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H i'age six TFTT, SALT LAKE TI..1JUNE. Monday morning, January in, 1905. I
ID Gold Dusi Mine
finds a Big Reef
Ten-Stamp Mill to Be Enlarge to
fl Two Hundred Tons Daily
Epecial to The Tribune.
SALMON, Ida"., Jan. 13. The Gold Dust
LLt mine, in Ixcsburg camp, twelve miles
from this place, has developed Into a
bit; reef proposition. A SaIL Lake cim
Iany has been developing one of the Old
est prospects In the Stats In a desultory
v ay for two years, but tho nature of
frold-btarlnn formation was not fully
... monstratod until recant analysis rc
sealed tho fact that what was supposed
CO be a (tranltn country rock proved to
lie an auriferous conclcimerate with work
able values In very largo tones.
The Gold Dust lead was considered the
mother lodo of thu Leesburg placer IkmIs
by the pioneers, and wus ilrst located In
i he 'COs. Persistent exploration wns car
rled on, with tho main object of rovi il
lug a vein of quart?, that had enriched
IHBB Ward's gulch by the process of erosion.
Some of the richest ground that ever was
v. orked for placer gold was found Just
below this mother lode. Ono whole- claim
"turned to tho liffes of the owner In
IW $1000 for every square foot of sur
face. Of course, this w:is a small claim.
The, streaks of pay were followed hv
Irlfis to tho apex of this mother li !.
Bui those pioneers were not familiar with
It ef formations. They left evidences of
their diligence that are conspicuous to
this day, as the work of the mound build
ers in their excavations. Thoy math- tun
nels, cross-cuts and shafts In the l.irina
non that yielded tho p..lil without an
Inkling of Its value. Their energy was
devoted to tho bid prejudice that ledge
rold must bo In a regulation Blllcioue
The Gold Dust company nn a rr-vs-in
to n contact Where this had was sup
posed to be concealed by a deep (rranite
deposit of waste. At this point tho reef
formation chanced to lx tUtcd and in
contact with an altered fiuartzlto forma
tion that had also been fiat at one time.
The Quartz lead was not found, but the
prominent evidences of values caused
tests to be made which re
vealed good gold values MOT the
contact. A ten-stamp mill was installed
to work what was supposed to bo a vein
of a few feet In width. The p ly zone' was
traced to wider and wider limits, until
the country ruck was all classed as val
I ible ore. The little mill was a play
thing In comparison to the demands of
the proiierty. It has aNo been demon
strntfd thrit the nr.- renins ;i eviinlde
treatment. The plant will ho enlarged to
the capacity of 200 tons dally at once.
Thlq reef formation has been found to
xtend over an area of five miles square.
The conglomerate w is tho bedrock of the
old Leesburg placer beds, and It was sup
posed to bo a granite. It Is a glacial de
It and lies In tho moraines and de
pressions of a glacial field with a thick
ilnnket of altered ouamito overlying it
'lb.- reef was evidently enriched bv so
ul i.ns from some volcanic sources." The
I I seems to Ik- very cvenlv distributed
'hri'Ughout lire- zones of n,s reef. Wher
ever It has been eroded the bars along
waterways have been found very rich
ii placer gold.
The region of this reef has been tin
I'll to .-111 (ill 111', I.. nf nm.l.. CW, ' .
"iiire t- formation, perhaps, at water
! yel. Tie 1 1 ire, s-etlons of H He at
il angles of dip. However, It may be
leased as a flat formation Wha was
He surf. i. e in the ,, , ,. age g now a
n sofl eonta.t with some ervstalllzed
.-one?. There are alo small vein svs
irms at right angles to the reef forma
tion which ore fissure fillings that fol
i wed the dynamic period The quartz
foat In the district has been abundant
-id rich, it was harvested like pumpkins
in the early d. s and run through quartz
' and nrastres. One ,-iust.T of quart?
