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I fHJiv JpCMJi JSvi.liv iC JIJU JU4 MP
I - WEATHER TODAY Cloudy; snow.
Colorado Legislature
f Extension of Time Granted
to Gov. Adams for His
9 I Committee of Five Appointed to Take
R Testimony on Points at
j Issue.
B DENVER, Jan. 17 At ; Joint BCMlon
the two house? of the General Assem
I bly thin afternoon to takr action u tho
HUr.ni ft ) I.-1 h .1 ni 1 1. for
fS i' i ; .vemor, tho request of
W the i for an cx-
Htenslnn until : tfti r-
Bpon of tin tiriM- i,i v, i i. ii to submit an
K an .'. ' r t i . rn.nle in the con
Htest r by
I to :;t
J ,
I ci la king
Hot testli
tk'U of Si " '
X ll I -i' McTJ
j at. presided over th
H draft a sot of rules and regulations
R v hi' I rn i ho order o
t : it. .- is composed of three
m Rr iblleans and two Democrats,
r Waiting for Reports.
W An adjournm. nt wis ti k n ly the olnt
HHjBSlon for one hour to await the commit -H
to sr' rt Ing It Was
announced that a minority report would
be submitted and adjournment was thore
Son taken until X ri tonight to give the
HHHmocratlc members of the committee
Bdi in l ! inn t 1 port
B ! i ; i i j . . 1 1 . i - onvened it wa
Hknnouncod that the conb Btor, Mr. Pcn
B boo-, v. !) ! 1 1 in- represented bj John M.
B Wi l.lri ti J i m- s 1 1 1 '.I o n. James 1 !
I 3 1 - i Jr
t KTGov. Adams, In pr r.- mimed Judge.
Bj. B Blsstli. Melton smith. Henry C.
ft jTIri -1, Samuel W Bedford and Judge
pf J:"
3 Adam . .li dir. id-s. ii :miM- to address Th"
R joii ' - -
B Bio n .ii;i.s . ...irt. polltii ullj dlvld-
Bj qiinrr. I I ' !...n on
H th' litest
A fit ! I -1 empl Hi 11 he
BJcoti; sp . was ri-adv and willing within a
S re;i
If Judgo Blssell declared that neither hlm
H Bi I
B suftl. h-iH 1 1 on- t.. -..i :.!. i ' . ' rdor
J ,,f -in tho two
Bd.i;. and a half permitted for oo.e.dera
Bjrtlon. inn) contended that ' ! !" inlrtnts In a
B cafe Of this klinl r-nll.l not In. dl. !(- d
Jlnt. . i n i in in i Tirl ' ten
BJKavs. In conclusion he mov d on
IBjournm.M.t until Sntur.i.i a fieri .it
Bwhli'h lum. l.i si'l.'. ii.ur-id would like
f t" tructlon of the st.it-
J- B Is proceed-
Attorn, v Waldron. . iring foi Qi v
Bjeriior id;.. Mild h- wish.'d to bo un-
Bderst 1 as inn i -iT" . A i, u- .mi i . i 1 . 1 1 . . l 1
t i , ilnniv. II
Bom' v r. that thr- olrcumstancfH required
.sBlUo wrltt. n plullns, and whllo he w-is
Bswlil'- i" charge the contest.-- with
IBy dellberati pro
k i was clearly of tin opinion
JPlfil 1 time granted would
pBecu-lt. in n l.i and pr-".-. 1 -i d
Bean - f.-r w hi. it I .("i ril :- . - n I., d In u
;W CkiuJd Deny All Charges.
JR Attornej- Waldron maintained thnt all
Bthat was ne sssary was for th..- Governor
IBMn liHari arA bji v hi- ili-nli.1 Itn- truth .if
ili c'v i paperB.
BCHe eonoludil bv ;er. tr. that an rxlc-n-
Bsion of tim would r.-i'minil to the dltvul-
BjAVHti (-.:' of hlK nil. -nt and :k.-.l the K-rIs-
tM lull hod; lo ilmy an rxt.-nBlon.
jlBf At the conclusion of Attorn, y Waldron'.
