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page eight THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE. Saturday morning, December 3ii904
1 44 V4 MMttM
Whitestone Left
I Sandstone Behind
Forty-to-One Shot Made the Favorite
Look Like Thirty CentB in
First Race.
LOS AXOELB5I. Der 30. At Ascot to
day Whllestone upsot : 1 1 calnnlatlons by
winning tho flrt at 4fl to 1 from Sand
tonc, tho favorite. T he winner opened at
K to 1. but drifted l ack to 40 The stccphv
chose went to the fa,Torlto. Mrs Grannwi.
Ballantyno fell at tho first Jump and
I Jockey MoBrtdn had a narrow eacap,
the horso turned a complete BomorBitaJt.
Two favorites won. Weather cloudy,
track fast, Summary:
First ra-e. Ave and one-half furlongs
Whlteatone won fiandston econd, Ftet-v-dor
third. Time, 108.
Second race, six furlongs Rose of Hilo
won, Ooldcn Ivv second, Iady Mirthful
third. Time, UUV
Third raoo. handicap, 8tcple'-hase, short
courso Mrs, Gronnon won, Flea second,
Allejrlance third Time, 3 07
Fourth rr Slauwon course Tramalor
won El Otro second, Maergle Mackoj
third. Time, 1:09.
Fifth race, one mile and seventy yards
Merwan won, Helgerson second, Limtlg
ihlrd. Time, 1:46.
Sixth race, six furlongs Hnppy Chappy
won. Ben Lear second. Tarn O'Shnmor
third. Time, 1 Hi
Posters Are Out Celebrating Victory
Over Sons of Eli.
Capt S. V, Ham. local constructing
quartermaster of the army and a West
iv.lnt S graduate, has lust received a
wall hanger In colors Illustrating th
hilarious condition still existing at the
ncademy on account of last full's footbnll
victory oer Ynle. The poster truly lndl
catee the Inability of the cadets to recov
er their former normal condition An
American eagle representing the Military
aendemv soaring aloft with the Yale mas
COt bulldog In Its talons Is the central
figure In the background Is a blrdseye
lew of the West Point gridiron, with the
sun In blazing gilt standing cut In bold
relief. Above the centerpiece are four
i ,i!ims executing the Highland fling, with
i his Inscription at one side. 'North Point,
Sruth Point, East Point, Eleven Points
Below is a heartrending picture of four
Yale men carping off the Void karklss
f the Yale bulldog, with this inscription
at thn sldo, "You're back again this year
to meet your downfall, the army mule am
Klrkln like he never kicked before, and
when he lands on you again, Old Ell.
you'll be ashamed to look up the score.
This poster Is prominently displayed In
t'r.pt Ham's quarters and he points to it
I with pride
Throe That Were Not Favorite Also
Came in First at Wire
SAX FRANCISCO. Dec. 3f. Three fa
writes won at Emeryville toda in an or
dinary card Glendene won at 20 to 1 In
ih') first race, and in the fourth Bard
dims, the favorite, blew up at the
.stret.-h finishing a bad fourth.
Jocke Reed was Indefinitely suspended
for h!.- ride on Golden Buck today.
Weather rainy, tracK sioppy. Sum
mary: First rare, five furlongs Glendene won,
Saccharate second. True Wing third
Time, 1:03.
Second race, sit and a half furlongs
Halnault won. War Times second, Hlp
ponax third. Time. 1:2234
Third race. Futurity i-ourse David Po
land won. Edrodun second, Gallant 'as
sle third Time, l 13.
Fourth rare, mile and fifty yards Briers
won, Wenrlck second, Barrack third.
Time, 1 AG
Fifth race, one mile Darksome won.
Down Patrick second. Serenity third
Time, 1:44.
Sixth race, one mile and a sixteenth
Mayrane won. Padua second G. W. Tra
hern third. Time, 143
Philadelphia Boat Club Plans to Send
Crew to England.
numbers of the Vesper Boat club, to be
Inown as the Henley committee, have
formulated plans for sending a crew to
England next July. Every member of
'he club whose eligibility meets the
ommlttee's approval may try for a
eat In the elght-oared shell, which, it
's hoped, will bring the jrrand challenge
i up to America.
Already members of the crews who
won In Paris In 1900 and at the World's
fair have signified their intention of
trying for places, In addition to a num
ber of ex-college oarsmen.
Race Results at New Orleans.
Munroc, who haa been unable to furnish
the stewards an explanation of his race
on Joe IesseT, In the ulxth race last
Wednesday, has bean barred from riding
here for the remainder of th meeting
First race, five and a half furlongs
Enehon won Florentine second, Jade
third. Time, 1:07
Second race, seven nnd a half furlongs
Mary Glenn won, Miladl Loe second.
Fltzbrllllar third. Time, 1.213-5.
Third race, six furlongs Optional won.
Fox Meade second, Dick , Bernard third
Time, 113 4-5
Fourth race, mile and three-sixteenths
Tatallne won Bengal second. Midshipman
third Time, 2.01 3-:.
