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H THE SALT LA K E TIXIUXR. Saturday moi;xivi. nKPRMi 1
Future Prospects
I of Freiburg Camp
District in Which Old Camp Is Lo
cated Awakens From n Long
M Sleep.
BTelburg was at one time a lively little
H camp, and at present there are good pros
Hj, peets uhc.-ul While Piochc was flourlnh
H Ing n number of claims were being worked
Hff for the rich deposits of silver and lead.
Bona of the ore, sorted, carried from "5 to
H 3."i0 ounces silver, and contained as high
I Ik as 0 per cent lead, says the. Do Lamar
I I.ode.
I Judgo C C. Goodwin and other well-
m; known operators owned claims In the dis
trict, and the outlook was Indeed encour-r.c-hiK'
The depr-clatlon of silver mid lend
durlntr the Cleveland administration
caused the abandonment of the camp.
James Reed worked hero COT BOmfe time.
jT and made a shipment of ore r. inning S30
Gj ounces slKer, but as It had to bo freighted
r 1,1 Milf.ird. 'I"'' th.-nee to Silt L;ik", it
' was lonnil t., In- im i ir. 'Ill a I l' and nil
Jk work pmctlcally ceased. Neiblt Bros be
came Interoatpd In the district with Mr.
Reed, and today own some very valuable
claims. They aro at present bonded to
I the Bethel Mining company, consisting of
H Salt Lake, usrden and Michigan parlies.
The veins nr- v.ll defined and lie be
twesn lime atid quartzlte. it is believed
that with Improved methods of working
the .ns. and tho better facilities for
shipping, ihe properties can be worked at
n profit. The worst drawback Is the dan
ger of litigation, as two companies con
R filet on pomo nf the Important claims.
Troy Ilea north of Freiburg about forty
mil 5, and out little i xploratlon haa been
done between the two camps, although In
t dlcatloha show that rtch mlnerul deposit
exist In that part of the county. At Troy
a mill wait erected and ore bearing gold,
I silver and lead was taken out At present
there is nothing doing in that camp.
Forty miles weat from Troy is Reveille,
I which twenty-five years ago produced
I high-grade chlorhles. One mine, the Kh,
I produced over $1 ik),i. and was owned by
I Gov. Adams, I'onie work Is being done
by leasers, the product being shipped
west to Tonopah
About twenty miles west from Peek-a-BOO
la the Groom mine, which contains
l.-nge ho ,'d. s of 1. id running from Co to
00 per cent and carrying from 19 to 20
I ounces Kllver. Still farther south is the
Great Eastern, also rich in lead. Twelve
I miles further west Is the Park Springs
district, in which aro some tine veins of
' cpj
There aro many more,old prospects that
1 could be mentioned. In every direction
from Do Lamar aro lnrge fields open to
the prospector, and which will undoubted"
I ly attract tho attention of Investors It
may bo truh said that the prospecting of
I Lincoln county la still In Its infancy, and
that the future will show up man valua
ble mines In this locality at present un
I dreamed of.
Will Begin Shippiug Ore Next Month
to the Smelters.
Q Manager Jacobs of tho Duller-Liberal
Bll mine haa entered into a favorable con
tract with tho American Smelting & Re-
IHP. lining company and will begin shipping
ore to the smelter early in January, savs
If the ningham Bulletin. In tho Hart tun
nel the copper vein onAvhlrh work was
recently begun haw Iwii opened for 100
I feet, arid all the way shows an average of
four feet of copper ore that will yield a
I (-.... 1 liKtrL-'n over r-xp-nses. In running
the tunnel a considerable tonnage of this
ore was broken. Stoplng will begin Im
mediately after the holidays. It should
not be long before the Butler-Liberal win
I be handing around another dividend. It
ha- during the past year bought addition
al territory. Installed machinery, done a
I large amount of development and built a
K road, and still has funds in the treasury.
Manager Jacobs is not given to blowing
hln horn. :inl while others talked has
quietly and steadily pbshe 1 work that
counts. There la no apparent reason why
Uutler-T.lt" r .1 slock should not make a
big advance during the llrxt half of 1903,
I i'! the property will soon begin to speak
I for Itself in a mot gratifying manner.
Ore Shipments Begin After a Month's
Oro shipments have been resumed by
tho Boston Consolidated at Bingham, af
ter a shut-down of a month.
Uuring the year fvi.OOO tons of ore were
tak-n from the property and underwent
treatment at the Bingham Consolidated
I smelter.
