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' . ;
ItilWI I1 III "il
(Jk. by izola herkifield.
CopyrlRht, 1WI. by Izola Men-Mold.) I
f,T "VVAS nobody's f.-iult but lier own.
Ijf "Vheneivcr ti-oublo came a-knocklng at
i'Phlllpr's door, all kind friends raised
a hands of Innocence to the skies and
clared thankfully that It was nobody's
Lult but her own.
JHe had no earthly right to raise his
dt and smllo when I met him In tho ele
ctor," VHa had cvory right In the world," con
fcdlcted Elizabeth, calmly. "If I hud
renrln'hls placo I should have come right
rwn and called on you, after you had
it'ed llko a love-lorn lunatic, PIppa."
lt was not lunacy. It was Inspiration!"
hlllppa half turned from the piano to
gue. "You weren't In the studio at tho
no, Both, and you don't know a blessed
Tng about It. I wasn't even practicing.
Bfcwria cleaning up."
nK.llvnVinth omllnrl ?hn hml sien Pllllln-
jPjL's cleaning up process. It meant the
lEstllng of everything disorderly out of
fiKht, under tho divan, behind tho ward
?lbe. anywhero at all, so long as It was
SjKfAnd ho sang my pet duct from 'II
Stovatore.' J3eth, It was splendid. You
or old heathen, you don't appreciate mu
?K a bit All you can understand are a
nw oily dauby-daubs, or a pen-and-ink
tetch, but If vou had only heard him"
Ki'If 1 had heard him I don't think that
ushould have flown to tho window and
Harbled back an answer up a New York
r shaft."
don't care " Thlllppa's lono was lofty
bid her attitude belligerent. "I didn't
xMto a rap about him personally, and I
ilfcdn't tho slightest idea what hu lodkcd
ko, but tho voice was divine. It was tho
fclce of 'Manrlco' calling, and ".Leonora'
iBWercd It for art's sake."
JsWell, 'Leonora' had better attend to
;r cleaning up and mind hor own busl
fes. Now she hasn't any cause for com
alnt at all, because 'Manrlco' raises his
It to hor In tho elevator and says 'how
f'k In neighborly fashion. Are you sure
lai It was -Manrlco?' "
L'Oh. yes. He looks It," Phllippa spoko,
ith vague enthusiasm. "And Lafayctto
lys that ho Is the new one In the studio
sr ours."
.UtWell, you had better send Lafayette a
jtlo printed slip to post up In his oleva-
Jl 'Students may sing grand opera duets
irough the air shaft, but any promlscu-
is greetings In elevator will bo followed
"I supposo the poor fellow was so de
bited and amazed when he saw how
implctely I fulfilled hla Ideal of 'Leonora'
iat ho lost his presence of mind.'' Phll
J ipa could bo as sweetly simple and con-
(ritedly vain as Narcissus among tho
atcr lilies.
JiPrcscnc2 of mind is never lost " Ellza
bh added a high light daintily to the left
fere of an Italian fruit vendor on the can
has before her "It Is mislaid. As long as
jaTdldn't lose his heart he needn't worry.';
jjtfiilllppa laughed, and ran her lingers
wxslngly oi er the piano keys.
fslil think he Is worrying." ahc said.
wBut there were no more duets through
lie air shaft. If the occupant of Studio
flnpn th third floor hapened to be prac
Ipclng her tin Ills and quaver, the occu
If&ht of Studio 17 on the fourth lloor, sat
Jjftjrj his open window and listened, and
jjj-hen a full, rich tenor floated down from
jjpiudlo 17 Phllippa would tiptoo to tho
I window and listen also, and bo glad and
irbud In a way, because somewhere In the
tolden tomorrows of hope success lay
-inugly and surely tucked away for the
2111. brown-eyc-d hoy who dared to greet
KUeonora" In the elevator.
TOlIe had "dnrcd" only once. Lour: after
liven Elizabeth had deigned to bow a
pmradcly good-day to him, Phllippa had
I passed on her own way, a slim, arrogant
fclondo young person In gray and' velvet
Ind squirrel furs Elizabeth preserved a
jxaccful posture on tho neutral fence.
Varring factions were not In her llpo,
wiit when she was sending out invitations
pr the monthly Dutch picnic In Studio 5,
iEhc did not think il amiss to send one up
Met Studio 17,
iBfPhlllppa was passing club sandwiches
cn Bobble Clarkson Introduced her to
tall, brown-eyed boy. She did not
p the tray. She merely smiled most
ciously, and asked If Mr, Eliot liked
b sandwiches made of a celestial com
atlon of chicken salad, chopped al
nds, olives, deviled ham and tabasco
. appeared that Mr. Eliot did. In fact,
paced after the dispenser of celestial
dwlchc3 all around tho studio, in a de
srate, determined, man-overboard fash
, moat disconcerting to the dispenser,
11 he llnally cornered her In a Japanese
ovc and forcibly llnlshcd up tho re
ining sandwiches himself.
