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Hi rAGEtostf THE SAXT LAKE TRIBUNE. sattjrdat morottg, ffovjann '1 &
Employment Agents
Are Blamed,
Teamsters Shipped to the
Front Have Neither Work
Nor Money.
Agent Says That lion "Wero Sent Only
A3 Far As Modena and Aro
California Bound.
Persistent complaints come from Call
ento of the groat number of laborers
stranded there, who, It Is alleged, have
been sent by an employment agency with
offices Jn this city and Ogden, with the
assurance that there would bo work for
them at tho front. This work continues
to go on, It 13 said. In Bplto of the fact
that tho San Pedro road has within the
last thirty daya repeatedly notified the
employment agencies that no more men
wero needed. A correspondent of The
Trlbuno says:
No Money Nor "Work.
"Callente Is now overrun with these un
fortunates, who have paid 'their money to
employment agencies and can get nolther
way out of tho country. Among those
who camo In last night and are without
money or work arc Charlos B, Yorks, who
was shipped as teamster; L. J. Hay-
Iwarcl and George Fortune, snipped aa
teamsters; "William H. Harrison, shipped
; to Modena and carried through by tho
conductor; George Mlddlcton. shipped to
front aa toamster; Albert Dixon and Fred
1 Miller, shipped as teamsters; George
Reynolds, shipped as teamster, and "Wil
liam Thomas, shipped to front aa team
ster. All were shipped October 28 by Dix
on & Co. of Salt Lako City These men
aro out the SJ.EO which was taken from
them with a guarantee of positions, and
they are- penniless and In hard clrcum
1 stances."
Were Sent to Modena.
I, The manager of Dixon & Co.'s office In
this city, when shown the above state
ment, admitted that tho men had been
sent out by his firm, but claimed that
they wore all sent to Modena in response
to a telegram from a contractor at that
point advising them thut twenty team
Mora were wanted.
"We have not sent any men to the
front for nearly a month," said the man
ager, "and wo have sent out no men ex
cept uioii request of contractors. AV
could not afford to do business any other
way. It standi to reason that we could
not get passes for our men unless the
railroad company was advised that thoy
were needed. T do not know where the
fault lies for so many men being stranded
at Callente. but It Is certainly not with us.
Men Fool Themselves.
"Ono tiling that we cannot escapo Is men
applying for .-fobs who want to get to Cal
ifornia and Imagine that after securing
transportation to the farthest point possi
ble on the San Pedro line they can work
their way the remainder of the distance.
These men are very frequently disap
pointed and then the only thing th-y can
t think of to do Is to abuse the employ
ment agencies. It Is very likely that this
Is the trouble with most of the men who
are without Jobs In Callente. We can
show authority for having sent out every
man who has gone from this office."
I Sisters of St. Mary's Academy Fur-
I nish a Delightful Entertainment.
Members of the Alumni association
1 of St. Mary's academy were last even-
1 Ing the guests of honor at an elaborate
banquet at the academy, the sisters be
ing the hostesses. Chrysanthemums,
yellow and white, were used in the
very effective table decorations, a mass
of the flowers rising from a bed of
l)lilmosa. At either end of the long
: table was a crystal candelabrum,
shaded In yellow, while tall vases of
chrysanthemums were seen on mantel
and lables. Rev. Father Klely acted
ns toastmaster.
! Miss PhmihofC responded to the toast
"Our Clergy and Our Alma Mater,"
and Miss McDonald to the toast "As
Others See Us." In addition to these
toasts, several Impromptu ones were
jjlvcn by the guests, including a pleas
ant one by Rev. Father Gulnan, presi
dent of All Hallows college.- Souvenirs
were found at the plate of each guest,
a pale blue satin bookmark, with a re
production of some of the famous sa
cred paintings. Preceding the banquet
a most enjoyable literary and musical
programme was rendered by some of
I the students of the academy. Including
the Misses- Malum, Cosgrove. Medic,
Kane, Guthrie, J. McCue and Gott
steln. The closing number, a. vocal duct, by
the Misses Malian and McCue, "The.
Music Trial." was an especially pleas
ing one. and the young ladles received
J tho most enthusiastic applause of the
j evening.
I After the banquet, the annual busl-
I ncss meeting was held, when the fol-
lowing officers were elected for the en-
suing year: Miss Mona McHugh,
president: Miss Martha PlumhofT
vice-president; Miss Helen Santschf
secretary; Mrs. Knos D. Hoge, Jr.'
I treasurer. '
II Burnett's Vnnilla
J Leaves a good taste In the mouth. It
; is pure and wholesome. Don't be
: cheated with cheap goods.
I Cecil Rhodes Scholarships.
