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m M ill i 1 I'll 1 1 1 I U M wmm HlmftMillHI
page two THE SALT LAKK TKILUXK. txday morning, .tantARY 15, 1905. I
H SR-alnst divulging anything that I swore
I On direct examination the witness
tokl Mr Worthington trr.it he had ta
ken obligations In 8 secret society and
ho had the same scruples against dl
H vulglng m h obligations.
Justice Noon Testifies.
H A. A. Noon of Provo. a Republican
fl Justice of Peaie and former Mormon.
H who voluntarily withdrew from the
H rhurch In 1970. testified that young
H Mormons are opposed to polygamy.
and also that Mormons are not taking
1 any Interest In politics as a church. He
H has been n candidate for olflco blen-
H nlallv since 18VM). and with the exeep-
H tlon of 1806 has defeated Mormon cn-
H dldates. He Indorsed Senator Smont
H highly, and was not surprised, he said,
H at his election as .Senator.
After his mart-law Mr. Noon s.ud he
H took the endowment. Mr. Worthlng-
H ton asked him If he took an oath to
H avenge the Mood of prophets "on this
HHHJ Witness said he was perfectly Hear
that nothing in the obligation Uken
H expressed hostility to the Nation or to
H this Onvernment. He said It was ta-
H k n from the scriptures. Revelations.
H chapter 6, verses 9 and 10. There was
H nothing In It. he said, of disloyalty to
HHHJ the United States. He said it hud been
fl forty years since he took the endow
mi nt, and ho could not remember the
H exact language, as It did not partlcu
Impress I Doesn't Know Poly gam Lsts.
On cross-examination Mr. Noon said
he did not concern himself with DOlyg
amy, and was unable to state who were
H polygamists In Provo. Many names
H w. re read to him, and he Identified
H them by common repute as living In
HHH Chnlrxnan Rurrows asked Mr. Noon
H also In regard to the endowment cere-
HHj mony, and he declined to state Its na-
H ture. He would not say whether there
HHb was a change In wearing apparel
H whether there was a severe penalty at-
HHb t ached to revealing what had taken
HHH place or anything connected with the
HHH obligations.
HHJ "What would you say M to whether
HHH the penalty was to have the tongue
HHJ torn out or the vitals cut out of the
HHH body?" asked Charlman Rurrows.
HHH "I do not feel that 1 could answer,"
HHH Mr. Noon replied.
I Mr. Dougall was recalled and asked
HHH whether there was anything In his cn-
HHH dowment oath Incompatible with his
; allegiance to iila State and the Nation
H.- replied that there v. as nothing. Mr.
HHH Noon was recalled and answered the
HHH aame question In the negative. Choir-
HHH man Rurrows ngnln recalled Mr. Pou-
HHH gs.ll. and several Senators wanted to
HHH know why he would state a part of the
HHH ceremony an would not state it all.
HHH He said he could not remember the
HHH exact WdTdlng of the obligation of ven-
HHH c-.ir.i hut w.ir sure it was not hostlk-
HHH to the Government, and that it was ex-
H cluelvely religious and not related in
HHHT any manner to civil or governmental
HHH affairs
HHH William Hatfield of Salt Lake City
HHH was sworn. He was a Mormon until he
HHH was 22 years of age. and then drifted
HHH away from the church He testified
HHfl that polygamy was decreasing, nnd
HHfl that he had known of no plural mar
HJ HHH Mr. Hatfield took the endowments at
HHh the time he was married. He was 21
HHI years old then, and left the church
flHH about a year later. Soon after he was
HJ sworn (he committee took a recess
Auti-Mormon Campaign.
H At the nfti-rnoon session J. H. Rrady,
halrman of the Republican State Com
H ml t tee of Idaho, was recalled by Mr.
H Tayler and examined further concern-
apj Ing the anti-Mormon campaign con-
a ducted by the Democrats last autumn.
Hr Mr. Brads Bald" he visited Boio iJurtiiK
the present month and consulted Re
Hi publican members of the Legislature
Hp Concerning the passage of laws against
unlawful . dIi.i I. nation He s.Ud a bill
H had since been introduced in the Legls-
HW lature, based on the prohibition In the
HH Edmunds law against polygamy. Mr.
H Rrady said he believed the laws wore
H Introduced in good faith.
HHV "Then." said Mr. Tayler, "you were In
HHl error when you said the other day the
HI people were opposed to prosecuting old
HHl polygamists. such as William Rudge
HHl and others of his class?"
HHfl "No, I believe I was correct, but we
an going to puss the laws and put It
F up to Senator Boise to prosecute these
polygamists. We knew during the cam
paign that he would not do It. I do not
believe he will do it now While I will
not i ersoijiilly prose i ute any of th.-e
J old polygamists, I would not lay a
HHJ straw in the way of Senator Dubois
prosecuting them. My position Is that
H If Senator Dubois and his friends will
not prosecute these cases they cannot
expect other good citizens to do so."
