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' i i I
, 1 , 1 :
wL Grande to Retake
li Trackage.
wcbange May Be Made by the
First of Next January or
im Even Earlier.
ijjjr Belt Operates Ten Mies of
2j jjW etching Tracks Between Vari-
-a Sie Rio Grande, In all probability,
1Kb k,,te ovcr flni1 Pcrate tne Copper
r' Biltllne J1111' 1- T,1,s lme consists
g jMjbout nine miles of switching tracks
5 Sit Bingham between the Rio Grande
J Mtit.' and various mines, and lias de
k.1 j',jjfd quite a good tonnage since Its
j Muitwlons were built to what was
WJ;-tt"Ir the Bingham tramway oC the
tMES Grande Western,
ili Vtitr the organization of the Copper
lm'tiAi railway the old tramway was
Wyix-d from the Ttio Grande, and the
company began to make some
frt extensions to more economically
WMik the vast output of the great cop
VVht: camp.
llB 'to over the road and operate It as n
j VM jjrt cf the Bingham branch.
; I , peculation on Results of Meeting- of
I the Salt Lake Route.
1 (The annual meeting of1, the stock
t!tos of the Salt Lake Route will be
! at the local ofllce November IS.
k ;,fts directors at present are W. A.
f Csx't, J. Ross Clark. E. W. Clark, T. F.
i Wir, R, C Kerens, T. E. Gibbon, F.
jtl Rule, Thomas Kearns. W. S. Mc
J torJefc. H. I Bettis, Ross W. Smith
il Reed Smoot
As has been stated, the Harrlman In-
; brats will name six of the directors.
'. ni If their names should be Edward
J IE. Harrlman, George J. Gould, WI1-
;j&a H. Bancroft, "William D. Cornish,
i i Jico Stlllman and William Rocke
I (idler, this would" mean that six names
Ju first above would be dropped; for
aspect T. E Gibbon. F. K. Rule. H.
'JLMUs, Rovs W. Smith, Reed Smoot
- lU-i W. S. McCornlck. Or the name
1 W E. W. Clark might be substituted
j b: that of Mr. McCornick.
I Hach speculation Is Indulged In as
l to tie names of thow who will be
Ij pp"id from the directory.
j jlSilt Laker Will Be General Manager
of Over 7000 Miles.
I When William H. Bancroft assumes
;f& general management of the Pacific
; ttte.ii of the Southern Pacific he will
M be at the head of the operating
rtmc-nt of exactly 71S2 miles of the
c-it Important rail lines In the West.
, rsi! nciu,des tlie Overland Route from
! town River. Wyo . to San Francisco.
: WBunset Route from El Paso. Tex..
12 Fr5.ncIsv. the Shasta Route
! rf. J? Jranclco to Ashland. Or.,
coast division and the valley line
tfoft lrancnsco t0 L Angeles, the
tSKS'S ' Oregon Short sys
jJlfw the manv branches In Cali
ZM& t q t& a lot of mileage, and when
ffer'iSy8t?4m.at the ba' ,s con
lip 1 13 a n,oaL 'mportant
I Railroad Notes,
fifc ritanaB1r Wo113 of lo Salt Lako
S train to tho gravel pit at Stock
fc?opM?Cfe p!iP.ors ftr0 flllel th
a oi tnc Southern Pacific.
Vanderman Does Not Want
Be Held for Larceny.
Be Morge yesterday IsEued a writ
ndlng the Sheriff to bring be
,Ya; at 10 'clock t0(3ai'. Ullam
!fcn, to show cauae w,,y Van"
rtt!fhnteUld not be leased on a
tkrli : corpus. The petition for
Mtornir t e as cornus was filed by
!Wm9 .Hi Hamilton yesterday.
S Qon Cnd t0 l,h0 D,s'
Kny h -i . 0 chQ,'Re of petit
fairy Jl n"1' that tho char6e of
iM". vihiS6"1, larce"y by Judge
10 wnnwt te' h,e cla,ms. was found
ch8arc?eftfcour b.ountl h,m over on
?Sttto If,M0nr ,Pe,Ut rceny. Ho was
10 jail in default of bail.
