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I THE SALT LAKE TRIBUTE, bSpbdat unansa, PBSjgg'fc
IRodej but Impressive
If Ceremony,
Bodies Wrapped in Plaited
Straw and Smothered in
Wild Flowers.
"Held in God's Own Temple A
Wnlled-ln Vnlley Among the
Green Hills,
IJ Correspondence of tho Associated Press.
MUKDEN", Nov. 25. Wild and rough as
I are the Cossacks, thoy arc peculiarly
I sentimental and as susceptible as children
I to the emotion of the hour, whether It
be anger or sympathy. .Ono of the moat
striking sights I havo ever witnessed was
ihe whole of Mlstchenko'B division paying
I Its respects to the remains of tho four
Cossacks who woro killed and mutilated
below Slndeo.
It was somo time ago, just toward the
end of the summer. Thu Dunai was fixed
for 0 a. m. Mlstchenko and all his staff
and the Fourth Chita, rcglmont, to which
the men belonged, were accorded tho place
of prominence In the ceremonies. Thcro
were no coffins available, and tho bodies
were wrapped In plaited straw, but so
smothered with wild llowers and natlvo
grasses that It was Impossible to see tho
ghastly blood staln3 soaking through tho.
covering till tho corpses were lifted from
the stretchers to bo placed In the grave.
Hats Off Prayl y
The churchly accessories were scant.
An old table had been brought from a
deserted Chinese hut. and on It was placed
an old regimental Ikon and before. It a
single bit of wax candle, tho nearest ap
proach to a taper that could be had. The
priest of the Barnaulskl regiment offici
ated lie took his place before the table.
Tho order, "Hats off; pray," was passed
dewn tho line, and Mlstchenko, setting tho
example, uncovered and bowed his head
While the men knelt, bareheaded, but each
with his carblno between his knees,
Tho church accessories may have been
poor and simple, but the templo was mag
nificent It was God's own house a
wallcd-ln valley with green hills rising
on every side, and over all rising a single
peak that irilght have been tho splro of
this mighty cathedral. i
Simple and AfTcoting.
The service, slmplo but affecting, was
soon over. The priest blessed the bodies,
and the stretchers were raised sh.ouldcr
I Igh and passed up the hill past tho
massed regiments and the band playing a
dead march, Mlstchenko and his staff
followed on foot like the rest, and after
the Cossacks had placed the bodies In tho
open grave he throw In a handful of
earth, and each officer and man of tho
regiment did likewise.
Then the General shook hands with tho
priest, thanking him for his attendance
on tho dead, and. also shook hands with
.nd thanked tho four Cossacks who had
stood In tho grave to recelvo the bodies.
Before the assembly was dismissed Mlst
t henko briefly addressed the men, warn
ing them under no circumstances to com
mit any reprisal on the dead or wounded
Japancso who should fall Into their hands.
And, so far as I have ever heard, this
mandate has been obeyed. But before the
day was out we had another skirmish
with tho Japanese, and I heard that every
man cut a cross on hl3 cartridge before
Visits Principal Cities in Enemy's
Country, and Escapes.
MOSCOW. "Dec. 23. V. F. Grazuesky.
correspondent of the Russky.-SIava, has
just arrived at San Francisco after a
lc ng and hazardous trip through Japan,
where he traveled as an American journ
alist under tho name of Percy Palmer.
He undertook the journey to ascertain
the real situation of affairs In tho one
my s country, taking tho risk of dis
covery and execution as a spy.
He had a complete American outfit and
nrrnnged to havo letters forwarded from
various cities In the United States. He
has telegraphed to tho Russky Slava
from San Fr.uiclsco that he visited Yo
I l'ohanin, Toklo. Sasobo, Osako. Kioto.
Shimonosekl, Nagasaki and Matsuma;
photographed tho Russian prison camp,
examined tho hospitals, fortress and
ti'cops, and met and entertained high
1 Japanese.
1 Grazuesky Is bringing home a mass of
interesting material which will make
many Interesting disclosures. He says
i his most dansorous moment was when
ho. faced 3000 Russian prisoners. If he had
ie-n rccosnlzed by one of them he would
) have received short shiifL
I Japanese Watching- German Ships.
