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I Minidoka Project
to Know About
ler Supply.
of Pumping System
Be Undertaken
feral Years.
1, Dec. 17. The Rf'-laniK.
ely has born Importuned
on the Minidoka pro
lix a definite date when
pplied to the lands on I ho
Snake river, above the
re the agents of the Gov
ible to state definitely
p plant would be In
the plan f construction
kes provisions for this
rk. The most that could
at the Installation of the
would not bo undertaken
I n has however, been
I that were it practicable
alUatl.m of such a pump
Evtely water would not
those high lands earlier
lay of twrt. four, or five
lousl prolong this wait
Pioject of Kind
project Is not the only
le lilting of water by
Is above the gravity sys
qfaany others. It has
Ivtsable by the. leading
d this part .if each pn
! pending the completion
vstems. To lift water In
iLintltW-s required to re
us will necessitate the
pumps of larger size and
than over before at
iry business sense do
xperlmont should not be
consideration has been
e engineering and un
1 Settlers Advised,
of this fact has been
to time during the p --i
t. and intending settlers
scd snd warned not to
I) could bo Irrigated only
i the Minidoka project it
ble in the future to re
i above and near the,
by means of a pumping
fe'r to be supplied at the
claim Large Area.
Teclalm.-d on the south
Ivor by this means con-
seres, while nearly half
may be reclaimed on the
rnllar means. The actual
iturc of the rex imnatlon
t 1 Less than f2 000,000, a
jr In excess of the cost of
tern now ncarlng comple
lnmation Projects.
Of the Interior has re
Iwo new reclamation pro
lch will be partly in
BBSS jan.v In
Ba$0 Grande proi.-.i. i h- ..ili-r.
lit wholly in New Mexico, will
&t f i: The two
Bojecls will hiln(.- ihe num
Hunatlor, schemes up t" ivv.-nt-
Bttoe, eleven are
f. pru for tin- r -a-l.ir.i.. I n-n
fMof arid lands .it a cost of
I Cost of the Work.
B". 1. thf
.the R--:.-. i
ihe administration exp !
mMto fcK.lCS. On that date the
ih'Wl hid u-achfd .i totil of
HjfJ' ra8 estimated at th.il time
Kpnpts for the ilscal years 1906
t r unount to J3.fXi . so that the
available for i
f ? to Lhe end of im will be
jijlTnit Has Been Built
fiV rk of rrrclam.itii.u
w tnllf-s main -mm.i l have
WUctej ana fiftv-...n ..f
VI -;.' -
jJP l.ri . i '0 cu-
;ar" hav. I,,-. . ... .1
ML1"3 '""-!, ! e .,:
Cra'1'' and th- roads
fM'-3 U miles. It I i ,
'fLr,;t flft m - Mti.r
cement mill ha bi-en :u-
WStkShr"1 -"f " lll'-h alr'' 11 '
P"" Quantities Cement.
BlsV'o"1 '1J,"Jf turcd h,
ftr-,0 Service, use has beep
" - -'Hi1. I,,r r '
T , ' I' irchased m open n r-
! 5 f,,t ,; m. oi in i
M-,,." ' J: M
S', r"'r' -1 Th n. rei.
''ew"'5 (" 7""'" 1 -tr'ls
1 1 ,n i-.
JJ3 of Tons of Metal.
"' b' 01
W h : 1 r;" whl h th.
BSIiAfk Rec,matlon SeiA j. e
in Getting Men.
fit; T.'..r,rt,i
PS. Tlr,. inm,l"r Perxl.-., have
JHn. , r . w"' n men some
the arid West, now
Roes a t ,KK s, . .
air "' G"v rnm. ni
ffraly failed b. , - ...
B?5c' the service of u
m '', !",rkmi111 "i hers
fife') 1lm' nnd
P-Wntructoiw and for. -Pbnomenally
IT S aro unable to rmnil
Sob R. ?lnta nccejjuary for
rk br v ' '" I' ln '
BCtr.ylnK """Sr v.,c
OR,' ""' ,; ' "von w
UltlUcernP .'n0m"l,H,,y 1
i ,,, h. ,K , ts ..f
-stT Aei''1 f"w u"
Northern Pacific Robbers Dis
play Nerve After Looting
Express Car.
robbers who held llp tne North Co8st
limited at UliMi.lo siding at the aklma
canyon, eleven miles north of here, evi
dently boarded the train whl!e at this
Place as the train did not stop until h
Vr.,'-',".",110""1 t0 ,l0 -vo he robhrrs
Story Told by a Boy
A boy Is being held at Ellensburg who
as On ti)e blind baggage. n pays the
wo men Kot on top ..f the mall oar at
this place ind rode to Hilvi. .nK
At that point tho clinihed down from the
csr to the rear of the tender, while the
train w.-m running at full spe, d The en
piner and fireman did not them until
thOJ pointed cms Into their faces and ile
mai ded them to stop the train
Compelled to Iynamite Safes.
