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J,"' ''""K'i 2i- m- THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE. page
SeT'ogden Bureau'
3 gteg
t dAnha
I:::--' r"9- I
I, '
dw. 3 -Charles J.
an applicant for the
- , ...
. ' , ,r .he. Legislature
P -. pp.m.r.cnt nepnolirnn In
J t.i wcn one f
, the party Ho I.
rr.., r, f..r I.- position
Uwnt HUM for
f. i9'h ttftrtd " lumber
i-' ', i v.! Ing of for
V cupoly of native
SU , , I . .1 1
Vy W Vires of i ho im-LT-
' rV .in extent v. !.. re
in ma:! lots that It Is
? , .
gSth he poultry show t;.
tSt ixU month. A ,,r'
r .. . matter is now being
IS bows which have rr-cent-ikftt
lntft thls fn"n,'
--ashr of relinquishments of
en filed with the
' 1 '
-., .. i, : r.-i ..!. -1 '" 1 "
which has been set
Fi1 1- r. serve An
r'-jTrrt i-etwren the Gov
ludthe turtle? who have lo
L isi h." hern reached by
'., . - vio restored to them
Lgud rights These rclln
g8uit Ir. cne whole section
Ukt?j Tribune.
IBjjr 1 -There 1' p rumor
Bniiiltr.' of tho minors
tgBa&td to the wmo s-ali they
Kir tie strike last November
ri '' Per da''
lpa JljEw cc per long ton. The
t'3 for 2X)0 pounds coal
'jBtaeikft W- in --I iv for rieve
Hp fas I'uri a i.'1 ;c furni, and
lBtVn hvr- .(' r,
flfafcri. foreman No 1 mine, In
Hk irocr.'i Dftcr severe at-
Jbi irned from Salt l ike
-, v . . 1
Kkhd his rl?ht leu t .i K n oft
c--. -.r r arrested here
they plead. rl guilty to
i iA c
pmkco' at SI. In the w.-match
w ' s t re a v. ei k ai?'.
fjB HK '" public
.t"1'1'' ' nt -
dWV 1 r religion classes"
At u rn.etlng ..f the
JBj'' 1 M NeiHiui wan r. ;id.
TP-ist'd th privilege of using
lKu..1"llllilr'M f"r " r ' 1 1 I . i ;
Bw iu" ir'I"-- When ihey
r-Printmicni'n decision at d
gii that the school bulldinra
to that work In tho fu-
bjw' Ei-TklK wu- uillln'
HfetdS r'ok"1, b,;t there
Hlfl TntV' Ul" w,"'ld-be hrl.Je s
JShLMr w,"l"n Lewis,
WAke ther hrimo ,n (1Us
1 Ma.-uti: I'u,,Ilr' schools gave
K ut r?Un5 between
MvT Dcember 23. 24, 25
L ru---- Hn.it. Jar.u-
; Mrs Rosevelt Mnkf)
Mle School Happy
Bbitht'r Roosevelt.
2" -ivJ!ltck rub"'- e'-lir'"1
f . lb I, ' Twl'lent. ro
lK -il---bj? 'A odV. Mrs
S of candy to the
1 . TF..
,rEk"'!,J""rW Solomon
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN. t tah, Dec. 23 -John Gllman of
HaJley, Ida., was In tho city today. Mr
t".llm;in Is making his forty-seventh trip
; across the continent, in charjro of eight
tr ilr,liad of -ittl.- to Jie placi d oji exhlhl.
don In lb.' various prominent cltlea of the
-' " ' Il'-lapii today handed down l.lo
opinion In the cas" of Goddanl s Gtofl
dard, In which he holds that the mother
shall have tho custody of the minor child
ond awarding her allmonv In the sum of
$10 per month
Mary B Rawson was toduv granted a
decree of divorce from "W v Rawaon, on
the ground of .u si rtlon. Sho was t estored
her maiden name, Mary L Skeon.