And ho nnver even said a word about
duet." Phllippa answered later, when
sat. like a Hindoo Idol, In a pink 1:1
na on the hod. and thoughtfully ro
wed the evening. "He's a gentleman
I a Bcholar. And Bobble savs he's all
ht, Solid, old Maryland family, and
that sort of thing. First name's Mar
ry, Marbury Eliot. He has onlv been In
w York a couple of months." and he
ssn't like It very well. He thinks It's
esomo. Ho says we're conservative
1 clannish."
There's a good remedy. Tell him to bo
ilam unto himself."
WPhlllppa ahled a pillow at the scof
fer. iJtGooso," she mild. "Can't you see? He
rants to belong to my clan. I'm going
(Othe Czarga. concert with him tornor
ow. JU'Seo? Of course I see." quoth Elizabeth
aOno Phlllpoa Yates, founder of the So
li ety for tho Prevention of Lonesomeness
W o. Strangers In New York, providing Sali
itrangera are gentlemen and scholars
I torn solid old families, and can sing duets
( M PaYs to be particular irr
I gas. Utah people are pan
Jocular. They always drink
fr mm T .
E I ItllKBiDfcP j g
and cat club sandwiches, for art's sake. I
see tho end." ' '
But Phllippa only smiled, and was si
lent. It had been a most entertaining and
Interesting twenty minutes "spent In the
Japanese corner. One's point of view on
life In general may alter considerably,
oven In twenty minutes.
It wan two woks after the Czarga con
cert. Phllippa came out of the Metropoli
an opera-house as Eliot swung up Broad
way. It had begun to snow at sundown,
and there was the lull of traffic that comes
on the great White "Way, between dlntior
lime and the hour when the curtain rlsos.
She wan tucking a couple of 'II Trova
toro' tickets Into her hrtndbag when ho
greeted her.
"They're for Beth and me," sho told
him, happily. "Wo live on strawberry Jam
and crackers when tho opera Is in full
blast. Do you know, I never go there but
I wonder when my turn will como, don't
He did not answer her directly. They
had crossed the Sixth Avenue Elevated,
and were walking along besldo Bryant
park to the station, before ho spoko to
"I am going homo this week to spend
Christmas with my mother In Maryland,
and before I ko "
A Vagrant wind swept down upon them,
and Phllippa bent her head sideways to
avoid its sting. A$ she. did so her eyes
met his In one swift glance. She was not
smiling now. Her face was aglow with a
curious, half frightened expectancy
"Let's hurry," ahc said. "It's so cold."
He stopped short whero only an audi
ence of sleepy cab drivers could listen.
"Before I go I want to know If I may
tell her that next year you will go homo
with me."
Cab horses are very discreet. They did
not even hear the answer.
"But It won't happen until next Christ
mas, of course," Phllippa explained over
a cup of Ceylon In the studio that even
ing. i
"Until 'Manrlco' has won fame and for
tune slnclng to his lady love at tho Metro
politan?" asked Elizabeth.
Phllippa stirred In anothor lump of su
gar demurely.
"Oh. Marbury doesn't sing at all, Beth-."
sho said. "That was hia room-mate, Gra
harao Moore, who sang tho duot with mo.
Marbury Is an artist."
And Elizabeth, after one long look of
enlightenment, smiled In faahlon wise.
"For art's sake," sho said, severely.
teia society
fetrrafju iI.i.iaCTCgffirfm,nfti I III 'i I 'illilfc hull "iii'i J i i hi i hi i hi i in, hi, i i iiMiii
A largo portion of society could bo seen
moving toward tho Kcnyon yesterday
whero Mrs. A. C- Ewlng gave a luncheon
and Mr3. George Sutherland was enter
taining the Women's Republican club, fol
lowing its meeting. Tho clear skies brought
out the prettiest of fashion's gowns, and
the sceno was quite attractive to tho on
lookers. Mrs. Ewlng'e luncheon was one of tho
most elaborate events of the kind given
in Salt Lake for a long time. The large
drawing-room of the Kcnyon was used
and here a table was arranged with a hol
low square, the guests being seated on the
outer sides. Mrs. Ewlng sat at tho West
end of the table, graciously presiding
over tho feast. The decorations wcro ex
tremely beautiful, and when the guests
entered tho room many expressions of de
light and surprise were heard amid tho
chatter incident to the bustlo of looking
for ones namo among the many placo
cards. Fifty were present and a unique
arrangement In the decorations was In
leaving the outer edges free of llowers
or greens which mlnght Interfere with the
serving of tho menu. Tho interior edge
of the table, however, was ono solid bank
of ferns and smllax. out of which peeped
reel carnations, sprays of plumoso and
malden-halr fern. Fifty red candles wore
also placed amid tho greenery, and tho
room being otherwise darkened from tho
glare of tho December noon-day sun, tho
picture of the wholo was one not soon to
bo forgotten. The interior of tho table
space was taken up with two small tables
on which rested tall palms and ferns, the
leaves of which reached far above tho
rest of tho decorations. Here were like
wise found potted plants and carnations,
completely filling up tho rather large ex
panse of vacant space. At the south end
of the roqm a mammoth mirror reflected
the table and guests, and to look Into Its
reflection from tho doorway gave the ap
pearance of an equally large and bril
liant ovont In the next room. Today Mrs,
Ewlng will entertain at a similar lunch
eon. Her guests yoatorday were Mrs.
