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bint-ay morning. .IANT.VRY is. ions. TIIE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE. pm& nvm H
5- r o,
I ;
i Sanitary Artistic Nursery Furnishings
- i o
6 i
ANITATION of the most up to
xfe date order has been ihr fetich
3 a Ji of modern nursery furnishings.
Recently another fad which
! goes hand In hand w,lth this scientific,
f cleanliness has come along a.id bids
fair to sweep all of the older methods
to the wind.
The physical makeup of th? twentieth
century baby, or at least the nervous
part of its anatomy, is responsible for
tin- change. The king of the nursery is
now supposed to be born nerous, or at
least he has this prevalently fashion
able failing thrust upon him by his de
voted mother and doting relatives, who
one and all Join forces in declaring.
"The darling Is nothing but a small
bundle of nerves."
To soothe and strengthen the Infantile
nervous system the specialists now re-
I I quire his surroundings t be of the most
( quieting nature This not only applies
to physical treatment, but to the actual
fyrnishiiig of the nursery or room given
over to this autocrat. Besides bcinc; all
that sanitation ran make it, the nurs
ery, according to the latest canons of
art and hygiene, must be all white; no
color must be visible in any part of the
apartment to distract the tiny occupant
His mind mw-t lav dormant until suf
ficient physical strength will admit of
fac littie brain being put to work A
truce is sounded to Greenav.ay fittings.
Mother Goose dadoes and friezes and
the pictorial education which took its
start in erstwhile nurseries from prints
of Madonnas and like subjects hung Id
conspicuous places. Thse "educutors"
L will have their place and season later
I I on, but for the first year at least of his
Jar majesty's life all color is banished This
white is not of a cold, chalky tone, but
Is of a creamy. Ivory tint. The walls of
the nursery, which should be rough fln-
Ished, are painted an Ivory white. A
most attractive frieze runs ab.ve the
painted wall for a depth of about three
feet, done in an indefinite, shadowy,
j wavy doslgn, carried out In the vary
ing tones of creams and whites
J The floor Is laid with a white tiled
linoleum, and this is wiped with a
.1 I damp cloth eery morning and not
swashed with a bucketful of water perl-
I odlcally. To banish the lavatory ap-'
I pearanco of tin- Moor soft white fur
rug arc spread under the bassenet .md
l.'irgT pieces of furniture,
"i h modern baby dues not know the
.. ; ( ... i -j
Bneelnl to Tho Tribune.
I PROVO. Jan. 14. The leading event of
the week was the reception given in
hcr.or of the wedding of Miss Ada '11-
kins of Provo to Will Evans of Lfhl
I The cerTnonv was performed In thr- Salt
Lake Temple on Wednesda The brlue
j Is one of Provo's most popular youn6 la-
dies, and hast been In the office of the
Board of Education, assisting Superin
tendent Rawllngs of the city schools and
) acting as librarian for the city schools
for the past two years. The groom Is
j bookkeeper in tho L-ehl Co-op The cou-
pie will make Lehl thMr home. The
bride v;ls gowned In white crepe de chine
I over whlio taffeta silk. Many costly pres
ents were given, amng them belnp 1000
I fhures of mining stock, by Jesse Knlcht.
uncle of the bride. A delicious wedding
supper was served to the following quests
Mr and Mrs. Jeeee Knight. L i' Egg) ri
sen. Ralph Panlton. . K Btoltfer, James
Clover. Philander ltrwn. J H M I win,
William Haws. Rav Knight. Robert Skel
I trn. W. M Wilson. N P M.nkmnn. W
F. Dunn. Hush Clayton, A J Evans.
Lehl, John wilklns, w. O. Besb Perry
Fuller, Eureka, Eusene Allen. Frank
Koaell, William E Rawlins. A S. So
rensen, E. M Paxman. W. E. Haj-dlng.
W. H Tanner. Salt Lake; g Warn.-r. Q
I L "Webb Ix-hl: M. Fisher, K..-t Mill Creek
Frank Deming. Coalville; E Wilklns, M
tW Wilklns, Sarah Ilnrrls. Misses Allie
Smoot Ethel Haws. Mattl Warner,
I I Flossie Dunn. Bella Wilklns. Olrt Wli
klns, Maud W llklnr. EJthel Evans. Lehl
M Crcindell Warren Coulton. SI t r M;ia-
I I gum. Ed Perry, Vivian Hinckley. Elinor
Peterson. Lehl, Jan per Bird. Thoma.