Fifth race, mile and three-sixteenths
Hand Spinner won. Beaucaire second
Frank Rice third. Time, 2 02 4-5.
Sixth race, five and a half furlongs
DaJlas won, Belle of Portland second
Tootsy Mack third. Time. 1013-5
Ascot Entries for Saturday.
DOB ANGELES, Dec. 30-Entres for
Saturday's races:
First race, one mile
Fd Guinzburg .. 106 Ethel Scruggs . "7
Eleven Bells 101 Flora Bright 96
Estado lOlMordente . m
Ml Relna 101 Capable . " 96
Pug Martin 101 Foxy Grandpa ...95
Ray 101
Second race, mile and an eighth
'hub HOJlngler f9
Dliim 103 Needful ' -ii
Andrew Mack . ..104
Third race, Mount Lowe handicap, J10f
added six lurlongs
Fossil 12iTlm Pane 0fi
Dflagoa 12oTramotor . ... ioJ
fruzados U8Tyrollan Km
Ducket". 118 Fireball M
' 'xford 117 Tim Hurst '93
Ml John F 11S
Fourth race, mile and a sixteenth
Fossil H7Elle 100
Bragg 115 Dine of Lire ... 97
Emperor of India. KOi Nitrate 95
Sals 10? E a G 85
Fifth race, Slnuson course
The Major UK West Hrookfleld 5
interlude ....106 Buchanan 92
"erro Suntu . . . .103 Hllona SI
Tatsy Brown ... 97 Fair Light si
Sixth nice, one mile
Cloverton 10-; Potrero Grande 101
Emily Oliver ... . lv. Blurldge . .. 101
Wager 106 Daureata .. 101
T"hz 10-iExapo 101
Position lOCOrlgll Wl
iXul 105 Lanark ...7.'. 97
Cans Anxious for
Return Battle
Colored Man Posts $2500 for Another
Chance at California's
NEW YORK, Dec. 30 Joe Gans dons
not Intend to let the title of lightweight
championship go by default On the day
of the Britt-Nelson tight. Al Herford. tho
Baltimore nrgro's manager, sent tho fol
lowing dispatch to a newspaper man In
Sun tVo n(iirn
"Have Bent Harry Corbett a check for
$2600 as a forfeit to fight the winner of
tonight's contest at 133 pounds, weigh in
vt 6 o'clock. If the winner won't flgnt at
that weight will make It at 133 ring-side
and will bet any part of $5 000 on the re
sult at tho prevailing olds. Gar is the
champion and will defend the tltls at that
"Try to match at 133 at 6 o'clock. I
authorize you to make the match, nnd If
you can clinch it wire mo and I illl at
onco wire you $1000 to go as a forfeit. If
Brltt wins he must tight G-ms for the
title If Nelson Is sitrressful we will take
him on, and any fair ('allfornla referee
will suit me, and we will fight in one or
two months' time."
4. .f. J. j. .;.
Sporting' news will be a fea-
ture of next Sunday's Tribune
4 as usual, but owing to the
4 enormous edition to bo printed, J
i there will be no pink pages.
.;. . J. .u .;. .;. .j. .J. .J. .. . .J- .J. ..
Populftr Cyolist Is Back From the Six
Day Race at Now York.
Hardy Downing the popular San Jose
cyclist, returned to Salt Lake yesterday
morning from New York Downing says
the six-day race was "fine dope." nnd he
declares he will ride ugaln next year.
The long grind evidently agTeed with the
California speed merchant, for ho Is fif
teen pounds heavier than when he left
hero In November Downing may remain
hera for several weeks
Oakland Entries for Saturday.
Spfr.ial to The Tribune
SAN FRANCISrO. Dec SO Following ar
the eatrl fur UiLklajvl on Saturday
First race. Futurity eoureo, iclllnf
Jerusha 02 Herthus .... 98
Mogrej-O' ... ... 101 Calculate LM
Edna BulllTU UM Lady rhlon 98
KelBT lii3Mai-y Pepper 98
KtigetUt: 107 Baker 101
Robert Mitchell . 105
Sr. i ra' v live- iphllin of r mile n-lllng
Bell Reed Ill Revolt Ill
Red Cross Nurne 101 R.-rlan lf
r.ronre Wing 101 Suburban Queen ...111
Glendennlng 101
Third race, mile und one-sixteenth, felllnc
Young Marlow 9i Hnndlo Belle 104
Bill Young . . . . KM Klnckthorn ,101
Homage :S Tho J.edeaen I'M
Petrolla ... ... 104 Vlgoroso 10$
Sherry 104 Glenarvon 99
San I.utlon Trnnk Woods 104
Fourth raco, nev.-n-elghths of a mile, handicap-Judge
1 Or. Sea Yoyage 106
Oro Viva lOTNigrelte 105
Ishlana 97Albula . 8
enator 106 Matt Hopan 104
Fifth race, mile und 100 yard, selling
Srherzo f-9 Wenrlek 103
Augle .. 104 Dungannon .. . 100
Isiibelllta 104 Budd Wade 99
Karntrv Drtyfus . loo jady Kent 104
Barrack .107
Sixth rari-. Futurity course purse
Yada 107 Prlnco Brutus 101
Nadonaior 105 Ijidy (ioodrlch . 1":
Sllvert-kln .... .... .10.1 A Muskoday . . HC.
