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T - - luh lam, uum " ' ' ! . bLt.LjiD, 17. 1UU5. . 3 B
1 ifjOORLD?
J I mi 11 iv ;in Has a Hi
ZPubpss That He Was
Just That.
ifciFsivrn thk facts.
Baking demonstration
I H DiRSSes esI)(1('tive
Merits of Fitzsimmons
and O'Brien.
31 iLiim' 10 ,lm"- lho ,')'l"J5,,r"1 Is put
P'i John I. champion of th j
B!j some wise iii'mlmrs of the ;
W.i i' 1 ncr' ' Ppk m
Bm. Thrre hau 1'" a Rinwl going
Ktl ,.f world i liamplon since he
HjJsAllri'. " Wi,i ' hamPon ii till?
I ., ! h K igllsh cham-
B, t It. io" won 'rum
K psd-U Hvan won tho hamplon
H " c winning from htm In an
hiir. nut Mill"" L- i I li J won
KLpoulti' '! iuss. I
gatflsw; 'mEHB
fo-fwjijil i I t k - who tiu
Hter lio r.int r f-asun al Nov
Till si i-id- cyK little fellow hai
Br Wotolrrrul , li n a rider and I
R'tfi: n- . f ii. urn? cf lh
'w" la,r " f" "'" 11,0 ' l';""''lr'""
gH5iLh'J'' n question like tin? ,
&'&ll',,-,,,,l'1'-r'-'' " this
inC."": rj '"'"""K fellows who
Wt! Ioi.r. -V!" "" I hiked
' IIFvr i'. !! "' ' 1
' '"Mo' ta"mn Im
i Ef;-. u,'en through th- J
rrienda nrM th;. ,r " wr nr"'
the SouTO hi. ; ,,WP "? " "P to
everybodj that thvt w :" 'ns ,oM
Long Growl With Charley Mitchell.
When in London i siRnrvi to Bht Mitch-
i o , '' 1, h:u v aiputed evfr point.
i and Ph i ., "l'V" 8 "A rni
Mm h ,vh" .WaK !l foi me. to 3
mm that be wann'i Blgnlng tor u rootra c
' inalBUn? h ff ' twny-our-fool ring
nwaun however, that the Hehl laka
Place within one Utoueind mliei'of LoiS
lo . no pai. fo, hohiins tu- h,i w ,
' Sftlni ':r." u id.rn "00 h
i ,;! -M::.-hol, that I was i f raid
1 arlej mihi InsUl upon m0iB ,,, , .,,
Z V"l"r !H,a"tls "ten th, it
tinilri. "V mv1 ffme
ujininic 10 his followers Mid
r iVi.ih1, iboIfv. "',v l've him .'
, J ' "shed. "Wrii nn, Cven n twentr-n.,r-foot
rlnn too Brh.ll to hide In when
the (ta n. spid
, f, lfce K:'" K had been ch wine
?.-i :,rl c,r" Finally, he paso.i mc
the formttlon ihHl i wm b dlrtj rogue
hitkn. il S )H .,-rapplm talk, nnd I took
M t,p on the lnltinto
Yon (jpn ol ji ?nM " aaye l io him. Tyi
coi a couple of carrlagvi at the door. :r..i
nT' ln, on ril tak.- tho other
and we 11 drive out to the first vacant lot
uid ill knock your block off."
I Started toward th- door ;ini Charley
with ., i.ind of sickly grin on hlfl phut
jook a few steps. Mr. Allison editor ot
j "i, iduan liidM rerert and in v iri.-o.l-
rtilli d me iwnv -ril make It wo, - :. ,
nun for waiting." i ciif(j hk. :i
long growl 'sis over.
Please Omit Right on Jaw, John L.'
The punch thai l park."! aa mv favorite
JMien I w:is in in ,-lne was tho right to
tne jaw This punch surHv driivo t'.i
goods when adjusted on tho other tellowa'
'line and although iivr.. nr other
punchea with namea taken 'ut of da tot
hooks. Invrntod recentlv. none of them
I lomo up to a rijth! on the low. With
speed and tvof hhind It. thore lan'l .mv
oihor wmiiom a rt.nn nf bringing home
i thn money, n has for ma many j tlma
; Di,i. man who was Screwing lip his cnur
np; I" go Into to rl- c with mo for four
r jt.iIk irloil t. malto n donl for nv to cut
oiii this punch i-iitlroly, whll li- ho :,.
