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iv I rnvV MOKXTVO, DECEMBER 31, 1904. ' I
If S Fli
hs mm
lAircli Reaches
irch Control of Secular
, gtters Means Resistance
of Gentiles.
n, Be an American State, but
pitiless nnd Tyrannical
Sin Francis ro Call
I Lsrnwt lavcsUg.ttl.--n It is In proof
church sends an order to the
Kiwi teachers, prescribing the
L 0f the church doctrines during
fLcn every day, and that In hun
rfpjbllc 6choolp. supported by the
L o( M' rm"n3 and non-Mormoni
Bacon rcllclnn la taught daily es
itef iti curriculum. Resort by Gen
5 Lut tjdMal courts In Issues affect-
Z?r--r: or 'th-r ripht? Is be
C!,!rlouf since it It vldent that
I .'. Illy to the
Pj the brethren nullifies a Juror s
j 1 1
Iv pen that In this system of
M PL."-,.,. ,.f ii " .1 t pi-'Cf-rtv and
Tf t.' State power to
iflVserrly negative resistance, the,
B.crV : -n.er.L Already It Is com-
itit Gtntik-s llnd getting a lling
i-d .ii . i - l up
gWhen this deliberately planned
W performed Its glaclcr-llke
K Eon 1il be Mormon In lis 9o
Ft)",. mi'l U"'. rnni'-nt. The
LHw EnKhim Young will be realized
. rtin i eon-
,, ,ir, I. ill that of the
t. .. freed im of -1 r -
BasB ' the brightening friction
bB.j o.rrpc i Itl.ni iind tin- .irb-tl s
E.:. , :.) a. tlon nc'-'ssirv
Kite wlil be unknown. Then the
Et of polygamy being punlshabli
h ;p i-.jrt-. "Ill g.i unpunished b
t . I- i'. Ill be that
)t ll.' il will
'iW : t'.r.Tinlcal hierarchy,
hi - bred the colonies
Kkitv thai have already
Etl over lJih", Wyoming and Arl
ud that are uppcarlng In N
tb:vr the money of the I'nlted
A'. if .diner Irrigation plants to
1 B thl radiating process
fctrE-'iintaln region will fall t far
Eanson control as to be a cordon
M" ii Zinn ami the re-
BjS ' thoughtful this far-reach-BtVv
cow In operation and moving
H forces of rain.. Is
pKtc'.or ar..l appulilng aspect In
I B Horrronlym presents Itself. With
B - t hands, th. endowment oaths
Hfetrt ..nl professions of loyalty
Bb CpJ. the church Is moving f'.r
toa mi-1. .1 conquesl that will ex
Betcr. G tile in Its path and leave
rnctires of Church Illegrl.
jH ''i. .rad i Springs Gazette.
NH0M?rt!5io!i.ti int:-tlgntlun into the
I - bu advanced t.. the point
P-ism r ii -. -leci Smoot,
Bi 5!',-i thai Is on trial
'Bt . I'M' I ' r i k'l . ;i in H
B-' i! Mormon repri sent&tlve-elect
I '-' l l from Congresa a few
m Srr.oot is not a poly gamlst,
Bfe' sm'i,'! rerr.ovi- lh- stU-ma of
B' ' slblo seating So far
BjJ-"-'ii i iulpn:. i,i is eoncerne l he
BPjl n,"1 i" 'i Senati iverage hut
BpiQ'M'i'i of mental equipment.
BBWjy clear U established now that
B1-1 dangerous institution.
BL ',ro,c':'llon of the provision of
BBi't'Kl! wnieh . l.ir.-s that
j.jW ?'la" make no l.iv.- i . -1 .-i Inrr
' B '' in i -
B" "
- B, "f
polities combined. i which
., JB " id. Hi.' !n'- i.f i;od
Pf Il Kri.it m.inv .-..rs it hris
Im"1 ,h-'1 ln" l"'a'-tieen of the,
Vl1' :I" on,y as they
PNysamous marr la.-s, but ln
sBm.V" ' -P!ir.iti..ri Ims brought to
B; ' ' " i -! . . .r i ll.-.-d
K;: th:,!-" who had e..nir i. te.l
t.f of
H rbiddh k it but thai pi iral
m 1U 1 place, with the
0ftcn leads to pov
AV' ertv. No real
Jki woman e-er sold
"ilfij hcr Heart for thi
fcat,, luxuries of life
p7(oriv nw , "a gladly faced
vHvl n lov- mv well
F of whcn P:UD becomes
K, sr;n' .If she were rkh,
could bnd a way of cure.