I The qualifying examinations for the
Cecil Rhodes Oxford scholarships will
be held throughout the United States
n6t later than the middle of January
next. That decision was recently made
: by Dr. Parkinson because of the great
delay which occurred last year In get
ting returns from some committees of
election. As a result the distribution
of the American scholars throughout
the colleges of Oxford, according to
their own wishes, was greatly delayed.
The examinations for Utah will be held
at the university, as was the case last
year. All persons desiring to become
candidates should send their names at
once to Dr. .1. T. Kingsbury, president
of the State university.
Public Long-Distanco Telephones,
With sound-proof booths. Telephone
building, State street, city,
More Males Born;
lore Hales Die
Health Koport Shows How Nature
Balances the Soxes in Salt
The monthly report of the Hoard of
Health indicates an excessive supply
of male Infants. Of the 1-12 births that
were recorded during the month, 82
were boys and 60 girls. But the record
of the deaths shows that there Is a
law of compensation. In that over 60
per cent of the deaths were those of
males. In the births tho proportion Is
50.9 males to 19.1 females. In that
way things are evened up so that there
shall not be too many spinsters.
Of tho deaths that took place dur
ing October, according to the report
of Chief Clerk Brothers, eleven died
from old age, and three of the de
ceased were over S5 years old.
Of contagious diseases, the record
shows 34 cases of smallpox up to the
end of the month: 13 cases of diph
theria; i4 of typhoid; one case of scar
let fever; five of chicken-pox, and one
of whooping-cough.
In the sanitary department the com
plaints received and attended to num
ber 114; visits nnd inspections made,
2S5C; written notices served, 214; nui
sances abated, 114.
There were 3S9 cesspools, vaults and
grease traps cleaned; 124 notices to re
move manure and other refuse, served.
There were 31 sewer connections made
and 32 notices served to connect with
the sewer; and 129 inspections for
sewer connections. The gnrbage de
stroyed at the crematory amounted to
230 loads; of swill, 7: ashes and rub
bish disposed of nt the dump, 1566.
The food condemned amounted to
207C pounds, the horses destroyed at
the crematory. 20; cows, 2; dogs, 75.
There were 1S7 Inspections of grocery
stores made; 23 of hotels; S6 of mis
sion houses; 22 bakeries; 114 meat mar
kets; 22 dairies; SI restaurants; 2
slaughter-houses; 55 fish markets; one
hog ranch; 3 breweries; ono cracker
factory; 2 Ice plants; and 53 samples
of milk wore tested.
Two cases of smallpox were report
ed to the Board of Health yesterday,
both unvacclnatcd. They were Lean
tier Forsell, two-year-old boy of Al
bert Forsell. 417 Sixth street, and
Stella, five-year-old daughter of the
There was one case of typhoid,
Harry Taylor, aged IS, 627 South First
A man can't work right with a lame
Takes all the life out of him.
Dorm's Kidney Pills make !ame backs
At any drug store, 50 cents.
In the Death of C. W. Aldrach Utah
Loses a Valued Citizen.
Leaving a widow, two daughters and a
eon. C. W. Aldrach of Clear Lake. Mil
lard' county, died early yesterday morn
ing nt the Holy Cross hospital. He was
tuken 111 soon after the Republican State
convention, to which he was a delegate.
He submitted to an operation at the Holy
Cross and was thought to be recovering,
when his condition changed for the worsso.
His collapse was ho sudden that there was
no time in which to summon members of
his family. Mrs. Aidrnih will arrive this
morning from Clear Lako and arrange
ments will not be made for the funeral
until she comes. The announcement will
probably appear in Sunday's Tribune.
In Mr. Aldrach Millard county loses one
of Us most worthy and enterprising citi
zens. He had devoted leu years of his
life to the reclamation of arid woll by Ir
rigation and scores of fertile fields" re
main as monuments to his memory. lie
camo to I." tun In 1&3 from Kansus. where
he had held Important official positions.
IIo was attracted to this Stale by the op
portunities for development of the dry
lands. Ills own money and that of Phila
delphia capitalists, which he commanded,
was Invested In extensive Irrigation pro
jects In Millard. Ho and his buckers have
erected numerous reservoirs and canals,
which cause certain sections of Millard
county to blossom as the rose.
In politics Mr. Aldrach was an ardent
Republican. lie was generally a delegate
to the Republican county and Stule con
ventions and was mentioned as a candi
date for legislative honors hi iwo and
again this year.'
Ilia family life was Ideal. The kindest
of husbands and most devoted of fathers,
his death will Indeed he a loss to wife
and children. Both of his daughters are
married. One Is Mrs. Blanche Dtmlup and
tho other Mrs. Mabel Robinson, postmis
tress of Clear Lake.