Dew.' kUL0 ord?r. thafa all.
ta:,,. Kidney puib aro tno ouro
; A' any druc 3tdrCi
I RIO rfv a8ing BrazHian.Navy.
fcKforLnl0' Nov S-Tho bill pro
which", n"?Qao of the army and
fhtnber at con approved by tho
SW J' "icmplaieH the building of
GoveramC"ol8I,,tlurln? tho year 1003.
y.W'?.n!yt will order three cruisers
MnV-alnnta and ton trI,otlo boats of
Kpoo 1S mrC demand or
Klnk tQo much of your
HR Wei.LT K!w,sd! Cook, A Schminc c
has proven to lots of people that It don't
pay io buy Jewelry at cheap snloa or auc
tions. A plated watch looks as well as
u jjood gold-filled watch; a plated or
cheap gold ring, when it la now, looks tho
same as a good gold ring, but after threo
or six monthB' wear It looks different
altogether, and the man who sold you the
article ls gono and you havo thrown away
your money. I havo tho reputation that
I sell reliable WATCHES, DIAMONDS.
GOODS, at the lowest possible prices. I
guarantee every article to be cxactiy as
represented, and I will make It good any
,tlme, If found otherwise.
75 East Second South, street, be
tweon Commercial and State stroets.
Retailers Receive
Fresh Vegetables
Scarcity of Oranges Due to a Break
in the Seasons Pino Pine
apples Come.
Nothing new in vegetables and fruit at
wholesale, but a number of changes In tho
retail business, is tho condition at present
in tho markots. Wholesalers are sending
out largo shipments of vegetables and
fruit, but receiving nothing new.
The retail market gives us, for a change.
California French artichokes. Utah Brus
sels sprouts, spinach and hot-house let
tuce. Tomatoes are still on tho market,
although It Is considered exceptionally
late lor them.
Extra fine pineapples havo just been re
ceived from Central America. They aro
about the finest yet received. Owing to
a break In tho season between the Valen
cia oranges and tho navel, oranges aro
now very scarce.
On account of the abundance of fish now
on tho market, tho price list stays where
It has been for somo time. No rise ls an
ticipated at present.
Wholesale Quotations.
Hay, Grain and Straw. Oat straw, per
bnlo, 30c; alfalfa. $10.00; timothy, per
ton. baled. $13.50; wheat, per Dushcl.
90c(f?S1.10; corn, per cwt., $1.-1031.-15; corn,
cracked, $l.-)5trl.50; oats, $1.40; rolled oat3,
$l.C0$fl.65; barley, rolled, $1.35; flour, bak
ers' No. I, $2.30; Hour, straight grade
$2.-10t;2.50; flour, high patent. $2.GOft2.70;
ryo, $2.C0; graham Hour, $2.503'2.70; corn
meal, $1.70tj)1.80; bran, $1.00; bran and
shorts, $1.10.
Ments. Dressed beef, pound. 4ISc;
dressed veal, per pound. Dc; dressed
lambs, per pound, Cc; drcasctl mutton, per
pound, 5ii6c; dressed hogs, Sc; live. BVjC;
codfish, C to Dc; mincemeat, S39'c.
Poultry Dressed hns, 12c; broiiers,
per pound. 14c; turkeys. 20c.
Fruits. California grapes, $1.75; Utah ap
ples, bushel, $L00; Grand valley apples,
$1.25; Santa Paula lemons, box. J5.CO;
peaches, box, oftJjiSc; plums, box, COc;
bananas, bunch. $2.755.CO; Utah pears,
box, $L25: cranberries $3.50 barrel; dates,
per pound. SlOc; pineapples, per dozen,
$2.50; Gorman prunes. $1.00 per bushel;
pomegranates. $2.00 per box.
Sugar. Beet sugar, per ICO, $45.40; cano
sugar. J6.50.
Vegetables. California head lettuce. 50c
per UUZiMl. uj3iui jJiiun, not; n uuuu,
celery, dozen, COc; parsnips, per cwt., $1.25;
green peppers, per pound, Gc; yellow
onions, per 100, $125; vegetable marrow, per
dozen, 00c; red cabbage, per pouna, 2c-,
sweet potatoes, per cwt., $2 25; Utun cab
bage, per 100, $125; potatoes, per cwt.. 90c;
turnips, beets and carrots, per 100, 31.00;
green onions, per dozen, 20c; pumpkins,
dozen. $1.25; Utah lettuce, 20c; cauliflower,
pound, 7c.
Dairy Products. Butter, per pound, 25c;
cheese, por pound, 12c; eggs, per case.
$7.255'7.75; comb honey, per crato, $2.75;
swcltzcr cheese, per pound, ISc; lhnburgor
cheese, per pound, 16c; cream brick
cheese, per pound, 17c; Edam cheese, por
dozen, $12.00.
