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IDayWith the Bankers, the Merchants and the Brokers.
Iited States Steel
actor in Wall Street
re Was Notable Buying; of This
Security and It Was Unusual
ly Strong:.
;W YORK, Oct. 17. The animation
b crew up in the, speculation in the
r part o last week showed further
aso today. From start to finish oC
itock exchange thero was practically
asatlon or the active bualnees on tho
which taxed tho resources for re
ng transactions at times and kept the
tics of the brokers at a tension
ighout tho day. Largo crowds were
g to do business at the same timo at
posts where tho activo stocks were
In. While great contusion was ap
jt at oil times, tho record of tho day's
ts shows that the market waa under
Icent direction and that tho largest
tuons wcro conducted according to a
,Pl opportuneness with which the
er buying and tho strongest ad
's occurred with the most important
B at other points, was evidence o
klllful leadership cxlstinp. The da s
menta, to that extent, had an arti
chnracter. But the speculative ele
in tho market has ovidently lost
of Its dread o thl3 experienced lead
, in tho market. It is perceived that
Hful conduct of tho buying and aell
acllltles aids the digestion of the
g and the advantage of the buying,
in a healthy and normal market
;rowth of tho number of participants
bo accepted as an Index of tho ln
o of faith In the health and tho
alncss of tho present market,
dealings on Monday aro specially
upon to disclose tho proportions of
new interest, owitib' to tho natural
ncy to open new iraiis'ic:lfns -".n
srlod of a new week, and the amount
;ckty reviews and letters ilia., soc-s
of Wall street from commission
a for publication, and tho additional
nulatlon of orders that results from
wo-dav interval over Sunday,
t week's buoyant close gave general
i of a large increase In such new
s and the market quickly demon
d that tho hope was not disap
cd. The selling out to tako specu-
profits on tho advantageous terms
led by this new demand was equally
' Kim.' matter of course. Tho buying camo
from manv different quarters and an lm
rtant proportion of it camo by the
'SMdi Thc most notable buying and tho great
wt strength were in United States Steel
preferred, and to a less extent In the
(ommcn, in Reading. Missouri Pacific,
ia!i Imalgamatcd and, less effectively, in
Pennsylvania and Erie, Next to those
ht wlnts of strength, the most notable fca
ti iure in the market was the manner In
tttl ffhlch the selling to take prollts held back
f ind even depressed Union Pacific, South
I rn Pacific and Rock Island. There was
. no specific effrf-t from tho news devcl
ibpments of the day, except as they offered
ofep,i nothing to disturb the confidence which
tons reached the proportions of enthusiasm
1 with the outburst of the speculative spirit.
kt RMoncv continued easy and no one was
heard "to express a fear that It would
'1 not do ao Indefinitely. Railroad officials
t xprcsed thcmBclvoH In sanguine terms
si!a ever the outlook for traffic. Sugar was
aM marked down and copper was marked up.
'TW Sterling exchange was strong and tho
Continental markets were somewhat dis
tort turbid by the Russian reverses. The
j j)rofit-tal:lng had Its greatest effect In
the Inst hour of tho niarkei. and made
URL lis closing considerably bolow the low
Lrtit Ht prices
cii BBonds wero strong. .Total sales, par
1, S value, $10 o00 O. United States bonds were
5 Oft Bnchangcd on call.
jIi'ji U S ret 2s reg 1W Hock Val 4ts ..100
Irj'i t Coupon 101 L & N uni Is ..102yt
i; U S 3s reg IWVi Man c gold is ICO
IfCoupo'n UdVi Mcx C Ah Ht
ofc;! tj S new -Is reg. 130 1st Inc 204
oaiil . Coupon 131 M & St L As ... PI VI
V S old 4s reg 100 M K & T 4s ...102
KDM I Coupon .. . lOC't 2a r C
cgi Atchison tr -Is.. 102V, Nnt R R of Mex
t li SAdJustm't -Is . fi7 con -Is 7S;
531 i'Atlnntlc C L Is. 9S N Y C g 3&s....l00V'
ill! rB & O -Is .. ..103 gen us 131
brf J-3b ... .. C5 Nor Pac 4s .... lftHi
C of Georgia Cs.llS1 3a 74a
Ust lnc . .. 81U Nor & V c 4s.. 100
3 i! Ches & O 4'.iS..105ai O S L 4s & p...
SaBChl & A 3lt-a . 81? Pcnn. con 3Vts ..ICG
' 2111, B & Q n 4s.. PS1 St L & I M c 5s.115a
WSllwM & St P new St L & S P f 4s G
lWPis. .. . 109U St L S W Is ... 939
i 03 & N Wr c 7a..l2ST Seaboard A L Is. SI K
8&C iC R I Si P R R So Pac 4s 91$
C J 4 c.fz So Ry Cs HSVi
Col 5s S74 Tox & P 1h ...120
s, LC C C & St L T St L & W Is.. Si
gcn 4s 101 U P -Is 103
Ji 'Chicago T 4s ... 7S conv 4s' 10
Con Tob 4s .... 74)i U S Steel 2nd Cs SS
Li1 Colo Si So 4s... 87M, Wabnali Is 118M
iW lg Si R G 4s .. .10l,i Deb B GS'A
it Erlu p 1 4s ... i SilVs W & L E Is ... 91
J jErio gen 4s ... SS Wis C Is 93
9ff jFt W Si.D C 13.110 C F I con Cs .. S1'4
tiU' f., . Sales. High. Low. Close.