Two burglaries were reported to the po
llco lost nlprht. htlmpson"? cafe on Tw. n-ty-flfth
street was entered ajid about ?2s
ll cash t iken. Later, Knudsen's mill on
'a.hln)iliin avenue was entered, but
nothing- ot" value was secured.
Superintendent Drigjrs and the faculty
Of h.' Utah Slate school for the deaf,
dumb and blind have arraiiiccd tor a
i"h. Win. -ir.. f..,r the pupils A Kpl.'ndld
musical and llier.'iry programme bus also
been arranged for.
On rhrlstmai day the postofllee will bo
open from JO a m to 12 in On Monday,
December 2ti. one delivery will Le made by
the carrier 0uerul lellvery, stamp and
n glatry windows optoi from y to 10 a. m.
Money-order department closed
A marrlnjTo lic.-nse was lssutl today to
Philip L Orth. aged 45, and Mrs Sarah
L Anderson, 24, both of Hunfvllle.
A mysterious shooting affair took phico
at Ogdon this evening. A man opened the
swinging doors at tho rear of the Little
Austria saloon and lir. d ono shot Into th
room, which struck Luke Danlch. an Aus
trian in the calf of tho leg. No motive,
for tho act is known and the officers havo
. no clue to tho offender.
The Board of Education held a short
St SSlon tonight Th- Deo building was ac
cept, d and a petition wjus re-ridved asking
fur the reinstatement of the Broom Bench
school. One hundred touchers have agreed
to atti nd Institute in yall Lake Jan 4.
C E Teen of Mammoth Ore., has ap
nlll for a position as teacher In the pub
lic schools.
Chief Deputy 8mlth of Salt I-ake was In
Ogden today looking for some one. Ho
would not say who, but his visit is sap
posed to havo something to do with the
Smoot case.
Fred Howard Is ill with pneumonia at
tho Broom hotel.
L. B. Rogers and Parley L. Williams
are in town on business
Special to Tho Tribune.
LOGAN, Utah. Dec. 23. Misfortune, of
peculiar severity has Invaded the homo
of Mr. and Mrs Permenae T. Jones of
Stnlthfleld this year. Early in October the
oldest son, Archie T . a student at the
Agricultural COUegS In the junior class, a
voung man of unusual promise, way
stricken with typhoid and died The mal
ady nn communicated to a brother Ed
gar, 14 years of age. and to a alster, Fern,
years old.v Word nrw comes that Tues
day evening the little girl died and about
three hours later Edgar alwo passed away
Tho 9-year-old 6on of Augustus Gordon,
editor of tho Loinn Journal occidental!
fi ll under the wheel of a wagon, which
passed over his head. Prompt surgical
attention was given the wound and the
child Is doing well.
This batch of marriage llcenees have is
sued from the County Clerk's office
Peter Boss, 24, Ida Kunz, 21. Bern. Idaho;
Hugh S. Hash, M, Leona Miles. 17, Smlth
11. 1.1. Fred K Uoskclle, 22. Wllln lmlna
Peterson. 18. Smlthlleld; John McCarrey.
27. Gustlna Roggenkamp. '3. Richmond;
Jesse Ovard. 23, Eva Larsen, W, Igan.
Benjamin Dunklsy, 2-S, Whitney, Suslo
Neclcy. 24, Franklin. Idaho; Henry Bur
pin, 0, Centsrvllls; Sarah Euuisen, 86,
Logan; Alonzo Durrruit. 22. Norah Morri
son, 21. Davton. Idaho. Leo E Shurtllff.
23. Maker City Ore.. Ann J Stowell. 23.
Logan. Oomer Hughes. 25. Samatla Mary
E Bollngbroke. V.i, Malad Idaho; Mat
ihlaw N QUIett, 31. Mary Cornla. 19. Stcr.
rett Idaho (i.nrge i.'nrlf.on 22. I. "g in, 1.1
Vlra '"hrlstenst-ji M, Hyrum, David K
HtK- . Jl. Alto. 'o., Agnes E. Price. -".
