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Efforts Being Made fo. Perfect
' a Deal Willi Liquor
l jj . Prohibition Planks in Platforms
ij ; of Church Parlies to Catch
M Temperance Voters. !
li "There is a crrcat hue and cry be-
5 injr raised by tho church-Republican
; I, press of Utah on tbo question of prohi-
' j bition or local option," said tho Promi- i
ij! ncnt Politician to Tho Stroller on Mon-
J Hiiy. "The Smoot Moulh in its hydro-
phobia box on tho first papo almost j
L j daily has something in favor of prolu-
fiflj j" bition or local option in Utah. in a ,
j sermon preached in tins city aunaay i
I ' notice that an allusion is made that the
; i' Mormon church is fijrhtincr tho saloons
li ' I jl , and -that the Gentile divine who made
jL j the allusion said: 'I have hopes that
ilf'jfi1 what the World almanac says of tho
II j Mormon church is truo and a vory real j
1" faith in tho ultimato success of the lo- ,
F cal option.moveinont here and through- '
ll j i out tho land?' j
i ! ' ''When the latn conference of tho
i Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
p I Saints was held the prophet, seer aud
I' revclator iu liis opening announcement
I t stated that tho question of local option
ril . and temperance would be the great
L , 3 problem which the conference would
L 1 1 wrestlo with. Said the hierach:
" What tho Hierarch Said.
K ' There is a general movement ihrough-
K ' .out tha land looking: toward local option,
H and temperance among tho people of our
tV V State and of tho adjoining States. And
p jj , I sincerely hope that every Latter-day
(1 Saint will co-operate with this move-
J, ment in order that wo may curtail tho
' monstrous evil which exists today in our
Ij . city, especially. I wish to say that T.
Li'ji at least, and I know that my brethren
p J will unite with me, that wo are In har-
iij, mony with tho movement toward tem-
'vjj perance throughout the land. Ve want
jRjl nothing drastic, nothing that would be
flfc tyrannical, that would be oppressive: but
If y we do think that the people ought to
f, nave their choico as to whether they
F , . will permit rioting and murder, which is
I' ', the result often of drunkenness, or
I i whether they will Insist on abstinence
R I , from all these things, that the people
g il I might have peace, and that their children
Q 5' might not be subject to tho temptations
ft ' hito ivhlch they are thrown becauso of
k j tho presence and existence of theso evils.
m i - "Ever sineo that utternnco was
, made by the head of tho church tho
m church press,, including the church-Ec-
Kj j publican aud church-Democratic papers,
m liavo been howling their heads off in
fl h favor of temperance.
IJ y . . Conference With Liquor Men.
ft )t "Now that they have got sentiment
;? .( worked up, tho fine work of tho band
" K of twenty-six is seen. Ifecently thero
was held a meeting in this cify at
j ii , which were present several church poli-
8.' licians. including a professed Democra-
I) Or tic politician from a city outside of
i i jjjii Salt Lake, several brewers, rectifiers
. i .f .. and prominent saloon men of Utah.
fJ ' .1 'At this- meeting thero was unfolded
if f a plan in which it was proposed that
I. ' j if the liquor interests would lend their
' (j aid to the church Republicans in this
H campaign that a plank would be put
mi : t in the platform to bo adopted by the
11 . coming State convention in favor of
r local option, but that after the election,
', when the Legislature convened, there
would be no-legislation upon the sub-
t jeet.
P .1 "Tho plank in favor of local option
ft A would be placed in the platform solely
V. iI ' to catch the votes of those that be-'
, lieved in prohibition or were pronounced
Rlj : temperance advocates. The principal
il ; object, however, was to keep the
AE . American party from carrying Salt
m i 11 Lake county. This latter information
was imparled, however, only to a fav-
i ored few.
E "The meeting was a protracted ono
t J and no defihitc action was taken, but a
R 1 comniittco was appointed, of which com-
li mitlee the Democratic politician cited
If? J was given authority to foci around
K j among the saloon men of the State and
K' ' ' work up sentiment in behalf of the
ma i . move. However, this move was not by
m ' ' any means unanimous and' the represeu-
Is, i I; tation of saloon men as compared to
K, I the wholo number in the State was
: i, small.