Brem iri - -
'i th.-. t of con el for Gov
Aii iii Ii - la i nt. i i ; 1 -. e 1 ' : 1 1 -
pBtb I 1 1 h n n ijec tli '!! .-n
BJthe advl.-i- . in off. red an
t' :: . i I" 1 i ' I inotloi I I - i thi
M Qui-- i. I ' i the Joint sep.
MM Sion pr.-i 1 1 v Hi tin i-oiit. t
jfljl' 1U'
gM At Adan I
U,whls .li- i tin pn p isltlon to pro-
ppjceeil with the roi.W'Ht pndlnK his answer.
pB Both Governor Adanw arid hi- attorneys
BBproteiue,i vlgoroiisl v .(.-ilnst Inimedlato
JigB action by th. Legislature, that
3k the '' Ing! titate iit
i- that of la - r.i ...... . .-, nri
BBar. i-lud" a r..p.T nnd tli..roiiph
L, In- - ' ' ! s filed against
SHhlm and u. h.i i i:M . . t t: r th.-r.
!B Mr Adams for. Ibly r.r -s-d hi.s dlsap
BBproval of the cfiarge of U-lug n n.- i r, ..-r
'Li v, hi. h I. .-! ' ' ' l ln d
fbsked for sufficient tlnn- for ,1h attorneys
BBFO answ-r , i .ii. n - , -BBtver-.-
c ha anr.iin.--t him
I Majority nnd mlnorltj r. ports Were SUb
BajBUttl by tin .-oniml'l'. .poln'.-d t.
BBflbo rules Tin- mnloiit'.- report was
5'. to ' I : If. I
BBjd Delong. voting against It They ex-
BBplalne.', tin lr Vol's by mi-.Ii,.; ,
Jrulen did not provide for the taking of
u& 1 - ling to the State Con-
jBBstlt n ' -1 nr. i ii.o statutes.
B What Majority Reiort Provides.
BTIii' i pro
.."Jvld.'.M that contest shall be presented
Bftefor'- t wht.h si, nil have
Bjow.-r to sub. livid. f..r tin
k ' reply, and Peabody
9B Ve
ro . : . I i. i i i . ; , , r, port
Of ' ' rnnillllll pbi.M I - mad by I i,.-
BB fcamlnlng . n i a 1 1 1 , I .. 'tb.ui
B Pardi 2, and th.t the r p..n sh ill i.on
Bl Bin t.. in-
i ("' 1 i . 1 1 ' . - i
j phi ..!,,! .It. 1 1 r. d i . . t
f2.teri 1,1 1 1 1 i . i . -. the
iB; Tl.' In ..r.:.c "I lliii'.ri'. und"- lln-
iHulr'S shall b.- to tin- pnbll.v Tin-
..... vr j ,, i i was
pat l..' the contest shouli -it In open
PpBlnl The m.ij'.iUv nninb.-rs
pPH tin i." pari In i In
wbi.-li pi-". 1. I lln- adoption of to
rtaBnKiii - c : .at, but p.-rmiit"l tin.' mlnorlt v
jjBb ha" in. allotlid
JJJBeb a 1 1 n.. ml., rn in. id. a
soo' pit . ,- a. . I
ivJj f'"' fourtoeh Hepubllcans
r or. a-,..
V "" 1 "
Guard Shoots at Man Trying to Es
cape Quarantine and Hits Him.
Special to The Tribune.
CASTLE GATE. I'tuh. Jan. 17. A Ger
man named Jacob Oman, quarantined for
smallpox at tho old Ward hotel at Castle
Gate, attempted to break the quarantine
this evening One- of the quarantine
guards, ltees A. Lewis, shouted to him
to stop, but Oman paid no attention to
the warning. Finally the guard shot to
frighten tho escaping German, hut tho
bullet struck him In the head and killed
him Instantly.
This was the third time the man had
att.-mpt.'d to break away from the quar
antine Last night In trying to get away
h- pulled a gun and threatened to nhoot
the guard, but was finally persuaded to
return. Tonight he was trying to escapo
when he was stopped by a bull.-t.
The guard maintains "that he did not
shoot to kill, but only to frighten.
There are now four cases of smallpox
at Castle Gate. Two are located In an
Isolated penthouse In Willow Creek can
yon, and two, a woman and a boy, at
the hotel from which the German endeav
ored to escape
Gov. Folk Introduces New Custom In
JEFFERSON CITT, Mo , j.-,n 17 Tho
stay of professional lobbyists In Jeffer
son City will be limited during the. ses
sion of the Legislature. Governor Eoik
today enunciated rules that all reputed
lobbyists must follow, The rules are sim
ple enough and are promulgated along thi
line f the Governor's inaugural massage.
