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page six THE SAM? TiATTF! TBIBUaSTE. Tuesday morkiku, ocjtobeJITSP
H Vl'l
I!. Is II, i Mining Co,
. U h Join the Tim!?
: belief in Boston That Buying of TJ.
I I S. There Foreshadows an
'ill Alliance.
Anent the current reports that the
;j jf American Smelting and Refining com
' 'I 'iff imny is attempting to secure control of
' jjlf the United States Mining company, the
; , ml lolloping Boston correspondence of the
Engineering1 and Mining Journal will
, 'illiff prove interesting:
Although there has been a very nc-
jijj ' tive market in mining stocks the past
! 'jj week, few shares are selling at better
'' ,i ? ' i j)rlces than a week ago. NeV York is
j 4 reported as being a big factor in the lo-
;" m cal market, and big buying orders were
-f ' placed In United States and Bingham
' JKC particularly. Some of the so-calletl
if; prospects have also been in better re-
l I ' quest, but as a rule, prices are lower
; K for the week. The market has been
j '! broad and the most active seen for al-
; j 1 most two years, and with the tremen-
' , dous profit-taking, shows wonderful vi-
.' 1 ' tality. It is expected that there will
j I be another upswing that will carry
i 1 prices much beyond current quotations.
I J The bulls certainly have the argument,
j '! for with a. higher price for the metal,
;B money is abnormally easy for this time
Jj of the year. The recent activity has not
' , If caused, even a. fluttcr'in the money-jnar-
ij. II kei.
It A united states aiming started iTitiay
jf of last week at J21.S7V&. and easily rose
jlial to ?23.621 that day. The following day
It touched ?2i.S7Vi, and Monday it sold
, ' at $25.75, closing tonight at $25, a net
(: advance of $3.126 for the week. Trad-
ji j ing in it has been extremely heavy,
. I , with over 10,500 shares on Monday
f alone. Current report Is that the Lew-
1 r ' Issohns have been large buyery for
i American Smelting interests, and one
j i 'J report is that thest Interests offered $35
j j a share for a controlling interest, which
; is held by a few people. The private
i 1 smelters In the Bingham camp have
! given the Smelters people some sharp
1 1 ; and unwelcome competition In the mat-
! ! " ter of custom smelting, and the recent
; 1 ' buying is believed to foreshadow .m al-
; j liance of some kind. The late offering
' of 2S.750 shares of United States Mi
ning stock was taken by the large hold-
, i ers, as there was no profit in. the trans-
1 1 action at the time. Net earnings for
t 1 September were about $30,000, agnlnst
j $107,000 for August, and !only $30,000 in
i July. October Is expected to foot up
over $120,000. The new Mammoth prop-
' ! . ' erty. In California, lately taken over,
I Is expected to add from $40;000 to $50,000
revenue per month.
Bingham advanced $2.50, to $31. clof-
1 Ing a fraction below this. The Smel-
! tors people are said to have large hold-
' , j ings of this stock. This mine is earn-
' i hig about $25,000 net per month, and.
j l' j under agreement, will do lere custom
'iri work, and treat more of it own ores.
j . , Good Vein Opened on Tunnel Level j
, ! 1 ; New Improvements Planned.
; 1 A twelvc-ineh vein of lead, copper and
. ! gold ore has been uncovered on tho tun-
i ; : nel level of the New England Gold and
Copper Mining company at Bingham. It
j' j is thought it will prove to be tho best
:i find ever made on a property once colo-
j brated as a heavy silver-lead producer.
1 i The strike Is tho result of explorations
' made under tho dlreotion of Manager
i I Henry M. Adklnson, who since assuming
I a charge of affairs, has developed a num-
', I g her of good ore bodies. During the pres-
i Jf pnt year he Installed an expcrimenlal
I mill of fifty tons capacity and tho re-
I i suits havo proved so successful that it
I ;i will probably bo enlarged to meet the
, j ! I demand.
I 4 i. j! The company Is composd of Boston
1 i : and Connecticut men who have expressed
f t themselves as being greatly pleased at
' ! tho progress mado by Manager Adkin-
!; son.
In the near futuro an air compressor
- ' of four drill capacity Is to bo Installed
T'l and a systematic croHscutting of the for-
i'i matlons will ensue with a view to open-
f' Ing up the system of fissuros known to
jl: Invention of a Salt Lake Man Has
; j . Just Been Patented.
I j ' William Broadbent of 10S L street lias
j ! ! Invented a pneumatic gold separator
';. j which ha3 Just been patented- The tech-
J'j nleal description is as follows:
(jf, The combination with the tank of two
j'j fiido casings with feed-openings therein,
t ,. a depression provided with an opening
'! i o"d closure thorefor In tho bottom of
" c-ich side casing, a shaft extending
through tho sido casings and tank car-
. i lying adjustable conveyer-blades within
- i -be side casings,, aproekcl-wheels on said
shaft for driving it from a Bccond shaft
I ,, i and carrying perforated buckets, and
J i means for delivering short puff3 of air
I within the side openl&gs near the bottom
, i! ; of the depressions.
B; .1 Tonopah-Goldfield Stocks.
' ;;'J Saturday's transactions in Tonopah-
i :V Goldflcld stocks on the San Francisco ox-
li!, 1 chnngo are i-eported as follows: Central
; ;l' J P,yr?ka- m at -i.vi; Goidiisn
Ji' .1 , Mining company, 105 at 5-tc: Jumbo. 1CO0
1.1 nt -10c: MacNamarn, 2100 at 26c; Red Ton
S !' . 100 at 15e: Rescue, 211 at 10llc. Tono-
;l I pah-Belmont, 2100 at CQTOc; Tonopah-
'I , Gold Mountain, 200) at 17c,
I ji j Ore and Bullion.