View of Prominent Liquor Man.
R , "Ono prominent liquor man of Salt
Mfe.f ii Lake pointed out tho fact that tho
jffjl ( move upon tho part of the church was
Ifc' niost hypocritical, that tho church of
i itself was tho first person to engago in
m the' liquor business in Utah; that it had
R m run a church saloon at onetime in Zion,
U over tho door of which was emblazoned
R 1,5 the 'sign 'Holiness to the Lord;' that
Kit tho church had distilled liquors, wines
CI 1 and brandies and brewed "beer; that it
(p I exacted tithes from many of tho saloon
r r men in Utah who vero mombers of the,
church; in short, that it was a schemo
r to set up by a gang of law-breakers to
i. , bimply catch tho voIcb of a number of
K Gentiles who were advocates of and be-
m tji lieved in tcmpcranco. He declinod ab-
K j' solutely to become a party to tho
Ks scheme.
m 1 Utah Has Local Option,
w j "He likewise pointed out the fact
H- ' . that Utah has now in effect local op-
, tion"; that is. the Common Councils of
R 1 j' cities, tho Boards of Commissioners of
'f 1 j counties, tho town Boards have the
11 power to refuse license to any one to
l. ' sell liquors. Further, that a romon-
IjM't, strance against granting such license it
I 4 j! not necessary lipon the part of the pco
Wit I' plo. but that tho po'.A-or is absolute i)
fjk. the officials cited.
KM "He showed that in Salt Lake City!
Btjf tito council had refused to grant license
';) to sell liquors and had revoked the li-
l-''' cense of othors. He .cited the laws;
P fjj bearing upon tho subject, shovcd how j
Ii Want some
1 1 Eat
j . 1 Grape-Nets
I ! I "There's a Eeason,"
The Farmer's "Wife
Jh vory caroful about her churn. tah,
scalds It tlioroughly after using, and given
It a sun bath to swcolon !t. Sho knows
that if her churn is sour It will taint tho
butter that Is mado In it. Tho stomach Is
a churn. In tho stomach and digestive
and nutritive tracts aro performed pro
1 cesses which tire almost exactly like tho
I churning of butter. Is it not apparent
then that if tills stomach-churn is foul It
makes foul all which is put into it?
Tho evil of a foul stomach is not alone
the bad tasto hi tho mouth and tho foul
breath caused by it, but tho corruption of
tho puro current of blood and tho dlesem
Inatlon of diseaso throughout tho body.
Dr. Piorco's Golden Medical Discovery
makes tho sour and foul stomach sweet.
It does for tho stomach what the washing
and sun bath do for thochurn absolutoly
removes overy tainting or corrupting cle
! ment. In this t way It. cures blotches,
pimples, eruptions, scrofulous swellings,
sores, or open eating ulcers and all
humors or diseases arising from bud blood.
If you have blttcr.'nasty, foul taste In
! your mouth, coated tongue, foul breath,
aro weak and ouslly tired, feel depressed
and despondent, have frequent headaches,
j dizzy attacks, gnawing or distress in stom-
ach, constipated or Irregular bowels, sour
or bitter risings after eating and poor
j appetite, these symptoms, or any considcr
ablonumberof thorn. Indicato thatyou are
I suffering from biliousness, torpid or la.y
liver with the usual accompanying indi
gestion, or dyspepsia and their attendant
cncelor ChO rrTIriTrThe above symptoms
ofjiiaijii&i primtijiGue&LpT
all the pevonUscliopJsof rnrdlgal ptacric
have, boon skil iLul limdl hurrann loi)gv
combined In ))r. Pierco'fi Hnldpn NtPflT7p
DJsr.nyj&ry. That this Is absolutely truo
will be readily proven to your satisfaction
If you will but mall a postal card request
to Dr. It. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y for a
free copy of his booklot of oxtracts from
the standard medical authorities, giving
the names of all the Ingredients entering
Into his world-famed medicines and sbr2)2
Ing what, the most eminent medical vs0
ef the ago say of thain.
every county in tho state, outside of
those in which the larger cities are lo
cated, could be made dry or wet just
as the commissioners saw fit. Whilo
in tho cities it was up to tho council to
do the same.
