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National Congress to lie Held
in Idaho Capital on Scp
tember 10.
Three Days Will he Spent in
. Inspecting Irrigation Entcr
prises in State.
Sp'clnl to Tho Tribune.
BOISE, Idn., Feb. S. Tho noxt meeting of
H tho National Irrigation congrceg will bo hold
Hj la Boise September 10 to 15, Inclusive. I.ot-
H ters wero recently received from Gov, "Pardee
H at California, president of the congress, and
Secretary Muxnon, suggesting tho above dule,
and at a Joint meeting of tho Chamber of
H Commerco and Commercial club yesterday It
j was voted to hold the meeting September 10
Three Says' Session.
H The sessions In thin city will occupy about
H three dayn, and tho remaining threo days will
H ba ipent In making excursions to points of
1 Interest In nomhern Idaho, Inspecting Irrlga-
H tlon enterprise nnd looking over tho country
generally. No doubt ono trip will be taken to
1 the west as far as Welscr. Inspecting the
Nampa. Caldwell, Payette nnd M'clser flec
Hj tlons. One day will ba spent on the, Minidoka
B and Twin Falls trncts. and another In tho
Hj uppor Snake River valley from Ulackfoot to
H St. Anthony. As far as possible, the' Intcrmc-
dlatc Journeys will be taken In tho nlghL
Orchard's Case.
Fred Miller. Orchard's attorney, who rn
H turned to BoIm yesterday afternoon, says ho
H hopes Slmpklns, ono of tho ouopects In the
Stcuncnbcrg murder case, will not bo found
right away, while he contends Slmpklns Is
H Innocent 'When naked why ho hoped an. ho
H raid: '"Rtcause It will complicate matters.
1 If they get Slinpklns and then charge con-
H .'piracy, pulling what they terms the miners'
H inner circle' Into the cuse, I don't think tho
1 courts have the privilege of granting a potl-
1 tlon for separulc trhiln. It would be bad for
H my
I As to the Conspiracy.
"Couldn't you prove that Orchard had
nothing to do with the conspiracy ?" wus
"Suppose they did prove that Slinpklns had
something to do with a conspiracy?" whs the
Intcrrogatlvo answer.
"They have got to convict somebody In or
r to get that reward, haven't they?"
Miller Is now trying to learn tho results of
the chemical analyse of substances found In
Orchard' room and now In the possession of
i-nd can-fully guarded by the prosecution.
Passed Forged Checks.
A. It, Poston of Boise was arrested at Nam
pa yentcrday for passing forged checks on
revcral or the business men of this city. Tho
rheck were all In tho sum of $10 nnd his
father's name was signed to them J-a.st night
an o.llccr wont over to Nampa and brought
young. Poston to Uolse. llo wn taken before
Judge Dunbar this morning nnd S o'clock to
morrow was set for tho hearing.
Iiabor Union Meeting.
A big labor union meeting, under the
nusplceR of tho Structural and Uulldlng Trades
alliance will bo held at tho G. A. It. hall In
this city Friday evening Addresses will t0
mado by Judgo K. I. Perky. W. E. Borah. J.
'. Flehurty. M. S. Parker and others. There
are nearly 2000 labor union prople In this city
,ind tho number Is being augmented rapidly.
Stock on Forest Reserves.
Supervisor of Forest Reserves MaJ. Fenn has
i-cclved a communication from th forestry
bureau In 'Washington announcing the limita
tion placed upon the number of each kind of
stock thnt-wlll bo permitted within the Idaho
forest reserves as follow
v. Welser reserve, 09,000 sheep and WW cattle
Sawtooth resen-e, ,CO0 ohecp and C5CO cat
'e or horses.
Payette resorve, 2S0.OM sheep nnd 20CO cattle
or horsos.
Total In tho three. S20.C sheep and H.KO
cattlo or horsefl.
Will Not Disband.
At a meeting of the directors of the Cham
ber of Commerce It was decided not to dls--onilne
this organization for the uivsunt. At
prevloun meeting It was voted to disband
and turn the affairs of the chamber over to
tho new Commercial club. Howovor, the new
frgnnlzntlon anc" the Chamber of Commerco
lll work In harmony In all matters pertain
ing to the upbuilding of BoIpo.
War Department Will Fight Civil
WASHINGTON. Feb, 8, -Tho War de
partment la making ready to test to the
utmost Its right to protect the EOldlcr
who, in the execution of lawful orders
kllln a civilian.
To that end preparations are In pror
rea for a sturdy defense before tho
Oyer and Terminer court of Allegheny
county. Pennsylvania, In the case of tho
sentinel who, with his officer, Lieut.
Ralph W. Drury, was Indicted for kill
InR a yotinjj man named Crowley two
ycara ago last September while the lat
ter was stealing; copper from the Alle
Kheny arsenal.
IEeport on Beef Trust.
CHICAGO. Feb. 8The rcadlnrr of the
ivport on the beef Industry, made by
Commissioner Garlleld, occupied tho en
tiro day In tli trial of the packers' caso
today, and when court adjourned Tor
Lhu day rt large part .of the report re
mained to be read.
I Probe Municipal Affairs.
COLUMBUS. O., Feb. S. The Invcsllga
gatlon of Cincinnati municipal affairs will
be made by a committee of thr Senate In
stead of a Joint Legislative committee.
The Senate today appointed a committee
I Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite '
iHHH fl s- OURES S
$ Coughs, Colds, Croup and !
Whooping: Cough.
i Tula remedy In fomoui for Ms euro ovor
LH 5 R lnrga port of the. clvlllied wprf d. It ci?n j
ft tlrrnys bo depend od upon. It contain. nS
( opium or othnr harmful drug and u bS
4 Kna.ccndcntlytos-oabynatonnnult !
Prico QSr. ctg; Larpo Siso, GO eta.
National Vice-President Sent
by Mitchell to Straighten
Things Out.
PITTSBURG. Pa.. Feb. S. T. L. Lewis,
national vlc'-jiiesldcnt of the United
Mine-Workers of America, who wna or
dered to Pittsburg by President Mitchell
to Investigate the trouble among tho min
ers and olllccrs of District No. fi, arrived
today from Indianapolis and attended the
convention of the Pittsburg district min
ers. Mr Lewis refused to discuss tho
affairs of the miners' organization.
