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I n-T) w Mn-nxrvn, .1 a NT-A-nv v vm. THE SALT LAKE TKTBUlSrE. pagethbkw H
Bart anil Taylor lust
8-1 Stand Trial,
ui'jlational Commission Oe
l mands Fuli Inquiry of
9 leadlock in Regard to Question, of
f Drafting- Players Ftoiii the
" J , Minor Leagues.
fclNCINNATI. Jan. K. For tho first In
1 nr- loasTJo baseball player nn.l
1 uarru'" v. in r placi on 1
Jjj onrii: t .-. bruseball. The trlaJ
SI pari mil i . ( r. . i .-. ii commlMlon, th
H lacr v , time soon, on.l
22 0 rrjn fn trial will Jl
2 'o: I r. do the 31 Iui.h Rational lnjruo
ftb. ond President James A. Hart i tbs
R j il league -'.'
Hbo row famous Jack Taylor cars vr.i tho
ds5 1 on tho docket of the no-
L 4kri . .n.
HSw Taylor caso cot no farther than tho
Mpre:'"'' n r.f rTcfliJcnt C A. Omlxkr y's
Bade r.r it nn.i th-- announcement by Chairman
Honuinn that he would ;irl"lnt n dati
"Jflfcor i n of tho scan-
ZJfAai Hurt would nol ooms
fSo the i n to state his side of tho
ao. tho commlxM'.n nlli co to Mr. Hart and
Jiokl It h rn. ting ir. I
fj Mr Hermann CI th the
J i-1 . Lt
ijBmi.ii. tr. wns n-.t b lief
B&Ved Mr.
IflFr. i to this llnalo the two members of
Hit rciM..r,.l n.rr.ir.l: In (Mr. Pulllarn Mill
Will-: ' rill I ho
ft ' . nil tli- inlii .r 1' ifi.T over tho
Hppo'd change in th.- national Igl itsmi m.
ri'l 1 I v.ill l'.' hel I I"
EKlx .. oC the
t BioJ r and radical .ni'-
Hpiti .'
Bficcii:- -.1 l. .Hi i.rtriini.-.ntloni In inking
n lor :.sc Provident Johnson first
ijHBnr' - ins a pos 'n
! M I I
,j3 Heirnnnn Favors Investigation.
Kfllrmnn Horn-.nnn took tho ground that
Sim was at
HuK to Hart's absence; hut that ho wu
Utii ' it ii i '
tMflrv and of punishing uny one found
3B i ii- i
"J "i
( Bf
Itmsh. ! i-nt.ot ill There
i to the authority of the
.: i .' n. ' . It la
K Mh'- K I n I i.ut of 110 that
UMi. r . ii ut I r i willing to
M l
BtBl stain i in thnt position, and would !
every club-owner of tho National league
Bs Involved In tho Rrandal. If Hart can
ftye his chorees Taylor should be punlshc-0.
Bo not bell.ivo this player Is honest, and I
not basf- that statement on the cam- be for
I, I rlainl for that opinion ixrrsonally and
aylor hr. IiIh r'i-.iiiri- 1 am I ..it Inn It i.n
bowlrdB" that has rcr.-ntlv como to mo of
tttcm which occurml a k-kkJ many miles
bm Chleflfro. If Hart rruuJo these charges
I prlvnto and allowed tho playr to ko uii
Inished, ho Is at fault. I would any It If
g Were here. I will notify Hart of these
kceedlncn and fix a date- for a trial of tho
m In Chicago."
frhe fleadl k over the proposition of tho
bior leagues aroso after tho tub:nlx-jon of
Mounter proposition by President Johnson,
pis th nilnn. t ub: Itjt.jly . I r ' t ri . 1 1. ur.
fct, after nearly twclvo hours' consldera
Hl of H. President Johnson, on the othei
find. r. f 1 1 '. al s..Iut. : . i . a. . pt In l-.hulf
Ftho American league tho request of tho
Ur.or 1'iijrii' n, linking hlx refusal 1 1
Ut lhat iIid .Ir.ift ti tr i-rir, , f $ ICOO asked
ft the r.-w I. s A .', v. .1 . un-.varr.int-. l.