Tl fir. man was ..rrrod hack to cut
lOOSC the express and mall car which he
did. Th.- engineer then pulled the t..
abOUt H half mile up the road h
and the fireman being taken hack to' the
express car. The engineer was o dcred
to place n stick of dxnamito under the
door. 'il. is exploded, hat two shot were
necessary i blow open th.- car. Tho en
gineer was forced to enter the car ahead
Of one nf the rnlibers, and IH e sh. ts were
used befort the two saf. s were blown
Take All Valuables.
After gathering up the valuables and
placing them id his pocket, the robber
lumpd out of the car and Joining his
companion, the two started down the
Irnok toward the passenger coaches. Tbl-3
morning a glove was found on the hillside
and two pairs of overall were picked out
of the river.
Eobbers Board Train.
As each man was dressd In overalls
it is believed thej discarded them and
then boarded tne passenger train und
went with H t.. Klli nabure or farther
West. The Sheriff posse have not vet
found any cjew to the Identity of the tv. .
Superintendent of Express Company
Says It Will Not Exceed $500.
ST PAl'L. Dec 17. Officials at the
Northern Pacific Express companj head
qua Iters In this city are still without defi
nite details concerning the hold-up of the
westbound North Coast limited at Hill
side Wash., last night. Thev have re
ceived rep.uis mat both the through and
o. 1 1 s if. s . T' dvnainlted and their con
tents scattered and destroyed, but wheth
er or not the bandits secured any great
amount of booty they do not know. w.
s. Hay, superintendent of the Northern
Pacific ESxpresii companj is inclined to
believe that not over four or five hundred
dollars was secured.
"This Is the same train that has been
h.d up once or twice previously." said
Mr. Hay, "and our previous experience
Induces tho belief that little If any booty
ins been secured. The fact Is that'we do
not carry much money on this run, roost
of our business being In checks. 1 am
unable to give you even an approxlmato
estimate of the value of the contents of
the through saf", but am positive that
th- re was little In it uion which tin- train
robbers could realize. The content? of the
Ibca safe was not valuable."
The Northern Pacific ruliroad has a
standing reward for the capture and con
viction of hold-ups and the otlleials set m
Confident that arrests wjl follow.
Gen. Sir William Nicholson Is Ap
pointed to British Army Council.
LONDON. Dec 17. One of the fired of
ficial acts of the new Secretary of War.
Richard Burdon Haldame. is the appoint
ment ni Oen Sir William Nicholson as
Quartermaster-General, which makes him
the third mllltarv member of the army
council. It Is considered that Gen Nich
olson represents the best brains of the
nine He was formerly director-genera 1
of tl'ie military indulgence l.uruu of thn
war office and recently uls attached to
the Japanese army In Manchuria us an
Gathering at White House Regai diug
Panama Canal.
WASHINGTON. Dec 17. Senators Al
lison and Halo, who are members of the
Committee on Appropriation, and Chair
rr.in Shouts and t.ir.t.ir Bishop of the
Isthmian Canal commission, were In con-
ferenoe with the President it tho Whit;
Hous,- tonight. It Is presumed that the
case of Secretary Hlshop. whose dutks
s agent for the commission have been
the subject of discussion in ohgreas,
ws amohg the matter- talked about, but
no statement was made concerning the
Gignntic Frauds in Spain.
m Annin ree 17 Tli Council of Mlnl'ten
hu decided to crder an nWentsaXlon of the
J l gS -phU. in the .'hamtr-r of Dopullw
SeVffing Benator lbs rrqul. .C-cwory j
IrapUosdon In ireasuo fraud. In o v
ing a -.im of ITTaOP.090 by ne.-an of fli.ely
irt p ' '"' ,
Auto Strikes a Woman.
v ipi T Dec 17 The Duke and Duchei of
v, .1.. Jusii.i. "of King Victor Iftnmaniisl.
whnr'oi' an autumobll. -- toiT. ion over a
v . . nn Th" cor was Immediate y suippod and
?y ?,?.', h .u t.H.k th. wuman with her to tho
l..e ,.f 'i I."-"... l.u tald that the was In a
iii. ngerous condition.
Ani.unl Session Finnish Diet
HKUnNGFORS. Fiuland. Dec. 17 -Th Diet
the tirM rradlng Ol he o-hnlnln-
).:. po.-s.-i1 vnc " r. ' Lies for on nr-
iratlve retorm 1 . wh u B P ' etoouons.
SnforTe extod to women both of the
I rrrage and of eligibility to hold oWce
Prominent Indiannn Dead.
. r i
.1 r.rol. . I- are building, the
I'"""11"" , independenl Mill"
or- aNo ti.lKlitli V'V,.,. t-n stay on
U,?':V'e. V 'T .".utlal thing IS tO
P T.. . conn or unrest Kfts In
keep moving Th e' ' f n even
It, deadly work b. fo re '-' 1 ' carload
reach the lmattoiv wor oaru
after carload of 1lb,'Vlnrr0rt made to
f.,r the w. st and even J rlufm,he u.
,, .UveI ,, met but ini spue
mo vigilance on the .pari m " r
undertake 'r'V'm'c- ti g awnT before
the men succfeed n ouiit
theh destlnstlon l "- ini u , ,
ter it In it.