Fresh Fish. Utah lako bass, 30c; sal
mon, 13c: mountain trout, 35c; halibut, 12c;
striped bass, per pound, 15c; soles, per
pound. 9c; flounders, per pound, 9c; Cali
fornia smelts, per pound, 12c, catfish, per
pound, 12c; perch, per pound, 10c; lob
sters, per pound, 15c; oysters. Now York
counts. $1.0) per 100; .selects. $2 25 per gal
lon; barracuda, per pound. 12c; sea boss,
per pound. 12c; bloaters, por 100, $3.50.
Retail Quotations.
Meats. Prlmo rib, 17c; porterhouse 13
g20c; pork. 170 ; mutton chops, lOfflGc:
legs. 12M-c; lamb. 12i515c per pound; veal.
12fT20c; veal loaf. 30c.
Poultry. Dressed hens. 17c: broilors.
ISc; turkeys. 25c: ducks, 20c; roast
springs. ISc; teal ducks, 30c pair; mal
lards, 75c
Fruits. Utah apples, per peck, 30-S'IOc:
lemons, per dozen, 20c; oranges, per doz
en 40QC0c; bananas, per dozen. 30c: Dears,
5c per pound: plums. Gc; grapes (black),
per basket. GOSCOc; grapes (white), tOgCOc:
Tokay grapes. GOc; pomegranates. 15c per
pound; plneapDles. 30 and 40c each.
Vegetables. New celery, 5c a stalk;
oyster plant, Gc a bunch;- parsnips, 20c
a peck; red cabbage, 5c pound; sweet po
tatoes, pound. 3c; cauliflower, 10c a pound;
potatoes, peck. 20c; cabbage, per pound,
3c turnips, 20c peck; green onions, 2Vfec;
carrots. 20c peck: bcet. 20c peck; lettuce.
5c; pumpkins. 15c; Hubbard squash. 10c;
hot-house lettuce. 5c per bunch; spinach,
5c per pound; California French arti
chokes, 10c each; Utah Brussels sprouts,
10c ner pound; tomatoes, 5c per pound.
Dairy Products Butter, per pound, 30c;
cheese, 15c; eggs, per dozen, 25ff30c; fancy
cheese, per pound, 25c; comb honey, per
comb. lEc; strained honoy. per pound, 15c;
Swl63 cheese, per pound. 40c; llmburger
cheese, per pound. COc; cream brick
cheese. 25c: Edam cheese, each, $1.25.
FreBh Fish. Black bass, 55c: salmon,
lVAc; mountain trout, 10c; halibut, 15c;
striped bass. 20c; Mackinaw trout, 20c;
codfish, 15c; perch. 12c; Bturgeon, 15c;
white flflh, 20c; mountain herring, 15c;
select oysters, COc a quart; barracuda, per
pound. 15c; sea bass, per pound. lCc.
OMAHA. Nov. S. Cattle Receipts, 11,
50); market strong to 10c higher. Native
steers. $3.7&$TC.30; cows and heifers, $2.G03
3.85; Western steers. $3 0020.00; Texas
Blcers, $3.00o.OO; Texas steers, $2.75113.75;
range cows and heifers, J2.23S3.40; can
nors. $1.7!82.15; atockcrs and feeders. $2.2o
iff l.CO; calves, $3.005.50; bulls and stags,
$.75ir3.75. ,
Hogs-Receipts, 4900: market shade
higher. Heavy. $-l.02U4TM.fc; mixed. $4.92V
1.93, light. $4.90(M.97: 1'ES. SI.2offi.76;
bulk of oalcs. $1.92474.07.
Sheep Receipts, 3300; strong to 10c high
er. Western yearlings. $4.0024.40; wethers,
I3.505W.30; ewes. $3.50ffl.W; common and
stockora, $2.50S'4.1D; lambs, J5.00ff5.45.
Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY. Nov. S. Cattle Re
ceipts. CO00. market strong. Native steers.
$3.75fffl.50: nftilve cowh and holfors. $1,500
6.00: stockcra and feeders. J2.25ffM.00; bulls,
$L75ff3,50: calves, J2.25ffo.75; Western
stcerB, $3.00ffl.EO; Western cows, $l50ffi
3 25
'Hogs-Receipt. C000; market strong.
Bulk, of sales. $l.S0t6.CG; heavy, K.OOQ)
5.124: packers. $1.90ff5.0o; pigs and lights.