Hardy, Roy Boron. Bert Wilklns. Misses
If Jennie Knight, Vera Riselle, I Chrls
tcneen. . .
Mrs "Ml Bean gave a plenslng enter
t:i'nment honor of her mother. Mrs
II Diana Smoot. Tho afternoon was spent
In song, sp'-eehmaklng and social chat.
A beautiful spread was enjoyed
Mrs J. J Knight was a Salt Lake vls-H-
ltor Tuesday and Vi-.)n.-S'lay
Henry Boyle of Santnquln spent a few
Cava with friends In this city.
. .
Miss Deltna West of Canada Is vlslt-
ing friends in this city.
Miss Laura Robinson was a Lehl lsltor
this v. i '-V.
111 Wanless and Nforg Lott of Thi
were Pros 0 Visitors
I "
Miss Jennie Miller of American Fork
returned home Monday, after spending a
few days with relatives and friends in
'.an Mallnda Moore is spending a few
cays at Pay son.
i e
Horace Wof finder of Lehl spent Sun
day at Frovj, tho guest of Miss Edna
Miss Leona BfcClary I? spending a few
tjy.s at American Fork, visiting her
Bert Thorn spent Wednesday at Pleas
ant Grovo.
Mr. and Mrs Raymond Knight left this
week for Cillfornla win r they will spend
the winter.
Miss Georgia Callawa of this eltv has
returned from Mantl where she has been
Visiting relatives and friends.
Mrs. David Edwards of this eltv was a
Provo visitor Tue-dty and Wednesday
Barton Edwards of Sugar Cltv Ida,, Is
visiting here with his mother, Mrs. Da
vid Edwards
Miss Effle Wajrstaff of American Fork
L '.8 visiting Mlrs Emmie Hlndlev
ei f
MIfs Iona Young of Mona spent Monday
visiting at PrOVO.
It '
The members of tho Five Hundred Card
club gave a hall In tho Mozart hall Thurs
day evening An enjoyable time was
hp- m by a large crowd
David T Clark, formerly a resident of
to date white nursery the crib is of
white enamel, without the least suspi
cion of gold knobs or trimmings. If
luxury is a rule In the appointments of
PTOV0 but DOW Of Denvw. Colo, is visit
ing his daughter Mrs. A L. Sutton.
A. C. Simmons of Spanish Fork was a
Provo visitor last we. k.
I'tah Sorosls met with Mrs Philip
Spr-ekart Mrs King read a very In
ten ting paper on The French In the
Mississippi Valley Miss Alice Reynolds
save a very Instructive talk on "Co-Educational
Mrs Gray entertained at dinner at the
Roberts hotel on Wednesda evening. Mr
and Mrs. Rob Irvine. Mr and Mrs Sam
Schawb were the Invited guests
Mrs. Hodge Marshall of California Is
visiting with her parents, Mr and Mrs
H W. Da Is
Mis Rob Irvine gave a dalnt luncheon
on Friday afternoon In honor of her sis
ter. Mrs Hodge Marshall of California.
The Nineteenth Century club met at th
h m of Mrs e E.Corfman Friday. Mrs
Love gave an excellent paper on Samuel
Johnson, Rasselas. by Miss isely.
M Robert Thorn of Pleasant GrOVl
spent a few days at Provo last week.
Mi and Mrs Jnc-.t. Evans entertained
lh' Happy Hour" club Tw sd iv i wnlng
at their beautiful home on Third Beg)
and Second North in a most pleasing
manner. Tho home was decorated with
C'lv.irf. and everything was mad. . 1,. i
ful. Mrs J R Sweher and E T Jones
won first prize, and Mrs. C. O. Newell
and Frank Foutz consolation prizes
T-,,se present were Mr and Mrs J.irn.