Delegates Are Angered.
District President Patrick Dolan and
Vice-President Bell Ingham, whose resig
nations were demanded by the conven
tion yesterday, were In their seats today
as If nothing had happened. Their dis
regard of the resolution angered the
delegates and they appealed to Vice
President Lewis, who naltl:
"I have been sent here by President
Mitchell In an endeavor to straighten out
the trouble In the Pittsburg district. Aa
yet, howovor, I have no Instructions from
him as to procedure, and will have to
withhold a decision until his Instructions
are received."
Mitchell Wires Instructions.
INDLVNAPOLIS, Tnd., Fob. S. Presi
dent Mitchell this afternoon said that he
had Just sent Instructions to Vice-President
Lewis by wire. President Mitchell
on Monday dlccussed with the threo
presidents of the anthracite districts and
the three board members form these dis
tricts, the matters which will come up
tomorrow before the Wilkesbarre confer
ence, nnd lie will not attend It. Tie will
leave for the East Friday or Saturday.
Crew of American Bark Have Terri
ble Experience Going to Japan.
SEATTLE. Feb S. Eleven survivors
of tho wrecked ship Challenger, burned
and scuttled on tho coast of Japan, ar
rived In Seattle on the Shlnano Maru
today. The men were H. Douglas, AV.
Elliott, W. Ivuhn. M. Pierce and K. Las
hen, Simoon. Barnard Kriedman, Huston
Catholdt, De Costa. They were sent to
this country by the American Consul at
They stated that Capt. Henderson,
master of tho Challenger, had been sent
to San Francisco on one of the Oriental
All the men bore traces of the expe
rience through which they had passed.
For almost a month they had fought the
flames on the old wooden bark and at
times the vessel was kept nllont by only
the most heroic work on the part of the
ofllccrs and crew. For days at a time
they wero unable to gain either sleep or
rest, and when tho ship was llnally scut
tled on the Japanese coast, they were al
most too exhausted to get ashore. The
ship was finally beached without the
loss of a single life.
Chief Olllcer Douglass said that the
wreck was in many ways without paral
lel. For almost a month the crew fought
the llamcs. The Cnallengor was one of
the old-fashioned wooden barkB. She was
chartered by Hind. Rolph & Co., of San
Frnnclsco, to carry a load of fertilizer
from Killlanoo Bay. Alaska, to Osukl,
Sailing from Alaska on October 26 the
flames broke out four weeks after tho
vessel went to sea. When the coast of
Japan wus sighted the captain headed
direct for the beach. He got tho ship
Into a sheltered cove In tho ICco chan
nel and then scuttled her.
The scuttling was accomplished by
means of large holes In her sides.
Constant Stream of Cabs Bringing-
Wreaths of .Flowers to Bier.
COPENHAGEN", Feb. S. The coffin con
taining tho body of King Christian will,
at tho beginning of the service at Ros
klldc (the former capital of Denmark) bo
placed before the high altar of the ca
thedral, whence it will bo carried by
dignitaries of tho kingdom tQ Its resting
place on the east side of tho church. Hero
It will be deposited within a handsome
sarcophngus. The coffin Is of massive
oak with two bronze. plates Inscribed with
passages from the Bible At the foot of
tho coffin Is King Christian's monogram
afllxed In bold characters. It Is Hanked
with palms.
Family Bring Bouquets.
The royal family pay frequent visits to
the chapel at Ardente. where each morn
ing tho royal daughters of the late King
placo fresh bouquets. There is a constant
stream of cabs and vans bearing wreaths
of flowers to and from Amallenborg. A
number of sllvor wreaths have been re
ceived, and subscriptions have been
opened for a golden wrenth to be laid on
the bier by school children.
Reception of Foreigners. '
The royal chamberlain Is overwhelmed
with the work of arranging the details
for tho reception of foreign guests on
the day of the funeral, when 800 persons.
Including members of the diplomatic
corps and their suites and royal person
ages, will be entertained at luncheon at
the Hotel Koskllde.
Tho Slotsklrke, a somoer building ad
joining the burned Chrlstlanberg palace,
is being prepared for the public lying in
Hardy Scots Take Possession of Pro
hibited Game Reserve.
EDINBURGH, Scotland, Feb, S The
Crofters of Parra Island. Hebrides, have
seized tho neighboring Island of Vater
say, and declare their Intention to re
sist by force of arms any attempt to dis
lodge them. A regular expedition was
lltted out by the Invading islanders, who
collected a fleet of boats and soon effect
ed a bloodless landing on Vateraay, hith
erto used as a game preserve,
Tho barramen for years have claimed
the right to cultivate Vatcreay, but have
been unable to get the necessary permis
sion from the authorities, and now they
have seized the Island, have apportioned
It Into small farms and have distributed
them among themselves. There arc no
police or troops In the Immediate vicin
ity of this faraway Islet, so that the
Government's action Is hampered.
Ztliner at Bingham Falls Sixty Feet
Down a Shaft.
Special to The Tribune
BINGHAM, Utah. Feb. S. William
Hawlrapt, a miner employed at the Ohio
Copper company's mine, wlillo trying to
dislodge some timbers that were being
lowered from the -100 to the EOO-foot level,
Tuesday night, slipped and fell to tlni
bottom of the 3haft, a distance of about
sixty feet, and died as the result of the
Injuries about two hours later.
The remaln3 will be shipped to Union,
Utah, where his parents live.
Here Is the Ritual As It Is Per
formed in the Mormon
Oath of Vengeance One Which
Makes Person Traitor to
Special to The Tribune.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 7 The complelo
endowment ceremony, Including the trait
orous oath known its the law of ven
geance, which wa testillcd to before the
Senate commute here by Prof. Wolfe, Is
as follows:
On entering the onnex of tho Temple, the
candidate Is ushered Into a room on tho rlchl,
where lie preocntrt his "recommend." which
must bo slffncd by his ward bloliop and by tho
president of the utako from which ho comes.
With tho prodrnilng of his ''recommond," ho
Ib expected to make .i contribution toward tho
Tninphi nervlcoo, although tills la voluntary
with him.