hould.-rs yielded riiun from t.n tons" t
appears from scientific investigation that
rich, transient. , .uinpkln-llko
wea of Ho.it have teen spewed out of
contacts of .soft vein matter by the
pressure of the hard formations and left
by the process of erosion on the hill
Idee. This contact vein svstcm. when
explored beyond tiny possible disturbance
t Should bt very rich. The tlssurr svsi.m
, bag proven to be rather unsatisfactory
.,niL"HUr', cav",,, -m to have been
Uled largely with u cretaceous formation
In advance of the period of enrichment
i Ids roof formation Is a Piliriiled gran
ite formation that was enriched while it
v. as In a ...-rvl.nis Mat. This th.-orv Is
most favorable for uniform snrichmen
Where large masses of the conglomerate
' ' latdcl the gold Is assorlateii with a
ery line sulphur-l with i curren. ,. ,,'t
lv.se metals to interfere with economical
chemlckl treatment. A sam-.i,. of fortv
iwo parcels coverlsg eight v-four feet of"
cross-cut gave values of 4 Co as -lfl v
'-g. On. hiindr. .) s.in.nles take,, from
"" -xn.e.1 bedrock of the abandoned
r-IJCer beds gave -,, average of $' v, Th.
U results Just if the claim that thu ii ..."
n the richest and m l extensive gold
el deposits In th. united States. These
"odes, taken without even s.-le, ne
ones or streaks, would be evidence to
the practical mining man that double
hese values would he revealed by &.
P-re.ll,,,, ,,,,. ntelllg. t Selection of zones
uf great magnitude. "M
M' 'n irfSsbu5 ,,,,r,f,t 's favored with
mild Climate, an abundance ..r tlml r
I j. water anl ,,lr ,,r
i Mllty. rhe dlstanee from the railroad
Vdr.. k s! .ll.-i.. Mo, i n . , k.,..r i"J
.;V v. tfrani a frViiht
rate - of II . p, r .. i.o.in.ls. Th- r, Is
lable and su.le.l !o !,e most eeon n
enl crushing processes. It Is not nn J.
( r i 'Knnl l'r' I'cUon to say that this Will
he the greatest gold camp m u. state
"Will Resume Work.
I i ,,Th,i.dola'.,n ,ho resumpUon of w.,rk at
- King Consolidated has been lcnr
than expected, on account of the "on
si rival of necessary machinery and eo , ,,
-H,,t Kverythl-ie h, ,,.,; ,
ree.-he the ,,. w ma. 1,1,,.,, h, V.r
end it will take but a Very short t ow
Jo put it in place when once Ifc SrrlvSf
ri h plant will then be thoroughly and
, modernly couippci and rapid progress w n
made. The pumps recently t.7il2J
- 111 b able to ha,,. aslly ail the ,
and ti. n n origin will greatly facilitate
sinking ufs-ratlons. "lut0
I What Is known as the "Blues"
is seldom occasioned by actual exist
ing external conditions, but In tho
Zrcat majority of cases by a dis
ordered LIVER
which may be demonstra
j ted by trying a course of
f hey controland regulate the LIVER.
They brlnghopeand bouyancy to tho
I mind. They bring health and elastic-
ity to the body.
Wafer Supply
or Ba!y West
Bamberger Has Scheme to Pipe Sup
ply From the Daly-Judge
500-Foot Level.
Manager Ernest Hamberger of the Dnly
West lias completed arra ngem.-ntM which
Insures for his great plant nn ample water
supply. The plan Is to pipe the My stream
of water which eomes from the 600 level
of the Daly-Judge, and Is carried down
the shaft In a pipe lino, to a point In the
Dal West mine from where it will rise j
to within 200 feet Of the surface. From
tlds point the water will be pumped to
tho top and mn Into the mill, whero it
Will bo utilized. Tho stream is moro than
sufficient to meet all of tho requirements
of tho mill eve,, should Its capacity be In
creased, and thus Is solved one of the
most serious questions that h.ts confront
ed tho Daly-West company for omo time
The water supply has been very small at
the mill of late, as. in fact, It Is usually at
this reason of tho year, says the Park
Record, but the n-w arrangement will in
sure u water supply regardless of climatic
conditions and operations will probably
never again have to be suspended for lack
of water. As soon as the necessary work
has been done and tho water Is secured,
the output of tho mill will doubtless In
crease materially
New York Bonanza Makes a Good
Glowing reports como down from Park
City concerning the New York bonanza.
It seems that the ore body on tho W0
foot level has been driven into for about
Iw.-nty-two feet and lias widened out
from a small streak to a three-foot body.
According to reports received later In the
w. . k It Is holding OUt a.s strong as ever
On the tJ Level the drift easterly from
tho winze shows up remarkably strong.