lBe4 Atchison 51.S00 85i S5U
of.i 'F preferred C.C00 lOI"? 1014 101V4
, ( Bait & Ohio 22,000 93 945i 94
rrf S preferred 200 W5 96 05
to&i Canadian Pac H.OCO 134 132-i 133
tit 1 Cent of N Jersey ., ICO 185 183 155
ty Ches (c Ohio ., 12.7CO 45-)i 4&Vi 45W,
(V JJhlc Si Alton 3S
iU P preferred SO
Ss!c .9 Wcflt r,'cw isvi is
fj IChlO Si N West .... O.GOO 193 190 191
ti jCM&StP.. 31,000 1G0 1S 1CS
V.t?irefe,rre1 1W 184 1W 1S2
f lFMc T & I'rans ... 2CO 8 Tft
j roPoeicrr(Hl 2.3W 17 16 16
X ? 9, & st L 300 80& 80 83U
1 , Colo South 23.S00 23 21 22'4
I ? 1st preferred. EO0 B3 D2t 52
9 A. 2nd preferred G.SOO 29Vt 29 23
3ft ;ela&HUd 4 m 17,1(. 173yt 174
ff Selai,aCk & W 100 294 294 29-1
5 PAP G ; 700 29 2k 29Vi
preferred 4C0 S2 82 Sl
if0 C2.S00 31 33 84
J t i?,1. Prerrcd 13,100 70 C9 COtfe
t riprer01 2'G0 4S 48 48
.! iL.Preferrcd 400 9Cn 90 S9
J i wrCcn 509 2.tu 25 2514
k jnCf7C,L 400 47 4Gi 4C
Is? '55AN,l?h '"23.000 137 125 13G
'1 0alUn, L 3.000 159 15S 1BS
W -Met icc"rItltB WOO Silt R3 S3?S
1 Vr, fal R ... 10.400 122 121 122i
1 P & SS M .. 1,00-) S3Vi S3 8"
i ivi r-urI ,Pac 101.700 ioin loi-i 10345
. -I tZJOF1 To ".SCO 29? 29 234
,. J Preferred 2.3W 5S Wi 67
FC cyiVIS 1W'700 1 13392 1$
toadln 200 70 73 74
jBOlStL V' 10,200 35Vi 34 3
HE!r.t rr.."rrr 73.sco 107 wi-i
-f---f-------f-f-- ''
-f New York G7?bc -f
-j- San Francisco OTTfcc 4-
London 28 3-16d -j-
-f LEAD.
-f J"ew York exchange 54. 2034.30
New York exchange... $12. S7S13,00 -f
"Wabaah G.200 22 21 21
preferred 17.600 44 43 43
"W & L Erlo 1,100 19 1S 1S
Wisconsin Cent .... 13.700 23 21 21
preferred 32,400 46 45 45
Mexican Cent Sfl.SOO 1C 10 10
k'xpress Companies'
Adams .... 240
American 20S
United States 117
Well3 F.-u-go ICO 240 240 240
Amalg Copper 02.700 CoTS 64U (A's
Amer Car & F 3,300 27 27 27
preferred S00 Sl Sl
Amer Cot Oil 1.G00 S3 32 32
preferred 92
Amer Ice 3.300 9 S ?&
preferred S,500 42 40 40
Amer Lin Oil 13
preferred 30
Amer Loco 7,100 SOVi 2S 294
prcfen-cd 1,400 93 97 97
Am S & Ref 11,300 SS C7 C7
pi-eferrcd 1,300 110 109 109
Am Sugar Ref .... 20,000 1 3-3-4 135 135
Anaconda M Co ... 1.90O 101 100 90
Brooklyn R Tran . 35,300 07 06 W
Colo F Si Iron 8.5CO 39 38 38
Con Gas 14,500 216 213 216
Corn Products.... .. 4,200 1S 17 17
preferred 700 77 7C 75
Distillers' Sccurs .. 15,000 34. 32 33
Gen Elcc LSOO 178 174 175
Intorna Paper 2,200 19 1S 18
preferred 200 78 7S 77
Interna Pump 300 3S 37 37
preferred 400 SI S0 SI
Nat Lead 2.S00 21 21 24
North Amer 3,100 96 96 96
Pac Mail 1.100 3S 26 37
People's Gas 15,900 107 106 106
P Steel Car 6,60") 44 42 42
preferred 4,900 84 S3 S3
Pullman Pal Car .. 200 230 230 227
Rep Steel 6,800 13 12 12
preferred U.B00 5S 52 63
Rubber Goods 700 24 23 23
preferred 200 6 0 85
Tenn C & Iron 12.100 68 56 57
U S Leather 8,900 11 11 11
preferred 1,000 90 S9 S3
U S Realty 4.3C0 04 62 63
U S Rubber 4.CO0 30 25 23
preferred 4C0 S5 83 83
U S Steel 163,800 S3 81 82
Westlnghouse Elec. 1,400 169 169 167
AYcstern Union .. 1.SCO 93 92 92"
Total sales for the day, 1,974,200 shares.
Silver and Drafts. '
NEW YORK, Oct. 17. Bar silver, 67c.
Mexican dollars, 46c.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct, 17.-Sllvor bars,
Mexican dollars, 4&tT46c.
Drafts, sight, 7c; telegraph, 10c
Money and Exchange.
NEW YORK, Oct, 17. Close: Monov on
call steady at 12 per cent; closing bid,
1 per cent; offered, 2 per cent; time loans
steady; 60 days. 3j3 per cent; 90 days,
3 per cent; six months. 3tj3 per cent.