Krom thin room ho passes to nnothcr on the
left, where he t'lves his records and receives
the name of the on- for whom he Is to work,
In caie he lina no relation of his own whom ho
wishes to sjivo
The records bclnc attended to, the prayer
room In next entered. About tin- walls of this
room are tho pictures of tho president and
apoBtles of tho church. A raised Btand at one
ond of the room nccominojlati-a thoro who pio-
Hldo mill wild Inxtnirt lhr rnillil.n livs lieforo
entering tho prayer-room, tho candidates re
move their sl-oes. This Is usually done In the
long covered passage way that leads from tho
annex to tho Temple proper. Tho nervlccs are
very simple, consisting usually of tho slnglnc
of two hymns, some remarks, und prayor.
As soon as ihe exercises arc flnlshrd, all pro
ceed to the dreMlnjr-rooins, except those men
who arc to receive endowment for the dead.
These pass Into tho back part of the prayer
room, and some of the regular Temple workers
Co to each candidate, luy their hands on his
head and say: "Brother , In tho name
of the IatA Jesus Christ and by the authority
of tho holy Melehlfredec priesthood, I orduln
you un older In the church of Jesus Christ of
I.attcr-day Saints, for and In behalf of ,
who In dead."
In the Dressing-Boom.
In the dreslng-room all clothing Is removed
except Ing the carnients. and these are taken
oft and handed to one of the attendants as
th candidate enters the bathtub. Tho man
who attend to tho wufchluc rubu the head, the
eyes, tho ear6. the mouth, tho lips, the breast,
tho vitals, the loins, tho leys und the feet.
This belnr; done, the candidate leaves the tub.
Is hurriedly wiped dry and then mounts a
stool, where ho Is anointed with oil poured
from a ram's harn. the same parts being
anointed thnt wero washed Just previously, llo
then stands while a man places his carmcnts
over his ahoulderw tolling him that thrs irar
mouts aro a pattern of those which the Lord
iravo to AJnm In tho Garden of Eden; tclllne
him further that they must not bo removed,
and that they will prove a protection In tltno
of danger. With the garments he whlopors
Into the candidate's ear a new name usually
one taken from the Bible, and Is Instructed
never to reveal this name to any person ex
cept as It may be required at ono point durlnK
the Templo ceremony. If he Is working for
the dead, he Is Informed that when ho Is
through the Temple ceremony the namo may
bo forgotten, as li In the property of the dead
and not his own.
Tho eandldato then goes hack to tho dresa-lnr:-rooni.
where ho puts on a shirt and a pair
of white panto; also whlto stockings. He car
rleo with him a bundle containing robes, cap,
randala and apron.
In Creation-Room,
llo lhn soon to tho creation-room, where
the mon are seated on the right, tho women on
the left. Tho delay hero Is long and tedious,
iih tho walls are bare nnd the ceremony of
wanning and anointing takes a long llmo If
there hoppops to be more candldatts.
At lenuth tho allouco Is broken and a man
enters a door In tho front of tho room dressed
In whlto llarmcl and representing Elohlm. tho
createst of tho Mormon deities. llo mukos the
statement that nny who wish to retire may do
so; that everything which Is heard and seen Is
to he kept a profound secret; that which has
been already lwsed through as well as that
which !s to come. Seeing none who wish to
retire, lie continues:
"Urethren, you have been waehed and pro
nounced clcon; that Is, clean from the blood
and sins of this generation. You have been
anointed that you may become king and
priests to our God and his Christ; not that you
have been anointed kings and priests, but that
you may become such; thin will depend upon
your faithfulness.
"You. lilstcr?. have been washed nnd aolnt
ed that you may become queens and priest
esses to your lords, that Is. your husbands
I Three Voices Heard.
"You will now hear threo voices: Elohlm,
Jehovah and Michael. Now' give your atten
tion and hear what you shall hear."
Elohlm disappears nnd Immediately his voice
Is heard from a remote part of the adjacent
room .
Klohlm Jehovah and Michael, there In mat
ter unorganized Let us go down and make
a world like unto tho other worlds wo have
Jeh. nnd Mich. We will go down.
It Is evident, then, that Elohlm remains In
the celestial world, while. Jehovah and Michael
havo to do with the creation of this. Tho
v.oik Is carried on in strict accordance, with
the account on slvcn In Genesis, At the end
r-f each day Jehovah pays to Michael: "Wo
will go down nnd rcKrl this, tho labor of
the dny." Michael replies: "Vn
will return and report." They then retire to
the back art of the room end address Elohlm.
tolling him what they havo done, and get
asjdpncd their duties for the noxt day.
After th- completion of the work. Elohlm,
Jehovah and Michael enter through tho door
at which Elohlm had entered beforo. Mi
chael takes a chair, while. Elohlm and Jeho
vah stand on either side.
Elohlm See tho earth that we havo made.
There Is nc man In It to till tho irround.
Jehovah -Let u mako a man In our own
He Falls Asleep.
Elohlm nnd Jehovah then pti3 their hands
over Michael's body, breathe on him. nnd ho
falln asleep.
.''lohlm do the nudlencel This man who Is
being operated on Is Michael When he nwake
he will have forgotten everything ami bfiomo
ns a 'little child anil will be known as Adam.
Whereupon, Adam awakens,
Elohlm It la not good for man lo he. alono.
Jehovah It Is not good, for wo aro not
Elohlm We will enure a deep sleep to full
upen Adam and make for him a woman to be
with him.
Tho male part of the nudlenco nro then told
to closo their cyan, to Imitate Adam sleep.
Whllo Adam sleeps. Eve enters and stands
bi'sldo him. Elohlm wakens "Adam, nnd says":
Elohlm Adam, Uio womun wo havo cre
ated for ynu. What will you call hcr7
Adam Eve.
Elohlm Why Eve?
Adam liecatiso sho In the mother of all
Elohlm to Jehovah Wo will plant a garden
eastward In Eden and thore wo will put tho
man whom we have made.
r- Graves5
Toofla Powder
Avoid discomfort, danger and
unpleasant after taste by re
fusing all other powders or
pastes, washes and soaps.
Your dentist will advise 3'ou.
In h.-.ndy metal eunn or bottloH, SCc.
