleads that he Is not at this
tlmo ready to exploit It, a moat Interest
ing change Is In progress over at the
Silver Shield at Bingham, Mr, Joseph
adrnltfl this much, and reluctantly says
that from tho new development ho Is
taking oro that will afford a good margin
The ledge, where ha has broken Into It'
shows strong width, and In It Is occurring
an oro of flno quality. Tho Shield ought
to bs among tho large producers of Bing
ham next year. Certainly Mr Josoph Is
prosecuting a most lntelllgont campaign
and his results ought to be such as to To
ward the shareholders.
I Ores and Bullion.
In the ore and bullion market tho day's
BCttlements amounted to $57,900. McCor
nlck & Co. reporting them as thev fol
low American bullion. $39,700: gold bul
lion 510,000; gold, silver, lead and coo
per ores. $29,200. I op
In tho metal market silver ruled at
671 cents an ounce, lead at S3.G0iM.20 por
hundred pounds, and casting copper at
cents a pound.
p American
0&1if 92. CO to $4.00
European " f0TEt
$1.00 to $3.00
H Young & Fowler have moved. Now
B located In tho now basement at 32 Main
H street, oppoBito Z. C. M. I.
BOSTON Crawford, Parkor.
CHICAGO-Audltorlum, Great North
ern. Palmor House.
lEN'VRR-Bruwn Palace.
KANSAS CITY Midland, Coatos. .
LOS ANGELES The Angolus, B. F.
Gardner, 2Ctf Spring street.
NEW YORK Waldorf-Astoria. Imperi
al. Antor House
OMAHA Tho Millard. The Paxton.
PORTLAND, OR. Portland Hotel.
ST. LOUIS-Planters'. Southorn.
SEATTLE Hotel Northern
WASHINGTON Wl Hard. Raleigh.
The Market Generally Improved
With Some Sprinting at Intervals.
Tho day on tho mining oxchango closed
on the salo of 49,292 sharos of stock, for
which $SS71.65 was paid, and with condi
tions generally Improved. The star among
tho traders was May Day, and while tho
shorts raided It at the oleventh hour and
sold It down to 15 cents, It rallied and
closed on an advance of thrco-quarters
of a cenj. Con. Mercur exhibited much
strength and without much effort moved
up to 10 cents, whllo Yanko Con., that had
advanced the previous day on reports of
a. most favorable nature, took a tumble
and sold down to 35 cents. Sacramento,
which will make Its reappearance among
the dividend-payers next month, was In
active demand, while Cnrlsa moved up to
UVfe ccnta. the day closing on the follow
ing market:
( i a. M. ; P. M.
' I Hid. IAslccd.ll Bid lAskcri.
Ajax $ .07Vi$ .10 I $ .07 $
Alice 20 ' .20
Boston C .... C.25 G.25
Bul.-Bcck 1.50 1.00 1.75
Beck Tun OS1,
Butler-Lib .. .OSVi .09 .09 .09
Carlsa 10 .12 .114 .12
C. Mercur .. .37& --10 -41
Century .SO S3 ..li'.v
Creole 3o 35
Daly 2.10 2.35 2.17J,i 2.-I0
Daly-Judge . -1.00 -1.50 4.00 -1.50
Daly West .. 13.25 11.00 15.30
E. & B. B... .50 .00
Galena 02 1 .02 . 20
G. Central .. 4.00 1.05 1.0C 4.03
Gold Held B . .05 .10 .03
Horn Silver ., 1.35 1 1.33
Ingot .01 .00 1-1G .00
Jim Butler .. .0 .70
Joe Bowers 00 1-16 .01 a
Little Bell .. .20 20
IJttlo Chief . -OUt .0116 .01
L. Mammoth 10 10
Mont.-Ton .. I.i5 1.971 1.90 2 00
Mammoth ... .VIV- 1-.95 1.C0 1.75
MnvDay.... .15 .151 .1516 .15
Mar. Wash 00 1-1G .Wi
MacNamara .:!."
