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page two THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, . mqspay mousing, January 15, 1903 I
I Id Philippine island
LLI ft
Wonderful Strides Have Eeen
Taken Toward American
izing Them.
Annual Repoi t by Philippines Coru-L-m
mission Will Bo Found Full of
Satisfaction and Interest
I WASHINGTON, .tun 15. Secretary of
War Taft has submitted to the President
the nnnual report of the Philippines com
mlMion, together with the separate rc
Iort of the commission to the Civil Gov
ernor of tho Islands and of the heads of
the four departments.
The report says that as soon as the
people ramo to understand that the Gov
srnment hod both the ability and tho will
to protect them, they Ivsan to co-operate
cordially with the constabulary and other
peace officers by six lug Information
against the lawleof. so that It became
nosslblo to kill or rapture them. An S re
sult, the report Kay, not a nlnjflo or
Kanlz'd body ( ladronas Is now to he
found In the Island Of Luzon; nearly r.ll
the leaders, nave live or six, have been
killed or captured, and the same may bo
said of the vlsayan Islands, v.lth the ex
ception of S.i mar
The commission adds thai these li no
reason to suppose that orderly eonditl lis
will be otherwise Lhan permanent. The
relations betwei u Americans and Fili
pinos are Bald to be generally .ordial.
with a steady growth of confidence and
Rood feeling between them
Leaders Join Amciicaus.
"All thOSC v. ho ft re Justly entitled to be
'ailed leaders of public opinion among
the Filipinos," til.- report continues, "have
definitely cast their lot with the Ameri
cans "
IK' K.i i lli. the Murois. lie vepoi t says
the great nra of ,.the Morn province,
which Includes practically nil of the Is
lands ir Mindanao and tho Snlu arclilpe
lago. exenpt for 66,000 Filipinos, spoken
of as dencendanls cf convicts Sent fum
the. north by Spaniards. Is Inhabited by
M. I..-. prf.:-tiig Mohammedanism, apt!
by other non-Christian tribe. The au
thority of tho Sultan of Snlu ".as found,
upon Investigation, to be repudiated I
dnttos In the Sulu archipelago, Who "' -BSSSed
itH much authority h he. although
he was the titular head of the Moros.
The report says:
"From time immemorial the Moms hf.vo
praetlced polygamy nnd have 1m n a'-eus-tomed
to mslte raids upon other non
Christian tribes to replenish their stock
of slave, a-: well as to engage in piracy,
while the Arabs langht them tho use of
firearms The non-Christian tribes ( the
province, ns soon as they understood the
Americana would protect them against
their snclenl foes, the sforOB, were only
too willing to recognise American author
ity and receive the benefits of protection,
iii a number of Instances they uav been
induced to establish tnems Ives In tillages
and till the adjacent soil They are said
not to be racking in Intelligence '
In speaking of the abrogation of the
treaty with the Sultan of Snlu. the report
Stilus Violate Treaties.
"While it bad never been recognized
valid nnd Mi ding. nnd. Indeed, as the
piolln relating to slavery had t .n re
pudiated by the President, still It had
bssn lived up to by the Americans In
every particular Including the payment
oi mnuw Miiusiuies to tno sultan and Ms
principal dattos. but it had been system-
matlcally and persistently violated ty
The report says that a pacific pnllej
toward the Moros seemed to give th. m
the impression that th-1 America ns v . r.
nfrnld of them, but a short, decisive enm
pa Ian gave them to understand that the
Americans had not only tho purpose, bul
the power, to support its authority and
enforce order. "There Is no reason." it is
added, "to expect further trouble v.lth the
H Sulu Moros."
Referring to the confer, nee with the
Stiltun of Sulu at Manila the report says
thnt u:on his explanation that the an
nulment of the trenty left htm without
means of subsistence, he being deprived
of th.- revenues received as Sultan, the
H commit slon thought II would be inequi-
table to pei-mlt this, and agreed to give
him and the members of his houi bold
T3.00O nesos annually, with the understnnd
ing that h and they gave every aid i
the Governor. It was found thai the
m Sulu Moros have p., general system or
1 iws. each tribe having an unwritten code
of its own. t ut all so Incongruous as to
make them worthless ns a basis upon
which to build As an Illustration, It Is
m statol that in some of the codes murder
m Is punishable by a nmnJl fine, nnd In i
of adultery the man Is fined ;uid the
an burled '
W With reforcne.. to the friar lands, the
commission, sfter repeating the itate
m ic.ents of opposition "ii i he pari or the
-WM lorttgr of ifcr Filipinos to Ihe friars, saya:
American Catholic Directorate.
BBBBBsl Ts.'rhc Ho,y Sw' recoKnl2lng that the
mmm Filipino wepr, r nerally speaking. Ro-
man Catholics, and the v Isdom ..f sup-
plying them with priests who would ie
m acceptable Co them, has appointed an
mmm American archbishop Hn.l bishop.. N,,,
have taken the places formerly occupied
by Snanlfh churchmen, and has pursued
the wise nn-i conciliatory policy at ds
r.-luetnrit r.,rlshl..i., r-. and has hro,lh-ht lis
gMat Influence to bear in facilitating the
purchase by the Government of the
landed properties under the control of the
friur orders'
The report says there still continues to
bo much controversy and lll.f. rllnir ' b. -tiu-
independent Filipino church
party, or AjUpayan. as they are cpm-
ssasas! VlnnK c.n,U'(1' nn,(i Roman apor.f.l C
. hurch In regard to the churches Con-
vents and cemcterio in manv loeallties
Tho revort says It has been charged that
BbH the movem-in Lnaugurnle,! by Aglpav w"
political rath, r than r. ilclons. ,,, ,,
Its motive another InsurreeJor th, , il
Is unquestionably true that ne i,,. .,.