DrlgKS. Idaho. Oscar W. Coolsy, 24. Mar
garet E Gardner. 2-S. Mendon; Mbert II
Thompson, 23. Amy Packer, 21. Richmond
Ml schools close here today and will
not reopen for two weeks The exodus of
students from the colleges Is on. students
departing for home for the holiday season
by the- hundreds.
W. W. Woodsldc'8 little daughter.
Agnes, aged 4 months, died this morning.
Special to The Tribune
EFREKA. Utah. Dec. 23 The ore ship
ments from the Tlntlc district for tho
r.r.rt w. l amounted to 1 carloads 2I
irldsd among the mines as follows, cen
tennial Eureka 49 Vsnke Con B, Eagle
& Bluo Bell Tetro 2. (Jodlva ). I nHe
Sam 1. Cariea f t,rand Central B, AJax
i Mammoth 6, Vlctoi i Oemlnl 1, Bul
li. n-Beek 7, Georg-- Zunpleman 1.
In addition to the above th L nele Sam
mill sa-nt ..ul tlu-.-e loads of concentiates
Via Oregon Shori Line
December 2?,. 21 25 and 81, and January
I, Final limit January 2. Ask agents
for particulars.
Salt Lake City Directory 1905.
The regular canvass for R. L. Polk &
Co.' city directory. 1905. If now on. and
the work will bo pushed to completion
asi rapidly as possible. Advertleers
desiring space in this well-known and
reliable pub! lea Hon should n-cure name
at an early date. W. P. Copper, secre
tary and manager. 617-620 Dooly build
ing. Bell telephone 904-K
CommisBioner for Japan.
ST LOUIS, Dec. 23. Youmelo Kushl
blkl whose residence hns been In St.
Louis for the lost few years, ha been
BtDooIntsd by the Lewie and lark . xposl
tlon commissioner for the Japanese sec
tion of the foreign exhibits building at
Pe,rtland. Aftet a visit to his home Ht
Buffalo he will .lose Up his buulness hero
I and proce.ed to Portland. J
C4 N. Main Street Telephone tv
V 3
Death of a Littlo Girl.
Sr-oclal to The Tribune.
PARK CITY. Dec. 23 -Gladys, the six-ysar-oM
daughter of Policeman George
Robinson, died late yeaterda) evening, af
ter A brief Illness. The little girl was tak
en with spasms late Wednesday night and
continued to grow worsn until about 4
o'clock yostrda. when sh- died The
funeral win probably bt held Bundaj
At 3 o'clock this afte-rnoon the funeral of
K. mif-th ''. frawford was held from Hv
Masoni.- hall, undei the auspices of Park
City lodge, No. 734, B. P. O. E The fu
neral sermon was preached bv Rev J M
Murray of the Methodist rhurch.
A heavy snowstorm prevails in the Fark
today, and those who have been wishing
lor a white Christmas will hae that
wish gratified
The public schools ,.r this place closed
this afternoon for the Christmas vacation.
Af.piopriai.' .-X'.-i i-lnes wi re held In ever
ni and in th. orlmar den.irtments
Chrlstmaa trees gladdened the hearts of
th little neopl.- Tin- sehools will reopen
Monday, Januerj 9
Not All Mormons Ready to Condone
Temple Teachings.
Special to The Tribune
LOGAN, Utah. Dec. 23 The Smoot In
quiry at Washington has not only created
great Interest here among all classes of
tho reading public, but som of tha evi
dence submitted by the protectants has
startled and amazed main' Mormons who
have not been through the temple and are
uninformed of tho obligations taken In the
sealing -er mony.