Farrer Charles Decker. E. T. Jone6
David Openshaw. Frank Fnutz W i
Stoker John R Sweher. J "U Hson
Hyrum Jensen 1 B Syder R A Greens
U Harper. Dr Slater. William Rydalch
David Vlnc.-nt. J F Van Wagenen I
H. MeEwon, J W. Storrs. Andrew Mor
gan r i I irke. R Murd.'ck. r O Newell
B S Chlpman, Misses Mildred Clarke!
A'lrgle Chlpmnn Sorena Chlprnan Emnni
Geo. Irene Evans
Mrs. W. S. Blernach Fpent Wednesdsa
In Salt Lake
Mr. and Mrs Cooper Anderson In
formally entertained a numir of friend
at a muslral Tuesday night. Thoe pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs W. E (irav W
s Blersach, George Havercamp w i
I. -I.eri Misses P.uel.ih and 1,,-nnn Hach
man Fawn Fu. hr. Mrs O p, Cishorn W
B Searle, Rhmerson and Mr Loyd
Mr and Mrs H W Davis announce thr
engagement of thcli daughter, P- ari. to
Mr Jam.-s A Brown, both of Salt Lake
Mr and Mrs Adams of Parowan and
their daughter r.dla, end Mrs Dr Burt,,n
nrere the guests of Mrs. n f - i i .-. n
Spe( lal to The Trlbun
PARK CITY. Jan II Dr and Mrs. E.
P Ie ComptS entertained a large company
of friends at a delightful progressive din
ner on Monday eenlng. The menu was
served on small tables scattered through
the pleasant rooms, the latter were hrll
llantly lighted with colored lights In d. ep
red, while the lloral decorations were Ol
the same shade After the dinner had been
partaken of, the guests enjoyed vocal and
Instrumental solectlons Dr and Mrs Le
Compte were assisted during the evening
by their daughter, Miss Hnnnah and
nelee Miss Ethel Wells The Invited
guests Included Mr and Mrs. F. W Slier
man, Mr an I Mrs J. W Geger Mr and
Mrs Sherman Fargo, Mr. and Mrs A R
Wester, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Sutton. Mi
and Mrs. G. F. Bo reman, Mr and 'Mrs
M. D Hurlbut, Dr and Mrs. C M Wil
son. Mr and Mrs M J. Daly, Dr and
Mrs. F K Ward Miss Jessie Hurlbut.
Miss Oenevleve Wilson. Miss Eva Lam
brt. Rev. D Q Qrabell, Edward L
Compte and B Frankel.
Mr and Mrs G F Boremnn entertained
at luncheon after the theater Friday even
Ing Their guests were Miss Maud Gray
Miss Kathryn Lawrence Messrs H w'
Culbertson and G Fahrendorf.
Miss Sl'llu Staley ga e a popcorn party
with white linen shades and sash cur
tains of dainty net.
To come back to the baby's crib, the
sheets used upon It ure of the sheerest
to a number of her school friends at her
parents' homo on Wednesday evening
Games, music and a right J'dly time uas
hud by the merr cnmp.inv. who were as
follows The Misses Edna Sutton. irgl
nla ismlth. Vera Lowe, Cleo Gltsch. Edna
Staley, Crescent Smith; Messrs. Sam Rad
don Ed Evans. Arnold Smith. Richard
Malln Robert Dalglelsh and Joe (julnn.
ytr and Mrs. w D. Sutton entertained
a company of neighbors and friends very
Informally Monday evening Tin game of
500 was played, after which a hot tamale
supper was enjoyed. The evening proved
a decided success, and the guests remained
long after the midnight hour Those pr s
ent were Mr. and Mrs. P. H. TOwey, Mr
and Mrs R D. Robblns, Mr. and Mrs W
L Mlddour. Mr. and Mrs. D. I Sutton,
Mrs Fred Smith Mis? May BalUea Miss
Carrie Sutton. Miss Minnie Keseel and
Thomas Waldon.
Mr and Mrs J W White entertained at
dinner Saturday evening. Their guests
were Mr and Mrs. F W. Sherman and
Mr and Mrs. John Lcfavour
Mr. and Mrs. W D. Sutton entertained
at dinner very Informally Tuesday even
ing for Prof. Lon BpOrry, anrl on Wednes
day in honor ot Mrs Montgomery of Salt
Mr and Mrs E. J Regg-s gave a pleas
ant dinner Wednesday evening In honor ot
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. White. The other
guests were Mr and Mr? Janus M Loi k
hnrt, Mr. and Mrs O. C. Lockharl and
Judge Scott Lot. khart.
