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I to 'American Sfroko, Is Different
From Australian as Used
J , at Present.
; Daniels's Method Retards His
Speed, liiit He Wins Just
; i lie Same.
' Crlbuna Special Sporting1 Service. ,
1 '. KEW YOTiK, .hiuo (5. Ono of the
loading newspapers of Sydney, New
South Wales? publishes the views of
Dceil JTcaly, 100-jard champion of Aus
tralia, on modem swimming strokes,
inionfr otlier things .the great sprinter
is credited with saying that swimmers
( 3ero have no right to tlm style of crawl
I itroko we uso the title of "American,"
I lince it is nothing but the Australian
I itroko -with the least littlo alteration
I hi the kick. According to competent
I authority Mr. Ilealy is not in touch
I r.'ith the American crawl, or ho would
I aot have made the statement attributed
I to him. "Were we to take Mr. Hcaly's
I :ontontion as based upon facts, wc
I night claim that Australians were not
5 ntitlod to classify as "Australian
trawl" a stroke which was but. a niodi-
acation of the trudgcon.
I Of course this would be ridiculous,
fi but it must be considered that the art
! it natation has progressed bv insensible
!J iteps and that the breast, the side, tho
! over arm, the double over arm, the
. Irudgeon and the crawl arc but phases
d the evolution of the stroke, with
nly small differences between con
tiguous phases. Tho crawl has been
heralded tho great discovery of modern
Javs, but if wo compare it to tho
1 Jrudgoon that sprinters used before its
jidvent for short dashes, when they
i Diado the arm motion short and fast,
l tho scissor kick narrow and snappy,
i nd kept continually on their faces, it
i will be seen that tho change made was
Insignificant and that Dick Cavill only
lltered the trudgeou leg drive a littlo
Three Varieties.
TVo have now three distinct varieties
sf crawl, each having decided charac
teristics of its own, and two of them
:ertainly did not find their origin in
Australia, though , they may now be
ased there. Tho earliest crawl, tho one
learned from the natives of the South
5ea islands and made famous by Cavill,
I Is not to be found in this country. At
j tho time tho crawl was introduced here
p iwimniers had only very poor descrip
tions to guide ' them, and while they
I thought they were imitating Auslra-
Hans, they were really bringing out a
new leg movement, which through a re
markable pieco of good fortune proved
piost efficient and as many experts
believe superior to Cavill 's.
This went at first as the Australian
srawl. but when it was discovered later
that it differed greatly from tho orig
inal, the qualifying name of "Ameri
can" was substituted for "Austra
lian." not because of any intention to
elaiin tho honor of discovery, but to
' distinguish between tho two styles.
Now that outsiders arc trying to prove
the name unwarranted, however, wo
may as -well show that wo havo every
' right to use it.
In the crawl to which we have given
our name the leg drive is a small and
continuous undcr-water thrash of the
lower leg, absolutely independent of tho
&nu action, while" in the . Australian
Btroke tho legs keep time with the
tarns, the lower right leg boing lifted
v clear out of water to a kneeling posi-
x lion and then slapped 'down hard just
iis the left arm catches, the left leg
being used in the same way as the right
arm catches. Without going into tho
merits of each variety it will be seen
that tho difTerenco between the two is
one of time as well as of action and
surely uuito as great as between the
scissor kick and the Australian crawl
IS Daniels's Stroke. '
Tho third variuty is the invention
j pf our all-round champion, Charles M.
Daniels, and to him goes the entire
credit of having evolved it, though
hundreds have since copied it and now
jiwlm it. In forming it Daniels com
bined tho two crawls already in uso.
lip used tho Australian kick to begin
with, but finding that tho slow, lone
arm movement, which caino natural to
him, allowed tho bod3' to lose head
way and sink between strokes, he add
ed a Slight thrash after each leg drive,
thus using the Amorlcnn kick and mak-
Lng his advanco unchecked.
