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IiPra on
jiers of Fifteenth Infantry
"Angels" for Bright,
Newsy Sheet.
msWifli Stray Bits of Clever
iff Illiyme and Original
I Journalism.
order to relievo tho monotony oC
j roja?Q covering nearly thirty
i Wq. tho" soldiers of tho Fifteenth in
( BLrr, while on the United States army
t ajooft Sherman, conceived tho idea
3 i'ssffspaper, which they proceeded
V 3 avidity to publish. ".Necessity
1 mother of invention,1 ' runs the
r. Lack of a printing press or suita-
; fist and paper did not perplex: the
4 iBjceful boys of tho Fifteenth.
. ' fcits boxa the ship's log they pro
's , tL a typewriter from the naviga-
'. i i o6ce, and then hit upon tho ap-
:;: t-jto name, "The Wake," perhaps
. that is indicative of some-
i that extends far inlo the night
, ' liu many joys, though it, too, has
-t s?3; or perhaps, more perhaps, bo-
,j pit was symbolical of tho dawn of
' borrow, a tomorrow full alike of
f fc'pstion and remorse, but vastly
jj than the mud, the forests, the
' j iibe rain, Ibo bolost the Moros and
J "Banana" of Simasis, in Mindanao.
Q 'ilnme 1, -No. 2 of The Wake is be-
5 i'to writer. Tho date lines read:
J itjiv. December I, 1907. Per copy,
I ested and Proven
i j b Is a Heap of Solace in Being
'Able to Depend Upon a Well-
I ' Earned Keputation.
-i ( "v
y " Fc months Salt Lake City readers
' eeu the constant expression of
j? ma for Doan's Kidney Pills, and
9 Kl about tbo pood work they have
M Jpiintpis locality. Xot anothrr rerae-
ltrw produced such convincing proof
fcn. Sarah Pearson, living afc 5-12
fcbeth St., Salt Lako City, "Utah,
m: "I gave a statement recommend
i tow's Kidney Pills in 3902, and at
a fciine think .iust as highly of them,
'i va used them on many occasions
$ j me the past five years, when suffor-
4 , ffroni attacks of kidnoj' troublo and
a thehe, and they never fail to give
' i cost satisfactory results. I thiuk
i! to onhesitatinply recommend the
i to others suffering from kidnev
l I w.f. I inherited my kidney trouble
., f suffered for many years. Sharp
v ) jupaised through my back and loins,
Jlitro was a weakness of tho "kid
.) ft I procured a box of Doau's Kid
v rWUat F. J. Hill's drug store and
1 i; rave me relief at once. I con
.i m taking them and they cured mo
5 I iry sense of the word. I advise
J fc:e suffering from the same disease
' ! '-teDoan's Kidney Pills."
j For sale by all dealers. Price 50
! I'oster-aiilburii Co., Buffalo,
l ? lorki Bole agents for United
i fcacmbw the name Doan's and
i t'hir-
30 cents. CaTrior delivery. TJ. S. A- T.
Sherman, Lat. 50 degrees 47 seconds
is. Long. 378 degrees 47 seconds E."
Bit of Rhyme.
Upon pago 1 is a bit of rhvmc, which
has tho swing of Kipling, it is based
upon, the picking up unaccountably of a
day in tho equatorial zouo and it is in
tended obviously as a satiro on the
board of survey. Following are a few
choico stanzas:
"Two days there shall bo
Instead of one;
Two days while at sea
On tho homeward run,"
Said tho eminent board of survey.
"All drinklqg shall stop
And gambling conso,
And wo'll have a hop
On the day of peace,"
Said tho wlsc-acro board of suivey.
"Old Neptune must work
Without more pay;
And he shall not shirk
On this great day,"
Said tho conlldont board of survey.
Tho night had passed and day had como,
Tho ocean was smooth and calm,
When oft the leo as we watched the sea '
Rose an island covered with palm.
And it moved it seemed toward our state
ly ship
And it stopped us on our way.
And a horrible, harsh and guttural voice
Commanded us, "Account for the day."
Tou make me work two days when one
Is all the calendar shows;
You'll order the course, and bid the fates
To stay their well-earned blows.
'Tou mortals, Hal Hal How amusing you
. And Neptune gave, a groat laugh,
"The board of survey, he lie. ho, ho,
You're like a great big calf."