200 Rnmbouillet Bams.
For sale cheap. They are large, heavy
fleeced and bred for range service. Come
and see them or write for prices.
Room 305 Ecclea Building,- Ogden,
Utah. P. O. Box 118.
Appoints Utah Fuel Man.
Mayor Morris his vetoed the appoint
ment by tho City Council of Stato Coal
Mine Inspector Corner Thomas, as special
expert to examine tho Clark and Popo
Asphalt mines. An appropriation was
made by the Council of K0 for the ex
pense of having tho properties examined,
in place of Comer Thomas, tho Mayor
has appointed Robert Forrester, geologi
cal expert for the Utah Fuel company.
Dr. Hanchett, Rca. Wilson Hotel. Tel.
1058. OMlce 60S Progress bldg. Tel. 1330-X
Business Notes.
Yesterday's local bank clearings
amounted to WJS,0K.21. as against $528,122.
25 for the samo day last year.
Architects lirsklno and Llljenherg have
awarded to tho Green & Reeve company
tho plumbing and heating contract for
the new school building In district 13
Lower Bingham. Tho amount of tho suc
cessful bid Is $-IOV,
Milton L. Oglcsby, mining and me
1 chnnlcal engineer of this city, Is making
plans for a twenly-fivo horse-power
steam automobile, which. It Is believed
will possess somo original features of
practical value.
Proves That Parasites Causa Hair
Nine-tenths, of tho diseases of tho scalp
and hair ore caused by parasitic gorraa.
Ine Importance of mis discovery by Prof.
Unna of the Charity hospital, Hamburg,
Germany, cannot bo overestimated, it
explains why ordluary hair preparations,
even of tile moat expensivo character fall
to euro dandruff, becnuso they do not,
and they cannot kill the dandruff germ,
ino only hair preparation in tho world
that positively destroys the dandruff par
asltcB that burrow up the scalp Into
scales called scurf or dandruff, Is New
brou Herplclde, In addition to Its de
stroying tno dandruff germ Herplclde la
also m. delightful hair oreeslng. Sold by
leading druggists, bend 10c in stamps for
cample to Uae Herplclde Co., Detroit,
Deceived . by Plain
Supposed Stick - Up Men
Had an Unlucky
Hunch. ,
Officer Sperry Got His Gun Out First
and Did tho Sticking .Up
It was an unlucky hunch that
prompted Fred Morris and John Har
per to conceal themselves behind trees
on West Temple street, near Fourth
South, last evening for the supposed
purpose of "sticking up" Police Ofllcer
Sperry. who was passing along the
street in citizen's clothos. The minion
saw the suspected hold-ups first and
before Harper had an opportunity to
draw an ugly looking v-15-callber that
he carried, the officer had both men
covered with his own revolver and
compelled them to stand a search. Af
ter appropriating the highwayman's
weapon. Sperry handcuffed the pair
and marched them to police headquar
ters, where they will be held pending
an Investigation.
Men Were Skulking.
Sperry was on his way home about
10 o'clock last night and had just
crossed Fourth South on West Tem
ple street when he observed two men
skulking along behind trees a short
distance ahead of him. The officer was
attired in civilian clothes and he had
no difficult In approaching the two
men, who concealed themselves In the
darkness, presumably for the purpose
of holding him up.
"When within a few feet of the men.
Sperry drew his revolver and ordered
the men to elevate their hands. It
took the pair several seconds to grasp
the situation, but they obeyed without
dissent. Keeping the men well cov
ered. Sperry seareehd the pair, secur
ing a villainous looking 45-callber re
volver, with two chambers louded. He
then adjusted the "bracelets" and
marched the pair to police headquar
ters. Had Suspicious Property.
At the station they were thoroughly
searched and from the stuff found upon
them. It would seem that they are
either burglars or highwaymen. They
carried two extra hats, a small piece
of candle and a small white towel.
Harper wore a black shirt and had a
white collar fastened around Ills neck
outside of his shirt collar.
Neither of the prisoners was willing
to talk and answered the questions
fired at them in monosyllables. They
declared that they came to Salt Lake
yesterday morning from Ogden. They
offered no explanation for their unus
ual conduct. A charge of vagrancy
will be preferred against them pend
ing an investigation.
Ward's Market now open for business,
No. 1) E. 3rd So. All meat will be sold
today at absolute cost. 'Phones, Bell
L'29bz; Ind.. 1250.
Alarm of Fire Caused a Scattering
Among Patrons of a Saloon,
Swallowing their drinks with a single
gulp and leaving the "chasers" untouched
on the bar, several patrons of the Onyx
Bank beat a hurried retreat from the
establishment when flames were discovered
In the rear of the saloon yesterday after
noon. A lighted cigar or cigarette stnmp
had been carelessly dropped In a clothes
closet In the rear of the pluce and within
a few minutes the room was enveloped
lu tlames.