" There is some question as to whether
Daniels's method is an improvement on
tho American strolco. Not a few ex
ports claim that tho lifting of the lower
log out of water as done in both tho
Australian and Daniels strokes cannot
h hut bring tho body down hy tho feet,
f destroying tho balance and so retarding
' ipeed. Tho theory is sound, and prob
ably time will prove it so, but it is
hard to arguu against success, and so
Iqng.as Daniels is leading the field it
will bo difficult to convince- racing men
who are seldom theorists, that tho win
ning strolco of tho present is not the
best. Still, thoso who remember tho
difficulty experienced in petting the
lanky N"cw Yorkor to abandon the
hrudgeon with which he was breaking
I records, in favor of the crawl, and later
I saw hjm perform wonders, may find in
j It a moral lesson,
i tt - is not unlikely that "Healy gained
i hia impression of the American crawl
! from seeing Daniels swim in England,
and that he is, therefore, excusable for
hi criticism siuco Daniels really does
nse a slightl.y modified Australian
srawl, and not .ho American.
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K 4R E. Second South.
l) California and Eastern Races. Di- rt
j rect Wire for all Sporting Event3
Li ' - , ,
Tilbury Will Represent Eng
land Against Winans for
United States.
Tribune Special Sporting Service.
LONDON, .Tunc G. Great intorest
has been aroused by the accounts of
the pistol duels and revolver and rifle
shooting contests which aro to be held
in connection with the Olympic games
and tho Shepherd's Bush exhibition,
and on all sides it is boiug asked: Who
is, the English champion who will como
forward to oppose Mr. Walter Wiuiiun,
who has declared his intention of shoot
ing on behalf of the United States'.'
A crack revolver shot, in tho person
of Mr. S. Tilbury, of Hammersmith, is
willing to take lip tho challcugo on be
half of England, and to fight :i pistol
duel with Mr. Winqns. Mr. Tilbury
has sent a letter to tho Express, in
which ho says:
"Mr. Winans has slated his intention
of representing tho United States. I
have not vet seen tho names of tho ecu-
tlcmeu who are to repreesnt England.
"1 havo had tho pleasure of beating
Mr. Winans for the championship ol
the North London Rifle club, and would
very much liko to meet him again in
anv trial of skill with tho revolver.
"There aro many well-known Iiisloy
revolver shots, including myself, who
would readily dispute Mr. Winans 'a
claims to be tho revolver champion of
tho world."
Recognizing tho widespread interest
which is being displayed in tho forth
coming international pistol duels, the
Express at once laid Mr. Tilbury's let
ter before Mr. Winans, who lias re
plied as follows:
"I am glad to seo interest is re
viving in revolver shooting, and that
Mr. S. Tilbury desires to try to bent
my world's records.
""In tho samo way Mr. Tilbury will
havo to beat tho following records,
made by myself, before ho can assume
tho title ot revolver champion:
"I. A possiblo at a traversing two
inch bullseyo at twenty 3-ards.
"2. A possiblo at an advancing
four-inch bullsei'o from fifty yards.
"3. A forty-one out of n possible
forty-two in twolvo seconds at twenty
yards, at a two-inch bullsoyo.
"4. An eight3--lwo out of eighty
four at a four-inch bullsoyo, at fifty
"5. Forty-two, forty ouc. thirty
nino, in four successive shots at twenty
rounds, at a two-inch bullsoyo.
"G. A two'-inch possiblo at lwcnt3"
five metres, to be shot in fifteen sec
onds, using tho double-action army re-,
"I niado tho latter score in tho open
air, with an American army revolver,
at Gastinno Rouetto's, in Paris, on tho
Gth of last month, and if Mr. Tilbury
can beat this ono score I am willing, to
consider him champion.
"If, however. Mr. Tilbury would like
to havo a friendly shoot against me,
will he kindly write to M. Gasliimu
Rennctlc, 39,' Avenue d'Autin, Paris,
aud subscribe his name as a competitor
in tho competitions which will lake
place at the Anglo-French exhibition
on July 13, l'l, 15 aud 1(5, next. Sonic
of tho" best pistol shots in Franco will
tako part in tho contests. All tho
shooting, however, will bq on practical
lines ranid firing, no aiming at a black
bullseyo on a white target, which tho
French consider is not tho way pistol
championships should be decided, see
ing that tho revolver is a weapon for
rapid use. not deliberate aiming.
"The title of Olympic champion will
also be shot for with pistols, in connec
tion with the Olympic games this sum
mer. Mr. Tilbury and 1 can shoot
against each other thoro; but I think
we shall both bo beaten in the delibor
ato shooting at fiftj' 3rards by at least
ono Frenchman, who makes a specialty
of that sort of shooting."