New York .. .01 .02Vi .Ol-ft .02'.,
Ontario 4. E0 3.75
Rlch.-Ana. .. .0116 1 -01
Sunshine 01 .02 .01 .02
Swansea 20 . 4216 . 20 . 45
S. Swansea . .03 .OS .03 . 0716
Sacramento . .1216 .12 .1216 .13
Sll. King .... 49.00 51.00,
Star Con 1114 .1416 tl4 .1116
Sll. Shield ... .01 0116 .0116
Tonopah .... 7.90 S.30 3.12V6 S.75
Ten. Bel G2 i
Ton. Ex 1.55 1.75 1 1.50 I 2.C0
Ton. Mid 43 15 .GO
Tetro 29 .20VJ .2916
U. S 21.G21A 22.2.1 21.50 25.00
Uncle Sam .. .2316 .23 .2G .29
Utah 45
Victoria .. ..I 105 1.15 1.15 1.1216
Victor Con ..I .02 .01 .01V6 .01
Yanke Con . .35 .35161 .354 .35-
May Day. GOO0 at luftc; 1000 at uVrsc: 25(0
at 1516c; 2000 at lGc; G75 at 15c; 1000 at
lG!4c buvcr thirty days; 1000 at 16c, buyer
thirty days; 2000 at lS-c, buyer thirty
days; 1000 at 15ic. seller ton days; 150") at
1516c, seller thirty days; 1000 at 1514c, sell
er sixty days; 500 at 15c. seller sixty days.
Sacramento, CO00 at 1216c.
New York. 1000 at 2c.
Yankee, 1200 at 35c; 2M at 33Hc; 500 at
Shares sold, 2S.S75.
Selling value, $1652.73.
Carlsa, 1000 at 1116c.
Consolidated Mercur. 2500 at 39c; 750 at
40c; 200 at 3S16c, seller thirty days.
May Day, 467 at 15c; 500 at 15&C. 400 at
lC16c : 2000 at 15ftc.
Sacramento, 1000 at 12?ic; 3500 at 1216c
Shares sold, 12,117.
Selling value, $2966.20.
May Day. 1500 at 1516c; 1000 at 15c; 1000
at 15Vlc; 25C0 at 15ic: 2000 at 16c, buyer
thirty dayti.
Shares sold. S000.
Sclllncr value, ?1252.EO.
San Francisco Mining Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 11. The official
closing quotations for mining stocks to
dav were as follows. '
Alia $ .06 Julia $ .OS
Alpha Con 17 Justice OS
Andes .26 Kentuck Con ... .04
Belcher 33 Mexican 1.25
B &. B 1.20 Occidental Con . .75
Bullion 21 Ophlr 2.45
Caledonia 40 Overman 17
Challenge Con . .23 PotosI 17.
Chollar 23 Savage 36
Oonlldcnco 93 Scg Belcher 11
C C & Va - 1.75 Sierra Nov 37
Con Imp .01 Sliver Hill 54
Crown Point ... .14 Union Con 46
Exchequer 54 Utah Con 11
G & C 23 Yel Jacket 23
H & N G2
Adams Con ..,..$ .20 Little Chief ....$ .00
Alice 40 Lcadvlllo Con .. .02
Breeco 15 Ontario .-. 3.50
Brunswick C ... .00 Ophlr 2.46
Comstock T 10 Phoenix 19
C C & Va l.Ed PotosI .16
Horn Sliver .... 1.60 Savage 33
Iron Silver 2.05 Small Hopes ... .23
Adventure 3.S716 Michigan 7.75
Allouez 13.00 Mont C & C. 5.25
Amnlg'd .. 63.25 Old Dom .... 21.25
Amor Zinc .. 13.75 Osceola .. .. 89.00
Atlantic .. .. 14.00 Parrot 25.00
Bingham .. .. 2S.25 Qulncy 94.00 '
C & H.$355.0O35o7.50 Shannon ... "C.OO
Contonnlal .. 27,75 Tamarack ... 123,00
Copper R ... 61.25 Trinity 8.(0
Daly West 13.6216 U S Mln .... 21,75
Dom Coal .... 56.00 U S Oil 10.50
Franklin .... S.50 Utah 42.25
Granby .. .. 3.8716 Victoria ., 3.S7&
Isle Royalc . 21.8716 Winona .. .. 9.00
Mass Mln ... 5.C0 Wolverine ... 93.00
Mohawk .. .. 47.75 I
Boston Coppers Boom.
.Special In The Tribune,
BOSTON. Mas3 Oct. 11. Copper shares
started this morning with a whirl and
early prices were strong and active, near
ly everything on the list talcing a hand
In tho movement. Commission house
brokers wero exceedingly busy, while
traders were making tho best of tho ac
tive market. Tho trend continued up
vard during the greater part of the day.
but in the afternoon when traders tried
to realize thcro were found to be few buy
ing orders and tho market reacted some
what. This, however. Is only to be ex
pected after the recent sharp advunce.
