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l . . ' j ,.
' t Unitarian Minister Says World
I Holds Little for Hitman
J ' :f '''"What Can Mako Lifo Good," was
I - t 'the subject ot1 a . lengthy sermon do
ff ' livcrcd lit Unitarian ball Sunday morn
inff 'by tbo Rev. William Thurston
p Brown. Tho Kov. Mr. Brown contended
! ihat tho noblest mission of religion was
I $10 rovcal to tho human mind the knowl
I edge of what will really make lifo good.
' In part, he spoko as follows:
' Tho first chapter of tlio Book of Geno
,'! ,! -sis Is tho attempt of some unknown llo
': :'- brew poot to plcturo tho net of world
', . making. Tho climax of tho poem is in
tho finul verso, in which it is related
that "God saw everything that ho had
miifle, and behold, it was very good. '
" Sublime as is tho genius which could
.. piijturo In words the making of a world
with all Its myriad forms of lifo, it is
! "v- Incomparably moro sublime to bo ablo
even to concolvo the idea that Tnflnlto
Wisdom can see this lifo of ours on every
r. f side all that It is and is to be and yot
f. pronounco it good.
i Tho plcturo of tho process of world-
!ft making which tho Book of Genesis con-
V . tains. Is unthlnkablo to any modern
j; educated mind will bo untlilnkablo to
l" . theso boys and girls, who aro learning
I 1 " in our schools something about tho nat-
V ural history of the stars. Indeed, the
UL' .' mass of men and women caro littlo what
K . the Creator thought or thinks of this
Fl human world. And yet. this lifo of ours
f holds no passion so deep or strong or
IK , enduring as tho passion of human souls
ft . everywhere to know by tho witness of ex-
Ui f, ' perienco in thought, feeling, hope, affec-
K t tion, consciousness, that life is good.
m ', And religion cannot havo a nobler mls-
K ' ion than to mako that knowledge tho
1 possession of men and womon everywhere
w "-r-to make clear and convincing to every
B . human soul that life Is good, to dls
K ' oloso or create hero before tho oyos of
: ' '.men such an order of things that men
K shall not only bo compelled to say that
fb - It Is good, but feol that fact, as a mat
II tor ot consciousness. To know with all
B one's bolng that lifo Is good neither time
I nor eternity can afford anything bct-
I But it Is an utter Impossibility for some
V human beings to faco their lot and call
itV it good. Life is not proving a good thing
for millions of human beings. And in
. exactly tho measure In which that is
j true, religion Is a failure; God himself
I 'alls to Justify himself In the eyes of
men fails to be God and it is idlo for
I - us to tako upon our lips tho empty and
r i futile words of such an Impotent faith.
, . It is impossible to fairly face the facts
r of poverty, disease, vice, despair, or cx-
V luting law. government, and Industrialism,
and say that lifo Is for all of us or for
I any of us a good thing.
I : Burglars visited Harry Watson's resl
f t i donco at .124 East Sixth South street, be
' 7 'tween tho hours of S:30 and 11 o'clock
Sunday night, and carried away six plain
' gold rings, one small diamond ring, a
i lady's gold watch chain and $6 in money.
.To obtain tho booty they spent an hour
1- and a half in the house, the police say,
and turned everything topsy-turvy.
It Is supposed that tho burglars used a
-pass key to get in, as no door, bars or
I " holts or windows wore broken. The fam
t ily 'was at a-theater Sunday evening and
did not discover the burglary until re-
. turning home, about 11 o'clock. Sergeant
I .Roberts investigated the case.
I - This house appears to bo favored by
I burglars. Two or three times within tho
I last year or ho it has been broken Into
I and burglarized.
I. f iy.' Sergeant Roberts bellows that the
' -thieves were watching the houso Sunday
I x- night and saw tho Watsons leave, and
I knew that they had plenty of lime In
j which to ransack the place.