Hooligan Albert Kir . . 10C
S'-u Air .in
Weather, mining, track sloppy.
Oakland Tips for Saturday.
Special to The Tribune.
BAN FRANCISCO, Dec. Following
are the llxamlner s tips for Oakland on
Saturday .
First race Baker. Kobert Mitchell.
Second rare Glendenning. Bell Reil.
Red Cross Nure
Third rai e F.la. kt horn, iounc Marlow,
Fourth rn e MgT"tte. Judge Venator
Fifth ra e Dunganon, Buddwade. Lad)
Sixth race Prince B-utus Albert Fir.
A Shoestring Play.
LEXINGTON, EC) . Dec 80. To Jake
Oi nberg belonga the b nor of beitiu the
blpgest prize In V.k pk.ked off the bar
fcair table of thoroughbred r.'L.m
In July, 1908, John Fay. having just lost
B'eral good i.-t- through J.ik- Ireeil
1 trg's erratic running, put the co:t up at
rublle tuile The horse brought 47. and
I lellew I n ;i 11 1 1 U- ov.n.r All tin-
; sir Bellew has had the laugh on Fav
in addition lo one stake the n of Ju
lian has won ten purser, earning 85290
tevetity tlme6 ajj much as Fa jot foi
him a year ago last July in' Chlnigo.
,'slde from this Bellew has won a foilune
on Jako Greenberir, and is able toria to
huy a row of business houses in any
tood-slzed town, or n blue grass farm
w.th the profits on his $75 investment
! 1 w norse have shown In a se.i.;on 1 1 - -itnprovement
whirh ha.s mark.l the ca
1 r of .lalf ;reenherg He holds the
Lalonia ttark re. ,rd for six and o:)e-half
fin longs. 1 10'v and on. . cov.icl .1 mile
In 1 :3S i
Corbett Still Talking.
MINNKAPODIS. Minn. Dee 30. James
T ..ibett. conqueror of John L. Bulllvan
but who later lost tho title to Robert Kltz
slmmons, between the acts at the theater
"Jf Mr Jeffries Is looking for a fight he
need not go very far. I believe I could
gle him a hard battle, and I would be
willing to meet him ngaiti for the cham
pionship of the world
'The stor of my first fijrht will how
I stood up and fought him on even terms
till a wild blow put me out In our sec
ond battle a crazy poke, which caught
tne on fhe tloatlnK rib, was what lost the
fight I received thle bjow In tho second
round, greatly weakening me. and It ac
counts for the short duration of the fight
"In both contest! Jeffries' blows that did
the greatest damn" were wild swings of
a rough-and-tumble order. Thej were ol
a kind that could hav. bocn easily blocked
and to this day I can't understand how
the;, ever got me."
Pvtihlin Breaks Loose Again.
NFYV ViRK, Dec. DO.-Bllly Madden.
Gui Ruhllti K manager says he is anxious
to arrange a match between Ruhlln and
Marvin Ihirt Madden s challenge U the
result of Hnt t's effort to arrange a match
with Champion Jim Jeffrie fur the cham
pionship Hodden siiKKeots that Hart
meet Ruhlln and to have the winner of
the ront.st tight Jeffrie! The . homplon
Is willing to inn t either man
Union Jockey Club Lease Sold
ST lyOl'IS. Dec. m The lease and Im
provements of thi- I nlon Jockey club
were sold today by the receiver to Jor
dan Llmbart of 8L Louis the highest bid
der, for 863,004. It Is announced that the
purchase was made In behalf of the syn
dicM.Ui owning the Fulr Grounds and Dti
rnar race truck (
Two Good Corners Arc
President of Hotel Company
Now En Route to Salt
Mr. Mane Insists That the Backers
of the Enterprise Are Not
"James H. MrCleJi.m, president of the
Eastern Hotel company, which I repre
sent, leaves Boston tonight for Salt Ixtke
City, and upon his arrlal the, deeds to
certain property on Mnln street will be
transferred nnd recorded You ran state
that the deal for the prop.rtv has been
closed but I am not at liberty now to
6lvc its location."
These were the words of R. E Marxe
lust evening In reference- to the proponed
$600,000 hotel building on Ma-n street.
Guesses on the Site.
The announcement that such a building
was to erected caused a sensation In
business circles and gave rise to any
amount of speculation among real restate
raon Yusterday a rumor was current on
tho streets that the 8mlth drug store cor
ner had been purchase! as a site for the
eight-story building but real estate men
are more Inclined to think that it Is the
Kenyon corner, Just acrosx the street As
either property would command an enor
mous figure, probably In excess of $3000 or
een :U' a fr nt foot, the real estate
alone would require an Investment of srv
eral hundred thousand dollar!
