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H; I : I
B'iP Special to Tho Tribune.
Bil EPIirtAlM. Fob. 15. Mi ami Mrs.
, Charles Thorpe entertained a number of
T Their friends .at a dlnnvr party the first
K 4 " r fne wcelc. Various games wore played
anti later lu.the evening light refresh-
H7' mcnts were "served.
E?' lon C. Sorenseu Jol'l i"br California the
of the week, air. Soronai'n will be
( away about ninety days for the bonolit
! of hie health.
Mrs. .Joseph Sur of Joseph City Ss a
gudtft at the home of .1 nines Larson.
V. C. Anderson. Lute Dorlus. ' Roan An
' dersoji, Cordelia Dorius, Ethel and Carrie
! J'ctcrfon nra in attendance at the teach.
! crs' Institute at Manll.
t Alma Jensen of Spanish Fork was in
I town Tor a abort slay during tlic week.
Mrs. .lames Anderson is reported to be
very ill with a paralytic stroke.
Miss Pauline Mpntson, a student of (he
l Snow academy, loft for Mount Pleasant, i
Tuesday, to attend tho funeral of her
Uislup" Larson of Mount Pleasant was
in ibis city Tuouday.
Report.i roaehed hero ldsl .nlgitl. that
Anna K. Potoraon of this city, who is
vloltlng at Redmond. Is critically ill
with heart trouble,
Clarence Liar ion and .John Everett of
Mount Pleasant wcro bore tho first
the week try lay to a'rrnngo for a rabbit
bunt between Ephntlin ami the Queen
Mrs Walter Gleave of Rlehllold is In
the city visiting at tho home of her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Andreas OIkoii.
A baby girl nnlvijuV at tho homo of
J. U. Tyc, Saturday.
Martin Riismusson and wife were down
from Mount Pleasant. Tuesday.
Andrew Ilannon, who has been puffer
lug with pnounionia at th Ij. V). S. hos
pital at Salt Lake, returned to Ids homo
Tuesday, feeling lino.
T, .1. Clark of Kprliigvllle I a guosl at
thfT home of Is. P. Nlelson.
A hall was givrn at Hansen's pavilion.
Wednesday, under I he iniaphts of lb"
primary association. A largo crowd was !
present, and a very good Hnio was rc- j
ported. N !
Mrs. Ohnrlca .lonaon of Nujihi Is in the
city visiting relatives and friends. !
Ernest Winkler Is here from .Mount !
Pleasant assisting Supervisor A. C. Jon
sen of the forest service ofllco.
Mr. and Mr. Thowald Hanson are vis
iting relatives and friends at Mayllcld.
this week,
Charles Lund in visiting at Ccnterlleld
this week.
Fourteen chisiR and si'vi'n hook on
Scripture wore- received by the-academy '
j as a contribution to . the library; from
' Slate Superintendent A. (.'. 'olsor..
Three hundred and slly-ftvo students
' are registered at the. Snow academy.
Sheriff Kitudspii was down from .Mantl.
I Wednesday, on county business,
j Mrs. A. J.. L:irs?n. mid Miss Anna fc'or-
ensen lct for Mount Plcatiant to at.md
t the funeral of the child of Harold Sor
I enscn.
""'.Tribune Want Ail.
Bell phono nL'OJ. i)0. phono 360313.
Four delightful lour,, from B'
I.rancUco. February U. 25. aiarriNHi
1". .'L Parlies limited to liBk
( members. Programmes on request. '
! 32 pwe St.. San Francisco. 8
I j m Coiicti Covers ami TablV Covers? I!