"Further, ho showed how, if pro
hibition direct was approved by tho
people of the state, as suggested 1)3' tho
hypocritical band of twenty-six, it would
necessitalo legislation, would require the
holding of election at which the pcoplo
would huve to vole, that tho machinery
would bo complex and ponderous, and
that in the cud less would be accom
plished than under the law as it now
"He also showed that this deception
which was proposed by the law-breaking
band, through its political hirelings,
was in keeping with other dirty pieces
of work entered into in tho past, by
which the hierarchy was enabled to
control tho politics of tho state. He
thereforo declined to become a party to
a doal which he declared with tho more
base and contemptible of nny which
had ever been presented to him.
About Gubernatorial Bee.
"1 want to toll you another thing be
fore 3-ou go, and that is that it is aud
ibly whispered that unless the guberna
torial beo settles soon in tho bonnet of
a candidate acceptable to the church,
for instance, liko 'the man who sat at
tho President's left.' that the band of
twenty-six will see that the boo alights
upon the head of somo Democrat. Good
churchman, he must bo, for illustration,
like L. i. jIartinoau, and that tho
whisper will becomo more audible as it
passes through tho mutual improvement
associations, and a church Democrat will
be chosen to preside over state affairs
in Utah. Because a man can say 'Huh!
Huh!' so easy when spoken to; becauso
a revenue collector can call to his, aid
the'Peo Woes, the Kinkies and the Pus
sies, it docs not follow that they cannot
be disciplined. Up to date the pugilis
tic oxecutivo has tho best hold on tho
gubernatorial teat."
Swen 0. Nielson is now touring tho
state in tho interest, of his candidacy
for governor. .
George. U. ;Davis maj ask tho church i
liopublicaus in tho second judicial dis
trict to nominate him for district at
torney. Tho Logan Republican declares that
it is neither auti-Smoot, nor auti
Howell. Truo. It's just for tho hio-rarchj-.
Comes now Dr. A. S. Condon of Ogden.
'who will like the job of secretary of
state. He will '.ask the church Be'pub
b'caus to nominate him. I
What is I ho matter with Brigham H. 1
Boberts? Almost an entire week has
passed without a letter from him on
tho political situation.
Gilbert B. Beebe has announced his '
candidacy for district attorney in tho
Hixth judicial district at the hands of
the church Republicans.
Willie Cicero Bydalch aspires to be
district attorney of Utah county. He
is a great admirer of Apostle Smoot.
This should cut ice iu his county.
Bill Glasmann of Weber has his oyo
on tho stale aenatorship from Weber
county. This is no joke. He wants to
even un when bounced from the Ogden
Captain E. T. Hulaniski would like to
add tho initials V. M. after his name.
When Glasman'i is fired tho captain
will endeavor lo drop into tho postof
fice chair at Ogden.
S. S. Smith of Ogden is tho double
of William A. Brj'an. As Mr.' Smith is
one of the delegates to the Donver con
vention, ho may be serenaded several
limes through mistake.
Apostle Smool's brother-in-law, C. A.
Gkuicr. who is now holding down tho
job of state bank examiner, has aspira
tions for tho state auditorship. As his
homo is in Provo the church "Republic
ans are likely to nominate him, Huh!
The Soring City correspondent of tho
Manti Messenger is of opinion that tho
nomination of Taft "will add material
strength to the ticket in the county and
state, and will unite the party in the
nomination of Count- Treasurer .feu
scn." The judicial central committee of the
third judicial district will moot 1 it room
108. Atlas block, on Friday, July :i, at
2 o'clock p. m., to take action towards
filling the 'vacancy in tho judicial
ticket due to the declination of Judge
Ogden Hills.