The Governor today advised certain rail
road corporation attorneys who are ad
mlttedh Lobbyists that they must adhere
to the following rules:
1. On arrival In Jefferson City, or as
soon a.s possible thereafter, any profes
sional lobbyist miiMt report his presence
In tho city by presenting ldmself at the
Governor's offlt e
2 Such lobbyist must state to the Gov
ernor the object of his visit.
3. A report must be made to newspaper
representatives, the samo as that rnado to
the Go ernor.
4. A thirty-hour limit Is placed on the
lobbyist's stay in the elty.
Prof. Carlisle of Spokane Dies While
Delivering Lecture.
BOISE, Ida.. Jan. 17 Professor W. D.
Carlisle of Spokane dropped dead on the
platform at the V ti C. A. auditorium
this evening He had Just risen to ud
drtwn the. Northwest h'riili Growers' asso
ciation and was stricken with heart fail
ure "ll.-r.- we llnd ..urs. Ives ,u the dawn
of the twentieth century," he said, em
ployed In the n .bl.st labor In which man
can engage that of waking in the vlne
. fd planted b th" I ord liod Almighty "
A i that Instant hO was stricken and was
.P ad In a few minul. B, DecSSSSd was q
native of Virginia and was connected with
a prominent family there.
Two Women Asphyxiated.
san" francisco. Jan. 17. The dsad bodies
f Miss Marv nvny nn.1 Mn- M.'Mum
w.-ro dlSCOVersd t.,day In a hum..- on I.yn.-ti
treol The women had tx-vn anphy xlutcij l . i
Ban and evidently had been ikud for several
day. Th.. polku Dellsvs that tho ilvullui wen
Inquiry as It Amounts
Bills to Bring Out These
Points Explained in
WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.-Tho House
Committee on Elections of President, VI. -President
and Representatives In Con
gress gave a hearing today on bills Intro
duced by Representative Bourk.- Cockran
of New York One provides for publlcltv
of contributions to campaign funds In
Presidential elections ami tne other for
the appointment of a special commission
to inquire into and ascertain the amoui ts
of mdnay expended by both political pnr
tles at all Presidential elections fnun 'sl
U 1904.
Mr Cockran sul.l this bill for a com
mission was not for the purpose of . z
posure, hut to secure facts which frould
he of value In framing remcdJ&J legisla
tion. Mr. Cbckran paid wo have neard
..f Stupendous funds In 18M and Wl. and
arlded that corruption may have begun in
Mr. Cockran did not object to contribu
tions. He thought a man had a.s much
right to put up his money an his views,
and said that all could not speak or write.
'Let him write his name to a check,"
said Mr. Cockran. "If that Is tho only way
In which he can show his enthusiasm "
He said he did not care If Mr. Rocke
feller put up two miiii.-n or Mi Morgan
1 one million, but ho .lid want the fact
known, nnd objected to contributions se
cretly made. A party, he said, should be
Judged by those who contribute funds.
' Mr. Cockran advanced the argument
thnt a great share of the expense of
campaigns should be thrown on ti -eminent,
lie said public building! could
be assigned as headquarters foi the two
leading parties, and that Government
clerk might be assigned to them. Ho
j said he could eee no reason whv the Gov
ernment I'Tlntlng office should not bo
mad.- available to tin- parties under rea
sonable restrictions, for the printing of
documents, and said that by extending
the franking privilege the . ..st .if . In U
latlng documents w.ail.l be largely met.
He thought the railroads might carry the
speakers. By this plan a gr. nt burden of
expense would be lifted from the ioii-
tlcal parties, as these were the bin Items.
Kenljlng to .'halrman Gaines of Weal
Virginia. Mr Cockran said it would be
necessary to limit tho privileges t two
parties, otherwise the plan would fail.
speaking of the franking privilege, Mr
Cockran suld he had circulated 10,000
copies of a speech of his own. The party
rejected It, he said, because It was too
demoi ratlc for Democratic digestion.
Reprieve for Murderer.