Elstlnt cur.dltl.ini )' mid n . proposition
Btodylng so hlh a llgxiro would be acccpt
U to him
president Johnson's prorsUlon was that
be ir.x.lut !..itui. . Int.? I n- r. strlcted to
aklru: ii .i
prso r, i i.l.i - . r- might be -lther drafte.1
.jg pr purchu I nt tl ptlon of thi maj r
-A rim had obtained,
by . ". the limit of
.(!'.. n.lnor ).ii.m I r-. It COUld UK.- no
ffi? s- I
j RTould Stop Extravagant Purchnses.
H Th. eff.,i .: thN. l i-4,.:. n' Johni n a
B BUi I i. Ii t Ii,.
i2Kti.. ; ... mi; .ii I dr.tit.iu' of play-
Bj r. i tl It WOUkl to ;i irr. M
Bj blent prohibit
Bj fcajor . i.n .in f ill which all parties to
0 J th.. ment c . nsid. r tho I evil In
!U In
flCJ r. to do ft
))H Be i r.i r.. . ,ii.
O il n 1
"H Btly, io rell
J3 pr "
AH Idiiinw i
If si- 1 axlmuin . bi
jfl fui' i the minors In one
lubs of the big leagues
ifisj', every two
Band n drafted fron
dtl Lti
Bat It took il,. niln.ir leaguers fairly .jfT I hel I
OA '" '
jBJ fiH .
H Mi
Kfl The n'.i-hi .- I n run until such iin early
H bii- .
n hoi aim ihoj did pui in an
H kv 1 ..r it.,
I firrmi ual affairs of the
B h'ri .
u Ih. i i r .i drufu .1 play r musi
p" by overy club of tioth
yt " ' waj drafted,
afl K'1'
Id mf ' usly, n hli h iv
t, Hjjol, nlng of ploj .-r-i to
s PTt. i, ,,.s n ihem
B arising oul
HBj ' rvatlon a nd i mi k i ,
p4 f 1 ' r'ub, purl
i ntf '
l)MBi Inellg
BBb't IndiVlduuJ I'luiiib of Icuiuo cluLia frouj
Question Is Agitating
tie Fans,
President Lucas Says the
Pacific National Is a
Dead One,
President Williams of Spokane Club
Takes an Opposite View Board
Will Decide.
By W. H. Lucas, President P. N L
"The Pacific National league Is defunct. It
takes four teams to make a leajruo and now
thi-t Dolse has Withdrawn It leaves but threo
and thero can be no franchise held und' r the
league's authority."
By President Williams. Spokane Club.
"Although Boise may have withdrawn. I do
not c.-o that the league Is brok n up. Boise
may have withdrawn but the players still be
long to tho Irague and It can transfer them
to any city It sees fit to take Into tho league "
"Is tho Pacific National league dead or
merely sleeping?" This Is the question that
now occupy's the minds or the fans who In
habit tho InlcrmountaJn country'. No less on
authority than W, H. Lucaa president of the
Pacific National leag-ue, pronounces tho organ
laatlon a dead one, while on tho other hand
lyde. Williams, president of the Spokane
club. Insists that, such Is not the caso. other
i lub owners of the leitiru. agre,. with Williams
and declare that there Is plenty of life in the
organization, despite tho opinion of President
Mr Burns says that n nw li-ajruo will be
formed and that It will contain six teams In
stead of four. Mr. Williams admits that six
teams can be accommodate.! very nicely In the
league, but theri Is no necessity of tho fran
chise being forfeited.
Mr Williams said: "Butte. Salt I-ako and
Hols-, huv pall .mteetlon m..n- to the N'-i
tlonul commission and all the directors of tho
leitgun havo th.j ns;,.,t to that effect from Mr
Players Belong to League.