Imin,) to hit when unci where ha pleaaed
! I wouldn't Hve Hr, BUCh thing, of
course. f'r it would impossible for me 1
to carrj ""t such a iiargain if i made ll
I always sntered the ring determined to
"i" i kiiow iiiiii u ins jaw wa
op ned up for nv- to hit li. I'd do it
"I'll tell you Whal 1 will (In. 1 -aid to
Ihls . andldsto, i c-iii't ngrff to onill th
right 10 the Jaw. but I'll ssreo ihl nirv
time i hit win with mj right on to last
It won't count. I'll wnlt till nn recover,
and then we'll atari over again "
i. ike a htn w win.' its roared. "What
il you lako m for to ho starting In again
after im of your Miiash-s " Tho starting
I" I'd I"- lining w.uilil In- starting ni.n .1
So he wouldn't iry it thereby filing to
got for himself quits a hunch of valuable
experience. As he is dead now; i hold
baok his nsjne.
Freak Finishes Expected From Fitz
There Isil'l any use of crying "Shame"
mi JdcK O'Brien because he'a Khig to as-
SaUll an old niun like Pits, at loast not
mi we got th. returna from the iighi Pits
has a blanket f muscle around his solar
plexus thiii has iiuido man) a wallop
that would have made good on most fight- !
Crs amount to not much When It reached !
him. n- imiii mi that muscle blanket
slii-n he worked ai iho forge and because
he has had this protection along in all his
lights is one of the big reasona why ho
has won out ao often.
O'Brien Is young, sure enough, but not
n young SB ha whs iho last time hs mot
Pits In a limited go. In thai tlghi. it was
anybody'a battle, borause thoro wasn'i
loom to work In a finish) hut the coming
s rap will certainly sottio the question bo-
tweeq those mitt artists. Tales as to
Fltr.'s had feel, lamo hands weak knees
and old ago dOn'l go for so much. Mo Is
a VST1 foxy tighter, and In manv of his
fights he has passed OVer the knockout at
Just the tlnto when tho other follow was
sure he had h'm all In
t;ion Ix fast, and he muv bo able to
keep away f i mn those shifts of the old
man. brut Philadelphia shouldn't gamble
too heavily against Fit', simply because
O'Brien is a good-looking oung fellow
nnd i ls the money. It Is time Fltr got
his, of course, bill the wise ones always
remember that the regular rules don't ap-
nlj io Mis Freckles, lie's a freak If th'-re
ever was one In the ring, and freak lln-
ishes are tO be expected In his tights.
Can the Quaker Stand the Gaff?
A" far back as the time Flu fought
Jsi k Iieinpsey. about every battle the
' Cornishman has been In, he was. before
the lighl looked upon as a loser. Kvery-
body thought Dempssy would make mini a
meat of Pita and Pempssy'a backers put
,ortgsgc ou even tick and stone Qthey
ncd Io as i Bjel on what thoy tnugnt
was a si,,- Utlng for Jack AU the Jtnow
nM ont t aa nothing bul a atlft wallop
ing for KHz. but li.e beating can.. tO
UV"VTn fifffe nklits sine, then, Fir,
has turned he aam! " Z"?
O-Brlcn looks like wlnner-on paper-
l:-- r. -; m ' iliii.l I
Beavers, the West Point Hnlf-Back, Trying for a Goal From Placement, Dtiring the Great Princeton Game, In Which the Cadets Were Tried With the Middies.
With his .'outh. speed, cleverness and so
forth. But there may he something In
what a snOrt said to me the Other da)
a sport wnbee name js known all over the
; country . Say. ho to n
"I ve Been Fits In aomc of his iij;ii:s put
on tho took of a boston and iised-up old
i man. just to make the other man careless.
Ma can do It to the DjUeeiv'a taste, and thla
talk beforehand fbout I isn belt k 1
Up Is part "f ih'- lO-ikr-jp. I'm belling
that O'Brien Will lose to FIlZ because
the ,,id man has too many nicks up his
SleCVe for him. and the Quaker won't ho
able to stand the gaff the blacksmith will
bond him nftei- the :,e-ht has boon going
long enough to gie the picture-machine
Iran at least ton rounds. After lhat, it will
be all oor but the counting."
Mad Fitz boon born in thla country, ho
would be a greater favorite than ho Is.
lie K hioked upon is an (.englishman and
he has never got iho treatment that his
great record entitles hltn to When he
saasee In. he win leave ti sior that'll mi
the dope bonks. Uon l forget thai Jeffries
is the only man who has ever stored Fitz
awa y.
Can Fishes Hear?