00 ewo :
" for women
; ' iw. in legal
KPemJc 1!5 fo" cas,of
of Womb Y11' " ''rolapsus.
of'cure t-asou'iblc
R;'1 '" your kind
M. riV N0 ('- Flrtcher. of 106
5S?,C nteru. SI"0' "W"" ' rubied
fc 'v pn,en are invited to
Mtft-'-- ":r':(:' Ru'Talo, N V.,
K'tonSm ftsare eaay
jpn. -tte. A most effective
sanction of the church authorities. 6nce
thai -w-r,l Tli- exposure of the
ment house secrets show. th,t tho
f.,,urrh Is Koverned b so-called "rcvela-
denT fWl)hh ,Ped by the pr., -
sees n, nn . SSP u' k,n he
sees fit, and which make him virtually
the absolute ruler of his following A
H v. lailon- IS more binding ha n':1-; lm-
i""ai uka.s.- af the Caar of m In to r u
Is superior n authority to the Ulble
fl.V fS, .1 PlAC0 .Undor th American
, ',r an ors;anlatlon, rellKlous or
otherwise, which imposes on its members
n,h or loyalty that t ak. s pree.'n ..
T LUTlr I,;val,v to nation There
men?-plMCC tor JoJyTamy. "blood atone
ment the methods of the "endowment
house or like oath-bound practices of the
Mormon organisation Thi Mormon
Church, as now constituted, Is a n,. .
to Ameriear, Institutions, if it is to en
dure I, must h, purged of ,)".. . h ,
osrt orni.r, l ShWn ,M - an "S
pan or its makeup.
Say Smoot Will Lose.
.eJ.ter, Balllnser. Washington eorre
pondent for the Cheyenne Tribune
' T pr th,s "lory unW date of De-
ofTJn",""SVP,.io2 lnto thp OuallflcatiollB
n 1 i ?Co SmO0t lo ,JCCl'ry a seat
in the 1 nltrNj States Senate, which has
been goinK on for mor than s e;ir now
will be commenend again next' January
V riie evidence f tho prosecution has
KSLHJ?-1" an5 lnc Senator will no"
resent his side of the case It was for
the purpose of obtaining data, that he re.
a to 1 tab for the c irii m is holl-
rlavs The evidence submltterl anaina' the
Mormon church, and showing the Sena
tors relation with the church, has been
extremels damaBrtnr.
It has been a matter of much comment
recently among persons who had U-en
giving attention lo the Smoot heann-th.-.t
the Senator did not bear himself
as confidently as he did last spring
Th. ast week .luring which testimony
iu LiKcn mu. n aamaging testimony was
given by Apostles Penrose and John Hen
ry Smith and bv Mormons of lesser Im
portance and by Democrat!.' Stnte rhalr
man Jackson of Idaho. The tffeeS of this
testimony on members of the commltie.
vras very preceptlble, and no one present
realized this fact more than did the Sen
ator from Utah whose nonchalant de
meanor was abandoned and for the first
time during the trial tho seriousness of
Hie charges submitted were deplctod on
his countenance, Instead of taking all
the evidence as a huge ioke. os he did at
first, his face Indicated slpns of worn
and he made much more frequent sug
gestions to hi attorneys in the course of
their cross-examination f various witnesses
1 m Buorp questioning or AUornej Tav.
lor with the last hatch of Mormon wit
nesses Is believed to have had Its eff.-rt
on members of the committee. One fea
ture which has been discussed outside the
committee-room as having surely lnjur.,1
his chances of retaining his -eat. Is his
presence last Julv at the meeting of the
apostles which elected Editor Penrose as
one of the quorum of apo3tles Smoot
attorneys admitted his presence there and
the apostles railed to the stand testified
that no one had objected to the choice
Of a polvjfamlst The comment Is heard
that If Smoot had wished t,, show his dis
approval of actions In defiance of the law
Of the land he might have made a good
stroke by registering his objections at
that time. His failure to do so Is regard
ed as strong substantiation of tho main
intention of (he protestants that he re
gards his duty to the Mormon church as
01 . los.r interest than his duty to th
Natlonal Government under his oath as
The Smoot case is the most celebrated
Mormon case that has ever been tried by
.rigresslonal committee In began
March 1, 19"M. and will probablv not bo
completed before the first of February.