RICHMOND, Vu., Jon. 17 Tho Governor
tonlshl Kinnt.-.l O rfprlrvo to J Suniuol Mr
" "u.-, who nan to have been hajiifod at Char
lottesVUlS Friday for wife murder, until Peb
iun.ry 1. t give tlmo to tlx. Sui.r.-niu court
if tho State U cvuslder his coac.
Attorney Says It Will Be Furnished
Probably by Thursday.
CLEVELAND. O.. Jan. 17 Attorney J.
P. 1' . wh y appear, d before Cnlted States
Circuit Judge Wing today and asked that
tho amount of ball for the release of Mrs.
Cassle L. Chadwlck be tlx. d. Tliere are
five Indictments against Mrs. Chadwlck
In th. Federal court, and Cnlted States
DlstrJ.pt Attorney Sullivan asked that ball
be llx.j 1 1 iii i Mr. Daw ley suggested
III 1 0 Judge Wing compromised tho
matter b placing ball at $20,ono, and At
torney Dawley said this amount would be
There arc three other Indictments
against her In the Cuyahoga county
courts. Mr. Dawley said that he would
at once ask the Stat.- courts to tlx the
amount of ball and thnt ball would be fur
nlfeh d BS toon da the sum Is tlxed He
' l . i s h.-r release from fall about Thurs-
I y. Mr Dawley said he thought Mrs
I idwl.-k would go to th.- t'ha.lwlck home
-. Kia lld iv.-iilje, where I ir ( 'harlwlck
has been living since his release on ball
several weeks ago.
Speaker Cannon SAys We Have Good
Law and Need the Money.
WASHINGTON Jan 17. Speaker Can
non was a Ku.-st of honor and the prin
cipal speaker at the annual banquet of
the National Board ..f Trade tonight. The
speaker reminded bis hearers that this
was the short session of Congress, and
that the members were t agree on legis-
l.ilion th.. I would devote approximately
IGOO.OOO.OOO to the public servloa If the
H r.. lib- w. re to In- opened, Jl .OOO.QOO.ijuO
i could isll bo appropriated, and yet thero
would be a cry for more
Regarding the tariff question, Mr. Can
ROn said It was the consensus of opinion
that 11 was better to wait a year before
undertaking to revise tho revenue laws.
'I think," he said, "we have a pretty
g I revenue law. both as to customs anil
tho interna.! revenue, and." he added, with
a smile, "we need the money."
Won't Recognize American Chamber
of Commerce in Berlin.
BERLIN, Jan 17 Foreign Secretary
von Rlchthofsn hns again conveyed to tht
American Chamber of Commerce Intima
tion of the Government's unwillingness to
r.eoriilze a tor.-lgn Institution lit Berlin
under that nnme.
s. c rotary von Rlchthofsn says that the
Government has no objection to an asso
ciation of American men hunts devoted
precisely to the objects for which tho
present Amerlcun Chamber of Commerce
was organized, but that chambers of com
merce In Germany are Government Inatl
lutlon. chart.-r. d by the stale, and have
c. rtaln defined Government privileges
Which cannot be conferred uxin a foreign
Institution within German jurisdiction.
Increase the Capital Stock
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 17 At special
meetings' held this afternoon the stock
holders of tho Alaska Packers associa
tion, by more than two-thirds majority
vote, authorized the directors to Increase
the capital stock from Its '.resent amount
of Jo.OoO.OOO In rAW0 shares of tho par
va luo of (100 each, to 17.500,000 In 75,000
shares of the. same pnr value, and then
CreatS a bonded lndobteductJa of f.OW.OOV,
Says Bishop of Eureka
Was Right.
When He Denounced Those
Who Expose Oaths of
Temple as Traitors.
Judge- McCarty Stands Pat on Ei9
Theory as to Church In
fluence. By A. F. Philips.
Special to The Trlbunc.
WASH1NGTON, Jan. 17 Judge McCar
ty was recalled and reiterated his state
ment, made yesterdax , that tho under
standing among the masses was that thero
should be one Gentile and one Mormon
Senator; that In making up the tickets
th.-r" was always a division between Mor
mon and Gentile candidates except for the
Supreme court. He said county chairmen
among the Republicans were selected for
the purpose of getting the car of those
"on the hill "
MaJ Richard W. Young was the prin
cipal witness of the day He denied
church Interference In politics; declared
that Mormons accepted tho manifesto as
inspired; that It was the result of a senti
ment, and that It was a sentiment since.