"Players of every cltj- in the league belong
nol only to the cities that have retained them
but belong an well to the I. igue Itself .
though It takes four teams to make a league
glare Is no reason to bellevo that because
IlolH.. hes nlth.ln.un th. r. will nut be four or
six tean.s In the eane When the seo.son
opons By a mo-ting of thn directors the BMM
frnni hlsu ran b- t nin-ferr.-d to uny city tho
directors so fit to take in."
The following -xtracts from the Pacific Na
tional league constitution aro cited by Mr.
Williams to show that tho lenguo is still In
"The mombTshlp of any league may bo ter
minated by reslpri.-nlon dulv accepted bv thie.i
fuurlhs v..to of all the . lubs In meeting duly
accepted, as provided In section 4."
SVs tlon A reads "Anv club member of this
bagiio finding ItKolf uiuiblo to meet tho obll
gatlotis It hus asMiiined shall have the right to
ik the league f. r -.rmlssl..n to dispose of Its
rights and franc'iUes. us a membsr of the
leaUe to somo other city or organization "
Mr Williams Contends that Kolsij has no
right to rel.-ojie Itu play, rs without consent of
He board Of directors and that plovers .mii be
rrnod over to any city that tho directors see
l'ho artler further provide: "The disband
in. -nt of a leagu. i lub. Its Withdrawal from
or loss of league mamberahln shall nnuMti n
participating In suih games. This was lb
prevent players acting Independently of their
.lubs In playing exhibition games with out
law" clubs.
These matters, together with the proposed
changes In l he drafting provisions of the
agreement, will be submitted to tho American
and National l.-agui a for approval, and will
lo put In final form to be adopt. -d after tho
schedule meetings of tho two major Icueuos
In February
Do you use Schilling's
W hat a pity we don't all
of us!
Si release of the plovers from coritrnrt and
reservation of said club, hut the right to con
tract with and reserve sold players shall be
subject to transfer to such other club as the
Il LgUQ may d.-slgnoto after acceptance of their
said sorvlccs."
Section -' "f the national agrismrnt, to which
national agreement the league has paid its
protection money, provides: "No circuit shall
bo changed without consent of a majority or
more of tho clubs of such leuguo; nor shuM
any club transfer or release Its ployor for the
purpose of Injuring or weakening the leagiiu
of which It Is a member "
Twenty-Five Salt Lnke Business Men
Go in Search of Jackrabbits.
Twenty-five business men of the clCy took a
hunting trip to St. Johns yesterday In QUCSt
of tho festive Jackrabblt A special car had
been prepared for the hunters by the San PadrO
railroad and an extra freight was hep lit
readiness to haul the slaughtered bunnies
home should tho baggage car be overcrowded
The tVlmrodS returned hist evening luid re
port -.1 a good day's -p.-irt. hut no world i reos
..i.n wore broken. A g.i-iiv Dumber of rabbits
f. II victim? to the deadly Urn of the Suit
Lakers, but (here was r.unn for them nil In
the bagc-.ii; a eh and then some. No figures
were given out for publication.
$150,000 IN PTJBSES.
That Sum Distributed by California
Jockey Club This Season,
SAX KRANC13CO. Jan. 15.-Slnce tho
opening: of the new California Jockey
club'g racing; season, fifty-live days aRO,
$150,000 has been distributed in stakes and
purge More than fifty owners of horses
nave won sums In excess of 11000 Tho
four leading; winners are W aller Jennings,
$10,S40; M J Daly, ?s, E H. Rowell,
J&.VC; T. Ryan. SMJ"..
McCarthy Knocks Out King.
ST. tiOUIS, Jajv IV Charles McCarthy of
CufTalo, N V. knocked oul Jot- King ..f Pi'Ji
Francisco here today In twenty seconds. Tho
in. n w. re to have gone fifteen rounds After
sparring a few seconds McCarthy landed a
right swing on King's Jaw and put him out.
Don't be fooled Into a five-year con
trm i .a $7- i . r We Rive ou a b-'tU-r
'phone for 48 and don t compel you by
contract to keep It. We are taking on
new subscribers at the rate of 6 '0 a
The courteous treatment, belter ser
vice and reasonable rates which have
given Independent eompanles In all
other States three telephones to the
Bell's one, will be repeated here. You
still have time to get Into our new Dl
American Chamber of Commerce of
Berlin Petitions President.