The ventilation given to this phase of
their religion at the national capital In
eonsequence has started Inquiry, doubt,
and distress, as evidenced by conversa
tions one can frequently hear upon tho
streets. This la maue particularly em
phatic by an Inquiry addressed to Tho
Tribune's correspondent here last nljrht
by a man of this clas3 who is of more
than ordlnar Intelligence Said he
What do you think will bo done with
Senator Smoot. Will he remain or will
they send him home?"
"He doubth-ss will be advised that the
church needs him more than the Senato
and SO be permitted to come home, ' was
the response.
'What do you think of the evidence
lven as to tho obligations and oaths
taken by those who am married In the
temple. Do you behev such oaths are
taken and that In our temple treason
against our Government Is a part of the
religious teaching T"
"1 am not In a position to either deny
or affirm I have often hnnrd such things
affirmed and read them in volumes now
on my shelves, but never liavtng been in
a temple. In any capacity, 1 cannot soy
with certainty."
"Well," .he rejoined, "I do not believe In
any uch thing. 1 have never beon
through the temple and have never either
heard or read such things as l lot. King to
our religion and knew nothing on the sub
ject until I read It a few days ago In the
New York orld But it was given In
Washington as evidence against Apostle
Smoot b three witnesses, who have been
through the temple, and It soems strango
to me that men could testify under oath
to such things if there la nothing of the
sort practiced I noticed, too, that the
church authorities who testified, such men
as President Reynolds. Apostles Penrose
and Smith, and Mr. Nicholson did not
controdlci the statements made by Walls
Lundstrom and that woman, and I have
asked s'-oral men here who have t.e.-n
throjgh the temple and my own mother.
also, but they win not den that ven
geance against the nation Is a part of the
ceremony That is why I asked you "
When It was suggested that silence Is
supposed to give consent and that If the
evidence given was false, there probably
would be swift and emphatic denial on the
part of all Mormons who are acquainted
with esoteric Mormonlsm The young man
went on;
"It looks that wa and I feel there Is
more In this than 1 understand but this
I want to say; If our church Is teaching
treason against the Government, no mat
ter whether In public or private, 1 want
to be GOUnted out. for I love the Govern-
merit under whose flag I have been
bremght up, and do not bellevo In such
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Independent Telephone Co
Mi99 Minnie Swift of Cripple Creek
May Be the Murdered Woman.
The police of this city and the Cripple
Creek district are today searching for
Mies Minnie Swift, n young woman
who left her homo In Cripple Creek on
December S to spend several weeks In
Colorado Springs. This Is an entirely
different person from the Mrs. Minnie
Swift who was repotted misslriK and
found agnln eslerday Mies Minnie
Swift is said to answer the description
of the Cutler mountain victim, and to
have been unheard of by her family
since she left her home. At a residence
here where she roomed formerly and
where she said she would again make
her lic-adoua i tors, she has not been
sc en.
The City Chemist has today a nal d
the contents of the bottle found I
the scene Of the murder and pronounces
It pure carbolh- acid. The bottle Is full,
however, and Is belleed by the officers
In no way connected with the crime.
While every clue Is being run down
(O the I'.-nl-.'.t possible extent the poll..-
are abandoning the Idea that the
murdered girl lived In ibis Vicinity and
are depending upon tin circulation of a
detailed description f her teeth to ul
tlmatel) re eal hi r identity.
New Plan to Attack Treasury De
partment's Practice.
NEW YORK, Dec. 23. It Is an
riouiu e.l that the famous sugar duty re
bate case recently decided against the
importers by the Supreme court Is to
be reopened.
This was a test case, and had been
fought through oil the courts occupy
ing seven years In reaching a final
The new plan Is to attack the consti
tutionality of the treasury department's
practice, which. the Importeis say.
amounts to tha assumption of a right
t,, increase the duty ai win. Th" use
will go first to the board of United
States general appraisers, then to the
Circuit court and finally to the Su
preme Court of the United State!