An alarm of fire was Immediately turned
In and within a short time the entire ap
paratus from stations 1 and 2 was on
hand. A few gallons of chemicals suf
ficed to extinguish the blaze, but not un
til nearly $200 worth of clothes belonging
to Proprietor McTernay had been dc
strocd. The saloon Itself was practically
Central Coal and Coke Company.
Now at permanent location. 'Phone 2600;
3S So. Main St.
"At the sign of the Peacock."
Burton Coal fc Lumber Co.
Coal, lumber, cement. 'Xtjfepnone S08.
Robbers Ransack the Residence of A.
C. Read, a Railroader.
Burglars entered the residence of A. C.
Read of the Salt Lake Route through a
rear window Thursday evening about S
o'clock and secured all his silverware,
much of which was Included In tho wed
ding gifts to himself and wife- Clothing
of much value was taken, .and, In fact,
tho house was ransacked.
Mr. Read was out of the city, being
down the line on official business, and his
wife is visiting out of the city, so the
houso was unprotected.
Ho returned from Las Vegas by special
train at about 0 o'clock and found every
thing In disorder Later Investigations
nhnwed that the robbery must have been
committed, about an hour bofore. IIo lives
at No. 3 Devon court. The matter was at
onco reported to the police.
Produce Peddler in Custody.
Charles Uarcourt, a peddler, who Is ac
cused of skipping out with $15 holonglng
to the Redman Produco company, was ar
rested last night by, the Ogden police and
Is being held for tho local officers. It
seems tnuL Harcourt started out yester
day morning to peddle a load of produce
belonging to the above company, and
when night came he failed to rut In un
appearance. His horse and wagon were
found tied to a post near the corner of
"West Temple nnd First South streots, but
nothing was known of tho peddlor's
whereabouts until a telephone messago
camo from Ogden staling that ho had
been taken Into custody at that place. He
will ba brought back today.
Bishop Spalding
Accepts the Call
Resigns From St. Pnul's to Enter
Upon His Duties in the Utah
Rev. Mr. Spalding, who was recently
nominated for tho position of Bishop of
the Kplscopnl diocese of Utah, Nevada
nnd Western Colorado, hns decided to ac
cept tho call, nnd Inst evening resigned
hln position as rector of St. Paul's church,
Erie, Pa. Bishop Spalding was called to
his now field at the recent general con
vention of tho Episcopal church, held at
Boston, but did not formally accept .tho
call until last evening. Nows of his de
cision reached The Tribune last night in
a cpcclal from Erie.
Tho newly-elected bishop will succeed
tha Into Bishop Ablcl Leonard, who pre
sided over Ihe diocese for many years.
Ho Is a son of tho late Bishop Spalding of
Colorado, where a greater part of his life
was spent, and Is said to bo eminently
fitted for tho new calling. It Is not yet
known Just when the new bishop will
reach Salt Luke, but he Intimated to a
friend within tho fortnight that If he ac
cepted the call he would come here early
In December.
city jffld Neighborhood j
ORSON HUDSON, accused of obtaining
choso in action under false pretenses,
was tried yesterday before Judge Lowls.
Tho defendant was arraigned and entered
a plea of not guilty, after which a jury
wa3 chosen. The evidence for the Stato
and for the prisoner was all taken, after
which the defendant's attorney made a
motion for the court to Instruct tho Jury
to return a verdict of not guilty. Tho
motion wns taken under advisement and
will bo decided today
A CHANGE In the rural free delivery
system at Sprlngvllle has been mado,
whereby delivery No. 1 will leave Sprlng
vllle at 11:20 a. m. and arrive at 3M5 p. m ,
tho change effective November 1.
A CONTRACT IniB Just been let for tho
currying of malls between tho postofflco
at Croydon nnd the Union Pacific rail
way station, whereby patrons of tho Croy
don postofflco will receive malls dally ex
cept Sunday, with an outgoing servlco
dally as well Tho new service will be
eftectlve November 7.
strenuous events of tho night beforo, a
trio of plain drunks were brought Into
Police coftrt yesterday afternoon. All
wero apparently worklngmen, and all
claimed they had ljever been arrested bo
fore. For these reasons thoy were al
lowed to go their ways, but wero warned
by Judge Dlehl not to repeal the offense.
THE little three-year-old son of G. IT.
Jordan, living at 5'.M West First South,
caused considerable excitement In his
father's household yesterday by swallow
ing a fishbone an Inch and a half long.
