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'tisley Details Rob
aioi, Jfenncsey Store
R iJB. Butte.
e"uJ Entitled to Much
1 2for Making the
tit Tribune.
ttrSSir Jan. 3L -Sheriff Qulnn
osjSfijtounty, Montana arrived
.'pck tills morning and left
'tTe, having In charge J. G.
.' 'Illls wife. Nora, who arc nl
Kccn participants In the big
'ISTmanagcr of the Hennessy
mpnny at Butte on Feuru
r the manager was held up
'Mvto deliver JC600 In money
ljToi the company.
1 S&piece of Work,
police arc entitled to great
-jTly for the capture of Glad
uJiitho fact attorneys were
a5m the man Gladncy had
pch as WO to any one who
jnpirn an attorney and had he
luwnuld have fought extradl
SStrcme. The clever work of
Ogden prevented nny such
Kid Gladney, with his wife,
mken out of Ogden by Sher
iff i Complete Confession.
mjSl. here Monday. Gladnoy
Hctc confession of his con
mWUIIam Paisley, the man
pjed In Salt Lake and taken
ftEe- confession will not ihe
EHftlts material points being
rtSnd Gladney were the pur
ine robbery, but It also Im
Bof the ofllccrs of the Butte
(Hhd suggests that other ofTl
JJeectlon were privy to the
Jkrobbery was Intended.
Iftfanson of Ogden Receives
1 'pressing' News.
fhtah. Jan 31., Mrs. B. C.
i(Mrs. C T. Jenklnson re-Mten-days'
visit this morn-
ILUn'd Mrs. E. JE. Calvin at
Tii here, Mrs. Manson was
Sttpf distressing news. Her
afird Mnnson Morton, eleven
arohnd been bitten by a mad
fTmc at Dayton, O. The boy's
vjlfregardcd as dangerous and
JJvero that he had been ro
jglPasteur Institute, Ann Ar
Snd was thore undergoing
jjjnl Is hourly expecting a call
JJlck bed of her nephew, the
Seen named after Mr, E. C.
ffiMuBt Show Cause for Al
:JcL "Wrongful Act.
Sl31-ln the matte of Attorney
gecuwr. v ct-vrtaln Councilman.
Appropriating to thcmsolvca cer
iyJJan for alleged extra lurvlce.
uthc accunr condemns m un
btho statutes, nnd which be des
Ucal nnd a misappropriation of
citations were M-rved todny
.Key on two defendants. Oouncll-
Sjrjes Are Numerous.
M?5clit or tho ton Counctlmon who
iMarly charcei. Tho general
Ifcach of thq Councilman voted
Jrfliirlailnn. nnd that thus each
"her or not they have roturne-i
Vfl to have been wrongfully
van .
JJJaan Is Adjudged Insane
iTvo Physicians.
J7fl31. Anna Nelson, the allowed
riwho wan arroptird ymw-nlny by
j!rces. with three of her alstore.
She; on complaint of neighbors,
Bjjudeed Inxane by a comrnlBlon
Bpocd of Drs. Condon and Coul
Jcominlited to the Stale Mental
.?2' Ml was removed to that
jAy by Shcrl.T Ralloy and Deputy
-rmmlMlon, about four weeks ago,
-Vn.a ""'"n was not Ineane nnd
?A scharKo. though eh.t had
gmrt 8 deputies and policemen of
jyrah, Conductor Dies.
5 Tribune.
WfjF SI Information has been t"
piricoa of Superintendent Mnnson
-giro Pacific that T. W. Dunkle.
rjJd-tlnio conductors of the Soit
j ndT,'" d from natural causes
rHIM Innemuccn. Nev. Dunkle
juileit and a olaunch nv-nitwr of
Railway Conductors. He lfl nu
rlLcominIttee of that order has
jfrnonts to take tha body to Port-
OKmi-i H.e ,lla Wular with
Llclnls and with the traveling
fxobate Sni&ll Estate.
5h: 'Jl In fnco of the Coun-
5?ifi,Qnappllca,,on r ltlera of
,llof the estato of the late Wll-
nW ??rmcr U'--Jk wrKoant of
5ath Wil lam J. Crltchlow.
3oc(?'',,:ed and present Cltv
SiM- . Th pfl,ltl" "hows a
-rmeS.n?i', Ulh0 racl ll,a' do
Tm m Th? helr Incluno
ffileh i. n,,rTled' and five oo..
-iwnich Is tho petitioner.
lvania S-lls Bonds.
U'-Confinement on Grounds
Missing Dinner.