The presence of almost puto galena being
noted, and this body also grows larger
a. work progress..- K.gl.t'.n men are
employed at the mine the work, though
in the nature of prospecting is being done
carefully and well. Several tons of rich
ore aro to be seen on tho surface, piled
up in tho shaft-house and a Bhlpment of
this will be made In the noar future. The
. omn.-mv tins week rei elv .-d 11 cheek fur
about $2000, for the shipment made last
week of a utile over twenty-five tons, the
oro being sold on controls showing 147 s
ounces silver, 9.3 per cent h ad and $1 60
In gold per ton This, with the returns
from the shipment to be made soon will
be a handsome sum of money for tho
management lti beginning the new year
It has be n decided to sink to the 70U
foot level, according to the Park Record,
sixty feet, as rapidly as possible, as the
W rk will have to be done sooner or later
at any rate. From Indications above there
Is little doubt but that the ore bodies will
open up stronger and better when a now
level Is cut at the 700-foot point. The out
It ok for the Bonanza la certainly most
gratifying and though It Is not yet a big
producer It has all the ear marks of be
coming ono ere long
Bullfrog- District Is Full of Embryo
TONoPAH, N'.'V., Jan. 13 The Bullfrog
district is as thickly 6trewn with
towns as a New Kngland forest Is with
Il avea In autumn. There are half a dozen
struggling sites for future cities claiming
the attention Of the newcomer, each of
fering Its peculiar inducements
Beattys at the present time is In the
lead, but the general Impression is that
Araargoaa will be the future metropolis
of the Dpath valley country Th former
Off rs free wood and water to prospectors,
and hot.se f.cd at a nominal figure. Oil
the other hand. AmargOSa offers r. post
0ffl.ce, a tel. ph.iti. and has the deputy rt
. order's Office
Bullfrog also asserts that II Is the only
townslto worthy of consideration. It has
a population of fifty people, all loyal rind
true to the town f thflr choice
Bonanza, at Clark, Benson & Ladd'a
mine, gives promise of greater things
Amargosa, although promoted bv Hie
abov. llrm. Is three miles distant from
Ih.ir mining property and the 800-1 00 1
Khollte Is n n. v ,-;inip with a settlement
to do It honor Gold fenter has about tie
same numb-r of Inhabitants. Bach upot
claims to ha- .- the hr.sl climate, best
water, cheaper wood and a better pros
pect than any of Its rivals Then- are
several oth.T spots that are belr.g iaid
Dot Into blo.-ks and lots.
Little Bell and West Quincy Aie Close
Only about luoo feet now remain to be
worked through before the drift being run
from the Blttle Bell to the West Quincy
will tap the latter property, about jo
feet of work having been done In De
cember. The Little Bell management is
working two machines continuously in the
face of the drift, ond from ten to twelve
f.- t are being made dally. There s still
about lion feet to be worked through be
fore West Quincy ground Is readied v ,(
this company will have chargo of the
work There has been some work dono
oil the -fo..t level of tile West 0jrt
and the ore bodies found
tlon have been follow, d carefully Most
of the ore. however, seems to he i", low
the UO-foot level. The rr. fon1(I ;lV(
aged about eighteen In. h. s wide hut work
0" tjjW re has ceased oil account of the
Secure Builfrog Extension.
A deal has been made bv some Nevada
men to secure control .,ir ti. property
known as the Original Bullfrog K.
tension. iho claims adjoin (he original
Bullfrog on the west and north, nU
th- workings of the latter are but a ftW
Karda away. Slg Harris and Lewis I
Rogera ar.. the parties Interested m,
Harris r. porta thai the Original Bullfrog
Infc KO' s lMlu u"- hundreds
Th, purchasers have signed their names
to a do. unient agre. ,.k- ,,, M, $r, i."
ninety days, and a large sum mail
tote after that: but thej do not rnake
he full pur.ha.se price known "
arc to p;(V a U,,,. f 1
ttSnSR ,'h"y rty .hut
RfBS2j'5 -e the, umbo KtheV'am,
Mill for the Godiva
entirely sat Isfacto, v ' nrl J n W'1H
Southern Nevada
Sees Brighter Day
Mining and Other Industries Will Be
Developed by the Clark
That portion of southern Nevada in
cluding Nye, ICsmer.ilda and southern
Lincoln counties, In the opinion of the
Nevada State Journal Is soon to become
most thoroughly explored and oven thick
ly populated.