Merely After Dubois.
It was brought out that the Idaho
Legislature had Just passed an antl
pblygamy law and the witness said that
he had advocated Its passage for the
one reason, that he wanted to "put It
up to Senator Dubois to prosecute the
old pobgamlsts if he meant oil he said
during the campaign."
"While you were Inflaming the Mor
mons against my position." asked Sen
ator Dubois "were you not nlso assur
ing the Gentiles that the Republicans
would pass the laws 1 was demand
ing?" Ves. I told them that while the Dem
ocrats were pnsslng resolutions, we
would pass laws." responded Mr. Brady.
"Would the Idaho Republicans pass a
law against unlawful cohabitation"'
i s.-nator Dubois.
Mr. Rrady replied that he thought
they would; He was asked If they
would also pass a law providing for
change of venue, and said he thought
they would, but that the authority of
the Governor was suffl lent to cover the
in i ds of such a law
Former Governor Mc onneii of Idaho,
who was on the stand a few days ago,
was granted the privilege of going on
the stand to make an explanation of
resolutions passed by the Malm Legis
lature, i rltlcislng him as to the charac
ter of his testimony He said that In
his estimate of the members of the Leg
: lature he had not meant to Impugn
the Integrity of the morals of the Gen
t'h nc-ml.er-- of thi Legislature
William Hatfield, who was on the
stand at the morning session, then re
Sd his testimony. He said that
wh n he went through the endowment
hou e h"" had taken no oath that would
he In conflict with his duties as a citi
zen of his State or Nation.
Why Meakin Broke Away.
John P Meakin of Salt Lake, a dra
matic rsder and lecturer, testified that
he had been horn Into the Mormon
church lot broke away from the
. hurch In 1S73. because he did not be
lieve in polygamy He declared poly
gamy to be almost a thing of the
Mr. Meakin said he went through the
rnlou ment-house w hen ho w as IS years
id He said, there were rip obligations
administered that would Interfere with
his alleglanc to his State or the Na
tional Government.
Robert T Burton, Jr.. of Salt Lake, a
son of a Mormon family, but not him
self a Mormon, testified that Mr t'rltch
ra bad told hlro that he would not be
lieve Angus M OLannon, Jr., under oath.
The opposing younsel engaged In a
colloquy concerning the propriety of
putting on the stind a witness for the
sole purpose of discrediting Mr. Crltch
low. but the chair permitted the exami
nation to oontlnu'5. It developed that
Mi t'ritchlow's statement to Mr Bur
ton was made sue1 Mr I'rltchlow sent
Mr Cannon to Washington as a wit
ness, who said he saw President Joseph
P. Smith unite Ahrntn rannon and Lil
lian Hamlin In marriage.
Samuel N Cole of CorlniW, Utah, a
banlfer and tr?asurr of Box Elder I
ounty. was t t Vitness. He i.- .a
Gentile nnd te- t; , rhtt he ran a little
al '! of his tli ket in spite of the tact
that his opponent for treasurer was a
Sentiment Against Polygamy.
Mr. Colo corroborated th testimony of
other witnesses f.,r Senator Smoot that
the sentiment of the State h against po
I fc-nhiy Judge Miner of Bolt Like, who
u,''.t to i till In 1!90 from Mlrhlgnn to
ta .. the poeiilViin of .ss..cUU Justice of
ttje Supreme ivurt of the Territory, and
i Justice of that court unlj K'At, t, c.
tilled in regard to the prosecutions be
fore him of Hormone charged with un
lawful cohabitation. He s.ald hn had sent
more than a hundred to thr penitentiary.
Before the manifesto, he said, posgamlsts
would not promise to obey in th future,
bet lu thej had been tuught thai polyg
on; y is right, but after the manifesto the
Mormons would xl- th. promise and in
most lnHt.in .a ci r. pot senttncfcl ln
Ids. opinion polygamous marriages vir
tually have ceased
.Imige Miner expressed the opinion thfit
President Joseph Smith is doing every
thing ho rnn to keep the Mormon i nvrch
out of politics He Is an honest man, h
The witness said he had heard dhly
. ifl rumors that there have been nlu
r.ai marrlagee solemnised ."incc the mani
festo He declared hi would nol bellcrt
these rumors unless the report came from
feme one who had seen the ccremonj.
Asserted Their Independence.
W. D. Candlnnd of Mt. Pleasant. I'toh
a Mormon, but not a polygamlst, was
sworn He gave the population of his
town at 3Oj0. and said there are onlv three
or four polygamlstn now llvtnK there
Prior to the manifesto ho thought there
w. re forty tiftv He t'-sttfled that th
Mormon people asserted their indeprnd-
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iWaj&St93KSS3u dtablP ,OTOpound' rice from
f IjL Si6jBpS3jABJ3gss to take S' a" 'Icasant
""j'' A 8PBEDV CUKE. V'D A'D
Have Bill Ready for
This Congress.