Sleep came to us then and with it a
Or, rathor, a nightmare of dread.
And terrible, tongueless, tantalized forms
Who laughed when we wished wo were
dead. N
Our further misfortune Is full of strange
Which here I've not space to tell,
Suffice It to say, "Leave old Neptune
Unless you wish to see hell."
Tho wireless telegraph department
contains several brief items, these, for
Washington, D. C, Dec. I
The Secretary of War offers to retire
at onco all officers above the grade of
captain who do not wish to serve another
tour In the Philippine islands. The offer
stipulates that no applicant shall have
stated this wiah more than ten times to
Junior officers during the passage of the
Sherman, as such statements give rise to
false hopes in the minds of subalterns.
Sitka, Dec. I (too late to decode). Yas
uoy od lahwtor hcus nmad ho.
Enterprising Paper.
That The Wake was an enterprising
and much sought-after newspaper is evi
denced by the following thoroughly up-to-date
story of a hideous, crime, com
mitted on the Sherman:
Few were tho habitues of Starboard al
ley who, shortly before dressing gong last
evening realized that behind the folds of
the heavy oriental tapestries, which
screens the interior of the Blue Goose
from public view, there was being enacted
a tragedy uniquo in the annals of crim
inal history. The first intimation of dis
turbance was a gasping sound which
reached the cars of Patrolman Green and
prompted him to listen at the door.
Green's report at the Bridge avenue
police station tells of the ensuing scuffle,
tho rustle of feet, the sharp command of
tho leader: "Now use this on him." The
order was followed by a sharp report
then all was still, Patrolman Green wait
ed no longer. He rushed to the nearest
alarm box to call two special police from
the Central station. When reinforcements
arrived admission was demanded. A
liquid voice responded, followed by the
opening of the door. Thru (take- note:
phonetic spelling) tho aperture jcame a
sound of gurgling in tho throat of a
strangled, almost, lifeless, thing.
"What is doing here?" asTied Green, in
authoritative tone.
"Nothing more, old horse. We've just
killed It. Here's the corpse," and suiting
his action to the words, . the speaker
tossed over tho side into tho blue waters
which held so many secrets a bottle
marked, "Hunters."
"About slocks," reads a heading, and
then follows:
"Siestas (limited) are finding plenty of
takers ranging from :02 to :0l.
"The rubber market experienced a flur
ry upon tho unloading of Sutherland
sevens yesterday afternoon, just before
closing lime."
On page 4 is a. brief mention of the res
cue in Nagasaki harbor of one of the boys
1 Don't Fail to Sec the 1
j Diamond Bros. Pur Co., I
! U $1 5,000 Stock of Purs Must
!Be Sold Before Christmas. j
Ladies' Fur Jackets and Sets, Gents' Pur Coats, I
pur Rugs and Astrag Robes sold at half price. 1
Russian Cony, $3.25 Set S
Mink Sets . . . $20.00 Up I
Special Sale of
Mounted South African Leopar'ds, $25.00. 1
Mounted Russian Wolves, $23.00. 1
Polar Bears, Black Bears, Silver Fox Automobile
blankets and Astrag Robes at correspondingly low 3
Prices. t I
Gents' Russian Cony Fur-Lined Coats, Persian I
laib collars, all sizes, special, $40.00. I
Come in and see us before you buy your Furs. P
jf Diamond Bros.
S; Flir CCK Ro Ma'" Street j
Nervous, Weak,
Rim-Bown Women
Thousands of Women, Who Suffered
For Years, Have Boon Kestorod to
Complete Health by Stuart'3 Cal
cium Wafers.
Trial Package Free.
Are you nervous, weak, tired, run-down,
dispirited, easily exhausted In other
words, do you feel lllco a dlshrai? at
times? Do you ever have to stop right in
the middle of your work to take a rest?
Nearly every woman 1ms these misera
ble experiences, and many such sufferers
seek relief in sccrot remedies, containing
harmful drugs and cheap alcohol. If you
are doing this, stop it now, before you
ruin your health completely. lour condi
tion is bad enough without making it
You need a tonic that will brace up the
nervous system, cleanse the bowels, liver
and kidneys, and enrich tho blood. The
best, purest, safest preparation to do this
Is Stuart's Calcium Wafers.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers aro not a se
cret romedy. They do not contain harm
ful drugs, nor do they lose their medicinal
power as most liquid medicines do, be
cause these wafers are in tablet or lo
r.onge form, which cannot deteriorate or
Stuart's Calcium Wafers contain sul
phide of calcium, the strongest blood puri
fier known; also golden seal, quassia, ou
calyptus, belladonna, and the vegetable al
ternatives and laxatives. These ingre
dients will restore the normal action of
tho bowels, liver and kidneys; invigorate
the nerves and brain; make pure, rich,
healthy blood; drive away that tired,
wornout feeling and make you feel ten
years younger.