Br Slaves5 Toof h Powder Oo.
Elohlm The brethren will now follow Adam
nnd tho sisters will follow Eve.
In Garden of Eden.
All kq up one lllght of Malrs to tho Garden
of Eden Tho sides of this wall aro painted
to represent a tropical scene, and blrdn and
bensts eeem to be ut perfect peace with each
other. At one end of tho room Is the altar,
nnd behind this un elevator, on wnich tho
goon descond find ascend. Near tho front and
to the left of the altar as tho audlcncs .acei
It. la the 'Irce of Knowlcdgo of Good and
1 vll.
Elohlm nnd Jehovah nro both present. Elo
hlm addressCH Adam:
Elohlm Adam, seo tho garden wo huv
plantod for you. Of all the trees of tho gar
Uen you '.nay surely cat except the Tree of
Knowledge of Good nnd Evil. Yo shall not
eat of It, neither shall ye touch It lent yo die.
Now ho happ nnd enjoy yourselves. Wo go
away, but wo shall return.
Elohlm nnd Jehovah then nncend In tho ele
vator In sight of tho audience.
Adam to audience Now, brethren, calm
your mlndn and be not surprised ut anything
you Mhall fcco or hear; wo ?hnll bo visited soon.
Enter Devil, from back room, usually wear
ing u silk hat, earning a enne, and liaving
on a Mnaonlc apron, with tho pillars sur
mounted by the balls.
Dsvll Adam, you have n nlco world here,
patterned after tho world whero wo used lo
Adnm I do not remember about any other
Devil Oh. I sec you have not got your eyes
opened yet.
Goes to tho tree, from which he pretends to
pluck fruit, which he otters to Adam.
Devil Heio, Adam, tako soino of tho fruit
of thla tree.
Adam I Bhall not partake
Devil Oh, you wont: won't you? Well, wo
shall see. Eve, will you tako some of this
Eve Who aro you?
Devil I am your brother.
Evr You my brother, and como to tempt
me to dlsobty my father?
Devil I said nothing about father. This
will open your eyes, and you will know good
from evil, vlrtuo from vice, etc.
Eve Is there no other way?
Devil There Is not.
Eve Tastes the Fruit.
(Evo then tastes tho fruit, and Adam ap
proaches.) Devil Now go and get Adnm to partake.
Eve I know thee now; thou are Lucifer,
who was cast out of heaven for his rebellion.
Devil Oh. I sec you are beginning to get
your eyes opened already.
Eve Adam, here Is some of the fruit of that
tree; It la very pleasant to the taste and very
Adam I shall not partake. You know that
father commanded us not to touch that tree.
Eve Do you Intend to obey all of father's
Aunm leg, an or mom.
Eve Well, our father commanded us to be
fruitful and multiply and replenish tho eurth.
Now I havo partaken of the fruit and ohall bo
cast out of tho garden, while you remain a
lono man In the garden.
Adam Yes, I see. I will partake that man
may bo.
Devil (nodding his head) Yes. that Is rlcht.
(Elohlm appenrn.)
Elohlm Adam, whero are thou? Adam,
where are thoif
Adam Conceals Himself.
(Adam, In the meantime, hnd conveniently
concealed himself near the tree.)
Adam I heard thy voice ao I was walking
In the garden, but I was ashamed because I
was naked nnd I hid myself.
Elohlm Who told then that thou wast
naked; hast thou eaten of the tree that I com
manded thou shouldst not vast?
Adam The woman that thou gavest to be
with me, she gavo mo of the fruit and I did
Elohlm Eve what have ou been doing?
Evo The serpent beguiled me, and 1 did
Elohlm Lucifer, what have you been doing
Devil Oh, the same ns we have been doing
In other worlds; I gave them como of tho fruit
to tret their eyes open.
Elohlm then curses Lucifer, who defloa him
by saying:
.Devil I will take the money and treasures
of the earth and buy up popes and princes,
armies and nr.vU-s, and 1 will reign with blood
nnd horror In the earth.
Elohlm then drives tho devil away, who
goes out of the door nt which he entored,
shaking his flfrt nnd stnmplnc his heels. Adam
then turns to the audience and says:
Adam In your bundles, brethren and sisters,
you will each find an npron; plenso put It on
When tho request has been compiled with,
Elohlm says:
Elohlm Let Adam be cast out of tho garden,
anil a cherubim bo placed with a flaming uword
lo keep the way of the tree of life.
As tho eleator risen with Elohlm and Je
hovah on It, a sword Is waved through the
Evo now stands on Adam's left, and tho first
oath Is administered by Adam.
One couple from tho audience kneel nt tho
altar to represent Adam and Eve, nnd all pres
ent participate In the ceremony. The audlcnco
stands, tho rlcht hand raised to the fquaro.
First Oath Taken.
"We and each of us solemnly bind ourselves
that we will not reveal any of tho secrets of
the first token of tho Aaronlc priesthood, with
Its accompanying name, sign or penalty.
Should I do so, I agree that my throat may
be cut from ear to enr, and my tonguu torn
out by Its roots."'
Tho name of this token Is tho new name of
tho candidate which he received when he wan
Clvcn his garments
Grip Tho grip Is very simple: Hands clasped,
pressing the point of the knuckle of the Index
finger with the thumb.
Sign In nxccutlng tho sign of the penalty,
the right hand, palm down. Is placed ncrosa
tho body, so that the thumb coincn directly
under and a little behind the left ear. The
hand Is then drawn sharply to the right acres
tho throat, the elbow stnndlng out at a posi
tion of ninety degrees from tho body; tho
hand Is then droped from tho rquarG to the
Adam The brethren will now follow Adam,
and tho sisters will follow Eve
In Desolate World.
The next room, the "lono and desolate
world," has Us walls painted with scenes very
different from those of the Garden of Eden;
animals are fighting ond the Kcene Is ono of
chaos At tho end of the room Is an altar,
behind which stands Adam and Eve.