IkH i ' An unidentified youth assaulted and
: heat down a Chinese from Wah Hop's
' j laundry, at 2S0 West Second South street,
. ric'nr West Temple-street,. Sundav aftcr-
'. t - noon. Policeman W. W. Griffin," a half
' block away, witnessed the attack, which'
was unprovoked, ho says, but. could not
" catch tho asasllant, a youth, who turned
' - and fled as the Chinese fell to tho street.
The blow, square In tho face, knocked
tho Celestial Insensible and ho was picked
k up and carried to his room abovo the
;. laundry, but. he soon revived. What tho
. ; trouble was over Is not known.
It, . :
t Graduation
i ' Presents
I ne f "Wisest and most ac-
; ceptahle presents for a young
j man or ' young woman about to
j i ' graduate from the schools Is a
i Savings Account
i Pass Book
---- - Tvith a certain amount credited
1 Rfi. therein. Maintaining a savings ac-
count affords good training in
( methods of business and dovolops
; habits of thrift and economy.
This company invites savings
, accounts in any amount from
. j . 1.00 upwards.
J Salt Lake
I Security and Trust
; Company
Lightning and Heaven's Cannon
Disturb the Quiet of
The weather situation continuos to grrow
mystifying. Moro peculiarities existed in
tho conditions Sunday, perhaps, than at
any formor tlmo during tho protracted
visit of tho storm. At an oarlv hour
Sunday morning tho bright bluo sky was
almost free of clouds, but. as tho fore
noon wore on flcocy cirrus mado their ap
poaranco rapidly, and at 11 o'clock a
hailstorm descended upon tho northoast
bonch. At about noon tho sky again was
almost clear, and from then until 4 p. in.
It seemed aa If tho storm had at last
blown away, so glorious wero tho at
mosphcrio conditions. But, alas, tho east
ern sky grow heavy and within half an
hour tho entire valley was overcast and
ZIon was witnessing a heavy thunder and
lightning storm. The storm approached
from tho east, which Is an extremely un
usual occurrence, and which addod an
othor mystery to tho long list which is
already conncctod with tho, present storm.
Tho thunder shower was of short dura
tion, however, lasting only about an hour,
after which tho clouds again cleared away.
Sunday's record at tho Salt Iako City
office of tho weather bureau, for tho
twenty-four hours ending at 6 p. m., was
as follows:
Tomporaluro at 6 p. m., 52 degrees.
Maximum temperature, GS degroes.
Minimum tcmperaturo, 62 degrees.
Moan temperature, GC degrees, which Is
C degrees below normal.
Total deflcloncy of temporaturo sinco
tho first of tho month, 87 degrees.
Accumulated deficiency of temperature
slnco January 1, 70 degrees.
Total precipitation, trace.
Total precipitation slnco Juno 1, .Gi
inch, which Is .34 Inch abovo normal.
Accumulated oxces3 slnco January 1,
1.S5 inches.
Relative humidity at fi p. m., 77 per cent.
WASHINGTON. Juno ".Forecast:
Utah Showers and warmer Monday;
Tuesday, generally fair.
Wyoming Warmer and generally fair
Monday; Tuesday, fair.
Montana Partly cloudy Monday: Tues
day, fair, warmer In southeast portion.
r of Mystery." Hy tho Burgess !
Company. Evonlng, 8:30. -
- Truth." Katharino Gray. Evo
nlng, S.15.
jb : h- i : : : : ' f : it
An Interesting story of tho heart, with
pathos In plonly. Is told In melodrama.
"Tho Houso of Mystery." which tho Earl
Burgess company will close their sou son
at tho Grand. A good audlcnco was pres
ent and tho numerous curtain calls evi
denced tho fact that tho play pleased the
audience. Tho play is full or pathos, sen
timent and comedy. It will run up to and'
Including Wednesday night, with a Wed
nesday matinee.