Tho feeling Is still good. Ilornblower &.
Weeks, brokers, 53 State street, Boston,
and 10 Wall street. New York, furnl3h tho
following quotations:
Sales. High. Low. Close.
Amalgam 3703 $63.25 $53.121.
Bingham 902 23.75 23.50
Daly West 203 13.75
Mercur 100 .40
Utah 3170 42 G216 42 1216
United States . .2615 22.05 21 6216 21.S7&
Curby-Booton, $G.6216'Q6.75.
Two Feet of Solid Ore in Fissure
Vein Going S28 a Ton.
Special to The Tribune.
CALTENTE, New, Oct. 11. Levi
Syphus of Panaca returned to Ca
llente today with a sack of samples of
free gold and lead-copper ore taken
from txvo groups of mines, the Mar
guerite and Winona, located about
eighteen miles south of St. Thomas, on
the Virgin river, and about fifty miles
from Moapa, on the San Pedro rail
road. The groups are owned by Mr. Sy
phus and It. C. Lund, Ed Brown and
Frank Burgesa of St. George. Utah,
and Syphus, Gentry of Moapa and
Rassum of California,
They consist of sixteen claims and
have fissure veins between granite and
Bhlst walls, and there are two feet of
solid ore, 1000 pounds of which went
$23 per ton. The quartz is slllclous,
honey-combed, carrying- lots of hema
tlto of Iron and free gold. The lead
copper properties ahow over 50 per
cent lend and good values In copper.
They have completed about 300 feet
of work and have struck n line chim
ney of high grade lead-copper ore on
one of the claims. The ledge on this
claim Is fully four feet wide between
walls. !
Three miles below St. Thomas on the
lower end of the Muddy valley. Is a de
posit of rock salt. 160 acres, showing by
a conservative estimate 1,000.000 tons of
sail, ninety-nine and three-fourths pure
above ground,
This salt took the firnt prize at tho
world's fair In 1903. This Is the larg
est pure salt deposit Jn Ihls country
and Is owned by Tewis Syphus and his
r i
Five miles above St. Thomas In the
West hills In the Muddy valley, these
gentlemen have 320 acres of magnesian
clay, over 100 feci thick, owned by
Lewis Syphus and brothers, Clapp
and George of Los Aiifreles, and J. E.
Harper of Chicago. Actual annlysis of
this deposit shows It capable of belnjr
manufactured Into the finest cement,
fire clay, pottery and cii Inn ware, and
Its supply is immense. If a branch
road from Moapa were pul Into this
district the salt and clay shipments, to
say nothing or ore which could be
hauled to the San Pedro, would furnish
a tonnage which would udd millions of
dollars to the treasury of the railroad
company. Mr. Syphus gave The Trib
une representative samples of ore equal
in richness to any of the same class
ever brought to Callente.
The Callente Progress made its ap
pearance today and Is a credit to the
camp and its energetic proprietor, W.
L. Dunne. ,
A. New Table
for Bingham Msoes
New Process for the Reduction of
Ores in the Big Camp Col. Wall
Has Fine Method.
A now table. Improvised by Col. Enos
A. Wall, Is not unlikely to revolutionize
methods employod In the reduction of
low-grade ores at Bingham To demon
strate this tho Colonel has a table un
der construction of one of tho local man
ufacturers, this to bo Introduced In the
Dewey mill. Bingham Canyon, the last
of tho week It Is the Intention of tho
Colonel to reduce tho ores of the Kemp
ton mines In tho plant and to elucldato
a principle hitherto unthought of In
Bingham. Upon this method ho has been
engaged for a long time. His tests have
satisfied him that big results may bo ac
complished upon low-grade ores. What
tho prlnclplo Is tho Colonel, who was
Interviewed during tho day, declined at
this tlmo to disclose. He pleads that It
la as yet experimental, and whllo he has
oven' confidence In the results that await
him, he Is not yet prepared to take tho
world of motalluriry Into his confidence.
Blocked out in tho Kempton mines aro
great volumes of oro that, with efficient
treatment, should become a source of
big revenue to tho Colonel. Of courso
the mines arc tied up In litigation, and
If the Federal court would look after Its
duties as diligently a3 our local Inter
ests a hundred mon will bo added to tho
payroll a short time.
General Metals Company in Trouble.