It Is believed that next year will show
a considerable Increase A concentrator
will probably be erected for reducing tho
low-grade copper found in the belt
lyouls S. Gates, the efficient superlntend
1 ent, has everything In shape for the Inau
guration of a brisk campaign with the
V coming year.
Freezing of Water Cnuses Cessation
of Activity.
Fred Whltmore, superintendent of the
Queen mill at Bingham. Is lu the city,
B and report3 the mill closoJ down on ac
count of the water supply being cut off
by freezing The mill will probably re
main closed down until spring sets the
water free.
The mill was built this year and has
been hhii.lllng the ore from the Queen
and oilier properties with most gratify
ing results.
First-Class Ore Taken Out Old Pro
ducer Has Bright Future.
The Buckhorn has begun shipping first
! cluas ore, the first taken out for many
years '1 he present aspect of this prop
I erty Is very encouraging, and J. C Whit
ing who has been spending several
months heroas the representative of the
Neldrir.ghaui Interest in the property, left
yesterday r.r st Louis, taking with him
an extreme) gratlflng report on the
Tonopah-Goldfleld Quotations.
H Jainrs A Pollock & Co, bankers and
j ' ' ' J ' i' ' 1 . . r th'lr pil-
! "lr,;- i""i)Wng quotations on
mm ronopah and Qoldfleld stocks traded In
M on the San PranclSCO market :
Closing, December J2 -Columbia Moun
Wm tuln 21i2c. Gold Anchor, L'l'-i ir.'c . Gold-
1 field. Cuidlli'ld, lille: Jm
WM Butler. We; Jumbo, CC-Ic; Jumbo Kxten
ij Slou. 28tJ23c; MeNamar:i, 2228c; Montana
Hg Tonopan. $L972.00; Red top ISftlQc; Res
cue. 0Q7c; Belmont ?071i Tonopah Ex-t'-nsii
: ; ih ( Jold Moun-
tntn. DiHc, Midway, 8636c; Tonopah of
Nevada twnv&c; North Star. iv;iClc.
i A M i''..se. December 23 Columbia
Mountain. 20g21c; Qoldfleld. 7071c; Jum
bo, 60C2c; MeXamara, ii'aiie.; Montona
Tonop h tl.UVr.'.i ' Rdtop. iTfjiiKc; Sand
storm M5c; Tonopah Belmont, 70971c
BiBiH Tonnp::h KxK'nslon. J." iC.'3 n. Midway 34
eif I."coda, J''uajxC, XoVlh
Star, ii'yJCo.
k 4
BOSTOX Crawford, Parker.
CHICAGO Auditorium, Great Xorth
ern. Palmer EfoUBe.
DBNVBRA-Brown Palace
KANSAS CITY Midland. Coates
LOS ANGKLES The Angelus, B. F
Gardner. :;." Spring street.
MINN EAP( 'LIS West Hotel.
NEW YORK Waldorf-Astoria, Imperi
al, Astor House
OMAHA The Millard the Paxton.
I 'i ij-.'l i M R I'.,ril .nJ Hotel.
ST LOl.TIS Planters'. Southern.
SE ATTLE Hotel Northern.
W ASHIXQTOX Wlllard, Raleigh.
Wabash Recovers May Day Weak
Next CaJl Tuesday Morning'.
W Ith tho call of yesterday nftemonn,
business for the week on tho mining ex
. IrtnK. ended, the Christmas vacation be
glnnlng today Tho noxt call will bo at
lu o . link Tuesday rnoi iiIuk
During the week 177,234 shares of stock
were soi.i for (56,508.08 Tho featurea of
the five days of trading has been thp rlso
and fall of Wabash. The sensational rlso
In this stock has been the one subject
of discussion among mining men.
Mas Day w im the subject of hear at-t
tacit, whllo New York and Yankee Con.
showed good advances.
Wabash recovered somewhat yesterday
selling up to 2.3o
New ork lost a little ground In tho
morning, selling down to 3(Vd cents but
recovered during tho afternoon, selling on
tho open board at 32 cents a share.
May Day struck the toboggan again nnd
under an nvalnnche of selling orders
.ii pped down to Kyi cents a ahare
The totals for the day were 34, ?.'.) shares
sold for which $11, M was received.
Tho closing quotations follow.