&"ed hnv?r,,ltr ot Ncvndn la0t
caa nave boon sentenced bv
Iftder th , ,,lrty da's' Tht,y ore
ilmi rrSn h 10 Ktnc,lr 8"tnco
L7r n?5j2v 11 18 understood, havr,
Parents, asking u,em l0 ,.
VnRLL. ,ts. reaBOnis for
la neccMorj- In order to main.
Sr Royal Engagement.
rf&3nrT,,u Journrtl ihl morn
Jea the ongagcmeiu of Prlnco
'in ??uU-,c1nJ3crs- brother of
Jjpni Vr,n?JiM MarK-uerltc.
But Evidence Is Lacking to Con
vict P. T. Smyth of Com
plicity in Crime.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN, Jan 31. In Judge Murphy's court
today P. T. Smith, who was charged with hav
inp "framed up" tho deal whereby three men
otole a waponload of coal from tho Oregon
Short Line, for which thrco are now serving,
prison sentences of twonty-flvo days for two
of them nnd fifteen days for tho third, was
Lack of Evidence.
Tho verdict of the court was that the tran
saction "looks shady," but It was doubted
whether thero was sulllclcnt evidence to con
vict. On January 9 three men wcro caught
In tho act of unloading a waconload of coal
at tho homo of P. T. Smith, oftor the officers
had found the men loading tho coal from tho
Short Line. Thi men wore arrested and sen
tenced aa stated and a complaint was filed
njralnst Smith charging petit larceny.
Defendant Discharged.
Thoush tho men woro oonvloted, and had
tfntined that Smith had engaged tho team for
tho coal, and tho evidence was that tho coal
had lxen delivered to his premises, the court
found that the Incldont "looked shady" nnd
discharged the defendant.
Tho cao of AValtcr Richards, charged with
fast driving, who ran over and maimed Desk
Sergeant Hen Tnrncs a weok n;;o, wan con
tinued until next Thursday on motion of coun
sel for the defenpc.
Builds Steel Bridges.
Special to The Tribune
OGDEN", Jan. 31. C. W. Doble, representa
tive ot tho Blodgott Bridge company ot Kan
sas City, who has been supervising tho erec
tion of' four steel wagon bridges In Ogden
canyon, ordered by tho County Commissioners
of Weber county, has finished his duties and
will leave for homo In n day or two. Five
bridges wcru originally ordered, but one of
these has been stored, and Its location will
be determined later.
Brief Mention.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDKN. Jan 31. Albert Fischer of Sa.lt
Lako was In Ogdon today.
F. T. Vincent, gonornl ngent of tho Erie
Dispatch at Salt Lake, was In Ogden today.
Harry M. Cushlng. traveling passenger
ngent of the Denver & Rio Grande. wa3 In
Ogden today
"Charley" Prultt, representing tho Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul, wa9 In Ogden today on
business for his line.
Judge TV. L. Maglnnls of Ogden left tonight
for Evanaton. "Wye where he ha8 a number
of legal cases to care for.
Will Darke of the Burlington called on the
merchants of the Junction City today und
returned to Salt Lako tonight.
A marrlago Ilccnao was lesued today to
Charles W. Cottle. 21. ot Flshhavcn, Ida., and
Miss Ko3lna Hutchlns. 19. of Slatcrvlllo. Utah.
David Sanders, formerly Sheriff of Davis
county In tURh, but now located In Rexburs,
Ida., was an Ogden visitor yesterday and to
day. II. W. Edgerton. traveling passenger and
freight ngent for the C. k N. W at Salt
Lake, came, to Ogden today and this after
noon went west to Reno on business.
James F. Kano, ono of tho leading business
men of Pocatello, Ida., was In Ogden today
vUltlng his two daughters, who arc students
In the Sacred Heart academy.
J. L. Moore, district freight and passenger
agent of tho Salt Lake Route, was In Ogden
Sunday and Monday arranging details of tho
trip of the Utah Elks to Los Angeles on Feb-
ruary 10.
Councilman V. Rolla Emmett. with Mrs.
Emmott and Mrs. H. E. Woodmaneeo and
Miss Belva Woodmansee, returned yesterday
from an extended trip through California and
points of Interest on the Paclllc coast. They
wcro absent three weeks.
Chief Thomas E. Browning of the Ogden
police forco was the recipient today of nu
merous congratulations on his reappointment
to that pofltlon.
General Superintendent E. Buckingham of
the Oregon Short Line and Superintendent E.
C Munson of tho Salt Lake division of the
Southern Paclllc aro out west on a trip of In
spection. Mr. Buckingham says that the vol
ume of traffic through Nevodu. arising out of
the development of the mines. Is Immense.