' 'Mr Settlements In tho ore and bullion mar-
i ket as reported for yesterday by Mc-'
;i Cornlck & Co. totaled SlOS.oCO: Gold sll
i r :;i vcr. lead and copper ores, $30,200: Vase
bullion. $10,200; gold bars, $3700.
Sliver declined ic from Saturday's nuo
quotation In tho metallic market, belnn"
W.: quoted yesterday at GSc an ounce. Cod-
1 :h per, which was stationary last week at
, ; 12c a pound, advanced yesterday to 12c
, i ! Lead was quoted at J3.&OSil.20 per inn'
( j pounds.
r TEA.
. That question is settled
t That question is settled
l fl That question .is settled
1,11; That question is settled
Your'groc5rrlum your money If you daa'l tilt
SchiUins's lick (
i 1
BOSTON' Crawford, Taikcr. .
CHICAGO-Audltorlum, Great North'
orn. Pnlnior Hougo.
EN-V,rrcn Brown Piilneo.
KANSAS CITY Midland, Coatcs
LOS ANGISIjISS The Ancclus. B. f
Gardner. 205 Spring street.
MINNBAPOLIS-West Hotel. , .
NEW YORK AValdorf-Astorln. Imperi
al Astor Uounc.
OMAHA -The Millard, Tho Raxlon.
PORTIjAND. OIV P6rtland Hotel.
ST. JLOTTIS-Planters'. Southern.
SHATTLE Hotel Northern'.
WASHINGTON Wlllnrd. Rnlelgh.
Week Opens Well Good Prospects fou
an Active Market.
Judging from the opening of the weok'o
business on the mining stock oxchange
yesterday, tho general prospects for. a
week exceeding the provlous ono .In activ
ity are very satisfactory. Trading in ad
vancing slocks was brisk, and tho buying
of others in quantity may predict a for
ward movement all along tho line.
May Day advanced sharply over" Satur
day s prlco on bright advices, selling as
high as 33 eents In tho morning, with a
slight retrograde movement In tho after
noon to 31lfe cents.
Silver Shield came to the front on sen
sational reports and was considered a
"buy" at 6 cents In the afternoon, being
held nt 10 cents In tho forenoon. During
the afternoon It sold 10C0 at 6 cents on tho
open board
""'J 1 vol UVUIIIICU IU li.lO 111 W1U 1U1U-
r.oon, but moved forward In tho afternoon,
being held at $12.37.
Victoria wob strong at $1.S0 bid and $2
asked on tlfc .closing quotations for the
day. Uncle Sam, Now York and Ajax were
llrm at tho prices quoted.
r a. m, ir p. Ski.
f Bid. IAsked.ll Hid Askod.
-Vlax $ .OStilS1: $ .OS $
Allco .go 1 30
Boston Con . 6.12 W 7.00 COO 7.00
Bull.-Bcck ,. '1.05 L... .1.00 .
Bock Tun .07 ...10 .07 .00
Butler-Lib'.. .03 I .00 ;10
Carlsa u h.i.V... r .u. .11
Con. Morcur. AO .42 .40V4 .40
Century to I .30 .30 I .36
Creole .35'
Daly 2.12 2.20 2.03 2.35
Daly-Judge 4.50 1.50
Daly West . ll.CO: 11. SO 11.03 12.S7V
E. & B.dB..7J.....C.t 70 LOOT
Galena. .01 ' .28
Grand Cent . ' S.'GO 3.S 3.C0 -1.00
Goldfleld B . .05VJ .12 .05
Ingot - .OOVt .00 .00 .00S
Joe Bowara .00
tLlttlo Bell .. ' .20 .20
Little Chief . 02( .01 .02i
L. Mammothj .11 .20 j .12 , .15
Mont. Ton. .f 1.92 LK l.!?S 1.9-3
Mammoth ...1. 1.S0 2,09 1.75 , 1.90
May Day .32 .31 .31
Mar. Wash . .00 .00 '
McNamara . J5 , :.i35: m. ;
New York - M .-.071 . ..07 .07V,
Ontario...:. 4.00 i.50 4.00 4.50 i
Petro 00 I. OS
Rich-Ana. . , .j)4p' MA Jlif .01
Sunshine . .. J.5,23&3ft ,
Swansea ... .25 ........ 1 .30 .37
S. Swansea . .05 . 07l .05
Sacramento ...I .121.. .'ljb .Ufi
Silver King . 61.00 V&lOWi ."
Star Cons .. .16j. A1VMZ S17 .IS '
Silver Shield. .05 10H .05
Tononah . ..I 9.S5 1 9.75
Ton. Bel. ...I .C1 I -,75 (I
Ton. Ext. .... 1.C0
Ton Mid 30 I AT I I
Tctro 2i .2S .26 I .20
Uhlt'd States 21.50 I 23.25 ( 24.S7 25.
Uncle Sam .. .21 I .23 II .20 .22 -
Utah !l EO
Victoria.. ..I 1.70 I 2M-jl-LS0 2.00;
Victor Con ..I .031 .0IU" , 03 .01
Wabash .. .. .01 I ..II. .01 i
Yankee Con. I .35 I .37 rl,...s... .351
AJax 100 at 10c. '
Daly West, 300 at $11.75; 50 at $11.70.