BBaH 'm0'1 a lorp(' f;llow'"e: ol the broom.
clllable reslleps ement among the nu
nlnos but It Is also true that he has"
large following nf tnoso who cannot thus
be classified and there Is nn , "v d re
which even lends color to the belief that
BbH TTTv" ",h"r ,ha build un
a church at hi. . own. which ho seeks "o
make purely Filipino. c"s to
Th report orgea that the commission
bsH 8 & ftUhr,r,,y to ,nkc reductions In
BbH h ,,ar.'. chedu'. e commission av"
tntr in this connection that it alwav.
H felt there should exist most Intimate
bH Fh!S2iBtw! th l'n,,'l BtZtes and
the Islands, unobstructed, f ir t ,Z?.
H Me. by tariff barriers. Having that' fn
BaH ) !M,Wi lntrrna rcvenuo system ha been
BaB C m in"rc" he eomrnltlee hoiMs
ntimately may permit of material reduc"
Uonj In existing tariff rates, at leait S
goods coming from the United States
Free Sugur Advisable.
BbH i Vr I;,!n'r' H,r!ff rat'8 on "Kar and
obacco Imported Int., the United states
the report says. .,r. prohibitive The ad-
mission o' tbeao products free of duty into
tho Fnlted Slates, it Is asserted, would
not seriously Injure Amerh an Interests,
but would be a boon to the Filipino sugar
planters and tobacco growers A recom
mendation Is made for the repeal Of tpa
law authorising the refunding of duuea,
tho statement being made that since its
enactment Jl.OSMrtl has been collected In
refundable duties principally 0fi hemp
exportation to tho United States.
The committee makes the following
recommendatlonf .
Reduction of the tralffs on sugar ana
tobacco to not more than 25 per cent or
tin Dlnglev tariff rate
That authority be given the commission
with the approval of tho President and
Secretary of War. to issue bonds from
lime to time for future Improvements, not
to exceed ;:,.J0.(i00 In the aRKrcKHte
Reduction Of tht- tariffs on sugar Hnd
Philippine Goi eminent or any of the pro.
vlnclal or municipal Govi rnmnt not
fr. m only Federal or Philippine taxation
but from State, municipal and other tax
ation In the United States.
That control of shipping be left wholly
i.. a, .1 r h., Phiiii,nlni com
mission, subject to the approval of the
President and Secretary of war
That the applications of the United
States coastwise laws to the trade bc
tweep the Philippines and mainland of Un
united states be iostpnod by congres
sional action until July I 1W, or. In the
alternative, that the coastwise laws of the
United States be marie not applicable to
the trade between the Islands and the
mainland of the United States, except
with a proviso or condition that the f'
upon Imports from the Philippines Into the
United States shall not pay duty in excess
of 25 nor cent of tho Dlnglev tariff.
Should Encourage Railroads.
f'onrre.sonal action authorising the
Philippine commission with the approval
of the President and Secretary of war t.'
uraR. i. .Hi. a,l c .n-l ruction In the Is
lands by accompanying the grants of
inclines, when deemed necessary, with
a guarantee by Iho Phl.lpplne Government
of Income on the amount of the invest
ment to be fixed In advance In the act of
g-jarantv, the Income guaranteed not to
exceed annually 1 per cent of the fixed
That the amount of land which may be
acquired bj an) Individual or corporation
be extended to screa, and that the
law whhh forbids the nilng of more than
one mining claim by th same Individual
upon a lode or deposit he repealed.
Legislation suthorlafng ths commission
to make reductions on present and future
tariff .schedules whn In its opinion to do
s.. Will be In the public Interest also to
provide proper authority for the extradi
tion of fugitives to and from the i lands
in his annual report as Civil Governor.
Mr. Wright says that with the exception
of a very few provinces marked progress
lias been made In the cultivation or ncius
tnd production of crops as compared with
the preceding year, and as a consequence
there hns been no B ifferlng anvuig the
poor for tho necessaries of life. Mr.
wrighi saya that life and property are
now safe to a degree never before ex
perienced by the pc.ple of the Islands, nnd
the outlook is more favorable than for
ye irs nasi.
Gov. Wright recommends greater safe
guards for provincial and munlclpnl elec
tiona, saving It I- difficult to make can
didates and voters understand that on
. i ni m thods may not be resorted to
Good Order Prevails
The report Of Mr Worcester as Secre
tary of the Interior calls attention to ihe
rc"t that forestry agents visit all parts
r the It-lands without arms ai.d ungunrd-
as an Illustration f the order prevail
ing. Ileal h conditions he reports good
throughout the Islands. Cholera has dls-
appeared and th plague has been held
within a very limited area.
Mr. Worcester s report says there aro
. . v . r establishments In Manila .ah. r.
opium is smoked, lie adds
"They are filthy and unsanitary, and
i re at present not recognized by law or
n onlr.-d l talc out license."
In his report ..s i iii Governor of Moro
province. Gen. WpOfl says slave trading
bus been brought practically to an end
through the seacousl Moro districts, al
though he Bays n undoubtedly continues
to s-.nie extent between the Inl i Moros
ami the savage tribes of the- Interior,
fjen Wood says it would be difficult to
Imagine a worse form of slavery, the slave
having absolutely no rights. No effort
has been made to release their former
slavca from their masters, but all have
been told that they are free to leave them
with the result that many former Slav, s
left their masters. "With all their faults."
says i,.ii. Wood, "the Moros an brave
,' resolute, and under good laws and
an honest Government In time will give
a good account of themselves."
He says the standing of the American
people among the natives of his province
has been much Injured by the presence
of n large tough class of Amerh ins.
