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Itwj j JLt Ici cLJt 'xIj xtrtj isiuuj
r WEATHER TODAY-Cloudy, with local snow.
t7lAX' y' 72 S-T Citt, Utah, Sunday Moknixg, December 25, 1904. 23 PAGESfive cents.
(Hints Already
Uiil lis Character.
e Friends Now Concede
Chances Are Against
.j May Be Attacked Because
A violation of Compact With
the Nation.
By A F Philips.
Li to Tr-' Trlbtim
Ehiwt,,n- d C" De U' "ri,''"f
Kfor &mt0T Smoot- A 8 Worth"
-' rte,l for Sail
HTcvrt.imW night v ' ,:' ' :,wfl"
t... f hi- father, which
HLj for ofvi-nl 1nyx.
BP:T-,t will ' w" ,,ls
.. Witnesses
Etv h. ! testify to thnt.
LlJ-:' f' T"tah wl11 '"' C'eorSc
Ejjj, ffhu hopes (" succeed Sena-
l' a defense will, however.
HjgW. It 1? said, as th i.r. ,- e.-utlnn
K ,Ji this N" Interference of
-, .vllllcs will als I d as
' Wfcc Will Boost Smoot.
I ;t William Spry and William
Eos: will he called while Congress
IzfYtKh, J. H. Bradx and W. K H
Io will t summoned.
V'-.u-. r .;( p.. - vw.l l ! t.. i-how
K 'jt. "( the Mormon a. pie in
ftstitf to the call tu ai ms An at
BfliG! 'v- rrifi-lf to r'"-'e 111,11 :1 1
jHsr ci Ihe battery boys wore Mor
fta It U well known here that the
Ha !airn will do anything and
k s, i F'istain th' in - n-g:.rd-
fcreortta that the apostle Senator
Hsr.ra to Washington without his
Hr-'j1 rob In r.n endeavor to con
P ' committee, In this manin-r, that
Bjt lake the oaths of the endow-
Bkii- lrarn'-fl that i !"- flit n
Hto BM admit that the apostolic Sen
Pr t rtllrcd from the Senate.
lis counsel can not depend upon
HSui it kss due to this fact that
psw for the protectants were not
lfcvx.imliii-ii Counsel did not
T ' r. u.-H.t against be-
fctftbt prevarications of the frlend-
H?r-j and Smith's Admissions.
BjU friMrl of the apostle today: The
Smoot Is a black one. Open
jP by Apostles Penrose and John
W ' '''!' .MMl-'l lr r g
Jj' ' Srn . .t v..t. d for the
M ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' s 1 ' 1 1 ' ' " s 1
t.r,tthai he was a polygoirilst,
Ve country. All tho evidence
J1!" hoarlnc has told strongly
' II , ' ;Vrr'r'
'v the prr-ss of thr countn.' Is
B,.t4rJ ffom. Manj editorials fa-
' liking away of Btatehood for
tethat the soir-mri compacts with
s Lave been broken, law set at
(Hr 5lflt- "f nffalrs pr-i-mltted
""al'tah which has filled the en-
;ltlc",,f' is end and l tab
li to PXT.t that th.- warnlr.K
H. lr- Presldeni of the i nlted
electa memb. r
JdmlriiBtrator to Handle Mil-Htm-Dollar
K 1 7' L'or M -Judge Wahaco
, r rr,'lr' r'f Tularr. ruuntx
!"XT " hW decision In roM
kK"TUlc "f J;" " Dav,!"- who
, and lcf an te In
J 0WJ at than a mil Hon
S'R"r,-"r'f,f' al-
Kigali 1sUUe l" ttn,
U. hhnUg, ' hls nt.-rst8 wen.
nt'tlcrt". e ",url nld that
Rtit a-lr-at-lav.-, hut rn. ivl;
Mi'-'-Vlr: """l'd-lr.,..,r
m M;rrJ lhat
lJbiiianbBeaten Int0 In9ensi-
!T,M? "!' "Newport
SV!. k ,lrtk-brikeni were
AC r,. ;tt8tec'. one of the.
'"Juries couia not be
Jealousy as Cause
for Cutler Murder
Police. Think Mysterious Woman Was
Member of Theatrical Company
Visiting Denver.
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Dec 1 -Officers
now .iiKafrr-d In uttemptln to
solve tho Mount Cutler murder mystery
are quietly working on what they cl:Jm
to be the best clue yet secured.