When ordering ysrat Xmas dinner, rc
'member that the- Palace Market has the
choicest line of meatB to be had In tho
Suggestions for Peace
Secretary Hay Writes Sec
ond Time in Regard to
Summarizes Replies Received. Includ
ing Those From Russia and
Japan, and Explains.
WASHINGTON. Dec 23 That the fur
ther Intetrhango of views preparatory to
the formulating of a programme for an
other peace conference at The Hague be
effected through the International bu
reau under tho control of tho permanent
Administrative council of The Hague is
the suggestion offered by Secretary Hay
in a second circular note to the powers
made public at the State department to
do y.
The note was dispatched a week ago,
but Its publication was withhold until It
had reached tho various Amerh an em
bassies and legations abroad Tho Sec
rctar;. summarizes the replies of all the
powers to his note of October 21 and ex
presses tho gratification of the Presi
dent at the cordial reception of his in
vitation Having taken this initial step,
however, the Secretary says the Piesl
d nt feels that he has gone as far as ho
appropriately can and that with the gen
eral a pton.CC of his Invitation In prin
ciple, "the future conduct of the affair
i tay fitlj follow Its normal channels."
Recognizes Russia's Position.
Regarding the conditional acceptance of
P.ufBia Secretary Hay says that while
the postponement which this reply nec
essitates is to be regretted this Govern
ment recognises the weight of the notice
which Induced It
Tho text of the note follows.
Ipa.rtmenl of State. Washington, Dec It.
1901 To the Representatives of the I'nlted
-tfU. s Accredited to th Oovrrnmentn Slna
tory to the Acts of The Ilateue conference,
H99: Sir: By the circular Instruction doted
October 21, 1904. th rcjircscntatlvi-s of the
United Stat-s accredited to the several Gov
ernments which took part In Hie peace ron
f.-r. nco held at The Hague In 1S99 and w hleh
Joined In alcnlnir, the oct thereof wero In
structed to nrlng to tho notice of those Government.-
. erl.itn resr,ln..ns adopted by the
IntiTparllaim-ntary union at Its annual con
feraape held at St. 1iuIm In Keritember last,
advocating the asfembllnc of a second peace
conference to contlnuo the work of. the first,
and were dlreelod to ascertain to what ex
tent those Governments wero disposed to
art In the matter
Tho replies so far received Indicate that
th" proposition has been received with (ten-
ral favor No dissent has fecund expression.
The Governments of Austria-Hungary. Den
mark, Franre. Germany, Great Britain Italy.
Luxembourg. Mexico, the Netherlands. Por
tugal. Koumanla, SpHln, Sweden and Norway
and Switzerland exhibit nympathy with the
purposes of tho proposal nnd generally accept
it in principle, with a reservation in most
coses of future consideration Of th date of
the inference and the programme of sub
jects for discussion.
The replies of Japnn and Rusla OOSVOyed
In llko terms a friendly recognition of the
spirit and purposes of the Invitation but on
the part of Russia tho reply was accompa
nied by th statement th:'t In the existing
condition of tblnes-ln the far Flast It would
not bc practicable for the Imperial Govern
ment at this moment, to take i-art In such
a conference While this reply, ten-ling as It
does to .cause some pe'Stponement of the pro
posed si-ond conference. Is deeply regretted,
the weight of the motive which Induces It
Is recognized by this Government, and prob
nt.l h.v Others. Jopan made the reserva
tion only that no action should be taken by
tho conference relative to the present war
Although the prospect of an early convoca
tion of an august assembly of representatives
of tho nations In the Interest of peace ond
harmony among them Is deferred for the time
being, it may lie regnrded as assured, so Soon
iw the Interested powers nr.- In i. )---ltlnn to
aKrce upon a date and place of meeting and
to Join in the formulation of a general plan
for discussion The President Is much grati
fied at the cordial reception of his overture
He feels that In eliciting the ronimon senti
ment of the various Governments In favor of
the prlnclnle Involved and of the objects
sought to be attained n notable step has been
taken t-.w.ird cwntual success.