It win not be long before thai section
Of the Stat" will brought Into closer
touch w ith Reno, Inst, ad of being part
In southern California and the balance
Mormondom. There are excellent ch ail
for the extension of the Tonopah road to
join the Salt Lake ixis Angeles Ban
Pedro line This win make Reno s sup
ply point for that State as well as Bos
Angeles, which now enjoys almost tho cn
tlrn trade with that section, soon to be
Hhare.l t,j Salt Lake.
Th.- opening of the Dark road Is looked
forward to iy the residents of southern
Nevada as the dawning of a brighter
day. A market will then be provided for
tho products of the region The stock
raised there can bo more easily marketed
any hay. grain, lumber and machinery as
well as other supplies needed in th min
ing camps can be transported there much
easier and cheaper.
Til-- marketing of ores In the smelter
districts of Utah will Insure the opening
of seres of mines that now lie Idle and
nuicuse me oiiip ii oi i nose mui are now
working on a low scale.
The building of the railroad will not In
iie.is. ih. agricultural acreage, for e.iy
drop o water, except in places along the
Muddy is now utuiz.d. but it will mean
moro Intensive cultivation, nnd the di
on aae In production Of hay and Increase
In the fruit acreage Fruits and earlier
Vegetables ripen earlier In southern Bin
coin county than In the vicinity of Los
Angeles and the varletv la varied.
Strange to say, cotton Is one of tho
products of the district and there aro a
number of scree cultivate.) jn tho early
days when it was even more difficult than
at present to get In supplies, the Mormon
settlements had their own cotton mills
and homespun was generally worn
Figs, apricots and pomegranates nro pro
ducts of that country and oranges atid
lemons come to perfection.
Tho army of twenty thousand men,
which has Invaded the new mining dis
tricts south of Reno, is moving steadily
h. i southeasterly direction toward south
ern Uncoln and the ranks of the Weal til
seeking hu.'.t is growing at the rate ,,t :l
in n. vi.cn ixiuiiii.iMi.'rn me course
of empire seems to be traveling In the
Battleborn State and Mr. Williams be
lieves that the advance guard will reach
the Colorado river within a year It Is
onlv i mil. fiom Pullfrog t.. the i 'lark
lead and the river Is not far to tho south
ward. Th.- swarm of prospectors are populat
ing the valleys and struggling through
th hills. Where they halt th.-r.- arl-.-fitter
In B day and tho railroads are fol
lowing In their footsteps.
While mining will always be the prin
cipal Industry of this section of tho W. st.
there will ! a wonderful stimulus given
to gardening, fruil growing, stock rais
ing and klinirej Industries because f the
splendid home market provided. Alto
gether the signs are propitious for south
ern Nevada a.s well as for the entire
Special tn The Tribune
BI'HTj. Jan 1". According to recent
revelations, Silver Island, west of Great
Salt lake, Is to become a bonanza pro
ducer. About a month ago, Tho Tribune
published exclusively the news of a strike
mado there by Chauncey BCcKendrlck,
( harl.-s M.-Kellar rind other mining it . n
of Tooelo City. Slneo that time a cam
paign of oulet investigation has been In
progress with most Mattering results
Upon a group of six claims is exposed
i wdl-doilned fissure vein, which In places
at the grass-roots shows up marvel. .usu
ries: In silver, lead and copper. Without
taking Into the count any ..f the picked
specimens, the report of the Salt I ak.
expj i t who has just examined the pros
pert, announces values ( ounces sil
ver. 1CH p.-r eent ;irK AA , r ,.i n
copper from one Incision on the vein 11
the surface, and K.2 ounces silver, 18.6'pi r
cent lead and 4.5 pet cent copper from
Mr. McKendrlck formerly from Park
City, and Mr McKdlar ar. arranging to
proceed at one, with development work
their immediate plans Including a shaft
to be sunk on the vein from th" spot
whence the first of the above-quoted is
aaya came. On top the ledge measures
only about eKhteen Inch, s hut ilvr.- s
every reason to believe It will widen with
di pth since the surface la badly broken
and .1. composed
Expected to Be Formal Principal
Owners Out of the State.