The now theory upon which the are
working is that the deceased was a mem
r ..f one r.f the theatrical troupe that
Visited this elty during the past two
monthe and wu put out of the way i
some male member of the company on
at "nut of Jealousy
The .oll' ar.' now In t.Mrraphlc com
munlcatlon with managers of numhfi of
companies which were here between No
vember l and December 20, to ascertain
If any of their members are missing.
Chief Reynolds hu.x ascertained that one
youiiK w..m.n h. !1.ved to Ik- MSs Lucille
Vlllierc who ;ia a member of a theatric
ll rn;.an. wna released here and fur
nished wi'ii transportation to St iouis
rhe description of the lrl dierharpi'd
I. en- I- said '.. ta'.K with that of the bod
lound on Mount Cutler
Description of Dentistry Fits That of
Murdered Girl.
tlr I.' new clUS and one that IooJxb good
to Chief Reynolds haj developed as a re
sult of the excellent description of the
dentistry sent over the country. The
Clue "rm'b from Syracuse, when
11 I" learned that a girl named Kemter Is
missing. The girl came to Colorado
Springs some tlmo ago and In October a
check for J2") was sent to her. which she
acknowledged as receiving Since that
llmi nothing has been heard from her and
her famll) bellevi thai she is the victim
"f the Mount Cutler murder
Investigation b.. chief Reynolds brings
out the fct that the dentistry of the mlss
Ing Miss Kemter tallies exactly with that
d the d.-ad Irt as Jnvj an trie hair and
Word from Svrnciise tonight is to the
effect that the family has directed a sls-
ter of .Miss Kemter, who is now In Call
fornla, to proceed to Colorado springs at
once and either locate her sister or iden
tify the remains.
CutJer Mountain Victim Was Not
New York Divorcee.
DENVER. Dec. 24 Mrs Lillian Homes
ley Bott. who registered at the Plaza ho
tel In t'oloind'i Springs November 'Si. left
next day and who the police of that city
scspi cied might have tten the victim of
tho Cutler mountain mystery, has been
located In this city. She appeared as a
plaintiff in the idstrict court here today
and 11 divorce from J. W arner Hot t in
Albany, N v merchant v.a (minted
hei Fudge Palmei also awarded her 10,
OOO alimony.
Formerly Lived in Albany.
ALBANY. N. Y. Dec 24. Mr. und Mrs
J. Warner Bott were prominent in local
society circles. They enmo bore about
eight years ago, and entertained exten
sively Mrs. Bott Is a vocalist of consid
erable reputation. IJer husband was pres
ident of the Alhun aid and Paper com
pany. They left here In the spring of 1908
MgT. Chappelle Returns to Aich
bishopric of New Orleans.
ROME. Dec. 24 While Mgr Chappelle.
archbishop of New Orleans and Papal
delegate to Cuba and Porto Rico, soon
will be relieved of his post In the An
tilles he still will retain tho archbishop
ric of New Orleans
with the relinquishment by Mkt Biod
rlck of the post of auxiliary bishop of
Havana. It Is said thut he will be en
trusted with the mission of urging n' it
er offerings of Peter's pence In the
United .Slates because or tho relations
existing between France and the Holy
Recommendations have been made to
the Vatican to have Mgr Edward Fow
ler, secretary of Archbishop Harly of
M,.nlln iipi-dnti'd auxiliary bishop of
Havana In succession to Mgr. Broder-Ick.
F. J. Mcickay Hurrying' to Injured
Wife by Special Train
CHICAGO, Dec. 25 F. J Mackay of
Nw York is speeding across the country
on a special train, en route to England,
where Mr.-. M i key was severely injured
Thursday in a hunting accident. The
1,11111 . Tom San Bernardino. 'at , to
Chicago 11 is expected, will be made in
less than three days Mr. Mackay will
reach here Monday afternoon over the
R..ck Island road and will have, accord
ing to his schedule, Just one minute lo
i atch the Lake Shore train for New York
He will sail on Wednesday.
Before Making Up With Girl, Young
Man Killed Himself.
YORK Neb . Dec. 21. At the Coroner's
Inquest ocr the remains of Howaid Penn
at Broken Bow s young business man
who killed himself here yesl rduy. testi
mony was given that he was to have
been married to Mrs Stevens of i.in. oln
th da he committed suicide. The two
had disagreed as whether tie oere
monj Bhould b at fork or Lincoln
Penn la a son of the commandant of the
SoMletV he in-- at Ullford
Cruiser Detroit MovV-s On.