House W ill Discuss the Matter
Based on President's
Senate Will Push the Panama
(anal Emergency Appro
priation Bill.
WASHINGTON. Dee. J7 -The Senate
vrlii mi-ot the -wiihe (.f the House for an
adjournment f.ir the Christmas holidays
on Thursday next. Meantime the Senate
will probably contenl 't-.-if with com
paratively little w.,rk utiles then should
1"- dlfllmlty In agreeing with the Hons,
or the terms of the Panama eatial smi r
ency appropriation bin. Thai measure
will ro to .i confi rence eoraniltt.-. e:irlv
In the week and th. i. will t' ii united
effort to reaeh a conclusion before the
holiday adjournment The action of tho
Benate In attempting to eliminate the
bond provision and make a separate law
of It will probably be the principal bone
of contention In the conference commit
tee Reoigauization of Committees.
The reorganisation of the Bi nate oom
rrltiee will b. announced Monday or
Senator Ua Dinger Will m;:k. an effort
during (he week to have the Merchant
Marino bill made the unfinished work, not
With .i view of securing serlmi.' on -Id ora
tion of it before Christmas, but with the
end In view of having It In position to be
pressed when Ooiign-ps r ronvi n s.
Work Before House.
The four days before the holiday ad
journment Will be l!.lllr. I. .1 In the HOUSC
to further discussion of federal control of
insurance and to completing tho enact
ment of the Panama emergency appro
priation There are many members who
desire to talk about Insurant Speaker
Cunnon has concurred In the general view
ln the House that the President's mes
sage furnishes as good a basis as any
thing else for this debate Many mem
bers will not wait until Thursday to re
turn to their homes for the holidays.
Committee Work in Pi ogress.
Committee work will progress during
the debate. The Ways and Means com
mitter will continue Its hearings of thei
Philippine tariff and the Appropriation
committee will begin the p reparation of
tho Ilstilct of Columbia appropriation
till The Statehood hill is to he perfected
hut will not, under the present plan, be
t rought into the House until January 4.
when It is expected to constitute the first
His Retirement. However. Expected
at Any Moment
ST. PETERSBURG. Dec 17. A report
that Count Wltte has resigned is In cir
culation, but It Is fale. It may. how. '., i
become true tit any moment and Gen.
Count Alecs' Ignatleff is being held In
1 1 Nerve.
A cloe friend of the Premier tells the
Associated Press that hiijI Wltte had
no faith In the policy of Minister of the
Interior Dumovo and only consented to
It on condition that It should b' confined
to legal means. The same Informant
says rhat an official comiriunlcation de
claring a resort to legul measures to b
the policy of the Government will be Is
sued tomorrow
It is the opinion of many Liberals as
well as revolutionists that "with 'In Urst
discharge of cannon Count Wltte wll
go." They say It matters little whether
the Pr.-mler Is or Is not In sympathy with
the policy of reaction, he cannot shirk
responsibility for it
People in Open Revolt, and Country
ST PETERSBURG. Dec. 17. At a
meeting of the State bank yesterday It
was declared that the alarmist rumor
that the bank hd r.ot enough gold to
exchange for notes was absolutely with
out foundation. The committee an
nounced that the rumor had been spread
by the re olutlonarles. Reports from
Livonia say that the whole country Is In
a state of open rebellion and that the
properties of country gentlemen arc In
Structures Costing SyOO.OOO Sell for
Small Sum.
PORTLAND. Or Dec. IT. Persons rep
resented by Lafe Pence have purchased
the buildings erected by the uregon State
commission at the I-ewls and Clark fair
grounds for J5.Vf. 1 he luml r will ho
shipped to the Interior of the State, where
it will be sold or used In making Irri
gation sluices. The buildings Include the
administration. Oriental exhibits, foreign
exhibits, agricultural and liberal urts
baildlngf tho auditorium and several
smaller buildings The structures cost
about my.eoO.
Bubonic Plague on Ship.
rortL'NNA 8ioii. pee 17. The tnuenicT!i
anil rurgu '.if the Pacific Sltani Navigation
i-r.npaiv st.iiiiier M.irK-sn rr.mi ..uth
viuvrlcan port, which vessel arrived lure
t..lR were not permitted t be lunde.l owing
to the tnet lhnt th"r'" w"r'' ,hr,' CB" of bu'
K nl- plague on board. The ,teunier has iaJK-d
l.ji- LAChalieCi frunce.
Farmer-Hold-Ups Are Captured.
WAU8AU WIS., Hoc 17 The two men who
resterdsy held P Colby State honk at
1 !t.- Wlsii were captured In nloon here
inrtiiv' n.oking no resistance All or th. stolen
money was recovered Ho.i, my they are
farmers ard nover before oentmltted a crime
Audacious Theft in Church
mORENCR Italy. Dec 17. A most aiuia
,1,'u hu been coinniltted in a church
T..1 na uhre th. till-..-, suereedjid In
after amoving the ent re altar, rhe Ion li
, , k,.,i upon luofllculsblc
Diopped Dead on Sticet
f-MlCAOO Dec 17. II' in v B Weaer.