When Mr. Tilbury was shown this
letter ho at once asserted his willing
ness to have a friendly shoot with Mr.
Winans under any conditions.
"I should not havo thought of en
tering into this competition," said Mr.
Tilbury, "had Mr, Winans not ex
pressed his intention of shooting for
tho United Stales. That made mo feel
that somebody should stand up for Eng
land, and, remembering that 1 had beat
en Mr. Winans before, I naturally
thought I ought to stand some chance."
Trlbuno Special Sporting Service.
NEW YORK, June 0. Britons aro tak
ing Jack Johnson's claim to tho heavy
weight title seriously. On this slilo of
llio Atlantic, however, a different view of
things 1b taken. We must still look upon
13urna as the charrmlont even though ho
has tints far refused to mecet the negro,
Johnson hurled challenge after challenpo
at Jeffries, but the latter always refunod
to recognize tho negro. But we novcr
permitted Johnson to claim a champion
ship because Jeffries drew the color line.
Burns bus not refused to fight John
sou. It Is admitted that be Is asking too
much when he demands ?30,000, win, loao
or draw. Still, Johnson, If bo Is sincere,
will bo willing to accept a paltry S6000
for an opportunity to get at Burns. Thoro
Is mora truth than Jlctlon In the report
that Burns fears Johnson. If bo con
sidered the negro expert an easy mark be
would not demand a fortune to enter tho
ring. Burns probably llguros that his
title will bo In danger If be takes on
Johnson, and If beaten he would no long
er bo a money-making proposition, and
If bn Is to bo beaten ho wants to mako
a big clean-up and be comfortable for
the rest of bis days.
Tribune Special Sporting Service.
NEW YORK, Juno C Construction
work on the Long Island Motor Parkway
began at Central Park, L. L, today. "W.
K. Vanderbilt, Jr., president of tho Park
way company, turned the first spadeful
of earth marking tho beginning of con
struction. Supplies have been distributed
along the entire western portion of the
parkway to facilitate the work, and It Is
expected by October 1. at least, fifteen
miles of the now roadway will be lln
Ished. Tho construction will not stop
at fifteen miles, the contracts let calling
for tho completion of as much of elxty
miles of the road as Is possible. What
that means to tho plans of the Vander
bilt cup commission is the selection of tho
course for the Vanderbilt cup race In
October and can bo generally appreci
ated. It practically assures the holding
of the cup race on Ixmg Island.
Trlbuno Want Ads.
JBell phone 520.1. Ind. phono 3G0-343.
Tho abovo DasketbaTT team from the Liowell school was tho favorite among fno girls' teams for tho oity
i .nmpionship, but was defeated in tho last gamo by tho Lincoln girls, by tho close score of 11 to 10. It was an
unlooked-for victory, as tho winners had boon defeated, while tho Lowells had not IohI a game. Tho members of
tho team, reading from left to right, aro: Mary Hunter, May Hardy, Agnes Pringle, Lillian Hill, Ruth Woolloy,
Emma Beebo and Pans' Piorce.
Tribune Special Sporting Scrvlco.
NEW YORK. Juno 0. Tho first sur
prise of the Olympic tryouts camo last
Tuesday night, when Loo J. Talbolt of
Cornell, the giant weight thrower of tho
Irlsb-Amorlcan Athletic club, captured
the heavyweight wrestling bout. Until
a few days before the bout few followers
of athletics were of the belief that tho
field athlete even contemplated making
a bid for wrestling honors.
With scarcely any training In wrest
ling, Talbott hurried from his studios at
Ithaca and arrived In this city to try
bis band at tho grappling game. Ho was
without the necessary wrestling togs and
was compelled to compete In a pair of
running togs, which bo borrowed from
one of bis club mates. Although be did
not succeed In throwing bis opponents,
bo so far outclassed them that at tho
expiration of tho time limit ho was
awarded the docislon.
Those who saw him compete declared
that with a month's training Talbott
would develop Into ono of tho greatest
amateur heavyweight wrestlers In the
Whllo Talbott's victory practically as
sures him of making the Olympic team. !
wrestling is not the only event In which
he Is likely to win points. In hammer
throwing, hurling the discus, and putting
the shot, there are few men In the coun
try bis superior. With the. discus he
ranks second In the East to Martin Sheri
dan, and throwing tho hammer he Is
tho man John Flanagan and Malt Mc
Gratli. the champions, fear most.