WASHINGTON. Dee, 24 The cruiser
Detroit, which is watching United Stales
Interests In Santo Domingo, has left Puer
ta I'laln for Monte frlstl. where she will
await the arrival of the GulgOS with gen
eral supplies and a collier with coal.
Idaho Merchants Fail.
black ROOT, Ida, Dec 24. H Gesaa
& ."o . in r.ii merchants at Blackfool
-d st Anthony Ida-, formerlj of Hock
Springs and Kemmercr, Wyo., failed
Liabilities f&O.OOO, due to Eastern und local
Gasoline Explosion
Kills Whole Family
Father, Mother and Three Children
Victims of Mistake in Using the
Fluid Instead of Oil.
Gl THR IE, O 1 . Dec 21 Wllhclm
Schultz has oeen fatally burned and his
wife and three children are dead as a re
sult of a gasoline explosion in their home
near Guynion, kln.
The family .recently- homssteaded a claim
In Heaver county, coming direct from
Germany. They could not speak English
Going to n store yesterday for coal oil,
the father madi edgns which tlx merchant
interpreted to mean gasoline
The mother held the lamp with the Wick
lighted whllo the father Idled the lamp
with gasoline, a terrible explosion fol
io ived
Extraordinary Scene in the Lowor
Thames When the Fog Vanished.
LONDON, Dec. 21 The lower Thames
tonight presents an extraordinary and un
precedented spectacle. The fog. slightly
lifting, reveals from Liverpool to Green
wood beach, hundreds of great liners and
steamships from every quarter of the
globe lifting anchors and preparing to
move to docks after three day9 of Inac
tion and obscurity on account of the banks
of fog
A number Of outward-bound llnrrs havn
been able to proceed, but sequent to
the great number of Incoming vessels
gathered at the mouth "f the Thames and
other points In the i hannol. mid coupled
with the anxlel s ol I tu i rs fl to reach
their docks, shipping reports are full of
minor casualties and collisions.
, lp to mldniKl't no serious disaster had
been reported
Installed Bishop of Helena,
Bl'TTE. Mont.. Dec 24. Bishop Karrell
of Dubuque, In , will i Installed as
bishop of the dl ise a) Holt ns on J in t-
ary . This wa-ik bis Holiness will r i i -clalh
ih Butts und will i" tendered
public reception by the Catholics "I the
city, elaborate preparations for which
ceremony, at which the clergy of Port
land and Seattle will participate, are be-
lng made.
jPiilajanas on the
Warpath in Samar
Thousand Surround Town of Dolores
and the Situation is
WASHINGTON. Dec. 24 The War de
partment was officially advised today by
General t'orbln commanding the Depart
ment Of the Philippines, of the uprising
In Samar. in which ono lieutenant and a
number of enlisted men of the Philippine
scouts were killed. The cablegram Is as
"The PulnJanas are on the warpath In
Samar In considerable numbers, as may
be Judged fmm tho following: On No- !
vi mbi t In about 4hi Pulajanas and sev
eral hundred Volunteers Joined In an at
tai k on a detachment of twenty Philip
pine scotius at Oras, Samar.
"Killed fine hospital corps man.
"Wounded--Twelve Philippine scouts.
"Missing Five, said to have been boloed
while In the liver. All bodies badlv mu
tilated. "And again on December 11, Second
Lieutenant Kti phen K Ilayl and Lhlrt
seven enlisted men of the Thirty-eighth
Company Of Philippine scouts were killed
by PuluJcLnas at Dolores, Samar. Ktrst
Lieutenant George K. Abbott requests
help from military authorities Town
threatened i 1000 Pulajanas. situation
critical In loth Instances. I offered the
Philippine Government all the assistance
desired As yet none has been accepted. '
Second Lieutenant Stephen K. Hayt of
tho Philippine scouts, who wjls killed In
yesterday's ambuscade by the Pulajanas
nt Dol.i- . whs burn In New Mexico In
1880. Prior to his enlistment tut Second
Lieutenant of the Philippine scouts In
August, he was a sergeant in com
pany a, Ninth infantry.
Had Relatives In Denver.
DEN VIC ft, CjJo . Dec. 24 Lieutenant
Btephen K Hayt, who was killed at Do
lores. Samar, by the Pulajamas Is a cou
sin of harles D. Hnyt. u former Judge
of the Colorado Supreme court. Lieuten
ant Hayt s father is deputy recorder of
Chicago, where young Hayt left school
when 20 years of age to Join the army.