President Roosevelt's Views
Embodied in Measure
by Hepburn.
Iowa Representative Sees No Reason
Why It Cannot Be Crystallized
Into Law.
WASHINGTON, Jnn 14. President
Roosevelt had a conference today with
Ser-ret.iry Tuft and Representative Hep
burn of Iowa, chairman of the Inter-state
nnd Foreign t'ommeree commission of the
House, regarding railroad freight rate leg
islation. At the conclusion of the conference Rep
i csr ninth e Hepburn said h- had prepared
a bill on the subject of freight rates
which embodied the recommendations of
the President t-o far as they went.
Mr Hepburn added that in s few days a
CCnference would beheld, probably at the
v.'hit House, for the consideration or the
measure he had prepared. The President.
Secretary Tnft, Attorney Oeneral Moody,
"and others" wild Mr Hepburn "who
nre especially Interested In the legisla
tion will participate In the conference
"Io you think rnte legislation will be
DXUICtM at the present session'"'
"I do' most crrtolnlv. ' refilled Mr Hep
burn "I believe the House will pass a
measure before the end of this month
and there Is no reason why It should
not be crystallized into law before the
B( sslon ends "
There were some informnl conferences
nmong Senators on the question of mil
road legislation nfter the Senate adjourned
t.'l.iv The pei.pral opinion expressed
was'that ttvNre Is not sufficient time h ft
to accomplish anything In that line dur
ing the present session of Congress
Senator Dubois Offers Amendment to
Statehood Bill.
WASHINGTON, Jan U At today's
session Of the Senate. Mr Dubois Intro
duced nu amendment to the Joint State
h. .1 bill, prohibiting the practice or en
couragement of polygamy In the proposed
Stntis of Oklahoma and Arizona. The
provision Is In the language of the Idaho
test oath
The Philippine railroad bill was sent to
i onference, with Lodge, Hale and Culber
son as conferees
The Bi nate began consideration of the
bill regulating the restoration of citizen
ship of American women who have mar
ried foreigners
Mr Nelson --aid that the bill was in
tended to apply to women of this country
who married abroad and who were di
vorced or whose husbands may have
Mr Dapew said that It not the In
tention of the bllJ to tontine It to widows
and divorcees, but to all women who have
foreign husbands The woman suffragists
and the women of the American league,
he said, took exception to the fact that
women lost their citizenship by marrying
a foreigner, while men did not
Mr Lodge suggested an amendment con
fining the operation of the bill to widows
and lawfully divorced women
Mr Tillman protested against the
amendment as discriminating against
grass widows
Mr Depew defended International mar
riages as natural and due to the "'good,
old-fashioned American reason of pro
pinquity. Ms Observation Is," he adder,
' that the title generally chases the girl.
And not the girl the title " The amend
ment WK.s accepted.
Mr. HeybUrn suggested and Mr Mr
"umber offered an amondmont requiring
women taking advantage of the provis
ions of the proposed law to rennuno .ill
titles of nobility which they may have
tciiuired. and it was agreed to
At the suggestion of Mr Ppooner. the
t ill went over for a day A bill making
It a felony to counterfeit the great seal
of the f 'nlted States was passed
Tfs following bills were also passed
Authorizing the sale of ohsolete arms to
Grmd Army posts providing that in the
retirement of petty officers and enlisted
men of th nav . the entire service of
the men shall be taken Into account, re
moving the time limitation on the pay
ment of bounties to ex-soldlers provld-l?-?
Jt the protection of game In the
Icnlti forest reserve.
Mr Be-, prldge made another effort to
get a time fixed for the taking of a
vote on the Joint Statehood bill. Mr
Bate said that the opponents of the bill
are not yot prepared to fix a day and
could not say when they would be. Ho
added th.'4 there are several speeches still
to be matje and that when those were
delhcred the opposition would be lib
eral "
Japan May Not See Pit to Make Fur
ther Reply.
WASHINGTON, ban. 14. Mr Takahlra,
Mllh Mr Lo.,mls. ,h- acting Secr-tnry of
Btate. todaj about the Chinese neutrality
ti ,u uas1?.8 clrciar note to the powers
on the subject
n)Hr.a.thf alBWch" "how there are
alleged Instances epecifkv in the latest
RuHslan note of violation by China of
"utraUty that have not been mentioned
.i Previous notes onfci iubject, and re
plied to by Japan Tiethep the- Japanese
.vernment will see fit further to n
Probably will not be determined, i h. ,,f.
riclel text of the note has become gen
erally known
The attitude of Japan regarding China I
neutrality remains unchanged. The j!