When Adam was cast out of the Garden of
Eden he built an altar and called on tho Lord,
Adam Oh. Lord, hear the words of my
mouth; oh Lord hear tho words of my
mouth: oh, Lord hear the words of my
As Adam speaks theso words, he raises his
hands, first high above his head, then to tho
Rquarc, then drops them to hln side. Tho
words used are- "Pale, Ale, Ale." Wo are
told that In tho pure Adamlc language those
words mean. ' Oh. Lord, hear tho words of
my mouth." Adam, when nnlted why he Is
praying, replies that he does not know, only
lie has bo en so Instructed.
(Lucifer enters.)
Lucifer on the Ground.
Devil I hear you; what do you want?
Adnm Who are you?
Devil I am the god of this world.
Adam Who made you the god of this
Devil I made myself. What la It you want?
Adam I wna calling on father.
Devil Oh, I see, you went religion. I will
have porno preachers down here presently.
(Enter preacher )
I'arson (looking around) You havo a very
tine congregation here.
Devil Oh. arc you a preacher?
Parnon Yes.
Devil Ever been to collcgo nr.d studied tho
dead languages?
Parson Why, certainly. No man can preach
tho gospel unless he hau been to college and
studied the dead languages.
Dnvll if you will preach to this congregation
and convert them, mind you, I will nlve you
let me see four thousand dollars a year.
Parson Sings Hymn.
Parson That Is very little, but I will do tho
beut I ran.
The parson then opens a hymn book and
lends In n hymn, whllo tho devil prances
around with a complacent air. After tho sing
ing the purson turns to Adam nnd says:
Parson Do you believe In that grout spirit
who dwells beyond tho bounds of time and
space, nnd sits on the top of a topless throne:
who Is so great thnt ho ran fill the unlverso,
yot lo so :jma)l that he can dwell In your
heart: whoKo center Is everywhere and whoso
circumference nowhere?
Adam No. I do not believe a word of It.
Parson I am very sorry for you. Hut per
haps you believe In hell, that great, bottom
less pit, which Is full of lire nnd brimstone.
Into which thu wicked are cast, and whero
they are ever burning and yet never con
sumed? Adam No; I do not, and I am norry for you.
The volceu of the goda aro now heard from
an upper room'
Elohlm (to Jehoah) Tho man Adam seems
to V true- and faithful: let us send clown to
him Peter, Jam in and John.
Jehovah That Is good.
Elohlm (to Peter, James and John) Go
down to AJam, whoscc:n to ho a gooj and
faithful man.
(Pctor, James and John descend by a stair
way at the rear of the room.)
Peter Hollo! What Ik going on hero?
Devil Wc ore making religion.
Peter What aro you making It out of?
Devil Newspapers, novels and notions of
men und women sugared over with u little re
ligion, i
Every part of the body is dependent on the blood for nourishment and
strength, and when from any cause this vital stream of life becomes impov
erished or run-down, it invites disease to enter. No one can be well when the
blood is impure; they lack the energy that i3 natural with health, the com
plexion becomes pale and sallow, the vital energies are at a low ebb, and they
suffer from a general broken-down condition of health. The system is weak
ened and unable to resist the diseases and disorders that arc constantly assail
ing it. The Liver and Kidneys, failing to receive the pronerstiimtlatiouand
nourishment from the blood, grow inactive and dull, and the waste matters
and bodily impurities that should pass off through these channtls of nature
are left in the system to pioducc Rheumatism, Catarrh. Sores and Ulcers,
Skin Diseases or some other blood disorder. When the blood is in this weak
ened and diseased condition it should be treated with a remedy that is not
only thorough, but gculle in its action. S. S. S., a purely vegetable remedy, I
made of roots, herbs and barks, is just what is needed. It not only cleanses
the blood of all impurities and poisons, and enriches and strengthens it, but I
gently builds up the entire system by its fine j
tonic effect. S. S. S. rcinvigorates every mem- j
iiK bcr of the body, gives tone and vigor to the blood, i
bJfi?R) an(i as goes to the different parts, carries ro- I
l'y5' bust health and strength. S. S. S. acts more
PURELY V E G ETA B L E VromPy an Slvcs better results than any 'other
medicine. It cures Rheumatism, Catarrh, Sores
and Ulcers, Skin Diseases and all other blood disorders, and cures them per
manently. Our Medical Department will be glad to give advice without
charge to all suffering with blood or skin diseases. Address
Peter How doet It tako with this congrega
tion? Dovll Pretty well, all except that man
Adam: ho doen not bcllove uny thing.
Peter (to Adam) Good morning
Adam Good morning.
Peter (taking Adam's hand) What Is that?
Adam Tho first token of the Anronlc priest
hood. Peter Will you give It to mo?
Cannot Give Token.
Adam I cannot, for It I connected with
my new name; but this Is the futno sign.
(Peter answers by tho same sign.)
Adam You are a trim messenger of Father.
Peter What do you think of the preaching
of tho parron this morning?
Adam Why, ho asked mo If I bellnvea in
that Great Spirit who dwells bvjond tho
bounds of tlmo and apace nnd ulta on tho top
of a topless throno; who Is so great that ho
I'illn the unlverie, yot so small that ho ran
dwell In your heart: whose center Is every
where and circumference nowhrc. I told htm
I did not believe a word of It.
Peter I do not blnmo you.
Parson Aro you the apostles of tho Lord
Jcmjk Christ?
Peter Wo lire.
Parson (pointing to the Devil) Why, ho
said that wo were to have no moro apostles,
but If any man enme along professing to be
such, I was to ,-Lsk them to cut off an arm
or a leg, t.r somo other member of the body,
and stick It on again, Just to show they hail
como with power.
Peter A wicked and adulterous generation
pecketh a Mgn. Do you know that man?
Parfon Certainly; ho Is x great gentleman,
and stands at the heud of all the religious de
nominations of today.
Peter Why. that Is Lucifer.
Parson What, tho Dovll?
Peter Yes. I believe that Is one of his
names. You should got out of his servlc and
havo n settlement with him.
Parwn If I get out of hla service, what Is
to become of nie?
Peter Why, we will teach you tho gospel
In connection with tho rest of tho sono of
Parson Well, that Is good.
Parron (turning to tho Dnvll) Sir, Is It not
tlmo wo hail a settlement?
Devil Well. I will keep my word. I offered
you four thousand dollars icr year to convert
this people, nnd b what I can see. they havo
nearly converted you. Get out of my king
dom; I do not want such men In It.