Eight Families Are Afflicted With the
Smallpox Is tho latest epidemic at Man
li, according to a tflephonlc mesNigo re
ceived from that town Tuesday by Secre
tory Beatty of tho State Board of Health.
Eight families aro already affected. The
local health officer at Mantt has been In
.srtructcd to Institute u strict quarantine
awaiting the arrival of a doputy health
officer from this city to Investigate con
ditions and prevent a further spread of
the disease.
Trnct Opened for Settlement at Very
Gates of City.
REN'O. Nev., Jan. 31. Flvo thousand acres
of land at the very gales of Reno, heretofore,
unreclaimed, aro about to bo placed upon the
market by Hon. P L. Flanlgan and other
Reno cnpltalltits It Is to bu sub-dlvlded Into
tmebj of from Ave to fifty acres and uoltled
with Immigrants from the Pennsylvania Dutch
colonies nnd perhaps the factory districts of
the East.
The land has JUHt been placed under culture
by a modern Irrigation ayoloin and will bo sold
on exactly the onmc Urms tho Government
now makes for Its reclnlmed land In" tho
central portion of tho State.
Consignment Shipped to Bnkersfield
in Furniture Car.
EL PASO. Tex.. Jan. 31. From Information
received hero today It Is bcllnved that a
carload ot Chinamen was succesfully shipped
to Balcersftcld, Cat, recently by smuggler.
The car In which the Chinese were smuggled'
It Is suld. was engnged for a shipmnnt of
furniture, tho freight on which had been pro
Iald. Th car was left at Bakersflcld. but no ono
huvlug claimed It. It was opened. There was
evidence to show that the car had borne hu
man freight over tho long routo.
Alice and Nick Greet Sister From
Across the Pond.
VEW YOItiC. Jan. 31. Mlct Alio Roovelt
and her Dance. Congressman Nicholas Long
worth, boarded a revenuo cutler today and
proceeded down Now York harbor to meet tho
steamer Kaiser Wllhelrn dor Grosoe, upon
whloh Countess d3 Chiunbrun, Mr. Loncuorlh's
sister, wan a paesenger. The Countess, who
who formerly Miss Clara Longworth of Cin
cinnati, hns come lo this country js a gucat
at Miss Roosevelt'B wedding.
At the Qunrnntlne, whero tho Kaiser "WII
hnlm dcr Ororse slowed down speed, thu rovo
nuo cutter went alongsldn the big liner. An
attempt wa made to lower a companion lad
der for MUs Roosevelt, but tho delay In do
ing this wan too grivit. and Mian Roosiovelt
boarded the steamer by tho pilot ladder.
Abolish Capital Punishment
.w90L?IBi;S' Jan- 31-Thc Senate
this afternoon passed a bill abolishing
capital punishment for persons convicted
of murder In tho first degree, except
whero the conviction shall bo for n sec
ond offenoe. Tho bill now goes to the
Fatal Wreck on Seaboard Line.
NORFOLK. Vn,. Jan. 31. A pasnentrcr
tiain and an extra freight on the s!e;i
board Air Lino railway collided today be
tween Hamlet, N. C. and Columbia, S.
U hour persons aro reported dead and
two lujured.
Weil-Known Park City Woman
Dies Suddenly of Heart
After Attending to Housework,
She Is Found Dead on
Special to The Trlbuno.
PARK CITY, Jnn. 31. Mrs. E. J. Johnson,
wife of tho mnster mechanic at tho Silver King
mine, was found dead at her homo this morn
Jnr. Hor death, according to tho physicians,
was caused by heart failure Mrs. Johnron
had not been well for sovcral days, but this
morning sho got brcolcfa.it iuul was about her
household duties apparently as healthy as over
when her husbnnd went to work. About 11
o'clock, when hor sister-in-law entered tho
house, the body was found lying on the floor.
Three Score and Ten.
Mrs. Johnson was 70 years of ngo and has
been a resident of Park City for a number
of yews. Sho had recently returned from Cali
fornia, whero she and her husbnnd had been
on a pleasure trip. Mr. Johnson has been
connected with tho Silver King company In
tho capacity of mooter mechanic for ten years,
and before that tlmo was In tho machine shops
of the Anchor company The couple havo no
children and tho blow will bo a very hard ono
tor Mr. Johnson to bear.
Member of Eastern Star.
Mrs. Johnon was a member of tho Eastern
Star and this order will havo charge ot the
funeral arrangomtnts.
Sleigh Is Overturned and Two Per
sons Are Painfully Injured.