. I Mnt of the Weaver Coal and ' k.
' !n - nv -and prominent In business and
7 1 - i Hrcles dropped doad at his horns
:i;:'1V;,,;l.i"l,:i'o.i.d' todw of apoplexy,
aged years.
Fourteen Men Suffocated
vfotKi i rRT. France. Dec. IT.Pour-
t, Ul,'u -ere ,uff.K .t.-d wl.ll. il-.
b iieni in the uayal Ucl wtorke here to-day
Horrible Massacre of Armeni
ans in fhe Towu of
PARIS. Dec. 18. A dispatch to the Jour
nal lroj.i Trebizondi . Asls Minor, dated
December H. dejierlbcs the atrocltl com
mitted it Bllzabethpol in the early part
of December.
Slain in Streets.
It says that th.- Tartars attacked tho
Armenians December 2. The latter of
f r. il reSistanct and endeavored to fiend
their families away, but oil the fugitives
were massacred. Street fighting Followed
and then came house-to-house conflicts
which lasted for several days.
One Thousand Dead.
Finally the Tartars sU fire to the town,
which S now a mass ot ruins The dis
patch says it Is IrnpnsHblo to count the
dead, the number of whl- h M estimated
at iooo
Former Official Republic of Panama
Denies Statements of Culberson.
WASHINGTON", Dec. 17. Nlcanor A
Deobarrlo. formerly Minister of War and
Marine of the Republic of Panama, in a
statement Issued todn . replied to re
marks made In the Senate by Mr. Cul
berson of Texas who declared that the
110,000,000 paid by the I'nlted Staw. to
Panama "was no more nor less than a
payment to th. Intriguers and con;-dr-ators
there, who or.- iiiiz. d In this city
under the very shadow ( the capltol "
Mr Deobarrlo. after explaining that he
was one of the eight persons who planned
thi si paratlon .f Panama from Colombia',
say. "Ai -eordliig to the Max -llerran
treaty, approved by the I'nlted Slates
y.-ii.-iie ;in. in- rejeetlon .if whl. h by i'.'o
li.mbla was the main cause of the sep
aration of Panama, the I nlted States
l l , .1 to . iy to Ihe KepUblle of Colom
bia 110,000.000 for certain privileges und
according in the Ilay-Bunan Varllla
treaty, approved by the Republic of Pan
ama and by the I'nlted States 8enate.
the same was paid for securing even
greater privileges.
"At fhe lime It was offered the Republic
of Panama wus n perfectly constituted
nation, recognized by ull but two of the
' countries of the globe. The ten millions
have be.-n disposed of In this manner
JC,O).0CM Invested In mortgages In New
York real estate at an average of 4 per
cent per annum; $1,000,000 for the estab
lishment of a national bank system; X.
0n0 loaned to Panama bankers on call,
i ami $."ii..o employed In converting nr
silver coin to the new coinage of the Re
public of Panama and for depositing a
sum sufficient tn guarantee the paiitj of
our siiv r with United States gold at the
rate of two silver dollars for one gold
j dollar. Tho reilt has heel) employed in
1 building SdhoOlhOUSes. ma Is. bridges and
tho thousand and one thlng.s tbnt have
for yegrs been needed in our country
a'm-- tho .statement that 'h separa
tion of Panama was accomplished under
the shadow of the capital 1 most em
phatically deny lh my name, and In that
of my colleagues, that any public man of
this or any other country bad anything
to do with the revolution so suoceesfully
aecompMshed uy us with the valuable aid
of X 9-10 per cent of the Inhabitants of
the isthmus."
Aggiegnte Commerce With Islands
920 OCO.OCO Annually.
WASHINGTON1, lee. 17l Estimates
made by tho bureau of -tutlstka of the
Department of Commerce and Labor,
based on the returns for ten months end
ed With October, are that the aggregate
commerce between the I'nlted States and
th. Philippine Islands for the calendar
.ar 1903 will amount to about 3Q,000,OOu,
against about $15,000,000 In 1904. $10,000,000
la 19W Sl.OOO'Xi In )! and a little more
than siim,i.i In lk:'T the year prior to
the American occupation
Prior to 109 the exports from the
I nlted States to the Philippines, the bu
reau reports show, had never exceeded
a quarter oi a million dollars, while In
the present year they win aggregate
nearly $i.000.0.
Imports from the Islands which ranged
between JI.OCW.ouu and J0.000.000 per annum
prior to 1W. were, in 1802, $)0,ort000: in
1908. Sll'u0t.000 und In 190-". will be about
S14.000.000, according to the bureau esti
mates. ' .
The imports In 190S are chiefly hemp and
sugar Hemp imports for the first ten
rronths of 1906 amounted to 910,376,818 and
sugar, 82,212,249.