You can obtain Stuart's Calcium Wa
fers in any drug store at only fifty cents
a box, but if you havo any doubts as to
the merits of these wonderful calcium
wafers, why send us your name and ad
dress -and wo will send you a freo sample
package, so you can give them a fair trial
and convince yourself. Write today. Ad
dress F. A. Stuart Co., 175 Stuart Bldg.,
Marshall, Mich.
of the Fifteenth by a sailor. It reads:
" The action of Sailor Olsen In
saving one of the men of tho regiment is
appreciated by every officer and man in
it. The thanks of tho entire regiment are
hereby extended him.
"By order of Colonel Scott (& sgd).
Willis Uline, Capt. &. Adjt.., Fifteenth in
fantry." There follows an editorial on heroism
and commendatory of tho bravo act
of Sailor Olseu. Mention is mado of the
army and navy game and several bouts
which occurred on the Sherman. Tho
Wako concludes with tho admonition:
Listen for tho grinding of the keel as
we slide over the meridian.
The resignation of Lieut. Georgo S.
Corlew of company "B of Ogdcn has
been accepted, and the vacancy of first
lieutenant existing in that company ha3
been filled by the election of Sergeant
T. F. Preshaw.
All infantry companies will bo in
spected duriup tho latter part of Jan
uary by the majors of their respective
battalions; the rating of the companies
-will be upon a prescribed basis, and
the standing of each published in gen
eral orders.
A bill has been introduced in the
Houso by Representative Brick of In
diana, having for its object r.ho fs
tablishment of a public .rillo rango in
each Congressional district in tho re
spective Stales, and the Dick-Capron
bill increasing tho pay of army and
navy offivers was introduced fn tho
Senate and Jfousc in tho first day of
tho session.
DoWitt's Little Early Riser Pills are
sold by Anstoo-Brico Drug company, 44
South 'Main streot.
Tho Latest Out,
Bis Bos. tho most sanitary bread mado.
Vienna Bakery.
The Young Women's Christian asso
ciation has issued an appeal to tho citi
' zens of Salt Lake City. Tho association
i is in need of funds to carry on several
branches of the work and asks tho
citizens for aid. Tho appeal states that
for tho first time in tho history of I he
local branch of tho association thero
wore not enough funds in tho treasury
to meet tho monthly obligations. The
association asks tho femalo population
of the city to join and has reduced
tho membership fee to $1 as a spcchil
1 ''-.
Store open even
ings "Monduj- and
Tuesday. Get.
your "Money
Back'' shoes or a
Hhoo certificate 1
now. Its good
any time.
Davis Shoe Co.
' v-VO""'
I ; s
Pical Estate Association Dis
gusted With Non-Action of
tlic Grand Jury.
Tho culmination of tho light which
the citizens of Salt Lako havo been
making against the abnormally high
prices of food products in this city
was reached Saturday when tho Real
Estato association decided to return to
tho subscribers tho monej' that had
been given for assisting in carrying on
a campaign. Attention ib called to
tho fact that as tho grand jur' recently
empaneled for the purnoso of investi
gating the "food trust'' had found no
indictments and would find none, the
association felt that the community
was not in sympathy with such a
movement and that therefore tho as
sociation could have nothing to do with
tho matter.
A general loiter is also issued to tho
public asking that tho unknown con
tributors of two sums of rnouey call at
the ofiico of the association ana receive
their subscriptions back.
At n mooting of tho association held
at tho Commercial club Inst Wednes
day a leter regarding the action of the,
grand jury was read from a citizen, and
although received b3r the members pres
ent with no comment "whatever, was
nevertheless made a part of the ofacial
rocords of the association. It soems
to be tho general, feeling among tho
members of tho a'ssociation that they
have not been supported in .the action
which they started fov the lowering of
the high prices in tho city and that
the finding of tho grand jury is a farce.