Whllo talking about the weight throw
ers recently John Flanagan snld: "I
really think Talbott Is tbo coming chain-,
plon; hi fact, ho is within striking dis
tance of tho best men In the country
today. He is young and powerfully built
and Is Improving every day. Whllo
McCirath and myself might bent him this
year, and perhaps next, there Is no
doubt in my mind that within two years
the boy will defeat us."
While Flanagan Is In excellent condi
tion and will in all probability make tbo
Olympic team, tbero Is great doubts ns
to whether MeGrath will accompany the
team. His kneo Is in bad shape, and
beouuso of the pain from it he has been
able to do little or no training. With
MeGrath out Talbott Is likely to win sec
ond plaeo -with the wolglits In tbo try
outs und score points for America In tho
Olympic games.
Yalo Socker Schedule.
Trlbuno Special Sporting Service.
NEW HAVEN, Juno C Tho manager
of tho Yalo socker football team sur
prised tho university by announcing tho
schedule for next spring. It Is ns fol
lows: March' 13, Columbia, at South
Field; March 20, Harvard, at Now Ha
ven; March 27. Pennsylvania, at Phila
delphia; April 7. Cornell, at New Haven;
April 10, Haverford. at Havcrfo rd .
Will Box Gnus in Order to
Secure Loser's End of
Big Purse.
GanS Wanted to Box, Winner
Take All; Pifflit May Go
Fifteen Rounds,
Tribune Special Sporting Service.
much argument and after many months
of challenging and posting' of side bots,
taking thorn down and repeating them,
Joo Onus and Uattling Nelson finally
camo to an understanding last week,
when articles of agreement were for
mally signed by Ecu Sclig and Willis
Jiritt, tho representatives of tho two
fighters, .litnmy ('ofl'roth has secured
the match, which will be a furty-fivc-round
affair at the Mission street
arena, and will be held on tho after
noon of duly -i. The fighters arc to
receive 70 per cent of the gate receipts
and the purse is to be split on a GO and
'10 per cent basis. There will be no
side bet and there; will bo no wrang
ling over tho rcfcn:e. as .lack Walsh
has already been agreed uqon as tho
ring official. John Clark was named
as stakeholder aud each of tho fighters
is to post $2500 in his hands to clinch
tho contract, while Coffroth is to de
posit $1000.
It is the general opinion in sporting
circles hero that this will be a regular
slaughtering match and that Nelson
will receive tho most unmerciful drub
bing of his entire career, and this is
. 1
The Lowell bnsketball toam won the city grade school championship with
a perfect Bcore, not losing one game during the entire season. William Brad
ford, tho principal of the Lowell school, takes great prido in ihe team, and is
standing at tho right of his champions, lending from tho left the members
are: A. Eddie, Willard Kimball, Victor Axlou, C. TIawIcy, the captain, Ger
ald Thomas, tho manager.
saying a great deal when one- sums up
the terrible beatings the Dane has tak
en since he first entered the ring.
Human Punching Bag.
Evcrj'body who was at Goldfield re
calls how tho champion battered aud
thumped Nelson all over tho ring,
since which timo he has been nothing
but a punching bag for all comers. At
Los Angeles Jimmy Britt and Boer Un
holz whipped him. and then Abe Attell,
who is ten pounds lighter, made him
look liko a novice at tho Coliseum.
"How can ho then bo expected to do
feat tho greatest lightweight in tho
profession''' is the question that is
puzzling tho sports. The Attell-Gans
match was deemed one-sided, despite
tho remarkablo cleverness of the He
brew, eo if Attell is not looked upon
as a suitable opponent for the colored
boxer, why should Nelson be considered
a lit opponent? The fact that it is to
bo a forty-livc-round battle does not
improve Nelson's chances a particle, be
cause in their present condition Gans
should bo able to knock him out inside
of fifteen rounds.
Nelson himself is far from conlidout
and is only trying to pick tip tho loser's
end. This is" shown by his refusal to
allow the winner to take 7o per cent
of the lighters' sharo of the receipts
and his backing down on the $5000 sido
bet. The llegowisch lad knows ho is
in for a trimming, but is willing to
take it in order to add a littlo more
coin to his bank roll.
Tribune Special Sporting Service.