H I At Eight O'clock Tomorrow Morning ft Auerbach & Bro. Willi Start - - I
In ' (jivtog you the choicest selection ofi styles ad "gnalilics in Draperies 'K'
H'j 1 AM previous sales of Curtains, Portieres, Couch Covers mi& Table Cqvcts pale into ImsIgMlfl" I ' K
mi woJ fmjuuiiiMniiM i caaice whee comparedi to this one. It Is by far the most remarkable everat ol years, oSlerteg i ' j mt
Hi I 50c Irish Point! 75c Batienberg I thousands of pairs of the finest cmrSatas the prodnctions of the leading CMrtaiga makers and f W-00 Pioimecd $7.50 FlounrfK
j 1 Door Panels I Door Panels g ace weavers o$ France, Switzerland and England enrtains foa every room to thehose BcdC "sclsS I Bcd sts5 '.E
H;( i sV:,Sa"!!..24cI4.u SJ5i!.:46c every pair absolntely new sparkling with all the brightness asid exqnisite beauty og 1908ys f i ,! .aic $3 48!inihisBaie. $4 9q;K
j I T" u " I greatest achievements in pattern designing- a variety eqnal to every taste and requirement i.perri;i" '
; I Soo Swiss I 1paa01, j at prices which in many cases are less than cost to inakeo We believe that' this is the most j $8.50 Flounced j $12.50 Fiouncodw
- I Sis V I - w I important sale ol the kind ever held. We are snre ot it-so snre that we feel constrained to B&S M sS8 .R
H' I' ois2 I r?ore9c yOM fea yotl w have tailed in your diity to your trlends it yon do not tell all ol them of it Intlft88a,0. $6 60 LthiSSaie! $8 80
" I The Greatest Sale of The Most Remarkable Sale I HD LBtQfc j A Sale of ! A Sale ol
I TT'SZInetBemsmchcds f ' ' ' m Mjt lapesiry Couch Mate CurlatasI
j coiaiiaicorw scalloped swisDimiiy fe? jj mf Caversanfl Tapes- ami Tapesfry
H': I CiiFiains Kufird Battenbcrg Cur-1 jjj rM j 0F STUpE:raous size and im- PorttCFCS
mr I In the History of Salt Lake ! 8 tsiilS and Scsllopcd . J$ t Here are sale prices whlch arc proor MAT S A WONDERjR)
; 1 T,le i.portanc, sUC r.aucfon. .,s I Renaissance Cnrtains. ONE"PRICZ"TDJlLL NEVER UNDERSOLD 1 that now ,s thc t,me t0 buy; "
S tho followlnct are too obvious to need ex- 1 1 Wfl . Mb.ta -1 T tofa. W. fe,fe a . Tapostrv Tabe Covers aize. rcffu. j an eary vl5ltoP to this store tomorrow. 'K
tended comment. 1 We can't tell you a hundredth part of j li I II I 1 1 iW VU H I If .IM,WHIWI X21&UUl!!Ld H larLOOgo In this 66C H 'ftf
B 5M.Si'ilu2 ir'TJ''."" :,:rru Z I Enormous Savings on the I 15c Fish Xcls A Stirring Sale of 8 'r' "2! M ..69E
Kf I sfe..:i9c 1-"-'-" finest TTZ Real Cluny Curtains, Tr-c;;-;.
-1 S 230 pair Xeu- Lace Curtains a 13ow Knot I Ruffled Cluster Striped Whitj Swiss Cur- w . n TT A j n 1 cieft,'n' 1,1 1 S ' V,iHU vJUSS iisiatuj m ,leB,sns. slac 3xB0. on allc jv. 0 so. per pair OOL,fcL
B! 1 hr.- 8 1 isSfpS's-ffrf0. '"..r. ... . 24c Irish Point and Bros-1 "- I Vestibule Curtains, " v;;-: 98c Pn r ...