1 A M. P M
Hid. Asked h Hid. Asked
A J a : 11 t .13 5 11 J 13
Alice 3u 75 . 30 .85
Boston Con . 6.00 6 62M, 6 05 6 W
Bull-Beck 1 00 1.60 1.75
Beck-Tun . . .OS 08
But-Lib . . .12 .13 .12 M
Carlaa 134 a. 13"4
Con Mer ... .36 . 39 . 36 .39
Century . . .02 .15 20
Creole 40 40
Daly 2 45 ... 2 T2Vi
Daly-Judge . 4 75 5 ( 4.75 5 M
Daly West 11.75 10 50 11.87
E & B Boll. .75 . 95 . 7214 1 00
Galena 06H .30
Grand C ... 3.00 3 10 3.05 3.10
Geld Bon .02 .10 10
Horn Sil ... 1 25 1 CO 1.25
Ingot 01
Jim But 50 50
Joe Bowora . .00
Llttlo B 92V- .50'
Little C 03 03 .ce4 a.U4
I Mam 01 .09 .0-1 10
Men Ton .. 1 2 03 1 70
Mam 1.30 1.55 1.21
May Day ... 17 .18 .18 .lsy.
Mnr W 01 . .01
MeXamara . .21 .20
Now York .. .30V4 .31 .81 .32
Ontario . .. 3.85 3 75 .... ..
Prtro .08 08
Roc-Homo .. .20 . 50 .30 . 50
Rich-Ana 03 03
Sunshlno 04
Swansea . . .28 . 40
S Swansea . .05 .07
Sac 00 .10' .09 .10
Sll King 50 00 65 00 50.00 65.4)0
Star Con .. .11 .15
811 Shield . 08 09
Tonopah . .. 9.40 9 52
Ton Bel ) 62
Ton Ext .... 2.75 3.15 2 75 3.05
Ton Mid ... .32 .38 .31 ... .
Tetro 18 19 18 18
I States .... 23.60 j 23.50 ,
I'nclo SC.. .23 .231 23 24
Utah .f I .35 40 "35 .
Victoria . 2.02 212 2.00 2 02
Victor Con I ,08 'Mi, rjgu .0414
Wabaah . . . .1 2.26 2.40 2 20 2 3'
1 anl:. c .' .37V1 u rr, '
DaL. -Judge. 100 at $5.
May Day, 2000 at 19c; 600 at 19c, seller
thirty days; 1000 at 19c; UNM at lKc; GOO at
seller thirty days; 600 at nc. seller
Blxtj days.
Little !hl f. 2000 nt 3'ic.
New Yurie. 150D .it 31VsC 12iX at 31c KiOO
at 30c. 500 at 30e '
Wabaah, 200 al ?c 10.
Yankee Consolidated, 2i)0 at 38c
Grand Central, 100 at 13.10.
Little Chief, E00 at 3c.
M ly Day, 10W at 18c, 2"0 at 18c. Goo at
V v.
Cncle S im Consolidated, 500 at 23c
vTabaah, 100 at 2 C"; lOo at J2.33; 100 at
Shares sold, 21,150; value. $5245 75.
Daly, 1O0 at 2.42, 100 at J2.35, 100 at
Mammoth. 100 at $1.30. 2n0 at $125
Victoria. 400 at $2.00, 100 at 2.00
Little t'hl. f. lOiii at :.' c
N.-w Turk. 5i at '''-gv
Wababh, 100 at $i'.32'i. seller sixty days.
Carlsa, 500 at 12c.
Gpond Central. 2tX at $3.02.
Little !dcf, 8B00 at 8c
Marrrmoth, 100 nt $1 20
M iy Day, 500 at 18C 2500 at 18c, 500 at
17"ic. 500 at Mo, buyer thirty davs. 500 at
lSc. buyer thirty davs
New York, 1000 at flc, ICO at 32c, 1000
at K2e. seller thirtv days,
Tetro. 200 at 18' -c.
Utah 3W nt 36c "
Victoria, MP at 12,00.
Wabash. 100 at $2.32, 100 al $2.22, s-'llc-r
sixty days; lot) at $2 32, 300 at $2.35, 50 at
T2 U.
Shares sold, 13 KM. value. $r.679.75.
San Francisco Mining Stocks.