In an address which tho association
issued to tho public under date of
September "2G, boforo the investigation
was started, attention was called to
the fact that tho association vas mere
ly offering itself as a leader in the
movement to reduce tho high prices in
tho city and at tho present time tho
association feels thnt if tho poople, as
is shown by tho vordict of the grand
jury, aro satisfied with tho present
conditions, the association can t con
scientiously do nothing further in the
matter. The letter follows:
"Tn view of the fact that tho dis
position of tho public to support tho
Salt Lako Real Estato association in
its effort to securo a reduction of the
cost of living in Salt Lake has, after
four months of patient waiting, been
represented by a total subscription
other than that of the association of
but $376, and in view of tho fact that
tho graud jury recently, empanolcd to
investigate the combinations which
this association believes exists hero un-:
lawfully and in tho restraint of trade,
have reported no indictments, and will
report none, the association is con
vinced that tho sentiment of tho com
munity is not in sympathy with il3
movement to bring about a reduction in
the cost of living; thercforo, it with
draws from further effort to that end.
Tho association, therefore, returns to
you 3'our subscription of to its
anti-trust fund, and thanks you very
much for the generous aid you havo
given the movement."
Legal Blanks.
Tribune-Reporter Ptg. Co., G6 W. 2nd
So. St.
"XI'jWARK?. X. J., Dec. 21. Michael
Mishumas, manager of the Lithuanian
club, was shot and killed and Charles
Coukcs, of Now York, was slightly
wounded by a Tobbor who raided tho
club early todaj'. .Tohn Kosuvicias, an
lS-ycar-old boy, was arrested, charged
with tho crime. When tho poRco
searched tho young prisoner they found
$LIG0 in his possession.
As Mishumas was leaving tho club
rooms, tho robber attempted to hold him
up with a revolvor. Tho two grappled,
and in tho struggle Mishumas was shot
and instantly killed. Tho robber then
rifled tho club ensh drawer and his
victim's pockets, and -was fleeing from
the building when ConkcB who had heard
tho shooting rushed to tho outranco.
JIo was met by a fusilado of shots.
Two .bullets struck him, but tho wounds
aro not Eerious.
A moment later a policeman seized
Kusuvicias as ho flod down tho street.
Moho3y's Fur Sale
Continues Monday and Tuesday. Don 't
forgot that everything goes lit hnlf
prii'o. Mchcsy, tho .Furrier, Knutsford
Judge Armstorng mrnlo the follow
ing orders in estate matters in tho pro
bate division of tho Third District
court Saturday:
Estate of -lolin Hanhnuser, deceased;
George A. Whitnkor appointed admin
istrator under an $S00Q bond.
Estate of William Gordon, deennsed;
Annio Gordon appointed administrator
under bond of $o700.
Estato of Katen Sophie Newton, de
ceased; Thomas Nowlun, Jr.. appointed
administrator under bond of $200.
Efdato of William C. Staines, de
ceased; Orin T'. Miller appointed nd
miuistrator with the will annexed, un
der a bond of $50,000.
Estato of Arthur Vincent, deceased;
John J. Wallaco appointed administra
tor under bond of $.1800.
Boys led again in tho births during
tho past week, the totjil births being
30. of which IS were males and .12 fn
liuilcs. Deaths during the wook nuin
bcrod 39, thero being 2S malos and 11
females. Six bodies wero shipped into
Salt Luke for burial. Tho remainder
of the report is hk follows:
There wore reported during tho wook,
180 cases of contagious and inf actions
diseases, consisting of 36 onsen of scar
let fever; 12 cases of diphthcrin; 1-3(5
cases of mensh's; 2 cases of typhoid
fever, and 3 cases of pncuuioiuu. 20
houses on account of BcnrJct fovor and
13 houses on account of diphtheria re
main in quarantine at tho ending of
tho week.
Hearing of Eloctton Contests.
Tho election contests recently inutj
tuted by Alden E. Pay no and Thomas
Hobday against Oliver Hodgwon and .T.
D.' Murdock. respectively, havo bcou
sat for hearing bijforc judge Lewis
.Jumuirv 2. Tho contosr. of Frauk liar
ris against L, K. Hall will by heard by
Judge Ritchie December 30.