Tho bone was lodged In the child's throat,
entirely out of sight. Dr. Beer extracted
It with the aid of an electric luryngo
Scone. JOHN BULL paid a $20 fine for being
drunk, but nothlng for resisting Patrol
man Smoc-t. He was tried before Judge
Dlehl yesterduv afternoon. Two charges
were preferred against him. Drunken
ness was tho ono on which he was fined.
THE CHOIR of the Central Christian
church, assisted by Mrs. A. D. Melvln and
Phillip Bartar. will give a song service
tomorrow night.
REV. T. W. PINICERTON will occupy
the pulpit of the Central Christian church
tomorrow morning, and the service will
be unusually interesting, owing to the re
port he will give of the general conven
tion held In St. Louis, and to which he.
went aa a deleKat.
J. J. M'CLELLAN has accepted the
Invitation of the bureau of music at bl.
Louis to give two recitals at Festival hall,
and will leavn for St. Louis about tho
K'.th, The recitals will be given Novem
ber 21 nnd 2'.'.
riven by the Epworth League of the Ulff
M. E. church last night to obtain funds
for painting the church and paving thy
sidewalks, by the church. Soap wrappers
were solicited from a local soup firm, and
on these the programme wus printed, the
firm also paying for the advertisement.
The admission was free, but the audience
vaa supposid to pay to leave. For this
purpose passports were Issued at the rate
of '.13 cents
widow of the late Heber C. Kimball, a
counselor of President Brlgham Young,
died at S:Z0 Inst night, after a week's 111.
ncss of pneumonia, aged 75 years. Mrs.
Kimball came to Utah In ISIS with her
husband nnd was herself prominent In the
women's organizations of the Mormon
church. She leaves three sons, all resi
dents of this city William C... Albert I J.
and Moroni II. Kimball. The funeral will
be announced luter.
Tho one place for comfort and ele
gance. Fireproof; telephones In every
room; modern in every way.
Ward's Market now open for business,
No. 9 E. 3rd So. All meat will be eold
today at absolute cost. 'Phones, Bell,
2293z; Ind.. 1250.
To Photographers and Kodakers.
We carry a full line of supplies. The
only exclusive house here. Developing
and finishing. Third South and Main.
Salt Lake Photo Supply Co.
Rabbi Fround Called.
Rabbi Charles A. Fround of Wnshlng
Inff. D. C . will bo called to this citv to
fill the vacant pulpit of tho Reformed
Jewish Congregation, B'Nal Israel. Tho
trustees of tho church havo had tho mat
ter under consideration for somo tlmo.
and had about decided to call Rabbi
Freund, when Judge Woolf arrived from
the East and assured the congregation
that no bettor man could be secured. The
formal call will bo extended at onco and
Rabbi Freund will deliver his first ser
mon on December 2.
Now "Way of Using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
Mr. Arthur Chapman, writing from
Durban, Natal, South Africa, saya: "As
a proof that Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy Is a cure suitable for old and young,
I pen you the following: "A neighbor
of mine had a child Just over 2 months
old. It had a very bad cough and the
parents did not know what to give It. I
suggested that if they would get a bot
tle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and '
put some upon the dummy teat the baby
was sucking it would, no doubt, cure
the child. This they did and brought
about a quick relief and cured the
baby " This remedy Is for sale by all
leading druggists, ,
Another Ugly Mess
How Public Funds Were
Used to Influence Salt
Lake Voters.
Gross Padding of Supervisor's Pay
rolls for None Other Than. Mft
chino Advantngo.
What a despicable political machine Is
now In control of Salt Lako county!
How desperately It Is striving to per
petuate Itself and keep tho taxpayers
from making an Investigation Into their
affairs and correcting the abuses!
Every scheme known to tho grafter
polltlclan and to tho smooth agents of
the church, who aro assisting the prcsont
rr.nchlne, are employed. They are work
ing unceasingly.
Their zeal Is tho only commcndablo part
of their work.
But tho taxpayers cannot hopo for re
lief unless thoy take advantago of tho
present fight and elect men to tho offices
that have been so shamofully abused,
who will straightway turn tho machlno
appointees out and Install a system that
Is based on honesty and good business
Tho Tribune has been pointing out tho
abuses for weeks, but thcro Is no possi
bility of going Into tho depths of tho mat
ter in the brief tlmo at hand. A few In
stances only may be mentioned.
Somo startling disclosures have boon
made. There are yet things to bo found
In tho county building that, wero It possl
blo to lay them bare before election day,
would so arouso tho honest men and wo
men of this city and county that they
would go to tho polls next Tuesday al
most In a body. And they would vote for
candidates who are In no wlso tied up
with those who would forco them to eon
tlnuo tbo whitewashing methods of James
H. Anderson nnd others, as In tho past.
Squandering Public Funds.