NEW YORK. June C Judging by tbo
form displayed by the entries of the two
stables tnis spring, the Keone and Whit
ney i-olora will bo nccn qulto frequently
In f : on t In the big stakes ;uid handicaps
during the .summer. Already horsemen
are beginning to talk of tho Itowe-Joy-ner-Dugan-'Notter
combination. While
there is no nlllanco between this quartette
to Job other owners and gather In all tho
classics, they aro in a position to mrtko
many an owner scratch when he acans
tho card on the day of a race he expects
to start a horse.
The truth Is that most or the stars
In tho two and three-year and older di
visions aro stabled in the Keene and
Whitney barns. There are no two train
ors on tbo American turf who can prcparo
a horso for a race any better than Joy
ncr or Dowc, and Notter und Dugan are
in a clnss by themselves as Jockeys.
Tho Keene stable Is not as well repre
sented In the two-yoar-old division as
It was hist season, yet with Casque, Mos
lem tc. Selectman, Turncoat and several
which have not yet boon shown in public
Howe hopes to capluro his sharo of tbo
stakes for youngsters. It Is with tho
three-year-olds and the older division
whero tbo Keeno colors will win honors.
Tho Whitney barn Is said to harbor a
more glassy lot of youngsters than any
other stable in tho East, although none
of those which have gono to tho post havo
shown themselves to bo wonders. Sund
plper won a nice raco recently In a bandy
manner, but a filly by Hamburg, Irish
Reel, and another lllly by Hamburg Elu
sive are said to bo the ,pljk of tho Whit
ney string. With Broolcdalo Nymph,
Baby Wolf. Sinmina, I3ar None, Royal
Tourist. Adrlanna and Jersoy JJghtning,
Jack Joynur will reap many a valuable
MlUloualro Golf Olub.
Trlbuno Special Sporting Service.
NEW YORK, Juno The million
aires' golf course, near Sblnnccock Hills.
Long Island, C. B. Macdonald's pet
scheme, Is gradually assuming attractive
linos. Articles of Incorporation aro also
being drawn up, and tho organization
w'll b" lenown ns the National Golf club
of America. The directors aro as fol
lows: Washington B. Thomas of Boston.
James Ueerlng, Chicago; Robert Lincoln,
Chicago. II. M. Atkinson. Atlanta; W. D.
Sloan, Iicnox; J. M. Bawors. David
Chauncey and Charles B. Macdonald of
Now York.
Tho number of founders has been lim
ited to seventy and there are already
sixty. There Is an associate membership,
calling for an Initiation fee of 100 and
a year dues, but when a person joins
and pays his membership fee he will not
be called dpon for dues If bo does not
play there during tho year.
Tribune Want Ads.
Bell phone 5201. Ind. phono 360-34S.
Orrin Powell's
Nerve Tablets
L'omblno tho virtues
- of Sexlno, Damlana
Wafer3 and Go.it
, VAv - L'mph In one. and
r", .'AiA eh for $1.00 a box. a
' "da 1 for ?5' UaM orders
kt -7J3v? ) promptly attended.
mW'&AM I 1)01,11 DruK Co., dls
trlbjtera, 333 Main
fyf und the poatofrtco hi '
eTv. next door south. I
V . l-iia City. )
Will Be Played in St. Louis Un
der Western Golf Associa
tion Auspices.
Tribune Special Sporting Service.
ST. LOUIS, June 6. The open golf
competition, under tho auspices of tho
Western Golf association, will bo played
on tho courso of tho Normandic Golf
club, in this city, Thursday and Fri
day, Juno 18 and 10, when tho l'ol low
ing prizes -will bo competed for, under
tho rules of tho United States Golf
asaocialion: First prize, $200; second
prize, $150; third prize, $75; fourth
prize. $50; fifth prize, $25. A gold
modal, emblematic of tho Western open
championship, will be awarded tbo play
er maltinpr the lowest scoro for any
round of eighteen holos during tho com
petition. In tho event of an amateur
winning nny of tho above prizes, there
will bo awarded him plato to tho
amount of tho prize. - The competition
wil bo.nt soventy-two holes, medal play;
thirty-six holes on Thursday, June 18,
aud thirty-six holes ou Friday, Juno 19.