Pending a definite agreement for meeting
when circumstances Nhall permit. It seems
desirable that a comparison of views should
be hod nmong the participants as to the
SCopo and matter of the subjects to be
brought before the second conference. The
Invitation put forth by tho Government of
the t'nlted Stales did not attempt to do rnoro
than to Indicate the general topics which the
final ad of the first conference of The Hague
it-legated as unfinished matters, to consider
ation by n future conference adverting. In
conm otlon with the Important subject of the
Inviolability of private property In navul war
fare to (ho llkn view expressed by the
Congress of the I'nltc-d Stales In Its resolu
tion April 2. 19m. with the added suggestion
that It mnv be desirable to consider and adopt
a pr.-.edure by which the Mute non-signatory
to the original acts of The iiagu nforoace
may become adhering parlies. In tho pres
ent tMl of the project this Government 1
still Indisposed to formulate a programme
In view of the virtual certainty that the
President's suggestion of The Hague as the
pine? of meeting of a second peace confer
ence will t.- accepted by ull the Interested
powers, and In view also of iho fact thai
an organized representation of the signatories
..f the nets of ISyD now c-xl:ts at that capi
tal, this Government feels that It nhould not
assume the Initiative In drawing up n pro
gramme, nor preside over the deliberations of
the glguatorlt I In that regard.
It teema to tho President that th high
task he undertook In kecking tc bring about
sn agr-emcnt of the powers to meet In a
Second peace .inference In virtually nccom
pllahed B0 far as It Is appropriate for him
to act, and that with the general acceptance
of his Invitation In principle the future con
duct Of the affair may fitly follow Its normal
channels To Ihls end It Is suggest. -d that
the further und necessary Interchange ...f views
between ihr signatory powers of the acta of
lvr. be efT.v-te.l through the International bu
reau under tho control of the pcrmunent ad
ministrative council of The Hague
It Is believed In this way. by utilizing the
central representative ugen- H-iiabijah?. and
maintained by the i-.wers themsidvea, on or
derly treatment e.f the preliminary consulta
tions muy be insured, aud the way left clear
for the tventuul action of th Government
of the Netherlands In catling a renewed con
ference lo assemble al The Hague, should
thot course he adopted
Tou will bring this communication to the
knowledge of the Minister for Foreign Af
fair and invite consideration of the sugges
tions herein ini.de
I ain. air, your obedient servant.
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In res'lde-nces. I'tah Independent Tele
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andles in fancy boxes und beautiful
basket Hill Drug Co.
Fighting Against
The Christmas Tree
Slaughter of Young- Timber Affecting
the Water Supply and Colorado
Take3 Measures
Special to Tho Tribune.
Colorado Springs has taken a stand
against the Christmas tree, which should
Interest the whole world At tho present
Ume the United States Government,
through the forestry department. Is re
planting the entire southern slope of
Pike's peak with native trees. Statistics
gathered by the Chamber of Commerce of
Colorado Springs, showed that more than
100,000 evergreen trees were used yearly
in tho State cf Colorado for the yuletlde
celebration, and D000 in the city. The age
of the tree cut for use all over the world
varices from 15 to 2f years
The effect of the annual removal of 100,
000 joung trees, or the covering of S00
acres, Is of vast Importance to the water
supply It Is more than probable that the
removal of these 100,000 trees means an
annual reduction e(f from seven to ten
cubic fe-t of the conserved water supply,
which, from a common lal standpoint, is
worth much more than the selling value of
the tn i
The campaign started resulted In nu
merous families sendlnc East for artifi
cially manufactured trees
Tb small forests close to the city of
Colorado Springs h.ie been afforded po
lice protection before Christmas
Sultan's Orders in Morocco May Lead
to Trouble.