Judge J. H. Lunt. representing- local
creditors of the General Metals com
pany, has left for New York to argue
before the United States court there
a motion to transfer the action in bank
ruptcy against the company to this
State In which arc the most and larg
est creditors. General Manager Grant
of the Tellurlde mill, belonging to the
company, has received a message from
President Finney stating that a move
ment is on foot to reorganize the com
pany and pay off all debts except those
of stockholders and lo resume opera
tions at the Colorado City plant. A
meeting of the company with this pur
pose in view will' be held In New
York on Wednesday.
"West Dip in the East.
Tho United States Investor, replying to
a query, says'
A report on tho West Dip company ap
peared In our Issue of May 7r 1501. Tho
officers of this company are prominent
business men In Salt Lako City. They
havo been operating for two years or
moro from tho west side of the Oqulrrh
mountains. Tho tunnel Is being run to
tap tho wholo property at n considerable
depth and has now been extended a dis
tance of 300 feet. No oro has been en
countered yot, nor do thoy expect any
for several hundred feet yet. A new
power plant has Just recently been In
stalled and tho work on the tunnel will
bo pushed forward with threo shifts per
day. Tho treasurer of the company says
that thcro aro no debts and that tho
company has money In tho treasury.
Tonopah-Goldfleld Stocks.
Saturday's transfers on the San Fran
cisco board wero recorded as thoy fol
low: Esperanza. 200 at 2c; Silver Pick,
500 at ISc: MacNamara. 100 at 37c: Red
Top. 500 at 15c: Rescue. 2100 at llQISc:
Gold Mountain. 500 at 15c: Midway, 700
at 4Gc.
Via D. & R. G., October 13.
Leave Salt Lake 7:00 p. m. Returning,
leave Ogden 12:30 a. m. Everybody Invited-
Public Long-DIstance Telephones,
With sound-proof booths. Telephone
bulldlnjr. State street, city
Making Good Way.
Op at Bayhorse
The Camp Registering Good Roturns
From tho Minos of That Pro
ductive Region.
.Tamer. McGregor, who ha3 been inquir
ing Into hlB mining Interests at Bay
Horse. Idaho, came down from the north
yesterday morning after Inaugurating a
campaign of dovelopmont that will con
tlnno throughout the year. Tho prop
erties generally known as tho Pacific
group, although they arc operated by the
balmon River Mining company, show
somo very good ore at this time, and
promises to become qulto productive noxt
year. Mr. McGregor, who has long been
Identified with that region. Is now ship
ping somo oro ot very good quality.
Of the properties owned by O. J. Salis
bury and associates, he says that their
closing down .at the present tlmo Is ow
ing to the fact that Eastern Investors
are undertaking their purchase, along
with others. Tho Day Horse mines show
a considerable higher grado ore and un
der economic management should bo
among tho mo3t productive of tho State
of Idaho. In the same locality Laurnnco
Green of this city has n number of In
terests that aro opening up more satis
factorily and ho promises to rcsumo
shipments In a short tlmo.
Mining Notes.
James Tllckey, manager of the Corn
stock company properties and plant at
Park City, was among tho visitors from
that 'camp during tho day.
That thero has been a atrlko In the Al
bion Is news that Is expected hourly,
said Slnnaser William Ilntlleld during
tho day.
Capt. MacVIchle. manager of tho Bing
ham Con., loft for camp yesterday morn
ing. The managomont of tho Chloride Point
yesterday sold a carload of oro on con
trols showlnc 90 ounces silver and ?l.Cfl
Bold per ton.
Tho Mammoth sold three lots of ore
during tho day, somo of running as high
as $2S gold por ton.
George Moore, for many years Identi
fied with the metallurgy of Utah's
camps, eamo In from tho East yesterday.
Harry Harding, left for 'Goodo Springs
last night.
Via Oregor. Short Line.
St. Louis and return $42,50
Chicago and return 47.50
Chicago and return via St. Louis.. 47.50
St, Louis and return via Chicago.. .33.75
Throush Pullman sleepers via Union
Pacific and Wabash llne3.
Tickets on sale Tuesdays and Fridays
each week. Sa agentn for particulars.
City Ticket Office 201 Main St.
To Advance Burton Case.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 11 It Is expected
that counsel for Senator" Burton of Kan
sas will submit to tho United States Su
preme court next Monday a motion to ad
vance his ense on the docket, and also
petition for a writ of certiorari with a
view to overcoming any question that
might arise as to tho right to bring the
caso direct from tho Circuit court.
We know our tea ; and we
know your tea taste.
That's why we offer you
back your money.
Your sroctr rclurm your mono)' If you don't Ilka
Sdiillins'i Hut.