Let tho people of Salt Lako county for
a moment look at a fresh sample of tho
manner In which tho people's money Is
squandered and diverted Into such chan
nels as serve the Interests of tho present
Republican county machine.
We have shown, heretofore, that thcro
Is precious little to show for tho tre
mendous sum Hint Is collected each year
and disbursed by the Board of County
Almost the entire amount goes to main
tain the machine In the way of salaries
and graft. Little permanent Improve
ments are made. Salaries. Interest and
rcr diem contracts amount into the hun
dreds of thousands!
A princely sum Is paid in each year.
This year the revenues will reach J3SG,03!
Whore does all that money go?
Interest and bonds paid will be ?23,J00.
Not $323,500. as the Deseret News said.
Pauper account. Including Items of all
kinds, about MSXtfO.
Betterments of all kinds, not to exceed
S35.000 .
Grafts and reckless expenditures, fully
Salaries and political appointments, the
January 1. 1903, will show a surplus In
the treasury several thousands smaller
than at the beginning of this year. Why?
Because the funds of the county havo
been used this year to continue the sume
polltlco-rellglo machine In power.
How Votes Are Landed.
Take a glimpse of one of the means
which the present administration has em
ployed to care for Its friends.
The work on the county dirt roads has
been ono of tho most striking oxamples
of tho power of tho latter-day politicians
exlnnL The office of road supervisor has
been prostituted to the ends of tho politi
cians. For weeks reports have come to tho
city of the unusual number of mon and
loams that has suddenly been employod
on tho county roads. The purposo of It
has been so palpably political that It has
attracted no end of comment.
Scores of mon woro employed at an
unseasonable time to repair the dirt roads.
They have hauled dirt horo and dumped
It there, have uprooted trees and dug
ditches that are, In somo casos, small
It has beon anything to give somo one
a Job. And the ones who havo been given
Jobs are. In large majority, men who are
the tools of tho politicians and tho com
mercial leaders of tho dominant church.
This has had a double purpose. The
public funds havo not only beon drawn
from tho public coffers and diverted Into
the channels of business controlled by the
Mormon hierarchy, but thoso giving the
employment woro enabled, nt public ex
pense, to put scores of voters under obli
gation to them to the reigning political
"Why This Extra Expense?
"Why should theic bo so many additional
men and teams on-ployed on the dirt roads
so late In tho season?
Will any mnn who Is skilled In road
making say that the late fall Is tho proper
time to work the roads?
Shouldn't thoy be worked early In tho
summer, so as to bo thoroughly packed
beforo tho snows and rains come?
But an election day Is coming as well
ns tho rains and snows! Tho adminis
tration of "Fussy Jimmy" and the un
savory record of "Rotten-Mutton Bill
Jones" must bo sustained.
Anderson Is one of tho high counselors
of the ecclesiastical politicians, and Jones
Is a son-in-law to Apostlo Penrose.
It would never do to uncover their of
ficial acts. It might reflect on somo one.
The treasury must bo raped to pay for
U10 floating -and tho doubtful element.
And that It was raped In painfully ap
parent. Tho bills of but few of tho supervisors
for tho month of October aro In. Thoy
como In clowly. Tho probability la this
Ih by design. They will all bo on file be
foro clestlon day and warrants Issued.
Too lato to be examined!
But tho reports that arc already in toll
a story of tho rocklosa misuse of tho
public funds that outshines In audacity"
tho work of thooo who havo so cloverly
Juggled the poor account.
Didn't Need Working Last Year.
In the first column in tho following
will bo found the amounts oxpondod in
fourteen of tho respective road districts
In October last year. Thore was no cause
to pad tho rolls at that tlmo. Th'ro was
a city election on, but no ono nan over
acousod iho present clique of Salt Luke
politicians of trying to elect tho Repub
lican tlckot Inst year! They did not mako
that tlckot. They laid down on It or
openly fought It.
They got busy this year.
Thore aro thirty-one rond supervisors
and a3 many districts. As has been said,
but fow of the reports aro In. Compari
son can only bo made on thoso that have
been received fourteen. Here Is the rec
ord: October
DIst. Supervisor. 1P03. 1901.