May Day, 500 at 32c; 1000 at 33c; 600 at
23c; 500 at 3!c: 00 at 35c -b,uycr thirty
days: 16C0 at 33c. buyer thirty days; 1500
at 32c, seller thirty days.
Uncle Sam, 500 at 22c.
New York. 500 at 7c; 1000 at 7c.
May Day. 1000 at 32c. t ', '
Silver Shield. 3700 nt 5c. i.
New York, 1000 .at 7c
Victor Consolidated, 0X5 at Ic.
Shares, sold. 2CT.150. ,
Selling value. $7193. , -
Carlaa. 500 at llc; 500 at llc!'
Daly West. 50 at $12; 60 at $12.10.
May Day, 1O0O at 31c; 500 at 3lc, seller
Slher Shield, 2CC0 at Cc; 10C0 at 5c'
Butler-Liberal, 500 at 9&c.
New Y'orkr2000 at,.7c; 10 at. 7c,'. seller
thirty days.
Daly-Judge, 160 at 5-1.50. .
Silver Shield. 10CO at Cc; SCO 'a't'STgc'." ""'
Star Con.. 1000 at 18c.
Now York, 5C0 at 7c; 2200 at 7?Jc; 2000 at
7c. seller thirty days.
Shares sold, 14.760.
Selling value, 'S3637.S7.
San "Francisco Mining Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct 21. The ofllclal
closing quotations for mining Blocks to
day were as follows;
Andes $ .22 Ju3tlco 05
Belcher 27 Mexican i io
Best & B 1.05 Occl. Con , '74
Bullion 17 Ophlr 2'"0
Caledonia 10 Overman " 'u
Challenge C IS Potosl ... '19
Chollar .18 Savago
Confidence .oSog. Belcher CS
Con. C. & V ir23 Sierra-Nevada."! '
Con. Imperial 01 Silver 1IUI' .... 50
Crown P6lnt ..... .03 Union "Con. . 36
Exchequer ....... .'13 Utnhffgpn. 'os
.Gould & C... .15 Yello. is
Hale & N ;BU ff 18
'Adams C $ .20 Little Chief 05
Allco .., 40 Ontario 3.50
Breece 15 Ophlr 2.15
Brunswick C. .. .13 Phoenix is
Comstock T 10 Potosl-vu.i..ft-..-.:-'r!ll
Con. C. & V.,.. 1. CO Savage 27
Horn Sliver .... 1.50 Sierra-Nevada.'.. 25
Iron Silver 1 SO Small Hopes ... "so
Lcadville C .02 Standard .,..,.v,. 1.90
Adventure ..$ S.S7 Mohawk (;i 75
Allouez .4.... 12.75 M. Ci & C. s'w
Amal ;.. 67.CO Old Dom. .. 22 75
Am. Zinc .... 13 S7 Osceola 90 00
Atlantic 11.75 Parrot y, gia
Blnglvam .... 32.75 Qulncy K'o)"
C. & H i. C62. CO Shannon ni-u
Centennial .. 29.37 Tamnrack .. 120 00"
Copper R. .. 01.25 Trinity ii 0
Daly West... 12;25 u. S. M'ng.. Is'.W
Dom. Coal .. E5.00 U S. Oil ll 5
Granby ...... 3.75 Utah aim
Isle Royalo .. 22.00 Victoria ... .
Mass. M'ng. 0,37 qncfna n'75
Michigan'.... S.73 Wolverlno' .. OS 00
Slow Delivery of Steel Hinders Com
pletion of Plant.
Work on the big concentration plant of
the Newhouo .mines and smelters has
been somewhat' delayed In consequence
of tho failure of a Wisconsin firm to de
liver structural iron contracted for on
time. The steel Is needed to nnlsh th"
approaches to tho concentrator upon
which hc ore-cars run. The steel frame
hniMiS P?wr"l?n "1 place and l
building Is ready for sheeting. The boil
ers will be ready for the cold water test
about tho end of the week.
Scottish Chief lee
isles food Stowing
Rich Vein Encountered on 250-Foot
Lovel Excellent Prospect for
Its Enlargement.
The Scottish Chief arrived In tho mar
ket yesturday with eighteen tons of oro
for which $CU was realized. Another cal
ls ready for shipment and it Is believed
will iiivo even better results financially.
Tho board of directors visited tho prop
erty on Sunday, returning on tho same
ecnlng and expressed themselves as be
ing greatly pleased with tho Bhowing.
Thoso In tho party were Messrs. Will and
George Lawrence. W. I. Rice, Georgo and
Fred Dorr and W. C. Shoup.
Manager Dern reports that an ore body
about ten Inches wldo and carrying 200
ounces to tho ton In values has been un
covered nt tho top of a winze Incline on
tho 260-foot level. All indications, ho snva,
point to an enlargement of tho vein as
sinking progresses.
At the present time the mine force Is
oiigaged In drifting toward tho find from
tho 500-foot level nnd tho work Is pro
grosslr.fr rapidly with each day showing
nioro favorable Indications.
Tho management Is getting In tho oup
plles for tho winter and Intends to pros
ecute a vigorous campaign of develop
ment through tho winter months.
Cyanide flmi
for Mim Eagle
Manager Stahlmnnn Contracts for
Modern Equipment, Wliich Is to
Be Installed nt Once.
Otto Stahlmnnn, manager of the Glas
gow & Western Exploration company,
signed a contract yesterday with J. J
Burke whereby a 100-ton cyanide and con
centration plant will be erected on tho
Golden Eajlo in Humboldt county, Ne
vada, a property of tho company.