"whose rii-Tgl. have been principally ev
pi ndeil In tin- construction, malnlcnan- o
pnd patronage of rum-shops which out
number other American business estab
lishments "
Rrdlroad Pe3ident Soys Regulation
of Rates Will Affect Employees.
r: iST X Jan. 13. In rn address before
the Brotherhood of Locomotive Knglnc.-rs.
division 01. on the occasion of Its f..rtl:th
anniversary today. President Lucius Tut
tle of the Boston A- Maine railroad,
spoke of President R rosea elf 'h proposal
that railroad rates be regulated under
Congr. sslo::al supervision and authority
Mr. Tuttle declared tbut such a pollt j .
If i irrled out, must inevitably affect tlie
Incoms of the 1 ijiHjun persons who gain
tbi lr " ellbood directly from the railroads,
lb did not ihiuk It hud been or could
i. sfc iwn that the makers of the consti
tution over had at.;, other thought In
mind !.i connection With ths delegation
to Congress of the powor to regulate in
tii state commerce relations than a well
defined Int. rit to forever prevent the eroc
tlon, by any Stat.- of any customs, tariffs
oi othei : rriere that chould be an ob
Bti iction to the free currents of com
morcc. "The railroads of iri2," he said, "were
able onlj t. pay their sharshoTders an
average dividend Of less than rt ier cent
and tiny fur; In r gem r.il reduction of rules
no t Baarlly be followed by a ro
ductlon of operating expenses."
Representative of Company Says Tes
timony Wo;, Biased nnd False.
niK.'AOfi. Jan. Id. A complete denial
of the ihanus made b wltn.-ss-a of the
Intel lati foinmerce commission Inv.stl
gatlon of the business methods of the
Armour refrigerator car lines was made
toda) by a representative of Armour and
"Tlie most sensational of all the mis
statements mad'. against us." said he,
"have been offered by a Poston comtnls
ll a man. the president of u refrig, rator
car company.
"The entire proceedings against ou"
company have been characterized b per
jury, biased and false testimony. " insti
gated by tlds Boston car owner, who seeks
l" hav t)i' lallvsa. I . i j 1 1 1 1 their .vvn ,
under patents Of his company This fact
hus been carefully kept In the background
.ill during the Investigation "
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serious. The best, thing
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Which has cured thousands.
Deliberate Invasion by
Protest Against China for
Not Enforcing Neutral
ity Absurd.
Jnpnneso Feel They Aro Released
Tiom Obligations Wlneb Czar's
Forces Openly Ignore.
TOKHV .Tun 1". (Noon). Later reports
from New Chwnng Indicate that Gen.
Mislchenko's Cossacks in their recent
raiding .southwest of Idao Ynng, delib
erately invaded neutral territory and
broke the limits of the war zone
'I he report rd Kussdftn note to the powers
calling attention to China's non-enforcement
of neutrality is regarded here in
Fome Quarters as nlreurd It Is felt that
China's wenkness and constant failure to
enforce neutrality must release Japan
from obligation to observe restrictions
whi. h Etuaals openly ignores
While the extension f belligerent terri
tory H to be regretted, it is feit that
. lap. -in must take steps to protect herself
:iclnst the repetition of raiding expedi
tions whose success depends on the vio
lation of neutral territory.
Nr.val Officer Describes Conditions
There Now .
TOKIO, Jan 13. A navul officer who
has returned from Tort Arthur, discuss
ing conditions there today B&Id
"The .on. in inn of the Russian war vca
m Is and th-' town Is much better than
honed for.
'Jfivldenti thcr, was much fortifying
of the place after the siege began. Two-Hundred-and-Three-Meter
hill had no
ornament winks. The trenches were .sim
ilar to ihose used by the Boers In their
late war with Crcat Britain.
'it seems that the Russians Had no
general electric scheme, movable engines,
dynamoes or powerful fort searchlights.
"The Russian naval of (leers yet say lit
tle and H is impossible to ascertain wheth
er our lire or the opening of the seacot k
by the Russians themselves sank their
shins In the harbor,
The hospitals were si altered and were
f, irlv well k( pt They are still used for
wounded prisoners.
It is understood tliat up to the capitu
lation of the fortress the garrison re
. I r ,1 only special allow, inc. s of money
and before the surrender ton Stocasel
bad paid ibem off This, together with
the ci nvtant purcha.se of supplies by the'
Russians from .iiiiik-nen may explain th
unreported finding of treasure.
"The treatment of Japanese prisoners
at Port Arthur did not compare with that
given RtihBian prisoners bete At Port
Arthur the Japanese prisoners were given
poor food and were not given fuel. Only
twice were they permitted out of their
prison "
Impression That. There May Be Big
Fight Near Liao Yang.
ST PETERSBl'RC. Jan. 17. The War
office does not admit that the appear
ance of Gen. Mlstchenko's cavalry south
west of Llao Yang Is more than a daring
expedition, designed to strike the rail
road at several points nnd Interrupt tho
transportation ot Qen. Nogi's guns from
Port Arthur to Manchuria but from cer
tain Indications It seems pOSSlblO that It
is preliminary to operations Ot magni
tude. Gon. Mlstchenko has more than ?0,n00
horsemen, and. moving rapidly, might be
able to Berlously damage communications
In the rear of Llao Yang. The torn- of
dispatches from Russian correspondents
vaguely hint at Important developments
and the military writer for the Nov ...