I Last week was a Record-Breaker in Furniture and 1 H
I Toys. We have heard it said that times are hard. I H
1 Not so with us. Never before have customers I H
I flocked to our store to buy as they have this last I H
I week. Why? Because they know that buying I H
I from Madsen's they Save Money. ::::::::: I H
I 200 Child's -Rock- I , Z Children's High 1 I
I ers, large size, per- Chairs, Rockers, I H
1 f orated seat, and Sleds, Rocking 1 H
I some red ones P- Horses, Doll Cabs,. I H
I 40C , REGUILAR 1 1
j AND CARPET SI ORE e.5first5Iouth I
Elaborate Arrangements Have
Been Made to Entertain
Preparations have been completed
for tho fourteenth annual convention
of i.ho Utah Teachers' association, to
bo held in Trovo AVednesday, Thurs
day and Friday. January 1, 2 nnd 3,
1008. Prom all indications, a big dele
gation of Salt Lako City and county
teachers will attend tho sessions of tho
The citizens of Provo have made ela
borate arrangomcnts to eutcrtaiu their
visitors. Mayor 3. 11. Frisby will upon
tho convention at S o'clock Wednes
day morning with an address of wel
come. A. G. Nelson. Slate Superintend
ent of Schools, will bo present and
practically all tho big educators of tho
State have been asked to speak at tho
sessions of the convention.
The business session and cloclion of
officers will bo hold Fridny afternoon.
Tho present officers of tho association
arc: L. 13. Fggerlscn, president; F.
M. Driggs, first vice-president; D.
Kccler, second vice-president; L. M.
Gillilan, sccrotary and treasurer, and
A. C. Nelson, ex-officio custodian.
Tho railroads will sell tickets to
Provo from all points in the State and
roturn beginning Dccombcr 31 and un
til January 2 for ono faro rates.
"None better made Vienna Walnut
Bread. Ask j-our grocer for it.
$ In Hotel Corridors i
v t J I "'"
IIARKY I. MANTJ5 of Omaha, one or
Nebraska's leading oltlzoiis. Is In tho city
to spend tho holidays with his brother-in-law.
V. K Smcdly. In speaking of
conditions In Omaha and Nebraska, Mr.
Mantx said. "Tho Ilnunclal scare, which
didn't scare worth a cent in Omaha, Is
belnpr lost night of. Tho banks in Oma
ha and thoso In the State were novor
at any tiino seriously disturbed. Thoy
havo not rosoilcd to cashiers' ("books or
clearing house rortlllcates. and, so far
as known, nouo of them were at any timo
"Tho lo:al deposits in Ihc banks of
Nebraska," Mr. Mantis continued,
"amount to over $i:;0,0l)0.000. That shows
that tho people of Nebraska aro not cow
ards and that they havo ubsoluto confi
dence in their banks and financial insti
tutions. "The poople of Omaha have a kindly
fooling for Salt Lake, and this feeling
wan moro closely cemented by tho visit
which our prominent business men mado
to this city last Juno. I have often
hoard Ihcni speak of that occasion as
about the most pleasant eplsodo of their
trip. Governor Sheldon camo home en
thusiastic In his nmlHOs of Salt Lako
and tho courtesies hero extended" to him
seir and party."
W. T. O'NlilTi, a leading and prosperous
stockman of Wells, Nov.. Is a guest of
tbo Cullcn. Ilo camo over to escort his
two nephews, who aro students of All
J Iallowa college, to their NVvndn homo to
spend tbo holidays with their mother nnd
other relatives. Mr. O'Noll says of live
stock In Nevada, this year, thut cattle,
sheep and horses havo dono unusually
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
ennnot reach tho scat of tho dlucnec. Ca
tarrh Is a blood or conatltutlonnl disease. 1
and in order to euro It you must take In
ternal romcdios. Mali's Catarrh Cure Is
taken internally, and acts directly on tho
blood and mucous surfaces. Hall'M Ca
tarrh Cur.e Is not a quack medicine. It.
was prescribed by ono of the best phy
sicians hi this country for years and Is a
regular prescription. It Its composed of
tho best tonlcH known, combined with tho
best blood purlllors, acting directly on the
mucous surfaces. Tho perfect combina
tion of tho two IngrodlCntsi Is what pro
duced Much wonderful results in curing
Catarrh. Send for testimonials froo.
P. .1. CJJKNEV .t CO . L'ropH.. Tolodo, O.
Sold by druggist s. price 7fic.