Salt Lakers Interested
"You r-.in reajllly see that It would be
foolish for me to male these statements
'inless the were true," raid Mr Marxe
"1 might add that two well-known Salt
Lake men will he financially Interested In
the company, or. at least, as far as the
property here Is concerned They do not
care to hao their names mentioned .ijt
this time, but after the deeds are trans
ferred next Tueedav I will be at liberty to
givo ou more Information. I understand
that certain hotel men say that any one
would be cro.7.) to Invest nuch a large sum
of money In a venture of that kind in Salt
Dake City That may be so, but up to
this time tho men who are directly inter
ested In this deal have never been tried
for Insanity and tln-y have heen fairly
successful in a financial wa 1 ran read
ily -understand, though wh3 thej should
say svich things at this time However
Just mark It down that this deal Is as
sured and the. S0.Vroo'm. fire-proof. $600,0iO
hotel will soon be a reality "
Byron Hartwell Has Ton Days in
Which to "Pungle Up."
Byron Hartwell was yrsterday ordered
by Judge Stewart to turn on er nil the
mining stotks In his possession to his
Wife, Muigaret Hartwell Mrs. Hartwell
Is suing her husband for separate maln-tet-ance.
A temporary oni.-r ..;' the court was
made BOme time :n ordering the defend
fctit to nay 7d a month. He was n con
t mpt fur faihng to do so. and appeared
t 1 show caus why h should not be
I. mmltiiil lb sworn In court that ho
vvus unnble to pay tho amount bit ad
r.iltted that he had the mining stool; 11
had offered to give his wife a dD-orce ll
she would accept a sum down.
Plaintiff refused to make any sin h
agreement The have to be lurned
owr within ten days
Percy B. Sadler Was Crippled by the
Robert Preston has to pay $2rX) for an
."ss.uiii upon Percy Boyd Sadi-r. a child
six years old. The case was sotl'ed out
0l court by stipulation.
Tne plaintiff, by his guardian, Tercy
T. Sadlet, was suing for (50.0U0 damages
The complaint Mid that the defendant
or. May 2S. l&C, chased caught the child
erd without any cause or Justification,
hi Mliook him .-o hard that the victim i
whole system was Impaired. His lower
1 rot.s are completely paralysed and hi
ran never veoovi r the use of them
Crippled by Coal.
En ward C. Mssey yesterday filed suit
in the I'rilted blutes court against the
1 tali Fuel company for $0mmi Jamage;
ni personal injuries received tnIiIIo tho
plaintiff was employed as miner by the
l fendant corporation The a.-. 1,1, it" hap
pened on about April 2G Inst while Mas
sey waa employed In digging, coal from
the companv's mines In Carbon county
In the complaint It Is set forth that the
accident vas due to the neglect an.; caro-
Uesneys of the defendant In not properl-.-protecting
Its employees. A large quan
tity of coal tell on Masse v. crushing and
bruising him and wholly Incapacitating
him to earn his iiing in any waj
Grandchildren Win the Suit.
JudK'e Hall ordered Judgment for the
defendants entered yosterdaj In the case
of Jennie Hays v. Abraham 11 Btennefer
Cells H. Parker Nancj C Bower, Pharea
W Dunyon .'ind Richard L Williams Tin
dec no orders the plaintiff to record a dee I
conveying to the defendants tin- title In
lot 2, block 6. plat B Salt Lake City au'r-
The property was originally owned by
AbraJinm Hays and his wife The d fond
ants are the heirs and assigns of ti-, ;,,ur
grandchildren of Abraham Ha :;. and the
plaintiff was an heir to the estate of Un
said Hays Hays and his wlf.- mad ..n
agreement to deed the property to his
grandchildren if thee would keep him and
his wife. Sarah Hays during ihdr life
times Hu accordingly deeded .the prop
erty to them ami tin v maintained him
during his life and his wit" after he died,
Jennie Ilass. the plaintiff wan Milne; t..
recover a title to one-half of the estate in
the land Tho court found that her right
was the naked legal title and was lnfrrlor
Slugging Mutch a Draw.
SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 20 The boxing
bout of fr .ur rounds tonight between Sam 1
Berger, the Olympic club champion, and
Jim Cam amateur, was iviller) .1 draw
the Judges lu ing unable to decldi on a
winner The bout was a slugging match
and little science was displayed by either
Cotton Crop in Bales
WASHINGTON Dec K. The final bul
letin of tho census bureau on cotton
ginned In the I nlted States up to Decem
ber 13. Issued today, places the number of
bal.-s at ll,OTl.77, counting round bales
us half-bales The items axe 11 7-07. -iii3
enuare, jr76,6W round, and S5.72S Sea Island.
to the equitable right of the four grand
children and their heirs and assigns
W. 1 1 Btockdale to Annie K Mld
dlemass. r.xi r.h northeast from
0 rods north of southwost lot A,
block 23, plat A $ 800
W. B Bsnnett to V M Roam et al ,
2'. acres BOUthweSt quorter of sec
tion 25. township 2 south, range 1
west 50
John T. Dick to William T Atkln.