As to the revelation regarding polygamy
and celestial marriages, he believed it to
be right' In principle. The law, however,
prevented the practice of polygamy. He
d.cllned to answ.-r any question regarding
the endowment ceremonies or any of Its
oaths or obligations.
Sustains Bishop Connelly.
When questioned regarding the utter
ances of Bishop Daniel Connelly In the
meeting-house at Eureka, I'tah, last Sun
day evening, who, when denouncing per
sons who betrayed the temple and en
dowment oaths before the committee,
pronounced them as traitors, MaJ. Young
said he agreed with the bishop.
Councilman Femsrrom. political owner
of a municipal ward In Salt Lake, ap
peared before the Senate committee this
afternoon. The "Terrible Swede" was
dazed. For the llrst Ume In his life he was
almost dumb. He found a place where ho
could not rule and he was silent.
With Fernstrom came C. V. Anderson,
the assistant Janitor at the city and coun
ty building, protege of "Fussy Jimmy."
and once editor of a Danish Mormon
paper. A third person appeared, one J. H.
Hayward, who said he was a Mormon and
contractor of Salt Lnke. All three were
brought here by the apostle Senator to
endeavor to impeach tin evidence given by
A. W Lundstrum. TheBe three witnesses
were on the stand five minutes. All said
Lunstrum's reputation for truth and vo
racity was bad and that they would not
believe him under oath. Fernstrom was
positive that Lunstrum is a liar Ander
son Just knew him. and Hay ward could
A. w. Lunstrum. These three wltnsast a
barely knew him.
Difference in Purposes
Jens Christian Nellsen, former husband
of Annie Elliott, attempted to Impeach
the testimony of his former wife He
said he camo from Canada, whero ho
now lives. It was remarked that it was
queer he could so easily be reached by
the hierarchy and ordered hero while
polygamous members of the hierarchy
and the church tied t Alberta to evade
Service when the protesluuts desired their
William Langton was brought In to Im
peach the testimony and character of J.
II Wallls. The question of Iangton's
competency as a witness was discussed,
but was finally heard Two minutes BUf
flc d for him
BS D R. Thompson did not prove to bo
the kind of witness Smoot desired, for
be declared he slgm-d the protest last
spring protesting against the testimony
of President Joseph Smith, and had not
Since . hanged his mind.
entries la- Molsey. State statistician,
was considerably tangled up on cross
. camlnatlon, and after declaring that ho
knew every man, woman and child In
Provo, when he left there in 1903, showed
how little he did know of the people in
Smoot s home town when questioned.
Postmaster Thomas, the star witness, is
expet ted to arrive tomorrow, as are sev
eral others
Postmaster Thomas had not left the
City at S o'clock hast evening News Ed
Man Who Lost SSO,OO0 in Wall Street
Tries Suicide.
NEW YORK. Jan. 17 Claiming to have
lost his fortune of J-SO.OOO us a result of
Thomas W Tawson's attacks upon Wall
street Interests, a man who said he was
Frank I). Austin, 40 years old twice t
ilax attempted to throw himself from the
Brookl.Mi bridge He was prevented by
Capt. Dev annoy of tho bridge police, who
grappled with him, and after a long strug
gle, In which he was helped by two detec
tives placed hirn under arrest.
"I wanted to end It all. : ho told his
captort. on his way to the pollco station
' 1 have lost $80.00" In Wall street, oil on
account of tho frenzied financier, Thomas
W. Iawson."
Mado Exposition Commissioners.
OAKLAND, Jan. 17 Theodore Oler, W 1 1
W.'llbve un. Wilbur Walker, who rrpreaente 1
. lam1i c.-unty nt tho World's fair tn St
I,ou1n were appointed by th Hoard or Su
porviBcn. today a commissioners to tho bowls
jid Clark exposition at Portland next sum-
More Indictments.
KAN FRANCISCO Jan 17 The Crand Jury
today returned frih Indictments iik'aJn H.-i-niann
Jonhua nnd tact. ICppltif-r iui.1 Jnitif
Detnlnga who was In the employ of tho
rOpilng-ors Tho n-w Indictments cover tho
chaxvefi mado In previous Indlr tmonts.