As Well as tho Proper Sight.
Jno. Daynes & Sons, j
Hannapah Mining and Smelting
Principal place "of business, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
There aro delinquent upon the following-described
stock on account of H-saesii-mcnt
levied September C, 1504, the s'-veral
amounts set opposite tho names of The re
spective stockholders, as follows:
No. Name. Sharos. Am't.
IS Frank B. Work 10.000 $50.00
19 Frank B. Work 10,000 50.00
21 Frank B. Work -1,000 5,00
22 Frank B. Work 1,750 S.'o
51 J. D Wood VjQ 4.00
CI W. B. Sklnnor 5,000 25.00
77 J. J. Clark : 500 2.50
IB M. S. Macdonald 5.000 23,00
101 E. P. Graham 1,000 5.00
103 E. P. Graham l,O)0 6.00
105 E. P. Graham 1,000 5.00
124 Joseph Klewans 300 1.50
ISC-John II. Ruhlln 1,000 5.0")
137 John H. Ruhlln 1.000 5.00
152 C. Z. Work 1,000 5.(0
150-C. Z. Work '. 1,000 5.00
154 C. Z. Work 1.000 5.00
155- C. Z, Work 1.000 5.00
15-C. Z. Work 1,003 5.00
191 A. P. Hanson .70 2. CO
123 J. B. Delafontaine 1.C00 5.00
194 Frank B. Work 1.000 5.00
195 Frank B. Work 1,000 5.00
19C Frank B. Work 1,000 5. GO
197-Frank B. Work 1,000 5.00
l&S Frank B. Work 1,000 5.00
159 Frank B. Work 00 2.50
200 Frank B. Work S00 2.50
201 Frank B. Work 500 2.50
202 Frank B. Work 500 2.50
203 Frank B. Work 503 2.50
204 Frank B. Work 500 2.E0
205 Frank B. Work nOO 2.50
Frank B. Work 500 2.50
207 Frank B. Work 503 2.50
20S Frank B. Work 500 2.50
And In accordance with tho law and nn
order of the board of directors, made Sep
tember C, 1904. so many sharo3 as may be
necessary of each parcel of said stock will
be Bold at the company'3 office, COS Dooly
block, on the 29th day of October, 1901, at
10 o'clock a. m., to pay delinquent assess
ments thereon together with the cost of
advertising and expense of eah .
blOS2 W. E. BLOCK, Secretary.
Consult County Clerk or tho respective
slgnorB for further Information,
Estate of Charles H. Cook, deceased.
Creditors will prcsont claims, with
vouchors to the undersigned at No. 307
McCornlck building, Salt Lako City, Utah,
on or beforo tho 15th day of February.
A. D. 1905.
Administrator of tho Estate of Charles H.
Cook, Deceased.
Henderson, Pierce, Crltchlow & Bnx
rctte. Attorneys.
Date of first publication, October 12. A.
D. 1901. d10'
batc division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty, Stato of Utah. In tho matter of the
estate of James Thompson, deceased.
The petition of Frank Thompson, ex
ecutor of tho estate of James Thompson,
deceased, for confirmation of the salo of
tho following-described real estate of said
decedent, to wit Tho north one-hnlf (it)
of the northwest quarter of section
13, township one north, range one vo3t.
Salt Lako meridian) containing eighty (SO)
acres, more or less, according to tho Gov
ernment survey, situated In the county
of DavlB, State of Utah, for tho sum of
$250.00. And upon tho following terms, to
wit: Cash upon confirmation, as appears
from tho return of salo. filed In this court,
has benn set for hearing on Friday, tho
2Sth dav of October, A. D. 1904, at 10
o'clock a. m. at tho county courthouse. In
tho courtroom of n!d court, In Salt Lake
City, Salt Lako county. Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said court, with
tho seal thereof affixed, this llth day of
October. A. D. 1901
Seal. JOHN JAMES, Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk.
Stephens & Smith, Attorneys for Estate,
j blOSS
Tho annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Rio Grando Western Railway
company will be held at tho principal
office of the company In Salt Lake City.
Utah, on Monday, October 21, 1901. at 12
o'clock noon, for the election of m-mbera
of tho board of directors of the cor ipany
and the transaction of such oth- busi
ness as may bo brought before t'j: mcet-
Inriio bouKri lor tho transfer of stock will
be closed nt 3 o'clock p. m. on October
3rd, 1904, and will be openod oa tho day
following said meeting or the final ad
journment thereof.