A question that la constantly being de
bated by soologlsls and forms the Sub
ject of experiments! research Is. "Can
' fishes hear"' W illie some plausible
arguments are advanced In the affirma
tive, the general ..pinion of BOOlOgi.tS -j
opposed to this low and the ioason-
I have recently been summed up In a Qer
i man otologics! journal by Dr. o. ECornsr
Though many Qabefl are sensitive to
lapi.i consecutive vibration, transmitted
through the water. yl 'l ! believed
i lhat those an; perceived by so-called
j auditory organs, for In the cases of some
twenty-five apeclsa of iish single loud e
I plosions we;e totally disregarded. The
j senses of sight anil touch In llshes ran
' I.,- readily .t nen.-i . ald and studied, and
there is no logical reason why the sense
Of hearing should ho so difficult of deter
mlnation. The most conclusive argument tiOW
i ver. Is that llshes and other vertebrate.
(hat are deaf are the only members of the
class that do not have organs correspond
ing to tho cortlsoblan nerve termina
tions. Those organs, it Is believed,
are the only ones that are capable
of transmitting auditory vibrations, as
there is no reason for believing Unit BUCh
vibrations can be received b) the vesti
bular apparatus. Marper'a Weeklj
Au Epicure.
A fastidious man undertook to transmit
instructions through the waiter to the
cook Ho wanted an oyster stew. Those
wore his Instructions:
"Now. waiter, kindly ten the ok I
do'i want the oysters and the milk mere
l mixed and heated. I want the milk
oe.rel.iSIy boiled (Irsi The oys.ers should
then bo added without iho liquor. The
liquor should not be pJt In until the sea
soning Is add.-.l. Be vorv partlc'ilar to
gel good. rl h nil k and nothing but the
best gilt-edge. I liuti.-r. As for the oysters.
I want t ap- i.'od ualls N'f. ordinary k
oysters for me. Do you understand?"
think I do. air, replied the waltei
"hut do you wlSh the oysters with or
w illiout'.'"
"Willi "i without what'" asked the
"Pearls sir. St. laji is Post Dispatch
m m
Prominent Jockeys Aw fiottiii?
Fat. Perhaps Because of
Records Made by Men Long
String of Victories This
Tribune Sj in I sporting Servlrt.
NEW YORK, Dec. JO.-Thero Is no
question but that thero are several Jock-
i eys prominent during tiie past season that
I has Just closed, who will have difficulty
, In getting down to riding weight next
. year. If at all. Among these are 'Willie"
Davis, who was under contract to Sydney
PSgSl during the Kastern season, and did
considerable riding for August Belmont:
i Frnnkli O'Neili who rode for NSWtOlJ
1 r 'iiwiuTi yi a'i I Fred Hurlew and who
5 loted v' sehen In nearly at) his in.ttior
i ab! lctorle. Nnlahed aeconil on tnc list
i.' wlnnlfig 6t Iteya for the settaonj Arthur
; tted'ern, wlio bear, lite reputation of be
ing ih- beat Norseman among recent
American Jockey; Shaw. Uyne. .i Ma I n
ar.d othets. According 10 reports. Willie
Lvnapp the niie Western jockey, who
vaa one of the remaik.bl sensations of
the vesr. Iigs also hon taking on weight
i..pldly during iho la iter part of the sea
son and may have difficulty keeping dow n
iii the required weight
Some Disqualified.
!t can also be stated upon the host of
authority that when the time rolls around
for 1 1,, -teivurds of the Jockey club lo
deal out iho riding licenses for I0iv, there
Is a strong llkqllhood that ni least three
I or four prominent riders will not tlnd
l heir names on the Hat. That the stew
ards wore dissatisfied With the riding of a
i iiciber of jockejyg during the season Just
closed there -a a be no doubt, but the
proving of llahoneat acta upon the part
of Jockeys Is a serious proposition. When
H comes lo granting licensee however, it
Is within the power of the stewards to
simply omit certain names in the list
v. itho.it suiting reasons. This ll Is said,
on the Ver) highest authority, will ho the
course pursued.
Are Coming Back Home.
Several of the prominent American
Jockeys who haVS been riding In differed
1 arts of Kurope during the year have
i been arriving back home and more are
I expected within tho next few days.
Among those who have recently returned
are Fred Taral and Marry txwls. who
rode In Austria, Hoai .".i Rausch, the
l'.ttle 'allfot ul.n. who w as V K under
bill's lea. Hug jocks-.' 'u the French tracks.
Records of Riders.