Take Hall's Family Pllla for conatlpa
well, and those who disposed of their
stock prior to tho middle of October mado
good money.
IT. G. STEPHENS, assistant to A. Fred
Wey. proprietor, during tho past year at
tho Wilson, leaves this morning for Iron
ton, O., his former home, on a sixty
days' vacation. Mr. Stephens has mado
many friends since coming to Salt Lake,
but sinco coming to Utah he has been
a victim to several severe attacks of
quinsy, and his physlcianss deem a
chango of climato Imperative. Mrs.
Stephens will accompany her husband
C. E. WIMSLEP. of Green TUver. presi
dent and general manager of the Elgin
Power and Water company, Is a guest of
the Wilson. Mr. Whlslcr Is hero to con
fer with the" Secretary of State respect
ing the Green "River bank, which was
closed a few days ago, and, if possible,
make arrangements for Its reopening. Mr.
Whisler says the bank Is not seriously
o.mbarassod, and In tho end no one will
loso a cent.
"Great preparations arc being made,"
Mr. Whisler says, "to plant extensive
peach orchards in the spring. 1 brought
In over lOO.ono peach trees lost spring,
nearly all maKlng splendid growth. Of
tho GO.000 tr,ccs planted on the Eigln side
of tho river, nearly all grow and made
good growth. 1 have ordered a carload
of young pea-h trees for next spring's
planting. There will be more trees plant
ed at Green Kiver and under our canal
on tho cast sldo than ever before. A
fow years Lcnce and Groon River will bo
tho greatest fruit producing section in
tho Intermountaln country."
LEVI N. HARMON, merchant of Price.
Is in the city on business. When seen
at the Wilson, Friday evening, he said
that business was in pretty fair shape
in Carbon county, although not so good
as a couple of months aj;o. Work on
tho Utah Irrigation and Power company's
canal hns been stopped temporarily, and
this has had a depressing effect.
"But," said Mr. Harmon, "construction
work, as T am Informed, will bo renewed
next month, perhaps, as it is the doter-
initiation of tho company to complete tho j
canal as soon as possible. It Is a mag- I
I nitlcent project and will, when complet
ed, bring about 30,000 acres of the finest tM
land In the Stato under Irrigation. Il
"Just now money is scarco for the rea
son that a great deal of grain and livo
stock remains unsold, and the money with
which to purchase Is not to be had. No
one in business circles has been pushed
to the wall as yet, and all are hoping for
better times in tho near future. I think,
however, that no great Industrial enter-
priso will be started tho ensuing year, jl
but rather that tho work will be con
lined to completion of projects already
EMIL WILSON, superintendent of the IH
old Emma mino at Altn, came down from
camp Friday night and registered at the
Wilson. When he left camp In tho aft
crnoon the snow was falling heavily. The
snow is now four and a half feet deep
on the, level. This, ho Bays, will stop IH
ore hauling for a while. The Emma haa IB
had a force- of twenty-four men at work
all summer, and lias kept their teams
hauling high-grade ore all the season to
tho Pioneer sampler at Sandy. Tho mine.
Mr. Wilson says, is looking hotter than
at any time since the oro vein was lost
twenty-eight years ago. Tho mine Is now
being worked along scientific Hues, and lH
upraises arc being mado from tho Bay
Cltv tunnel to lap tho main oro vein at.
a depth of 600 feet.
The company will continue work In th9
mine all winter.
Loose Leaf Devices.
Tribune-Ecporter Ptg. Co., GG W. 2nd'
Sd. St.
Tickets Won't Ee Honored. '
Beginning Sunday, students' conhs
mutation tickets on tho local street cai
system will not bo honored on the cars I JM
for two weeks. jH
Thii order wn; issued bv GenoraU
Manager Josoph Wells Saturday. When
school starts in the various institutions r
about the citv after the holidays the fM
tickets will again he honored.
Tribuno Want Ads.
Bell phono 5201. Ind. phono 360-343,
I Fors and Opera Coats, 1 I
I Silk Sfosfery mi Smart Toggery, I I
I Hat Pins mi Belt Pans, I I
I Nechwear, Silk Scarfs mi Belts, I
j Silk Petticoats, I I
I An Exquisite Line of Lace Waists, Lingerie H
I Waists, Smart Suits and Taney Dresses. H

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