Public sentiment Is rapidly ervstallzlng
against the Senator and, the Indications
are that the report of the commltte. will
be adverse to his retaining his seat
Sickness or ConcernP
L'tah County Democrat.
Senator Smoot returned home from
Washington. D. C, last Saturday, to
Spend the holidays with his family" and
friends. Mr Siuoot expressed himself
as being reasonably certain that he will
retain his seat in the Senate, and yet his
facial expression Indicates that he has
undergone an intense physical atraln.
Whether, by virtue of the Investigation
or through Indisposition, we do not know
When one comes to think seriously of
the enormity of the charges preferred
agaln?t Senator Smoot, and the intensity
of the ln s'ctUlgatlon, one would not won
der at Its physical or mental effect.
The position of United States Senator
Is the highest within the gift of tho
people of a Slate. It is a position of tho
highest honor In our Government To b
a m.-mber of tho Senate is to be one of
the prime movers In the great affairs of
our nation, and to be adjudged ineligible
to hold such position because of conduct
In life not conducive to the best good and
advancement of tho nation. Is Indeed
enough to rack a man's very soul and
body. Why should Senator Smoot not
Worry about so grave 11 matter? By him
and through him Is being rill (ted the
picture of the. Mormon people. By the de
. Ision of this Investigating committee we
of Utah are to bj held In honor il.l. or
dishonorable repute by the rest of the
world. And who knows hut what the evil
Influences ar sufficiently strong to Induce
an erroneous decision against the Senator
riui the people of his faith? Senator
Smoot knows and the people of Utah
know that he Is eligihln to the high posi
tion of United States Senator under ex
isting conditions it may have been Indis
creet for the State Legislature to have
elected him to the position bui. as we
said before, who knows what the result
of the examination may be? He Is a man
of Indomitable determination and will
power, and Is of a strong nervous ten
sion, but the ordeal through which ho Is
now passing Is enough to test a heart of
Won't Allow Disturbers to Interfere
With Church Meetings.
UNION CITY, Ind., Dec. 29 Rev C.
P. Connelly, while preaching before a
large congregation at the Free Metho
dist church, of which he Is pastor,
.'lopped In the middle of the sermon,
walked down the aisle and Invited a
man who was disturbing the meeting
to step outside, where they fought It
out In a fierce fist light.
During the meeting William Nelson
entered In search of his wife, who re
cently joined the church. He found her
near the mourner's bench. He took off
on, of his rubber overshoes, and, draw
ing it to a throwing position, he ex
claimed "There Is another ont? of thoae
fools " Before he could proceed further
he was stopped by a rruin near by.
At this Juncture the preacher took a
hand. Going up to Nelson he said:
"Com nn.l go with me' They Stepped
OUt of the front door and here they took
positions Nelson, who la quite a fight
er, rushed at the preacher a dozen
times, but with rstrtarksble skill the
gospel servant "ducked" and side
stepped In the most approved fashion
Finally, seeing his opening, the preach
er landed a straight shoulder blow
square In the ttoe, and his opKnent
went down and out The preacher then
re-entered the church and calmly fin
ished his sermon.
The congregation did not know what
had happened until the preacher swore
out an affidavit against Nelson oti the
charge of disturbing a public meeting,
and Nelson was arrested and locked up
New Rural Route Proposed.
Special to The Tribune
KISKR, Ida . Dec. V).-3. B Fogarly
of Spokane, Government Inspector of ru
ral rnall routes, is ln the city and today
went over the proposed Mann creek and
Monroe creek route The route Is twen-l-four
and a half mil and and will sup.
ply 113 families. If accepted ll will make
two routes from Welser The rout, e
ovi r good roads and will likely be reported j
1 favorably.
Dodge Mtx Close
Cinrd by Detectives
Not Allowed to Get Out of Sight
Either Day or Night, but Is
at Liberty.
NEW YORK, Dec. 29. Charles F.