VICTORIA. B. C.. Dec. 13. Advices
were received by tho steamship Aorangl,
from Australia, that three Japanese of-
leers arrived at Freemantlo shortly be
fore her departuro with the Intention of
proceeding to the south seas to watch
the movements of forty German steam
ships reported to be In that vicinity for
tHe purpose of coaling tho Baltic fleet.
H M. S. Pyladcs and Cadraus, which
were dispatched by Admiral Fanshawe,
commander of the Australian squndron,
to search for Russian warships, reported
to be rrulslng In Torres straits, have re
turned to Sydney without finding any
trace of the Russian vessels.
Russians Advance Siege Guns.
MUKPBN, Dep. 13. Tho Russians suc-
U ect'ded today In advancing tho position
B of their siege guns four miles south along
!j the wagon road. This was accomplished
1 1) the face of a pretty heavy artlllory
H Jiro from tho Japanese, who fired up
i wards of a hundred shells which did lit
tlfl execution, only two men being wound
ed. H On account of tho difficulties of irot-
K ting supplies hero many Chinese and
I Economy
Is a strong point with
Hood's SarsapariSla. A
bottle lasts longer and does
more good than any other.
It is the only medicine of
which can truly be said
t refugees have been eont north by tho of-flclals.
Japs Leave Gift for Russians.
MUKDEN, Dec. 23. Voluntoors tho
night of December 21 occupied Jnpaneso
tronohca opposite their positions. Three
trenches woro evacuated by tho Jap
anese with scarcely a fight. Tho victors
were surprised to find a box lying In
plain vlow, which thoy opened carefully,
rearing that It might contain oxploslvcs,
.but they found In It wine, biscuits and
sweets and a letter In Russian politely
reo.ueoting Its ncceptonco "from disturb
ing neighbors."
Seize Russian Ammunition.
! LONDON, Dec. 23. Tho Times corres
pondent at Peking reports that the Chi
nese havn seized at tho Fongtal station,
near Peking, thrco million rounds of
Russian rlllo ammunition consigned io a
Russian llrm at TIcnT.sIn and evidently
designed for Port Arthur. The ammuni
tion was concealed In bales of wool
brought frOm Kalgan on camels.
Japs Ready for Russians.
LONDON, Dee. 23. Telegraphing from
Toklo, tho correspondent of the Dally Ex
press nays that ho learns that In tho event
of Admiral Kamlmura, who Is reported
to have gone south with a squadron of the
Second Russian Pacific squadron, tho
whole Japanese fleet, which has boon op
erating at Port Arthur will bo ready to
proceed south, on a day's notice to glvo
Implore God for Peaco.
ST. PETERSBURG. Dec. 23 Tho arch
bishop of AViirsnw has sent to all tho
Catholic priests of his diocese a special
prayor Imploring God to send peace, with
Instructions to read It during the cele
bration of mass.
Grand Dukes Promoted.
ET. PETERSBURG, Dec. 21 It is re
ported that Grand Duko Vladimer will
be appointed president of tho Council of
the Empire, and succeeded as Commander-in-chief
of the Imperial guard by
Grand Duke Nicholas N'colovltch.
Japanese "Warships Give Up Siege at
Port Arthur.
TOKIO, Dec. 2-1. Admiral Togo an
nounces tho withdrawal of tho majority
of the fleet from Port Arthur.
Northern Pacific Extension.
MISSOULA, Mont , Dec. 23. A. "W.
"Wentworth, assistant division supcrln
tendant of the Northern Pacific, an
nounces that the Darby extension of tho
road is now completed and will bo turned
over to tho operating department within
a few days. The line tapa a rich section
of agricultural land.
r s
Russian Bishop's Daughter Sends
Token to Kuropatkin.