2 William Snow $ 152.S7 $ 702.-H
3- Joseph Sutherland 116.00 1,111.72
9 Fred A. Cooper, Jr 253.EO 242.50
11 Edward Skldmoro 119.S5 M0.01
12 W. L. Perrv 7S.75 1H.G2
13 Georgo L. Sharp 110.25 &41.90
14 Andrew S. Whlto 67.C0 17S.S7
17 Axel Jones 61.25 2G7.75
21 Albort Capson W.25 2SS.37
22 W. O. Ncwbold 07.75 232.C1
20-Davld Mackay 11G.00 570 00
2S-Chnrlcs Colebrook 52.50 121. CI
31- Wllllnm H. Newman.... 101.75 1G1.C0
32 James Mlckleson 199.50 143.75
Totals 52,304.72 J5.750.18
Tho figures for tho fourteen districts
out of the thlrty-ono show that it cost
tho taxpayers ?3-H5.3G moro to work tho
roads this year, In tho single month of
October, than It did for tho 3amo month
Inst year, when no county ticket was to
be elected!
When the other scvontoon districts aro
in the people will know how cleverly the
political clique has raided tho treasury
for campaign purposes.
It Was a Clover Raid.
Should the other seventeen districts
show a proportionate Increase to tho
fourteen already heard from, it will mako
tho lncrcaso per district J240.10, and tho
total thIrt-one districts on this basis
of expenditures In October, 1901, over Oc
tober, 1003. of $7452 40
The total expenditures 3cor labor on
the roads in October, 1903, amounted
to S4, 134.53; in October, 1904, based
on the above figures, it "will amount
to SI 1,586.93. In other words it cost
S7452.40 more for rond labor in. Oc
tober, 1904, than it did in October,
It Is a fine system which "Fussy" Jim
my and Jody Eldrcdge havo bullded up
In Salt Lako county. It Is the kind that
catches the taxpayers coming and going.
Thoy would not lose control of tho ma
chinery of tho Commissioner's offlco for
anything. It is through this that thoy
dlMrlbutu the pie! It Is through tills that
tho coffers of the church aro enriched.
The people aro burdered with taxes to
pay for this political machine.
Thoy aro forced to lubrfcato the ma
chine. The general public gets very lit
tle returns. They aro not benefited by
permanent Improvements.
Thoy go to the County Treasurer's of
fice and put up their good money td
maintain a lot of clerkships which aro In
the most part the mainstays of the local
It is a prjlty bitter pill for tho aver
age man, but the turf is being torn up
to arouse the brethren to perpetuate the
Some ai-3 appealed to on religious lines.
Some aro appealed to on the grounds of
party loyalty.
When these men talk to a Gentile or a
liberal Mormon they pivscnt the card on
which is the American Eagle and the
picture of Theodore Roosevolt!
When they talk to tho brethren thoy
bring forward tho card on which Is a
picture of the Temple! The littlo game
Is worked with the cleverness of tho ex
perts in deception and political chicanery
that they are.
But tho men and women who pay their
taxes are the ones who keep the Ander-son-Eldredgc-Emcry
machine grciised.
What do they get for the grease?
William M Ferry of Park City, tho
American candidate for Governor, Is at
tho Knutsford, accompanied by his
W. K. Murdock. a Stockton mining man
well-known in Salt Lake Citv, is staying
at tho Wilson.
J. Langloth of New York. Dr. do Neuf
vllle of Germany and C. M. Loob of St.
Louis comprlso a party of wealthy men
Interested In motal purchasing, who aro
staying at tho Knutsford.
G. D. Aiken, general foreman of tele
graph repairs on the Oregon Short Lino.
Is in tho city, at tho Wilson.
W. F. Dennis Butler of Moonah, Aus
tralia, passed through Salt Lako City on
route East last evening. Ho registered
at tho Wilson.
Samuel E Meyer, a woll-known Bolso'
merchant, Is among the guests at tho
Thomas Osborno, an attorney of Plocho
Nov., Is In the city on business. He Is
accompanied by Mrs. Osborno.
Row Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Plnkerton re
turned yesterday from a trip to tho fair
after an absonco of three weoks.
John Philip Sousa probably holds tho
world's record among musicians for work
in tho last twelve years. Ho has given
GSOO concerts In S50 different towns In
Europo and America. His concerts hero
noxt woek will bo genuino treats for lovers
of band music.
'.'n.. Darkst Russia" and "Tho Show
Girl, a musical comedy, will bo at tho
Grand next week.
Gustav Dinklage,
Expert piano tuner and repairer. P. O.
box 905. 'Phone Carstensen & Anson
John K. Hardy to Annie K. Hardy
warranty deed. 7x2 rods, lot 5
block r.2, plat B si
Fanny .Eggington to Louisa Camp!
warrantv deed, lots 15 to IS, block 2
plat A, Eastern addition ' "-q
Niels S Larson to Mary D. Atkinson "
warrantv deed. lot S. block 2, Blytho
subdivision 250
BJ Eldrcdgo to J. P. Smith, trustee'.