Election Commissioners Accused.
SAN KHANriHCO Jan 17 The grand Jury
today returned un accusation ntcnlnst the
l'...ar.l of Election Commissioners, alleging
that In tho last primary the board upi-.Int. 1
In tvN.. products officers who Won not yual
li.. j to act
Electing United
States Senators
Ballotinp in Several States Brings
New Men to the Upper
Thomas Kay Nledrlnghaus of St. Louis
today received a majority of the total
vote cast In both houses of the Mis
souri Legislature for United States
Senator, to succeed Francis M. Cockrell,
Mr. Nledrlnghaus received a majority
of eight on Joint ballot
The voting today. In both houses, re
sulted as follows:
House Nledrlnghaus, 79; Cockrell,
58; Kerens, 1; Blttlnger, 1
Senate Nledrlnghaus, 11; Cockrell,
Total Nledrlnghaus, 90. Cockrell, 80;
Kerens, 1; Blttlnger, 1
With the exception of the two votes
for Kerens and Blttlnger, the Republi
cans had all their forces In line for
Nledrlnghaus, the caucus nominee, de
spite the rumors that several members
of the House would bolt
Representative Grace, who Introduced
the resolution which resulted in the ap
pointment of a committee to Investigate
Thomas K. Nledrlnghaus, and who was
accounted an adherent of R. C. Kerens,
seconded the speech nominating Nled
rlnghaus. He announced, also, that he
spoke In behalf of Mr. Kerens and his
Representative Tubt&, chairman of
the committee appointed to investigate
the campaign contributions of T. K.
Nledrlnghaus. chairman of the Repub
lican State committee and caucus nom
inee for United Stales Senator, submit
ted the report of his committee to the
House today. The majority report of
the House committee says:
"That the action of Thomas K. Nled
rlnghaus so far as the Investigation of
your committee is concerned which In
vestigation was full and fair, was hon
est and above criticism."
Beveridge and Hemenway Chosen.
INDIANAPOLIS. Jan. 17 The two
branches of the Indiana Legislature to
day voted separately for United States
Senator. Senator Albert J. Beverldge
to succeed himself and Representative
Jamea A. Hemenway of Boonvllle to
succeed Vice-President-elect Charles
W Fairbanks, received the unanimous
vote of the Republican members, who
are In a large majority. The minority
cast their votes for John W. Kern of
Indianapolis and Benjamin F. Shlve
ley of South Bend.
Senator Burkett From Nebraska,
LINCOLN. Neb., Jan. 17. Without a
party caucus or other formality, save the
pledges "f the State and district conven
tions tho Republicans In the Nebraska
Legislature today voted for Elmer J Bur
kett for United States Senator. Ther
are only nine Fuslonlsts In the two houses
in.l Mr L'.urk- tt received a majority vote
in each. Tomorrow the Legislature will
meet In Joint session and the vote will be
announced Mr Burkett has represented
the First Nebraska district in Congress
for three terms.
Fight Begins in Washington.
OLYMl'IA Wash.. Jun 17 On tho first bal
lot for Cnlted States Senator In tho Washing
ton Legislature tho ballot In the Senate and
FIoupo separately were as follows: Addison G.
Fo-ter of To--oma, Charles Swooney of
i..kane 27 SStnuel Pile Seattle. 32; John
L Wilson Seattle 15. Wesley L. Jor.os. North
Yakima. 6: Samuel G. ."osgrove. Pomeroy.
Osotge Turner (Dm ) of Spokane, 8. Neces
sary to choice, 9.
Knox Elected to Quay's Seat.
BABBIBBT7RO, Ha. Jan. 17 -The two
hnuichs of tho Pnnsyl vantn. Legislature Ml
,,t.,j ,-p.uut. l; t. I--, for Cnlted States 8on
ator. Philander C. Knox, who was appointed
by Governor Pennypaicker to sucocvl tho lalo
M. S. Quay, received the unanimous vote of
iho Republicans. The Democratic minority
cast tholr ballots for State Senator Hall.
Lodge and Crane Elected.
BOSTON Jan 17. Senator I-odg. was re
0Ct 1 for a full term by the Massachusetts
Legislature today and W. Murray Crane was
Chosen to complete the remainder of Senator
Hoar's ThS Democratic nominees wore Wil
liam Gaston of Boston and Former Congress
man John R. Thayer of WtorOSBter.