anese ,ovemm,nt was quick to respond
I" oe. r. larv Maj - ,,,, u, the .X . T
urging the res, nK f ,,,to
end "administrative ent - 0f Clilna ,i
J- 1 believed that JapaVTwlll be oft
JO the subpenslon of the Kreement , f the
HiRercnts to limit the Z,.V J ope r J,
in the effort to adhere to Secretary 14 J I
raquest. In .he event Ihrpt Russia 0, t,
mines to withdraw h.-r ndhvrcnce i , ,
principle tbls will l, ,,,-ceSsary flir j .. ' '
as the other belligerent i- follow buJ
t:io ln voting and would nok no inter
ferenee with It He said that bv agree
mi nt the s hool board InMt. Pir-manf
was non-partisan from a rellgVju '
polltleal point of view ' n0
"If Pre-liJent Smith should seek to rf.
establish the practice yf polygamy h"
would find himself in a Aopele9 mlnorttv
and there would be a Ulg row," eaid Mr
On crow-examlnatinn Mr randlantl
said the division or tJie school board was
made at a maes meeting and that It was
agreed that there chould be nne Demo
crat. one Republican ond one Gentlia At
the conclusion oi Mr Candlande i ten tl
mony the commi'Ueo adjourned until Mou- j
1 probably she will do It quickly if Russia
roaches this decision.
House Asks President and Postmaster-General
About Letter-Carriers.
WASHINGTON, Jan 14. Whan the
House met today Mr Gillette (Mas i
called up the resolution of Inquiry rela
tive to political activity on the part of the
Istter carriers, introduced by Mr. Rearst.
lb iskcd that the House agree to the n s
Olutlon, explaining that It called upon the
President and Postmaster-General for In
formatton, The resolution was agree, I to
'n motion or Mr Sulloway the House
took up the consideration of private pen
sion bills, that being the regular Order of
the day.
A new speed record of legislation wn
made for in. Hou-.e In the passage of I
pension hills In ltf minutes.
A bill revising the copyright law with
reference to trademarks was passed .'if th.
In. time ,,f Representative Ffonynge of
Bills werr p.iased to authorize the use of
earth, stone and timher from the forest
reserves and public lands for the construc
tion nf irrigation projects; to prohibit the
yvords "Tnlte,i States Assay" or any
words committing the Government to the
quality of gold or silver articles, to ex
clude certain lands from the Tosemlte N i-
tlonal park. ( alli'ornia. t,.l Including the
same In 'he Blerra forest reservation.
Classifies the Laborers
H ifHIINOTOM, Jon 1 1 The Prk'..lent has
Issued an or.ler dlr.vtlng that laborers In tho
executl .l.partm:-nti uml offlcat In VashlnK
tnn srlioee principal iutlea um of the nvile
pirfnrrned hy rlnsslflnl emplrijeoa. shall bo
reganjej aa cliiiflej latwirern in th positions
occupied them January 12. and may le
tromotefl to the clerical (rraj)e or bo trunj
ferrii In acconlonrn with civil rvl-e rul-s.
This order nfTivts M-l wrron. r.f wnoin lO) am
In the Department of AgTtculture on.l IV, in
the Treasury.
To Protect Seals.
WASHINGTON, Jan 14 Senator Prvtor
for Senator Iillllncham t.vlny Intrluccl a
Joint resolution to prerwat the killing of nurs
ing mother fur seals In th Nnrth Pacific
n and Bering fa Th bill auBioiisf the
reduction Of tho h-rd on tb Prlbyloi Inlands
to l0.f mnle nn 1 K'.O'o f. ir.nl- ncnlu If th
Prertdent falls within a reasonable tlm to
h nr. the 11 nil neat fn of the International
regulation! concerning tho regulation of the
kllllns nf MSll In ihr opn s-x
Nominated by the President.
WASHINGTON, Jon 14 The President to
day nent LtO the Penate th following noml
neUoas' Comni 1 sstoner of Pensions Verposian War
ner, Illinois
Associate .Tusttcp of the Supremo court of
the Philippine Islands Charles A Wlllard of
New Lands for Settlement.
WASHINGTON. Jan 14 -The House Com
mittee on Indian Affairs today authorized a
favorable report on the bin to rntify and
amend an sgrei im nt with tho Indians on
thi. Mv.:-hiin' or Wind Rlvr Indian reserva
tion. In Wyoming; which will oisn to set
tlement ahout i,4onroo acres of land
Nominations Confirmed.
WASHINGTON, Jen. 14 The Senate today
In executive eeaelon conflrmcd the following
nominal ions .
J. Oeorge Wrlcht. Illlnoli Indian Inspec
tor; John G. Hraly. Governor of Alaska
rostmastcrs Nevada Herbert Bad) Wolls.
Hawaii Arthur Wall. Iahalna
Also promotions In the army
Court-Martial Acquittal Approved.