7x2 rods northwest from 3 rods
west of southeast, lot L block 23,
plat G 3.000
C B. Channel to John MStSOn, 824
feet southwest from 212 feet
east of northwest, lot 5, block 4,
plat B 880
John Motson to Addison Cain, WVj
X0 feet southeast from 209 feet
rr.st of northwest, lot 5, block V
plat B 1200
Deseret Savings bank to O P. M.
Warren, ix3 rods southeast from
northwest lot ". block 5L plat C... 800
John V Allien t.. John H Rusoh,
lots Id to V Mo.-k 1 Norwood place 400
Elizabeth Peterson et al to Jamea
Ilrgnev. ;7xV2'.. f. , t northeast from
BOUthweSt, lol 2. block 79. pint A . 12,000
Addison cain et al . to F Lawrence,
part of lot 7. block 59. plat B 5
Charles Trlntow el al to D H Pee
ry, Jr , Silver Dipper lode. Dittle
Cottonwood 6O00
i Jacobson to D H Peery Jr ,
I. ieroy lode Little Cottonwood f.,000
George H Robinson to Tlntlc Min
ing and Development company.
Fire King 1 to 1 lodes, vWst moun
tain 1
John M Th'.rne William K t-holl loti
11 and 12, block 2. Liberty Park, plat P. I ON
Austin MrFnrland t.. Meyer B Hhjis.
lot 3. 4 and (i block 1. Park place 100
G R Bothwell et al to Joseph J sneli.
half Interest In lot 7 and part f lot 8.
block 1S6. plat A 1
Eiiw F Clii.-Jit to Mary F 1 Boyle et
al . Interest In part of let 0. section M,
township 1 south, -hiika 1 raBt. etc ... 100
Mnn' O po le I.. Orge M durst.
Interest In part of lot t, section 30.
townnhlp I SOUtb, nenfo 1 earn, etc . .. E00
DaTld M Guest to John T Guest. Inter
est In part of lot 0. section 30 township
1 south, muge 1 esjt, etc BOO
RhoJa A G Whfatnn lo sarne. Interest
In iart of lot t. section 30 tnwnhlp 1
south, mnfe 1 eust. etc . 700
Russel L. Tracy 10 Jauirs Ii Harrison,
'7x110 feet southrnst from northwest
comer of lot 2. block plat Q. 2.230
Siephen W Allej to Charl.v, H Alley et
al , lots 9 to 4. block 1. North Windsor
place 1
earn-, to Lydla A. Wells et al . lots 10 to
2. block I North Windsor place 1
J A Mulr to Grnnltn ward. Church of
L&tter-Daj '-iaintx. nxso rods north w Ml
from tPtheasl Quartet of northwest
rjuarter of southeast unrter of section
II, township 3 south, runite 1 east.. 1
Jordan No. 3 I. O O F.. to S M.
Mitchell, lot 2, block 1. i.ahbott's subdi
vision US
Pn Jonea t" lira Marie P. Price, lot 1.
block 3. Pnrk place ... 1
Taylor- Romney-Armstrong company to
li N -irf-nv.il :2 m.U south ast from
5 rods east of northwest comer of lot
block plat 5t
M l; M11A.S ussoclatlnn to Austin McFar
land lots 2 t and 6, block 1. Park
place . . Ti
Salt ljvke county to A. O. Hanson, lots
IS ami 16 block I, Dundee place .... T
Business Notes.
Yesterday's local bank clearing! amounted to
1701,411.17, as agaln-it 1461,642.90 for tho itmc
day last year.
Pleasant Surprise for
Dr, Niles.
Great Honor Conferred by
Western Surgical As
sociation. Some of the Best Surgeons of the
World Aie Included In Its
What Is undoubtedly the greatest com
pliment ever Riven any western surgeon
waa extended to Dr. H 1). Mies of this
city when the Western Surgical associa
tion. In seeslon at Milwaukee on Thurs
day, elected Dr Nllea Us president for tho
ntnilng year. The recognition would b)
tin Important one under any circum
stances, but It Is all the more complimen
tary from the fact of Dr. N'lles' location
In a comparative!) small city of the Far
West and that ho was not In nttendancie
upon the meeting at which his election oc
curred. The news came to the doctor yes
terday In the form of a telegram of con
gratulation signed by two leading mem
bers of the association
There arc two great surclrnl associa
tions in the United Stat.s the American
Surglcul ,-tssoi l.i I loii and the W estern Sur
gical association. The Western associa
tion covers virtuaii) an or tne tamtorj
of the 1 nlted States west of the cities on
the Atlantic oo;isl lo li membership I
Included such distinguished men In their
profession aa Dr. Benn, who is regarded
as the Rreatest surgeon In the world. Dr.