The regular meeting of the O. E. 8. was
held Monday evening. After the business
session delicious refreshments were served
and pleasant half-hour followed. In
which all took part
The regular meeting of the Woman's
Athenaeum will hv held at the home of
the president, Mrs. L E. Hubbard, tomor
row afternoon January K nt 2 30 o clock
Lesson review. "Russian Finances," and
"Rise and Collapse of Industry," begin
ning 011 pa-'- I't.
Miss Genevieve Wllsrtn departed for her
home in Canaab ta. N v. Mondaj morn
ing, after a pleasant two years' stay In
Park with her unci, and aunt Dr and
Mrs. C. M. Wilson
Mr and Mrs M J Daly, who have heen
visiting In ZIon with their many frh nds
have return' d home
Mr. and Mrs James W. White, who
have resided In Park lty for the past
twelve years departed for Bait Lake yes
terday, where they expect to remain In
definitely Their many friends wish them
every success in their new field
C. T Mixer made a flvlng trip to Enns
ton Monday.
Mrs Dan B. Shields went to the city
Sunday, called tie i " I v i hi death of a
The Misses Minnie fCescel and Carrie
Sutton have Issued Invitations for a large
card party to bo given Thursday ec-nlng,
January 19, at Sutton's hall.
Miss Hannah Le Compte wont down to
tie- . it Tuesday to resume her siudh .ti
Rowland Hail.
Mrs C A. Blocher departed for Kani I
City Thursday afternoon to bo with her
mother, who Is o,ulte HI
Miss Jennie Kei vln of Silt Ijako came
up to Park Sunday for a Visit with rela
tives and friend.
Mrs. W E. Blake is visiting her numer
ous Park friends.
Miss Eva Hamlin and Miss Eva Lam
bert returned home Sunday morning
Mtp R. Ivory and two children returned
home after a pleasant visit with Salt Lake
Ed Evans Ed 0;rtz and George Wan
ning were Incoming passengers Sunday
m rnlng.
Mrs. Montgomery of Hall lake Is visit
ing with her son and daughter, Mr. and
Mr, C B Marshall.
The Miners' union gave their third an
niversary ball at Maple hall Thursday
evening A goodly number v-ru in at
tendance and tho affair wan a .success
both socially and financially.
Mrs Leslie Condon und two children of
car.irrtt linen is too cold and slippery Frolsnrt In his Interesting chronicles
beautifully monogrammed in a small speaks of a sliver Cradle and Its accom-
design with the tiny occupant's initial panlment of a silver bathing tube,
letters surrounded by a wreath of some whatever this attachment may be, as
Mower suggestive of his name. Tho among the frequently to be met with
blankets are ,of the finest Angora wool accessories of u wealthy family. Our
bound with wide white ribbon. The own times have furnished some elab-
spread Is a beauty made of heavy linen orate specimens In the cradle line. A
exquisitely embroidered. Of course this multimillionaire's baby now reposes in
covering Is not In commission when the a crib of mother-of-pearl with gold and
baoy is occupying his sleeping quar- Ivory mountings.
ters, as it would be too cu.mbersomo and
stiff. The object of Its being made of
the material mentioned Is because of its
washable qualities, and. again, several
of these spreads may be provided, and
daintiness be assured at small expense.
Salt Lake visit. . I with Mr and Mrs F. A.
McCarty, two days the past week.
Mr and Mrs Ralph Kidder, who have
been visiting with Park relatives for the
past several days, returned to their home
In the city Friday aff-rnoon
Sold Wherever Civilization
to Penetrated
From a small beginning in the
simplt-st form, Cuticura Remedies
have become the greatest curatives
of their time, and, in fact, of all
time, for nowhere in the history
of medicine is to be found another
approaching them in popularity
and sale.-
In every clime and with every
people Cuticura Soap, Ointment,
and Pills have met with the same
reception. They have conquered
the world. By rail and sail, by
caravan, by saddle, and on the
backs of human beings, they have
made their way to the farthermost
parts of the earth.