WASHINGTON, Jen 1 1 -On Grant com
morellnp the Department of tho Kast. has
approved, With certain reservations, tho .-.jurt-m
&rt la acquittal Of MoJ Charhe Koiter ar
tillery corim. who. It was alleged. MDt a
Challenge to Capt. Jnmo M Williams
Wisconsin for Revision.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 Tho republican
members of thv Hous r-ot i.-.-onMn held
a conference today Resolution.'! declaring for
an early revision of th tariff rn unani
mously adopted
Praises Defenders
of Port Arthur
Cznr Issues Rescript to Army and
Navy Asking Them Not to Be
Dismayed by Sorrow.
peror Nicholas has addressed the fol
lowing rescript to the army and navy:
"Port Arthur has passed into the
li;irnls r.f the enemy During eleven
months the fight had been going on in
Us defense More than seven months
Its noble defenders had been cut off
from the rest of the tvorlu. without
any positive assurance of relief, they
continued to fight ana ilia everything
ln their power to check Ithe progre3 of
the enemy, sparing neither life nor
In ai t's blood to uphold the honor of
the Russian.
Ruskh with pride afid admiration,
followed each move in the contest. The
whole world was astounded at their
gallantry, but daily their ranks were
thinned, their powers pf resistance di
minished and, under repeated attacks
by the enem, they were obliged to give
Peace, honor and undying memory
will be the portion of you Russians w ho
have fallen In the defense of Port Ar
thur. Far from home, you have laid
your bodies upon alien soli a sacrifice
to the dictates of your own honor and
the demands of your Emperor
"Peace and honor be your portion Al
a.s wll you be held ro In your hearts
and memory.
'Honor to the living May God re
store you to health ajnd strength and
give you patience to face this disas
ter with which you aile confronted.
'My gallant troops land sailors; Do
not let this sorrow dksmay vou. Our
enemy strong and dbrin This fight
against them occurs TtJoO miles from our
Home; but Russia Is bowerful In the
thousand years of itf( existence, there
have been still heavier! trials, worse and
more threatening dadgers, but Russia
ever arose from tr.Vij with renewed
force and strength Do- not let your
souls be troubled by lack or cc, acvj
heavy losses. Russian strength icrows
with adversity.
"Wilh all ku8.il i I join in the belief
'hat the time is coming when God will
gne strength to our glorious army and
navy to arise and break the forces of
the enemy. WICHOLAS'
Japanese Had Better of It.
Ti ire reviews hy the rarloui newspapers
ailm:t frankly that the'japaneae have hud
the better of tl,- wars., f . but the ,M . !
tone of the press Is summed up In the fol
lowing statement In the Ru-s
They have done well, but not well
enough. They have entrenched them"
selves In Korea as though they were at
home, have captured Port Arthur and
ehHCOKq.UMt mo'1 ot Southem Man
churia, but are face to face with a Ru7-
cheVdmV nVUUal hU5lbr" Ud they are
cnetKca The new yur will show the
a'J f the -warm waters 1
thi NT Vfnya alone comments on
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and let If stand twenty-four hours If on ex
amination It Is milky or cloudy, if there Is a
brbk-dust settling, or If small particles float
ubout In It. your kidneys are ln need of imme
diate attention
Swamp-Root Is pkasant to take and Is used
In the leading hospitals, recommended by phy
sicians In their private practice, and Is taken
by doctors themselves who ha e kidney ail
ments, because they recognize In it the great
est and most successful remedy for kidney,
liver and bladder troubles.
of hostilities, nas broken down under the
test of aetunl trial. China cannot or will
not presere her neutrality and Russia
has been confronted lime and time again,
the article says, by tho way In which
Wcl Hal Wei and Chefoo have been ud
as Japanese bases.
In conclusion the Xovoe Vremya says It
is a situation wherein Russia must no
longpr rely upon international diplomacy,
but must tal e steps for her own prot. ..-tron.
Stoessel Arrives nt Nagasaki.
NAGASAKI, Jan. 14. The Japanese
transport Kamakuru, from Port Dal
ny January 11, with Gen. Stoessel and
others on board, arrived here today.
The General looked well and walked
-wilh a stately step. Preceded by a
few police officers and followed by his
retinue. Gen. Stoessel slowly wended
his way up the hill to a prettily-situated
bungalow on Inasa hill, where he
will be quartered Half way there some
dozens of Russian officers finding thai
their late chief had arrived, ran up
from all directions and saiuted In re
spectful silence. The party then en
tered the house
The closing act of the drama caused
a feeling of sadness which i as not dis
pelled by the glorious weather, beauti
ful surroundings and kind reception
Bccorded to the Russians by the Japan
ese !
Japs Bombard Russians.