Murphj of Chicago nnd the Mayo brothers
of Byracuse N. Y who enjoy the reputa
tion of having the largest surgical prac
tice of any two men In this country. Or.
1 barlea Mayo, la the retiring president of
tho association.
Membership an Honor
The fart that si medical man holds mem
bership in lithir of these Kr.'.il . .r ga ' 1 JUL
tlons Is absolute proof that he has dis
tinguished himself in the practice of sur
gerythat he has added something to the
worlds knowledge Of the science; not
alone that he has acquired all the knowl
edge that Is to be obtained through com
petent Instructors It Is for this reason
chiefly that the selection Of a president
from this city reflects credit upon the In
tennountaln aectlon, a9 well ns being a
mark of dlstim lion for the one chosen.
Dr. H. L Niles, bom In 1S at Wnj
mont, Pa , comes from a family of phsl
oluris his father und a brother being
practicing phvslclnns In the Keystone
State it ihi- tine lb wan educated In
the University or Pennsylvania and the
tihio Medical coiii'un, and practiced miiii
clne and aurgery for a'llmo In hie native
State coming to Bait ake City sixteen
..ts ago. His rise hero In his chosen
profession has been very rapid. He has
for some years past been on the medical
staff of the Holy Crofs hospital of this
an. 1 has long been known as on.- ol
the leading surgeons ol the West He has
h. Id t!.' position of ei e-prcsident of the
Western Surgical association and Is the
r iiriiik- president of the Rocky Mountain
Interstate .Me. Ileal association He Is also
a member of the American Medical asso
ciation lb Is an active worker In theeo
societies and has contributed much of
value to medical literature The keynote
of his work along tlnse Ilne has been his
stand for self-reliance of western men and
western Institutions, and that his work in
appreilated by the fraternity could not be
more Httingl exemplified than by bestow
ing upon him the unsought honor of presi
dent uf the Western Surgical association.
Happy New Year (or
Six Couples.
Robert Preston Pays $2000
for Injuring a
Miner Sues Cool Company for Heavy
Damages In Federal Court
Court Notes.
John S Johnson, afier a long lawsuit,
was granted a divorce yesterday bj rudge
Hall, from Reglna Johnson Inhuman
cruelty on the part of Mrs Johnson was
the ground for action
Tho plaintiff said that his wife had re
peatedly threatened his life. She told him
once that she would do away with him
with a butcher knife, another "tlm. with a
razor 1 nice tle w..-r. down at a mine
in the Little Cottonwood district. She
then told her husband that she had ..nie
dynamite which she was carrying for the
purpose of killing him and disposing of
the body She used cruel and abusive lan
guage toward him Thi ) were married at
San Francisco In March, UMM He said
that his wife finally drove him awa from
The Wife's Answer.
Mrs Johnson filed an answer and cross
complaint denying the cruelty She said
that on August 13. 1901. the plaintiff de
serter! her and neglected to provide for hi r
ever since that date He went around to
the tradespeople, with whom they had
been In the habit of dealing and told
them that he would not be reap tnslble for
her debtb He also published a notice In
Tho Tribune to all whom It 1 oncerncd that
he woulrl not be responsible for any of
her debts Ho went to the ngeni of the
premises where thej had been living at L"J
Covey court and told him to put her out.
as ho did not intend to pa) the rent any
She declared that sho had been a faith
ful wife to him daring the whoa" Of tin Ir
married life She aNo said that Johnson
had an Income of about J'JiiK) a .ir, that
he had property, roal estate and mining
Halms to tho valuo of uboul $37. COO. She
asked for a separate maintenance
Counter Cross-Complnints.
In his counter cross-complaint. Johnson
denied that he had so much property. Ho
said also that his wife hud personal prop
erty of her own worth al t He
e.'Ud that nin.-- their marriage his wife
had tried to get property from him, also
that she bad tried to get him In debt
After sh.- had .lrlwn him awa) from their
home at 22 Cove) court she bad purchased
a bill of goods from Walker Brothers' Dry
GrOOdS company for $110 and had tried to
have it charged to him.
Mrs. Johnson then Hied an answer den
ng that she had property worth JSOCrfV She
said that all she had was personal prop
erty to tho value of about J1' and $8 In
Johnson now has his divorce
Pratts A10 Divoiced.
Judge Hall granted Zinc E J Pratt a di
vorce yesterday from Walton Merrill
Pratt The case went by h fault. Les-r-tlon.
failure to provide and aggravated
cruelty were charged -ignlnst Pratt. The
Pratts were married at Salt Lake Cltj In
June, 1S0j They have three minor chil
dren of which Mrs Pratt now ha the
cualod) . Shw was also allowed $.15 a
month alimony.
Ninety Days for Each.
James Buckley and Tim Sullivan, two
of the gang of alleged safe-crackers nr
rested Saturday night, were yesterdaj
given ninety das apiece on the charge
of vagrancy. Both men pleaded guilt y
Thursday and were yesterday brought up
for sentence. Tho remainder of the irowd
will be tried today
Mrs Vissing Gets Decree
Mrs. Gusta Ylsslng was another to re
ceive a Now Year s present of a ill-orce
decree. She wa suing her husband, T.