Prlmo mercantile paper. 4'Q:o per cent.
Sterling oxchango strong, with actual bus
iness In bankers' bills at $4.S5.75fl4.S5.S0 for
domand and at ?4.S3.45??4.S3.50 for 60-day
bills; posted rates, ?I.S4iM.S4 and 4.S0;
commercial bills, $4.8354.S3.
New York Metals.
NEW YORK, Oct. 17. Tin had another
sharp advance In the London market,
closing at fl32 for spot and 131 5s for
futures. Locally, the mnrkot was firm and
In sympathy with the gains abroad, and
closed at J2S.0i 23.87.
Copper also was higher In London, clos
ing at 60 7s 6d for spot and G0 lis 3d for
futures. Locally, the market was firm and
higher. Lake Is quoted at 513.12f13.37;
electrolytic, 513.001(13.25; casting, $12.S7-3
Lead was a shade higher, at 12 3s 9d, In
London, but was unchanged here at 51.20
Spelter was unchanged at 23 In London,
but was a llttlo more firmly held In tho
local market, closing at $5.20ftG.25.
Iron closed at 50s 6d In Glasgow and at
41s In Mlddlesboro. Locally, Iron was
firmer; No. 1 foundry Northern Is quoted
at 514.50?j 16.00: No. 2 foundrv Northern,
SH.OOff 14.60. No. 1 foundry Southern
und No. 1 foundry Southern- soft, $14,003'
CHICAGO. Oct 17. Cattle Receipts, 31.
000, including 17.000 Westerns; market
steady; good to prime steers, 55.75JJ6.&):
poor, to medium, 53.7&J70.60; stockers and
feeders. 52.25gH.00; cows. 51.604 10; heifers.
$1.75-5.60; ennnora, 51.60fi2.40; bulls, 52.0OQJ
4.10; calvcfi. 53.600.75; Texas Cod steers,
53.50fi5.00: Western steers. 52.751? 1.60.
Hogs Receipts. 13.C00; market 10 to 15c
lower, mixed and butchers, $5.0Off5.30; good
to choice heavy, S5.15S5.40; rough heavy.
52.7&t?O.Q5; light, 54.95tj5.25; bulk of sales,
Sheep Receipts, 40,000; shceep steady;
lambs weak; good to choice wethers, 53 75
(tl4.60; fair to choice mixed, 53.25tj3.75;
Western sheep, 53.0CKfr4.25; native lambs,
54.6Ofc"G.0O; Western lambs, 54.00ft6.60.
SOUTH OMAHA, Oct. 17.-Cattlc-Re-celpts
7700; market steady; natlvo steers,
54.256,25; cows and heifers. ?2.40ff3.0;
Western Gtecrs. 53.0004. 60; Texas Btoers,
52.75ff3.GG; cows and heifers, 52.25tj3.25;
canncrs. 51.60t2.15; stockera and feeders.
$2.5tj'3.20; calves. $3.00tjC60; bulls, stags,
cjc. 51.6003.25. Hogs Receipts 2000; mar
ket 10c lower; heavy, 55.0O3o.10; mixed,
55.CO3C.05, light, 55.05fi5.15, pigs, 54.605J5.00;
hulk of sales, 55.00Qo.05. Sheep Receipts
27.500; market active and steady; Western
yearlings. 53.05tj-i.O0; wethers, 53.40tP3.SO;
ewes. 53.00tj3.50, common and stockers,
$16003.70; lumbs, K603G.20.
Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY, Oct. 17. Cattle Re
ceipts 17,000; market steady; native steers.
51.0006.26; native cows and heifers, $l.50
4.C0; stockora and feeders. J2.2o01.2O- bulls,
fl.75?J3.26; calves. $2 5036.00; Western
steers, 53.09tP4.60; Western cows, 51.6003.50.
Hogs Receipts 1000; market lOtflBc lower;
bulk of sales, 54.850G.25; heavy, $5.2006.35;
puckers. 55.1006.30; pigs and lights, $-1,600
0 05. Sheep Receipts 000, market steadv;
muttons, 53.2&fi3.S5, lambs, 54.CKV36.23; rango
wethers, 53.S04.OO; ewes, 32.7503.50.
Visible Grain Supply.
NEW YORK. Oct. 17. 'Hit visible sup
ply of grain October 15, aa compiled by
tho Now York produco exchange, followo:
Wheal, 23.419,999 bushels; Increase, 2,622,
000 bushels.
Corn, 4,193.000 bushels; decrease, 356,000
Oats. 23,7S,000 bushels; Increase. 1,250,000
TSyo. 1.76S.00O bushels; Increase, 19,000
Barley, G,D65,000 bushels; Increase, 263,000
Sold strictly on their merit. Whlt
aker & Dallas, manufacturers.
Pullman Observation Cars
Aro atUl being operated between Ogden
and Denver via Colorado Midland. All
the mountains In daylight. Dlvcrso
route tickets cost no more. See that
ticket readB at least ono way via Col
orado Midland.
Ik Pay of Summer
Fruits 8s Oyer
Shipment of Young Turkeys Indi
cates tho Approach, of Thanlcs
glving Day.
With the close of the present week the
closo of the season of summer fruits and
vegetables is looked for, and from that
tlmo on consumers will have to content
themselves with tho products of tho soil
which can bo kept through tho winter
months such as potatoes, cabbages, tur
nips, bcetfl, squash, etc. Tho farmers who
brought produco to market yesterday
morning said that ono more heavy frost
would finish up the vegetables still In
the garden, and. as freezing temperature
was predicted by tho .weather man for
last night, the close of the season may
bo looked for even earlier than tho end
of tho week.