The showing on 1 this property has bo
Como so excellent during the past fow
months that. In tlfe Judgment of tho
management, a largo expenditure for a cy
anide and concentration plant Is consid
ered entirely Justifiable. Ore sufficient to
run tho plant for a number of months Is
already on hand and supplies for tho
winter also aro being hauled to tho mine,
so that work can proceed during this
period without hindrance.
The equipment for the now plant Is 10
bo modern in every particular, cnrrvlng
with It all the latest Improvements. Wjrk
on the structural part of the plant will
commence na soon as Mr. Burko can
Inspect tho Intende-l location. Mr. St.ihl
mann nnd Mr. Burko wjll leave for tho
mine today and will not return until the
latter part of tho week.
Increase of Copper Production Due to
American Developments.
Tho Incrcnso of tho copper production
or Mexico Is fairly measured by tho sta
tistics of exports for the past four years.
Just available In an official publication.
Tho other Mexican mining product that
has Increased In anything like tho rato
that copper has Is gold. Twenty years
ago Mexlvo was not classed among tho
world's copper producers. In 1901 she oc
cupied the -fifth place. In 102 the third,
and In 1903 she has reached second place.
The stullstlcs show the exports of cop
per In each of the last four years to have
ifr.9-i9oo r...:::....:...T26c
1000-1901 33,00
If01-1M2 A.".. CI SOI
1MG-1903 v. 02,132
The greater part of this Increase Is duo
to the American developments In tho
northern states, nono' Of which havo
r.'cached tho maximum production as yet,
sfo that Mexico has a prominent futuro
assured n3 a copper producer. Mining
Work of TJnwatering the Lode to
Commence Next Week.
VIRGINIA CITY, Nov., Oct. 2L An an
nouncement tliat assures a revival of the
old days of tho Comstock Is mado when
the news Is given out that the actual
wrk of draining the middle group of
mines on the lode will begin next month,
probably one week from next Tuesday
Superintendent Leon M. Hall mado tho
announcement In an official report to tho
Ward Shaft association, composed of the
Gould .t Curry, Savase. Hale & Norcross.
Potosl, Bullion. Exchequer, Alpha Con
solidated and Julia Consolidated Mining
companies, which combined over a year
ago to put the Ward shaft In repair and
co.ulp It with a modern pumping plant
capable of unwntoring tho mines dowji to
tho 3000-foot level. An Interesting featuro
or Engineer Hall's report Is tho state
ment that for the first fow hundred feet
the water is to bo 'lifted from the shaft
by means of compressed air Instead of
Steam, electrical or hydraulic power.
Boston Market Active.
Special to Tho Tribune.
BOSTON. Mass., Oct. 24.-Tlio big scare
heads In the newspapers this mornlnK re
garding tho likelihood of trouble result
ing between England and Russia had lit
tle effect on local shares. The openlnc
l.T actlvc ,nn(1 strong, followed by
slightly lower prices, and then a stronger
market which continued until the clos
ing. The market grows stronger dally
and If remarks are' Indications, we aro
to have even a better market than wo
arc having at present. Tho metal Is
strong and the public Is taking a good
ntcrcst rn these copper shares that ' Is
bound- to grow rather than slacken. Tho
market closed actlvo and strong. Horn
blower & Weeks, brokers. 53 State street
Boston, and 10 Wall stret. Now York!
furnish the. following quotations:
. , J1!"- Low- Close.
Amalgamated ..3.742 $08.37 $07. 00 $
Bingham 3.310 33.12 32.7C
Daly West 12. 50 1223 ' iiPA
Utah 4.S01 43.12 42.50 41 rL
United States ..7,970 23.37 21.37 "o
. Curb Boston, $6.S7. " " '
Mining "Notes. -
Chief Metallurgist A. J Bettles of the
iewhouse mines and smelters will leave
for the works tomorrow and will remain
on the ground until the end of tho week.
..Tll0l,Hn"el .,MJmi' driven on the Moun
tain Chief mine at Bingham to tap a
ledge running across the property has
reached a depth of lOOO feet.
Tho Columbus Con. .mill at Alta did not
go Into commission yesterday, but nrob
ably will start tomorrow morning, whn
lt,,'181 thought the electrical connections
win have been completed.
Two shifts have been put to work on
the May Day at. Tlntlc. It Is reported
mat conditions-on thkr property conllntio"
to Imnrovo, Two carloads of ore wcro
received from the ml:io yesurdny and
two from tho Uncle Sam Con., the ad
Joining property.
Seven cars of Tonopnh ore and ono
from tho Victor Con. were in the mar
ket yostorday.
F. H, Buhl of tho Honcrlno and Annie
Laurie mines left for tho East yester
day. Mannger P. W, Madsen of the Century
mine In Park valley will loavo for camp
on an Inspection trip today.
Andrew J. Malloy. manager of tho
BInzhnm nnd New Haven, left for camp
John C. Sullivan, manager of tho Vic
toria and the Raymond-Illinois, arrlvod
In tho city yesterday. A survey la be
ing mado of tho Victoria workings in
order that tho management may ascer
tain the exact quality of the recent find
reported In thin property.
Ernest Bamberger leaven this niornlnR
to nssumo the management of tho Daly
Sidney Bamberger and J. J. Enmborgor
have gono to Bingham to Inspect tho For
tune Tho Utah Copper company reported with
three loads of concentrates yesterday.
Pay ore ha been struck In tho No. 3
tunnel of tho Sevier Con.
Some development work Is being dorio
on the Silver Dipper group nt Alta,
.owned by D. II. Peory and associates.'