K S issinR. for B separation on the ground
of failure to provide luilge Hall BlgnOd
the decree yesterda. the case going by
Court Notes
Judge Stewart yesterda) dismissed, at
the plaintiff's cost, the suit Of Truth Pub
lishing cijmpain against John James
This suit was brought by the publisher of
a weekly paper In Ball 1 ake county, to
compel th- County Clerk to give some of
the legal advertising to the plaintiff Tho
c, unt) Cleric won the suit on a demurrer.
Judgment for 12087.91 Was obtained b
Fred Halverson against A ES. Beverldge
et al trading as Beverldge 8t ' o es
terday. Judge Stewart ile, reed also that
th Plaintiff should recover interest on
part of the money claimed. The defend
ants were charg.-d In this fiction with
having converted to their own use mones
entrusted to them.
W aller f.jr Ta 1 l.ja.h ,ti local uno.
Yewterdny'n record at the local office of tho'
wcathor bureau:
Maximum temperature C4 degree; minimum
temperature g degreea nienn temperature U
dcgreeM. whlrh l II duKrees above the n.jtmal
Accumulated deficiency of temperature slnco
the first of the month. 16 degree
Accumulated excea of temperature since
January 1 1U ilecc
Total precipitation frcm S p, m. to t p. m..
Accumulated deflclencx of precipitation nine
the llrst of the month. To Inch
Accuinuloted precipitation slmc tho first of
January, none.
n. J IIVATT. Kocal ForecaaUr.
Le-wis After Jlmmie Britt
MOW YORK, Dec. SO. Willie Lewis
thr New Voile light-weight who
. lllshed Martin 1 anole on Monda after
lie, ri Is now all 1 big gn nie I Would
like to b. Brlti j next oppon tnt," said
Lewla 1 am ready to light him wher
e'er he aays iht word An time win
suit me, but the sooner the be-tei 1
think 1 urn entitled to a match with Brit;
: i 1 Just as soon aa he 1 omea nst 1
win endeavor to clinch a match with i.lm
v ilether it 0 foi six or tv.entv omuls
If I fall to get a match on with Brlti
will be open to met Jabez White, and
if neccstary, will go to England to fight
Best Hemedy for Constipation.
"The finest remedy for constipation I
ever used Is Chamberlain's- Stomach and
Liver Tablets." says Mr. Ell Butler of
Frankville, N. Y. "They act gently and
without any unpleasant effect, and
leave the bowel.i In a perfectly natural
condition." Sold by ail leading droar
Here are sme caps,
- Suitable for Girls as well .
f( little Boys. I
S,Vl k bPCOmiugfor llj
W; T;im 'sl"n'-H. Autom0bil I
jiPfrjr fo.f and Stocking Caps; I
Cf All sorts of pretty color comb'
Ff" Iarger hovs u" tlavo STo,,t I
S ,nK shapes.
Sweaters, r;iovrs anri Leggins j
for Boys of all sizes. If
Now is the And we a 1
time to gel 'wmSm the proper K
that old ac- mm kp!voco1
. ff IH H lect itForyou. I'
count off an I Lct ..P(lti,
your books. K collect A
On account of mir InereasInQ businos. v..- ... . . m p 1 . . . t to nnT
h. tt. r nnd more commodious quarters Monday, January 2nd, 1905 win im K
iis ..11 'I''!' Kl'H'i; ATI, AS I'.l.i i' K where -h .'I I - ,.,. x,,i , , 'f,.'.
man frif-nds and pntrons. B!
Top l-'loor Atlas Block'
Moth Pn.m.j Si l,r
P. S. A year ago we had two employees. Today we har ten Th!i aar'
in til., way w grow. Why? Because when v.. -.11- 1 the creditor fctaiil
.1 chech for hla monej 1
Submarine Way for Travel to East
Boston and Back.
BOSTON, Dec. 20. The submarine
tunnel connecting Boston and East
Boston was opened fr public travel
today. Thf dedication of the tunnel to
public use was carried out without any
The tunnel Is double-tracked, and 1.4
miles lonx 2700 feet of which Is under
the harbor waters The cost of con
struction was $3,000,000. The tunnel
was built by the city of Boston, which
has leased it for a term of twenty-five
years, dating from 189V. to the Boston
Elevated Railway company, whirh will
use the tunnel exclusively for the pas
sage of Us electric cars between Bop
ton and East Boston.
About four and one-half years have
been consumed in constructing the tun
nel. In the accomplishment of whl b
many difficult engineering problems
had to be solved, chiefly on account of
the maze- of underground p'Ps, scwerx
and wires, und also because of the per
ilous nature of the work of digging thf
large passageway underneath the bed
of the Boston harbor. The tunnel Is
built entirely of concrete, and Is the
only tunni l of that kind in the world
in arranging Cor the stations the
builders made use of historic ground,
for the entrance near Washington
street is directly under the old Massa
chusetts Statehouse, while the Scollay
s.Uure terminal lies undernea'h the old
Boston courthouse,
Participate in Holiday Entertainment
Given by Idaho Presbyterians.