BERLIN, Jan. 15 Tho American Cham
ber nf Commerce d Merlin considers that
the moment is favorable for a movement
looking toward a reciprocity treaty be
tween tho I'nlted States and Germany.
The Chamber of Cummerec on December
23 sent a petition to President Roosevelt,
which In part follows
"The American Chamber of Commerce
of Berlin, organized with the purp.is.- f
furthering good relation between tho
1'nltt d States and Germany, e specially in
the direction of commercial affairs, .-.nil
Inch .lint: nni'.iuf Its members some i.f the
leading conocrns of both nationalities
trading between the two countries, would
pray that you urge upon Congress and
the other authorities tin- pressing need
of prompt action for a reciprocity treaty
with Germany, and also of new laws and
regulations for the apprals.il of men bnn
dlfe to replace the present very faulty
and often unjust system, which Is con
stantly causing much bitterness of feeling
among Importers of commodities into
ports of the United states "
To This Is Attributed Germany's Suc
cess in Shipbuilding.
NEW CASTUE, Jan. 16. The monthly report
of the Itollermukers and lion and Steel Ship
building a-'s.x-latlon. commenting un th"
wot Id's output, attributes Hermany'a success
In shipbuilding to her free ports and the fre,
ndmleslon of raw and manufactured material
fur shipbuilding. Tho report adds that should
the I'nlted Stales adopt tho same freo poll. ,
she would SOOtl dispute with Great Hrltaln the
maritime and commercial supremacy of the
On the Line
long before our neighbor's wash
ing, if yon use Fels-Xaptha.
Cleaner, too.
Fcla-Nuptha Philadelphia
Siiioot Witness
Makes Discovery
Gets on Jap and Thinks a Revolving
Glass Door Is New-Fangled
Special to Tho Tribune.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Jan. 15 A wit
ness In the Smoot ease hns furnlslwxl a
to mi oer of good stories The following
Is told on one of the Idaho contingent,
who was called be. in testify upcai be
half of tho apostb" At the entrance nf
one of the big hotels here Is f-n.' f those
turnstile glnss floors. The Idahonji was
not small in size Not only was be a bla,
burly fellOW, bul be took to tho lilk'h
bnlln In the national capital Just. Wko he
did to old-fashioned red liquor In the
Com State He reached the hotel men
tioned and passed In the door. He walked
lear around and came out afmlll from
the revolving entrance. lie looked puz
zled. Ho wrent around a second time, and
tdill failed to got inside. This time he
rrrlnned Joyouslj "Merry-go-round! " be
shouted, Whoopee'- Then tie began to
run madly about that stile door. A call
boy Inside saw him and made fur the door
"Como on!" yelled the man. "Sk-o her
pin ' '
He was a big fellow and he mride the
doors whiz. Tho call-boy bacJ;ed as
fitoutly as he could, but to no purpose.
The dour Fpun round so fast that he
hadn't a char.ee to step out. He bad to
tear around too After making a dozen
laps, tho boy, after several ottempt-s,
aided by a man who had come up during
the spin grabbed the hi)? man mid pulled
him Ollt Of th'- angle between ttvo pieces
of tho door. He flune his arms about the
lad's neck atul leaned on him. laughing.
"Great." he chuckled "Cre.it merry-go-'round
Makes man dizzy. Come on;
spin her other way; sret undTzzy."
He made n break for the door, but the
call-boy slipped the bar and the turn
stile flattened. The big man looked at lt
sad I y
"Great mcrry-po- round." he said
"Poor thine: It's broke." And tearfully
he took himself off and hied to the thirst
parior for something to quiet bis nerves.
Senator Dubois of Idaho was coming
down the street from his house the other
day when he ran across a bunch of tittle
boys and girls who were deeply Interested
In a game they were playing. Nine or
t.-n of the children were parading aromnd
with drums beating and flags (lying, and
a disconsolate looking little chap stood on
the curb, trvlng bard to keep bis tears
"What's the matter''' asked 'he Sena
tor of th little follow on the curl.