Tills Is the date for the annual meeting
of tho Silver King stockholders. The
meeting will be hdd at Park City abo.it
noon today. It Is expected that nothing
but a formal meeting will ukc place ax
tho prinelpa! stockholders aro not In the
State. Senator Kearnet, of course s in
Waahlngtdn and tho Hon. David Keith l
still In M. xl. . ln 13
The annual report of the Secretary win
I.e i. n.l and will make the ,, ,,al,.
showing that similar reports Of this mine
have done for years p i t.
New Ore Bodies.
The recent developments on the 2100
foot level of the Mammoth mine has
opened up the oro bodies for which the
eotnpari has I.. ruiililii The t Mlv
was followed down from the 19i).fy,,t ,
In a winze The ,.w workings should
enable the company t,, continue, their dlv
I.J. nds.
Bssnitbs ? The Kind You Hnw Alyrcs Bought
Safe-Cracker in Jail.
SEATTLE, Wash . Jan 15. -John King
:t 1 rU amfa cracker, wanted in vie
torla. n r.. for shooting at a detective
from whom ho made his es. ...
was arrested In Tacoma last mitht
and Is now In jail here The
cupture was inaie ,- Seattle ofrte'r
King had on his person whep arrest.-,!',
proceedii of a jewelry store burglary
whteh ,.- committed here two dayTsSl
Idaho Farmer Murdered.
o 52SC.?r'. Id" ,an K Knud Nelson
a fanner living six miiea southeast of th"j
place was murdered late last nlghf In the
("Idle road. NrKon had b-u, t . M.!i.' w
and wius returning home. U he he fail.. .
r0.r'.H hJ" Mother went ,n search in.
fuuutl the body
Burton Coal & Lumber Co.
Coal, lumber, cement- Telephone 803,
I Cripple Creek
Keeps Dp lis Record
Dividends From the Mines of the
Famous District Will Exceed
CRIPPLE CHEEK, Colo.. Jan. 15. The
Initial month eff the year has started out
well from a dividend standpoint. One
new compo iy the pin. Uny. has already
declared a dividend that will be contlnu-.11-
throughout the year, nnd the United
Gold Mines company has resumed the
payment of dividends. The Indications
ar. that the sum Of approximately $350,000
will he distributed to shareholders of
Cripple Cre-'k mining c rporations during
the month. DlVldenda have already been
! dared by the following companies. Cold
Sovereign.' Ilrst . livid- nd. V.--". Portland.
1180,000; ICI Paso, 150,000; United Gold Mines
company, 120,000; Flndlay :,nd Dlkton, Jl2.
B00 each. Oth r corporations that will
distribute dlvldcnda this month are the
A 'indicator. Mary M. Kinney. Strong la
. lose corporation), and In all probablllty
tio- c k and n and Cripple Crei k Home
stake Mining and Milling, company.
Mir.inc; Notes.
Surrcyor C, P nr.ok spent the fore pnrl of
the week survey Iiik unrj.rcn.und at ihe Daly
A Ktnnll force ef men l ntlll empleye.l at the
Oeoii tunn.l of the Nalldrlver property, and
a III Ho develormcnt work will continue ln
deflnltsly Reno State Journal- The Ophlr Mlnlnc: r.-,m-pony
has Just received ViTSO.SC as nroreoda of
the sale of two railroad carloads of ..r.-. and
four carloads more art.' about to bo settled for.
Last week the Jump-t" Jo claim nt Masonic
mountain pas.-d Into tho handu of V. A. R
Loose, inonagpr of the New Cdle Mining
company, who represents l.'tah capitalists. Tho
price paid WBS jcj.000.
The McKlnl. y Rteckholders wore a little ox-
C...-U iiii neon over some mineranze.i unri7,
which appeared In their tunn.-l but II wan
not of hlgli grade. The appearance of this
property Indicate the mar approach to some
thing goo-l.
The Lynch mine at Kawlch, N.-v., Is keeping
up the recor.l that Its o-ators hove been hop
ing for. Ijust Friday work on tho huge dlko
that contains the phenomenal values was be
gun Tho rock was so rich that tho owners
refused to mlno until sacks wcro secured.
Manager p.-vrmor nnd R. L. Andrew spent
part of last Week ln-f-ctlng the May Day
mine. Mr. Andrew Is a prominent mlllmun
and Is expeeto 1 t.. advise tin- ninnngement nn
to the best manner of handling the law-grade
ores of the May Pay. Tho mine Is looking as
well as It ever has In tho past.