Parson Retires.
(Tho Parson then retires by a back door,
whllo reter, James and John ascend the stairs
and report to Elohlm the condition of tho
man Adam.
Elohlm Peter. Jamei and John, go down
again In your tmo character! and reveal to
Adorn the second token of tho Anronlo priest
hood, and place the robe upon his left
(Tinf.v descend.)
Poler I am Veter.
Jnme.s I am James.
John I am John.
Dovll (seo w ling) I thought 1 knew you.
J'et.T (to Devil) TJcgono!
Dovll By whose authority?
Peter (raising his arm to tho square) In tho
name of Jesus Christ, my Master.
iTho Devil disappears, scowling, through tho
door whero tho mlnletcr had already disap
peared.) The rotes are then taken from tho bundlen
and put on the candidates-, as well as the cup.i
nun sandals Then tho apron Is replaced and
tho oath la administered to all. standing:
Second Oath Administered.
"Wo, and each of us, do solemnly promise
and bind our?elven never to reveal any of tho
t-ecretH of this priesthood, with Its acrompany
lng inline, sign, grip or penalty. Should wo do
m. wo agree that our breu9ts may bo torn
open, our hearts and vitals lorn out and given
to tho birds of the air and .the beasts of the
Sign The sign Is mnde by extending tho
right hand ncro?.s the loft breant. dlrcctlv
over the heart: then drawing It rapidly from
left to right, with the elbow at tho tvquars;
then dropping tho hand by tho side.
.N'anio i ho namo Is tho given name of the
Grip Clasp the right hand and place tho
thumb Into the hollow of the knuckle, botwecn
the Drat and second lingers.
(Again tho brethron follow Adam, and tho
elrters Eve, and tho Celestial Room Is en
tered.) In Celestial Room.
Thl3 room Is divided Into two parts by
white curtains, through which thi-ro aro sev
eral openings. Somo of thcao aro simply open
ings for convenience, but others havo a Ig
nlllcanec In which the cnndldaten are after
wards Instructed, for It Is through theso cur
lalns that the candidates must pass to gain
their exaltation. In front of tho curtains Is a
raided platform, somo threo or four step.n
above tho genernl level, and on this platform
the candidate,, waltt after lhelr namc3 ,
been called, until It Is tlmo for them to be
admitted to tho Sealing Rooms.
In front of the platform and on tho general
.evel there Is an altar, at which the truo order
ul prayer Is taught. As soon as the candidates
are sealed. Elohlm la heard cpcoklng to Pot-r
Jnmer. and John: ' '
j-. oiii n-uo aown to Adam nnd give him tho
nrst token of tho Jlclchljodcc prlesth.-vod. and.
plao. tho robe upon tho rlghr shoulder
They go down, and Peter Instructs them In
the changing of the robe
After this tho following oath Is administered
to all, standing.
Third Oath.
"You. and each of you. do covenant and
promise that you will never reveal any of the
secrets of tho priesthood, with ltn accompany
ing name. sign, and penalty. Should you do
o. you ajrree that your body may bo cut
asunder and all your bowels gush out "
In this tho left hand Ik placed palm' upright
dlirctly In front of the body. ti,ero being a
light angle formed nt tho elbow, tho rlcht
hand, palm down. Is placed under tho elbow
of tho left; then drawn Pharplv across 'ho.
Rowels, and both hands aro dropped at the
Name Trie Son.
Slgn-Tho sign Is pressing with tho foro
f.nger anil thumb the pulrn nnd back of ih
hand of the recipient of tho Grip. ThU n
called the "Sign of the Nail," 13
Peter, Jamea nnd John return to Elohlm'
report, mi l come back to tho audience
Potel The brethren, all standing, win r..
PrUothcod: !UCOn,, Gr"' f U'e 'ldcc
Grip Grasp right hando vo that the little
nngeri arc Interlocked nnd the foreflnirer
preissen Into tho wrist. "
S ILCX th """ "Ip or true
Tradition says that when the Saviour was
crucified the null tore out the palm of bin
hand, ro that they had to put another throlirh
tho wrist. "gh
It has Its accompanying name and nenaltv
and here aro given the threo Important obfll
gatlons: u"
"Law of Sacrifice"
Peter You and each of you do covenant and
promlno that you will sacrlflco your time
talents and Property to the upbuilding of the
Churcn of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
All bow your heads and say yes.
"Law of Chastity."
To tho Men.
Peter You and each of you do covenant nnri
promUo that you will not havo TOxuaMn?
courM with any other than your lowriil wfo
pr wives who may be given you by tho priest
hood. All boy youd head and ny y..3 ,,rlC61
To tho Women
J?cter lou and each of you covenini
promise that you will not have sexual infer-
courso with any person of the opposlto sex
cave thc-ie who may havo been given jou by
tho priesthood.
"Law of Vengeance."
Peter You, and each of you, covenant and
agree that you will pray, and never ceceo to
'pray. A'"tlghty God to avenge tho blood of
tho prophets upon thlo nation, nnd that you
will tench the eamo to your children unto the
third and fourth generation. All bow your
headH and say yes.
(Alt having been seated, Elohlm. or noma
one In authority, cornea to the front of tho
platform nnd delivers wiiat l known as tno j
aermon before tho veil. On Wednesdays, when
there nre a number of neophvtes. the addret-j
Is vry long and todlouu; tho entire hlntory cf
the Temple work Is rojiented, oo that the can
didates may have a clear understanding of
what they havo learned. Tho marka In tho
veil arc also explained, with their slgnincanco
nnd uses. Especially Is It taught that Adam
was not inado out of tho duot of thin earth;
that he wa.i begotten on nny other man la be
gotten, and that when ho came hero ho
brought Evo. one of his wives, with him. I
havo heard that the oermcn wan tho cnu de
livered by Brlgham Young at tho dcdls.it Ion
of the St. George Temple. On ThurudayM and
Fridays, when there aro comparatively few
who arc going through tho Temple fur the
first time, tho sermon beforo the veil In vry
much shortened, only the essential port which
rcfr3 to tho creation of Adam being read.)
Instructed as to Prayer.