At tho Orpheum this week Katharino
Gray, aupportcd by a flno company, will
present "The Truth.". Tho first appear
ance of the company will bo thlsMonday
On Wednesday evening Waller Dom
rosch and tho Now York Symphony or
chestra will appear at the Salt Lako
theater for ono performance only. It will
ho ono of the greatest musical treats Salt
Lako music lovers havo had. Scat sale
Is now on. Talking. with Arthur Shepherd
Sunday, this well-known musician and
composer, whoso overture won the Pader
cwskl prize, and which Mr. Damrosch
will play hero, said: "Tho coming of
Walter Damrosch and tho Now York
Symphony orchestra may be considered In
some respects as the most important event
of our musical season. The Importance of
the occasion hinges chiefly upon the per
formance (tho first tlmo In Salt Lako)
of the great Fifth Symphony of Beetho
ven. This work seems to havo . been
singled out by almost common couscnt to
be the standard of measurement whereby
both orchestra and conductor aro to bo
judged. ILs adequate presentation Is ul
ways an event in Europe; as well as In
tho largo musical centers of America, and
It seems of late to be the delight of Euro
pean critics to compare tho Interpretation
of this symphony aa It Is given by
NIcklsch or WeJngartncr, Strauss or
Mottl. It is no easy matter to explain
tho power of appeal manifested in this
work upon a modern audience, with Its
appetites for the vividly-colored or tho
sensationally erratic modern orcheatral
demonstrations, to say nothing of tho fads
for the attenuated, mystical and anemic
productions of tho modern French school
and its imitators. Ono becomos aware, in
listening to Beethoven's music, of bolng
first ot all en rapport with nature. Its
strength Is granitic; Its passions aro thoso
of the troubled waters: Its yearnings aro
thoso of the aspiring mountain tops; Its
panderings aro thoso of tho very Cosmos
Itself. It is so elemental Its dynamics
aro naturo's dynamics, and its supernal
beauties can only bo understood when ono
understands and senses fully the enchant
ment of tho mountains, tho ocean, tho for
est, tho sunset, the brooklot and the glade.
.Beethoven never apoko moro concisely, or
more to the point than in the Fifth
Symphony. It Is not long, as symphonic
works go, but it is replete with utter
ances of the utmost eloquence and of the
highest moment. It may bo autobiograph
ical as some have averred or It may
not. It matters little. It Is always suf
ficiently self-explanatory to whomsoever
has ears to hoar and a heart to beat in
response. Listen to tho great clomontal
heart beat In tho first four notes; stop
at tho ensuing fermata. close your oyes,
uonsider deeply for ono moment, and tho
rest will come easily, like the unfolding
of a groat life In tho midst of nature's
The war pictures at tho Lyric, which
will run this week, aro unusually Inter
esting. Packed houses greeted the fine
presentation Saturday,
Margaret Illlngton will present "The
Thief" at tho Salt Lake theater on tho
18th Instant.
1 15 West Second South, , B
1 Salt Lako City. H
TO 10:30 A. M 0 P.M. TO 8 P. M.
Faces Charges of Cashing An
other's Money Order and De
sertion From Army.
Special to Tho Trlbuno.
OGDEN, Juno 7. Charged with two
serious infractions of Uncle Sam's laws,
William F. Bennett, until recently em
ployed as a machinist In the Donvor &
Rio Grando railroad shops In Salt Lako
City, is dotained at tho police station
awaiting the action of tho Federal courts.
Ono of tho oltcnscs charged against
him Is tho fraudulent uso of a money or
der for ?10fl which was tho property of
anothor. Tho monoy order was issued
from tho Denver postofflco several weeks
ago, and tho postofflco records show that
it was cashed by Bennett In Wyoming.
Bonnett declares that ho is tho victim
of circumstances, and that when ho is
given a trial ho can supply sufficient ovl
donco that will show ho had reasons for
believing that tho money ordor belonged
to him, as ho knew tho man who issued
it. Tho most that can bo mado of tho
chargo will be an honest mistake on his
When his trial on tho abovo chargo Is
concluded he will bo willed upon to an
swer to tho Federal court for an alleged
desertion from the United States army.
Bcnnott waa picked up at tho Conltal
hotel by Doteetlvc Pender and Postofflco
Inspector C. D. Love.
Special to Tho Trlbuno.