Olympia oysters aro coming In In fino
shapo now and aro rapidly disposed of
by tho patrons of soda fountains where
tho oyster cocktail Is Included among the
offerings. Blue points aro also begin
ning to arrive in larger quantities, al
though It Is yet a llttlo early for tho
demand to be very great.
A llttlo reminder of Thanksgiving came
yesterday In tho form of a goodly ship
ment of young turkeys. This was the
first shipment of any slzo received since
tho opening of tho season. Twenty cents
a pound wholesale Is the price put on
this bird, with a llttlo advance on tho re
tall figure. Ducks continue to como In
in shipments sufficiently large to supply
all demands. They range from 51.50 to
,53 a dozen wholesale, and Xrom 30 to 75
cents apiece retail.
California grapes, a fine lot of them,
wero also counted among yesterday's Im
portations. The shipment Jncluded Tor
nlchons and Tokays, both of which will
retail at 51-75 a caac.
Although there has been no advance
since early last week In the prices of
grain or flour, tho market is decidedly
stiff, with .no Indications of weakening.
Speaking of tho probability of an advance
or decline In prices along this lino, a
dealer yestcrdav said: "There Is but one
thing that will keep grain at present fig
ures for tho next month or so, and that
is tho fact that farmers will bo called
upon to meet taxes within tho next fow
weeks, and In many Instances will have
to dlsposo of their grain to raise the
needed money. After tho taxes have all
been paid there is likely to bo an imme
diate advance in tho grain market, as
prices at present show a little stiffening
and quotations received from farmers to
day show an advance of from 520 to $00 a
car over those given last week."
Wholesale Quotations.
Hay, Grain and Straw Oat straw, per
bale. 20c; alfalfa, 510.00; timothy, per ton,
baled, 514.00; wheat, per bushel, 95c0$l.O5;
corn, per cwU, 51.401.50; corn, cracked.
51.4501.55. oats. 51.35: rolled oats, 51.45;
barley, rolled, $1.3501.45; Hour, bakers' No.
1. 5230; flour, straight grade, 52,4002.60;
flour, high patent, 52.6002.70; rye. 52.00:
graham flour, $2.6002.75; cornmeal, 51.900
2.00; bran, 51.00; bran and shorts, 51.1O01
Meats. Dressed beef, pound, 405c;
dressed vea per pound, 9c; dressed
lambs, per pound. Cc; dressed mutton, per
pound, 505c; dressed hogs. Sc; live. 5c
per pound.
Poultry Dressed hens, lie; broilers,
per pound, lie.
Fruits Valencia oranges, case, 5-1.50;
Utah watermelons, per dozen. 51.50; Utah
white grapes, caso, 51 25; black grapes.
$1.60, Tokay grapes. J1.60; New York Con
cords, 35c; Utah apples, bushel. 7oc;
Santa Paula lemons, box. 51-W; peaches,
box. 60075c; plums, box, COc; bananas, per
bunch, 52.60; llmfcs. per 10). $1.60; Utah
pears, box, 51.20; cranberries, 19.50 barrel;
dates, per pound. StjJlOc; pineapples, per
dozen. 52.50; Gorman prunes. 51.00 per
Sugar Beet sugar, per ICO. $6.40', cane
sugar, 56.60.
Vegetables California head lettuce. 50
060c per dozen; oyster plant, 45c a dozen;
new celery, dozen, 60c; parsnlpB, dozen
bunch. 5'c; green peppers, per pound,
5c; Utah r 'inmcr squash, dozen, 20c; Utah
tomato. AtnOc a bushel; yellow onions,
per 100. $1.25; vegetable marrow, dozer.,
00c; red cabbage, per pound, 2c; sweet
potatoes, per cwt . 52.25; Utah cabbage,
per 100, 51 CO; potatoes, per cwt . 90c; tur
nips, beets and carrots, por 109, $100; green
onions, per dozen, 20c; radishes, Utah, 20c;
pumpkins, dozen, $1.25: golden tomatoes,
pound, 4c; Utah egg plant, 0c: Utah let
tuce. 20c; caullllower. pound, cc
Dairy Products. Butter, per pound, 25c;
cheese, per pound, 12c; egga, per case,
$6M07OQ; comb honey, per crate. 52 75;
sweitzor choeso, per pound, ISc; llmburg
er cheese, per pound, 16c; cream brl"k
cheese, per pound, 17c; Edam cheese, ppr
dozen, $12.00.
F-resh Fish. Utah lake bass, 35c; sal
mon. 13c; mountain trout. 35o; Jmllbut, 12c;
striped bass, por pound, 15c; soles,
par pound, 9c; flounders, per pound. 9c;
California smelts, per pound, 12c, catfish,
per pound. 12c; perch, per pound. 10c; lob
sters, per pound, 15c, oyster?, New York
counts, 51 60 per ICO; selects. 52.25 per gal
lon; barracuda per pound, 12c; sa bass,
per pound, 12c; bloaters, per 100, $3.50.
Ketail Quotations.
Meats. Prime rib, 17c; porterhouse. IS
20c"; pork, 17c; mutton chops, 10015c;
legs, I2c; Bprlng lamb, 1202Oo per
pound; veal. 12020c; veal loaf, 30c.
Poultry. Dressed hens, 16c; broilers, 25
030c; turkeys, 25c, ducks, 20c; roast
springs, 20c.