SAN FP.ANCISCO. Dee. TS The official
la quotations r.,r mlnlnc utockt toOav
wro mi follow:
Alta otjjj & Norcrois... 1.0J
Ancles 16 Justice QS
Belcher 1 Mexican 1,16
Kent A B 91 Oeoldental Con .. .TS
Bullion ' .20 Ophlr j.to
Caledonia 42 Overman 07
1 'hnllcnee Con !! Potool ,jj
Challar . 22i SavuKe . ift
Oenfldcnco 0' 3ic Helchnr 05
ccn cni & Va . . 1 (l Sierra Nevada ,, . "9
Con Imperial 01 silver inn &g
frown Point 13 T'nlon Con a
Exrhegner . I ,'Lan fun .04
Gould & C'urrln ... .1 Yrllow Jacket 13
Adama Con $ .20 Little Chief .... 0",
Aliee 00 Ontario 3.75
Brcecc 1S( Ophlr 3. 51)
BruBaejick '"n 10 Pbosnla o
1 omrli.'-k Tunnel ns rntn n
Con Cal & Va .' SavaKi .17
Horn Silver 1 Oi SWth Nivnda . .. 40
Iron Silver 1 W Small Hopes .25
Lead Villi c0n Ji2 SLiunlaril 2. 00
Adventure .? I (0 Michigan 9 00
Aliouea It 00 Mohawk ....... 4S .V)
A malerarnatcd GO 0") M C & C 4 1.71
Am Zinc 11.75 Old Dominion . 26.00
Atlantic 15 75 Oiccola 91.80
Blneham 93-50 Parrot 26 00
c A II 06.00 Quusey 105 00
Centennial 23 2,". Shannon 875
Copper B 6( 25 Tanmrack .. Hi 00
Daly Went .. 11.75 Trinity s 75
Dominion Goal 65.00 U s Stinlng .. 375
Franklin 10 60 U 8 Oil . . 10 75
Granby 4 7Vi t'tah 41.124
1p1 P'.jalo .... 25 00 Winona it 50
Mass M ng S.')0i4 Wolvorlno ..... 101.00
Oro and Bullion Settlements.
Ore and bullion settlements vcnterdav
amounted to HO7.000. As reported bj llc
Cormlck & Co. they wore as follows
American bullion, $43,300; gold, elher and
lead ores, $f,4 800
in the metals bllver fell off to i:c an
ounce. Copper was stoady at 1 a pound
and lead al $3.60 and 94.00 per cwt.
Capt. Hayne Talks
of the Sandstorm
Fortunate Owner of nn Interest in
the City Rich Lot Ready
for Shipment.
Flushed With the ."iieee(S which fortune
brings, Cnpt A 11 Mayne, tho principal
owner of tho lease on the. famous Sand
storm mine ftt Goldfield, Is in the City
to spend the holidays
In the month which the least hits run,
Capt Mayno and his asscx lates hao tak
en fiom the property oro valued nt $100,01
nnd twenty tons valued nt 21000 a ton or
$60,003, for the lot Is now awaiting ship
ment. The lease has nearly n year to run nnd
In that time its fortunate owners will
Join the ranks of the millionaires
Although naturally modest, Cupt
Mayno docs not hesitate to say that the
Bandatorm at tho present time Is the
grentcst mine In Goldfield and that In
point of richness It will equal almost
any mine In tho world.
Tho great vein is eighteen or nin' teen
feet wide, but the rich ore which Is t" ling
shlr.pp.l la found In a width of from three
to four feet
Capt Mayne says that hundreds of
tons of fine milling ore Is In sight n,.t
Only on the Sandstorm but on other prop
ertlCS. The crying need of the camp Is a
mill large enough to handle the custom
trade, and the Captain has no hesitancy
in :-.iing thai tho opportunlt tin erec
Hon of Mich a mill would furnish Its
owners would bo cqunl to owning a mine
of richness In the center of the dlatrlot,
Water l an be found at a depth of twen
ty feet In the camp and the larger mines
such aa the Florence January and ,ium
ho, have found water In their shafts al
a depth of 2Gu feet.
That the permanenc of the camp 1? no
longer in question Is evidenced by 1 apl
afayne'e statemenl tha.1 the ores which
have reached the sulphides nre more
than holding their own.
With mills capable of handling the
quantities of ore Of this class now on
the dumpa of the various properties, th
induction of tho camp will bo trebled
next year. .
Special to Tho Tribune.
RICHFIELD, Dec. 23.-L. II Outzen,
pr.Mldent of tho Annlo Laurie EvW-nslon
Mining company, has Just returned from
an Inspection of tho work to date on the
property He reports finding the tunnel
making good progress and tho fuce entt r
Ing formation which gives assurance of
cutting close to one of the veins expected
to be tapped. Thi tunnel Is one of the
beat plecea Of work of the kind on 1 h'
mountain. 'When ore Is encountered thr
company will have a lir.t-ilHes tunnel
through which 10 operate
A winter's stock of supplies has been
put In and arrangements ma.de for the
prosecution of v,ork all winter It Is th.
tlrm conviction of the directors of the
company that when spring comes the Lx
tenaion will be making a showing pustl,
Ing all the hopes and expectations of lis
w . f Snyder, Walter James, John Mur
ray and five other Salt Lake parties have
located hX acres of ground in tho Gold
Mountain district as placer ground. The
property Is believed to contain a valua
ble deposit of g,,id and silver which can
be worked by a placer process
Mexican Mining- Deal.