AH entries, accompanied by the en
trance fee of $5 each, must be in the
hands of the secretary of the associa
tion not later than b' p. m., Monday,
June 15. Professional contestants may
make their entries directly to tho sec
retar3r of tho association. Amateur
contestants must enter directly to the
secretary of their respective clubs. All
entries aro subject to the approval of
tho board of directors. Any person
paying his cntranco feo will bo consid
ered thereby to have submitted him
unt in -Mm rnlA3 of flip association, both
as to restrictions enjoined and penal
tics imposed. On theso conditions alono
will ho bo entitled to enjoy tho privi
leges of the association competition.
All disputes must be referred to tho
tournament committee of tho associa
tion, and their decision shall bo final.
Tho directors especially call tho at
tention of tho contestants to tho fact
that the score cards must Joo correct
and in strict accordance with special
rules for stroke competition, as an
nounced in the rules of tho United
States Golf association. Any contes
tant not complying strictly with tho
regulations of these rules will bo
promptly disqualified. Scorers should
acquaint themselves thoroughly with
these rules before tho round, for which
they aro to score, is started. Tho time
of starting tho various competitors and
their pairing will bo posted to the club
house twenty-four hours previous to tho
events. All contestants who aro not
at the first teeing-ground within thirty
minutes after their names havo been
called will be disqualified'. The privi
leges of the grounds aro extended to
contestants for ono week prior to the
Tribuno-Spccial Sporting Servlco.
CAMBRIDGE, June 6. Tho Harvard
athletic committee has voted not to abol
ish winter sport entirely, as had been
proposed earlier in the year, and has
also decided t6 co-opcrato with an un
dergraduate council, plans of whloh wero
prosentcd by a commltteo of undergradu
ates appointed by the four class presi
dents. This vote, which will do much to
relieve the suspense of the undergradu
ates regarding the fate of winter sports,
was as follows- "That In the opinion of
this commltteo it Is not desirable to
abolish Intercollegiate contests from the
dale of the final football gamo until tho
spring recess."' The vote as to the now
undergraduate council was as follows:
"That this committee approves the plans
for a student council as presented by
the undergraduate representatives ap
pointed by tho four class presidents and
that If this plan Is accepted by the un
dergraduates the committee warmly wel
comes the co-operation of tho council."
Glasgow via Londonderry
Furncssla. June 13.
California, June 2o, Columbia, July I.
2 p. m
SALOON, S6Z50, $67.50 AND $72.50.
SECOND CABIN, $42.50 AND $45.
THIRD CLASS, $27.50 AND $28.75.
For book of tours and Information, ap
23 Sherman St.. Chicago.
"The Hand-Glass"
most favorod by tho fashionable gentle
man of today is tho one that contains a
High Ball mado of good pure Liquor,
fliven a good Whiskey, and there is no
better than ours in this town; there can
bo no more appetizing, satisfying, and
cheering drink than the modern High
Ball. We earnestly recommend our lines
of high-grado Liquors and Wines to
every family who make a point of hav
ing 7 'the best procurable. "
Family Liquor Souse,
77-79 W. First South.
Salt Lfcke Oity. Bell 1629; Ind. 1685.
J 3 SFto Thoso suffering from wenlr-
Vcjp nesses which sat) tho pleasures
Hi B of life should take Juven Pills.
Ono bor will toll a story of
marvolous results. This medleino has more
rejuvenating, vitalizing force than has over
before bocn offered. Sent post-paid in plain
piicknee only on rocelpt of this ndv. and SI.
Mado by its originators C. I.Hood Co.. pro
prietors Hofxl's Snrsaparilhu Lowell. Was&
124 Horses Have Already KQ1 aen
tered for $50,000 Handi- f, I
cap Hace,
I )M
First Prize Is Thirty Thousand ys t
Dollars, There Being Six from
Tribune Special Sporting Service. atii!3 s-'
NEW YORK, Juno 0. Tho reportljcaD
from Boston that 124- horses are entoreJwSs
in tho $50,000 Readville handicap 1
most interesting news for, trntnj aonth
horsemen. fadi
Outside of colt stakes thi3 is tjuBiM t6c
largest number of horses named nf Lain e
single race, and is surely the most ai
propnato for tho largest purso ever 6
f ered for one race running or trottii lit 'WCD
When tho New England Trotti Jijam
Horso Breeders' association announi jaaci
this magnificent stake for a dash ri Lied, su
nothing of a definite nature was gtvj tmts,
out as to what percentage of ibe pur ire b
tho donors expected from tho nomin ,l iraj
tors in order to mako tho event a m a, 0l tl
yet, judging from private reports, hora w bv w
men wero given to understand that-T Ms
they subscribed half of tho amounts 3 ud I
entrance fees the other half will 1 (j Gii
mado good by Colonel John 11. Thayc: jfi fieui
who is understood to bo backing tii S IS'
event individually for the benefit o tL,,i
tho sport. 'En
According to tho conditions of tli ,
stake, theso 12-1 nominators alread "tnT j
havo paid almost 25 per cent of tli
purso. or $12,400. The second paymfii
of $100 on each entry falls dne on Jtm . .w,
15, and the third payment of the sam
amount is duo on July 12. T ?wD',
During that period all of the enfrii Et" f,
will bo in training, and if any be di .