Mlno Superlntci.dcnt John McDonald of
tho Utah Copper company was In the
city yesterday.
Joo Dcdcrlchs" leaves for Cactus today.
Superintendent Peter Kaas was clown
from tho California yostorday and re
ports evorythlng moving along In first
class shnpo at that property. Oro of a
high grade Is being taken out regularly
and now enough Is on hand to give the
mill a two months' or more run, Mr.
Brooks, who managed tho mill last year,
having como out yenterday to again tako
charge of tho plant. Though but llttlo
has boon said of lato regarding the Cali
fornia, a good deal of quiet work has been
going and, and Mr. Kans, as aro - the
owners of tho property, is confident that
a Btoadlly producing mlno will yet bo
mado of It. A very Important Improve
ment Is being mado at tho Silver King
Con , whore threo shifts are at work
grading for a now hoist which is to bo
erected there. At present, though tho
shaft Is double compartment all tho way
down, only ono cago can bo used, so a
new direct motion hoist Is to be erected
and a now engine will bo installed. This
will make tho tanking of water In the
mlno an easy matter and will do much
toward solving the'quesllon of surplus
water, which has always been such a
mcnaco to the development. That the
owners of ttiLs property hnvo confidence
In it. Is shown by the vast amount of
money thoy aro expending In developing
it; but Ihoy no doubt will bo amply re
paid when their objective point Is finally
reached. Park Record.
Elegantly appointed rooms, slnglo or
on suite, with or without bath. Winter
latcs now effective. American or Euror
Condition of the Treasury.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 21. Today's state
ment of tho treasury balances In tho
general fund exclusivo of tho $150,000,000
gold reserve In tho division of redemp
tion, shows: Available cash balance, $141,
354.553; gold. $77,121,070.
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Heart Cure This restores to tho nerves
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fected, possible dangerous dlseaso Is
ward(jd ,pff. Even after tho dlseaso la
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manent cure.
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Captain Willnef's Remarknblo Escape
Shows What to Do in Time of
For many years, Captain Wlllnef, says
the Times of Gloucester, Mass., was one
of the best known wsamen In the Glou
cester Fleet, the catarrhal trouble with
which he suffered for fifteen years made
him dread the nights at sea, being un
able to lie down and sleep on adcount of
the constant catarrhal dropping.
Captain Wlllnef went to two different
hospitals for treatment, but could get
no lasting benefit. He constantly raided
yellow and green phlegm nnd hla trouble
became unbearable and nauseating
that he was ashamed to go out In com
pany. When despairing of ever getting
relief, hla wife purchased a Hyomcl
outfit for him, and trying It before .go
ing to bed, he enjoyed the first whole
night's flecp for ten years. Captain
Wlllnef says "I have used- less than two
bottles of Hyomel and have been cured
by the remedy."
This remarkable treatment kills the
germs of catarrh and mnken lasting and
permanent cures. F. G. Schramm sells
II yo in el under his personnl guarantee to
refund tho money if it does not .give
quick relief.
Should carry a good memoran
dum . hook. "Wo con satisfy
your wants in this line, we aro
quite suro. Try us.
Pembroke Stationery Go.
B 54'W. 2nd South. Phones 758.
(Tho Blank Book House.)
w, e mm & co.
Ask for our weekly letter.
Joe Bowers Mining company. Principal
place of business, Salt Lako City, Utah.
Notice There aro delinquent upon the
following described stock on account of
ne8csamcnt levied on tho 20th day of Au
gust, 1901, tho sovcral amounts act oppo
slto Uw- names of tho rcspectlvo share
holders, as follows:
No. No.
Cert, Name. Shares. Amt-
iV. F. Seln 1,000 10.00
ESC W. F. Seln COO 5.00
S79 W. E. Forrobeo 1,000 10.00
4S3-C. C. HIgglns F.M 5.00
C75 Jos. Hausc 1.000 10.00
717 Irvine & Mason. Tr.... 1,000 10.00
IMC H. B. Asadoorlan 2,500 15.00
SC3 Grant Swan 500 COD
&71 C. L. Rood 5,000 50.00
'?-C. L. Rood 5.0W 50.00
lW Max D. Smith 500 COO
im John Dern 5.000 50.00
1035 John Dern G.OOO 50.00
J03G John Dern z.500 25.00
1033-John Dern 2.500 25.05
1118-Mrs. H. II. Mclntlro.... 500 6.00
1153 E. D. Wlcklns 500 5.00
115S A. T. Sanford 500 5.00
HCI-C.x A. Dole 1,500 15.00
J170 J. M. Burt 500 R.00
1225 Jns. T. Beless 1.000 10.00
11-27 W. E. Ferrebee 2,500 25.00
