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H page four THE SAXfT, LAKE rpXBTO?:E, Saturday morning, December fl
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II ' uno Puujlahlng Company.
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Saturday, December 24, 1904.
Hjj If you woro on Main otrcct yesterday,
you either had) a holiday package or
HJr ran into one.
Hj But Rome good' people may repent
H wishes for ri. merry Christmas, it be
ing the Sabbath.
j Dr. Chadwlck thinks it unfair to In-
H. diet him, as he did nothing except help
his wife to spend the money.
Do not forget the Salvation Army In
Hl( your gift-giving, unless you wish some
Hj little tot to be disappointed.
j: The snow will be helpful in many
Hl ways, including that of enabling you
to find holes in your rubbers.
This year It is the proper thing to
hang mlstlotoe fairly low, where no one
with any seneo can failto see it.
Santa Claus docs exist, of course, but
, some little people, wo fear, will have
H no proof of it Christmas morning.
1 Apostle Taylor will no doubt have a
I merry Christmas, as ho will remember
' how he has outwitted subpoena servers.
In selecting a Christmas present for
a glrJ, why not be sensible and buy her
come article shq can wear, such as a
H! Any prominent Gentile can now get
j transportation to Washington for tho
I low price of "saying that Bced Smpot
H Is all right.
H; Santa Claua will certainly appreciate
Hie nice present of snow Prof. Hyatt
has sent him, with tho compliments -of
j the season.
Small boys are glad that Santa Claus
j is sensible enough to know that pres-
cnts small enough to go In a stocking
fl arc only fit for girls.
Those who trust that the coming year
, will bo a happy one for Brother Pen
rose, should wish him many opportuni
sms tics for prevarication.
I r
i Anyway, Apostle Grant has been
Hnl npared the humiliation of having to
j admit that ho has been unable to add
J to the number of Ills -wives.
j Grover Cleveland having published no
Hi heavy essays recently, wa are willing
j to concede' that he wishes his country-
i men to have a joyous Christmas.
jj There has been such a demand for
Hv Christmas gift cigars that dealers, in
H meeting it, have had to draw, to some
H extent, on their stock of good ones,
t, Any young woman in the community
H in which Prof. Tanner is sojourning
Htl "lay be happy on Christmas, If a little
gift of affection would make her so.
' Various children may have been too
Hl f good during the past week to be happy,
( but as a reward they can have a nice
j time breaking their new toys tomorrow.
senator Smoot may be ousted, but M.
j Sutherland begs to assure Utah that it
: can still have a man in the Senate
1 whose name begins with the Important
Hj.' letter S.
Necessarily, Santa Claus learns a
j , good many things about the sizes of
Ri fct, but the ladler) know he Is too
H' meh of a gentleman (o divulge im
H portant secrets. -
; Mr. Cutler will be pleased to so per-
j form the dutieo of the Governorship as
H to win the hearty approval of repre-
j, f entntlve voters, such aa Presldent
j j Smith nnd Apostle Smoot.
Perhaps the church authorities feel
j that as the religious teaching In the
schools will Help the pupils later on' to
figure out their tlChlng, it comes under
i the head of mathematics.
' Of course it is wrong to haze a freph
man, but lyn't it carrying the matter a
little too far to suspend the oophomores
j ; wbo attempted it because of the prom-
lnenoe of the victim they sought?
j i' The Nan Patterson jury hao. disagreed
Hf abe
Ing Caesnr Young., The members of It
in this reflected very well the general
public sentiment. At the same time,
doubtless the district attorney Is wise
in saying that tho case will not be
brought up again; for If she cannot be
convicted now, she never can be.
Tho Tribune will let the peoplo of
Utah and of the United States into a
great secrtt
Apostles Cowley and Taylor, and
probably Apostles Teusdalo and Grant,
ate in extreme disfavor at church head
quarters. They are even in a niato of
suspension as to authority.
As soon as It became publicly mani
fest that Apostles Taylor and Cowley,
and probably Apostles Grant and Teas
dale, had engaged rather extensively In
plural marrlugo ceremonies for them
selves and others since tho manifesto,
and ns soon as It becamo assured that
their conduct might havo some affect on
Reed Smoot's claim to his seat In tho
Senate, word was whispered at head
quarters that these apostles who had
fled from the United States to escape
procoss of Senato or court, were not In
entlro harmony with their quorum.
That word has been circulated as It
was Intended It should be. Particularly
Apostles Taylor and Cowley have been
forbidden to preach In Canada, and are
set to farming and otber pursuits. And
this word lias been circulated' as It was
Intended it should bo.
And so wo see two or four apostles of
the church practically out of fellowship
with their leaders.
It la all a great secret, and la told to
Tho Trlbuno as such.
The news is to become circulated
quietly by moans of tho whisper, which
is tho most effective method of spread
ing Information or misinformation in
Utah; and after a while, if any emer-.
gency .arises, the president can say that
these men, two or four of them as tho
case may require, were suspended from
all or part of their functions pending
the time when their conduct could be in-;
vestigated; and ho can quote the gen
eral knowledge of the secert hero deliv
ered to the world, as confirmation of his
word. Of course, If no occasion shull
arise, if It shall not be deemed Impor
tant to Apostle Smoot's case that these
men shall bo disciplined, they can be
brought back in full honor and gloxy.
and the rumor can be dismissed as an
other one of tho Idle tales told by the
"enemies" of God's people.