Vremya expresses the opinion that the
long calm since the battle of Shakhe is
about to be broken. It Is also note
worthy that there has been no official
dispatches from Gen, Ivnroputkin for two
Tried to Assassinate Goneial
MOSCOW, Jan IB. At the Nicholas sta
tion tonight, while Qen TrepoH wu8 bid
ding farewell to I'.r.m.l luke Setglus on
bis departure for St. Petersburg, u voting
man wearing B student's cap lined throe
shots from a revolver at the general. All
the shots missed (Jen. Trepoff Grand
Duke Serglus proceeded on his Journey,
Gen. Trepoff. who recently was relieved
of the ofilco of chief of police of Moscow
anil ord.-red to ttie fr.,nt as head of tho
Red Cross society In Manchuria, Incurred
the special enmity of tho students of
M 1 cow by the severity with which he
put down their demon (rations of pe. .m-
ber U and 19. 1904. within one week in
l!ij there were three attempts on his life.
i tie drat of th. se. on llarcn SI, was by a
Wbman named Allarl. WhO plac.-d the
nuzzle of a pistol agalnsl Qen Trepoft's
breast and pulled the trigger, but the
weapon failed to discharge Four days
Inter a man armed with a dagger tried
to force bl9 way to the presence of i)en
TrepofT with the avowed purpose of kill
ing him. The WOUld-be assassin was ar
retted. Two days after this Incident,
while Trepoff was riding in his carriage
a young mn sprang upon ihe step of tno
Vehicle and tried to slab him but only
BUi 1 led In slightly wounding a police
man After the anti-Government demon
strations In Moscow last month It was
said that the Socialistic revolutionary par
ty had passe. 1 sentence upon tmlh Gen.
Trepoff, . blef of police, and ;ruud Duke
Serglus, Governor-General of Moscow.
Concealing Fact That Lower Island of
Laulian Is Used as Base.
HT PETERSBURG. Jan 15.-Some of
tho newspapers here aro claiming that
the Japanese ;:r- using (be b.w. r Island of
Laulian, near norneo. ns a base, and that
tho British are concealing tho fact by
preventing communication between Bor
neo and Singapore on the ground that the
cable in undergoing repairs.
The r p..n fr,.ui Washington that it is
believed there that th.- powers will in
formally protest to Russia against the
notice served by her that she will con
sider herself no longer bound to iegnrd
the neutrality of t'hlna If Japanese con
tinue to violate It. has created nMonlsh
m nt here, where It Is held that uny pro
tost should bo directed against the ac
tion of Japan, against whh h Russia has
now thrice warned the powers, Russia's
position Is that she Is bound under the
circumstances to tak .steps for the i,ro
tectlon of her own Interests.
No Serious Fighting, but Skirmishes.
ItCAN CHANG, Jan. 13 (via Mukden
Jan l..i . There has been no serious llglit
lnu fur several days, although night klr-
tnlshee on loth sides continue Tho most
Important action recently was that In
which Capts. Koslnoff and Troltgkl. with
s. .'-ntv-llve i os,arks. drove the Japanese
nit of the villages of Mllzl and Tkhnngav
and captured a large amount of forage at
l.oth places.
Startling Conditions at Port Arthur
Gon Stoessel Contended With.
LONDON. Jan 16. Under date of Jan
uary 16, tho Port Arthur correspondent
of the Times says
It seems that Gen. Stoessel was respon
sible for the fortifying of Roju hill Id iny
of Tils military officers were useless, ap
plying for leave on occasions of attack,
and leaving their commands to sergeants.
The nival officers were useless nnd gen-
erally drunk The whole navy was de
moralised bv the death of Admiral Ma
karoff. which produced marked apathy.
At a conference preceding capitulation
some of the fort commanders voted lor
further resistance, but they were over
ruled bv Gen. Stoessel.
Wh ii capitulation became public
soldiers looted the stores of Mo bottles of
vodka, resulting In terrible orgies In th
strects Troops sent to quell ihe distur
bance Joined the revelers. The food sup
ply wm sufficient to last three months,
but th.-rc was no meat except horse
flesh No private Stores were seized. Tho
steamer King Arthur brought ErCO sacks
of Hour early in December."
Eliminates Hope- of Pence.
LONDON Jan. Ifi Tho tone of the r
i rlpi address. .1 by Emperor Nicholas to
the army and navy Is regarded hero as
putting an itnil to all present hopes of the
possibility of mediation or p. ace nnd as
Indicating tbe likelihood that n K -
patkln soon will resume tho offensive.
Befoie Prize. Court.
NAGASAKI. Jan. 15, 7 p. m. The Brit
ish steamship Koseiy. which wa captured
January 11 by the Japanese cruiser in the
MS of Japan, has arrived at Snsebo where
ehe will be tried by the prize court on
the charge of attempting to carry coal to
British Ship Arrives.
NAGASAKI Jan li The British
si, inr hip Roseb-y which was s. 7-.1 Jan
uary ii. by a Japanase warship, while
carrying a cargo of coal to Vladivostok,
has arrived at Snsebo.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money If It fails to
t ure. E. W. Grove's signatuie on box.
Colorado Lawyer Describes an Expe
rience With Woman in the Case.
COLORADO SPRINGS, f'olo . Jan. 15.
Mural Masterson tnkrs exceptions to the
Statements attributed to Mr. Alice i bb
now Mis Hrodle L. Duke, to the effect
that he shot her In tho hand In JMM). Mr
Master-on gae out the following signed
statement :
'"I first met Mrs Webb, then Mrs llop
kinson In the summer of 1890, In Ctli
i Lgo r was legal counsel for Don Luis
Duller, one of the largest land and mine
owners of Mexico. We had several deals
under way and Mrs Mopklnson intro
duced me to several capitalists In New
York I waited until May. 1891. and then
asked her for the papers which I had
turned over to her to present to her back
ers She declined to give up the papers
' When I went to her rooms I found two
men. stringers to me, there I saw that
I was going to have trouble to secure the
papers, which were on the mantel 1 was
inarmed, but finally drove hi r two friends
from the room. When I returned Mrs
Hopklnsoh had a pistol and tired point
blank at inc, the bullet whizzing past my
li.ad I wr.n. bed tin weapon from her,
threw It Into the hall, and tin n took pos
session of the documents and left the
house. Unth Mrs. Mopklnson ami myself
were arrested, but the ens.- was dis
missed, and that was the end of It. '
Idaho Farmer Not Murdered, as at
First Reported.