The records of the prominent riders in
the Fast during the season are as fol
low a : '
foekera let- 2,111 lr4s v1"'
Miller 10S M 71 3
i.'Vell 92 A .0
W Knapp 'n g
Bum- 71 SJ S4
3 Murtln M H
, Kuiv.l S Bl 41 1
' Mlldebraiid u 67
Shaw S
tv Davis E ,T 1
McBanlel . i '
Itomanalll " !i 4 !5
Jewell W
CMmmlna 2 JJ -
i. Jonas 23 : i JJ
lvrrlne 19 10 M
wih y W "
'Ray J I Jt
I.. Smith Jf JJ g I
Kodfo'n i? i a
Hotter ... 15 5 n
Nicol is li
J. Johnson 15 1 &
It. Smith 1" i- ;
J J. W.l.h 15 ! U l
M linyre ' "
Fuller 11 U J
-Kodrock '
rinnegan ? ,. a
, W. Bu.-hansn J I '''
I S. Imifiior 4 ,7
I Cl -snier 11
Dead heat In Metropolitan handicap.
8tectpleohasa i Ulera
Good Work of Maher.
The two American Jockeys wno remain
on the ingl'?h eotira are Djimy Maher
and J. H. Martin, Mah-r. with 101 vlc
t rlea nnlsned second or. the list of wlu
i'lng jockeys, wrillo ilartln was ninth o i
I h . .;-l E Whoa. lev finished nrst with
ii Ictorlea Martina poor showing la
nttrlbtlted t the lai k of good moun's.
Mi (tei had n mounts md with lai vlc
h 'lea had a p.-r.-"iiag. of J4.". Wheat
ley bad M7 mounfa, fl more than Maher
and With 116 v ictories had a percer.tnge of
I 60 Madden who finished third on
i i. llal had dSl mounts and only had 10
victorfei!, with a percentage of ifi.20
Opinion in London
Regarding the record, of Jockeys on the
rihe; .-.fie of iho water the London
Sporting I-lfe ha the following 10 ak
"Maher and Madden have rnet with
considerable difficult In reaching Ihelr
hundredth Win this aeason, but strangely
each accomplished the uesirahle attaln
' rent on Prlda) lart. MaddSH being first
10 do s Maher brought his score lo 101.
by n. further victor) later in the da. but
lie was not nop out on Sunday at Hurst
pa'!., i'nd Madden, bv winning the last
race, now ties with the American for
second position It Is extremely unlikely
thnt either of the pair named will now
overhaul Wheatley, oven If he only alds
two or three further victories between
now arid the end of the season, for Maher
Usually returns to America before the
i loae. " ad Madden, brilliant horseman
though he be will have to ride with phe-
I nomenal auceeas to catch the Baumher
Jockey Mlggs continues to pile up vic
tories, atid. with S7 wins. Is well in the
running for second prize, which he may
quite conceivabl) secure Randall, recov-
' ered from his Indisposition, lion not Peon
seen ao frequently In the saddle, and may
now reach his WO. Temploiman and
hi uii s have each done w. :i and with the
remark that Martin and Halsei scored
thtlr fiftieth wins ai Newmarket, the ap
p i.dod tiguies may ho li ft to explain tho
doings of tho leading groua:
KamSi Moun:e Wln. P. C.
E. Wheat Iv in lit 21 aO
D MSbSr .Vniorlcsni 411 Ml i4.6T
i Mal.n fcl I'd J.gj
W. 1I!(4S & ' 1"-W
11 Randall 53 18 T
t; Dillon S ta
Win Uiigg ispprentl. e. .33S S 14 W
.t 11 Murtln lAmerlcani HI BO 14. W
w Halaey 14
II. Jonea 2 "
C Trlss 2 H
u Lrnbam W 3 U.U
; M-.-.ill S49 r. 14 05
A Bharpl fapp.) I-'1 11 f''
It. Blo. lapp i V 1
J Prlestman 173 S'3 1T5
Pasaiug of Club.
KsWB that the W ashington Park Jockey
dub of Chicago will pass out of exist
ence ahortly has been received with re
gret b turfmen In t;i" Kast.
The Washington Purk dub's greatest
ovenl Blnce its Inauguration has been the
American Derby which Is one of the BX
I tietnely few great American turf classics
known to KngllBh turfmen. The efforts
made b) the olub isa to encourage ln
tfr national racing are inigeiv responsible
for 'ho fame of the event abroad. In that
i the I' Ik. of Beaufort sent a starter
to the poat in Btrathross, shipping him all
th wav from England to run In this race.