Fruits. Crabapplcs. 60c per peck; Utah
apples, per peck, 20040c; lemons, per
dozen, 25c; oranges, per dozen. 4O0COc;
S caches, per pound. 5c; per case. COjSic;
ananes. per dozen, 30c; pears, 5c per
pound; limes, 2c: plums. 5c; Utah water
melons, 16025c; Utah cantaloupes, 6010c;
grapes (black), per basket, 40c; grapes
(white), 10c; Tokay grapes. 10c; pome
lrranate, 15c pound; pineapples, 30 and 40c
Vegetables. New celery. Bo a stalk;
oyster plant, 6c a bunch; China radishes,
two bunches for 5c; Utah egg plant, 6c
per pound; parsnips, two bunches for 5c;
Utah peppers, three pounds for 25c; red
cabbage, four pounds for 25c; sweet pota
toes, per pound, 3c; green corn on cob,
per dozen, 20 and 35c; Utah summer
squash, two forEc; Utah cucumbors, three
for 5c: caullllower, 10c a pound; potatoes,
per peck, 20c; cabbage, per pound, 3o;
turnips, per pound, 2a; green onions, 2o;
carrots. 2c; beets, 2c; Utah tomatoes,
per pound, 2c; lettuce. 5c: California
lettuce, two for 16c; pumpkins. 16c; Hub
bard squash, 16c; pickling onions, 60c per
Dairy Products. Butter, per pound, 30c;
cheese, 15c; eggs, per dozen, 25ti30o; fancy
cheese, per pound, 25c; comb honey, per
comb, 15c; strained honoy, por pound, 15c;
Swiss cheese, per pound, 40c; llmbuigor
cheese, per pound. COc; cream brick
cheese. 25c; Edam cheese, each. 51.25.
Fresh Fish. Black bass, 35c; salmon.
17c; mountain trout, 40c; halibut, 15c:
striped bass, 20c; Mackinac trout,
20o; codfish. 16c: perch, 12c; stur
geon, 15c, white fish, 20c; mountain her
ring, 15c; select oysters, COc a quart;
barracuda, per pound, 15c; sea bass, por
pound, 15c.
Grain and Provisions.
CHICAGO, Oct. 17, Continued free
movement of grain from tho farms was
one of the principal reasons for a loss of
lc In wheat prices today. From begin
ning to und sentiment In the wheat pit
wns bearish. At tho start tho market was
Influenced by liberal world's shipments,
lower cables and continued heavy re
ceipts in the Northwest. Kxtromo woak
ncos of tho corn market also oxortcd a
depressing effect. At the opening Decem
ber wheat was off Tic to c, at 51.12 to
5L13U. May was down 0-ftc to Stic, at
51.1101.123a. Several prominent commis
sion houses wero heavy jellora of the Do
comber option. With llttlo support the
markot Increased In weakness as trading
progressed. Fresh incentives to sell wero
found In tho enormous primary receipts.
A further motive wns an increase of near
ly three million bushels In the vlslblo
supply. During tho latter part of tho ses
sion tho market experienced soveral tem
porary rallies on covering by shorts. On
every slight upturn, however, offerings
camo out in such quantities as to quickly
Bend prices oack to a lower level. The
low point on December for the day was
reached when, shortly before tho close,
tho prlco touched 51.11. At he samo
timo May sold off to 5L1L Tho market
went off weak, with December at $1.12.
Final figures on May wero 51.110111.
Weather that could not be Improved
for curing for corn was tho important fac
tor In trading in the yellow cereal. Tho
market was naturally weak. December
opened c to lower, at 48c to )9c. sold
off to 47c and closed at 4&04Sc. Local
receipts wcro 101 earn, with five of con
tract grade
Under the Influence of fine weather and
tho lower prlco of corn, sentiment In the
oats pl,i was bearish. December opened
fc'c lower, at 2Sc to 2Sc, sold between
25c and 2Sc and closed at 2S02Sc
Liberal receipts of hogs, with lower
prices at tho yardn and general weakness
of grains, oaused a decline In the price of
lard. Pork was off so, lard was down
17c, and ribs wcro 20c lower at the close.
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close
Wheat, No. 2
October 1.11
December 1.13 1.13 1.11 L12
May 1.12 1.12 1.11 1.11
corn. No, 3
October 60
December 49 19 47 4S
Alay 45 45 44 45
Oats. No. 2
October 2S
December 8 2S 23
May 30 30 30 30
Mesa pork, per ban el
May 12.17 12.17 12.03 12.05
October 10.72 10.75 10.60 1Q.C5
December 10.S5 10.92 10.0 10.82
January 12. 20 12.25 12.10 12.10
i.ard. per 100 Ibs.-
May 7.20 7.25 7 15 7.15
October 7.12 7.12 7.12 7.12
December 7.10 7.10 7.02 7.02
January 7.15 7.20 7.05 7. 07
Short, ribs, per liu lbs.
October 7. 15 7.45 7 45 7.45
January 6.40 C.42 6.30 6.02
May G.47 6,47 6.40 6.42
Cash quotations were as follows. Flour,
flivn; No. 2 spring wheat, 511301.13; No.
3, 51.15S1.17; No 2 red, 51 15M,17; No. 2
corn, 5P)ic; No. 2 yellow, 64ic; No. 2 oats.
2Sc; No. 2 white, 31031c; No. 3 white.