Correspondence of the Associated Press.
daughter of Bishop Ornatsky. a very Jioly
man of the Russian church, lately de
ceased, has sent to Gen. Kuropatkin a
rudo wooden cross, with a remarkable,
letter, praying tho blessing of heaven on
:tho Russian arms. The cross Is. of
courso, only ono of thousands of tokens
and sacred emblems that havo been show
ered on the army In the far East. But
tho letter slates that the cross Is from
Jerusalem and has been In the Ornatsky
family for generations!
While the Bishop was on his death-bed
he had a remarkable dream. In which he
thought himself serving at tho front,
where tho cross In question led the Rus
sians to victory". He charged his daugh
ter, just before his death, to send tho
cross to Kuropatkin with his blessing, be
lieving firmly that It would lead to ulti
mate victory.
A Guaranteed Cure for Piles.
Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protrud
ing Plies. Tour druggist will refund
money If PAZO OINTMENT falls to
cure you In 6 to 14 days. BOc.
Portland Prelate Has Important
Audience With Roman Pontiff.
ROME. Dec 23. Tho Popo today re
ceived In private audience - the Right
Rev. "W. II. O'ConnclI. bishop of Port
land. Tho Pope Inquired about tho differ
ent nationalities composing tho emigrants,
dealing especially with tne need of caring
for them in a spirit of charity. He aleo
said that ho had received a report on the
condition of the Italians from an Italian
F relate, who had returned from America,
t gave him much consolation to learn
of the interest and zeal manifested by the
American prelates toward newcomers. He
also spoko of the great progress mado
by Catholicism and was most incased to
bcc Its development and the attachment
of the faithful to the Holy See.
Surveys Completed and Now in the
Hands of Department.
Special to Tho Tribune.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Doc. 23 -The
Uintah rcservo will be thrown open
March 10. Ths surveys havo been com
pleted and are now beforo tho Indian of
flro for approval. This fact was elicited
today. "While tho allotment of lands to
the Indians has not been concluded It Is
said that It will be dono In time for homo
steadors to enter on tho date set.
Marshal Heywood leaves tonight for
home. He will go via New .York, leav
ing that city for Ealt Lako on tomor
row evening, arriving Tiomo "Wednesday
Widow of Deputy Syveton May Be
PARIS, Dec. 23. A news agency says
two warrants have been Issued, but have
not yet been served, In the Syveton case,
one of them against Mndamo Syveton,
widow of tho Deputy. Although the offi
cials do not confirm thlB report. It Is be
hoved that arrests aro Imminent.
A morning papor affirms that a chemi
cal analysis of the Intestines of the lato
Deputy Syveton 'reveals the presence of
morphine and concludes from this that
Syveton was drugged beforo he suffo
cated. , ,fl!,2jir51
Girls Wanted as Witnesses.
BUTTE, Mont.. Dec. 23.-Gcorgo "W.
Sproule, clerk of the Federal court, has
Issued a warrant for tho removal to tho
Federal court of Alaska of the two ac
tresses. Georgia and Kltllo Paw, recently
arrested In Great Falls and brought here.
Tho girls aro wanted as witnesses In an
Important criminal case at Juneau, Alas
ka, and will be taken there by the next
boat that leaves Seattle for the north.
New Chief of Dairy Department.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. Secretary
Wilson has appointed E. H. Webster of
Kansas, chief of tho dairying division of
tho Department of Agriculture, to suc
ceed the lato Maj. Henry E. Alvord.
Arranging Bail
far Dr. Chadwlck
Requisition Issued for Him Will Bo
Served ns Soon ns Ho
CLEVELAND, O.. Dec. 23. Arrange
ments aro being mado to sccuro ball for
Dr. Loroy S. Chadwlck, who, It Issald,
with his wife, Casalo L. Chadwlck, was
yesterday indicted by tho county grand
jury, charged with forging and uttorlng
a ?5,ro0,000 note signed by Andrew Car
neglo, when ho arrives horo. Dr. Chad
wlck 1b now on his way to Now York
from Paris, and oxtradltlon papers aro to
bo roouestiid
County Prosecutor JCeeler said today
that tho bond probably would bo 10,OX
or S15.W0.
Requisition papers for tho return of Dr.