Dodge, Involved ln the ensatlonal
f'.w ge-.J.,rw. , rn-.stery, Is at the
Broadway Central hotel, elbsoly guard
ed by nine United States marshals and
county detectives. In spite of this
Strong guard, it Is asserted that Dodge
la at liberty, but he never moves about
the corridors of the hotel that a big dc--
live does not keep pace with him and
in and about the room In which he
Sleeps are these guards.
Although District Attorney Jerome
declares that Dodge ban made no con
feselon, It Is stated as u fact that Dodge
has told absolutely everything, and not
B man w ho Is Implicated In the scandal
has been spared. The- lawyers who all
along have been mentioned ln the case,
act ordlng to report are getting in deep
er and deeper
Asked regarding Dodge being kept
under guard, tho District Attorney said
he was not a prisoner. He refused to
say that Dodge slept handcuffed to a
detective, ay has been reported.
No formal charges have been made to
the grievance committee of tho Rnr nn.
soclation up to this time, but when the
Morse-Dodge scandal developed District
Attorney Jerome reported the facts to
the association and It will take action
against, th.- lawyers suspected of being
in th. conspiracy, If indictments of the
criminal charge are found, looking to
their disbarment.
I Is said that Charles' W. Morse, who
It was said, was in Paris, is back In
Xe. York The whereabouts of his
wife is still a mystery.
Dodge In his recital starts with hio
marriage to rifmence Cowles ln San
Francisco March 16, 1S77. From the
flrsl their marriage life was unhappy,
h. saw he. aus. 01 his inability to grat
ify her expensive tastes, and after ten
or eleven years of bickering they parted
by mutual consent.
In 1S97 when he was managing an
Atlanta. Ga.. hotel, she visited him and
proposed that he secure a divorce, she
agreeing to bear all the expense and
even to furnish the witnesses. He con
senited and she went -heac: with her
pluns, with the resuU that he was ad
vlsed that she was Krai. ted a decree ln
January, 1S98. He continues.
"I never heard anything more about
the divorce until the latter part of 1903,
when I was sent for to come to New
York, my expenses being paid. I was
then informed that as another man had
been served with the summons In the
divorce case which my wife brought
against me. I would be justified In ma
king an affidavit to thin effect, upon
which ihe ... ' r f divorce granted to
my iife might be set aside and that if
I would do this I would be provided
with plenty of money from a rich and
powerful man, so that I might live in
peace and comfort.
"I agreed to do as I was asked and as
far as money is concerned have not
wanted for anything since, but all the
luxury and ease In which I have In
dulge at some one's else expense
have not begun to recompense me for
the horrors I have endured In being
constantly, night and day, under the es
pionage of other men who have never
permitted me to get out of their sight if
they could help it."
Talk of Universal Alphabet for Dic
tionary Publishers of World
CHICAGO, Dec. 30 A universal al
phabet, to be adopted by the dictionary
publishers of every country. Is the ob
J. . 1 of the central division of the Mod
ern language association of America
whose members ellscussed the subject
it Me 11- mi 111 h .. i.nu , I me.-t Inp here
After hearing the report of the Joint
committee on the subject uf a phonetic
English alphabet, the members, led by
Prof Francis A. Pla. kt.urn of the Hnl
verslty ot Chicago, engaged ln a dis
cussion. The proposed changes will necessi
tate b number of additions to the En
glish alphabet The system. If once
Introduced by dictionary makers, it
said, WOuld In time lead to the em
1 Ii vmenl of the phonetic spelling In all
According to the plan advanced, all
foreign words retaining the original
pronunciation when Incorporated Into
the Enei.sh language will be represent
ed by phonetic spelling
Attempts will be made to secure In
dorsement In ioreign lands.
Great Mortality in New York as a
NEW YORK, Dec. 30. Reports to the
Health department show that pul
monary diseases are causing great
mortality In this eitv
Pleurisy, bronchitis and colds of all
de 1 8 flourish Officials of the de
partment say the death rale from
phthisis has been steadily rising, and
(bit Blnce January 1 more than 12,000
new cases have been reported In the
city. Added t" those already known
and allowing for unreported cases arid
for deaths during the year. It Is esti
mated that there are now between 25,
000 and Js.OOO cases
To prevent the spread of the disease
and to cure or aid those suffering from
It the Board of Health has opened Its
free llnle and Is trying to find a suit
able suit" for a sanitarium outside the
city, where Incipient cases may have a
better chance for recovery.