Btrathrose was beaten. Incidentally.
Patronised by Leaders.
In remit ears such prominent Amerl
can turfmen as August Belmont. the late
Wtlllnin C Whitney, James R Kecpe.
I'laren-e Ii Msoka H P Whitney. H.
B. Duryea, Louis V Boll, ate , have made
n I rles to the stake
sli ce the inauguration In ite4 strictly
speaking, only one Eastern horse has won
the event. Highball. Mr Shoftol's hlgh
elasa colt, rapturing It In 1! He was
bred and foaled In Kentucky From p.
financial os well as aportlng point of view
the retirement of the Washington Park .
. lub will bo a aerlOUS blow to those Inter-
r-ated In the sport of kings, iho chib alnce
ISM having distributed tn lurfni.-n naarl)
s quarter of a minion dollara each year at
iis twenty-fiv. Hie c meeting
Jts first president was Ucn. Phillip Sherl-
JS gjgaa Those, suffering from weaa I
pf liasaaa which ssp tho pleasures
g of life shou' l take Jnven Puis.
-' -" i. One box cill iell a story of
raarveloua resuli. 'J'li ruedlcine h mors
rejuvenating, vitalizing force than has ever !
been offered. Sent post-paid in plain package '
only on receipt of this adv and SI.
Made by its originators . i. Hood Co.. pro
Sletora Hood's Sarsaparilla. Iowell. Mass.
Nine full regulation alleya at the
Crown Bowling Parlws
13 W. Third 6o. InO. Pone 2304.
Private alleys'- for ladle, and
i clubs. Ladles' p2.tronap;e eapadsJly
008 SfLAIN ST.
OaJafortUa and 32aaterzt SSsSgg 3Mxmt
rtr far all rportnnc event.
notice! ' I
I have Just received a stock of Billiard
supplies ajid will do work and fill all
orders at rlgh: prices.
Phone 2282 Ind. 415 So. 1st West.
dan, who was succeeded by George Henry
Wheeler, a jopular and successful citizen t
, of Chicago. Since Mr Wheeler's death the
affairs of (be club hn.ve been arranged bv
i tho following list of officials. Iiwrcncs
, A. Young, president ; M'alwn J Ferry ,
i vlce-pi eslcient. James H.oward. secretary
and ycaiiurer; Latvrcnro A. Young, WTat-
son j Ferry. .Tun.es Dow ai d. John F.
! Morso and W'illlam 1j. Phelps, directors.
The Top Hat and the Frock Coat
From Xew York comes the report that
ihe top hat. which recently celebrated Its
Centenary, is doomed to desuetude. H
I From Paris we bear lhat the frock coat'
Is to be discarded. Take the top hat first
1 It survived an Infancy of lidjdcule and
I the missiles of hostile outh to attain
a ripe old age of dignity and even venera
tion. The frock coat, after many vicissi
tudes, became the badge of orators. B
fiom the barker outside tho medicine
j enOW to the statesman in the Cabinet
Combined, (he top hat and the frock
weie a rortltlrau. of respectability, prer
cni. or past, entitling the w-earer to a seat
1 on the stage or a sympathetic hand out.
at the aide door
Hut there may yet be hope. The top
hat and the frock coat are not the only
articles of attire that have boon sentenced J
' to Join the horse in the museum of an- H
tlQUlty We can all recall how. when
i the cycling erase swept over the country.
1 the "long pants" thai ?M-,j g thrill
of adolescence through every boy at some
period oi ills career were QffOnMST to
appear before the adi im ing wave of
knickerbockers. Yet "the dog It was that
died," the bicycle fad went tirsi. Tito BH
The Great Rive li y Among the L:-lit and Kalli. i height PuggfOJ : Cuanco ai Battling Nelson, as De
picted hy a Cartoonji
automobile. t... was to furnish us with ll
new toggery, hut beyond Ihe auto cap IH
and the nolo .-hit unH v -II r ha-, mad.. iH
no paiihuiar Impression on the sartorial
world. Possibly the clothes that go with
It are too redolent of tho oil can for po-
Hi. BOCtot) The top hat and the frocll H
coat aie likely to outlive the edict of '
banlShmsnl They are even making H
progress In the company of the "hlled''
slirt In tho wild and woolly W.St They afj
are ih.-- uniform of tin -i i teaman m every H
cross-rosds hamlet What would Con- g
gross be without them?- Pittsburg Dig-
an .tdPmLfxt.zlit- r&is man hhki i j

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