From their L'envcr correspondents
James A Pollock & Co yesterday ro
celveil the following private wire relative
to an Important deal pending on Menem
mining property
"Negotiations are under way for the sale
of 150,000 shares of the stock of the Mitch
ell Mining company to a prominent min
ing corporation. The Mitchell Is capit ti
lled at fo.000.000. The par value of thci
shares is $lu The mines are situated In
th.- district of Bravos and Tavares, Btate
of Guerrero, Mexico The president of tho
company le George Mitchell, nn time as
sistant superintendent and metallurgist
for the Huston and Montana smelters at
Great Falls. Mont, and six years superin
tendent and metallurgist of the United
I Verde mines."
BoBton Copper Market.
Special to The Tribune.
BOSTON. Mass., Dec. 23 The coppers
were very quiet today and business In
general In the ixchaiigo w:is at u stand
still, while the brokers made merry. Tho
few transactions that were mado dis
played a firm tendency, but very few
atocke figured in tho ,j l a dealings.
Homblowoi - Weeks, brokei .. Btate
Street Boston, and 10 VI all Btroot, N-
'l Ork. furnish th" following quotations
SnlcR High Low. Closo.
Amal 2101 $66.12" $ft5.25 $60.0)
Bingham . . I'V) 33 75 33.50 33.75
Boston 140 6 1." I'.'ii fi.l2Vi
1 S. M. .. 7-'a 24.00 23. .Vi 23.K7,'i
I'tah ?S0 41.60 41.12i4j 41.1214
D W 103 11 75 11 73 11.75
Mercur, BOtt.
Mining1 Notes.
Tjflfnyette Holbrook spent Thursday In
this city on buslnees.
A five-cent assessment on the Lower
Mammoth has be?n levied hy the direc
tors. The last shipment from the New York
amounts to approximate! 00 per ton In
Manager Snyder has returned from a
visit of Inspection to the Honerlne of
A S Ball, secretary of the Annie Laurie
of Gold mountain, 13 up from camp for
Thi tlrst carload of ore shipped from
the mk.-e fissure in the Ma;. Day
brought $12". for thirty tons.
Tho smoke experts engaged by th?
smelters to study the sm.ik,- problem will
begin operations early next month.
j. a MacVichie is In from Goidtieid
spending the holiday a with bis brother.
Capt Duncan MacVichie of the Bingham
H. A. Brown, superintendent of the
( iqulrrh-Blngb.im mine al Bingham, Is In
the city The r 1 1 1 1 1 h.i-t linn los. .1 down
for the winter.
Arthur Petit, a j ourlg mining man for
merly of Johannesburg, South Africa. Ik
at the Knutsford, from Goldfield. where
he has been to look over tho country.
Shareholders of Utah No. 2 will meet
next month to ratlfv the bond and lease
lr, ni the Clah No. 2 to the I tah company
On the confirmation of the bond and lease
the shareholders will ree ive M'v, tor
the prorie-rty
General Manager William M-dy Jr.. re
ports that during the e:,.r just endlnc the1
Copp" r Belt railroad at Bingham handled
Be Quick.
Not a minute should bv lort when a
child shows symptoms of croup. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy given as soon
as the child becomes hoar?e, or even
after the croupy cough appears, will
prevent the attack. It never falls, and
Is pleasant to take. For sale by all
leading druggists.
ttaAXnmaS HatSBMHWSfrJS'Ai.'.i BBBBBBl
f Don't Forget
zS the Place
iy Where
Holiday Goods,
Jewelry. Watches
Diamonds, Clocks
Opera Glasses,
Good Reliablo Goods at
Lowest Possible Prices.
Every Article Guaranteed.
SAL SICKLE, The Jeweler
75 East Second South St, Between
Commercial and Stnto Streets.
more than 100,000 tons of oro. Tine entire
tonange was drawn from the Utah Cop
per, Yampa. Boston "on. and I'nlted
States mines.
Bingham Bulletin- As 6oon as teams Bra
nwillal'le Managi-t 1 'rem of the New Red
WlnK1 will send to Kempton mill a 1'"
ton lot of second grade from tho Bllver
Hill claim (Red Wing). Considerable mill
ing ore Is phowlng In the company's prop-
erty, as the result of developments of the
past season, and th-1 coming shipment will
RO doubt ho followed by others during the
Tn n 1 1 points on our line In Utah. Ask
the agent Tickets sold Dec 2: L'l Zfi
and al, and Jan. 1. Return limit Jan.