OGDEN. Juno 7. Hoadod by a platoon
of mounted police and marching to tho
Continued from Pago Ono
clcs. In this connection thoro will, ho a
ptonouncomcnt In favor of national control
as agulnst national ownership. Gognlzaiw
will be taken of tho demands of labor
to tho extent of recommending such leg
islation as will insuro labor organizations
against snap Judgment by the courts In
the issuance of injunctions without duo
notlco or necessary hearing. A rocom
mondation for romoval of tho trlplo pen
alty In conspiracy prosecutions when such
prosecutions arc directed against labor
organizations Is probable.
There will bo a trust resolution along
tho lines of that embraced In tho plat
form of 1000. when tho necessity and
proprloty of honest co-operation and com
bination was recognized to moot now
conditions and oxtend Amorlcan trade in
foreign countries, but when conspiracies
which crcato monopolies, limit produc
tion and control prices wero pointedly
Our Island Possessions.
Much caro will be given to Iho planks
dealing with tho Philippines and Cuba.
Tho pacific attltudo of this country to
ward Cuba will bo held to havo been dem
onstrated by tho prcsont relationship ot
tho two countries and by tho generally
known fact that, having restorod peace
and order to that Island, tho United
States Is now preparing to bring Its pro
tcctorato to an end and removo the evi
dences of its control Our management
of affairs in tho Philippines will bo ex
tolled; it will bo agreed that tho Philip
pines arc prospering and improving un
der the present administration of affairs,
and It will probably bo set forth that to
abandon those islands until our work
there Is finished and tho Phlllpplno peo
ple mado ready for self-government would
bo Inhuman, unwlso and in every way un
justiilable. Protoctiou for Negroes.
As usual, the platform will dcclaro for
protection of tho civil liberties of tho
negro race. A special effort will bo madu
to nave this plank comprehensive and om
phalic. Thero will bo a strong declara
tion in favor of continued Improvement
of the navy, including constant increases
of our battleships, with the end in view
of protecting our interests abroad, main
taining our standing among tho nations
and supporting tho Monroe doctrlno.
which doctrlno will again receive un
qualified indorsement, Thero will bo n
word In favor of tho maintenance of tho
army on Its present basis, but no recom
mendation for its enlargement. The ac
tion of Congress in increasing tho pen
slons of tho widows of soldiers will bo
commended, and a liberal pension policy
for tho fuluro will be advocated.
Among othor recommendations that will
bo mado will be the following:
For admission at tho next session of
Congress ot Arizona and New Mexico as
soparato stales of tho Union; for protec
tion of American citizens abroad; for
fostering of our commerco in tho Orient;
for tho open door in China; for exclusion
of coolie labor, whether Chlncso or Ja
paneso; strong commendation of the
prosent civil service policy; Indorsement
of tho plan to grant a subsidy In the In
terest of thojicoan malls to South Amer
ica, Australia and Asin, and for the en
couragement of American shipping gen
erally. Thoro will be a demand for tho con
tinuation of the policies of the prosont ad
ministration toward corporations. At
tention will be called to the wisdom of
carrying Into effect all the recommenda
tions of tho President and the necessity
for a "square deal," all round, for tho
enforcement of the law without regard
lo persons or places and for tho equal
protection of all, under the law, will bo
Col. and Mrs. E. A, Wall returned Sun
day night from Washington, D. C, ac
companied by tholr five daughters. The
Misses Alice and Mary have been In at
tendance at tho Mt. Vernon school in
tho national capital. Upon their way to
Salt Jjako City tho Walls spent several
daysln New York. They are now com
fortably ensconced in the family homo
on East South Tomplc street.
Pitt Coming Homo.
Chief of Pollco Pitt will bo homo Satur
day, after attending tho convention at De
troit of tho National Chiefs of Police, and
assume the reins of office onco more.
This was Imparted In a telegram from tho
chlof. received at headquarters Sunday.
Chief Pitt says tho convention Just
'closed was tho most successful in the his
tory of the association. H6 spent Sunday
In Chicago, tho guest of Chlof of Police
George F. Payne Dies,
PHILADELPHIA, June 7 Gcorgo F.