Special to Tho Trlbuno.
PARK CITY, Jan. 31. Last night a Jolly
coasting party was broken up by what might
havo been a erlouu accident. Tho coasters
wcro on a largo bob'slod and wcro being
csrcd down Purk avrnuo by Dr. R. E.
Wight. When going at a great rate of speed,
Dr. Wight lost control of the elelgh. which
overturned, throwing the people in all direc
tions. Mrs. C. F. Oolst received a sevcro cut
on tho faco, and her slsler, Mies Gay New
comb, was badly bruised. Several other mem
bers ot the part- wero shaken up, but none
seriously Injured.
Mrs. Mills ot Fo Choo, China, Is In Park
City, tho guojit of Mrs. F W. Hayt. Mrs. Mills
will dollver a l-cturo before the ladles of tho
Women's Athenaeum tomorrow afternoon at tho
homo of Mrs. F. W Sherman on Park avenue.
Tho lady has ben In the missionary field In
China for twenty years. Hor husband died
thero and she continued his work.
Rev. D. Q. Ornblll, who, for tho past two
years has bcon pastor of the Congregational
church In this city, has tendorcd his resigna
tion to tho congrogatlon of that church to take
offect on April 1. Mr. Urablll and wlfo will
leavo for Chicago, whero they expect to make
their futuro home.
Attornoys W. I. Snyder and P. P. ChrlsUn
sen enmo up from Salt Lako this morning to
, tako an Important depot I Hon In tho case of
Mar' Judgn vs. Park City. Tho caso Is ono
for personal Injuries sustained by Mrs. Judge
by slipping cn an icy sidewalk three yearn
ago. Tho deposition taken was that ot James
Pearson, an eyo witness to tho accident and is
hald lo bo ntvorablo to the city.
Slide Occurs at Kimberly, but
Camp Buildings
Special to The Trlbuno.
RICHFIELD. Jan. 3L A imowslldo occurre-J
at Kimberly a few days ngo which cut clojo
to some- of tho buildings of tho camp and
killed a span of horses belonging to Marlon
Dorrlty. Mr. Dorrlty was getting out timbers
cn tho hillside sou'h of tho town nnd had
Just left his tenm to go on top of a ridge,
when tho slide look place. The team was dead
when extricated.
New Business Block.
Plans have been accepted by Jensn & Young
of this city for a large now business block at
tho corner ot Muln and Center streets. It
will bo CO to lMi foot and two stories high
It will bo divided Into three part, ono for
tho firm to occupy as a hardware store, an
other for a hotel and the other for a new
huvtnofs concern which Is being organlred
. School House for Monroe.
Monroo Is to hno another big hool-house
It will bo a two-slory building und contain ten
cIobs rooms.
A term of tho District court for this county
opened hro yesterday. It is not expeoted that
there will be more than ono or two Jury casta.
Many Items of Interest From the Gar
den City.
Special to Tho Trlbuno.
PROVO, Jan. 31 Tho c.-uio of Sprlngvlllo
Clly vs. Mrs. Konold. for tho Hsselon ot
curtain springs near Sprlngvlllo, has been on
trial In tho District court for the past two
days. The hearing will probably not be con
cluded before Wednesday.
Abstract Judgment wan today niod In tha
District court against Henry Hanson for Jl" 51
In favor of the Salt Lako Nurseries.
Clara Coleman ct al. havo sold to Leonldas
A. Van ProKg. the Sunday Lode mining claim,
und Vim Prngg sells tho same claim to tho
Sunday lod Mining company.
Marring licences havo been Issued to Hyrum
A. Andcrron and May M Whipple of Ijhl: Dr.
C. W. Douglass of Los Angeles and Florence
Sutton of Provo: Frank Harris of Robinson
and Maud McBetli of Payson.
11m Ladles' Republican club of Provo gave
n ball In tho Mozart dancing academy last
evening, which woo woll attended and wns a
social and financial success.
Roco Rita wa.i uesevsed 53 In Justlco Noon's
court today for cruelty to nnlmals. consisting j
of leaving a tca.n of horscK tied on tho street I
tho greater part of the night
Henry Pater Is Suddenly Summoned
by Heart Failure.
Henry Pater, who for twonty-flve yours
haH been a resident of Snlt Lako, died
suddenly In Bingham canyon.
Mr Pater was In tho employ of Charles
Laahbrook ut HlnKham canyon, and
rcomed nt tho store of his employer
Tuesday afternoon ho complained of not
fcollnjT well, and went upstairs to his
room. Soon after personn In the storo
heard him fall, nnd rushing to tho room
found him on tho lloor dead, heart failure
tho cause.