3, 1905.
During NOVEMBER added 614 new
subscribers In Salt Lake, giving a to
tal of 7001 subscribers. Equal to ten
telephones to every hundred of population.
Via Oregon Short Line
December 2S. 24, 2S .and 31 and January
1 Final limit January 3. Ask agents
for particulars
Public Long-LMstanco Telephones,
With round-proof booths. Telephone
building, btate street, city.
'Phone 2600 for
Always on hand. We sell no other.
Central Coal and Coke company
3S South Main street.
"At the sign of the Peacock."
Annual Output of 62.950 Cars.
NEW YORK, Dec 23. Returns re
ceived from the car-building plants of
America show that, In the past year,
approximately 62,960 cars have been
built. Including cars for use on elevated
railroads, but exclusive of street ami
other electric cars. These figures do not
Include cars built by the railroads at
their ow n shops.
During the year 3441 locomotives were
built at the various plants, as against
6162 last year. The number for the cur
rent year takes in 95 electric locomo
tives but does not include locomotives
built by the railroads at their own
Tea puts youth in tired old
bones, and turns wrinkles to
State Enclneer's Office, Salt Lake Jlty,
TJtRh November 22. liKil
Notlco U hereby given that Jtmes J.
Chambers, whoso postofflce nddresa Is
Broadway, New York. N Y has made ap
plication b, accordance with the t equip
ments of chapter 100 cf the session law:
of Utah, 19fej to epprcprlate twenty-tlra 1
(25) second -feet Of he wnW flowing in
the Little Cottonwood creek. Bait l.-ake
countv Utah Said water Is to be divert
ed bv" means of a dam about ten HO) feet
high and n pipe at a point Ju?t below the
tall race of the Columbus Consolidated
Mining company's power piant In section
10. township ? south, run-e 2 -uwU. Salt
Lake base ard merlolni from where the
water will be conveyed for about eleven
thousand (11 00ft) feet and there be used
from Januat 1 to December 81, Inclusive,
of each year for developing power for
electric lighting an'l propelling machines
In Salt Lake valley V? PBIng been
60 diverted and used the water will be re
turned to the natural channel of Lt'tle.
Cottonwood croek at a point near the west
line cf section 8, township 3 south, rango
2 east, Salt Lake base and meridian.
All protects apalnst the granting of
said application, stating the reasons there-fc-.
must be made by affidavit In dupli
cate, ariu f.'rd In this office within thlr;y
c!ei days after tnt completion of the pub
lication of this notice
State ".-.nglneer
Dale of flrct publication. November 24;
date of completion of publication. Decern-
her ?l C1639
Wabaah Mining conipany principal pis e
of business. Salt Lalto city. I tab. No
te, la hereby liven thai at a meeting
of the board or direct held on the
21nd day of December 1904. an assess
ment of flvo cents (oc) per share was
levied on the capital Stuck of the Cor
poration, pa) able on or liefoc the J'tl,
day of January 1906, to W Mom Ferrj
secretary, at room No. 521 Atlas block
West Second South street Sail iike
t Utah Any stock upon which this
iessmcnt may remain unpaid on the
2clh day of January. l'5, will be delln
Q.uent and advertised for sale at public
auction and unless payment Is made be
fon will be sold nn the 17th dav of Feb
ruary, 1905, to pay the delinquent assess
ment, togethur with the cost of aelver
tlslijg and expense of sale
W MONT. FERRY, Secretary.
Location of office, 521 Atlas block, Salt
Lake City, Utah. dl750
W Are Moving Into Our
New SLore
Deoly Annex,
121, 123, 125 West 2nd
South Street
The Mine & Smelter
Supply Co.
Assay supplies and chemicals will be
found at new location
IItfs a poor man,. in
deed, who doesn't
carry a Leyson
watch 'Phone 65
for the correct time
sVa.lt LAKE. CiTY
I We'll take tho
Tesponeibility for
success with your
holiday baking if
you'll use
5: I
"That Never
Best present for son or daugh
ter Pembroke Stationery Co.
64 W. 2nd South. Phones 758.
Send today for a book which will ln.jplro
any man to be strong and vigorous a
book you will like to read. If. tells how
to cure weak men. and gives Illustrations
of the effect of my belt upon weak, nerve
less men I Rend (he book staled, fr:., If
you Inclose this ftj.
83! ICtlxSt, Denver. Colo.
W. F. BOND & CO.
Ask for our weekly letter.
Elliott, Williams & Colburn
"The Hustlers."