There was a strike In tho Gold Blossom
property northeast of Eureka the early part
of tho weok by nomo leasers. This praporty
shipped some rich ore In early days, hut that
part of Tlntlc has been noRlorte.l for years
pajit. and the new developments there may
stimulate other near-by properties to aetivo
work. There urn many good-looking prospects
In that vicinity.
It Is exacted that within a few .nys tho
.iiou nniLii in nenu; run irom nno .. level
of the Scottish Chief to tap tho oro bodv en
countered on the 2 level will bo reached, tbe
hhio lime formation In which tl r WOI
found ha Ing already been entered. Wh.-n this
raise Is flnlsho.l tho company will have con
siderable Btoplng gmund. ond If the high values
of tho ore continue, rich shipments will bo
made. The ros.ls will not permit uf further
shipments until late In the spring, but tho
winter's supplies aro In und work will con
tinue steadily,
Ooldfleld News Work t-gan Monday on tho
KRdlsh .var.ipllne ITOrka Which Is being erectel
on the lower end of Main street. The building
will have h frontage of 10 feet and a depth
of 40 feet, making It the largest of Its kind
In the southern portion of the State. In the
construction of tho building Cxi; for the floor
hoards, making a Fubstantlnl foundation for
the heavy machinery which Is to comprise tho
plant, was used. Mr. Kadlsh lues not been
heard of etnee ho wept In search of his ma
chine, v. which Is supposed to be sidetracked
somewhere in tho vicinity of Reno
Don't be fooled Into a five-year con
tract at $72 per. We give you a better
'phone for $18 and don't compel you by
contract to keep It. We are takln? on
new subscribers at the rate of 600 a
The courteous treatment, better ser
vice and reasonable rates which have
"Mven Independent companies In all
other States three telephones to th
Bell's one, will be repeated here. You
still have time to get Into our new Di
The Semi-Weekly Tribune
Is the best general newspaper pub
lished between the Missouri river and
the Pacific coast. No oil it weekly or
semi-weekly paper covers the news of
Utah, Idaho. Montana. Wyoming and
Nevada so thoroughly, it reaches from
one to four days earlier than the East
ern or Coast papers. Every family
should have a pood metropolitan news
paper and for tho people of th inter -mountain
country there Is none that o
completely fills the bill as The Tribune
The price Is $1 'j0 per year for two
papers a week Sample copy free on
request. Write for one. Address
Salt Lake City Utah.
Swiss Minister Arrives.
NEW VoliK, J,,,,. 15. The America,,
I. In. steamship N.-w- York arrived to.fav
rrom Southampton after a rough vovuge
Among the passcnRi-rs were ftirnand du
Martheray. a Swls minister at Welling
ton and .Baron RoiiLin ,,. :l ileurilie
A Simpte Life.
One of the first tnin-s of importance
In living a simple life is in using a
simple diet. This does not mean that
you must eat the coarsest food and
that which Is unpalatable to you; but
for you to eat the very best you carl
get of the ordinary necessities. First
among these Is good bread and butter
Poor. Indeed, Is the family- which can
not alford the best of this' It g not
extravagance to pay an extra price for
butter extra In qualify, a.s il makes you
cat more bread p. ople do not eat
butter alone, a id whi n they are eating
good bread and butter, they win not
eat so much of other foal.w less health
ful and more expensive. Thero Is only
one best sold i thli market, and that
I" Hazelnut Brand Butter Your
grocer can set It for j.JU. Faust
t'reumery Supply Co.
Applicant for Large Insurance Object
of Close Surveillance.
NBW YORK. Jan. 15 Taking out the ad
ditional Insurance policy of ji.imo.ooo by Rod
man Waoaker -t Phlladelpbls when be al
ready was Itipurtd r,,r tt.ifcw.OjO. wn w,.-!i
discussed in Insurance circles, it developed
that tho appll. ant for tho Inrro Insurance
object to npeclal surveillance. After a thor
ough examination a to Ma huart notion, lung
capacity and general physical condition tho
inoul vlBoroux part begins.
Two mn aro called to investigate hl habits.