There seems to be something
about Cuticura Remedies which
invites the confidence of mankind.
National peculiarities, European,
Eastern, and Asiatic teachings and
traditions seem to have no adverse
Influence upon them. Hence they
are to be found in every part of
the world, and the sight of them
In the bazaars and native shops of
foreign lands has inspired the
American traveller with patriotic
emotions second only to those
produced by the contemplation of
his country's flag.
, Potter Drug Sc Chcm Corp., Boiton, Ms.,
Sole Propi
"All AlMJulLboSkio, Sctlp, tnd lllr." JItlltd Trm.
In tho white sanitary nursery the
tiny chiffonier und dressing table are of
enameied wood, and the nurse's chairs
j are of wicker painted In an Ivory tone.
A pretty little screen to cut off the air
when baby Is bathing stands in a con
venient corner and completes the ac
tual furnlshtnjrs of this charmingly
dainty and artistic apartment
The things which may be bought in
the way of baby's toilet accessories are
almost limitless. The oddest kind of a
bathtub that Is still used Is the old
fashioned one of wood with a partition
In the middle and a tall basket handle
About the sides of the bowl are painted
miniature Cupids. Each partition of
the DOW holds about a quart of water.
. . . rVJ H - , i' . -Jrm I ?t:il nnother daln little ba'hlmr con-
'the room these trimmings may be of
cut crystal The crib stands on a raised
platform railed off from the rest of the
room, and about it, hung from white
rods, are curtains of white velours,
which shut off drafts or a too persistent
stre.mi of sunlight This latter heaven
born blessing should shed its health
giving ras all over the nursery, and
trlvance which should reconcile the
small victim to the tortures of tho tub
Is of wicker in two compartments, the
top one holding the washing bowl,
while below are compartments for hold
ing soap dish, powder box and sponge
The baby of today must have his
own dressing taTt. and this Is sanitary
and untrlmmed. It consists of a round.
lOVI table covered .vlth a linen spread
Hello1 Have you tried
Whipped Cream
If not, there's a treat coming
your way. Sold in x2 and I
lb. packages everywhere.
This trude-mark the guarantee of
Onro tried; always uned.
Prepared by
I Each
Of "That Good Coal" gives you '
some new proof of Its excel
' U. S. A.
fyhf CM Powder
heautlfully embroidered, which, like the
bedspread, may be replaced by another
when Its pristine freshness is past.
The smartest way of disposing of the
dainty layette is to have a few hlrt
waist boxes of varying sizes prettily
covered and trimmed with ribbon bows
and slightly perfumed with sachets.
Speaking of bows reminds me that tho
well equipped wardrobe must boast a
complete set of bows, including rosettes,
butterflies and large bowknots, to dec
orate the ends of baskets, pillows, quilt
and baby carriage, and the fashionable
fad Is to have the lining and body of the
baby cart match In color PoV" rink
enameled carriages lined with the same
becoming shade are fascinating per
ambulators for the wealthy infant to
take the air In.
The-' handsomest toilet sets consist of
twenty-seven pieces, but the average
baby's toilet is made with a set of seven
articles. Extravagance runs riot in
these accessories, and the millionaire
Infant often has his toilet articles of
gold or silver set with gems. Just as
attractive and much more sensible,
even where money Is no consideration,
Is the celluloid toilet set having eprays
of forgetmenots painted on Its different
pleees. The newest sets of celluloid are
painted with lucky hearts In delicate
shades of green.
The weighing .scales must not be for
gotten. The latest sc ale designs are tall
and slender, standing on the ground,
and the weighing part rests upon a low
table built especially for it. -On these
scales the baoy is weighed every week.
The measuring stick is another neces
sity and Is a yard long and painted with
cute children's figures. Some of the
sticks arc lettered, "How high will the
baby gro'.'.
Then come triple mirrors to hang on
the wall They are small and designed
for the baby's use, the nurse holding the
tot up every day to survey himself back
and front. The usefulness of this pro
ceeding Is not evident to the average
person outside of the baby culture cult.