September 21st. 1SOI al795
office of the Barber Lumber Co., at Bolso,
Ida., for one week from date, for tho con
struction of tho dam and power-house of
said company on tho Boise river.
Plann and specifications may bo 6ccn at
tho office of said company, and bids will
be lecelvcd for the wholo work or any
Cart thereof, each bid to be accompanied
y a certified check for 2 per cent of tho
amount of the bid, as a guarantee that
the bidder will. If successful, enter Into a
contract and glvo a bond for 10 per cent
of the amount of his bid to satisfactorily
completo tho work.
Tho right Is reserved to reject any or all
bids or to accept any bid in wholo or In
Boise, Ida., Oct. 10. 1901 bl019
Ogden, Utah.
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3rd So. and Main St.
KEgari(J-n- 'TIHiii l h) Hi
1 J. W. Gessford I
.Consult Countr ClerK or tho respectlva
Bjgnera for further Information.
oatt 1 Svlslon, in and for Salt Lako coun
ty. )Uio of Utah. In thrt matter of tho
cstatf and guardlanHhlp of Mary A. R.
Carrlnglon, Incompotont. Notice.
Tho petition of Irono I. Carrington.
praying for tho ireuanco to herself, or
somo othor responsible person of lot
tors of guardianship on the person and
estate of Mary A. R. Carrington, incom
petent. ha3 been sot for hearing on Fri
day, tho 14th day of October. A. D. 1501.
at 10 o'clock a. m., at tho county court
house. In tho courtroom of said court, In
Salt Lako City. Salt Lako county, Utah.
Witness the Clork of said court with
the seal thereof affixed, this 3rd day of
October, A. D. 1S04.
Seal. JOHN JAMES, Clork.
By Helena A. Mcintosh. Doputy Clerk.
bato division, In and for Salt Lako coun
ty. Stato of Utah. In tho matter of tho
estate of Joseph K. Clark, deceased. No
tice The petition of Amanda E. Clark, pray
ing for the Issuance to E. W. Clark of
letters of administration, with will an
nexed upon estate do bonis non. deceased,
has been set for hearing on Friday, tho
14th day of October, A. D. 1901. at 10
o'clock a. m , at the county courthouse.
In tho courtroom of fluid court. In Salt
Lako City, Salt Lako county. Utah.
Witness tho Clerk of said court with
tho seal thereof affixed, this 3rd day of
October, A D. 1301.
rSeal. JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davles. Deputy Clerk.
Harrison O Shopard, Attorney for Pc
tltloncr. b393
bate division. In and for Salt Lake coun
ty. Stato of Utah, In tho matter of tho
estate of Ruth LT Grant, deceased. No
tice. Tho petltlqn of Robert D. Grant, ex
ecutor of the estaf. of Ruth L. Grant,
deceased, praying for the settlement of
final account of said oxocutor, and for
tho distribution of the residue of said
estato to tho persons entitled, hos buen
sot for hearing on Frldav, the llth day
of October, A. D 190J. at 1O o'clock a. m.,
at the county courthouFC-. In tho court
room of said court. In Salt Lako City,
Salt Lako county, Utah.
Witness, tho Clerk of said court with
the Beal theroof affixed, thlt 3rd day of
October, A. D. 1S04.
Seal JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davlcs, Deputy Clork.
Andrew Howat, Attorney for Estate.
court. In and for Salt I ako county, Stato
of Utah. Department Nc. 1.
In the matter of the estate of F. L.
Oswald, deceased. Notlcf.
The petition of Ellis E. Oswald, pray
ing for the admission to rrobatc of a
certain document, purport'. to be the
last will and testament of F L. Oswald,
deceased, and for tho granting of letters
testamentary to herself, has been set for
hearing on Friday, the 21st day of Oc
tober, A D. 1004, at ten o'clock a. m..
at the county courthouse, In tho court
room of said court, In Salt Lake City,
Salt Lrkc county, Utah.
Witness the clerk of said court, with
the seal thereof affixed, this Cth day of
October. A. D. 1001.
(Seal) JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk.
William II. Bird and C. L. Olsen. At
lornoys for Petitioner. bCIO
batedlvlslon, In and for Suit Lako coun
ty. State of Utah In the inatter of the
estate of William C. Lohs, deceased.
The petition of W N. McGlll. praying
for the .ssuance to W. T. Gunter of let
ters of administration In tho vcstate of
William C. Lyons, deceased, has been set
for hearing on Frldav. tho llth day of
October, A. D. 1901, at 10 o'clock a. in.,
at the county courthouse. In the court
room of said court. In Salt Lake City,
Salt Lake county, Utah.