MOSCOW. Ida . Jan 15. The man found
dead in the road near Blaine six miles
southeast of this place, last night, proved
to bo Detrclck Nelson Instead of Knud
Nelson Sheriff Robblns and Coroner
Jamison return. I today nnd are of the
opinion that Nelson came to his death
fiom Injuries i-ece.d In a runaway acci
dent, Instead of having been murdered, as
was at fust suppo . ,l No post mortem
examination or Inquest was ordered bj the.
coroner Sheriff Hobbln.-: is unable t ay
what was the Immediate cause of death.
Cotton Warehouse Syxtem.
V. V O, Tex . Jan. IS A call for a large rep-n-iintAtlon
of bankers fr.,m tho cotton -rri Ing
Stoles P. meet In . onference with a commute
to be appointed lv tlio cotton committee At
N.ov Orleans. January 24-26, "to devlso or
adopt a plan for ..rrriuilxlng a cotton waro
)e.u. system," has been Ihhiiv1 by tho presi
dents of bank'TH wsocistlons In a number of
B HliTn States.
Winter Food nnd Livlnp; Strain Di
gestive Organs Use Mi-o-nn and
Be Well.
The hearty food nn.l overeating, fo
common in winter. Strain the stomach
and digestive organs so that by this
time the average person is out nf
In :iD li. It may bo a pimple headache,
possibly sleeplessness, or a general
lire. 1. weak feeling, but the chances are
that the stomal h is weak and cannot
properly take iure of the food, and as a
result there Is heartburn, indigestion,
luck uf energy and a general fugged out
The stomach needs health and
strength. The various aches nnd pains
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flatulency, no griping about the heart,
no unpleasant gases, no furred tongue,
no inflammation of the mucous mem
brane. A 60c box of Ml-o-na will bring buoy
ancy of spirit In place of lassitude and
despondent . u will help the overtaxed
stomai h to start fairly on the road to
health. It will give the sleep so neteB
sary to brain and nerve centers.
Ask K. '. Schramm, "pe th.. most
reliable druggists In this section, to
show you the strung guarantee ur I t
which he sells Ml-o-na. L'se Ml-o-na
and you can soon eat what you v. ant
and all you want, for It will strengthen
the weakest condition of your stomach
and re-establish good digestion.
Means oi Uplifting All
Most Propitious Field for
Social Training Open
to Fair Sex.
Harked Domesticity Causes Diverg
ence From the Pathway of Social
and Mental Development
NEW" YORK, Jan. 16. ."Club life offers
the mort propitious Held for social train
ing open to the Amerlcun woman today."
r.ssert.d Mrs John H Jud5- Saturday nt
what was one of tho most brilliant field
daye of club-women the Political Study
club has had In many moons "social
clubs, musical clubs, debating clubs, dra
matic clubs, athletic clubs, art clubs, civic
clubs, literary clubs any organization of
Women, bo It Ohurch or social! I even In
clude card clubs Amiability and whint
should go hand In hand and to play bridge
successfully one must have an air of su
perior breeding and If the papers are
true, a fat pocketbook
"And this reminds me. It was at a
prayer meeting Deacon Smith had dozed
off into a sleepy state Of extreme content
ment when Elder Jones, who was 'lead
ing tho meeting' said: Deacon Smith
will you lead In prayer?' Rubbing his
eyes. Deacon Smith answered, "Tain t mv
lead; T dealt! "
Refinement, affection, domesticity and
modesty, though admirable qualities In a
woman, were not calculated. Mrs. Judge
maintained to awaken a wpman'i best
possibility nr stimulate her Individuality.
What Domesticity Causes
'Domesticity, when Indulged in to a
marked extent, causea our divergence
Horn 1 1 1 r- pathway of social and mental
development," said Mrs Judge in every
walk of life tb,. preservation of one's In-
dlvldualltj is absolutely essential, if we
have an ambition for ourselves. Fre
quently those who love, us best-our
motht rn and husbands do rnoM to check
the growth of our personality Many
mothers unconsciously and selfishly, de
stroy the Individuality and originality of
their daughters. Many a husband helps
Ids wife p. total mental distraction and
then. If reverses come, expects her to take
the helm and steer the boat while ho
trims the -villa
'in America, where women are called
from the humblest positions to occupy
prominent ones, club life Is the open door
to -ill social rcicitllrcments, the open door
to aii mental capabilities, the open door
of ,i. velopment to many women who
would never Otherwise have b,en known.
While marriage Is th- woman's aim In
life, and the creation of a home their up
permost thought, coupled with this must
01 ii' velopmenl on a broad plane, and this
can be attained through club life Club
women cannot only till tho role of loving
wife and tender mother to their families,
but can be the loving, cultivated women
and t' ndi r mothers to the whol'.- world."
Mrs Judge's Gown.
'I he applause which followed thl paper
w is in part a tribute to Mr- Judge's
gown which was a purple satin, very
smartl made, with Insertions of white
under black lace and worn with a white
felt hat with white plumes.
All the visiting clubwomen seemed to
bo wi. ii Ing their brst bibs and tuckers
Mrs Philip Carpenter, who. as the guest
of honor, sat at the right of Mrs. Leroy
Sunderland Smith the pr. fildent. wore a
gun metal velvet suit, with an ermine
net kplece and a hat all little green grapes
around the turban brim
Mr l'e. i ir.ty Taylor acting president
of Minerva who was wearing black silk
with a black hat ami .tutomobllo Veil. Was
one of the earliest speakers.