Payno of tho George F. Payne company,
builders of the new State capltol at Har
rlsburg, and a dofondant In tho capltol
conspiracy case, died at his home In this
city today, aged r5 years, Duath was
caused by a complication of diseases.
A private safe may ho rented in the
Oro and burglar-proof vaults of , tlio
Salt Lako Socurity and Trust company,
32-34 Main stroot, $3.50 p,or yoarr
music of tho Hot Brings hand, four hun
dred mombors of tho Woodmen of tho
World paraded through tho streets oC
tho city Sunday aftornoon before assem
bling at tho City comotory. whero tho
annual memorial exorcises wero hold o-ut
of respoct for tho deceased "nolghbors.
In all, twonty-two graves of departed
members of tho ordor nt tho City ceme
tery and nt Mound Fort cemetery woro
decorated with beautiful flowors, und tho
hoodstoncs erected by tho order over tho
remains of dead members during tho past
year wero .appropriately dedicated.
Tho programme consisted of sacred mu
sical selections by tho band with tho
ritual service and an appropriate vocal
solo by llagbort Andor3on, after which
Attorney Joseph Chez, orator of tho day,
delivered an address commemorative of
thoso who have ."crossed tho rivor and
rest beneath tho shade of tho trees."
Novor boforo hao tho order boon in a
moro flourishing condition. Thero aro
now six hundred mombors in tho city
and tlio membership roll is bolng added
to almost continuously. Slnco Its organ
ization in 1S0-J, $71,000 has been paid out
by tho Ogden lodgo to Its bcnotlcIarloH;
SIS, 000 of this amount distributed alone
during tho past year.
JNew Oar Schedule.
Special to Tho Trlbuno.
OGDEN, Juno 7. Beginning Sunday, a
now schodulo on tho Hot Springs lino of
tho Ogdon Rapid Transit company was
invoked. Instead of running cars on a
forty-ilvo-mlnuto Bchedulo as heretofore,
they will bo run one hour and a half
apart and will not stop in tho city limits
to tako on or let off passengers.
Cars lcavo tho corner of Twenty-fifth
street and Washington avenue at 6:30
a. m. and ovory hour and a half there
after, tho last car leaving tho city for
the springs at 11 p. m.
On Sundays and holidays the former
schodulo of forty-flvo minutes will bo
Piano Rocital.
Special to Tho Trlbuno.
OGDEN. June 7. Next Friday evening
at tho Methodist church a public con
cert will bo glvon by piano pupils of
Squire Coop under his direction. Tho
following will represent tho several class
es: Mrs. Phoebe Browning. Mrs. J. A.
Ferrara. Miss Beatrice Hoyle, Miss Car
rlo Browning and Miss Maud Zlomer.
Special to Tho Trlbuno.
EPIIRAIM, Juno 7. Many matters of
Importanco woro brought up at the meet
ing of tho city council. Contracts for tho
cement sidewalk In district No. 2 wero
awarded lo J. W. 'Pye, who agreed to do
all of tho work at twelvo cents a squaro
District No. 1 Is located on Main street,
immediately south of tho districts In
which sidewalks aro now being con
structed. Major David N. Boal spoko of tho dan
ger of tho caveln on tho crook on Main
stroot, and urged that soma action bo ta
ken. On motion of Councilman Anderson
tho council decided to uncovor tlio croek.
removo tho rubbish, construct a rotalnlng
wall along tho west side of tho channel
and erect a railing along tho outer side
of tho adjoining walk.
On June 18 and 19 a conference of tho
dolcgates from various commercial club
organizations from Sanpete. Sevier and
Pluto counties will bo held. The object
of this meeting will bo the advertising of
tho resources of central Utah. A com
mlttco has been appointed to take tho
matter in hand, and It Is expected that
this gathering will bo ono of tlio most
Important mootlngs over hold In this city.
American fork News
Special to Tho Tribune.