Witness tho Clerk of said court with
tho seal thereof affixed, this 3rd day of
October, A. D. 1901.
Seal JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davles. Deputy Clerk.
Dickson, Ellis & Ellis. Attorneys for
Petitioner. b394
batc division. In and for Salt Lako coun
ty, State of Utah. In thu matter of the
estate of Charles Mayberry, deceased.
Notice. '
The petition of Adeline Mayberry, ad
ministratrix of tho estuto of Charles
Mayberry. deceased, praying for an or
dor of salo of real property of said de
cedent, and that all persons lniorested
nppcar beforo the said court to show
cause why an order should not bo
granted to sell, lease and grant an
option on so much as shall bo neces
sary, of tho following described real es
tate of BRld decedent, to-wit: The Betsy
mining claim, patented by the United
States as lot 471, in West Mountain Min
ing district. Salt Lako county, Utah, has
been set for hearing on Friday, tho llth
day of October. A. D. 1901. at 10 o'clock
a. m., at tho county courthouse, In the
courtroom of said court. In Salt Lako
City. Salt Lake county. Utah
Witness tho Clerk of said court with
tho seal thereof affixed, this 3rd day of
October. A. D. 1901.
Seal. JOHN JAMES. Clork.
By David B. Davles, Doputy Clork
Bradley & Plscholl, Attorneys for Es
tate b3S2
Estate of Henry Stratford, deceased.
Creditors will present claims with vouch
ers to the undersigned nt office of M. M.
Kalghn, No. 76 W. 2d So. St., Salt Lako
Cltv, on or beforo tho 22d day of January,
A. D. 1903
Executrix of Will of Henry Stratford,
Date of first publication, "September 21,
A. D. 190-1.
M M. Kalghn, Attorney for Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that tho personal
effects of John J. Acpmb, held by under
signed for lodging, will bo sold after Oc
tober 19. If not redeemed by that date and
costs paid. MRS. E. LA CO MY.
Dated Salt Lake City. Oct. 4, 1904.
From this date I will not be responsi
ble for any debts contracted bv my wife,
Mrs. Helen Otto. JOHN OTTO
October 10, 190-1. b9S3
Consult County Clerk - '-. Vv
slgn.a for lurtncr inrofmaTion, 'pset W
badlvisM PlP.
Stato of Utah In thA om11119 cu3
tale of C King, dececd" .P &
The petition of ienw p 6Sollc?-'
mlnlstrator. with wfil ?nJS0Tr-'
l..to the persons entitled, his
Xor hearing on Friday, tho iSV1
October. A. D. 1904, at 10 tfclwk ,dly ' A1
tho county courthouse i the C0,. '; ftl
of said court. In Salt Lako a!! S
Lako county, Utah. ut 3
Witness tho Clork of salil rv... .
the feal thereof affixed, thlB lOth'S T 1 ,t
October. A. D. ion 10th An Jot E
(Iiyl David B JDHwe8ADef 5tvCrirk
Bradley & PlschdyAuorng CltJ t
bate division. In and for Salt Loft ? i TO
State of Utah.-ln the matter 0? B L i
late and guardianship of " lark
Jnson McChrystal, minors-notice t
Tho pot ltlon of Sarah A. McChrrrf c
the guardian of the persons and W ?Ll
tates of Mark A. McChrystal nrwi r ( 1
McChrystal. minors, rtr wSraatl
?a!e. i St-. fll0W,nS dMcr,b5 rn
Ali the right, title and Interest i ' T!
Booyer of each or said minora 1?
real property described, tho Inierm 1 ba'
each of said minors in said real S e
appearing of record and being rfffl lc
as follows, to wit: b oeacrlB tjic
An undivided C19-10.000 of the r,4; fm
group of mines, consisting of the foiir,1 I
Ing mining claims and mlllslto fl
in the Tlntlc Mining district, 'fib' J?un ' 1
wn? ?f Utah (except said mlltalt) & ktrd
located, patented, known and deaerth . an
as the Eagle Lode mining claim ti "r?i?