"I never yet knew a woman to belong
to a dub without b. ing Improved by It,
declared Mrs Taylor -inphatlccUv
Vlubs aro ehpeolullv useful to women
in New York " said Mr HI ike. l,, ca i-..-the
city Is growing so t remciidou-1 1iiK
The social life rrowlng out of the elubs la
a great help. Some people seem to think
women want to get marrl-d more than
men. 1 don't. A woman can't get mar
re .1 all by herself. For every woman that
gets married there's a man that wanted
to get married, too."
Mrs Margaret RavonhlU owned up to
thlrtv-six yeaps of club life. ' Women owe
mors to clubs than to education," she
Incendiary Speech.
Then Mrs Charles Goldzb r of Bayonno,
N. J.. made an Incendiary little speech
against the domestic woman.
' .Mothers should get out nf their domes
ticity," sho averred "Wo have changed
our clothes, our food, our horses we
ought to change domesticity, too. it no
longer rocs with our Ivlllsatlon."
At about this point Mrs Carpenter arose,
with "May I speak now? I can t keen
quiet." Mrs Carpenter said she thought
husbands were lot.s worse than mothers
In destroying one's Individuality
Ilusb.inds are .so different from us."
she commented "J don't suppose Bfe d
inarrj them If they weren't. I don t speak
pi rsonalls I've got the bost kind Of a
husband. I should never have been pr.-.-M
dent of the Slate Federation without
him "
"I don't like Mrs Judge's subject 'Club
Women and Their Relation to tho Ameri
can Society Women " objected Miss Marj
Garrett Hay stoutly "You all know how
I object to claSM distinctions The club-
woman is in society and the society
Woman Is a clubwoman."
Mrs Cuiczino president of Eclectic who
wore ermine ami diamonds and a white
pit turn r. . 1 1 urn.- In her place l.Uk
ker.ough to say, "The clubs produce women
thinkers Women who aro the foundation
fo society."
Hut nothing Of the whole discussion
pleaded the audience more that what Mrs.
Judge stl.l Iii ,!, feiidliig herself from her
critics "I have club life to thank for
everything that makes mo want to study
and think and Improve myself I owe
more to the friendship of clubs and the
friendship of clubwomen than 1 can ever
possibly repay."
Religious Orders Need the Money.
nnME. Jan. 16 Th rltBloun order, tron
U upporled by Cardinal VIib y Tuleo, are
urging the Vatican to ,r' for the payment
of the money awar.1-d by lh- t'nltrsl s'tut, i
for the purchase of the frlnrV lands In th
Philippines. Tho Vatican ha rple,j that
nothing con b done In the premls until
Archhlhop AlifUM. the apostolic delegate to
the Philippine, arrive at Manila and makes
hl report en the situation.
Filipino Students Arrive.
.sax FRAN CISCO, Jan. IS A party of
Filipino students, numbering thirty -one,
sent here by the insular Government, ar
rived today on the Sherman. Three ar--girls.
They will bu distributed among sev
eral hlgTi schools' and college In various
nans of ths country, principally in the
South ami EasL
Double Suicide Squares Shortage in
Lodge Accounts.
VBBOBR8BURO, Ind . Jan. 1... John Brapl.
one of the publisher of the Velerbur; New,
and Churlis Eckher:. a barber, were found
dead today In S borher hop. where they hnd
MM l balanOB the book of the Odd fellows'
lodge. In which both held oftlrlal ponltlon In
I fitter lft by Bckbsrc, be declared hlh Inten
tion ..f killing himself aylng he WBS short
In his account, and said tit would 'take
tirant with him."
ft kberg was tlnanclal secretary of In local
IrutKe r.r h'v.r.-il .iii-j. An auditing commit
tee, composed of Hrnnt nnd others, had been
appointed to audit the te l. I
Influential Citizens of Texas Town
Must Face Charges.
GALVESTON. Tex . Jan. 15 The Fed
eral grand Jury has returned Indictments
against several prominent cltlr.ens of
nrownsvllle. charging them with smug
gling. The persons Involved ar- Influen
tial It Is alb ge, I that smuggling has been
carried on upon an extensive scale tii
operators using Mexicans to iransporl
their goods and securing enough profit
upon the articles smuggled to be able to
pay tho Mexicans' fines when the latter
were arrested and placed In jail.
PARIS, Jan. U. Sim. Loubet, mother of
th. President, died at Maraoonne li-doy from
Congestion Of the luni?H. aged SJ veur. The
President's BOO, Paul, nnd other members of
the family were nt her bedside when she ex
pired President Loubet had expe.-te.t to leavs
tbi evening fr Marosonne. but th imtioun. -no
nt of the death of his mother cunie befbri
In- was nl.le to depart
Mine Loubet contributed mu h to the presi
dent's prestige, a she was a type of the lm
pie country . lass
The tun.-ral will take place on Tuesday, and
President l-ouhet will leave Porls tomorrow
In order to attend.
Manv officials nnd members f the diplomatic
corpn have called at the Klysee palnc- to ex
press ryinpathy with the President
VIRGINIA CITY Hev., Jan 15. Simeon R
nuford. plone.-r and one .f the best known
men In southern Montana, died nt I o'clock
this morning after a prolonged lllne-i .,f In
flammatory rheumatism Mr BufOTd drove an
ox team from nnton. Mo., to Virginia CltJ
In ISG3. For ten years he vvas the chairman
of th Democratic central ciumllt'-e and wu.t
uu Influential member of the Constitutional
committee at 'h Inception of Statehood. He
was ulsi State Senntor for two terms and was
prominently Identified with the various lodges
of the Stat?.
NEW YORK, Inn. 15.-Rob.-rt Reratn OffTer I.
the lands, aoe painter, died today of angina
pectoris at his home here, aged 4 yenrs. Ho
wan first attacked a week ago
BERLIN, Ian. JS. Count Arthur Bothue Ku
lenb, rg hns Committed suicide at n.irtfinten.
