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SMessional Traders Merely
ETcsting Financial Waters,
III With Eye on Future.
Jgilroad Earnings Show No 1m
Rrovement, but Rather Con
St tinuous Decline.
TBwrW YORK. June 2D. The stock mar
JM8 was apathetic today and tho sluggish
of "prices represented nothing more
Krsrit1al than tho teatlnp operations
'WXslonals. There was little to Indl
any notable change In fundamental
TEviiMnns The present Arm undertone
rSe market evidently Is based on the
1 llBlncictlon Uiat Improvement lies ahead,
d the poor showing of present condl
? EeemB not to have much effect In
l' vltur tills opinion.
k WTulo securities aro withheld from tho
ttrket. It does not stlmulato the do
4 for new holdings, even with the
ir EDbroach of tho soml-annual dls-
dements of probably $200,000,000 In
bw York and with an unwieldy surplus
! . hanklnff reserves In tho New York
tJl Mcs which keeps Interest rates at a
rill far below the rate of return on well
f wired shares and bond issues, there
" "no symptom of tho seasonable relu-
ttnent demand In the Now York mar
There was another engagement of
Ior Europo today. This source of
aed pressure for gold represents tho
oubtful factors In the undevlatlng
ct of redundancy In the world's
- markets. London looks for a 2
tnt Bank of England rate during
and there is no apparent Interrup
f tho Inflow of currency from the
y's actlvo circulation into Now
bank reserves,
road earnings reports show no sign
omlsed Improvement in business,
irnlngs for May being poorer than
fo April, as April was poorer than
. The Atchison return made today
es the May average thus far
, the gross decrease of $1,790,502
cut down In the net return to $525,
ss by the curtailment of operating
This demonstration of the lncf
of economy to overtake the fall in
55 of the railroads keeps attention
sd on the problem of wago read
Washington estimates of $60,000,000
Jn the government revenues for the
year ending tomorrow point to tho
Ity of early withdrawal of govorn
deposlts from tho National banks,
prospect receives small attention,
er. In view of tho bulk of the bank
cs and the wldo margin of unem
funds held by the banks. Tho
cws today was plentiful, but was so
ed In Its promlso from different
les as to neutralize It as a stock
t factor.
Is were Irregular. Total sale, par
ed Stales bonds were unchanged on
road bonds were Irregular.
-' ilow York Bonds.
(S rcf 2s reg.104 Int Met -lis Got
do coupon 1043 L & N unified -Is HSJ
JS 3s reg ..lOOi Manh con g 4s 9G
do coupon ...103iMex Cent 4s.... S4
IS is reg ....12U do 1st Inc 16
do coupon ...122JM & SI L 4s.. 792
ner Tobac 4s 724 AI K & T 4s 07
mer-Tobac Gs,.105 do 2nds S.13
tch gen 4s .. 07g N RR of M c 4s 814
do adjust .... SS N Y G gen 3s till
do cv 4s .... 30 N J C gen 5a ..124
do cv 55 095 X P 4h ...1013
t-Coast L 4s 911 N P 3b 715
fk O 4s...... i)S'i N & West con 4s94i
Jo 31s 9Si O S L rfdg 4s.. S9
mk T T cv 4s 73 Penn cv 3s 1915 92
ftiof Ga Gs .105 Penn con is ..101g
Hpilat, lnc 71 Reading gen 4s . 99
mltul inc.... 4CJ Rep of Cuba 5s. 10"
Bo 3rd Inc ... 3d S L & 1JI c 5s. 10C
N & O 4is..l00t S L & S F fs 4s 70
K Alton 3as GC S L S'west c 4s C5
P 4 Q ncwMs 9Sh Scab Air L. -is-531
V1& P RR 4s G23 S P 4s S5i
Bo col 5s .... CCS do 1st 4s 92fl
feTfdg4s S5 -I Southern Ry Gs 90?