It is a great scheme!
What a restful time the United States
Senate Committee on Privileges and
Elections could have while waiting for
witnesses from, Utah, If the Hon. "Wil
liam Spry should attain his ambition
and become United States Marshall
Of course, no spies would fdllow his
footsteps; no telephone messages would
precede his Journoylngs to and fro be
tween his ofilce and church headquar
ters or the Temple grounds; no wild
alarms would 'be felt In the quiet homes
of the remote settlements when his dep
uties appeared.
None df these things would be neces
sary. He could "take counsel" in ad
vance; and the people whom it was de
sired, that he should serve with sub
poenas could be called to the west gato
of the temple block, as Is usual at semi
annual conferences when any one of
the congregation Is "wan'ted."
A deal of trouble would be saved for
all concerned by this method.
And then to make the system quite
compjote, It would be well to have a
District Attorney acquiescent In Mar
shal Spry's "harmonious'1 method of
doing things.
Really, it would seeni that President
Roosevelt is losing a great opportunity.
There are two gentlemen In accord with
their quorum "who are desirous of hold
ing these two particular positions, and
they would secure such definite instruc
tion concerning their duties, without
sending to "Washington, as would spare
tho Government a world of annoyance.
Doubtless the members, of the Senato
Committee on Privileges and Elections
will see the point and will urge the
claims of Spry and bis partner upon
Executive attention, Inasmuch as th
present incumbents of the two offices
are well knqwn to. regard all men as
equal before the lav,'.
Speaking of t-ho proposed sugar fac
tory down in Sanpete or Sevier, suppose
that the local eccleslasts of these two
stakes of ZIon wore to Join with their
people in on effort to establish the local
Industry. For this they would have am
ple excuse. They could claim that they
desired to diversify the agricultural In
dustry, to give a higher price to the
farmer for his beets, and to reduce the
price of sugar to the consumer.' They
could say that they were now subject to
a monopoly a trust which fixed the
price of sugar" so high as that it could
pay enormous dividends on watered
stock; and that it was their duty and
their purposo to Jree their people from
the gra9p of this octopus.
These were exactly the grounds taken
by the great leaders of the church when
they established tho Lehl sugar factory
in opposition to the trust which then ex
isted But what would the hierarchy do now
under the .circumstances above sup
posed? Would they support the local
eccleslasts In fighting the trust? Not
much! They would oppose, In all possi
ble ways, the establlshment'of the local
Industry. They would use, to maintain
the power of the monopoly which they
hove, created, the,tlthes whlph the local
people pay Into their bands; they
would threaten with a destructive rl-
valr' tho local people or anyono clsa
who might seek to establish a sugar fac
tory in Sanpete or Sevier. In fact, they
would do exactly what they are doing.
Are tho people of these two cbuntleo
so blind as that they cannot ae what
attitude the church leaders occupy con
cerning this Industrial question? They
havo watered tho Btock of their sugar
companies; they have sold approxi
mately one-half of tho entire stock to
tho great National sugar trust;, they
have made millions out of tho people for
their own pockets; they havo deprcsued
tho price of beets and raised the prjee
of sugar. ... -
All their commercial interests are now
against the people. The church leaders
are building up such great monopolies
as that tho profita from these sources
aro greater than the tithes therpselve3.
Between the two, with the trust profits
growing greater year by year, and the
people becoming moro abject year by
year, tho hierarchy is Indeed a master
and the people are serfs.
Tho Idea as now emitted by the
church leaders, that revelation Is given
from God to man to bo voted upon, so
that It may bo discarded as Inapplica
ble or accepted as binding upon human
kind, is a new thing in theology.
Assuming to speak for the Creator and
His method of doing things, as some
men do, one would imagine that tho
only reasonable supposition Is that tho
Lord Almighty gives command solely in
order , to correct soma error in human
proceeding or1 to afford imo new truth
to which It Is necessary for humanity to
advance. Anything, else would seem
The All Father determines when His
children need a new commandment, and
He gives It. His .will In the matter a
absolute. Ho does not permit, and
never has permitted, the children of
men to vote upon His word to make It
If the peoplo had been called upon to
accept or reject by their votes the mes
sage which camo to Noalx, there would
have been no flood, because the major
ity;"' would have voted adversely. If the
word of God Is not binding upon a
prophet until that prophet accepts it,
what a mistake poor old Jonah made in
subjecting himself to imprisonment In
the whale's belly! "Why did he not
merely voto "no" on the proposition of
going to Nineveh, and get soma others
of the Jonah family to voto with him,
thereby securing a sufficient majority
to overrule the dlvino Voice, and there
by absolving himself in advanco from
the operations of the Intended com
mand? All of the foregoing is, of course, upon
the assumption that tho Lord does
speak to men, as claimed by tho reve
lators of the dominant church.