Count Aithur KTulenberg was born .!anun- II
WOt. had served In the nuny and resld'-d nt
Halllngen. near Rartansteln.
CLBVBLANP. Inn I", Henry C. White, one
,,f the best-known citizen of t'leveiand and
Probate Judge of i uynhega county, dropped
dend of heart disease todny
WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. George H Harris,
of Beverly, Mass., for several year a special
ist In the bureau t entomology, of the Agri
cultural department,, was found deed In his
room hero today. He in believed to have been
stunned by falling n the tl..or and an open
i:n-- J.-t caused his death Harris ,vs (.', yea.-b
Andrew Carnegie, at a reception( was
asked by a young girl if he reallj h. -lleved
that it vvas? a dlsfrraee to die rich.
Mr t'nrnegie parried the question
grat ' fully
"Well." hp said, "I Should hate, after
my death, to have such a speech made
about tne as an old cobbler once made
alciiit a millionaire.
This millionaire had boon notorious
ly close-fisted all his life His tomb was
a magnificent one. and on it was curved
the Biblical verse:
" 'He that Glvcth to the poor lendeth
to the lord '
The cobbler, having known the mil
lionaire, took occasion to visit his tomb
as soon .is U w.is completed lie ex
amined the monument carefully Then
he read aloud the verse upon It. After
ward he commented on the verse like
" True, very true. But when that
man died the Lord didn't one him a
cent.' '
I Offer All Stomach Sufferers a Full
Dollar's Worth of My Remedy
Free to Try.
I ran afTord to ofTor a full dollar's worth
Cree because mine is no ordinary reined Or
dinary remedies treat aymptoma My remedy
treats the. causes that produce the symptoms
Symptom treatment must be kept up for-v.r
as long as thw cause Is there My treatment
mnv ho stopped aa soon as It has removed
the cause, for that Is SlWSyi the end of tho
Stomach trouble Is not reallv a all knesa
but ii symptom It Is a Symptom thnt n cer
tain et of nerves la nlllng Not the volun
tary nerves that .nnhlr- y.,u t., valk and talk
and a,t-but tho automatic itomsch nerves
over ivhleh your mini has no control
I ImVi not r.-.m here to -xplaln BOW UieSS
' ' 1 r tiny m-nes cntroi and operate th..
stomach How worry breaks th-in down Qui
cuiis. Indigestion How misuse wears them
out and .-Bus.es djspepsla How neglect may
ring on kldn.y heart nnd other troubles
through sympathy. I have not r.-.m i,, I
plain how tl,ee nerves may be reached and
strengthened and vitalizes! nnd made well k.
a remedy I Spent thirty yars In Perfecting -now
known by Tirugglst everywhere pr
Ho..!. 3 He.toratlve f h)l, not room fo
plain how this remedy, by removing the cue
puts s certain end to Indigestion inching
he.ytb.iu, lr,...mnl... n, , ..s, -,c f, ....
All of these things are fullv . ,.i..,, , ,,.
bo-.k I will send you when you writ.
In more than a million home my remedy
Is known It hn cured stomach trouble, not
once, hut repeatedly-over and over agn"n
v..t you may net have hi .r l ,.f t-or hear
ing msy huvo delayed or tloul.tr, I So I m,,k
this ofter to vou. a Strang, r. that every MS
afhln excuse for doubt may bo removed s..nd
,.'."wn'W"'nrvm'!k" ,no no Drannso-take no
risk. Umply write ond ak. If you have
not tried mv remedy, I will ..eri.i yu un'",'
der on your druggUt for a full d,.ur bottle--not
a sample, but ths regular standard b.,t
tie he. keeps consUntly on his helves The
drut'glst will require no condition He will
accept my order us cheerfully as though your
So w" "n'J h0 WU
Will you accopt this opp.rtunlty to leaj-n
at my zpsnse absolutely, bow to ba n.i i..r
ever f all forms of stoma. Ii trouble- ,n L
rid not only of the trouble, but of th. , rv
causs which produced It? Write, today.
F?r tT,e?, rdr for 1 "n Dyspepsia.
a full dol ar hottls Bojk 2 on tbeSbart
you must address Dr. Book 3 on th- Ki i, ,
Shoop. Hox MIC Ra- Book t for Womln
which book you want. Book 6 ,,n Rheumatism
Dr. Shoop's
MM and Oldfield 1
to Clash, j
Florida Coast to Be the V
Scene of Some Mile-a-Minute
Barney Oldfield Declares He Will Dq lr
a Mile in Thirty-Five Seconds I
This Year. I
NEW YORK. J.tn. i:, W . K. Vander- j
bill I r . lit takei a voi u. tlv, pan ln p
tht receni overhauiins it - rationn to 1
his 90-hor8e-power Men odes In order to '
r.i t It In perfett rat ine; shape for the j
Fit ui'l.i .no1 1 'it. iii I hi i ii i in. :.i ')
principal . hanice lii.i.b- has bt-n In the I
ho. ni. Mr 'a nd-Tinlt has n plaied the
regular Mercedes homl with an archlii?