There is nothing but modesty about
Utah county. Not satisfied with hav
ing a United States .Senator, t hi? church
Republicans want Ed Loose for gov-
i fJ8 f Hz 11
j j. f"l j. jjjj"! 1 W jj ajk Republican l'" cow i .- Ii? lo- l
J W M S3 VI vf inn tnrv n muih about ihe io' viil. HI
Sfl lj nj JA JH j&r Qt kih aj hp doct about 10e edlcre of H
g PRICfc FIVE CENTS m w ,k, mv n, ..h.. i m. M
f. -t M SATURDAY JUNE 27 19 '4 c,l' 8"r 1
I SET LAKE RECOBD I 'TjiiiniFiii"! - !
'BUlKI,nof May Mnlh. 1 f. New List of Undertakings Now city 1 (TCHIIflE WH BUILDtNGS
K I - Si ( Reaches Close to Total Ai 1 I . ffl
REGISTERS 454- PER CENT von ,u' Of S6.000.000 )W llle Commits Season's Activity Advancing W
- ' f ' I Vought to With Rapidity at Sites i
g Pittsburg1 Second and Denver 3 vv "1 m iged. of Big Structures. I
h ThirdContractor Gives i 5.u BUSINESS BLOCKS GALORE. FL0A V W , In.le ,777, onMIT i
Auc ' Reasons I . f i MILLIONS WILL BE SPENT 1
CHHHtmfHHm40 'i K WNWfricnaD.itaBI,. I 1
St ,s"- i'j ." ftl Mon In Kr--iliin of JfCw j 3 T WEL HOME CONSTRUCTION KEEPING Q
I SALT LAkK LC.VDS ALU j I ;to- stiuclurrs In It, History. 9 ,0URS PACE WITH THE DOOM IN j
K I un Clucnjo. June S. Tlic Con- M ht . ' M DU3INESS SECTION. M
7J ciinr- eirutiloi) .Vcw; rpport of bulltl- 53 M H
Sfa i..."?" '' oPcrAtloriM In Icoilmc cltlvi f5 For ihc Suit LAktr Tho tn tnklns Iffl Q
'. f M"' sl,''w ft ',Jrt3-' of !9 -t- a Moch of hov b . h . m the lui.l.l Midway If brine mnd In th
I : he sl( th, KrflftlMt I ( r:::: i . rr:xniT I
4 Rafh over thu jncvloua May with I flam- every dy to mnko It ImpoMlblc for imr. M rnr0 "",r'" of SaU L"hf- uh,ch w" re,ult
5 J; (51 iwr com. I man lilm to In the Ink dry on .my on cull- l ,,r;t "' "P''"1""" "f from JS.W0.000 to
J "J riilburc cotnea ntfcund Tlih f- IJ I ,nllt(. u " I B . .W0.0OO thl ncnson In tho erection ot
JJ ! ) c J ucr o-nl nnd Denver third n,u r, ..i . R0 I IB new nClca luilhllnn. tUrnirr. imi.i. H
H ,r u till 111 l.cr cent caln. ' S ,ho null,llnK operations for thli aummnr t, Qb " . , . .V? ' '"fftl"!' '.,0,el'
f.' ' 4- H V- arc so Urgo that no ju.l eM'.iuio of 11 ( cl,rcl' a"l oln,'- H'Uctorea. In tho M
i 0-r--H-H-H-f-M-t-M-tK; & their icope c.-n do yecured except by I r'""n,'a' tllntrfctn lh activity rnorjg J RH
ii ., N r,y clnnsins them nltOKrthrr Anil oboiv- IP -,. W
I 'it J I'UilUli.s conlraciora genernUy vc- Jt A. lns ,no trcmcndou total they icacli. S W
J port thai buslneia In their line In B.iU V ' The Meld la n. prolific In Mjburb.in W IS
Liiio this M'ur Is better even than 1 homes a in buclnvm blocks nnd thu Si M
V lf Ut car. i,d tlml thl Is Dartlcularly U r"' ealc mrkot In tilled with larr L M
'jsr " I I Vssp' y I Ju7yay jj jzf 'o8
Citizens of fcfalt Lake who read the
Deseret Kew, tho Inter-!Mountain Ro
publican and tho Herald and NO OTH
ER PAPER, miffjit sot the idea that
Salt Lake is a dead town. Yot on cor
taiii occasions tho mere force of tho
ornor, while the church Democrats want
William IU. Roylanco to enter tho
gubernatorial race.