"Oh," ho replied, between sniffs, "we're
playing politics "
"Playing polities, eh' snld the SennJor
"Well, why don't you piny with tho
others? '
I am playing," sobbed the boy, "but
I'm tho Democrat '
Mnr J. Olson ha Leon commissioned
postmaster at Leeds. Utah; Jonathan R.
Page. Jr., at Payson; William M. Ellis
at North Ogden.
Annie C. Nielsen has been appointed
Postmaster at Rudy. Fremont county.
Ida vice James H. Fillmore, resigned;
T C Sharp nt Fletcher Ksm rnlda coun-
tv. Nov Vice V. D. Fletcher, resigned;
vriiiinm C Betterldge, Jr . at Elko, Nev.,
vice C. W. Holmes, resigned; I.ouls J.
Bath at Mandel. Albany county. Wyo.,
vice Louis H. Pederson, resigned.
v The postofflce nt Manning. Boise county,
I Ida., has been discontinued. Mail will he
sent to Thunder.
Star service from Mnokay to Barton,
Ida., win bo discontinued Oh the Cist Inst.
Man Had Lent Object to Milwaukee'
Physician, and Seeks $5000.
MADISON. Wis.. Jan. 16. The Supreme
court has overruled the demurrer and de
cided that F. J. Koerbcr had cause for ac
tion In not having returned to blin the stom
sch of his dead mother, which he had lent
lo A. J. Patok. a Milwaukee physician, for
examination. Ho sued for V9X) damages, hut
the lower court sustained the demurrer that
there was no cause for action, argument be
ing I bat the romplalnt presented no cose of
Inlury cither to property or person .f plain
tiff, as thero could bo no property In a dead
pi I N. -tl.
Doctor Sees End of Drugs.
PIIILAHKLPIIIA, Jan IS. "The perfection
of preventives Of disease Is doing IWay with
tho necessity of drugs." declared Dr. John
II. Musser president of the American M-,-
icui association, before the College of Physi
cians. ' Wo have learned nol lo bo afraid
of frenh air und have learned how to usu
f..l and iut.-r. tlll other Chung. will com.,
to pass In tho next twenty ers. and thoro
may then bo no need Of pharma. )."
Vatican Pleased Over Fiench Troubles
ROM K. Jan. 15. Tho French Cabinet
sltuntlon is regarded at the Vatican iillb
satisfaction and the early resignation ..f
the Ministry Is i . n i - n. r.d lo l. Inevit
able, it is hoped by the clericals Iters
that If the next French Cabinet I- c re
posed or radicals, it will bo more 1 1 K - - the
U aldcck-ROBSeau Ministry than thai of
Premier Combes.
Colombia Had No Pvlght to Make Con
cession to Panama Company.
WASHINGTON. Jan. b".. Mr Calvo, the
fosta Rlcan minister, today made a state
ment regarding the dispatch from Mobile,
Ala., saying that the American Banana
company hail asked the State department
to Intervene In Its behalf on account of
alleged Interference by the Costa Rlcan
Government with the company's opera
tions In the territory now belonging to
Panama, but nt one time under the juris
diction of Costa Rica.
Mr. Calvo said that Colombia always
recognized the jurisdiction of Costa Rica
to the territory mentioned and added:
"Even If the claimant maintains thnt
it has obtained it from Colombia, it is well
known that under the laws of that repul -lie
no concession of this nature Is valid
unless ratified by the National Congress
and no Congress at Bogota has ever
grant. d su h concession, the territory
mentioned never having been under the
Jurisdiction of Costa Rica. If It Is contend
ed the concession was granted by Panama
the Government of the new republic de
nies tho existence of the alleged concession."
Newspaper Restrained From Using
Sketch Against Subject's Wish.
EVANSVILLE. Ind., Jan. 15. The right of
a newspaper to publish a picture against
tho sulij. i t's olij.-cllon probably will be de
cided as tho result of an Injunction Issued
against trvln Alexander, an artist, and the
Even rllli Morning Courier, to prevent tho
publication of a pen sketch made by Alex
ander. Tho sut.Jeet was Nicholas Trautvottfr, who
Is on trlcl charged with attacking a womnn.