Child Burned to Death
Special lo Tho Tribune.
K KMM I. KIT' U'y..., Deo 30 -Tli e n
fanl hil l of Mr and Mr? John MePhee
of I damondvllle was burned to death last
nlKht while the mother was doing some
hopping, Th- child was In the hoblt of
playing near the stove and It was neces.
h,ir ;.. watch it very closely to keep it
from getting Into the flames l'p.n the
mother's return from the store she. found
the child lyinn on the floor, burned to a
A . 1 1 . Child was also slightly
burm d, but It Is believed that It will re
cover. It w..- impossible to l.-arn anything
from Hi" moth.i. as he was completely
prostrated on finding the child dead on
1 turn from tie Btori Th.- child was
both deaf and dumb
Jiu Jits.u for Naval Academy.
WASHINGTON 1 -.- 10 -Uttle bust,
n, fs ol Importance was transacted at 10
Cablnsi meeting Secretary tdorton
mid 11 had been .u-cided p have Jiu jltsu
tho Japanese science of wrestling taught
at the Naval academy. The President is
rrnch Interested In the Japanese style of
wrestling and cordially approves of its
1 Introduction the Naval academy. I
Lewis & Clark Show
- Discussed.
Fred Kiesel Thinks th 3 Ap
propriation Should Be
Pence Incident May React to the Ad
vantage of the Utah Ex
hibitors. At a meriln of the T.ewis and Clark
commission, which was held In Oov
Wells's office yesterday, a draft of the
annual report was submitted and ap
proved The commission has drawn flOCO
of tho $10,000 appropriated by the Legisla
ture Of this $619 10 has been spent The
rest,' $889.90, is still to the credit of tho
commission In the bank.
8 T. YV hi taker, director-general of the
l'tah exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase
exposition may receive tho same posi
tion with the Lewis and Clark exposition.
Nothing definite has been said vet, but it
Is expected that he will get an offer.
Wants More Money.
The Hon. Fred J Kiesel spoko ln favor
of asking the Legislature for an addition
al appropriation besides the 110,000 now at
the disposal of the commission He
thought it was an excellent opportunliv
for l"tah to make a good showing and ad
vertise her resources It would be better
h' said, than the St Louis Fair had been
because of tho size of tho latter In a
very elaborate exhibition no State could
make a showing thnt would stand out.
Although l'tah had done splendidly at St.
Louis, more than could nave been ex
pected with the comparatively small ap
propriation th? Slate could 'afford, the
fair at Portland would give n better
chance to outshine tho Other States
It was decided that all the exhibits of
L'tah at Portland should be concentrated;
that Instead of scutterlnK the various
things In different buildings. It would be
better to have them all In a bunch.
Forgiving Pence Incident.
The disposition to resent the Lafe Pence
Incident seems to bo dying out Some
of th members of the commission
thought that It would even react to tho
advantage ef Utah. People ln Portland
seem lo be trying- to make amends it la
thought that because of tho Incident
l'tah will be able to got concessions that
could not otherwise be obtained.
Considerable Damage Along Water
Front at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO. Dee 30 A wind
and rainstorm has prevailed In this city
end vicinity for tho last twenty-four
hours Nc s..rken damage has been done
except or the hay and along: the water
front The coal bargo Corser, loaded
vlth i-VtO tons of coal, turned turtle, and
the three men on board narrowly escaped
ci owning
The French bark General do Sonis. ly
Ir.g off Mlsflon street wharf, was run In
to by the st lamship F . Kiiburn carry
ing away the whip's boat and ;jart ol
r.er railing Too barge Cortland filed
and settled by the stern until half her
r.iigc of coal slid olT into the b'ty.
ne of V A Boole's skows banged
against the steel side of the liner Alus
k&n, until Its deck was knocked loose
A stray sloop yacht made a trip across
the bay on its own account and was
fi mllv captured at the sea wall
The piling of freight ship No 2 was
carried away for a distance of sevenl:--flve
feet and vessels were prevented from
binding I heir cargoes
Via D. & R. O. R. R.
One fare for the round trip between
all points In Utah, December 23, 24. 25,
31, and January 1 Final limit, Janu
ary 3.
Emperor William Issues Decree
Against Maltreatment.