- i
Iron in Cork Life Buoy.
VICTORIA, B C, Dec. 24. A sensation
was caused among shipping men hers by
the illseoveri bv workmen of a pi. , ( ni
iron concealed in the cork of s life buoy
taken from n local steamship fnr repairs.
PhS Iron was seemingly placed there tO
mak. tin- weight of the buoy equal to the
I requirements of the law.
iss Lillian Judge
Marries in London
Formerly Engaged to John W. Young,
Son of Brighnm Young, but
Broke the Troth.
Special to The Tribune.
NEW YORK. Dec 24 -Friends of John
W Young in this city were surprised
tcdjy to receive news of the marriage.
In London of Miss Lillian Judge, who. it
was supposed was to marry Mr. Young
to Edwin J. Wostby. of London
John W Young suffered by the Ship
building trust failure, but still has the
icputatlon of being wealthy, although he
went Into bankruptcy abroad a year or
two agoo
Vuung s son. William Hopper Young.
murdered in September, 1902, Mrs Lillie
Kingston Pulitzer and Is now serving u
life sentence for his crime The convic
tion of Young's son for murder was Un
real cause of the ending of the marriage
engagement between Young and Miss
Since the break Miss Judge has lived
with h-.-r family In London. The wedding
was ivli'linitn Thursoov December L'J
The bridegroom Is the only surviving son
f the kite ('apt Ashlc Wcstby of tho
Blghth Kings regiment
Becomes Chief-of-Staff of Gov. Doug
las of Massachusetts.
BROCKTON, Mass, Dec 24 A rcar
rangemeat of the most Important positions
on the staff of Gov -elect Douglas was de
Uded today Lieut -Gen. Nelson A Miles
i s A . retired, instead of being made
Adjutant-General, was appointed Inspector-"
Jeueral and svlll act us the mllltar
advisor "f the Governor, in effecl holding
the position of chief of staff
Tills change of plans wus mnde nt the
re.in si i i Lit ut -Gen Miles who does not
wish to draw two salaries, one from th
Nation aaul the other from this State, as
In would be entitled t,, d.: f assigned tu
duty In toil Statu by the War depart
ment and BUbsequentl made Adjutant-General.
Appointod Court Commissioner.
HKI.KNA. Mont a, Dec. 21 The Supreme
COUti this morning appointed II E. Blake
court commissions! He succeeds Lew Lb
i ,illowa, dec ltd JuUgo of the Seventh
Passport System May
Soon Be Abolished
Russia Has Already Acted Toward
Natives, and Foreign Aboli
tion Will Follow.
ST. PETERSBURG, Dec 24 -Russia Is
on the eve of abolishing the passport sys
tem The matter has already been do
Clded In prlnclplo by tho commission
which Is Investigating the passport ques
tion A new law will be promulgat-d I,
th- s. n.itr within six weeks as one ,,f the
solid reforms resulting from the adminis
tration of Interior Mtnlst.r Svleropolk
Mlrsk For the present th abolition of the
passport system will only apply to Rus
sians and not to foreigners although It Is
Intended at the end of the war to abolish
the system governing foreigners nJso The
'dale lay .;, the la I ter, Imw . r. will I ..
removed, leaving only Red i ross and in
valid taxes
Abolition of the passport system In Rus
sia will work a complete revolution not
only In removing every Individual in tho
empire from constant hiii vi illaiice by the
poll) e but In ttiHtiy other ways increasing
personal freedom.
It Is Impossible under the present sys
tem for a peasant to leave a commune
without an Indorsed passport, or for a di
vorced wife to leave tho husband's roof
without his permission The aliolltlon, so
far as tourists are concerned, will be a
great convenience, but It will hams no
such deep and material significance as n
the case of Russians.
The present passport system constitutes
moro annoyance than the actual reatrlo
thin of legitimate tourists X., hotel or
lodglng-hous. In the . mplre Is permitted
to receive a guest overnight without his
submitting a passport to tho police for
view both on arrival and df-partim
neither native nor foreigner can leave the
country Without permission of the police
explicitly Indorsed ,n ;l passriort. and a
native must secure a special passport
costing J7a'J before ho can go abroad.
The penalty for a native evading this
law Is exceedingly drastic, including cor
pora! punlshrriont If captured.