290COc; No. 2 rye, TSc; good feeding bar
ley, 36c; fair to choice malting, 40343c;
No. 1 flax seed, 51-09; No. 1 Northwestern,
51.16; mess ork, per barrel, 510.05010 70,
lard, per 100 pounds, 57.120,7,15; short ribs
, sides (loose), 57,500 7 62; short clear sides
(boxed), 57.25; whisky, basis of high wines,
51.26, clover, contract grade, 512.23.
Articles. Rets Ship
Flour, barrels , 23,303 16,600
Wheat, bushels 104.0C0 116,LC
Corn, bushels 108,600 E34.C00
Oats, bushels 201,600 141,70)
Rye. bushels 9.0CO 4.100
Barloy, bushels 149,900 23.CC0
On tho produco exchange today the but
ter market was firm; creams, 1502Oc;
dairies, 13017c; eggs; firm, 1601SC,
firsts, lSc; prime firsts, 20c; extras,
22c; cheese, eas, lO01Oc.
Coast Grain.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 17. Wheat
Weaker; December. 51.49; May, 51.50.
Barloy Steady; December, 51.09; May,
no sales.
St. Louis Wool Market.
ST. LOUIS. Oct. 17. Wool Steady; me
dium grades combing and clothing, 2O02T.c;
light tine, 16020c; heavy fine, 12016c; tub
washed. 22036c.
New York Sugar Market.
NEW YORK. Oct. 17. Sugar Raw
steady; fair refining, 3?c; centrifugal, .90
tcst. 4c: molasses sufcar, 3c. Reilned,
quiet; crushed, 55.75; powdered, 55.15; gran
ulated, 55.05.
Butter and Eggs.
NEW YORK. Oct 17. Butter Firm;
street prices, extra creamery, 21021cJ of
ficial prices. Creamery, common to "extra.
13ii21c; do. held 2O02Oc.
Cheese Weak.
Eggs Firm; Western, finest selections,
23024c; avorago best, 22J023c.
Telephone Operators Strike.
PORTLAND, Or., Oct 17. The strike of
the telephone operators In this city re
mains about the same. A fow additional
strike-breakers have been employed and
three of tho strikers have returned to
work at Increased salaries. There is lit
tle probability, It Is said, of the Hnomon
Joining In tho strlko.
nr Pulse.
Feel It Once a WeeK
To See In What
Condition Ifour
Heart Is.
If your pulso beats too faBt, or too
slow; two strong or too weak; or too
Irregular; 'tis a sign of a weak heart.
Refresh it with Dr. Miles' New Jleri
Tho healthy pulso of a grown person
ehoifkl avorago 70 to 80 beats a minute.
The beats should bo regular pulsations
'not too weak to be easily folt, not aa
strong as to bo felt without somo prcs
suro of tho defn.
You may not fool particularly slci,
but any day, If your heart Is weak, you
aro liable to somo sudden seizure,
breast-pang, fainting, weak or Bmothor
lng: spell, a sign of real dangor.
Do not wait for such a moment to
come, but treat your weakened heart
and circulation with a safo and efllclcnt,
modern, scientific Specific rcmeuy. fcrucn
as Dr. Miles' Now Hoavt Cure has
vroved Itself to bo.
It Is a wonderful heart nni blood tonlo
and will make tho blood rich and tho
heart strong. It will do you good by
strengthening nnd building up tho nerv
ous system and circulation.
"For years I was troubled with pains
around my heart, shortness of breath,
palpitation and fluttering of tho heart,
occasioned by tho slightest exertion,
such as fast walking, lifting, ascending
a flight of steps, excitement or emotion.
I havo used only a few bottles of Dr.
Miles' Heart Curo, am cntlroly free from
all of theso symptoms, and bellove my
self completely cured."
O. JVL LAYTQN. Taylor. Tex.
TTT7TC Wrlto to us for Frco . Trial
XV.Cj.Ej Packago or Dr. Miles' Antl
Paln Pills, tho Jcw Sclentlflo Remedy
for Pain. Also Symptom Blank. Our
Specialist will diagnose your caso, tell
you what Is wrong, and how to right it,
(A Good Coffee 25c I
1 Wo might truthfully say, "Tho Bc9t
1 Coffee for 25c." for we know whorcof
W wo speak. We honcotly bellovo Aro
H ma Coffee nt 25o per pound to bo the
1 Bost Possible Coffee at tho price. Wo
Q give no premium with this coffee, only
I quality. If there was a premium with
1 It there would follow a necessary cut 9
I in quality. 1
1 Wo call for orders. I
1 Cook Tea & Coffee Co.,
H 'Phone 974-Y. 14 E. 3rd South. I
Wo can Interest you in Carbons
nnd Ribbons. Drop Into Pembroke's
for a sample of the new' onion skin
fl 54 W. 2nd South. 'Phone3 T5&.
I Ogden, Utah. fl
3 !
i Continuous quotations on New & I
1 York Stocks and Chicago Grain. V
We buy and sell stocks and grain p
t on margin or for caBh. Our private r
S rooms enable our customers to R
j? come In nnd transact business with K
S the utmost secreey. P '
Write or call for our Book of In- 1
J formation ("System of Specula- Q !
! tion"). free upon application, p
Rooms 200-210-211-212 D. F. WallWf k
j block K j
B Members Salt Lnko Stock ami 3 '
Mining Exchanzo. 'Phono C93. H t
Haimapab. Mining and Smelting j
Company. (
Principal placo of business, Salt Lake
City. Utah.