Prospect of Establishing Law and
Order in Moscow Not Assuring-
LONDON. Dec is The correspondent
of the Dally Telegraph at St. Petersburg,
in commenting on recent eenls In Rus
sia sjivs he Is Mill optimistic and is con
vinced of the impossibility of organizing
,i general strike because public opinion
and the peasantry ore strongly averse to
It. He insists thut the military outbreak
;it Moscow la In no way an Indication of
general d lss;i t Is f ac t ion iii the ;nny. He
admit, however that unless tin- loyaltv
of the army l above, suspicion the pros
p. et of re-establishing law and order is a
gloomy on.-
Gun Accidentally Discharged and
Hunter Fatally Wounded.
PORTLAND. Or. Dec IT Rohert Rom
mel. Jr . while dm k hunting a few miles
north of Portland Saturday, slipped on a
wet log ami in failing received the charge
from his shotgun In the abdomen. The
young man was brought to Portland,
where he died today He was years
Well-Known Mistourian Killed.
giy LOI'IS. Di.e 17 Chnrlcji B. Enran",
(bunder tnd lce-presldnt ot the st. LouIk
, ( , le.irlnK-li'.Ufie. Wii liiHtanily killed lo-
nlshl Si hi i horn.' by an old rlile w hlen r-
.ii.lly i-.nn.- Into hU Xi.ei-SBlL.n and which he
WSJ examining.
Illinois Town Scorched.
TLI.AS. III.. Pee- IT Two of th" principal
bllsttieKH t.... V.H ..f till rltV Well- I.UMI..1 t. .ll.V
vth the e.mteius, eiitalllns a lo of Mn.u-Ht.
Among tho losern ure the Review, a w-eokly
iwwspaper, .'in'! the First National bank.
Surgeon Victim of Heart Disease.
Forbes professor of anatomy and clini
cal surgen at Jefferson Biedlca college,
died at hM home here today of angina
pectoris, agi fl ti years.
Blue: Jackets Reach Isthmus.
COLON, De IT Tho United State . ru?er
Columbia arrived hr lodaj' with 102 marlnoii
and eiuiitv otBoers, who win relieve tho ma
rli.Cw a'allyii'.'-l at Dis Ol"ro.
Utah Delegation in Congress
Has Nothing to Say on
Sugar Dnties.
Apostle Smoot and Senator
Sutherland Not Prepared
to State Their iews.
Sn'olnl to Th' Tribune
WASHINGTON. Dec 1T-A revolt 1
threatened by certain Republicans in the
Hi.use from beet -growing districts against
the Philippine tariff bill which provides
a reduction on sugar to Jo per cent of the
Dlngley rate.
Who Are in Movement.
Those named In the movement are cer
tain Michigan representatives and mem
bers from California and Colorado Mon
dell (Wyo.) Is also much In earnest on the
Utahna Arc Silent.
Howell aays nothing Senators Smoot
and Sutherland ay they arc not yet pre
pared to state their views on the subject.
MapLstrate Makes Novel Wager Wit'i
Men Arrested for Drinking.
NEW YORK, Dec. IT. "Til bet a hat
you don't keep sober a year "
This la the gist of a new form of legal
procedure in the case of husky men who
get drunk, beat their wives and fall to
support their children, as introduced by
Magistrate "Battery Dan" Finn In the
Harlem Police court today
Tho bet Is not exactly phrased this way,
for It Is a one-sided bet If the man keeps
sober he Rets the hut at the expense of
tho Magistrate If he gets drunk within
n twelve month, he may get a term on
tho Island.
The new system was tried out on Toni
Brennan. a big truck C Iver. The wire
did not want her husband Imprisoned, but
asked that he be made to keep nober long
enough to support her and h-r live chil
dren. Magistrate Finn thereupon made
Drennan the novel proposition
Mounted Machine Guns in Windows
Defy Loyal Tr v
MOBCOW. Dee. IT The Rostof gren
adier mutinies continue to hold the fort
under comniund of Private ScalarofT. who
acted as president of the soldiers' meet
ing In the windows of the barracks
mounted machine gune are defying the
Bunysha regiment and the other local
twops which surround the nr.illneers.
Three other grenadier regiments, the
Kk.iterlnoslav, the Taurld anil the Nes
vlch, und the artlll. r gartou ire m full
sympathy with their Rostof comrades and
have compelled all their ofllcer to leave
th barraika and have se-cted represen
tatives who are In cuinnianleatloii with
the mutineers. I
There was a serious affair In the Stret-
enUa boulevard In the .enter of the eity
last night A squadron of Cossacks fired
on a band of revolutionaries killing or
wounding a dozen persons. Tho revolu
tionaries killed two Cossscks.
The mutiny of tne Ro.,t..ff gi.-n.idi. r
regiment collapsed Ignommouslv tonight
owing to Internal dissension and the dis
content of a large portion of Ihe soldiers
with the progrumme of the Socialist
leadera, who wished to force them to
open colllslun with the loyal troops.
After a meeting late this afternoon two
battalions and a machine gun detach
ment deserted The mutltuers eent a
deputation to Gen. Plavoffski saying tney
had returned to duty, imploring hl par
don and volunteering to enter the bar
racks and sel.e the revolutionary com
mittee so as to prove their repentance
Important Fiscal Documents Sub
mitted to Mexican Congress.