Foreign i nmmerclal travelers at fin. -Tit
ari also heavily handicapped by the pass
port system Thdr vocations must bo
stated In u passport, and especial license,
which costs $22f. Is exacted before they
can transact business In the country
Whether this license will he ino.Jlfl.-d with
the abolition Of the passport. It Is impos
sible at present to saj
Wage Scale Differences Between Fire
men and Building Managers.
CHICAGO. Dec. 24. Arbitration ha?
been employed successfully to settle
wage scale differences between olflce
building manager-n and 200 stationary
firemen employed In 150 downtown
office blocks
Dr. Emil G. Hlrs. h, nctlng as umpire
In the dispute, fixed the pay or firemen
for the coming year nt the same figure
In effect last year The employees had
applied for an Increase, while the build
ing managers decided a decrease
Both sides announced wllllnghess to
abide by the iJe.-l.slon The pay of the
firemen ranges under the present
schedule from 155 to $70 a month The
arbitration tribunal h;cs been In session
tor two weeks
Pennsylvania Railroad Prepared to
Spend $30,000 OOO in Chicago.
CHICAGO. Dec-. 25. Tho Record-Herald
says' The Pennsylvania Railroad com
pany Is preiar.il to spend J?'.1 i.i-oimo in the
construction of :i new railway station In
i hi. ago Twenty million dollars of this
sum will "be spent In acquit lng land ad
joining tho present Union depot and S10.
), 000 will be spent on buildings. Tho
schema Is so comprehensive that It In
cludes the construction of a tunnel or
subway beneath the river by which bridge
delays may be avoided.
Contention That Court Lacks Juris
diction Is Sustained.
HELENA, Mont., Dec. 34. The State
Supreme court today dismissed proceed
ings begun by Attorney-General Donovan
against the international Harvester com
pany and four Chicago packing houses, to
restrain them from currying on business
In the State, on the ground that they were
Violating the anti-trust law of Montana.
Counsel for the companies contended thut
the court lacked Jurisdiction, und th
court sustained this contention
Sentenced to Twelve Years for Kill
ing R. T Wall.
NEVADA, Mo., Dec. 24. Dr. J D Todd,
a practlt lng physician and a former mem
ber of the Stale Legislature who jihot and
killed R T Wall at Richards. Mr, , In
May last was found gullu of murder In
the second degree by a Jury hero tla
and his punishment fixed at twelve yeain
In the Stato Penitentiary Todd pleaded
self-defense 111 feeling had existed be
tween tho two men for twenty years.
Wall wan a wealthy farmer.
Princess Louise Goes to Florence,
Berlin Dec. 24. Countess Montlgno
bo, formerly the Crown Princess Louise
and divorced wife of King Frederick Au
gustus, left Lelpslc at midnight for Flor
ence, Italy.
a special dispatch from Dresden say's
tho Saxon Government will take steps to
prevent a repetition of the efforts of tie
Countess to see her children. Tim fron
tier stations will be watched closely.
Potatoes for Irish Sufferers.
GREELEY, Colo.. Dec. 24.-A mass
meeting, presided over by Mayor Watson,
was in id here this afternoon to provide
lm carloads of potatoes f,,r the Irish fam
ine, sufferers A committee will be ap
pointed by the Mayor to solicit potatoes
for the shipment.
Duck Club's Fine Present.
Special to The Tribune.
DENVER, Colo.. Dec. 24. The Heat
River Duck club ,,f Utah has present! I
John D Kendall of tills city a magnlllccut
loving cuu-
Christmas in World's
Metropolis, J
Yule Log Burns in All Great
Homes of Old Eng
land. e
Embassador and Mrs. Choate Visiting
Baron Mount Stephen nt Brockett
' Holl, Hntfleld.
LONDON. Dec. 24-The Christmas
Npiilt was abroad throughout England to
day, notwithstanding He continued j
heavy rogs. which normally act as an
extr.-me depressant Not for years has
London had such a thorough dose of that
pea-SOup atmosphere for which the me
tropolis is famous; but the population
which grumbled durirg the week liecause
of the Inconveniences attendant upon tho
fog, c hanged their moods today and ac
cepting tho inevitable, prepared to spend i
a merry Christmas, even welcoming the
fog as s Christmas girt and a friend of
olden days.
In all the great homes In England the
lule l. g Is burning Prom Sandrlnirham
to the hiimhlost residence, relatives who
are scattered throughout the i eat of tho
year uro gathering to spend the English
Christmas It Is estimated that a mil
lion and a half persons poured out of
Li. i, d.ui today.