There are delinquent upon the following-described
stock on account of assess
ment levied September 6, 1S04, the several
amounts set opposite the names of rhe re
spective stockholders, ao follows:
No. Name. Shares. Am't. '
IS Frank B. Work ...., 10.000 50.00
19 Frank B. Work 10.100 0.00
21 Frank B. Work 1,000 6.0")
22 Frank B. Work 1,750 S.75
C4 J. D. Wood m 4.00
61 W. B. Skinner F,000 25.00
77 J. J. Clark SCO 2.50
7S M. S. alacdonald 5.000 25.00
101 E. P. Graham 1,000 5.00
102 E. P. Graham 1.CC0 5 00
105 E. P. Graham ., 1,000 5.00
124 Joseph Klowans 3(0 1.50 ,
135 John II. Ruhlln 1,000 5.00
137 John II. Ruhlln 1,000 5.00 !
152 C. Z. Work 1.000 5.1-0 1
153 C. Z. Work 1,000 5 'K
154 C. Z Work 1,000 5 00
155 C. Z. Work 1.000 E.00
150-C. Z. Work 1.000 5.00 '
191 A. r. Hanson 500 2 DO
193 J. B. Dclafontalno 1,000 C.00
19tPrank B. Work 1,000 5 00
133 Frank B. Work ..,. 1,000 5.00
196 Frank B. Work 1,000 5.00
197 Frank B. Work 1,000 5.00
19S Frank B. Work . 1,000 6.00
129 Frank B. Work 500 2 CO
200 Frank B. Work ....i 500 2.50
201 Frank B. Work 500 2. CO
02 Frank B. Work 600 2.?0
203 Frank B. Work 500 2.60
204 Frank B. Work COO 2.50
203 Frank B. Work !r00 2. DO
20G-Frank B Work 500 2.50
207 Frank B. Work CM 2.50
205 Frank B, Work COO 2.50 :
iVnd In accordance with the law and an ,
order of tho board of directors, made Sep
tember C, 1901, so many shares as may bo
necessary of each parcel of said stock will
be sold at the company's office, COS Dooly
block, on the 29th day of October. 1901, at
10 o'clock a. m.. to pay delinquent assess- i
mcnts thereon together with tho cost of 1
advertising and expense of cale. 1
b!0S2 W. E. BLOCK. Secretary.
The annual meeting of tho stockhold
ers of the Rio Crando Western Railway
company will bo held nt the principal
office of tho company In Salt LUke City.
Utah, or. ilcr.day, October 21, 1504, at 12
o'clock noon, :or the election of m"nbors
of tn0 board of directors of tho corpany
and the transaction of such oth-- busi
ness as may bo brought before txjt mect-
'"fiio books for the transfer of stock -will
be closed at S o'clock p. m. on October
3rd, 1904, and will bo opened on tho day
following said meeting or tho final ad
journment thereof.
September 21st. 1904. al7t3
Copper Stocks .
Should Subscrlbo to the
51 a month, 512 a year,
The highest recognized author- 1
Hy on all matters pertaining to 5
"coppers." T
It publishes more facts rela- 1
tlvo to tho equipment, costs of 4
production, output, earning pros- 1
pects and tho Intrinsic and spec- -f.
ulatlve values of developed cop- ' 4
per propositions than any other T
financial publication In the 4
Send for freo sample copy.
C. W. BARRON, Publisher, T
Exchungo Place, Boston.
Send for our record pamphlet on '"t
f IH
I our Honolulu I I
The rating books for the -islands j A HI
are being delivered. We are colleot- l H
lng bod debts over there. We cob- 111 H
lected recently 535 for J. D. Hag- 1 ' HI
man, tho tailor of Salt Lake City;
It was an old bill; he thought It lost. HH
We are offering: for $1500 an Interest
in the Honolulu business for salr H HI
to a capable man or woman to tak B H
charge of the business there tiit I II
manager, with guaranteecd salary H HI
and results. Our Boise City office H H
is managed by Mrs. A. W. Lo-'fte. M KM
Mips Lemmon, now of Honolulu, Q Kl
organized and established tho Idaho I HI
business, as well ojj the Honolulu I HI
business. As each branch b&cclrnes I HI
thoroughly established we open 1aew I
offices. The Los Angeles office will f
be next to be opened, and the a? soclatlon will gradually be exten ded, Dl
covering San Francleco. Portland. Seattle and other points. All 0$ the B DM
f. business for those pointe is now handled through our associate offices. To I MM
A tho right person this Is an excellent opportunity to get an establfshed ifl RH
: Income in a permanent business m one of the richest and most natural M mm
garden 7pots of the Western world. The Islands are the resting place O Hll
for all the entire Oriental trade and tourist travel, and every one who 1 WM
5 has ever been there sings their praises. Commercially they stand IQJIJ
in the direct path with all Wcftern progress, and. Join naturally J MM
h in the future wealth of the Philippine. Japanese and Chinese ;
f trade, that nil the Western railroads are now striving ao hard j 1
f to capture and control. All our offices are under my general I K