MEXICO CITY. Dec. 17 Finance Min
ister Llnantour has submitted to Con
gress two important llnaneial documents.
One Is a statement for the tls.-al year end
ed June .in and shows the normal revenue
In ' ash to have been 192,083,886, with dis
bursements of 179,151506
The surplus, with allowances made for
disbursements belonging to the fiscal year
not charged in accounts, amounted to
J5 07-.M1O. which Is ery satlsfuetor .
Estimates for the coming llse.il year to
begin July 1. show probable revenue to
b- $13 073 S.. and expenditures $VJ 897,397
The. budget will be t.-ted upon i.v Con
gress at the April session The financial
position of the Government is exceedingly
Montenegro Ministry Out.
CETIN'JK Montcneuro. Dec. IT Tho
Ministry resigned today.
Cnmc Down Fiora the Mountains in
Montana to the Ranches.
HELENA. Mont., Dec. 1". After tho re
cent storm ranchers In the lowlands near
th.- mountains counted at h-.isi 600 ante
lopes quietly feeding on the f.idd.-r placed
thii for llu domestic animals. For sev
eral days the ten lib- Storm bus been in
puiyr.-as on the o rests of the mountains
and this Is thoiig'nt t" ha.- driven ill
antelopes to the valleys. Every sprinp
thousands of deer and .dk perish In tlv
mountains of starvation on uccount of
the heavy snow. It la claimed that the
absence of early .'now will save theso ani
mals. ,
Adjudged Insane In Oklnhomn and
Returned to Asylum.
LAWTON. Okla.. Dee. IT. R. A. Crock
ett er.ni.lson ..f Dav y Crot k- it, has again
been adjudged Insane Pour years ago
he was fond Insane and was sent to th.
asylum, where he was soon released n-
cured Crocketl returned to Hastings) and
was peaceable until recently, when the
hallucination came upon him that he was
being pursued by an enemy who meant
to take his life, and for several days h
has been going armed with a Winches t r
ride of larg. callbi r The clttsens of
IlastltiKM became alarmed and plucvd bim
ur.-J-.r the care of tlr. authorities,
Tokio Holds Its First Official
Celebration in Honor of
Return of Soldiers.
TOKIO. Dec. 17. The tlrst official cele
bration by the city ln honor of the sol
diers that have returned from Manchuria
was held today Field Marshal Oyaina
and (fen. Kurokl, together with their
respective stiffs w guests of the
guards division
Ten Thousand in Line.
Tho soldiers of all arms in field uni
forms, 10,000 siron?. with twenty-foUr
guns, marched from Hlblya to l yeno
pa i k. o distance of three miles. All street
n r tratTl.; was suspended during the
march Despite the unfavorable weather
uhiih prevailed there was much enthus
iasm, the shattered battle fines eioquent
i itlfylng t. tli ordeals through v.hirh
each regiment had parsed.
Formal Ceremony Held.
A formal ceremony wus held at Uyeno
park ln which the Mayor of tho city
mndi an address . ongxatulatltig the
Mam hurian army on its victories. Tlio
expens.-s nf the ceifhr.itloii were defrayed
by voluntary contributions
Unprecedented Event in Tokio.
The event was uiiirecedenled In that It
was thi flrsl time thai Toklo saw such a
large army marched through her streets
at one time.
Young Man. Arrested as He Steps
From Steamer Koiea.
SAN I KANVISCO Dee IT. -When the
Ste in. r (Cores arrived from tho Orient
today the police arrested one of the pas
i r.t,. rs, a young man who had been trav
eling under the nam.- of i'h.ire T:erKU
son The latt.-r admitted that he was
Ia n. "-', h Uorwltz recently Of Shanghai
j The arrest was made on a cablegram
from American 'onsul-Oeneral Rodg. ru
I at Bhahghali China, that Horwltz was
wanted tin r- on o charge of forgery. He
was a. . ise.l .. lorKlug a check for fT80
tools on the Hongkong and Shanghai
Bank of Shanghai
Denies the Forgery.
Horwltz denies having committed for
I gf ry, but udmlts he did something to
spit.- his brOther-ln-law In Shanghai He
i would not say what this was. but de
clared It was not forgery. He said he
had been promised a cargo of goods from
i a ("hin"e merchant In Shanghai, which
h- Wat in take to Russia and his brother-in-law
had agreed to become his surety
but at the last niom. nt backed out and
dOStrO d his credil.
Traveling Three Months.
Ho left Shanghai about three months
ago and has been traveling In Japan, buy
j Ing and selling goods. He had been rep
resenting a Filipino tobacco firm In
i China. His father, he sold, Is In business
' lnthe City of M slco and his uncle i ortd
01 ihe leading druggists In NeW zorfe
ii. had been pacged bv M. j Connell &
Co.. Of Seattle.
I Some Large American Insurance Com
panies Threaten to Withdraw.