clared out of tho stake it will be merel r""
on account of accident. It ia then 5-'
foro a fair estimate that at least 10 01
horses will bo kept eligible up to tK fl.ljC
last or fourth payment, $ f.l
At this rato the total amount o
entrance fees will foot up to not lea fccer (
than $35,000. All tho horses left eh1 rcRicr
gible to tho stake will be handicappoi itton
u.y t-iiicu UJ. mo ueai e.xpuri on 11113 VHSfor
18, or four days before tho fourth am ,? nnn
last payment of $200 will bo due. ffi
Waiting for Handicappcrs. fchrdle i
It now looks almost certain that fei the
wiH bo declared out until the final di a.nt the
cisions of tho handicappcrs are mai 52-5 to
public, as,, according to tho conditio! iftitl'n
of tho race, tho cligibles will not onl ftxtiii I
bo handicapped ns per their record i ifciinO
tho timo the first entries wero close vim (
but according to their showing uuriii tailing
tho racing season up to August 18. i lilt even
Four days before tho last paymeij mtet in
falls duo, therefore, owners will have, zsm 1
correct idea as to what point their el izit enl
giblcs will bo assigned. Sonio of ti ; TTtsh, t
horses entered in tho big race will ie iwrisii
their engagements nt Detroit, Kalami jn'oecn
zoo and Buffalo, and their Bhowing a tj car
theso mootings will bo considered h the
tho handicappers. Somo entries whia
aro nominated now with a viow thij a cf the
they will, according to their presei r
records, constitute the front tiers, mlgl iu t
be set in the rear lot with such hom aioW
as aro now expected to bo behind ih '. , !
middlo tiers. $
Tho groat majority of the trottei v i t 5
entered in tho event will hot be starts 1'h tn
in other races and will be saved U 8iJ.:
that ono race, as, naturally, own3 "j.
would not caro to show the speed qoal '?n, u
tics of their eligibles to such an eitei Fyv n
as to gh'o tho handicappcrs a line oi e
them. iTor this reason it is more tli ;.! Ame
likelv that tho bulk of tho ontries yd .SaP
u 1 ,1 j: i n.: Hi' nn
marks and owners will risk tho last paw Ties
me" Mia 1093
The names of tho horses entered vflij mvjI1(
not yet auuounccd, but it is certam w ,
the very best trotters of tho countrjjfv
which arc in racing form, and. as 'yjlron
porcontago of tho cntranco fee 3.j7f v;
insignificant compared with the
of the slake, the bulk of the orijnwfcj5-;-w
nominatros will stay in, at least to J
last payment. ..ffliJ,;' J
Tho stake will bo divided among W K
first six horses, at tho rato of $30,00l-c
$10,000, $5000, $2500, $1500 and $10lnenc
Malone Billiard Academy. EffJ'
thing first-class. Atlas block, 81 fficm
Second South. MaS
Scoffs Santal-Pepsin Gaping
jg& A positive -cuw4 ;i
ffV . J Sidneys. No cure ibo WtTtyic ;
ffSSSf Cures quickly aud rtjj5r j. ,
M L- B Gonorrhoea diSi rtWK S- W
Ma..P?v H mntter ot how lonff "fSJiia I'.
IriJST Sk Absolutely hannlMj . j
ifTTf. Bofd by druCgfts. F0W
-JHEvSS JSSl 00, 8 boxes .75., jM'm :
p. j.WTeiSi
ITT. JNr,5?
jgyyggSk I'lIIo In Bed d M W3 fcfl' -

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