AMERICAN FORK. Juno 7. Tho work
of completing tho power lino from this
city to the Knight smelter at Silver City
Is now well advanced. Tho copper wire
has been strung nnd all that now romalns
before tho power Is turned on, Ib tho com
pletion of the transformer station at tho
smoltor end of tho line. A largo force of
nion Is engaged on this work and it Is
expected that It will bo completed and
placed In operation within ten days at
tho most.
As soon as tho power Is ready tho now
smelter will receive ore. This will on
ablo tho smoltermen to place In opera
tion tho sampler which has been com
pleted for somo tlmo. The actual smelt
ing of ore will not commence until a lator
date, as the plant still lacks considerable
of being in readiness.
Daniels' Daily Talk No. 40.
Secojxl n venue reminds me
ol! the fellow who bought a
The expectations oL the
residents were pretty nigh.
The street, which cost a lot
of money, looked, so pretty
at first then along came a
rain then mud then disap
pointment. The purchaser o tho hand-mo-down
had hopes. He wore it a low wocks
then tho suit was misshapen it had
stretched, bagged at the leuees, was full
ol! wrinklos and so on,
Now, for $30,00 I will mako von a
suit that is a suit style, fit, comfort
a suit that shows quality always.
57 W. Und South. j
I Union Dental i
0 9
Company j
218 SOU'xIi MAIN. J
J Honest Work. I
1 Honest Prices. !
lJaiulcss Extraction , of Tooth
or no pay. All Work Positively 5
a 'Phones, Bell 1126-X; Ind. 1120. e
AlwaysfrcshPsaTlrPskln cream, never
dries up, apolls, shrinks or changes, 26c.
Jf jlS More f un tlian a , ? 5
it ill ZuZti l ' I
Spoclal to The Triouno.
LEIII, Juno 7. Lohl !n planning for
tho nlgrgesL pioneer celehratlon In its his
tory. Sculptors aro at work on a plo
neor monument. Tho monument will be
a twonty-foot shaft of Vormont Kranlto,
not on a suitable base, and will com
memorate several ImportanL ovents In
Lord's history.
A committee Is also at work on a his
tory. A commltteo Is also at work on a history
of Lchi. Tho history will deal moro prac
tlcularly with tho nrst settlors, first In
dustries, giving names, dates and details,
and also tho successive events In tho city's
progress. It will bo Illustrated nnd al
ready much Interest Is being evinced In
lis compilation. Karl Hopkins will wTlte
tho history.
The Democrats of Lohl last night elect
ed A. J. Evans. George Zimmerman,
Jamos Mason, W. F. Jurney, A. B. An
derson and Edward Southwlck delegates,
and Morgan Howell, Q. N. Child, Ray
Brim- R. J. Evans, Thomas Jones and
Ana liavln alternates to the Democratic'
State convention. Theso delegates were
Instructed to secure the Stato conven-
Uon's Indorsement for Bryan and !
hustle for Able John Evans for a drft
gate to the Donvor convention.
Wedding bells have been JlngUnr m
rlly In Lehl. Wednesday G. N. Chli
cashier of the Bank of Lohl, and Mlj A
Julia Alloman. supervisor of the prlram i,
schools of Springvllle, were married. Jn j
Iub Banks and Miss Edna Hackett, toi r
teachers In the local public schools, ttc
also married In tho Salt Lake Templg U c
Bame day. Weddings scheduled for til 'li
coming week are Morgan Lott and Roi Q
Peterson, Abram Anderson and MIjj La
Darton. 15
T'' '' THE DEBUT 1
fpf Were the talk of the town yesterday. The I
advent of so worthy a confection brought forth J .
vA showers of appreciative expressions such as ' 11:
I have never been heard on the exploitation of a I f 1
I product in which all men, women and children It j
la are interested. Quite naturally so, for never has kI. ,
lli there been a product of equal merit to enthuse ji J
ff the young and the old to such an extent. Ml i
11 Have you had your treat yet? Has a taste 11 1 1
J l of this daintiest of all Chocolate Sweetmeats 1 I
I I passed your lips? If not, the toothsome delight 11
Jl of your life is in store for you. . ; l j J
I Go to the nearest Drug Store or Candy Stand . H -
I right now and look for the tl ,

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