P.iniS, D'-c. 17. svme Iutko American In
surance omponlen thr-ulen to vtthdraw frvitn
I Kninci as u result of the sharp controversy
over the lu-vv fYinch Insurance laws. The Is
sue has now reavhe.1 an acute stage, owlnc
to the Insurance ileisartnient of the Ministry of
Ctmmeree havlp.ff framed rules under whlrh
the liisuranc'? law becomes retroactive. The
rules hnvr not y -t bsen OfBctSlly promulgate 1
and tho Insurance companies arc making a
, Ci aJ fTuri t'. Induce inembcrn of tho Cabinet
not to permit their sol ig Into effect, rcpro-
I Miitlng that It 111 Ik- a serious dStrlntSBt to
American Interasts.
Tlio low s originally passed required for-
, e!gn Insuranco companies to purcluise and dc-l-.it
Kr - n' Ii seurltles here as a protection
i tot Kr. a. Ii ..l.- hnl.lirr- The American coni-
I eanlas are willing to accept this as upplylns
to furthor business, but not on policies already
va rlttcn.
A committee representing the Insurant de
psrtmsoti the United tflotcs Embassy and the
Imunuico companies have gone over the sub
I Jv-et. At this confenjico It was decided to
reject the American companies' contention.
Tho entire outstanding American business In
J FYunee amount" to many millions of dollars.
' und ther:fore tho retroactive rules will com
! i el the deposit by thev companies of u large
! amount of FrenoTl bondl with the t"Jov eminent
as a guuinntce to l-"rench yllcy holders The
I AmerlOSn t;nlba'V h subinllted a lengthy
I written protest iirklng the Council of Slate to
I supprcBR tho objectionable retroactive clause
tefoie th-j ntfulatlonH are promulgated.
Commercial Community of Berlin
Hold Meeting to Consider Matter.
BBRLIlii Dec. 17. A meeting of SOU)
members of the commercial community
was held at the Bqerse today In favor of
an Anso-Gorinsn entente Herr Klrscb
ner. btirgomster of Berlin, many inem-bi-rs
of the Itela-htag and several well
kCOWn savant- WStS present,
j Prince S. hoenuich-i aroloi h Prof
Frhd ii'-h r.vuls-n and others sp-oke
In lav or of such an entente. A reso-
I it Hon in accordance with the views of
I the meeting was .oiopt. d and it will be
'..i warded to Pi luce Von Ruelow. the im
I perlal chancellor. Sir Henry Cumpbell
. Bannsrman, the British premier, and
i tord Asbury aho recently presided over
1 u rtieetlng In London for tlie furthcrMnce
of friendly relations between Great Brlt
! alii and Germany.
The re- .lull. in -..ijihasi:rs e.-ipeelallv- the
i advantages Of an entente from a com
mercial standpoint. Telegrams of sym
pathy were read from the Dramatists
i !' ulda and Hauptmann
New Record in Pool.
B INC HAM TON. N" V.. Dee. K -Giant
K-le. of laM't il" In a m.Heh Rime of pool
1 In this City with W H. Clearwater, last
( night mada- what Is believed to be the
J world ' reeord for a run. making SS
balls straight.
Communication Is Restored.
LONDON. Dec. JT.-The Northern Tele
graph company announces that dlre.-t
communication With St. Petersburg has
Bi? Blaze in Chicago.
CHICAGO O-c. l. I "Ire today caused los-es
BciTrtMllDS I1W.O00 in a nve-story manufso
: taring building ot 185 l-nke street. The linav
I, low r i (janSOWn & Co., leather deal-
Marquis Ito Has Accepted
I OND0N Dsi IS The torrep.JUlent of the
. , , Kobi -laiwin says that Morquio
iu. bas ue. eptt-d an iipiKJlnlnienl as loldent
Gcn rul In K- r i
International Fleet Recalled.
CONSTANTIffOPLE. Dec. 17. The ln-
' teinuttonal lleet which has been a dem-
I onstratlou lu Turkish wat :r has bctn
I I'j.allcd. ;
Russian Governors and Prefects
Authorized to Declare
State of Siege.
By This Act Russian Govern
ment Hopes to Break
Rack of Revolution.
ST. PETERSBURG, Pee 17. A shudder
of horror has convulsed Uussln. The Gov
ernment claims It has jrlven battle nnlj
to tho "red" revolutlonl.stj. hut the pop
ulace generally believes thot the 'whit
terror" has returned Already the leaders
of the proletariat agitation who escaped
capture Saturday night at the Economic
society and even men of tho rank of
Prof. Mllukoff, are Ir. hiding from the po
lice, who aro hunting them down. The
Government evidently anticipates a bat
tle royal and haa made Its dispositions
accordingly it fully understands that
the proletariat will Rive blow for blow
ln answer to the wholesale arrests.
Given Dictatorial Powera.