Mine and Mining Sto'ck Bought, Bold
and Reported on.
Rsllsble Information furnished concern
ing Tonopah and Gold! led districts.
Representing Starr & Duller, Tonopah,
Members S. F Merchants Ex . Cal
Sto, k Bx . S. P and Tonopah Mlnlnp K-change.
court of the State of L'tah. In ami for Sa r
Lake county In the matter of the appli
cation of the Oolden Star Mining & Mill
ing company, a corporation, organized
nn.l existing under tho lawn of thi. State
of Utah to be dissolved.
PORATION Notice Is hereba riven that application
has been mad" by and In behalf ,,f the
b'.ard of dlr, t,,Ks of the 0,, l. ,, star
Mining & Milling company, a corpora
tion, organised and exining under the
laws of the State of Utah having its
office or principal place ..f business nt
9al1 Lake i Ity. In Salt Lake countv. State
of Utah, ffr an order of thl court dis
solving said corporation Said applica
tion ;is (lied "ii the 12th dav of Decem
ber 15W, and an order of court h.,a
In i n ma,b- thereon by Mono-able C. KV
Morse Ji dge of said court, dlrectlnc the
aid application be (lied with the Clerk
nnd tiiat the umb-rslgned. Clerk of snld
court Klvc tiotlce Of f ich application by
publlcailon for a perior; of thirty-five 05)
davs said tiprlod e,irinc on January
IS, 19C in the Salt Lake Dally Tribune
a newspaper having geneiai d reui , i ,,n
in sold Salt Lake countv wlihln which
time any porxon may file his objections to
said application Thin notice Is published
pursuant, to said order
(Seal) JOHN 3 I mks
County i"lerk and Clerk of the District
Court Salt l.n.ke County, Utah
Bv David B Davles. Deputy Clerk
Dabd December 12th, 190L illOlt
0 Cannot Fall to Please 0
JL Chafing Dishes Tool Chests A j
D 5 O'Ciock Teas Flexiblo Flyers X
X Carving Sats Skates y
f50 We Treat ii)i Cure -1
rj T.lp, A CATARR H Oenfnes'.. No-j5 anrl Ttiren f- '3RAa 1
Vi&J('yjP -1V,S'4 'i'r.Mi ij K.voan.l K:.r I'lU'i-1 ' llr-nrl, .L ft. vlBk I '
trfSSSSSi Jftf n1 bnriK Tr.-iuhle. AUhnu 1- ti . l.w- YQ "BA
Mip! er :d4 Kl'lnoj ll1e-le'l U nrtdur Tmublei, SDHsA I
fSSliJ 3L Female C.,o'.i'.alni hr .nl' I,.., ., ,,t LK r, 'JU
WtAA1. L' Women aDd i hllrinD lloin )Uica,o .".'or- 'i & ! I
-3 1 J y ! Mn-aw. Chorvn, iW. VHu. linnri". "J T
IS df-S BterllltTt Rlokata Spinal Trouble, Skin Dl f ! Jn I
)v neHII BOlallOa anil llheiimntwm. blmia'ei JK Sm!L I
J J) of -.we. I'll.-. M-an'ii an-1 p.-- .M M
A K y Tn.nbles noltro (or b'e Dook. Mlo,-.l 1. . JrjLfjr I
Jk :' eaes. Tope Worm. Hajr Ferer' Braterla, ''.Jj I
Xf -LFTN -J. lov.r.o t me! a I ,,,,, j JJsL'fjlj-y ll
. ,vls-K", . hr:Trt:e ami Chronii rnneaiii &.l4Xj.J'" t
- VWWM llonio Irpjlmrnl fares U nl, for A"' I
V,'..i..i3. - fr,.,. nj ni,i ..in 1 is- ir v,"i niDDOt . all. JMW'
DU A. J. snouts. 0 oriHuliat Ion Krce. I)U. u i . 1
Weak Men Pay When Curedll
If re,i mffcr from nnj of the weahnet'es or We euro von (Jrst sr.rt then a RrijJnfl
1 alM-aos rou-eil bv lL-n:ir:irr . rxei-s. or eon- ABl.rJ t EH wbeu you urp .1 Vi t ?2B
1 UaKlV.n VOt: AI'.K Till: VtKY fKKUUN V B pond o,ir ,,r,l ibf.,.snDdf 0 tSJjH
WANT TO TALK TO tmvij indorsed ui. NOW W f. A.VT "t,, rJZM
We unto provoD our skill In curing CDRONIC TOO wnhtho disMnei un,5i-r,itodlDK lauS
dlv..i-. bj publishing 'he maiiT voluntary will not demand a I El", uutll eir
leMlmonlua frem homo peuplo. giving numea. This applies i bosi Maiit-.o-.d ?jn.lnal WuaH
pictures and addrensea. Deal ermatorrhoea. Gonorrhea. stJ!JB
WE ( AN'T Tl Hl.lin OPR CURES ra , , . L.lv. rJM
l nil'. ATI DLS1 SI-.H re . ..n.a.-....,, I1..,0'M
I p.eeause It would betrar confldeuc. Heneo, AVKAKNEsSES of roeo 1
I wt. have to pr.-.v our fcklil In thi i clasa of trou- 11 II I' K imi R '.'a m to ;. ? a KvaliJ
I ble. in anoiber wut Tbli l our Dim I 11 U ononis una tiollilayo lu a. m u iB
DRS. SHORES & SHORES, Expert Specialists, 249
I Sail IM Brewing gompan
8 "Our Mmtm
ak dmtf
i- :- ' Betas of a superior quali, is rmpldly UMlf
the plaoo of Eascern Importations. M
j E i,frHl same price as our othm brands, 'fry it
! lAGERg j 3 nioritz, &mm) mmm
B Pafrftfik"f j
SwJdH Rosidsot EetaU Arsaift
liiLPJ Telsphona 231.