B! l I ;vj.ltSr cream InUil. Mlo. 1 HemrlltcliG(! r.ufiicd Wliltc Plaid Swiss , ; , m . . I .n, , 8 " , " n . - 1 s-Viwl0 CV'','S ' "'V, 2S"2"t ' ,n S1.18
B' ..??rr;'...36el sds-Nct Curtains 8 9c I Marie Antoinette, S z $i.i8 JZZ ''Z!W&
B'! I aUil'.yV . ... u m 1 H nj TPniPini ft7r4Ttnrprfc Tirldsh Striped Tnnestry Conch Covers. Curtains in various tints; value IHS
K: I fl?fe. a,rUaic2W tw to u ten, now. even I P051R 1611116 n00, Sif $1.48'W
Bt 3 yards Ions Nottlnsham Lace Curtains- I pair ... -. QHkQ I 'f d "0t CXPCCt 10 ,a"? tliem , I E -nfoo S bse. nil worth $2.00; so In A T)6j pC pan .B
K'- i m a seotneirlcal ilslsn regular $1.00 I Rffiea while Muslin Curtains, ivlth ofi once JlJgt a few sPeclmen vnluea t0 let S X(. 1 oimr.f IdiilS ft this sale at each lozSd Chainpapne colored Madras CurtaiM;
B7' 1 Uils isale per mlv crcan, bl fiftcl tucks in border, sir.e 2lx38-rosular jl.OO I yon know what matchless Bargains we 1 ' UtllLl I 60-inch wide Turkish Striped Couch Cov- I value 2.50; so in this sale. CjfiQlP
)' & ,Bow. Knot'lorrlPr ir'ei ' ac PiVrain in Q ZZi?" fiQtfM are offering In this sale. f Piit''iin .wiceAC t Bringing the most extraordinary values of B ers. and G-1 sl::e Tapcslrj' Table Cov- B Perp.ur r t,
V uo,not border enect L.ace Curtain. In U pair tJ- H i LllLliUIl OIbbCb E 1 ' - crs; $2.00 values: on 154 A P T 00 Taneslrv Portieres: bi thisfi- OD.M
MJ I 7nhlthi rB "if"' Sl2:C3 3x40-valuc I Huftled Plaid Honlton Braid Effect White ?3 oQ Whte r,3h polU Curtaln ftD years. Yon can only appreciate thc full 8ale at ,.1,39 Cl 8& - f.?..'. ... . . . -Sl.SjB
B I- ArAr' 77C I sT.. .98Cl on life l.l.BS in this sale, per yard n.flcancc of this alo event when you A1I $2.50 Couch Covers and 52.50. Tabic , ,4 0f Madras Curtains; Qcfl
B P . I The., besl ?L25 acc, Curtains. In white 1 ?200 RuffIcd wj.jte SwIbs. cither all white 3 53.50 White Irish Point Curtains; a novel , Inspect the curtain stock. Involved In per- A Covers -."Vet oclf r SI 48 I va,ue ?3'00: " ta' at
Bl I Pfl.;ne dcalsn: on sale. Qft j 1 SI2- - lllis at ccl1 0HVO J Tapcstiy Curtains; go in A OH
( i Sit mi?. ' E ' 1 52.00 Ruffled White Bobbinet Curtains B per pair ty&oOV 1 of 725 I I The best $2.75 Couch Covers over shown. 1 1 ;ill3 saie per pair
MV 1 , UU1, 1 with Battenber? Insertion and cdglns - H ;j nn wkito irUh PninL c,ntaUiKUh Real Cluny Sill Curtains, in white or Am. ffi :! yard:; Ions and KU inches wide; go In H 3 , . , , , n, .'.;.
B? I Battenbers edged .French Sill Curtains Q all go In this sale. fpi 2 rinrvseaHoM K 1 blan color, valuo $-1.50; go In fift oE 9 this salo Q,a K Bagdad Portieres and 4 styles of
B ; 1 ?lzo 2jx42-and 60 Inches wide, Xottlns- I per pair Imj&Hi nlq G' P S Ail 2 BasBSSSsaaasaKSsaB this eal eper pair &.OqB at each -93.05f! tlras Curtains; all JS.oO allies ft,
I .lre.50Uo7n and cream J HomsUtehod 3n"le White dott Bwiss B iVJSr '.l $2o60 i S5.o0 White Vestibule Curtains. exclusKe B Reversible Bagdad Striped Couch Covers. S' Pl" Pair
: 1 ,1PCr P,r " -V V - j SKKrWtrt 3 style., of .too. White Irish Point Cur- Ail 25c Cl'ClC S X'S80'" ,h,B $3.35 8 ! '1 WfflSWSfB
B 3S yards ons Lace Curtains, an orchis J lengths-value 52.25. go in &a A o H tains, go in this sale. $9 . Ml cach peJJci! - , m u pel t sizes, nil jo.po cuvtalns: 51.00 and 51.50 val- dSSB
Ml U deii,en In white nnd cream worth this sale, per pair JpI.'ftO per polr gTOJ.xJ DPUnePlCS ID Hand-made Cluny Curtains, in white and tt inch &1LR! tics: In this sale
- 1 52.00. on sale, . I $:..50 Buttled White Dimity Curtains- ffl $5.00 White Irish Point Curtains a do- H i v. Arabian color: 21 yards long and 10 H 1 w I . in , rM. , MlIg An
B ' I Per pair tPJLHTC $2.50 Rufflod colored organdy curtains. I tached figure design on sale. )A !fn(lv'l; H Inches wide; go in this Qff U 10-1 Tapestry Cuuch Covers, vegular ?3.25, Brocade Portieres, in tins ev j lH
4 styles of the pest ?2.2o Curtains la- I $2.50 RufTled white Battenberg Curtains 5 per pair ipdaOW mau'" M cao per pair )dd9 H on sale (3iq A s-"116- Per Vah v , -:H
I dras weave and French SIH Curtains. and $2.50 Flat Battenbcrg Curtains-- J 55.SO White Brussels Xet npd Irish Point Dl'iillPriPS Mini Q Vrabian colored Vestibule Curtains; value t at JAoiSV orientul cross striped Portieres;
B I it?,T1.e3i I ... $. fSffiT-!?.'?!! -$3.85 S Ouriiin S3!;. $3.88 S Wm 8?'