Ho wn 75 years old and had.no family.
By prnfeHflon ho was a bookkeeper.
Tho funeral will occur on Thursday at I
Bingham canyon.
II "But tbe greatest of tDese i$ "TIFT A T TTTTJO I
Jl ' Thursday Five Per Cent of the I I
fiSB TotaI SaIes Win Go t0 &e St. I I
Pji Mark's Hospital Association J j I
1 M C ark's Hospital Association S I
i jMSxWi Ts doing a noble -work at the St. Mark's Hospital. The object of the organization "I
j j wljrr S .rVe eslle PeoPe wn0 come without means to pay for medical I
ii y During the past six months, thirty-seven cases have been cared for at an I
jd flj expense of over a thousand dollars. Your support and interest could hardly 111
j liSTM be given to a more worthy cause. Come and help lighten the burden which a II
n) . .. mY ew ne faithful are carrying. Come Thursday and make your purchases. I
1 j2-A Five cents of every dollar spent will go to help the sick, the needy and the j
Below is a Very Strong List of Specials for the Day, Many More 1 H
I Just as Good in Every Department, Gome Thursday and Help I
1 Swell the Fund, Remember ? 'Every Little Bit Helps' I
I j tho Day a Success ! i
1 mm. j. t. hjuti. Mrs. a. Koysar. This is the last of the handsomest collection of lace robes ever brought to this citv.
J Mrs. Union Worthing- Mrs II. W rteod, ) .
i Mra?" Louis Mccomick. m w. c'. jonSinc. Three of them are of elegant black lace the other four are creations of white lace. The j I
g ( Mrs. O. W. Powers, Mm. William Igleheart, S I IV 1
I m c!'tt"S!ri!r' mS Bv.TntiS regular prices range from 100.00 to $225.00 but during .the Charity sale, you select at j
(g Mra J. S. Forgujon, Mrs. A. McGratlc. I
(S Mm. Phllo Jones. Mr?. Hunting. ) half M
ft ( Mra C. H. Mahon. Mra. R. W. Fisher. ) II
g S Mrs. T. B. Beutty, Mm. A. J. Gorhtun. ) - 1
H S Mn. S. L. Butler. Mrs. I. R. Kurtnnon,
i Is i IxB: F!: : Elegant Black Trimmings. Beautiful Lace Edgings. J
S Mra. E. V. Silver. Mm. G. V. Wallace.
I m. S I' D6;, SRi AcorrnCCu,n' Ten pieces of laces and bands which should Ithl. n Wack "some 1
I W se f0r JL0 a"d UD t0 'J0-00' S dUr,"K arerJWh.etSe?nThS? lgo Sgufe Chatty "!e
$ ) Mra. w. B. Kelr. Mn. Jncob Bamborffor. the Charity sale at exactly at exactly I
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j MEN'S NIGHT Thursday Specials in the Drap- MOCHA GLOVES ! I
I SHIRTS ery Department. UNDERPRICE. I I
Second Floor. Tako Elevator. 1
3 ThnaJ "r'nli0 .nn11 1 "thni A PRETTY ASSORTMENT OF TUCKED, RUFFLED A line of women's fine Mocha gloves I
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3 m e , , x Sonr V A.'",:"" price Thursday OT
q Tho 50c kinds to go 0 51,35 unnllccl screen. Charity sale ..Sl.lO J '
3 nf &ZrC 53.00 unfilled screen. Charity Bale 1.75 re fUrnaij the bottles. I
H at 53.50 unfilled screen. Charity sale ...$2.35
I MISSES' AND CHILD- Jn- Underwear Specials for Infants' Shoes Reduced. I
REN'S COATS. tm j A pretty line of dongola, patent tip, I
I 1 1 1111 rS Uciy. turn spring heel, all black and al- 1
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Dotted Silk Mali. AH Linen Napkins. j
i New fresh goods, 4000 yards, all colors. Worth 35o the- .Gj 100 dozen 21-lnch all-llnen napkins. Worth 54 00 the dozen. nn 1 H
i yard. Charity sale, Thursday lOy Charity sale vJ'UU M -M
Limit 15 cards to the customer. M H
I Pura WhitQ Cotton Batting. Fringed Bad Spraads.
500 rolls to go Thursday. Should sell for 15c roll. r 100 dozen of these, with cut-out corners. Worth 52.50 each. Jn j 3
Charity sale price , Ilr Charity sale .yi.vjy i m
, Limit 10 rolls to a customer. Am. 1 to a customer j jj

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