1 C. W. KIGfilNXl
yXX ff.'jl' )tt , S Microscopic and Analytic Fhyslclia.
Q 'ikJa TV '-' Vltf CURES Pita Nervous VWnfcnew. Nsj
Y'i-l'j'Jl ralgrla. Varicocele, Weak Seine. BUM
I Ii ('IS'rW Or i el. Son- K..-.J. l.'.r.g DtoMSJj
WL'S l" ' "rr.i, L: . .-pepssla. LirandKH
H f ' . y.'y ney Complaint, Denfr.e-" i stfu-rh. In
uVHk MSMSk W slpelns. Old Sores. Scrofula. beuattSB
. --i i StlfT Joints. Pi) g in I elr worst fore
V Skj-T JtlM . Those nfiHef"1 TMth EpllepJT or Flti Ol
; j -yiar'-iit'"' l')) J IK Ptrmnnently cured
r ' ' ' "j Dy the aid of the Microscope we can
' . ' a l ..t .1 r : V, ;' .-. O.irborit
ff4?: i:lv'4vi h of Lime Albumen nnd el extranioa
f'l r&''yV ry 1 Jl etibstati. mix-d the T.'r.r t
- ; 7 .7 f, ;.: -si 7-rp- Ui Blood. TbH is tho Bclcntlflo prlndpll I
I ' f'-Jr rtS L If treatlnf? Chronlo Diseases.
njflft WL Con be found at his office, St Elmo Si
' ' el rrom 10 a rn. to 4 p. m RoonialI.il
ths knowledge op piseabs m
'"doctor cook 3
H permanently cured, no mat- C-K Cures qu.ck ar.d r,fwJ
3 ter how long standing the 0 t"' '' .lays, toy my "u
j dlooase. In from 5 to 0 days. ff6j mous method.
I cured in 16 days, without fZ& frS rmoletel,- ' 7
S cutting, pain, drugs or da- (ftl . V fcf 'Sc yv v new proj
I tentlon from business. S jXl M dlsasrable n'a
WASTING WEAKNESS "on disappear m?
Time of cure. , W day. V l S."S 'H
I by mv orUMral. very almols 1 VjJ u Cu e S",m1
remady (utcd exclusively by TW
m,s ) ttfisi Xis BLOOD POISON
PRIVATE DISEASES ffm?M Even M-;tlgc of
j cured In 8 to 10 davs. with- fW;(; f? rn.-.ved from ""oo'jiM
i r"it the u:o of pole,. nous J , f--::i7 !! r-1,:-':r' 0
drugs V.'
Consultation Is free and Invited, and in consulting me you may be ?jjrge:l
nothing that science can devise, or eklll perfect haa been left unoono
you a Pj.ee, i--, afe and permanent oire. ,v.v app1 '
WRITE mr- in ful confldonce, explalnlne your troubles r.s y...,:
you, and receive by return mall my honest and candid opinion oi yJ CfJ
For fle cer.tn per pound we guarantee you will never hne la)iiBgMJ
butter. It cots only this much more than other brands to gei bBtuSj
which not only carries this jrunrnntee 'nut glcs -vu th0 ,
made. It costs but a trifle per m sal, why not have the best7 I
Faust ereamery & Supply Vl
W aji IMir uimii tmu mm n i ibi ss J

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