t' 1 m ms al0' per palr VATtO I Battenbcrg Curtains. In cither Ruffled or H tg 00 Jrlsh Point Curtains c3 Ch ft vUlUlHI LIU lit ill r M , , mJdaQw , . . r. n,.,- usually ?S.Q0f,B
S2.50 Laco Curtains white and cream 1 Flat effects, some With Lace motifs in P ' in m s -ale a m ir So20 1 o Q Arabian colored Marie Antoinette Cur- H tal0, cacn 'P6ioSW I Bftgdad and Repp Portieres, usually ?
K' 1 In Point d'Esprit, rope and waterlily 1 corner of Curtains 21 and C -yard Si , V- "T , 9 nWJSSOb tains. yards long and 15 inches wide: B Cross striped Turkish Couch Covers. HO go per SlifiU
. M designs 3 and Si ynrd lengths 4G. 50 I lengths value 52.75 go in &4l QQ 3 .'r(s "r.. i: -n a- JLlsi' i and Arabian colored Cluny Curtains. 2J 3 Inches wide, value Si.00; and 51.00 pair ;
mJ:-f I and 60-Inch width-go in H Oi I this. sale, per pair jlotfO point ciiilaln.-. valuob .a0. fiff OA 1 yards Ions and 10 Inches wide. S5.o0 g Tapestry Table Covers, .-ill dQ fiA m.-rii rinnlcxand Bagdud ForUcrW.; H
B"' I tl3,s Ra,f:- Per I 53.50 Hemstitched and embroidered White J P r,"qpa J" " ' "d i,','' 1n U"S 3ak' pW Janl J S'!!;!r0 ln tllls sale fig 8 so in this sale at $i!okHJ Cojdcd Dnjcx an s QQB
B 'f 1 5 itylc,s of 52,75 Lace Curtains French 1 Swiss Curtaln-slr.e 2Jx3S- frty QQ 1 5bi.uln? irAri d)iwn ?io a Si A o'k' 1 Pl 1 PdC5cJ j I 9CVH
B' 1 -EU9UrlrHf.an1 f,ulWIeUlIadr I on sale, per pair fy&SO i tln"' ,nirkfd .t0.a ...$5e80 S H B I 5G.00 White. Bonne Fon.mc Curtains, re- In il ls sal" Qff 1 - rmcidcd Rcpp Porllercs; 0
B;- I te and Ivory Lace Curtains4- lily I s7le!p?r Cf? Cfi S a,ld BSs,el5 f"Cl'1 S3lC 4(H I B .IT - 4. , , , ... 1 A ?r,0U Couch Cox crs and Table Cov- B vl, $ 00 New PortlcresMn this CClfliB
. I of U10 valley dcsign-slsc 31x50 value I pair... $.5)0 "er I"1' 'O.V S w,,t;,,,.nTOa-m 1 5.-00 Bonne Vomrnc curtains, in white 3 crs. in this sale. SQ I sale per pair . VVJBI v
(: I g-oach.' OA I ?J.50 White Renaissance Curtams-somo $12 00 While Brussels Net and Irish Point 1 SSE3n and blan color; go In ggg cad. .dUB V1 I PorljcreE; , '20lB ,
Br - 1 C' P P-a1'.","" V I scalloiied. others Battenbcrg edged with Curtains, on sale, on B this uc, cacn ..iUtP , ns wt,c cr0bK slrlpcil Turl:Ish Couch B this sal per pa r." UB
1 Two-toned NottJngham Lace Curtains and i Battenbcrg .motif In corners 3-yard per pair ipOcOV ffl . SlIIvOllllCS H ?7.50 high class Cluny Curtains,. In white i Covers, and extra fine S-l Tapestry Ta- H 1,1,3 ' v 1 , n Oil'M