Church Republican electors of tho
teuth senatorial district will meet at
Junction, July 7, to nominate a candidato
for Senator for that district. The dis
trict comprises the counties of Garfield,
Kane. Piute, Sevier and "Wayne. There
will be forly-threo doloeat.es iu tho con
vention. In tho Murray opera house at. Murray
on July f5, at 2 p. m.t tho Socialist party
will hold a county convention for the
purpose of nominatinc candidates for
tho state legislature. Delegates will bo
iu attendance from all the locals of tho
county. Bingham loads in the number
of Socialist voters in Salt Luko count.y,
currying district No. 90 at tho last
Says the Ivichficld Sun: "Sevier
county favors "Warren Sevy for the sen
atorship from tho tenth district. Sevior
county .just about controls the selection
of a Senator, nnd the way things havo
boon shaping themselves of late shows
the way the -wind blows. Judge Chides
tor and District Attorney Ericksen iu
This sign is permanently attached
to the front of the mam huilding oi
the Lydia E. Pinkhani Medicine
Company, Lynn, Mass.
What Docs This Sigrn Mean ?
It means that public inspection ot
the Laboratory and methods of doing
business is honestly desired. Itmeana
that there is nothing; abou" the bus
iness which is not " open and above
board." It means that a permanent invita
tion is extended to anyone to come
and verify any and all statements
made in the advertisements of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Is it a purely vegetable compound
made from roots and herbs with
out drugs ?
Come and See.
Do the women of America continu
ally use as much of it as we are told ?
Come and See.
. Was there ever such a person as
Lydia E. Pinkham, and is there any
Mrs. Pinkhara now to whom sick
woman are asked to write 'i
Conic and See.
Is the vast private correspondence
with sick women conducted by
women only, and are the letters kept
strictly confidential ?
Come and See.
Have they really got letters from
over one million, one hundred
thousand women correspondents ?
Come and S.ce.
Have they proof that Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound haa
cured thousands of these women.?
Come and See.
This advertisement is only for
doubters. The great army of women
who know from their own personal
experience1 that no medicine in the
vorld equals Lydia E. Pinklmm's
j Vegetable Compound for female ills
I will still go on using and being ben
j allied by it ; but the poor doubting,
j suffering woman must, for her own
salce.be taught confi(lence,forshcalpo
iniglit ji:.tas well regain her health.
day's news compols these sheets to in
form their readers of tho existing con
ditions. That is why Tho Tribune is
reproducing first-pagb headings from
all three of these papers, the articles all
having appeared1 during tho month of
June. 190S.
the sixth judicial district wilt each havo
a walkaway in tho .indicia! convention.
The iudge and .Toe arc two of the most
popular men in the district."
The church Republican central coin
mitteo of tho sixth judicial district has
called a convention to be hold at Junc
tion on Tuesday, July 7, to nominato
candidates for judge and district at
torney. There will ue forty-three dole
gates, one delegate for overy sixty votes
or majority fraction thereof cast for
Joseph Howell for Congress in 3900.
Hero is tho apportionment:
County. Votos. DcIegattH
Garlleld -130 7
Kano 35S fi
Pluto :il7 n
Sevier l.UgS 21
Wayno -Ml -i
i- Uutterflles," by the Orpheum -!
i- Stock company. Evening, 8:1D. !
.j. Kraph, moving pictures. Matinee,
2:30. Evening. S:30.
? JL-YRIC TtHEATER Tho Camera- ?
phone, moving pictures'. Matl-I-
nee, 2:15. Evening, S.no. v
You should see "Tho Butterflies" at
the Orpheum theater. They appeared
Monday evening. The Orpheum Stock
company Impersonated them. The audi
ence was charmed it was delighted for
ono of tho most clover comedies seen in
Salt Lake in a long while was presented
by a most clever company. Indeed, no
better one has ever been seen upon tho
stage In this popular pluyhouso.