Clapp His Own Successor.
ST PACL. Jan. 17. Hot h houses of the Lg
Islaturo voted separately today for Moss Clapp
for United States Sonutor to succeed himself
tn tho Senate the vote wns 54 for i""lapp and
six Democrats vol id for Mayor Smith ..f 8t
Paul. In the House Clapp received 111 votes.
Smith 6 and Sp.-ak.ir Clague 1.
Gov. Bulkley Becomes Senator.
HARTFORD, Conn., Jan 17. For I'nlto.l
States Senator to succeed Joseph R. Hawley,
Former Q..vnmnr Morgan G Bulkley of this
die today rve.dved a majority of tho votes
cast In each branch. A Hoaton Robertson of
Now Haves wna tho Democratic nominee.
Fifth Term for Senator Aldiich.
PRi IVXDEMCB R- I . J"" 17. Senator Nel
son W Aldrleh was choson by both housos of
tho Qensnil S Ullll for a fifth term today by
the Republican and NnM.mnl Committeeman
George W Croone of Woonsc-ckot was named
by tne Democrats.
Depew an Easy Winner.
ALBANY, N Y . Jan. 17 In the balloting
today for United States Senator In the Sonato
'hiiuncoy M Depew received M votes: Smith
M W' ' l. lh I '. miM-i alio nominee, n In the
Assomblv tho vote stood: Depew, 100;
Weed, 41-
No Action on Burton Resolution.
TOPEKA. Kan , Jan 17 In both tho House
and Senate today the resolution asking United
Statos Senator J R Rurton tn resign was cer
tified up to the Committee on Statu Affair. It.
Is not probable that any action will bo taken
en the matter for several days.
Entire Vote for Senator McCumber.
BISMARCK. N D . Inn 17. Both houses of
the North Iakol'.i Legislature voted In sepa
rate session today for United States Senator.
Tho entire Republican vote In ech houuo was
cast for Senator P J. McCumber
Unanimous for Senator Burrows.
LANSING, Mich., Jan. 17 Tho two houses
of the legislature In Joint session cast their
Unanimous ballots for Julius Caesai Burrows
to a third term In the I nltod States Senate.
Senator Hal Re-Elected.
Al'Gt'STA, Me.. Jiui 17 Kug..n Halo was
re-elected to tho Cnlted States Senuto for a
fifth term by tho Maine Legislature today.
Earthquake Kills Hundreds.
ST. PICTKRSBCnO, Jan. 17 Au earthquake
at Shemokha, soventy-slx mtles northwest of
Btrkii. burl.-d hundreds of pvrsons In the ruins
of buildings tn tho lower part of the town,
which wo.-, densely populated despite tho de
cision after tho euilhquake of tbre yours ugo,
that no more huuee should bs built there.
General Understanding I
to That Meet. I
Judge McCarty Says So,
and, of Course, He Ought B
to Know. K
Richard W. Young Thinks Manifesto iHn
Inspired and That Connolly Ex- Hll
pressed Mormon Sentiment. Bbi
WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 When th
Smoot investigation opened today
Judge W. M. McCarty of the Supreme
court of Utah, who was on the stand
yesterday, was recalled by Chairman
Burrows and examined concerning the
division of offices between Mormons
and Gentiles.
He said there was no agreement, hut
that it Is understood that the canal
dates on the tickets shall be about
evenly divided. He repeated the state
ment made jesterday that there is an
understanding that one United States
Senator shall be a Gentile and the other
a Mormon.
Richard W. Young of Salt Lake, a
graduate of West Point and also of the
law department of Columbia university,
was sworn.
While serving In the Philippines he
was president of the criminal branch
of the Supreme court of the Islands. He
returned to Salt Lake City In PJOl and
Is now president of one of the four
Mormon stakes of Salt Lake City.
Mr. Young Is a monogamist and says
the sentiment of Mormons Is decidedly
hostile ,to polygamy. He said there Is
no teaching of polygamy and has been
none since the manifesto was Issued.
Political ' Whisperings.''
In relation to "whisperings" In poll
tics, he said he knew of no Instance
where the "whisperings" had been
traced to any Mormon authorities He
thought there may have been somo un
derllngs who attempted to create th.