There Is another view, and It Is quite
as reverent: That the Creator estab
lished laws for the universe; that unto
every human creature upon this or any
other inhabited -globe Ho Imparted tho
spark of divinity which has glowed and
brightened with the ages; that, despite
all our frailties, our evolution is onward
and upward to the glory which is All
Good; and that humanity is retarded
and not helped in this evolution when
ever any man can make his fellow-mCn
believe in the efficacy of his priestcraft.
The Tribune pointed out to the lead
ers of the church and their followers,
many years ago, that plural marriage
woud have, to be yielded as a religious
rite of tho church.
The Deseret News denied this, and
urged its people to resist.
Yet they yielded.
Which was right, The Tribune or tho
The Tribune insisted that political
control by the chiefs must terminate.
The News denied this, and again
counseled resistance.
Yet they yielded. "
Which was right, The Tribune or tho
Once more The Trlbuno is warning
the Mormon people. It says that the
renewal of pural marriage and the
maintenance of plural marriage rela
tions (not the wives and children) must
be abandpned.
As usual, the News resists, under the
cover this time of a denial that such
things exist although any person of
Intelligence In Utah Is aware of the
Which will be right, The Tribune or
the News?
If you want an answer, see the angry
clouds gathering as of yore over the
heads of tho devoted Mormon people.
Tho Tribune warns that sectarian
dbntrol of the public schools must cease
in Utah.
The News, as usual, resists.
Which will be right. The Tribune or
tho News? '
For answer, read the testimony of- the
State Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, himself a Mormon, and then watch
tho attacks which will be made upon
the land grants to the public school sys
tem If such sectarian interference does
not cease.
The Tribune warns the people that
the monopoly of the political and secu
lar field by their leaders must termi
nate. The News, an usual, resists.
Which will be right", The Tribune or
the News?
For answer, nate the growing senti
ment of tho East which s arraying it
self against tho entrp scheme, of the
church, believing that It Is all un
Arflerlcan, and o'cn treasonable.
In all these things, the News charges
The Tribune with unfriendliness to
ward the Mormon people. If The Trlb
uno hated tho Mormon people Its ven
geance would bo best wrought out by
leaving -the peoplo to follow, without
warning, tho foolish and criminal guid
ance of the News apd tho leaders whose
view It expresses: The Tribune warns.
In tho hope that the warning will be
heeded, and the un-American practices
stopped, before .the whole people shall
have been Involved In suffering. The
News Insists Upon maintaining the un
constitutional practices, urging all Its
followers to resistance "on the false
ground that they arc bolng perse
cuted, until such time as tho lnovltible
shall happen, the punishment shall fall,
and tho Innocent of tho Mormon people
shall bo made to suffer for tho defiant
pledge-breaking leaders.
Tho Tribune would save the Mormon
people from suffering; tho News would
sacrifice thorn. ' .
Until tho collection and publication of
the figures of tho vote on Presldont last
November as carried in yesterday
morning's Tribune, It has not been pos
elhlo to know definitely what made tio
tremendous slump In the Parker vote.
It turns out that threo causes were at
work, one In tho old Wost, one In the
mountain States, and one in tho South.
In tho old "West, the Democrat."; re
fused to support Parker. Thus, In Illi
nois tho Democratic loss on President
reached tho phenomenal figure of 17G,
155, compared with tho Bryan VQtc of
four years before. In Indiana, the
Democratic loss was 35,239; in Ohio,
130,208; in Missouri (anil this is what,
upset all calculations) It was decisive
with a slump of -16,075. And that la tho
general showing throughout the. old
West, even Kentucky showing a loss of
17,729 votes, while the Republicans lo3t
even moro, 21,574.
In the South, while no one expectod
anything but Democratic victories, tho
falling off of the Democratic vote was
great: so much so that were there in
fact any other than the Democratic
party in tho States comprising that sec
tion, the loss might have been threat
ening. But when Virginia will show a
Democratic loss of 65,442, North Caro
lina a loss of 31,631t Texas a loss of
100,203. Arkansas a loss of 16.51C, Ten
nessee a loss of 13,095, and so on, It
means that the whole South was dis
contented. It was known before tho election
that both the sections named were In
rovolt against the uncertainties, am
biguities, and reversals of principles,
carried In the platform, and were not
content with the candidate. But the
full extent of this revolt was not known
until now; indeed, muny politicians
mado light of It right, up to the day of
olectlon. But the lesson of It all Is that
the people hate timidity and vacillation,
and they want something definite, some
clear-cut proposition, to vote upon. And
this the Democrats did not have.
In the mountain States, the Demo
crats felt as did their brethren of tho
South and of the old West. They
wanted a definite Issue; and they were
disgusted especially with the abandon
ment of sliver, a disgust that was also
shared In the old West and the South.
This resulted in the loss of 15.373 votes
In Montana, 22.02S In Colorado, 16,735 In
Washington, 2394 (changing the elec
toral vpte of the State) In Nevada.
In Idaho and Utah special Influences
were at work, which dashed the Demo
cratic hopes that woro at one time
bright. What these Influences were has
bten repeatedly shown, the church
leaders made their play, and having
control of the votes, cast them as they
would, and this according to "the pre
vlously arranged programme."
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