Loroy S. Chadwlck to Ohio ao soon as ho
landa In New York next "Wednesday woro
today, Issued from the Govcrnor'3 office.
A trunk supposed to belong to Mrs.
Chadwlck has been given Into tho keep
ing of Receiver Looser. Thn trunk is be
lieved to bo tho ono that disappeared In
New York. It reached Cleveland today
from Now York and was addrosaod to
Emll Hoover.
Mr. Loesor said that ho was' obtaining
traco of much valuable property of Mrs.
Chadwlck's. Thero is Jewelry, whloh was
pledged In Now York, which has been
discovered, together with furs that havo
been found In Cleveland and which al
ready havo been turned over to tho re
ceiver. Mr. Looser also said that thero woro
many valuable furs In tho Euclid avenuo
home of Mrs. Chadwlck. There aro many
valuablo articles In tho Euolld avenue
house, among which are about 100 hats of
all shapes and stylos, many of them with
fur trimmings.
Attorney Jay P. Dawloy said today that
ho had possession of tho mystorlous port
manteau which was found to bo missing
a few days ago. Ho said It contained
nothing of value
Austrian Officials to Organize and Aid
VIENNA, Dec. 23. Tho Austrian Minis
try of tho Interior has decided to send
Chief of tho Emigration Department
Franzs Kaltenbrunn to America for tho
purposo of Investigating the condition of
emigrants and organising Boclotlcs to aid
them after their arrival. In tho course of
an Interview Horr Kaltenbrunn said:
"My mission Is purely humanitarian and
charitable, without any political signifi
cance. Tho Austrian Government only
desires to Investigate In order to secure
the best methods of aiding our emigrants
tho moment thoy land In America, when
they are meet helpless In the absenco of
friendly direction.
"At this critical tlmo thero Is danger of
the emigrant becoming a criminal or a
pauper. Hence tho object of my mission
ought to be no less beneficial to tho Amer
ican Government than to oursselvcs. Wo
have no Idea of attempting to organlzo-an
Independent Austrian society, but rather
purposo to work with tho American Im
migration department, whoso co-operation
Is most necessary and invaluable."
Herr Kaltenbrunn expects to arrive In
New York early In January and will re
main a month In America.
Man Accused of Perjury Brought I
Back in Custody.
"NEW YORK, Dec 23. Charles F.
Dodge, who Is charged with perjury In
connection with tho Dodge-Morse dlvorco
tangle, arrived here tonight on tho '.steam
ship Lampasas from Galveston and was
taken at onco to polico headquarters,
whero ho Is In conference with District
Attorney Jerome.
Dodgo Is accused of having committed
perjury In swearing that ho had never
been served with summons In the suit by
which his wife, nov Mrs. Charles W.
Morse, obtained a divorce, and ho was
brought hero as a result of tho decision
handed down by tho United States Su
premo court which refused to sustain hits
appeal from the decision of tho Texas
courts ordering him to this city
Detectives who arrived with Dodgo said
that ho la In great fear over the result of
his return to face a trial for perjury and
at Galveston he tried to Jump overboard,
but was prevented. After that he was
guarded night and day.
Headaches From Colds.
Laxative Bromo Quinine removes the
cause. To get the genuine, call for the
full name and look for signature of E.
W. GROVE. . 2Cc.
Defense in Gillespie Murder Case
Promises New Evidence.
RISING SUN. Ind., Dec. 23. In his open
ing statement for the defonse, Congress
man Griffith today Introduced a new per
sonage Into tho Gillespie murder trial
Ho said the defense would show that for
eoveral months previous to her death
Elizabeth Gillespie had been pursued b
a stranger, who had on ono occasion at
least been driven from tho neighborhood
of the Glllesplo homo by Elizabeth when
detected In tho act of peering through tho
Mr. Griffith said the defense would show
that Immediately after tho shot was fired
this man. tall, dark and stooped, was seen
running from an alloy, and tho man was
seen to drlvo a buggy r.opldly from tho
mouth of an alloy near tho Glllesplo homo
andidleappeared down the otrcot. Ho In
timated that tho defense's theory will bo
that tho stranger did tho shooting.