Impression that the church wanted
some particular candidate elected, but
that when these cases were traced
down the accused always denied that
they had been authorized to take such
So far a9 he was concerned personal
ly. he said, no person had over sought LM
to Influence his vote.
On cross-examination Mr. Young said BBJ
he believed that the manifesto was In- HHJ
spired nnd that while there are people HBl
In tho church who have not accepted the HBJ
doctrines of revelations, the overwhelm
Ing majority believed thnt the revelation
In relation to celestial marriage was In- HB
spired. '
"In view of tho persistent rumors that BHj
an apostle of the church has taker, two HB
plural wives since the manifesto, do on HB
not think that authorities of tho church HB
should procure the attendance of that HBJ
man us a witness In this hearing?" asked JjSJ
Attornev Taj ler.
"I dorA know that they could procure BflJ
his attendance," replied Mr. Ynunp. HJ
As to Traitors. BA
Mr Taylor called attention to a dispatch
from Eureka. Utah, to the effect that at HB
a meeting Sunday night Bishop Danl.-i HB
Connolly announced those who had be- BhJ
tray., endowment oaths at VYashineton
were traitors and said he "had known HB
traicrs to be shot." The dispatch said HB
also that when taken to task for the vlo-
lence of his language the bishop said that HB
ho was indignant at tho witnesses who HH
had violated their oaths, but that If he HB
had known there was a reporter present
he would have been moro guarded.
Mr. Young did not approve the reference
to the shooting of traitors, but said hfi HB
thought that Otherwise the bishop had HBJ
expressed tho sentiment of the Mormon HBJ
people toward those who had testllied In HB
tho Smoot Investigation cncernlnc the HBJ
endowment house ceremonies. He id HBJ
Mnrmiiim abhorred traitors and said a HBJ
man who would violate his oath before a HBJ
Justice of Peace would violate any oath HBJ
of the church He could make no dlstlnc- HBJ
In answer to questions by Chairman HBJ
Furrows, Mr. Young snld that until two HBJ
years after Its Issuance the manifesto w.xa HBJ
not construed in lie directed against th HBJ
practice of polygamy, but only against HBJ
DSW plur.il marriages. He SHld that If it HB
were not for the law agalnxt polygamy. HB
he should b.-iie-..' thn principle to be
right. Some of the bishops under Mr. HBJ
Young are polygamlsts. and he said he HBJ
had tak. n no steps to dissuade them from. HB
continuing the practice HHJ
Mr. Young, answering questions by the HHJ
chalrmnn. said he felt obliged not to re-
veal the nature of the endowment cere- HHJ
monies, but In that i oi ni ctlon old he re- 1H
netted the Inability to answer, because bo H
believed the worst mil .f Inference mlghfc'
be drawn from thca.. refusals,
Conference Could Not.
Mr. Young was on the stand at the
afternoon session nnd Mr. Tayler asked:
"Is It a fact that the llrst presidency HHl
or th apostles must be sustained at the HHl
semi-annual conference just the same as H
they arc sustained whan originally HHl
elected "
The witness thought that the confer- HHl
enco could not, at least would not. va- HHl
onto a position unless charges were llled HHl
and the oftlclul tried prior to the confer- HHl
Attorney W'prthlngton. for Senator
Smoot, and Senators Burrows nnd Mc- HB
Comas engaged In an argument as to the HHl
proprletr f ,i question ns to whether the HHl
endowment house ceremony contains any- HHJ
thing hostile to this Government when
tho witness declines to is-iv.- the wording HHJ
of the oath taken by Mormons who go HHJ
through the ceremony. HHJ
The members of the committee took the H)HJ
position that if partial answers were given HHl
the inqulrv should extend to the on- HjHJ
tire subject. Mr Worthlngtou likened HHl
the situation to an Inquiry Into Masonry
Or other Secret organizations, and said HHl
that the wltnOSl should bo pormltted to
sny that ho had taken no obligation hos-
tile to the Government, and th. n declined HHl
to reveal a secret oath which he Is obliged HHl
to divulge.
After the argument Mr Worthlngton "MVJ
asked . . HHsi
Is there anything in the oath that re-
lates to your Government'.'" HHl
"J don't know that 1 would understand

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