"The Butterlllcs" makes you forgot
vour worries, forget your carea. The
piny entertains. It charms. You fall In
love with tho players just as thoy fall In
love with each other, and you enter Into
I he spirit and dash of the play just as
they do. And you come away from tho
playhouse feeling bettor becauso you wcro
there. ,
And of tho players In the Orpheum
Stock company clever, capable, pains
taking actors and actresses they arc.
When you .praise one you praise them all.
Of Miss T-Ielalnc Hartley, MIsa Lola May.
Miss Edith Evelyn and Mrs. Margaret
Savers, all are handsome and all are
stars. The characters assigned them In
"The Butterlllcs" lit thpm to perfectio
and they are admirably carried out. And
no one could bettor portray Hiram Green
than did Joseph Greene, who is the
stage director of the company. Then thero
is Frederick Osslan, Impersonated by
Earl R. Williams, and Andrew Strong,
portrayed by Lee Buker, and Barring
ton Green by John Gorman, and Coddle,
butler to Green, by Ray Clements, and
Nathaniel Bllser. a tailor, by Harry
Bomley every ono perfect.
But you should see "The Butterflies-
Thoy will appear all the week, with mati
nees Wednesday and Saturday. There
Is the Orpheum orchestra that also adds
to tho evening's entertainment.
At the Lyric tho cameraphone Is
drawing big houses afternoon nnd even
ing. . u H
The actofiraph at tho Grand continues
to attract lnrpo audiences at both mati
nees and evening.
Federal Building
Tho motion of tho Preferred Accldont
Insurance company of New York for a
new trial In the case jf Mrs. Ella M.
Sheets against that company was denied
by Judge Marshall In the Federal court
Monday morning. The ease has already
been heard twice, and in each instance
Mrs. Sheets has secured the verdict. The
sum of $2700 and interest was awarded
Mrs. Sheets because of insurance which
her husband carried. Tho insurance com
pany claimed that Sheets had committed
suicide and that It was not liable. The
famllv held that ho had been murdered.
Twice' a jury has decided that the fam
ily's ideas on the case wcro correct.
Chief Deputy Lucia IT. Smyth of the
United States Marshall's office returned
Monday morning from Leavenworth,
where ho look Dr. TJ. S. Payne, a Fed
oral prisoner, sentenced to servo two
i years In the prison at that place. Tears
Tilled the aged physician's eyes as he was
left alone by Smyth.
Dr. Pavne gave no trouble on the trip,
1 but Hoods caused a delay of about five
I hours on a short stretch In Kansas. This
purt of the trip was made In an .auto
mobile, but the automobile broke down.
Part of the trip was made through tho
; Hooded district.
' Ladies and children's jfreo day. Take
I tho kids to .Van.dmj)ro,
Tho Tribune constantly is a booster
for Salt Lake. Tho other nowspapers
constantly aro telling tho people that
the American parly means death to
progress. Yet, onco iu a whilo tho
great prosperity of this citv under
Funeral of John Paul.
John Paul- an old-timo resident of this
city, died at the L. D. S. hospital Sunday
night In his seventy-second year. Mr.
Paul was a native of England, coming to
this city with other members of the fam
ily In ISnl. At tho timo of his death his
home was In Mill Creek. Mr. Paul Is
survived by a widow, Mrs. . Louisa B.
Paul, and five children Mrs. Isabolla P.
Calder, Oscar Paul, Mrs. Alice P. Clowes,
Prlscllla Paul and Afton Paul. The fu
neral will bo held Wednesday afternoon
at 3 o'clock from the resldenco of his sls
ter. Mrs. P. P. Jennings, S7 B street.
American party rule, forces these other
newspapers to tell tho truth.
TI103' have told the truth in tho
headlines reproduced above.