?1ShceCp-RccclptH. 1000. Market 10c higher.
Muttons, $3,fOffM.50; lambs. 5J-2o&o.75:
range wothera. $l.00ff4.75: owes. S.MffM.00;
fed Mexican yearlings, 78 pounds, $4.tG.
Illegal Voters Arrested.
KANSAS CITY. Nov, S.-Two negroco
and a while man were arrested hero to
day, charged with Illegal voting. All
threo wero held for Investigation. Ihero
was no disorder. (
60 West 2nd South. Telephone 729-
The largest stationery etore in ITtelu
i '" ' I d III Ml' H r uTil I 1 f i . HIIIUIiHH
DOCTOR CO ok. 5"ATsDlsensc,!1 1
i permanently cured, no mat- v "'yff,gk 1
' ter how long standing the fug Cures quick and radical In 1
I disease, in from G to 20 dnj a. Ej7 A 20 to CO dayn, by my own fa- 5
STRICTURE Ml m m0US meth0d'
cured in 15 days, without f5f VARICOCELE
f cutting, pain, drugs or do v jUrAM Completely and permanently B
tentlon from business. C C5wiS5J cured by my now process; all H
. . eWilPfev dlaagrccnblo symptoma Boon 0
, WASTING WEAK2TESS eew disappear completely and fj
! Time of euro. 10 to GO days. laHSS !nr,0VSLlii! Pwimi i
! by my original, very almplo 4V Jfei and bloodies. An absoluto H
j remedy (used exclusively by im C 5uaranlcod- M
1 PRIVATE DISEASES ' 1 jp$tfflMW Every vestlgo of poison ro- N
' i c in S vA'i XWtiW.ffl1' moved from oystcm without M
, cured In 8 to 10 days 1. ti l hou, HftW aid of, mercury or potash.
: the use of po'sonous drugs. N.' "
Conoultatlon In frco and invited, and In consulting me you may bo sure that j
4 nothing that cclcnco can dcvlBe or skill perfect has been left undone to afford f
you a speedy, safe and permanent euro.
WRITE mo In full confidence, explaining your troubles aa they appear to
you, and receive by return mall my honest and candid opinion of your caee. ij
Microscopic and Analytic Physician.
CURES Fits, Nervous Weakness. Neu
ralgia, Varicocele. Weak Spine, Bllious
nese. Gravel, Soro Eyes, Lung Dlscases.
Tape Worm, Dyspepsia, Liver and Kid
ney Complaint. Dcnfness. Catarrh. Ery
sipelas, Old Sores. Scrofula, Rheumatism,
Stiff Joints, Piles In tholr worst form.
lho8o afflicted with Epilepsy or Fits can
be permanently cured.
By tho aid of tho Microscope we can de
tect Calcut. Cancerous Matter. Carbonate
of Lime. Albumen, and all extraneous
substances mixed with the Urlno or
Blood. This 1b tho Bclentlflo principle of
treating Chronic Diseases.
Can bo found at his office. St Elmo Ho
tel, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Rooms 17, IS
and 19, 7 to 9 p. m.
New and elegant In nil Its nppolntmeoU. R ASSAYER,
CO rooia. alncle or ma ulto. Gl rooms with a 70 W 3rd South, Salt Lako CItv
gath. O. a. Uotmci. ProcrlQtor.
S $10.00 I
I puts a piano in H
I your home. I
$10 Is all wo a8k as tha flrst
i; payment on a $250 Piano, nd $8 a
i per month thereafter pars the H
" balance. This Piano, the Rom- 1
Q brandt, is a beautiful Instrument, '
5 fully guaranteed for ten yeara.
I Carstensen & Anson Co, i
R (Incorporated.)
lu Temple of Muela
8ucci8ors to Dayneu MubIo Co.
Neldei-Jndson Drug Co ;
i j
Edw. C. Bmlth, President. m
! John P. Cobb, Vice-Prcaldent anfl '
i Manager. j
F. L Pearl, Secretary.
H A Knowlca, Treasurer. g
Iriwwl June 19, 1904.
From Ogden, Portland,
Butte, San Francisco, Chi
cago, St. Louis, Omaha,
and Denver 8:25 a.m.
From Ogden and intermedi
ate points , 0:10 a.m.
From Ogden, Cache Valley,
and Intermediate points.... 11:55 a.m.
From Ogden, Chicago, SL
Louis, Kansas City. Oma
ha, Denver and San Fran
cisco 4:20 p.m.