Harding. Mrs. Edward Ferry, Mrs. How
aid. Mrs. O'Brien. Mrs. Franksn. Mrs.
Bascom, Mrs. Wler. Mr?. Nclden, MUs
Hanauer. Mrs. Cunningham. Mrs. Wood
ward, Mrs. Montague Ferry, Mrs Mur
ray, Misses Cosgriff. Mrs. Hempstead,
Mrs. Jloboi ts. Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Hampton.
Mrs. Cosgriff, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Jen
nings, Mrs. Shulder. Mrs. Alexander, Mrs.
Walker, Mrs. Murray. Mrs. Wells, Mrs.
Kc-arns. Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. J. E. Wood
ward. Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Kcyes, Mrs.
Stewart. Mre. Ham, Mrs. McVlchle, Mrs.
Terry, Mrs. Pcfirsall, Mrs. Fltleld, Mrs.
Nye, Mrs. Miner. Mrs. Holman. Miss
Woodward. Mrs. Sturgis. Mrs Rla Mrs..
Flagg, Mrs. McEnery. Mrs. Glondlnnlng,
Mrs. Smith. Miss McGrath, Mrs. Miller
and Mrs. Bailey. Tho guosts nrrlvcd at
1:30. The elaborate luncheon was served
at 2, and following coffee tho guests
passed another hour In Informal conver
sation. Mrs. J. E. Woodward's luncheon to
morrow will be tho event of the week at
Fort Douglii::.
Several other events are to be crowded
Into this week it possible.
Society was well represented at the
Symphony last evening.
n 9
-Within a few days a committee will bo
named to plan a suitable' social .event
for tho Inaugural of the Incoming Slate
ofllclals and on thin report will depend
tho question of holding a large Inaugural
Many of Salt Lako's leading homes will
bo open on New Year s day, or rather the
Monday on which the holiday will bo cel
ebrated Several of tho more prominent
hostesses are planning a regular old-fashioned
reception with a bevy of young
girls to assist and a bowl llllcd with egg
nog as features of the day.
Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Dp,yls may bo
homo for tho holidays.
Mrs. W. G. Lamb will entertain Thurs
day at a luncheon and card party.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Robcr. have returned
to the city.
Capt. T. F. Singlser has left tie city to
pass tho rest of thi month In the East
with, his family.
Following theSymphony concert at tho
theater the members of tho Bohomlau
ciub repaired to the now rooms at St.
Mark's hall and passed the evening in an
Informal housowarmlng. President Wll
lard Welho welcomed tho members and
their friends and In this ho way assisted
hy many of tho other officers. Music
and singing made the short session a
pleasant one to all who" wcro present.
Mrs. Abner Luman entertains at a tea
today In honor of Mrs. C. D. Clark and
aiifs Clark of Wyoming. The h'outvs will
be from 3 to 5 o'clock at Mrs. Luman's
he,mc, C79 East Second South.
Very Informal will ho tho reception to
be given this afternoon by Mrs. A. D
Melvln in honor of Mrs. John Reed of
Deliver. The reception will be at tho
heme of Mrs. Melvln and tho hours will
fco from to 0 o'clock.
Mrs. A. N. McKay and llttlo son, Don
ald, leave today for a six-month visit In
The Sarasato Dancing club was reor
ganized Saturday at the home of 8. L.
Mayer and will give Its Initial danco
Thursday, tho 22hd.
Paymaster and Mrs. George F. Downey
are expected here during tho winter for
a short visit,
Somo of the young men have been in
formajly discussing tho advisability of
getting up a series of small Germans, tho
first ono to be given early In January.
Unity hall and tho Ladles' Literary club
have been spoken of as the place for the
"dances. Chrlstensen will furnish the music.
Cab Drivers Vote on Strike Question.
NEW YORK, Dec. 5. Fifteen hun
dred cab drivers began early today cast
ing a referendum vote on the question
of whether the Liberty Dawn associa
tion, local of the International Brother
hood of Teamsters, should strike against
the Livery Stable Keepers' association
which has declined to grant $2.25 a day
and one night oiT In six.
The opinion among the men Is that a
strike will be declared Immediately. Cab
stands about the leading hotels and res
taurants will be chiefly affected.
The few top leaves of the
bush and a knowing- cook
make tea for the few; alas
for the many!
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