J27S Grant Swan 24 .24
1SS3 Max E. Smith X .W
1370 W. E. Ferrebee 1C3 l.GS
1371 W. F. Seln 72 .72
li'Oo Jos. Ilauso IS .43
H:S H. B. Asadoorlan 120 ISO
1-1S9 C L. Rood 4S0 4.60
14CC Mis. H. H. Mclntlro.... 24 .21
H6S E. D. WJckcns 24 .21
1470 C. A. Dole 72 .72
1450 E. D. Swan 43 .43
11S1 Jas. T. Beleps 43 .48
1B2S W. H. Cark 1,000 10.00
U0 E. H. WcUs 2W) ?.CC
1551 E. H. W!! 3 .02
ir-T-1 C, C. IIlKUlns BOi . 5. co
1555 W. J. Bnrnott zoo , 6.00
15G5 C. L. Rood no 1.70
15CC C. L. Rood 33-1 3.30
1719 S. M. Warmbath 1,005 10.03
1&73-C. E. Brubaker l.OdJ 10.00
1911 Nettle Palno l.rfO 10.(0
IHM Til. J. Hardin S00 3.00
1915 M. J. Hardin 310 3.10
1353 M. J. Hardin 21 .24
K03 F. J. O'Neill 500 5.00
2011 Thco. Davis 1,000 10.00
2012 Thco. Davis l.crc 30.00
2M3-J. H. Llnck 1,000 10.00
20-IG G. II. Smith 500 6.00
1017 C. D. SiWcry EOD 5.00
1051 E. D. Swan 500 5.W
2052-E. D Swan...... 500 6.00
2(69 C. K. McCornlck 500 6.00
207S-E. W Griffiths FXO 5.00
2100 Mlki. Bamberger 500 6.00
2109 J. H. Llnck. 1,000 jo.00
J20C H. S. Joseph 600 6.00
2219 G. H. Smith 600 5 00
2235-J. W. Skinner 600 . b.OO
223S Sheets & Thompson.... 500 6 CO
2319 Eva Lloyd 624 5 24
2S25 Max E. smit.1... 600 6.00
2356 Hudson Sons Co 600 6 00
23C4 Hudson Sons Co 500 6.00
230C Hudson Sons Co &oo g.m
243S-W. J. Browning 1,000 lo.O)
2131 W. J. Brown ng l.ooo , jo oo
2439 W. J. Browning l.oco io 00
21C0-E. M. West . i.ooo jo.Ol
r-1C(? Frank D. Hobbs 500 k 00
252G W. W Itlvcrfl I.OCO 10 M
2527 W. W. Blvcrs l.ooo iq'oq
2320-). M. West 1.000 jo 00
2C31-E. M. West a.00O lo rn
2S32-E. M. West 3.000 30 00
2t-S4-E. M. West... 1,000 16.00
2CP1-W J- Browning 1.000 3 0 00
2f2-E. M. West 3.000 30 CO
2C03-E. M West 3,000 10.00
ICOl-E. M. ycst 1,000 10.oo
2C05-E. M. West.. 3.000 30.00
2C15 Elolac Allard 3,000 10 00
2C1S L. Weber 3,000 30 00
2C20-J. M. Lyon 600 6.00
2G27-E. M. West 600 6.00
2G30-YV. W. Rivers l,o 10 V
2746 Jas. Crclgnton , 600 6 00
2747 Jas. Crclghton 1,000 30 00
2743 Jas. Crclghton 1.000 30 00
2749 Jas. Crclghton 3.000 10 "oo
2777 Jos. Hauso 6,000 no.00
27 9 J. A. Pollock & Co 13.501 1SG 00
And In accordance with law and order
of" the board of directors, mntlo on
tho 20th day of August. 3901. so many
shares of each parcel of such stock ia
may be necessary will bo sold at Room!
151 Main street. Salt Lake City. Utah, on
the 35th day of October. 1901. nt the hour
of 2 o'clock p. m.t to pay delinquent na
rf ssment thereon, together with tho costa
of advertising nnd exnenscs of aalo
blC A. J. Gl'NNKLL. Secretary
At a meeting of the board of directors
of the Joe Bowers Mining compnny held
this 15th day of October. 1901,' tho
above date of salo of delinquent, stock
ia hereby postponed until Tucsdny tho
1st day of November. 1-301, nt tho same
hour and place.
A. J. GUNNELL, Secrotary
" b"l393
United States for the Dlotrlct of Utah
In the matter of 1 Forest Dnle Meat &
Grocery company, Thomas W. Stevenson
and Arthur F. Jacouson, vol. bankrupts.
In bankruptcy. No, 747.
To the creditor of Forest Dale Meat &
Grocery company; Thomas W." Stevenson
llIlr Arwuu" F. Jucobaon, bankrupts;
Notice Is hereby given that on the 5th
day of Octabor. A. D. 3001, the said For
est Dale Meat & Grocery company, '
1 nomas W. Stevenson and Arthur F
Jacobson. wor6 duly adjudicated -bankrupts,
and that the first meeting of their
creditors will be held at my office In the
Commercial block on the" 3d dav of No
vember. A. D. 1901, at 10 o'clock in tho
forenoon, at which time tho eald creditors
may attend, prove their claims, appoint a
trustee, examine the bankrupt, and trans
act such other business au may properly
como before said meeting.
Refcrco.ln Bankruptcy.
Salt Lako City. Utah, Octobor 22, 1901.
Consult County Clerk cr respective
. lBnero for iurtncr lniormailon.
bnte division, In and for Salt Lake coun
ty, Stato of Utah- In the matter of tnc
tatc of John P. Brogln, deccoaeu.
Notce. ,
, Tho petition of Frank W T.cwis,
istrator of the estate of John P. Brom.
docoancd. praying for tho settlement 01
final account of said administrator and for
tho distribution of the residue of said ts
tnto to the persons entitled, has been set
for hearing on Friday, the 2Slh la J
October. A D 1961. at 10 o'clock o- m.. ai
the county courthouse. In tho courtom
of said court. In Salt Lake City, Salt L.ic
county. Utah. . ..1V,
.Witness tho Clerk of said court, nn
the seal thoreof afllxed, this 15th da ot
October. A. D. 1901. , ,
fb'eal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davlcs. Deputy Clerk.