They watch him at hla cluba. or the th. ator,
k 7S??Tr he n,ay 1,0 T hey record what
ho drlnka and what he amok. .. The houra
ne kr..p a. carefully recorded In f.-w
life" I."'? l" ,h" ,l,l'";,"",l' "e appllcar,
me la luWn inlniitly. without I,m knowl-
pe n reau depende Krauti,ifc- ,a
Drug-gists Dvuehl & Franken Say: Vi
nol Is a New Form of the Oldest
nnd Beet Tonic in the World.
"Science conferred a great boon on
humanity when two eminent French
chemists discovered how to extract from
the .... i liver all the curative elements
contained In cod liver Oil, but without a
drop of oil or KTeaMo, and thus produce
"it ii no longer necessany to load the
Stomach with old-fashioned (frasy cod
liver oil or emulsions to obtain the" cura
tive properties of cod liver oil, for
Yinol Is like nklnp; the kernel from the
nut. tho oil or tho prense in which tho
curative It ments were enveloped has
been discarded, and we offer the people
of s.-iit i.ai.e City the concentrated es
sence of the medicine found In o..d liver
oil, without a drop of oil or grease to
UDSSl the stomach and retard Its work.
"For centuries do. tors and drugglatfl
alike have looked upon end liver oil as
tho hst tonic, strength-creator and
pody-bullder In the world, but have a -!
now lcdi-od that Its one preat ilraw-
back was the grease which it contained
With this Ri-case all eliminated. we
offer the people of Salt Lake City In
Inol a perie.-t .h liver oil preparation
as delicious to tho toto as a fresh
oranne '
Mr. J B. Knnor. Deputy Clerk of
the Superior court. Atlanta, Oa., writes:
"Yinol is tho ideal preparation of . od
liver oil; It purines and enriches ih.
blood. Inducea a good appetite, pro
motes digestion and invigorates every
organ In tho body "
'Therefore, in tho strongest manner
we Indorse and guarantee Vlnol to in
crsase the appetite, cure stomach trou
bles give strength to the run-down.
Und and debilitated Invigorate and
l.ulld up old people, make rich, red
blood, euro chronic coughs, colds and
bronchitis Tf It falls, we return vour
money " Druehl & Franken, also Smith
Drug Co . Druggists.
.. sue BRUT
Ytlk-vy Label Gold Label
A. VIGNIEl? CO., Distributors
; Sza Pranclsco, Cal.
Rieger ft Lindk-y, Distributers, Salt
Lake City.
1(2905) I
New Year resolutions seem to ho II
working out all right Wo aro eat- D 1
Ing bread now made from A
And must say It Is good better I
than wo expected Didn't know
th.rc- could be such a difference In I
flour. Find it paya to order a guar-
J and Wool-Gi owers' Supplies,
) 151 STATE ST. S
When you visit Park City
UnlfcSB you want flrst-clas treatment and
the beet of everything.
Toungbcrg A Perry, Proprietors
.nv.. 3rd Sjuth. Salt Lake City. I
Pannmtana Appeal to Minister Barrett
to Withdraw His Sugg-estion.
1ANAMA Jan . 15. Representatlvcx of
all political parties here have asked
American Minister Barrett to withdraw
the suggestion he mado to th.. Washington
Government thut tho functions of gov
ernment of the canal KOfie and Minister to
Panama be combined In (he person of th.
Governor of the canal zone it Is argued
; Ho M.-morallMts that the dlgnlts
1 anania as an Independent nutiun iciiulrea
a separat..-legation. iiresi
Tho Minister has replied that the suir
gestlou was mad., in ti, interests .-r both
fftn ' the riilteil Slat.-s and th ,,
he cannot withdraw it. He Jtaid that he
I'pott th- request to his Govern
ment w It ii out prejudice to the- uttitudo of
Loudon Market Steady
L..ND. fS, Jan. IB.-The stock exchange
Bad a week or steady quiet markets with
small Investment busings Tl- reduction
"" 'oirnni haul. i.,l.. and tl,.- sijces.s
of the Ka-slan l,,,, ,,, a f 1Vor.ible cfr.-c,
on for. lKn He. urltl.-s, Japan being stronu
in tho beip-f that the movement in favor
of mediation Is growing.