i " 0 Jvo. Madras weave curtains 3i-yard lengths go in this sale. J QC ,ir,nn lrui. Pnint Curtains n rv B 8 and Arabian color; roduceil In fij- o hie Covers, the best 35.50 tf?rti (Oe 0 All S12.50 New Portieres; In 7)HU$
B-'ii:' H J"CtnE-va 110 ?3-50.So In this OO 1 "per pair ift.Oc 51o'n0s,-!le. per pair 1070 this sale to. per pair ee5W j Tupeslrlos; so In this sale. cad.o5 I , this sale, per pair aiB
L H oale, per pair AJ0 1 Scalloped Vhlte Renaissance Curtains and ;',',.'. 3 plain and tlgurcd. in I -sin no Vniblan colored Bonne Fcmmc Cur- I n nnn,.ii vn-.i . rt w ui ?n nn w Pnrtlercs: in filA 9,ll!lH
Bl- I &S5!fS'ffiJKK I AS&&: 'VIST: .$11.90 g - ' '' T7.20 8 '-"" $.20 i U'W? -fl? 'B
H - I ?tfP7J?.:'.rrc: $2.85 Sr'Sffi.!'; r.. ...$3.30 1 wjrsLi8."pS"15".r.lf1??: . $13.30 I OJUU. I .'''.a.. I AVv,?T,o6m.'.M.'!'rl..$5.30 B AI!nU7-;f,?"!:.'n...Sll-
B;H g Two-toned Colonial Lace Cnrtalns-valur I 3G.50 White Renaissance. Curiains-mark- 1 "n saie, per pan ....... pjiw0cJV M Curtains. H yards long and .0 Inches J , . ,L a fi m on no Vow Portieres In 2 f t4B
I Dress Goods Suggestions II New Sprmg ii8, siyicsttTl
Hf H Don't miss the opportunity for favorable selections of Spring's Newest Dress Fabrics which Is now arfefrded here at le'a'st.'Our .ihelv?s 1 i I ni I IS 1 S SSfWi vk. Cm LiLh
H m arc maUIng new ancU rare aciuSsltions daily. We've not time to tell you fully of the many attractions thai arc coming so fast. About all SMlRinvl L&Mi&USL gf Wl. w'JK.f Ka,
Bh we cau do ifi 0 lcL you know tllat we've begun the new season In good cnnicst, and Impress upon you more strongly .than ever Uiat Auvr- 1 - " nattering' Tnc '!
Hc . " n bach's 'Dress Gooda stand for three cardinal virtues Style, Quality, Economy. ' E 3 The respoiiFe our first allowing uf Suits last week brought forth from the ladle of Salr Lake was certainly t.H
- m Two Specials for this week that are proof at hand of all we've said.:.. . :l neck's selling of now Suits doubled thai of last ycur. , . , , ,. lw.iBi nni -l inw us the control of thcljf m Em
jl : tj i c.v.s. ,. g m pr0ljuctj0g are constantly on the way from the best makers; all inado to our special oi net. e';",?,", rilH
V; fg Cm5tir TUTli Tk.TT MTH rsnSS& IH efforts. Each day brings forth special Suits, the out of thc ordlnaiy kind that an not generally shown In dupuuiic iH
U I Iprilig WOOl fellltlligf - WW WOOl iSlt!f$ 8 Tomo,- w. imv plunncd a special sl.uwl? of new creations l Snltn iui.1 Jacket.
HIV li Prices Rasige tmm S16.00 to $50-00 H
K' la? :...B0C : n'oIarva ' iLSMHaffl

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