Vllllom A. Lee. Attorney for Latate.
bats division, In and for Salt Lake coun
ty. State of Utah. , T
In the mntter of the estate of Jano
Kersey, deceased. Notice. .
Tho petition of Mary IC. Blunt, praying
for the Issuance to Josoph Blunt of let
ters of administration In the estate or
Jano Kersey, deceased, has been set tor
hearing on Friday, the 2Sth day of Oc
tober, A D. 1901. at ten o'clock a. m., at
tho county courthouse. In tno courtroom
of said court. In Salt Lake City. Salt
Lake county, Utah, ...
Witness tho clerk of said court, with
the seal thereof affixed, this 17th day of
October, A, D.-'ISW. JOHN JAMEa.
(Seal) v Clerk.
By David B. Da vies. Deputy Clork.
N. V. Jones. Attorney for Petitioner.
bato division, In and tfor Salt Lako
county, Stato of Utah. In tho matter
of tho cstato of Peter Malmatrom. de
ceased, Notice.
Tho petition of Hllmn G. Malmstrom.
administratrix of tho estate of Fetor
Malmstrom, deceased, praying for tho
settlement of final account of said ad
ministratrix and for tho distribution of
iho residue of said cstato to the persons
entitled, has been set for hearing on Fri
day, tho 1th day of November. A. D.
1901. nt 10 o'clock a. m.. at tho county
courthouse In the. courtroom of said
court, In Salt Lake City.' Salt Lako
county, Utah.
Witness the Clerk of said Court with
the seal thereof affixed, this 19th day of
October, A. D. 1904.
(Seal.) JOHN JAMES. Clerk.
By David B. Davles, Deputy Clerk.
James Ingebretaen, Attorney. bl$90
Hannapnh. Mining and Smelting;
Principal pined of business, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
There aro delinquent upon tho following-described
stock on, account of assess
ment levied September 0, 1901, the sevcrnl
amounts set opposite tho names of the re
spective stockholders, as follows:
No. Name. Shares. Am't
IS Frank B. Work 10.000 SZO.W
19 Frank B. Work 10.0O3 50.00
21 Frank B. Work 1,000 5.0)
22 Frank B. Work 3,750 S.75
C-l J. D. Wood seo 4.00
61 W. B. Skinner 5,000 25.C0
77 J. J. Clark , ECO ' 2.50
7S M. S. Wacdonald G.OOO 25.00
101 E. P. Graham 1,000 5.0)
103 E. P. Graham 1.000 5.0)
109 E. P. Graham 3.000 6.00
121 Joseph Klewans 300 3.50
130-John H. Ruhlln 3.000 5.00
137 John II. Ruhlln 3.0CO 6.00
152 C. 'A. Work 1,000 G.00
153- C. Z. Work 3,000 5.CO
354-C. Z. Work 1,000 6. CO
163 C. 55. Work 1,000 5. 00
166-C. Z. Work 1,000 6.00
191 A P. Hanson 500 2 50
193 J. B. Delafontalne 1,000 5 co
194 Frank B. Work , 1.CO0 s'oo
195 Frank B. Work 1,000 G CO
150 Frank B. Work 3,000 500
197 Frank B, Work i.oco 500
19S Frank B. Work ............. 1,000 5
199 Frank B. Work 500 o'zn
200 Frank B. Work eoo -j'so
201 Frank B. Work 500 -0 '
202 Frank B. Work eoo ''vi
203 Frank B. Work 00 ''so
204 Frank B. Work 500 5'fo
205 Frank B. Work h00 20
200 Frank B. Work 500 '3o
207 Frank B. Work too
20S Frank B. Work coo o'$y
And In accordance with the law and'nn
order of tho board of directors, made Sep
tember C. 1901, so many shares as may bo
necessary, of each parcel of said stock will
bo sold at the company's office, COS Dooly
block, on tho 29th day of October, 3901 at
10 o'clock a. m., to pay delinquent assess
ments thereon together with tho cost of
advertising and expense of sale
blOS2 W. E. BLOCK. Secretary.
Old Evergreen Mining and Tunnel com
pany. Big Cottonwood Mining District.
Salt Lake county. Utah. Principal place
of business Salt Lako City. Utah
Notice la hereby given that at a meet
ing of the board of directors of tho Old
Evergreen Mining and Tunnel company,
a corporation, held at the office of the
company, at Salt Lake City; Utah. Mon
day, tho 21th day of October, 1901. nn
assessment of 3 cents per share was levied
SJ?Sni no,capUa,1 st,ock of the corporation
pnyable Immediately to H. G. McMillan
secretary and treasurer of tho compan":
at his orrico. No. 161 South Main street
wl Uf,01'' Utah" Any s?oek upon'
which sa 1 d assessment may bo unpaid on
tho 2.1th day of November. 1901. win he
delinquent and advertised for sale at t ub
He auction, and unless .pnyment "mode
before will bo sold at mv of fir nn tuX
24th day of December. V at 12 o'clock
Sffir dcllnluit assessment. to-
No. 3CI South Main street nuWir
City. Utah. October 2-1, mi. ba'L
Thousands in use, not ono fail,
are, not ono roturncd.
Send for froo particulars.
rf m k, . 5tandard Appliance Co.