1 ,
We do some things because
we want to, and others be
cause they belong to a plan
that is good on the whole.
vE, '
Added to our list of World's. Pair ild Modal
ft. winin.'i-s. is our line of Mrdart l'atout 1'iillovs. fji
Roc tho window display j
"i W I - ,-' r -'- , "
- 'W' v" , ' "i". -'!," . y i-V- MRS! i'tvi-" v , '' HB
1 jjjjjj2jjjj25SSSSS u.'- S S ! ---- ' - - -
X '.-'i ".C.l ra.hr.lu. Varicocele, Weak Bpii Mm i
CA . I?0-- Lung DineMea I I
2ttS M txW Tttpe 'rrn- Dyspepsia, Liver and Kid. B
K-Wk JmWl yT ' Catarrh Erv" S
WiWfajfoWf & "'' ' 1 ":1 Sen rnla, Jlhoum'atiam I
jBfflnt VjS. c a I
.--- . ; r v be permanently cured. n m
i . Ir" By tho ald of 1)10 Micros-ope we can d. I II
VnBM J tec' Oalcut Cancerou, :.,.,tt,.r( rnrbonau I I
jrV I sub7tfince9 mixed wltn th. Urine I Jl
y&ym, r Blocf 18 ci,nmo prtncPpie It I h
F ? ' yd . fnP be found st hl office, St rm0 Ho I
N 1, 1 HJk ' ViJK .kW teI frorn 10 ft- ra- to 4 I- m- Rooms 17 is I
D " -' t.f.
IaRksSssVBBIHB9 slisEES:" 'J-3JiJl
U. S. A.
Of our January j
Don't Miss Our
238 AND 240 MAIN Stret
For Toilet and Bath.
n1t2ilk6Tth! ,ollet somethlng to be
enjocd. It removes all stains and
roughness, prevents prickly h.-at and
chafing, and jjUves tho ekln white, soft
?5lthy V.,In lM Ui"1' 'l brings a glow
nnd exhilaration which n common
-SS.?!1" mPart"S the vlgo? and
lit rS2I2 ?f.a mni T"-kl8h bath.
All UrTOOert and Druggists
W. F. BOND & Co!
Ask forour weekly letter.
Elliott, Williams & Ctlburn
4The Hutles.,,
H The American Mercantile and I '
Reporting; Agency,
I Haveoved" ' 0cbts I
j Take tho elevator
" 'I'honea 212 H
BBIbIsbbsbbsbWBI . !
Dentistry j
Painless I I
"U'hlle every person should h.v.-.- D
1 he ry i ' dentistry it .- pot I- Q
ble for skill. .1 dentl ta to produce, I '
ii , H I r
high-toned, fancy prices as most n j
dentists charga J r"
Eve ry I - rk wo do Is I
guaranteed for ten years an. I this I
gu 1 1 . mi -.- 0 r
any tlmo during the ten years, B I
H your wt.rk fiil or I . . r. m .- iin.-atUt- I I
I HI f-"" t, w- w.oj'd l.e to. .r- 1 1 m B
M pleased to repair It free -"'9 I
H Ttu Huston Dental Parho- ar.: H
I H' right here and always ready to I
back np even si tement made a
I Painless silver fillings $ .5- jp H I
I 1 n
Painless gold filings 1.00 up H
Painless gold crown, 22k . H
Painless porcelain crowns 5.00 up I
I B Painless brldgo work per m ' .
tooth 5.00 up I 1 I
I Boston Dental I
I parlors
into Our
New Store-. m
DoIy Annex,
121, 123, 125 West 2nd
South Street.
The Mine & Smelter
WARREN' C BO QUE. Local Mgs.
See the new trick at the Cora- t .
mercial Stationery and Blank I
Book House of f j
Pembroke Stationery Co. j I
I 54 IN. 2nd South. Phones 768. j
wehavurn i ..-ona-opc-Mslty I
frlmtry, Ssecndsry iir TtnUiry Bleed PoIkc j
rrm i - : ,.;
b'. ii.j hi !,.r mu gnnr 0.
Ws solicit tl . Wo DSV
cured tho . . . in li to f yon
Mouth Sore '1 limit. ,i npi . t ,.!..rvJ .fH
i .. .. il-.lror
te'jtvw talli ,irv.ii
euro. 100-pa so Cook l'ro. i
Representing Starr A Dulfer. Tonopan, i
Nev. I
ra S. K -Mercha.nta Ex . CaL I
Pi... k Kx., S. F. and 'lonupiib Mining " k. tS

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