The "Workmen s Council and the League
of Leagues Saturday nljrht issued a dec-
laratlon of a genrr;il strike to begin im
mediately, and conoeipuently by an Im
berlal iiku.e published this morning ail
Govi-rii.ii s-Gmii-i ;i I G.-.v-i-rtiors and Pre
fietH throiiffhout the Empire who an- out
off by telegraph are clothed' with almost
dictatorial powers, being authorized with
out consulting St. Pet. r-iburg to declare
a state of siege and If necessary even B
martial law. Ah mu.'t of tin- provincial P
authorities are reactionary officials of the I
old regime th..- advantage the will take
of such powet to terrorize the populace
can be easily imagined, they being lit H
position to become petty tyrants and
wage war each In his own particular H
fashion against the revolutionists. H
Press Is Censored.
The Novo- Vremya was the only paper,
with i lie . x. ptlon of th" Official Mfel !
senger, to appear todav'. and In the can
ter nf the first p.iRe I? :i half eolumn of
blank paper, showing where th-. censor
had forbidden an article. The Nov on
Vn mva seceded from the Publishers'
union and was published under the pro
tectlon of police and Cossacks The Slovo
and the Novnstl two other papers thut
have not suspended publication, were un
able to appear, as the printers walked out H
In obedience to orders of the founelt of
Workmen, because these papers refused
to print the manifesto of the proletariat H
organization. Practically stl the ring- H
leaders of the proletariat .irKHiiisatl.in Bi- H
tended the council, th- bead of whom Is
M Letent, the head of New Life. Thn fH
editors of the newspapers suspended for
publishing the proletariat organisations'
manifesto. Including the famous M. lies
sen of the Pravo. wire with the lnge fH
exception of Prof. Mllukoff who man- H
aged to evadt arrest, tak-n into custody
M Souvorln. editor of the Russ. fur- ffH
nlshed SoC'OO bail and was released H
Witte's Life in Danger.
In addition to the general strike. It Is H
expected that the revolutionaries will
have recourse to the old methods of J
fighting th" Government It is stated H
that the terrorist organization held a
meotlng In th small hours of this morn- H
ing Count Witte'S life is considered to H
be In danger and the annex of the pal- H
ace. where he is residing, is heavily H
Addiessed by Emperor.
The most significant news comes from H
Tsarskoe-Selo, where. In view of the reso- H
luticn of the Government to put its foot H
down on the strike, a regular campaign H
Is being conducted with the purpose of H
tiring the loyalty of the guard regiments. H
Each duy a regiment from St. Petersburg- H
is reviewed and ndcli eased bv Emperor H
Nicholas, and with much ceremony his H
Majesty passes up and down the Uns j
and speaks personally to officers end H
men Grand Duke Nicholas Is present at H
theso ceremonies- H
Kissed the Emperor's Hand. H
Saturday, after the review of the Pre
obrajensky regiment. Grand Duke Nluh- H
olaja una tne ptm i rv m ui atssiuici in
turn On bended knees kissed the Emper
or's hand, which called forth an out
burst of enthusiasm from the soldiers.
Monday the Mallovskl regiment will g- I
to Tflarkoe-Selo.
Baired From Conununication.
M Nomcchai"ff. Minister of t'orrununt-c-atlons.
has issued orders to the chiefs
..f all the r;allroiad:i not to recognize or
ganlzatlons of railroad men, iwrtlcularly
cautioning them not to allow the passage , I
of tho leaders of the revolution who here
toforv have bn using the railway t!'
graph lines to tranaHtnlt their tnstruc-
Fiphting for Its Life
The Government has chosen a desperate H
moment to tepres the proletariat It Is
lighting for Us llf- In the Baltic regloi .
where a revolt Is admitted to be in full H
blast with almost a practical certaintv 1
that If. it cannot be crush. al it flames H
will spread to P. hand Th- native popn-
latlon of the am lent kingdom of Llthu:i- JH
nla Is made up of n hardv and head- B
strong people who having raised the ban- H
tier revolt will fight to the. bitter tJH
Confronted by Mutiny
At Moscow the Government Is con-
fronted with a mutiny of troops so se- H
i Ioiim that it has been obliged to send a jH
r. K.ni-r.t of or. St. peter-
to aid In the suppression of tin- mutln- iM
The Government toiiav succeeded In ce-
storing cable communication abroad, but V
it Is utteriv unable to guarantee how long ftVBw
it will be able lu keep the cables In Opor- BV
Wnjit Martial Law Set Aside.
Petitions from the lioi.iiitv of R's-' fl
Wlndau. Llbau and other places in tn
Raltlr prov inces, have been received bv j B
ihe Government Imploring it to aboil gffl
martial law. which tne petition ?as u H
unlv Inflaming the situation H
The editors of ihe Signal and seyrsl H
oth.-r satirical papers of mushroom H
growth, which have boen printing H
most outrageous cartoons of Imperial pu- H
-onages. have been arr.ast.-d charged with ,H
Oregon Cougressmnn Able to Take i
Short Walk. fl
ROBBBURG. 1 M Dec 17. ConKrr"s-itS H
Blnger Hermann, who wu: reported io be
seriously III. Is better t"da and was ab.u H
to ta.ka a short wallw.
. ' .. . - ;. BBBBBBBBBBsfl SSSBBBBBBBsl

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