20x5 rods, lot 1. block 31, ten-acro
plat A ., 210
Sarah A. Bltnor et al. to B. B. Bltnor
warranty deed. 1G acres, northwest
quartor of section 9. townshln 0
south, range 1 east ; , 1
A. E. Beckstead to T. A. Ncwboid.
warranty deed. 11$ acres, section 23.
township 3 south, rango 1 west 322
L. A. Lungrcen to Gustav Lunden.
warranty deed, lots G to 13, block 75.
Sandy 200
T. A. Reamer to F. W Price,' quit-
. , d,ocdA. lnAeresL ln Mountain
Chief lode. Big Cottonwood.. 10
FREE FijfftT
Disgraceful feJ;
ParliamenL I :
Minister of War Ass J
Prominent Hail Jf" t
is Deputy. I
General Melee Follow J
Who Started It Bemenif
Mtary Guati "'j
PARIS, Nov. .-Todays Jt
the chamber of deputies M f -
stormiest and most heat S
years. the excitement
when Gabriel Syveton, tSW
Nationalist deputy, epW jl
Andre, the .Minister of if. SJ
slapped his face. After acwffi
this feat Syveton retreated vfi
the uppermost row of sts, ukIS
fuge behind members ot the SI
Eree Fight On. f
A tremendous tumult ens jl
hers of both parties crowdlr elS
floor of the houBe, whers a J
was soon In progress. Speakl
lea the chair, thus suspend
Socialist Is Remove Jfj
Eventually order was rto I
the sitting being reauraS I
temporary exclusion was voui
offender, however, refuel to X; I
seat, and It became newaartS, D
suspend the sitting whlleh? i -moved
by a military guari 1
Strengthened Cabinet Porlta 1
It is probable that this ! ! -which
occurred Just before UVM '.
vision, materially contrltj?- I
strengthen the position of tbC&
which at one time seemed vfrjd
cal; for after securing a ruWir
only two on a preliminary e-54
the Government finally canW!?
of conflednce by over 100 cajxi; I
Course Against Syreta 3
At midnight the official? tt' 1
chamber of deputies assembly eH
private cabinet of Speaker &
"were still discussing the connect,
tlon to be taken regarding DffcjM
veton. M t
.Deputies who witnessed the sM f
upon the Minister of War ajljH E
Gen. Andre was wholly takea jM tj
prise and was struck with nci M vm
lence that he would have fiT m
not Premier Combes stepped frre I'
and supported him.
"War Minister Severely Hrt
Gen. Andre's face was roueim!! t
and was cut by a ring worn tyfe- i
ton. Speaker Brlsson has nferJi 1! EE
Judicial authority that an a.sis!h ?
been committed within the txz L
of the chumber. .
Sequel to Friday's JJsba:t 1 .
The debate was a sequel to Hi
Inst Friday. After several n1 !
deputies had spoken. Premier 06
intervened, maintaining tte r-4z
of keeping the army rcpuHkq &
declaring that he should i.c. t
the previous question, but dsstis'i
vote of conlidence.
Government Sustainti (i
The previous Question was j1 K
and rejected, 279 to 277. L aS
chamber, by a vote of 2jS to.lnre
priority to tho resolullon of cdJeJO
drawn up by Ministerial srtam
which was Just about to bit: a J
vote when the proceedings rw t
terrupted by Syveton's osau. Vt I
Gen. Andre. When order had tf "B
stored the chamber passed U f t
of confidence. 313 to 235. .8
t On the Pacific Slops. ; m
tl I I I I I 1 I I HffttfH j
States gunboat Petrel salW u J
Magdalcna bay for target
TACOMA. Wash .Nov ,.LT;i
of the steamship Shawmat W rg .
owing to tho 111 health of ws-j .
Boston. Ho will leave for t- ,
PORTLAND, Or.. Nov. l
tho features of the Lovn I J
position. It Is proposed to Mj.t J ,
of alrahlp contests s'fM P
will take place at St. hp. a
. jviP .
TACOMA, Wash.. Nov. j, (
legal registrations hJ" ?.f
here. Tho Democrat c w
parties charge each other m
colonization. It Is ctalmrf JM,
voters expected to w
and Tacorna. f
Slates Internal Revenue CO" k
Lynch has appoint CMj j
chief clerk In his ottl. lM ru j
A. Wright, whs Je3lThe colK. I
manded and accepted. B
that thcro Is no shortage
rival of an officer iroro h
sltlon papers. . U
- . n
Enters SteamsHPAJ I
ST. PAUL, Nv-Ansr 3Sa,jM ft
Burlington n C caensr tf&B V
steamship servlw Kl.r,M (1
'rated in December 3 , j
his headquarters in J If
charge at onco, v
St Louis and return -4B
Pacific and lS ?W
Tickets on A",9 for J" M
each week. See ajenj la St. W
.City Ticket Office

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