Let all citizens of Salt Lake mark
w'oll tho story contained in tho head
lines of tho opposition press.
Stenographers Paid.
Since the ruling of tho Supremo court
that stenographers were . entitled to be
paid 10 cents a mile for mileage when
traveling in tho performance of their
duties, a number of stenographers have
presented their claims and been paid. The
opinion of tho court was rendered in tho
enso of Justin R. Davis against the State
Board of Examiners somo weeks ago.
Funoral of Frank Hyde.
The funeral of the late Frank H. Hyde,
who died from apoplexy Sunday, will bo
held at 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon from
the resldenco of his daughter, Mrs, A.
IT. Ensign, 12-1 T street.
Bilious Troubles
Bile causes no end, of trouble. Sick headaches, bilious attacks,
I jaundice, constipation and many distressing ailments arise from an excess
of bile, or from obstruction of the bile duct. Inactivityt sedentary occu
pations and indiscrption in feeding and drinking are bile blunders that
need to be guarded against. When the liver is disordered the best bile
correctives are
because they relieve the overworked liver, and gently stimulate it when
it is sluggish. These pills control the flow of bile, restore its right con
sistency, and work for the immediate and lasting benefit of the stomach,
bowels and blood. Whenever a furred tongue, dull, yellowish eyes,
nausea, or headache indicate bilious conditions, use Beecham's Pills at
once, to correct the bile and
Regulate the Liver
Boxes 10c and 25c. with iull directions
Take a package of McDonald's Merry Widow
Chocolates home with you this evening. Just a
little family treat, you know. Package 60c.
McDonald's Cocoa is on the table at least onco a day. A delightful drink
becauso it is tho best Cocoa made.
yaj! Pfli Half the celebration will bo in the
r lw!Bi satisfaction of being properly p
PfirP dressed, so let us see you as soon as
Kllm possible, for Gardner Clothes were r
? fP designed to meet extraordinary
events, at a most reasonable expend i-
"S ml ltl ll,s a !l score of Prices from
I 1 $7.50 to .$40, represent every style
I SfSlk1 :llaJ 'lfi e01Tec,; n,Ki stand for satisfae- J
! " fla tion through and through. c
2 I 8f!a lilt? suiie with our hats and our fur- ?
S I rail WM ,l's slorG remain open Friday I
1 i t il n "igltt, but Avill be closed all day Sat- f
Juiy i
Income. 1 jl
Interest received from :
notes or bonds, dividenda ; : I
and income . from other
sources, when deposited
with this institution in a 1
guaranteed G per cent mort- 1
gage assures a continuous ?
income from both principal f f
and interest, while the de-
positor is relieved from all i
anxiety connected with tho '
reinvestment oi his money. i
Salt Lake
Security and Trust
Company J?
f Exchange 7 J
I Independent 86 J
I Either phone will bring
one of our uniformed messen
I gers to yonr door.
I He'll bring you what you :
1 want and do it in a hurry. ;;fS
$ Where the Oars Stop. $
I We Won't Substitute. ; jl
Silver Brook
Anthracite. .
Fill Your Bins From f
New Coal I
Now Arriving. !
Central Coal & Coke Co.,
Bell Ex. 35. Ind, 2600. ')
' . ft
Every package laundered by our,
the morlt thereof of bettor color, long
er life to the fabric, perfect results at-j
Both Phones 192. 166 Main 81 I
Ji ,
Union Dental :
Honest Work. jl j
I Honest Prices. j p
Painless Extraction of Teoth, c ,
0 or no pay. All Work Positively tk j
Guaranteed. .
a 'Phonos, Bell 1126-X; Ind. 1126. ,
J . . !
j Carsterasen
& Anson Co. i
Tempfe of Music j
' 75-77 W. 2nd So.
'Two good numbers to renierobor. JM j,
EELL EXCHANGE 39, i '9 fl
1 when you wnnt your clothes cloao f
, or pressed. 'f i g
! "IfolIrTah nway wrinkles, lines ""JJgSr- j S
1 Ishcs T.-lth Satin skin cream ami iw j g
i i

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