TASt'DYAPU fUndated). All tay ot Janu
ary S the Jatmic bombarded the Rumlan po
sitions to the rlcht and lft of the rallroac
with unupUiil lit' r
On Januniv Is. at ; o clock In th morning,
a Japanese regiment advanced In the face of
a furtou lire from hatterlea ami rltle. dro.
back tho Kinulan outpost?. Tvho drew on this
Japan cm to a masked battery and allowed
them to come on. when the Ruaalana Mid li nl
opened a muideroun fire, the infantry regiment
being almost annihilated and the re main del
fled In wild dls.ijer. l.tilr.14 heap of .lend
and wounded on the field The Runjlunt
pred th pursuit and to.,1; the Jupunoi pv
altlonn. January 1. at noon.
Japanese Memorial Service
THIItD ARMY. Jan II 1 la Fiivtnj Ui-n
Nogl. In addressing the army at a memorial
T Ice toduv. paid a tribute to the Sjervlo : of
thoan who had fallen during thx siege of Port
Arthur. H" suld the splendid work of those
who had given up their Uvea resulted In tho
mccessful capture of the fortress and the de-
; re was to shure the honor with the spirits
of those who died to bring aueceaa.
T,ie place chosen for the memorial cere
mon ' was under the shallow of Uw hills
when the life-blood of the heroes was spilled
Repulsed Russian Cavalry Raid.
THE Kl SLD. via Fuaan. Jan 14 A body of
Ru' ljn . 'valr made a raid south this week
for the i,urose of harassing the Japanese
lines of communication They orcuple.i tl,
old town lot Ncwchwang. whoso population
Is entirely Chlnev On Thurwlay Japanese
Infantrv attlackeil the Russians and drove
thtm from he town They left fifty ded.
One TspeneajS was killed The raiders, who
eroseed the lUlao river Into neutral tvrrltory
are supposed ) to number about stM men.
More Lirperty for Russian Press
ST. PETERpBt'RG. Jan 14 Tho preas re
forms decldaa upon In principle by the com
mittee of ICUUStera have been referred to a
p lei comnilis'ori of the oonmlttee, which
111 draft tlem, after wblrh they will h
promulgate J by the Penate. The details are
not publlehjPd. but It Is known that they
place the Wh"le. press of Rus1s on an equal-
Ity. the mora liberal censorship heretofore I I
only enjofyed by the metropolitan and a few I
provincial papers laing extend U 10 alL
Swamp-Root Is pleasant
to take.
If jou are already convinced
that Swamp-Root Is what you
need, you can purchase the
regular fifty-cent and one
dollar size bottles at the drug
stores everywhere Don't make
any mistake, but remember
the name. Swamp-Root, Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and
the address, Blnghamton, N.
Y., on every bottle
EDITORIAL NOTB.-S0 successful Is Swamp-Root In promptly curing even
the most distressing cases of kidney, liver or bladder troubles, that to prove its
wonderful merits you may nave a sample bottle and a book of valuable Infor
mation both sent absolutely free by mall The book contains many of the
thousands upon thousands of testimonial letters received from men and uomen
cured The value and surces of Swamp-Root Is so well known that our read
ers are advised to send for a sample bottle. In sending your address to Dr
Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton. N. Y , be sure to r.n you read tbls generous offer
ln The Bait Lake City Sunday Tribune The proprietors of this paper guaran
tee the genuineness of this offer.
Only One Ticket for Commercial Club
Eoard of Governors.
While It can by no means be said that
the election of a board of governors at the
1 omminlul cluh last evening was -if little
consequence, no one would have imagined
that there was anything special doing had
the. cnlle.j during the hours the polls
were ..pen. There was but one ticket ln
the field and In consequence the super
visors of el. ctlon hail little ),,.-.
"elected to pilot th lub over a sale and
-uccesaful course during the next three
veers w. re Joseph k Qellgher, John C
Cutler. Sr Leon Sue 1 Charles A Oulc
ley and Fred W Prancls
Joseph K tlaligher has been engaged In
the minim? machinery supplv hn
the past twenty-live years In Salt Lake
City, and It quite naturnllv follows that he
has a large acquaintance with the promi
nent men of the raty and State. For years
he was one of the most r.romlnent mem
bers of the Alia club and throughout his
career has always been Identified with
the business and social Jfc of ult cllv
John C. Cutler. Sr . Is Governor of Utah
and one of tho heaviest owners of sugar
factory property In the State having in
fa L been the proprietor 0f the original
factory at Lehl
Leon Sweet Is known as the proprietor
of one of the largest wholesale . .-infection-ery
factories In the West, the Salt Lake
1 anaj companj
(.,ha,rlr?KA1.0"l''lr e-nr-ral manager of
he 8tudebak;T Pros' Wagon company of
I tah. is well known throughout the north
ern part of the State and has for icors
been identified with those srho in inter
ested In building a greater Salt iak. citv
Fred w Brands 1- a member of the firm
of. all.iway. Hooak Francis proprietors
' " leading art and crockery
stores of the country
HThTIbhal!VlW5.0f?le, llon EerS WIlIlajB
II lltiDals. II. T richer W J r;iirtnn
i'-.1,'' " " "" At -
held within ft week, a prldent Is to be
chosen and from, present Indications It
would seem thai one man. satisfactory to
"II nembers. will have .. , ,,, ,,,,,,
upon before hand, and consequently no
particular Interest will be centered In the
Masher ' Gets His."