Soeclal to The Tribune.
ROSS FORK, Ida , Dec 30 The holi
day entertainment at the Presbyterian
mlHsion last night was an event looked
forward to by the Christian Indians of
the Fort Hall reseratlon. This year's
exercises had been poslponed'011 account
of an accident lo Missionary Amelia J.
Frost, she having been thrown out of a1
wagon 1 few dus l,..fri. 1 hrlstmas In
dians from distant pails nf tin- reserva
tion had Lirjrun to ongregatr at the mis
sion for several days until last evening,
when the exercises took place there were
some 500 present, and nlso n number of
whUe friends from Blackfoot and the
Miss Frost had been Collecting presents
frnm the annus Presbvterlun churches
about the country for several months
past and her 'hrlslinas tree was loaded
dnwn with them und the floor surround
ing M piled high There was a token of
remembran.-e for eory Indian present
After the distributions of Klfts appro
priate exorcises were held Indian gent
Caldwell spoke of the first Christmas and
Its meaning as much to the Indians as
to the whites Hymns were sung In
Bannock. Sho.shone and NeZ Perce 'he
affair breaking up with a holiday feast
to all present.
Grand Jury of District of Columbia
"Urges It for Wife-Beaters.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 80 -The grana
hiry, In making report for the present
term of the Buprome court of the Dis
tiict of Columbia recdinmenaed the SS
t.tbllsnm.nt ..f whipping ,.osi. The ,,0s
tjoii 1 has been agitated ever alnce the
luMdent in ids message rocmn. iende.1
corporal punlshmenl for wife- ten In
the District of Columbia The teeom-
ler.iiation foun 1 la is followa
The diffloulty of establishing th
1 IPPlnC post is a means ..f punishing
v.fe-beaters and petty larceny offonsea
las been investigated by this bods ind
il" n. . lorltv ..f the members an of the
pinion that It would prove verv efTec
llve In reducing the nuinlvri of f-.,, r,.
; rebenslbli crlmei 1
A recommendation th:.t persona about
I" 1" married prodiu n . Vldem e .,' free-
uum from certain diseases also m ruado."
Turf Exchange
And All Sporting- ETents,
23 W. 2nd
203 MAIN ST.
California and Eastern rscea. DinaSr
wlr for all sporting event.
British Authors Not Agreed ApsM
Any Legal Remedy. I
LONDON, Dec ? The Sran lard, aK
I ipencd Its columns to a !J'Nll
o( tin d ii; 1 d-n r BrttlKl
1 1 1 h r . ihe Am r'.eaa eopvricht
inner. - r . . ir 1 1 . . 1 1 1 w : u ar nfUBW
!:;g their opinions on . ubjeel,
. 1 t disid-iylng an unanimity regajrH
1 1 e remedy 1
.Sir Arthur ( onan lio;,le Is strcaf'TJK
..ml II alne :n vi,,r,ey afalr.lt A
I: hatlon. ndrrw Lang confers tJ
iho ii-. -stlon of prul-M rloa Isl t5
al fnr him Tho single poln'. jpjB
,-Jllch tier- 1- - m .. of arJ-Hja
i In 1 auggestion by Mrs VS
appr..ed l.v Hall Cftlne and oUieis. Umr
clause should be inferred in t-he Aaajff I
l m law giving HiHuh as well U WfJ
. gn il" privilege of coyyH
Via Oregon Short Line
December 23. 24, and 31. and Jinoi.
1. Final limit Januao 3 Ask 3?t,t
for particulars 1; '
Sr.- iji an. -ion -ale of ilmor,dBb
conslstitif: ( hroochea 'M
ets rings, LuttonM. pins.
, avevi . hartv. si ; !" earrings.
Saturday I. b- r 31 a- 2:30 f-Jm
... g.. r. rfardb '"'-ral
w Hall's monster auction sale,
Main Street, below Keinon
Mob Was at Train but Did Not Ai ,,
tempt Any Violence.
O'NEILL N-b. Dec 30.-SherfJH
Ariz . v.rih I'., sid-nt M.ur.A)
fall.d Elkhorn Natloyl bank
A crowd had waited ..lISlM
al the depot but ' he nn tlclp
lence did not mate.lalUe . 6h.n a
t-K prl-ui. r " "n' ' , J cell ltl
jail, whei H" ' ' il l 1
a punrd placed about . the ja '
While vh.-urt ! - n sm
serious trouble he h.-.- ' 1KyJ
guard against such inw"" prefHa
,.,11 di. an:, tiling V V!
loi-ii. iii )i-' ri
arc an cxtravagaj
ppopn-, 11.it Mth t'-a, ) m
we are. Bl
Vour -rtv-rr rKorro youi moncf " '
Sdullin'i Koi- I'

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