657 Now Nelaon Building. Kansu City, fls.
Consult CountycwT :l
signer for rriher iRfornJafjnjaf
Creditors will prc-unt u f
vouchers, to tho nrAL, it," chuVi
tor at Nb, 110 We?t BSSV1 Satf
Salt Lnko City, Utah nShd ifMi,
ary 1,1005.
is5SiB st""P'
ning coaR
cS!nuK. placc :
There ar delinquent u,. .
described stock, on accn?? tht te'K
No 1, levied Sep tern ft 1S
eral amounts set opDoslte'.L1 ffl
tho respective stockholders,
No. Name 'fi
7 Wlgglesvorth 0. s 5ts iE
10 Johnson. C. J.. '" kfffp
18 Schramling, MarivaV 'A!W.
V, Robloe, V. E. . SnSf
27 Buchert G. H... ii Kj
28 Bishop, Arthur 1'
31 Huthaway, R. e,"" ' K,mf
35 Bowman, A. A... ' J!
40 Tcmplcton. A C tru.t' 68 iWl
41 Palmer. George i atc WW.
43 Fritz, VJ H " -i.'WL
4fi Anderson, E. J U)K
47 Anderson. K. J..
49 Preston, Henry a vK
ro Eby, f. s
52 Lattlmer, Frank
63 Hunter. Thomas H ':m
53 Eby, F. S M
69 Eby, F. S 1
118 Davis. A. J '" t :K
322 Templeton, A. C ff'mW
And In accordance wlth'iiV 'ikm
der of the board of direct?,205 H
15th day of September, 2 CiS
tho shares of each pnrcfcl at JSsWMm
.-13 may bo necessary ww i !?MmW
office of tho company, room vf!
vld Keith building, being nSnhpft?B
252 South Main stroot Sai?V!5B
Utah. November 9. ltot at ILjK
6'cloek p. 111.. to pay the dVfe&W
scssmunt thereon, together Ti7k'?iBl
df advertising and expense c
Q16S0 B. QVKlD$$$m
State Engineer's Orilce, Saltl-v ttW
Utah. October 35. I9u 1 CfE
Notice Is hereby given Uatjbftli11
ncntal Mines and Smelting (VrCir
by Its manager. Henry jj IvV
whoso postofflco addrc-s U
Block. Salt I-iko Cltj Utah
application In ar-ordanc3 TrithtW'
qulremcnts of Chapter K) of li.cL'P'
Laws ot Utah. 1S03. to a"arociiJi
ty (20) socond-feet of the T.at- r3
In, Little Cottonwood croli. kviB?
County, Utah. Said water to UtsJK
from the main stream at a w-TW1
five thousand eight hundred tovif
abovo the intake of the Co;uwl:ri r'-fw?1
whero the water will bo '-onvey! fti
a flume and pipe for a iizi-rr cr?
0000 feet and there be e?cd fr- 4
vfelopmont of power, whirl. , tJ
for propelling ma. hlnrry at it "pZ
nental Alia Mill in tha LltU? cS
wood mining district After k.x-t
so diverted and usod fe "ia?
returned to the natnni chi--' tt!
tlo Cottonwood crerf at a Mttii
800 feet abovo the Intake of tfc;
bus Consolidated eomrany's r-owiJ
pipe line.
All protests against the gnintlrc(i!M
application, statins th" rerxej ti-
must be made by nffljivft crl za,
this office within tMrtv o diT?i
the completion of the pubiicali'i h
notice. A F DOREHCli :
. State E.-a
Date of fii-st publiradon, 0cf Ufa
of completion of publication. X-n. t
Notice of Assessment No. 1L
Tho Silver Shield Mining a; ' 2:
company, principal pi t- r af t r-a,S,
Lake City, Utah. N'oU-. is v ' rr
that at a meeting of fiu bainli'tr
ors of tho above unnW conn'Vi
on the ISth day of C '"bcr !' iati
ment No. 11 of l'j c n"; pt ft.-a
levied on the capital stork ef
poration outstanding. pasat:- rzA
ly to E. IL 'lead, assistant sjrtr7.i
511 McCornlck bulldlr.s. Salt L-l.'firi
Utah. Any stock upon which t'J ss
ment may remain unpaid on Vif-'ii$
November 21st. 1501. will t: i 'so
nnd advertised for sale at r 'Si1
tlon. and unless pavnv nt is nu.dbfn
will be sold on Thuriay D-5" fi3
at 10 a. m.. at the nfiVe of the u&a
secretarv. 511 McCornidJ bulliitid
Lako City. Utah, to pay tl'fci;
qucnt assessment, tocethcr with ns?
advertising and expense of sale
E. II. MEAD. Assistant SiKOZ .
511 McCornlck building Salt Lat
To (he stockholders of the Sts
solldated Mining company -Mi
The Star Consolldat. d Mining Sfl
having acquired from Milan n-v
100.600 shares of the capital swe-.fl
company, all register-d siecKt-
said company are hereby a'l0wJui 1
chase pro rata, the stock atA jr m
to said 100.000 shares at lCc p s Jjt
price, on or before December j. fe
applying to the secretan1 or c
pany, room 432. Atlas block. S fc
City This offer applies oiUr f
cnt outstanding stock or tw S
standing stock which has not W-gZ
In offer to purchase. All 1 h' Jj
chased to be delivered to pwO. S
tho company on or about Jf-i
1904, but payment therefor g
December 7, 1901. Holdera
siring to participate In P"":. fi
prcsont certificates to secrtiai) a
of payment to be stamped a
By Srdor cf tho board of dln M
Salt Lake City. October &
H G. McMILLuVN. jrj K
W. H. Farnsworth, Secretary
chased tho cigar business ol pi.
son. 10S W. South Temple fl; w gftM
not bo responsible for any fcj
trnctcd previous to October -1.
, b!9G9 al ffijg
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