One nuuhtr Kot his lajit nleht A vouni
woman was waltiUB for tnf, ,a a oun
corner of Tl.ir.l S.mth nnd Mulr, when F 7
yulnn approached her and att-,te,i 0 Ktait
a omveraatlon The young woman turned be?
back on hlnv but ,. ould Ool b- Inm? ,
Ihto Stag) of the game the rIM h brother
fT1 11 ' ' ln th" "Ituatlon and adv.
gulnn to n ,..ulnr) ,,.,,; "njk"
fljrht and. in ., ,, ,r minute, w
cf th. wont- whipped Vouagstera liT SattLaJ?.
To add to his dlMomfltttffvOmew Bmoit 21
b.lm to the ittUon and eharie..d him TTth a?
onJerlr eondu. - Th. OUne ,,? wh id f
latered the ttm. iy cjtiEatlon wLi Sr n"
. ingei r s..oti, r.,.iro, 'y ,f. Btanlsy
Rli h sense of 1 ...mfort
W lien v. ell made
hot. crisp, delicious,
goes with the meal.
The National Bank tf
the Ripublic.
Al Knit Ijke rity. Ii the stnt of Vtah.
the close of bUHln. .'nnuury 11, mx ,
l.oani and discount!! I1,1M M j
Ovsrdrafta, secured and unse- "
cured lft$,lU7 7.
L' E bonds to tecur circulation 3O0 06-,a fl
1 bonds to secu V. S de- w (
Poet's 200,000 AS
0 P t-onds on hruf lOOOOono
Premiums on V. s bonds . zi'.dbo
1 fecurltl?, etf J.7 a. J.
Dnp'Klns;-l.ji. furnlt re and fix- 1
turea fja 3
Hue from National
I. uiks mot resei--
ncvat'il 195,111 OS
Iiue from State
hanks and bankers . 2TH2.M
Due from approved
r.-" ugrnts ''I 7l it
f"hrk and other
mill Items t.E Zl
Exchanges for clear-
ln-houso .. .. 13.432.C
Notes of other HW
I I . nal bonks 4.778 00
Fra. tlonal 1 ir. cur-
rencv, nickels and
cents 1 1 j
Twfui mony reaerve
In l.ank. rli:
gpeclo 4W.7: 0
I.efral-tender notea ,BM 00
Redemptlor rur.d erlth
U. P Troaaurer
per cent "f clrruln-
I'.-.ri) . .. IS, 100 00 $1 475,42 a
Total l3.S40.ao 41
MA nil piES
Capital r'ok 1 aid In 500.000
Korplns r Jf'.l .r (0 004 06
Uildl Tided profits. rm enses and
taxea paid ...I .. 48. i i " 1
NmI ml ti-rdi notrn olis'fLndlng. . 2M.0o.ro
pus to ..ther Na- I
tlonnl banks ll.'-tl it '
DUi t.i State bsnki
and bankers 11 41
Due to trust compa
nies and savings ,
banks K.'-V,.72
Individual deposits
rul.J.-ct to check 1 'l4!.l
D mand crtlflrAtes of
deposit a.092.S
Time certificate Of
dtPOSlI W.W 17
(Vrtllled cheeks . 1 . M M
Cashier's chc-rks out
ntandlnK 4.00J M
United Btates depc.s
lts :.S12.21
Deposits of V. 8. dis
bursing officers .. M.tl I! 41.93 M
Totat U.i40,a0 41
Ptnte of t tah co.jnty ' Halt nu.- .
I, W F Ailims. ceider of the aboT.
nam'-d bank. do snletnlv swear loat th
above statement la true o the best ot my M
knotvledge nnd belief
W. r. ADAMS. Cashlsr H
Subscribed and sworn o before me this V
11th day "f Januarv, ' 1
L A EIVllB, Nolan,' Public 5
C orrec' Attest m
i t LYNCH,
cut: Dj-ectora
An Instrument fir Weak Men
J-BjVaeJTJtak Secretly wfo will produce a
vSHH Sironic antl O nireri Effect ths
HLr nrct tirT" JPPHed. A PosltlTe
HB sv. lir e Y'h
fmBti icnns tnir . ,...jr treatment.