After tho sermon, tho canrildutM aro In
structed In the true order of pruyer, an many
couples as possible surrounding tho altar, tho
elder who If to pray standing behind It. The
signs of tho holy priesthood aro then given,
the Inst on being the upllfle.-I hands, nnd tho
words "Pale, Ale. Ale," repeated three times.
In Imitation of Adam's prayer. All otop with
tho patriarchal xrlp. the left elbow of one
person resting upon the right shoulder of the
next one. In this way tho clrclo l.i made
Tho elder now kneels by the altar, his right
arm raised to the square, hid left hand ex
tended, palm up, "as though to receive a
A form of prayer Is then offered, which
reres us a type for similar prnyern !n every
prayer clrcla of the Mormon priesthood.
Passing Through the Veil.
The candidates reaumo their seata and the
process of passing through the veil begins.
In tho veil are to be seen tho square and
compass; also other openings which represent
tho sIltH In the knees of every garment, which
are said to Indicate that tho tlmo will como
when every knee nhnll bow and every tonguo
confess that Jems la the Chrlnt. There aro
nlso openings for the hands, which are called
openings of convenience.
Three or four candidates como from behind
tho veil men to act fur men nnd women for
women. Tho namo of the candldato Is called,
llo rises from his ceat In tho audience, accom
panied by tho woman or women whom ho has
brought with him, mounts tho -platform and
taken his went until the attendants aro ready
for his turn. In going up the three stepa of
tho platform tho man mint alwayr. precede. I
onco saw a young man step courteously aside
to .let his Intended brldo precede him. when
tho attendant pushed her back and told him
thnt If she preceded him there she would pre
cede him In olernltv.
Veil Is Parted.
All being ready, the attendant gives three
gavel raps upon one of tho pillars from which
the veil la suspended. The voll Is parted
slightly and Elohlm from behind tho veil aska
what la wanted. The attendant replies: 'Tho
man Adam, having been true nnd faithful In
all things, desires to converge with tho Lord
behind the veil." The attendant prompts tho
candidate In his answern and grips, Komo
tlmcs rehearsing the whole matter before Elo
hlm takes the neophyte In hand.
The neophyte .gives the two grips of tho
Anronlc priesthood, with their accompanying
n?,mo'. Rlso th' nrst ErlD und nQme of the Mel
ch Pcdeo priesthood. He then gives tho second
Crln of the Molchlscdec priesthood.
Elohim What I? this?
Neouhyu The second Grip of the Melchlse
dec priesthood, Patrinrchnl Grip, or Sure Sign
of thu Null
Elohlm Has It a name?
Neophyte ft hns.
Elohlm Will ynu 5lvc It to me?
o.eiP?.yt"r annot. for- I havo not yet r--llj
for this purpose I havo come to con-
vi Jvllh,.ltu' lATA behind the veil.
ni?r rVV.1 sh.nl1 rcclvo It upon tho five
points of fellowship through tho veil. Theri
uJL . u toou knw 10 k,,C' breast to
nreast. hand to back, and mouth to ccr.
Whispers to Candidate.
Having placed tho candidate In proper posi
tion, lie whispers?
riren!,t,Llnv,thr ,naVnl-1 marrow In tho bone,
rirengtn In the loins and sinews, and power in
ine priesthood ho upon me and my potcritv
out c1ernVty."nerall0n3 C ll,no Rnd tl,r0UKh-
i..r?e.ilC0?hVt.eu ,c"cats t: ""HI he hns It
lenfin. y "d thL'n stnndj back- while tho at
tendants rnps once more three times upon the
' Elohlm What In wanted?
I YS'ri1,1.1.1? h,avl"K conversed with tho
..u .e,i , U,K.h tb0 v" now deslru3 to be ad
mitted to hl presence.
Elohim Admit him
nlutolVL 'hKKIchlm extenda. his hand
Uo novltIate n warm welcome,
the mnn now assumes the part of Eiohtm
hwlrKri!? h,VVmon' cv' " " he hw been
vel when hw??lf' ",,mltt'"K "'cm behind tho
eu wnen they nre prepared.
Handsomest Room in Temple.
un-l'l beauml.101.1 ntorcd la ono of tho
caiWet, T .i!f,".,2 he Temple: It hiu. rich
' '"lBnnt fittings and upholstery and
o l enity t,-om lt are tho Scaling nooms-.imall
and furnished In gold and white
ih,. 0 ma,n ,'00,n lfl 'able nt which sits
and nl10,h,ln0 ,J"Rt lhrouh tho Temple;
o m, i 0 ,lcc3t' of thooe who have- taken
can Ye' pormod bef0re " marr,aBe ccrny
lichen' lnd ,hp womQn wl'o a to bo mar
iuch nvP.e.,0 l.not thr Sta'l"C Hoom, with
wit 'vnhl nd n" cy mny dcslra :o have
robes copTp-!?.110 "rC dre"xd in tnc TemP'
In Sealing- Room.
usually the ilrelV . 00 scallrl.- ceremony.
Hate iVow kn.If n i cererr.onl-s. Tho candl
und cla-si ihe IV 'i ?n1 on acn "!dn of tho altar.
Tnn , d,Mgr JSVS. thc, Patriarchal iMp.
each other- for n an m )f '"" in
eternltv und hvi" ni,J Vlr' for 'no and
tn.iw -r. i.RUos Smi CC,J;rt a satisfactory
ciorPHy. moml-h g a S th,"n for Um
Plelod. Thcv re?un lo 'ls ccrc,n- ' com
lt on the clot UiZ tha he'hr 'lro3,lnK-room
Temp.,, urui thj WU o" l 11,8
Life. ' ,
Notice Is hereby -i.. 'r
Council of Salt LiVeg,Lei trfM
tlon of such Council tn01 R
Ins described lmpT6vea3l
To grade, pave liSS
inches thick, una thlrtvt
curbs, State Mrt tSrSK
of North Temple i,ti? Ml
of Second North s& ft
street from 2sy;t TcrarSi'
street; and West c?&h'hK
State ulroot to the TomS8 m
North ntrecU In tavln? iSMi
and dcfr tho afomttS-Stt
cost nnd cxp nr,e theri.NH
tlshtcon thojrand !H k"
7.V1C0 (J1S.C0.7S) dollar.