From Ogden. Cache Valley,
Butte. Portland and Ban
Francisco 7:30 p.m.
For Ogden, Omaha, Chicago,
Denver, Kansas City and
St. Louts 7K)0 a.m.
For Ocden, Portland, Butte.
San Francisco and Interme
diate points 10:20 a.m.
For Ogden, Omaha, Chicago,
Denver, Kansas City, St,
Louis and San Francisco.. x:30 p.m.
For Ogden, Cache Valley.
Denver, Kansaa City, Oma
lio, St. Louis and Chicago.. 5:45 p.m.
For Ogden, Cache Valley,
Butte. Hclona, Portland,
San Francisco and interme
diate points 11:45 p.m.
T. M. SCHUMACHER, Traffic Mgr. .
D. E. BURLEY, G. P. & T. A.
D. S. SPENCER. A. G. P. & T. A.'
City Ticket ofllce, 201 Main street
Telephone 250.
From Salt Lake City, Ufafo5 1
! to Si Loots and 'Rdism, I
j ' ' ' I
Jk Send me your name and address if you want
to know the particulars. There is still time enough
1 left for you to see the World's Fair at its best. 1
I THRO' service from Salt Lake City.
j ilPRia R F' N:ESLEN' Genoral Agent, I
I 1" lllflr!! 79 W. SECOND SOUTH ST.,
1 jj Salt Lake CIty
j But Our Big DISH Sale Goes On f
1 We are selling Dishes at less than cost. Read these prices care
1 fully. Come before they are gone.
0 Fancy Cake Plates, traced with Round or oblong vegetable Yellow mixing bowls, iliio to" Odd cups, regular size; you can't ' W
gold, 15c regular, only dishes, less than factory price hake in also, at this unheard-of afford to pass these $
S price g
I 5 cents 8 cents ' 8 cents 3 cents I
Whito Cream Pitchers, nice sizo Protty decorated cups and sau- 0
W for family or restaurant use Glass stand bowls for preserves ,- tJ. , cors 75c set regular; sale prico
. nn . Large whito water pitchers, E0V :
i or fruIt' 30c reSulnr suitable for family or hoarding- 1 g
M 6 cents bouses- qq ,o
1 IQ cents ir 3y cents
(J Individual vegetable dishes, nice j. CentS
size, less than factory prices Whito covered tureen or vege-
Is tablo dishes, 45c regular. Only
A , Gravy dishes, nice for sauce also,
4 CentS regular- Soap dishes at this remarkably
low price- 25 cents .
g Individual meat dishes, kind 1 -s r'P'Tlt'Q r'trhc? ' ' n
S used in boarding-houses and res- w wHO CllLo Turkoy platters, largo size, worth ' g
g taurants 45c, for the small sum of 0
A r?rl-Z Oyster howls, two different odd saucers, no uso being with- 'lT . i ; 0
p JT Uwllti!) shapes, nice sizo for soup out any; think of this price LJ CCllLo
S Family meat dish loss than Q "nf C r?nfc Glass preservo dishes, nico sizo
g wholesale price w K'OLilO jiJ UtllLo for fruit, only ;
I 8 cents 5 cents h
g Breakfast plates, protty shapo ' J5W r1b SL. Jl ersslSSt Glass sauce or fruit dishes, every :
P and design H ono needs them - 0
IPio or f niit plates, nico for bread ! Glass cream pitcher or spoon- ; )
and butter iKW!:i.iititiina'i a, a. jm.wjh holder, each . 0
4 cents g 24 1 MAIN STREET I 5 cents I
IV' ' 1
l tl liH
'fp. . jH
lr i! iH
Jjjj'v j'
fa'1''' i ILiH
In Effect October 0, 1904. . '
No 10-For Ilolwr. Prove and j (5 '
No rV!;Park Clt' 8:15 a.m. ' ffl V? Jl
r"or Denver and East S: a. m. W 1
, Sor Seen and West 10:CO a. m. i V
lKor ?Sden and "West 1:15 p.m. ,
No. 2-For Denver and East 3:15 p. m. W !
ij0 frKSr provo and Eureka... 5:00 p. m. 1 tM''l
11 For Ogden and local pts. 6:05 p. m. j i--3il, ,
V1-0' "iEor Denver and East 8:05 p, m. I mh, IH
OKdon and We3t U:I0 p. m. Myv
?Eor Bingham 8:10 a. m., I fM
No. Ill For Bingham 3:00 p.m.'' isl1-' 1
xt- 57Fni Ogden and tho East 8:10 a. m. I &' :
No. 12 From Ogden and local '
I'o'n's 10:25 a, m. I 'fU
fo. 7 Irom Eureka and Provo. 10:00 a. m. ', Wi' '
No. d From Denver and East. .10:40 a, m. ' M' '. , 'H
No. 1 From Denver and East.. 1:25 p. m. t ) W !.;
No. 2 From Ogden and West.. 3:05 p. m. , if "S ,
No. 101 From Parc City C:15 p. m. H'l,.