supervision and direction, and are conducted upon the same sj-sUimatic ; l
plan that has built up the Salt Lake City business during the past eleven j 2
i and a half years. J( ( If I
f If you have bad debts you want collected, see ue any timo. If you y mm
3 want to join un in our progress and buy an Interest In the Honolulu - l
buslneps, see us at once. This la the only opening wc will have until the jg
I Los Angeles buslners Is ready. J j
i Scientific collectors of bad debts. IJ I
i Publishers of credit rating books, roportera of how people pay. f jjjj I
1 General offices top floor Commercial Blk Salt Lake City. fc mm
Idaho offices. Union block, Boiee City. ff JB
5 Hawaiian offices, Progress block, Honolulu City. 2S associate offices. V Iti
5 Some people don't like us. I Mm
1 1 1 1 I IIIITlll'HHI 1 1 i"m ' 'I 1 1 HI f "I 1 1 1 nil
IB lxrak SP3QCSALIBT. if
Sk fsjjjy Mcroacopic msA Analytic "Physician. J 1
vMw CURES Fits, Nervosa Weakness, Ncu- $ t
ir n viy&al&i raisin, Varicocele, Weak Spine, Blllouo- B iff
ui klFafr ness. Gravel, fcri Eyes, Lung Diseases. I s
5jKV gf JSyftflT Tapo Worm. Dyapepsla, Liver nnd Kid- J
JrlMikL. ,6f?3k7 Complaint, Deafness, Catarrb. Ei-j- I (I
Kjivsvwt wfSK W Dlpe-las, Old Sores, Scrofula, RU-wf.f.Vim. r iS
wiSrWax?- HL. Btlft JomiB. Piles In tholr worst vra. jfl
it wKvU')) TVe Those afflicted with BpUflpBy or Fits can I if
iAhLtS tK? bo permanently cured. I IS
i&Svifetevw) r JB6 y tna a'- ' Mlcroacope we can c!c- jl
gffl$ttrSyA 511 ct Calcut, Cancerous Matter, Carbonnte i nf
sdmW&jsL. Tv!?tfvl il Lime, Albumen, and all cxtraneouo A
S0a4SSkH 7S$f 1 iff aub8ances mixed with the Urine or 3 lpl
?i3Cjvel "Was-tr Blood. Thlj is the eclentlfio principle ' Ju
vtiffiWzm L V Ot treating Chronic Disease. ; j
Jar Can found at hi offlco, St. Elmo Ho- fl
ullJfoSi. ( 17 tel. from 10 e, m. to I p,iR. Room 17, 13 fiP
WV?Mv HK &ad 18, 7 to 9 p. so. HPj
CATARRH and U curible diieaac
of the eye, cor, nose.throat, lunj, atom- '- vf Br ijll
ach, liver, bowelo, kidneys, bladder cud Wk'
all chronic, nervous and private diseases Sffifiyb- Htli
of both sexes, and discBLses of children. W-y
Homo Treatment Cures. "Write Yvffi&fllf' Ml
a for freo ympton list f yon cn- fa&W$V& Hffl"
H not citll. Consultatloti Krce. 'V' Wk'
fTtumvT special Of fur in Private Diseases M
nnforiimaten of both soxos. who nro sntlcrliiic from Private Dlsoaica-Yrnether caused by ignor- M,
ancS oSor ronSo-baio nlxraya been looked upon as legitimate prey by tbo Sharks nd ,
KK oTw w -SpcclaHaw" and mb the sufferer for worthless trMtmonu DRS. ffl
o-yVm l'piiMAJIESTr.V and to PKOVK tholr skill. In this clnss of ullmunu, ihcy treat uod Bi
cu'rotucli cases boforo the'patlont o required to pny Drs. Shorcb' ono dollar Or those jbo prefer.
mevDaT tho ico In Rranll weohiyor monthly Installment asthe curoprocrcsos, THIS UONESl R
pr rvs OF jm AT.lSG WIVU TUB AFFLICTED, doal a doam blow to tho Quack nud Fakir who KB
rimmiiids all Cash In osChauKO for empty promises. Did yon over hear Of a Fakir rotundlnc a .
nam? to ft rtnncd patlont? Tako no cbancoa-you cannot low your money if yon don't pay It out.
P Nlne-tonths or so called " V.'BAKNESSE3 OF MEN" are blmn.y too rwilt of enlarged or M
Inilimod 1'IWSTATD OLAND-Dre. Shores' norr LOCAL TUEAT.Mk.NT for uuch cases, Kg
a 11 IT C U It F8 n til o 1 hor Doctors bon piany cases thoy euro under tho old and um1obs plan Of UW
tUatmont for ibiriroublc. Wo cure LOST MA.N'HOOD. Seminal WoaXuow, Spormatorrhooa. M
fiONOnRHOEAT SVrniUS. VAUICOCKLB and kindred troubles. In less tlmo and for. 1ms
nonor. than nnV Institution In tho wct. ovory cose Is mnfldent al-tre noror nsoa name or betray
--"oS"i - - I
DRS, SHORES & SHORES, Expert Specialists, 249 Igytt,Lagitltruq&trV .
; Sh&vingCan Bel
; Made a Plo&sssr
If you uso ono of our STAB j
'. SHAVING SETS. Our Strops, 4
Mugs and Soaps are of the best, i
Welcome. Step In. All enrs
. start from i
i Godbe-Pitts Prog !
Store. i
Both 'Phonos, No. 140.
Nelden-Jfldson DragCi I J
Edw. C. Smith, President. I J flH
j John P. Cobb, Vice-President- an4 IjuH
I P. L. Pearl, Secretary. H if III
H. A. Knowles. TrooKtirer.
Sfrj gs3 SENT ON TRIAL H l
n A3sts) Thoinnda in uo, not ono full i ymm
II fch-Ui uro, not ono roturnod. Hi mm
Jlrll,V3i Soud for frco particulars. In m
X&C&lB Standard Appliance Co. R
657 Now Neleon Dulldlojr, Kbosm Cltjr fle la H

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