Statesmen and Diplomats.
Most of the ablnel offlci rs and diplo
mats have left London. King Edward
and Queen Alexandra with the Immediate
royal fiimlly, aro gathered at Sandrlng
Inm palace, where Christmas will bo
el. I, rated In the usual manner Their
Majesties will closely observe all or the
Christmas customs. There will bo a
Christmas tree for tho royal children
around which three generations will meet,
us privately as royalty ever meets to
enjoy a typical bom. Christmas.
At the same time none of the depend
ents will be forgotten. The King and.
Queen will distribute their largess among
tho tenantry of Sandrlngham and
throughout the United Kingdom, where
there are most deserving charities. The
Queen has gfven another $25o to tho Sal
vation Army
Lord Lonsdowne's Christmas will be 'hi
spent at Derrc-n, Kerr;., his Irish seat,
where be will entertain a large house
part) and thut of Premier and Mrs.
Balfour at Whlttlngcham, Prestonklrk.
'Iter., will be the usual Chamberlain re
union at Highbury. Birmingham.
American Embassador.
Embassador and Mrs. Choate are vis
iting Bar.ui Mount Stephen at Bro kett
hall. Hatfield. Hertfordshire and Sec
retary of Embus: Heiirj White has a
; umber of guests at his country place
ComnU-General Evans with his family
has gone to Paris. Mr. Evans will re
turn to London Monday, but his family
will proceed to Egypt. Miss Evans Is
going to Washington by way of Austra
lia and San Francisco.
Tho Duchess of Marlboro will spend
her Christmas In Paris, while the Duko
will remain at Blenheim palace Baron
Harass!, the Japanese Minister, will re
main In London.
Provisions for the poorer classes have
been arranged on n scale even larger
than Is usual, and although there Is an
almost Incredible number of destitute and
unemployed persons In London, there is
every reason to suppose that no one will
be without some sort of Christmas dln
n, r
"Boxing day," of course, will be ob
scfcvcd as anoth.-r holiday among tho
younger theater-goers. The pantomime
Openings will lte a strong feature, the
historic Drury Lane, with "The White
Cat" being the center of attraction.
SOLD 350.000 TREES.
Salvation Army Feeds 50,000 Persons
in New York.
NEW YORK. Dec. 24. New York began
Its Christmas celebration tonight and va
rious hospitals In the city had trees for
the children in their waids.
For tomorrow ana .Monday the city had
prepared a grand celebration for the little
ones and for the hungry in the poorer sec
tions. The Salvation Army will feed 50.X)
persons and oth.-r charitable organisations
will provide tor double that number
It Is estimated tonight that over 35DK
i oris Unas trcea have been sold In the city
during the last ten days.
Outgoing trains on the New York ( en
tral and New fork, x.-w Haven & Hart
ford railroads today were from twenty to
forty minutes late because of the conges
tion of the trains due to the holiday
traffic. During the da) thirty extra trains
w.Te sent out over the Central, whll
ubout Iwanty were dlsp at. ii. .1 e.iMwar.l
Incoming trains were also late because
of the h.-avy travel. The Southwest a n
limited, due at C p m , was one hour and
fifty mlnut.-n late; the Albany local, due
nt 6:23 p. m . was one hour late, the Lake
Shore limited, due nt G;30 p. m., was thirty
minutes late the day express, due at 7 p.
m . was forty minutes late and the East
ern express, due at S:16 o'clock, was
twenty minutes late.
That's the Estimate of What Chicago
Will Spend.
CHICAGO. Dec 21 It Is estimated
that it will cost Chicago more than ?23.
000,000 to ceh brate Christmas this year.
Never has money boon expended so frce
l in celebrating a nolldny in thn hlsiory
of the city Shopkeepers say that people
begun to buy Christ mus presents In Oc
tober. As the season advanced the buy
ing of preeents became more enthusias
tic It dnl not cease for a day.
While most of the sum mentioned went
for Christmas gifts, tho sum spent for
Christmas dinners ire.-s and decoratlona
Is taken Into consideration in the follow
ing estimate, the figures being gathered
!i .ni th-- best sources of information:
Estimated Christmas of ten largest
State street stores 110,300,000; Christmas
receipts of other State street stores, $2.
500,000; Christinas receipts of other than'
SUU street stores, fi.-.w.w. Mone
M . H i SJ :!SKM

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