Dr. Hart's Fortunate Experience of
Special Interest to Many
in Salt Lake.
The happiest man In New England
today, and one who Is receiving con
gratulations from his friends, Ib Dr.
Philip Z. Hart of Laconla, N. H.
Although he resorted to the latest
sclentlflo treatment and consulted many
of his brother physicians, Dr. Hart
finally said: "I might Just as well have
thrown my money In the river, for I
grew worse and worse. My wife and I
will swear that Hyomei cured me of the
worst case of catarrh that ever exist
ed. I used to cough constantly at night
and had a dropping In the throat which
kept me awake a great deal. I raised
thick phlegm and was m a horrible
condition. However, T am entirely
cured, through the use of Hyomei."
F. C. Schramm, the local agent for
Hyomei, the famous treatment which
cures catarrh without stomach dosing.
A complete outfit costs but $1.00. extra
bottles, COc. He sells it under guaran
tee to refund the money If It does not
clve aulck relief. ,
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On Relations of United States "With
Latin-American Republics.
NEW YORK. Dec. 23 A tfund to bo
used for prizes for the best papers on the
subject of tho relations of the United
States with the Latln-Amcrlcan republics
has been given to Columbia university by
John Barrett, American Minister to Pana
ma. In announqlng: the gift today, Presi
dent Boiler staled that tho prizes arc to
bo given In opon competition among youn
men and women now In the regular
course of any college or university of
recognized standing in the United States
Cabinet HoldB Unimportant Meeting.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 23. Little busi
ness of importance was considered at
today's mealing of tho Cabinet. All tho
members attended tho session, but tho
session lasted a comparatively short
. tlmo.
CHICAGO, Dec 23. Thomas Ryan, for
many years In tho empldy of tho Asso
ciated Press and widely known among
telegraphers as. one of the most highly
skilled' operators living, died hero today.
Tho deceased was born In Staunton, Va.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 23. An cldcrlv
man, "bcirevcd fo bo Gordon W, Lloyd of
Detroit. Mich, died suddenly tonight Ih a
restaurant. Ile.hod stopped at tho Palace
hotel for three days and was to havo
salletl-tonlght on the steamer Ventura for
AuHtraUn..; i i
' ..Castro Is Despotic.
WASHINGTON, "Dec. 23. It has been
reported to ths State Department that
President Castro has deposed tho entire
personnel of the Superior court of Vene
zuela on tho alleged ground that tho
court had acquitted a prisoner of tho
cht-rgo of murder whom tho President be
lieved should have been convicted.
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Childhood Home of Empress to Be
BERLIN. Dec. 23. Tho cities of Schles-wlg-Holsteln
are arranging to purchase
and present Emperor "William and Em
prress Augusta Victoria at their ap
proaching silver wedding anniversary tho
house In Hamburg In which., tho Empress
spent a number of hor childhood years
Prince Adclbert. third son of the Em
ncrorywho Is now serving on tho cruiser
Hcrtha, In Asiatic waters. It Is expected,
will return to Germany In time lor the
wedding of his brother, Crown Prince
Frederick William, as his vessel has been
ordered home.
Liners Will Land Passengers.
LIVERPOOL Doc. 23.-The fog lifted
at 3 o clock this morning and tho "White
alar liner Oceunlc and tho Cunard Unci
1 Saxonla will shortly land their passengers.
.Prinzcsa Irene Had Rough Voy
Terrific Gales.
HALIFAX. N S., Dec. ""''Bj
German Lloyd steamship PrW
which left Naples December "j:
hero tonight short of fuel, nw
on 500 tons of coal and PrjCi
York. She reports terrlflc gau '
seas and was compelled o
titles of oli. Three P""5 jfc
jured by being thrown fromc.t(K
Several venUIatbrs were
the steamship's boats fjjj stBj
storm , was at Us height h J
passengers became ijanic nB
were restrained with dlfl cu'J i
the nrst-class paensers lan
steamer tonight and left b
homes In tho United Stale

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