All these sanitary and newfangled
ideas will not supplant In the heart of
most mothers their love of dainty frou
frou things for the king or queen of the
nursery They will cling with pleasure
to the toilet basket of net lace trimmed
and berlbboned and to the crib with Its
curtains of muslin and ruffles of lace
looped up with huge bows of satin rib
German Thrift.
As soon as the baby daughter of a
German farmer can run alone she Is
provided with a stout linen bag marked
with her name. It Is Intended as the
receptacle of all the feathers she can
pick up.
Every bit of down is a treasure to
her. and the sooner the bag is Oiled the
more praise she receives.
When the bag is quite full it is emp
tied into a large one hanging In the
garret and th- feathers collected there
nre made ln-a pillow beds, quilts, etc.
eggs and to them add one pint of H
milk, with one teaspoon ful of H
sugar and half a teaspoonful of salt, H
Pour these gradually upon two cupfuls
of sifted flour and heat until smooth.
Add one teaspoonful of melted butter. H
Butter gem pans, put them in the oven
until hot, then fill two-thirds with the
batter. Bake twenty minutes In a
quick oven.
Pancakes. Have ready mixed and H
sifted one-half cupful of ordinary wheat IB
flour, one-quarter cupful of graham or
whole wheat flour, a aaltspoonful of ,H
salt and a teaspoonful and a half of
baking powder. When ready to bake H
add one egg (lightly beaten), one cup- il
ful of milk and a teaspoonful of melted IH
butter Have the gridiron hot and well HliS
greased and drop the batter from the (BnE
tip of the spoon. Cook until a nice B
brown on one side, then turn on the 5h
other. Serve with maple sirup.
Rice Crumpets. Beat three egga un- BlP
til light and add one and a half cup- B
fuls of milk and one tablespoonful of flH
melted butter. Stir In one cupful of
boiled rice, one cupfdl of corn flour: half IH
a cupful of wheat flour, half a teaspoon- 'B
ful of salt and a level teaspoonful of B
baking powder. Bake in large crumpet H
rings on top of the stove or In greased B
gem pans In a quick oven twenty mln-
Gluten Gems. Two cupfuls of gluten
flour, one pint of milk, one egg, one- Hh
fourth of a teaspoonful of salt and two
teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Mix 'HHh
the flour and salt, add the milk and stir flB
into the dry mixture. Add the baking B
powder, beat well, fill greased gem pans fl
two-thirds full and bake In a quick BH
How to Be Popular. jRfcl
Be natural People are quick to dls- k!
cern affectation of any kind and have El
a contempt for It, so give up affecta- Eb
Hon. jBB
Be neat. There is great charm in H
neatness BB
Be affectionate and sympathetic and HAS
don't be self conscious and ashamed to 'Hh
show either quality. HjB
Be home loving and kind to all old BkB
people, poor people and children. These jK9
are womanly qualities, and all love and Bwl
admire the womanly girl HUH
Don't have "moods." Avoid the blues HB
People like to know how to find a girl, lB
not to have to renew her acquaintance fl
every time they meet. H
Be athletic, as that means health, and HBB
healthiness means wholesomeness. BH
ttle$t?rn Coan $ I
Savings o. I
ESTABLISHED 1892. ASSETS $477,000.00 1
1 I
Call or Write. 49 East First South Street. Postoffice Box 1175.
President Cashier. r
(r(li I
Jll Jplf 9 PER MONTH I
iW f, fflKr Individual Lines
I j 8 - Unlimited Service I
ii I I I
lj I lfm 1 LET ME TELL YOU- I
I r Cl VnBfl never neglect the opportunity of buying ?
I ' j J V if a cljrar that is better than tho average. -
Ira Mfcfc The BIue Point perfect0 I
FjJ m J J) BiwEMBBxM rlcnrs( nr' q Bood that a customer once 'ffj--"-' I
ML JLjL fR fjOvS99R etarted always comos bnrk for more. 8ivVl
HrC-r;; j ul f iHiirTwH Eaunled bv few excelled by none. Not &' ' I
BE VJilMk T-lsl HfraKSfl now cheap but how good For snlo by all I
jpyg Whitaker & Dallas H

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