Illustrated look free New Spc
M clalty Co.J Dep M . Se-attP
sWa v-h
be grvsii! Cat-
X Has OpnVd
V) Open dny and nigh Tel W
X Tray Orders illclted.
rr- f r-i
jCity and Neiiiborhc
Fl'Nr.RAt. PFRVICES er the rem
ftta Beulah Beatle will hsid at 1
this afternoon from thi Eighteenth
It r--trular w.cklv rneetU Thi:rrlav .v nlnir
At th.- residence oi Uri Teanle Patten, 430
South Sta'.- street. The eel Ing was an In
teresting one and '. Il ey attended. Ar-rjr.ir-mer.tK
w.re mode tax social hop. to be
given nxt Thurrfdny evel ,g at the resJdsnc
of Mm J o c.-ott. P nklln av'enue. Feh
rm n 11 ', ih. club kIvm m character
ball In ..r.lei to ewel) fn fun la for the new
clubrooina In 'he Federat l of Labor hall.
OLA V OI-SFN vns urre hi M-sterday aftr
noon br Patrolman Johl Brown and su
to.-.ke1 at the station or the charge of dls- j
turbine the peace. 01a s accueed of beat- I
IriK his wife and drlvln her and her little B
child ut cf their home, "he matter will as Bq
aired before Judgn Dtehl morrow. J(
WILLIAM PSET88BR. ilng at 1074 Hr- It!
Held avenue, resterday ot ma left bund lip
CRiiRht In a pinner at tilt Taylor. Romner jSWl
Annstpn(t planing mill, th the result ths HK
' tds first and coni rlnrers and part ' H
his thuml' Dr Beer wa railed lmmedlatl 1MJ
nnd drepse-1 the wound nc h was lntenaelj
1-alTlf'll iBJ
WHEN II t OLJSBN mt lno t'ne HudH
dart Floral company a si e last evening he smi
utile thought that he ol come out with a
t.r..kn Ick- ' '.ifortunat4 he clipped upon
mortsS 'n the floor md. falling. br.-Js I U
hu left leg Dr Pr al ided Mm. dlagnoa- I I
Inic the case as a Pott's I cture lil
i LARA HES.TH SKETfc-;. daughter of II
Thomas Heath and SaralHoath Ward, died I I
mtv suddenly at her rcsrrce. No JO East I B
Third South Mreet, aftegan iilnefi of only I I
four daya Mrs. PkcwesMsji been widely 1 I
kpewn In business and tA circles, antl her J I
sudden d. -itrj win b.- a gt shc k to ber re- II
latlons and hosts of frUda Besides her I
mother, she loavea a dausier. Doris a broth- I
er. Henry F Heath, and I alstsr Mr. O. T.
The funeral wlu held on Tcesdav. J
lanuarj 17. at C o'clock, 'om TC; South Sec- L
ond East street : if
MISS i-ORINNE HARRlwlll sing an "Are I
Maria,' by Zangwlll. wi Mon obllgato br
Edward Fltzpatrlck. Ot morning at ."t L
Mao's cathedral "
" ' 'Ji
THE SCHOOLS a ' i sj. Gate hare been
I) Acriunt of snva ox and the prlncl- I
pi. I and teacn-rs of tho ,,1 are taking a I
r.-st until recalled to theltibor
. , kit
MM MART OLSON (native of Sweden, j I
'' ealdenl of Salt IIJB for some years
lied yesterday at lv crn hospital.
uft. r nn ninths of uome eeks from 4rope
' rwi of s e,XTes three chll-
'I'.-i .hi I !.. ral 'l.r retw. , TTie date fr V
the funeral hoa not teen inounced I
i j r
hold .'i nieeflnir t.,niorra nt 4 I.1 o'clock In H
the directors1 room of t Defer, t National I.
bank 1 I
MR& MARTHA Hi. VI ki.vo will sing tl
The King of biv. Mj.Shepherd ll " bv l
rjoonod, this mornlns at , pttup8 church
cH SRtES 9T ALTER , t (hJ. eoi0 at I
lllff Methodist church (ti t)..,mlnc ?
WTBBKLY REPORT of B Board of Health jH
tor the week mdtnj: lan.ry 14 l shows IH
births of shlcl sresmaie, ind U wsn
famolea The death reno for the asme pe- I HI
number I r of ivh g wrr,. map,, an 4 1 BJ
1 i males During the ... there were ;
coae-i ..f smallp. x 7 cat of chlckenpox 4 B
of scarlet fever and 4 ciu of diphtheria and I H
I 1 f
American and Eipan Plan,
The orfe pln.ee for 4mfort and ele-
gance. Fireproof; teljhor.es In ever)' B
room, modern ln cvcrjnrny. I 1
No Settlement of fcttlle Strike. 'jmP
BOSTON, Jan. It Tho onfec-n'-e held w tHJ
th. State house today orinviLatlon of Oov.H
Douglas between reprvsenttvee of the FalAj
River manufacturers and heir striking JH
ployees closed at p. m . 0 rettlemer "B
Ing been reached. A nothi -oDferen-' &s
held si Uke Ste"- joase qd f

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