No. 0 From Hcber, Provo and M"t, IH
Marysvale C;00 p. m. ' WS;
No. 4 From Ogden and tho West 7:55 p. ro. A h
No. 3 From Denver and East... 11 .30 p. m. . in,')'
No. 113 From Bingham 10,50 a. m. 1 !B i;! IH
No. 115 From Bingham 5M0 p. m. 'at
All trains except Nos. 1 to C atop at In- ! ffl ' fM
tcrmcdlato nolnts. i( r, IH
Ticket office, Dooly block. n ;, IH
'Phone 205. A ' IH
I. A. BENTON. G. A. P. D. &
TIME f 'ft I
San Pedro, Los An- VV ' ''k
goles & Salt Lako OtJy Lfl '"
R. R. Co. ' W
DEPART. , If ' jH
From Oregon Short Line depot. Salt Lako J
For Provo, Lchl. Fairfield and fjll,
Ncphl, MantI and points on , 'rji , IH
Sanpete Valley Ry 7:30 a.m. W t
For Garfield Beach, Tooolo, ' ifl'i ' IH
Stockton, Mammoth, Eu- m IH
reka. and Silver City 8:00 o,m. "tit.: jH
For Provo. American Fork, M 'i
Lehi. Juab. MUford. Frisco, IH
Callentes and lntermediato "fjl: IH
points '6:05 p.m. 'iu.
ARRIVE. rJli'''
From Provo, American Fork, '' ii :
Lchl, Juab, Mllford, FrLsco, 3,; ,
Callentes and lntermediato i 4 -A
points 9:35 a.m. I Wr
From Provo. Lohl, Falrtleld," j
Mcr,cur and Sanpete Valley , fM
Ry. points 5:35 p.m. j W
From Silver City, Mammotn, jji'
Eureka. Stockton, Tooele H f-,
and Garfield Beaeh 5:35 p.m. la,1' -
Daily. A,t
Dally Pullman Buffet Sleeping Car Ser- 1 (.
vlco between Salt Lake, Mllford, Modena a
and Callentes. i '
Direct stage connections for all mining cm,
oistncts in soutnernuian anu .xevuuu. ki,
City Ticket Office, 201 Main Street.
Telephone 250. (- BVfl
COLO imfl
Tlirough car. Salt Lako City t() Sti
Louis and Kansas City. Only ono caangu i
io New York, Buffalo and principal point
dot low rates for summer traveL - HHS
E3poclal attention to ladles and chll ,1,., HHI
Cren. li"' HHS
Tourist eleepcro tbxouch to Chioacoj !..'
Srjton and other pi2J wttnout change. ,' f
Two trains daily. ', 1
Inquire a-t ticket ornco. 3 Lroory block i i '
Bait Lako City. Any tnro .atlon cheer-
fully given. H. C. TOWNSEND. (
G P. & T. A. Missouri Paclno 3U , IH
Louis. Mo, H
p i..-ylV 'L,M?g ) 1 H
A Delightful Placo to Visit. H f
A Profltablo Placo to Livs. g j jH
Greatest Pluy Ground on Earth. H :V
Famous Places "Tilch Bveryono H !' ' j
Wants to See. M I !?'
Invost In a TIckot to CALIFOR- H j '1
' NIA and Soouro Rich Dividends In j fM
- WEALTH, I j !''
Mountains, Valleys. Rivers, Lakes b i
and Ocean Reached by tho f 5 (; H
Southern Pacific f j !V 1
; eompany's Lines !: :
J For descriptive ind Illustrative M j jH
' literature call at No. 201 M&ln ffl H
(' Street. Salt Lake City. I ' B
3 D. R. GRAY. Gonaral Agnt. p B JpfH
Cheap Rates to ': H
St. Louis . ' H
Wo enn save you money. Wrlto a 1 )j , 'H
C. F. WARREN, General Agvnt. T T '
tH HasiZ .Block, Salt LakwCltX, j

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