j one which will uiTor - wind resist
ance. The seats have been lowered torn
the Ho )l lex el anil t In- -. i h, ; u heel j
ami post hav. ha I 1 1 1 . I r a ni,Mf dropped j
In r-iinsoiuen. Mr Vamlfr'nllt and his
mechanician will sit In n son of well
"he ear now reaenil i the Lietr) h f
which Gabriel drovi in (he ',inl-rbllt
. up race an I the i lement-Baj u pilot- at
ed by AJberl Clement a tnot box has Wl
been place.! baok rf tho scats. W3
When Mr, Vandi b flrsl i.s-k his V
big car out of the Dletrl-h garage. W
ivhere t;i" tnerhuullng vx is .lone, he W
waa unable t" starl ihe motor, tlue'un- B
doubtedly lo the congealing of the oil
in the i llrKlei 9 Mr Vnndi t I o!t
off hl- coal and loim I I - ni"i hanlcl in
in Mfteen minutes . ' strei uous ,vork,
much to thi aintii'omerit of several
ncore of spectators who quickly gaih-
rod to see the young millionaire. Th
efforts were ol n avail how - .or, and a 1
large Dietrich touring car was (
brought "Dt and t""k the 90 Mercedes
in in' . Mr ai iii rbllt Rat In bis .-ir
and threw the clutch, tlnm for' in k ihe
motor to turn over. They had not gone
a half bin k i. lure th- Men odes start
..1 t.i explode and in anothor minute
Mr Vanderbilt was headed for the J
smooth highways of Long Island to trvfl
the car out -
Bai nei Oldfield nnd tho t ri-horse-poxver
Peerless Green lirajon noiv
hold the ivffrld's tra. k records for all
distances from .me in lift nub'.-. At
Denvei on NOvembei 6 Oldfield ..e. erf-,1
nn intermediate mile in an exhibition
In fil 1-.", so. ninls. Th'- two to nine-mile
rt cords xvere established at Los An- fl
i ..ii December 21, the ilme for the '
hit if i distant being S 1 I Tht t n mllt-s
record of 9:12 was made on th" Em
pire tra. k, and as It was covered from j
a standing start it is douhlv creditable.
At Fresno, Cal., on December 13. Old
II. Li made new figures for distances
from eleven to ilftoon miles, the times
being 10:15 3-5 and 14.03 3-5. respectlxe
ly. On November 5 at Denver Oldfield j
ut Into the records from sixteen m
twenty mllp tho time for the latter
distance being IS :45 2-5.
The most phenomenal work dnno by
ifleh and the Green Dragon xvas.it
Fresno on Dei ember 13. Bi Bides flitting
the records from eleven t" lifteon miles,
in another attempt to establish new
gun s for distant es from twenty-one
to fifty inilesi the twenty-five mlli-s
were covered In 23 :3S the thirty j
miles iii 2S ,-. .-". i he fori . milt 8 In
IS ;31 I-.'., u nd i he n ft y mil s in IS 40 i-S.
The only recognized track record
whh h Oldfield does not hold now awl
for dlstanei from fifty to sixi . ml!e.
These an held Han x S. llarkness,
who at l.t.n Branch la.st August rov
en .1 fifty-fix iHi.- in I "7 iM 2-5, an I
Blxtj mli.-s In 1 12 10 3-6, driving a W-
horso-poxver Mercedes.
Oldfield Is now on his way to Ormond. IJj
Flo . and he lias entei d ih Or n
I'raj-'on In a I . i in" number of events.
Great interest is centered in the second
ne, iniK on the famous Florida be3ch I
i oursc ot W K . ndt i bill . fr , and
ni. lib h! Last xvar, under very favor
able xveather conditions. Mr. Vanderbilt
covei ed a mile in 1 ceconds, the
world's Straightaway, record, tlrlving a
60-horse-power Mercedes On tho fol
lowlng day, In n mile race Oldfield,
driving the Wlnton I'n'l-t boat Mr.
Vanderbilt by a sir. a II margin. The
coming meeting between these two men
will result in broken records If In noth
ing elsi
The fastest racing urs In the world
xvore nn exhibit Ion at the atimmoMIe 3
show In Madison Square Garden H
last w or k Machines that hav
supplied railroad speed when pi
lot 'l bv daring operators rested
pes full b de thell br thren of less
ot power, vxltli tho mechanism opnsed
for visitors Inspection Amnnn 'h WB
livers xvere tho Peerlov i")roen Drag- WS$
on. with which Barney Oldfield xvon the Mk
tra.k Champion III; I .sMbllshed
orld's i tl up to lift miles. ( r '' I.,
rn. u- wii.tni Mullet, thit Klser drove H
In record time for a mile; tbe 24-horse- -1
power Pope Toledo will h V 1' t- ';' 1
KUi.o-.l to third pla.e in the Vanderbilt K
cup race; th- :o-hnrse- 0K
power Ford, m ide famous by Frank M
K u 1 1 1 k s bl.ii-. with It on Empire H
tra.k igalnsl .. t of four times WH
Its horso power, th.- speedy Panhard. -m
with whi.-h ; i.r;v !! alh xvon the -H
Van.l'rl.lH cip ihe 9t-horse- H
power Pope Toledo, ontew-d "r la
Gordon Bennetl cup race to ho held In BSt,
1 ran.-e n.-xt Juiif l-unk ("rockers
Simplex r.n or. that hobis all the oma-
tour tra.k r Is. tin I'atkard GrOJf jgj
AN ..If th- PYanklln . ar. whl- h estab- mm
llshed a n.
and the Columbia machine that re- mm
din ed the ( 'hlcaaro-N'ow York record to mm
5S hours is minutes
Defenseless Canada.
Great Britain Is about to remove ri'r BJj
fortrn from Canada. They have ,e-r. Krj
here In rrlnut.- .sttrecprth for mnnx yo.irs
past t'anadlan for..? ar- to fnke their SBBB.
placoa As soon as a few r.inadian ,psi
ot-ulsors c '.'i I..- esl.thM-r. '' tb.- oh1 .-..ur- tL
try voy.ooio win doubtless depart, to re- SSK
turn tio more, except on visits. Tne
fl.ii? will remain, the King's sovereign- I
tj also both committed to tin- i-3re of (
th- frown's Canadlai ;. . rnment. p
Th whole movement, explained ten- j
tatlvely as sti-ategic. really amount" ' .
I ix and niosit Judb lou- r-copidtlin ec
th.- h.d.-i .a,, i.. nee of Canada Boston
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