Tho artist made a study Of Trautvetter In the
courtroom Against th. objection Of his attor
neys, and the restraining order was ask.-d.
The Courier publishers will contest the case
to the limit, as the Ipsue Involved Is of Im
portance) to all newspaper)
Statehood Bill to
Occupy the Senate
Until It Is Out of the Way Other
Measures Will Have to Eemain
on the Sidetracks. t
WASHINGTON, Jan. The intention
is to keep the Statehood bill to the front
In the Senate during the present week,
With the hope on the pnrt of Its friends
that by the end of the present week they
may be uble to get a vote on this. Thus
far the opponents of the measure havo
held out stUbbbrniy against naming a day
for a vote, and, while they do not say In,
explicit terms that it is their Int.. .Hon
to filibuster agalr.st the passage of the
bill, Il Is evident that unless a com
promise can be reached for the limina
tlon of Arizona from the measure they
will make un effort to prevent a vote be
fore the close of the present session.
On this account there Is coming to bt
more or less discussion of plans for tht
modification of the bill, and most of the
talk gravitates toward the suggestion ofj
Senator Foraker for a separation of th-.
votes of Arizona and New Mexico on the
question of admission or that suggested,
by Senator Bard confining the operation
of the bill to the creation of the State old
Oklahoma out of the Territory of Okla-"
homa and Indian Territory, and entirely1
eliminating Arizona and New Mexico, from
the bin.
In the meantime the debate will go on.
Senator Bate, the senior Democratic mem
ber of the Committee on Territories, said
that u number of Democratic Senators
would be prepared by Monday lo take tho
floor In Opposition to the bill in Its pres
ent shape. He would not admit a willing.
ness to accept tho Foraker or BarH
amendments, but said that either of then
would be debated.
Other Democrats do not manifest a .Hi -position
to hold out so stiffly, and sons o
say frankly that they would feel liberal! y
Inclim -l toward the union of Oklahorr.a
and Indian Territory If the hill Is conflru'd
to those Territories. Senator Bevetidfge
Will be absent from the city during the.
greater part of the week and the bill will '
be In charge of Senator Nelson. Mr.
Beverldgc goes to Indianapolis to be pr-s- J
nt at his prospective re-election to the -jH
The pure-food bill will become the un
finished business when the Statehood bill
is disposed of. hut, as only one of tho
appropriation bills has b"-n oaciJt tho.
f...nl l)',! may not be given much time.
Tuesday tho Senate will receive officially
the 't ie of the late Senator Ingalla of
Swnyno Impeachment.
A' 1 1 N'CT N. Jan. 13. The Important
work "i - fore the House this week Is the
dlspcskl'" n ..f the Swuyne case. A num
ber pf member -slre to speak on tho
suhjit and It will be? precedence over
nil i flier business.
The army appropriation bill, wh"h also
is petndmg, probably will be taken n
as st.i as i lie Swayn case Ls out of
The pension bill is rendy for the ?-tlon
of th House, while tho currency bill ia
still -a pending matter.
Dean's Ointment.
Never yaJlTjr remedy for Itching ll
At any drug store.
Efforts at Rescue Were Baffled by
Volume of Smoke.
NEW YORK. Jan. 15 The bodies of
William T. Mason, a lawyer, and his
family1, consisting of wife and two child
ren, Ellen, 4 years old. and Marlon. 6
months, with a servant. Annie Wclla, who
lost their lives In a fire that partially
destroyed the brown-stone dwolllng Occu
pled bv them ot 133 West One Hundred
and Thirtieth street, were recovered to
day. Tho whole family appears to have
been suffocated. The bodies of the father
and youngest child were untouched by tho'
dames and those of the others probably
wire found in a closet under thn roof
sct'ttle, through which they are supposed
to have attempted to escape. The bodies
of Mr Mason and the younger child were
In a bedroom.
. 23
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