dollars per front foot of HlJP
ty. by a locaU a8eBn twFSM:
or pleccB of ground wt",ltlc
described dlotrlct, fctinr f? ll
affected and LcncSlcd J?B
merit, namely. '
Fronting on Slate ir. 'K
aii of iota i, c, 7 1 rbymi
"A"; all of lots 2. 6A'
K", and part of tho ouiO
tlon r,i, township i nomB
Part of tho coulhweM v tK
township 1 north, ranee liM
1 and 2, block l pkt'w
blocit i, Blut "K"; ane"'-!1
It Inclusive, l)!icl; J )iV?i
Fronting on First North
AU cf Jot3 5 and 6. bifcvlW
All of lot 2 aud 3, bl-ekiml
1 to 0 inclurUc. bloc's
Fronting c n West Cantigfllf
and wwl xidr.s. '"n,
All of lots 1 and 2. b'i0fv ,t
all cf loU 1 and 2, bloVm
lots 1 to 7 Inclusive. boSrV'
South nnd East sides V
Part of tht; fioathYTw't .fmH
township 1 north. rance ii K
lot 1. tuid of lots 3 t5 uHSBf
The total cost of eaM iK
estimated at twenty-two tS
nlno and 93-100 (I22.cy.2j) d!!S
turn the city portion is iwTB
five hundred fifty and slSW
dollars, leaving. elchlnivlf
hundred nine and 72-10) rciuSr
to be raieed by local a,ta23MI
All protests and obteriiiTWg
rying out of such int'enUw JBI
I sented In writing to thefVE
! on or before the 13th d'ar wlBf
i IK-C. lie-Ins the time sm LM
: when it will hear and mivfWK
tests and objections 23 nm
thereto 'Mb
By order of the CIlv rwBI
La'.io City Utah. ' vP
Dated October 2, IW ,Mf
JOHN n, morrA
Pnvlnt; e.vtenslon No. li.
Liberty Mlntnc wmrWR
place of business. Salt Liki(B
Notice: There p-o fcliLnsJMK
following described atci
Assessment No. 1, levied caiB
of December, the urtnSf
set opposite tho namrt of tlp
shareholders, aa follows; jm
Cerr Nam.' 3. a,
S Ivanlioe Mining Co ti
S-Thomna Cuplt g
H Ivanhoe Mining Co. "11
15 A. Hanauer , ""t
13 lt. A IK "1
21 Thomas Cuplt .
22 C. L. Rood, Trustee... Y
23 Tliomns Cuplt '
23 A. 15 Street J;
?.7-M A Shields J
2S-P. A Shields
KG Matthias Connelly.. .u
41 John Creen
G2 Franl: J. McLaughlin.... jj
C5 Tilllo Llebman, partoLii
M Tilllc Llebman
SS Muttlilas Connelly JH
C2 Ar. TV. Armstrong j
C5 AV W. Armstrong
C4 "W. W Armntrong .. ,.t
G5 V. W Armstrong 11
G6-W. W. Armstrong a
EO A. Hanauor ,
S3 John Creen ... i
Sl-F. J. McLaughlin
IS W. W. Armstrong si
J7--Ivanhoe Mining Co
S Thoma3 Cuplt ,.
JO CharleH L. Rood, Tmitt ;
8I-R. Alff ;
iZA, B. Street k
KJ-M. A. Shields
9( F. A. Shields ,'...,1
53 Matthias Connelly Jl
100 John Creen ,..
101 John Creen ,
103 John Creen
And In accordance with tiii
order of tho board of dlreS
the ith day of December, 1M
shares of each parcel of rJ
mav be necessary will c iV.
paid before, at 10 o'clock 'iw
22nd day of January, 15M, if IE
tho company, room C07 &CaF
lnir. Salt Lake City. Uuh. ,tR
delinquent assessments thwwBJ
with the costs of advenMP
penses of sale. HARVErrMj
At a meeting of tha bJirffe
of the Liberty Mining Co. UHi
IS. 1S05. It was ordered tfctK
above delinquent stock bt'jK
February 10, 1906. at ths
place. HARVET 'B
Raymond-Illinois IHnl&r ;.m&
Location of principal pU gfli
Salt Lake City. Utah.
Notice is heroby given IjwjM
of tho Directors of tho KPW
Mlninjr company, duly 'jl
fiav of February, 1KH. n JH
one-half a cent per share Jt
lhreo months was levied on iBJ
inp; capital stock of the
able R3 follows. ..BF
One-half a cent per Mv
mediately to M. B. JohwJK;
Noa. 04 and 503 Atlas BkJ
Cltv. Utah. Any dtoc "PH',
assessment may remain JiBtJ
8th day of March, 1S.
and advertised for sale at
and unless payment Is
be sold on the 26th day
pay tho delinquent
with tho cost of advertlflcf
One-half a cent per a"JM
able on tho 27th day of t'SK
B. Johnson at rooms
A Una Block. Salt Lake GgM;
Block upon wnlch tMJ
remain unpaid on the StB2K:
1900, will be delinquent
salo at publication aw J
ment la made before l I
15th day of April. lJ'SR-,
Jucnt assessment tef
of advertising and PmME
And one-half ?nlt3M?
payable on the l6ln da
M. B. Johnson at iBr
Atlas Block. Salt Lake CWp
stock on which this 3K
main unpaid on Iho V'jjjM?
lSw. will be dellnquen : "k
sale at public ftuc,,0ni-fc?
ment Is made before,
4th day of June. JJflKs.
qucnt nssessmen
of advertising and eSj7aj6
Secretary Rayroond-IlllncMB
Lewlston, Idaho, H jKl
510.000 cubic yards of
yards of rock and '"fi
lTi-rtined check ot M
proposal bond for a v
cent of tho amount 01
company each b d. and
dcr will be required to
tract at once ond "toWM
bond In the um nuaet A,
I the amount of the
1 tee of tho l'r?nefJe!S,BlSS
tract wllhln .e time WBg
The company rrsen
ject any and all bld PJKS
Bids will be reccijy m t
structlon of the ditches, f(rh
and (3) the tunnels. M&i
the ofllco of ma comi
"Additional information

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