PARIS, Dec. 23 The foreign office con
siders the situation In Morocco extreme
ly grave The Sultan s dismissal of his
B'rench and other military advisers has
be:n followed by a number of acts show
ing his Intention to Interrupt the execu
tion of thr Trench policy
Accordingly the French Minister at
Tangier has been Instructed to secure the
In mediate withdrawal from the Moroc
can capital of the French Consul, the
commander and all the members of the
Military mission and all French citizens
unless the Sultan vacates his previous of
fei give action and offers a suitable ex
planation The French Minister has beon Instruct
ed to Communicate this to the Sultan at
the eamo time he notifies the Consul
military men and cltlsens lo prepate to
depart 'Iho officials here say that no
i. finite military or naval steps have yet
been taken, as these await the Sultan's
response to the Ministers demand, but
a demonstration In force will follow If
a suitable explanation und reparation are
not promptly given
Th correspondent at Tangier of the
Matin says that after calling at the
French mission, the Ministers of the sev
eral powers ordered all people of their na
tionalities to quit Fes.
No Solution Found to Murder Mys
tery at Mount Cutler.
COIORAE PPRING8. Colo.. Dec. 23.
Although tho officers working on the
Mount Cutler murder mystery were on
the go continually all day today, their ef
forts were devoid of any new develop
ments Chief Reynolds has been working
upon a report mudc by Conductor Allen
Of th " ripple Creek Short Line, to the
ff. . t that he arried a girl answering th
... -..rii. lion of the victim from Cripple j
Creek tO Rosemount, about three weeks
ago, and this may lead to a clue
Sheriff Grimes today received a telegram
from Sheriff Norman of Jackson. Cal.,
asking the local officer lo compare the
d. scnptlon "f Mrs. Hoxle. who eft that
town with Dr F. N. Slapels some six
weeks ago, with that of the unknown
body The Sheriff says the descriptions
do not tally In any way. and so Instruct
ed Sh.-rlff Norman
Many stories arc being sent out of the
finding of clothing, but, according to Chlel
H, ynolds there Is absolutely no truth In
the reports and the officers aro as much
In the d.rk as e cr
The proprietor of the Plaza hotel re
ported tonight thut on November 20 Mrs.
Lillian Homesley Pari of New York, reg
istered at his hotel and two days later
went awav, leaving her valise She was
seen later on a street enr, but has not
ain.- ii r .1 .it t he hotel .ill hough In-r bill
wis paid. The description of the bod)
found on Cutler mountain tallies closely
with the New York woman nnd the police
are trying lo trace her
Man Arrested in Cincinnati Wanted
at Several Other Places.
j 23 T. J. Parker, who Is under arrest
here on the charge of forging the name
of the Clneinnattl Trust company's
ashler to a certificate and passing It
on the- Third Natlonol Bank of St.
Louis, is evidently a badly wanted man
ord has just been reeclved from the
ofHceTS at Sedalla, Mo . to the effect
that he is wanted there for .forgery.
Parker Is ulso wanted In Pueblo and In
thin City
In nearly every Instance he Is accused
of victimizing members of a fraternal
. .i .l. r
Word received today from St. Louis Is
to tin- effect that tho police of that city
will surrender all claims to T J Parker
wanted th-re for alleged forgery, and the
prisoner will be turned ovei to Chief of
Police 1 haney of Sedaiia. Mo . who wants
Barker on similar charges. An officer
from Sedalla Is now securing requisition
papers and will arrl'e here within a cou
ple of davs
Violent Discussion in Chamber of
Deputies on Subject
PARIS) Dec 23 There was a violent
discussion of the spvlng system In the
CbambSr of Deputies today The opposi
tion deputies asserted that the secret of
ficial reports touched members of Presi
dent Loubet s family Minister of vnr
Berteaux derided the action of the op
posltlon In appearing lo defend the Pres
1.1, nt lb- -said an officer would bo Im-
modleteh relieved from duty if it was
proved that he mads ;i report referring
to the Presidential household Many
noisy demonstrations following required
a ' u pen- Ion of the hcssIoii
The contlnuat'on of tin debate was not
attended by any disorder The Govern
ment Insisted on a vote of confidence,
which was obtained with a considerable
Bud Tenants Evicted
And rent collected. Merchants' Pro
tective Association. Francis G. Luke
General Manager. Top Floor Commer
cial Block.