BERLIN, Dec 3o.-Kmperor William Is
sued a decree a few days ago ordering
the adoption of strict measures for tho
prevention of maltreatment of soldiers.
It directs that sptclal care bo taken In
advancing privates to the rank of non
commissioned officers, and forbids the
advancement of thf.se who have .hown
an Inclination to brutal lwhavlor and alSO
those whose near relatives In non-com-missioned
positions have proven them
selves guilty of maltreatment
Royal Bread is pure, every loaf bears
oor label with the crown. At aJl
grocers and flrfrt-claas restaurant.
United States Steel Corporation Gives
Employees Chance to Subscribe.
NEW YORK, Dec. 30. The profit-sharing
plan of the United states steel cor
poration, under which employees of the
corporation ar permitted to subscribe to
the stock, will be renewed during the
coming year under terms which have not
yet been made known. When the plan
was first put out the subscription pri, o
was ,60 per chare. Late In l!o.T the
subscription price was reduced to J.V. par
Bhari the stock having made a corre
sponding decrease in value.
IMMSI or uun .-a w ts
Q ' I
TODAY A $3.45 Sale I
r of Women's Finest I
Shoes and Slippers I
'f up to $6 Kinds I
S0 " ' flRnk iiPvnt r10 leason is obvious why whole dollars are taken off j
y ff&&ffi$(f phots ibat are staple as sugar inventory must show a
c'' ' ,' -jSmWjQji ordered stock, one in which there's mighty little of snr- ;,
v "v-- ' '' jffigttfffl ' phis. Wise buyers anticipate just this time t lay in tho sup- j.
JpjjpP $4 and $4.50, $5 an $6 Shoe or
sS'"- Slippers all kinds of leathars, all tha
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The greatest salo of wash fabrics ever. All sorts of fleeced, goods, outings, cotton suitings, j !
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waist lengths and soon. Quite three hundred pieces and no impossible thing will it be for every
yard to walk out of here before closing of store t ouight nt these prices
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Bought for the sole purpose of a Christmas soiling; dime the day after Christmas; the irony of !
latnrWd Or one doz. for $1.
TODAY-Cut Glass Pisces-Half Prices. I
Fair selection pickle dishes, berry bowls, one or two decanters and some other pieces. To
clear all away today S
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Boys' heavy cotton stockings, 25c a pair kinds three pairs for 50c.
Edna Wallace Hopper to Donate Land
for One at Oakland.
DENVER, Iec SO Edna Wallace
Hopper, star of "A Country Mouse,"
has announced her Intention to donate
pround for the building of a home for
newsboys in Oakland, ' ;il her native
i-lty. During her engagement In San
Francisco next month the dedication
will take place.
Already Miss Hopper has opened ne
gotiations fnr the transfer of the prop
erty. Not only does she purpose lo do
nate th grounds for the building Ot
this home, but It Is her Intention to en
dow ll with n tix-.l annual income
An Incident that happened ln Omaha
during Miss Hopper s recent engage
ment thre brought about this deter
mination on her part. On Christmas
night, when returning from the theater
to her hotel after the performance.
.Miss Hopper upon alighting from her
carriage, almont fell over the prostrate
form of a wee boy, half froz n and
nearly starved, yet clutching his few
remaining unsold newspapers
Mis.s Hopper, with the assistance of
her maid, carried the lad to her rooms
In the hotel A physician was sum
moned, and ln a short while the little
waif was restored to consciousness.
The question confronted Miss Hopper
what to do xlth the little fellnu. for
according to Ms own statement, he had
no home She solved the difficulty by
making him her guest during her Bl ly
In Omaha and arranged with the man
ager of the theator to give him a per
manent position This experience de
termined Miss Hopper upon the found
In of a newsboys' horn
Killed in Head-On Collision.
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla . Dec. 70-
Chicago, Rock Island ;- Pacific passenger
train, westbound, which loft here early
today, collided head-on with a heavy
train, east bound, on a sharp curve thre.- H
miles from Oklahoma City. Tne enj;ln.
and the mall car were demolished. Frank H
Curry of Shawnee. Okla.. engineer of tho '
passenger train was killed and R. L. J
Butts, the passenger fireman, and aeveril
passengers were Injured slightly.
Doubles the Life
of clothes Fels-Xaptha. Washes
without the usual wear and tear.
Fcl-Xap!h Philadelphia,

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