lot 123. the Blue Bell Lode mining &l'i to
U. S. lot 124. tho North Extension P a
Lode-mlnlng claim. U. S. lot 2lJ the5 0 1
Extension Blue Bell Loclc , minfi' g
u. fa. lot 212, tho Ecechcr Lode ml to
lng claim. I S. lot 196A. the Houcht rir
Lode mining claim. U S. lot 137E
South Extension Beccher Lode mln . to
claim. U S lot 21C. tho South Lieu 'X
Bluo Bell Lodo mining claim, u bv ? 1
215. the South Extension EaK9 La -mining
claim. U. S. lot 211. the Vol 1
Lode mining claim, IT. s. lot 37-2 T -vv
Watson Extension Lode mining claim v
S. lot 3723. tho Beechcr mllUlte u'l l
lot 19CB (patented as situated, In Jul 53
county, but actually situated In uti S re
county. Utah), the Eagle mlllalto U i Vs1
lot 3S13 (situated In Utah countv. Utal lts
for the sum of I15.25S.14, and upon t
following terms, to wit: First paymes
cash. S325S.14; second payment, payab n
November 15. 1901; third payment, payali
March 15, 1905. H000.0O, last payment, pa 43
able August 15. 1SCC. $5500.00. said d 54 1
ferred Installments to bo secured by not GMt
and mortgages bearing G per cent Inters
per annum, as appears from the rctu G01
of sale, filed In this court, has been
for hearing on Friday, tho 21st day
October, A. D. 1904. at 10 o'clock a. Jj iA
at tho. county courthouse, In the coui Q
room of said court, in Salt Lako CH I St
Salt Lako county, Utah. & W
Witness tho Clork of said Court, wll
the seal thereof affixed, this 10th day!
October, A, D. 1904. 1; fcS
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES, Clerk b tai
By David B. Davles, Deputy ClerK.
division, In and for Salt Lake counl i
State of Utah. In the inatier of th$ a yai
tato of Alnanda M. Pierce. doceased.-N i0l
tlce. 1 r ,
The petition of Adam Spiers, admlnl) t
trator of the estate of Amanda M. PlrG K.
decensed, for confirmation of the saleli '.a
the following-described real estate of tX R
decodent. lo wit: The north halt ol I i (
Ight (S). block twenty-soven (27). pli .iSi
'$." Salt Lako City survey, situate)?! Pi
Salt Lake City. State of Utah, for tl d'
sum of $2500.00; and upon the followln K;
terms, to wit: Cash upon conllrmntlon'fc
as appears from tho return of sale filed"!
this court, hns been set ior hearlnc 0 i.Gi
Friday, tho 21st day of OrtoW . D. l0 iK
at 10 o'clock a. m , at tho county cour IE
house. In the courtroom of said eourUI
Salt Lake Cltv, Salt Lake county, Utah, ifc
Witness tho Clerk of said court, with til W
Beal thereof affixed, this 7th day of Octo Ci
bcr. A, D. 1S01. I. 5m,
Seal. JOHN JAMES, Cler; tl
By David B. Davles. Deputy Clerk. I) il
G. H Backman, Attorney for Estate tt
bato division. In and for Salt Lake counl; .ft
State of Uin; . In the matter of the :
lalo of Fni: W. Scott, dei eas&d.-Ni i
The petition of Lura Scott praying f
the Issunnco to herself of letters oi to c
ministration In tho estate of Frank V
Scott, deceased, has been act for neai
lng on Friday, the 21st day of Octob
A D. 1901. at 10 o'clock a. m , at U i
county courthouse, In tho courtroom Ji .
said court. In Salt Lake City, Salt LaJ ft
county. Utah. , m , , , A & I
Witness the Clerk of said Court, wit t,
tho seal thereof affixed, this 10th daj a p'
October A. D. 190..
By David B. Davles. Doputy Cler. j
Stewart &. Stewart. Attornoya. bl -tt
, p 1 ,
bate division. In and for Salt Lako coui
tv. Stato of Utah. t ...
In the matter of tho estato of Vm. m
Torkulla. deceased. Notice. w
Tho petition of Andrew Miller, admls C
Istrator of tho estate of Win. A. To n
kulla deceased, praying for the sett Hi
men" of final account of eald admiral U
t?ator and for tho distribution of the rs hi
due of said estate M the Persona en 1
tied, has been set for hearing on iFrldo. k;
thn 'Mat dav of October. A. D 1J04. atl -Jj
ovflock'a in-, at the county courthou. y
In tho courtroom of said courU In S
l ake City. Salt Lako county. Utah. J.
witness tho clerk of said court, wjl
tho s thereof affixed, this 5th Wu 4
October, A. D. 1M1 jaMES. Clerkf J
By David B. Davles. Deputy Clerk. I. p
N j. Sheckcll. Attorney.
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