ifj Such Ffarmony of j
W I Coloring
mfzj&J-'-: '&jb Are hare D y ever equaled in ,
VjSyZys ' tli" NFClTvVEAR line, a a
(jr i ' m -Mf I those shown by SiogePs.
JfftT&X'l I : A11 th? ll test efi?ccts and
' VSr ' SbSS u V novelties are among- them.
Hft i ' ' -i Wit 1 Besides, what XTVTAS
&r:s- ' ' V' ESE&T:Jff PRESENT Is more usefv.l to
pfcjjfeji. . 'jHb gaSaSc a i"-anr never has too
SasaSsfisKv feTTSi-Jt, much Neckwtsxr.
mffiimM! MiS I G'fV make US3fl presents, nnd
USfMr. Vl " our l!nf3 are hTlsthnS with
" - the excellent noveltios and
- values.
Continues. One-Fourth
a l -63-65 MAIN STREET.
ON ALL ' ' V ' ,i ?
j TOYS j
j syix; -houses, i toy dressers, ?
4 All to be sold .ni sacrificing prices We mnnot sparo tho N
Bp&ce to carry toys through the summer raonths.
S:-f - ------ - oj - - - - - -H . . -A1" " '
I V' . -. j r . ' &xBs&bkSb.
This handsome brick cottage Is modern In every detail. If was built by the
i i, i..n Bavlnga & Investment ""o.. and Is for sale on ten years' time. Call at
once and secure this bargain before It Is too late
Beef Trust Cases Brought m Montana
Advance Another Step.
BL'TTE, Mont.. Dec 23 The beef
trust cases are now In the hands of the
Supreme court In which tribunal several
hours today were devoted to hearing ar
gument on the demurrer hied bv the defen
dants In each of the five units brought by
Attorney-General Donot an
Th- d lendant companies are Swift ,t
o . Armour i Co.. Cudahy & Co., and
the- Hammond Packing companies of Chi
cago and Pueblo, there bolntf two suits
against the lutter.
At torn.-N -G-nere I 1 . . i . . v in alb-Res that
ihe companies nnmed hud formed a trust
or combine, for the control of prices of
livestock and packlng-housfj proaueta all
in violation of the constitution and statues
of the State 1 Montana and ha asked the
c ourt to declare th- companies franchises
and propertj In this .state forfeit and per
petually enjoin them from the transaction
of business in Montana
Mr t.Iunn. counsel for the packing-houso
otnpani- s. tii.-d a demurrer challenging
th- complaint on two grounds:
Klrst. that the Supreme court hud no
Jurisdiction: nnd, second, thot tho com
plaint did not state fads sufficient to con-
stltute a cause of action. The court
ruled against the admission of certain af
fidavits by the defendants and the matter
was token under advisement.
Christmas matinee ond hall at Chrl
tenstn'n Monday. December 2fi, at 4 and
8 30 p. m
High Dignitaries of Catholic Church
Attend Funeral nnd Interment.
PITTSlSl'RG, Dec 23 The funeral ser
vices over tho remains of Bishop Phelan,
hell today, were marked with simplicity
Pontifical requiem mass was celebrated h
Bishop Canovln, alter which absolution
was given by live bishops Individually,
Vt the grave the services woro brief and
consisted ot the rltusl for the burial of a
bishop and the blessing of th. grave by
Bishop Csnsvin, assisted bj th- officers of
the mass There were many high digni
taries of the church present from differ
ent pails of the country.
"'' . Laai ' tiKSiStSKB

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