Dp & SL g 4s 93 Tex & Pac l3ts.l00
Bo Ind 6s.... 62 T S L W Is 721
go Mid 4s .-63 U P 4s 1022
Ho & South 4s DO do cv 4s 91 i
&Hua cv is 97 U S Steel 2nd 5s 903
If II G 4s . 92 Wabash lsts. ..101
m pr lien 4s 83 Western Md 4s. 69
M?L&a 4s .... C3 W & L E 4s 661
At Val 41s. 1021 Wis Cent 4s S5J
ja SI N" Y N ri & II -
IwfWjn 4js 89 i cvs cert 1251
, ;; New York Money.
$L CW YORK, June 20. Close Prime
. ttntlle paper, 314 per cent. Sterling
iWl "Inge steady, with actual business in
Hers" bills at S1.S6.95 for demand and
. ff 1.85.60 for sixty days.
1 immerclal bills. $4.85i4.S5J.
xlcan dollars, 4Cc.
k oney on call easy at Ula per cent;
15 rate, U; offered. 1.
j me loans quiet and steady; sixty days,
'Lctri.1' ninety days, 2i per cent; six
jjj: itna, 31 per cent.
B. ovemment bonds, stoady; railroad
i Irregular.
. jl Treasury Statement.
111! HNGTON, June 29. Today's
" ?.ent of the treasury balances in the
Erai fund, exclusive of the $150,000,000
CflfH i.rtJ5?.0'c' Bnws: Available cash bal
5Ul S'355-'1117: sold goln and bulllon.s
)3,092; gold certificates, ?33,95I,2S0.
Jfc New york Sugar.
fJV YORK, Juno 29. Sugar Raw,
Biif oil rcflnlK. 3.75c; centrifugal,
i ! ', j5c molasKcs Hupar. 3.50c; re
fnllHIH: 8toady; crushed. C.lOc, powdered.
(nn' grftnulflt6'1- "-:nr- 6
I Surplus
iic$ I Earnings
r, a?rUJlHurplus earnlnga now mav
3 latlngP hablt9 wh,ch win b0
ll1?,' onBnUaJ?,5 cordially invited to
k lftl N&tlonal bank.
wvtep.w cent 'ntcrest paid on
, nys accounts of Jl.oo And up.
rfiJ h Tip)H,, 160.000.
Only Iron Is Higher in London;
Tin, Copper and Lead Arc
'I"!"!1 IMI-!I;Hr-.
I .J.
4 Silver , 54c 4
Copper (electrolytic). ?12.;i7112.071
i Lead, lower ?4.45Qi4.5u 4-
NEW YORK, Juno 29. Tho London tin
market was unchanged to 2s 6d lower,
spot quotations showing thc loss of 125.
while futures woro unchanged at 126
5s. Tho local market was weak at 527.00
hopper was lower In London, with spot
closing at 56 5s and futures at 57.
The local market was weuk and lower
also, although It Is reported that some
producers are refusing to meet conces
sions. Lake l quoted at S12.02112.75,
electrolytic at $12.37:12.621, and cast
ing at ?12.25jslC.37J.
Lead was lower at 12 7s In tho Lon
don market. Locally the market was
easy and a shade lower at $4.454.50.
Spelter declined 2s 6d to 1S 10s In
London. The local market was weak and
lower at $4.45f)4.50.
Iron was higher at 51s 6d for Cleveland
warrants In thc London market. Locally
thc market was unchanged: No. 1 foundry
Northern, S16.50fi)17.00; No. 2 foundry
Northern: $15.7516.25: No. 1 Southern
and No. 1 Southern soft, ?16.50 17.25.
Closing Stock List.
Sales. II. L. Clse
Amalg'd Copper 21,900 66t 65i 665
Amor Car & F 600 34J 34i 33
preferred , 96i
Amcr Cotton OIK... 400 30 j 301 30i
,Amcr II & L pfd 171
Amer Ico Securities. 200 27? 271 27S
American Linseed .. 100 9 9 SJ
Amer Locomotive .. 2,100 48 46J 47c
preferred 300 1011 101 100j
Amer Sm & Ref 2,400 761 75 7Gi
preferred 100 991 991 Of'l
Amer Sugar Ttef 600 126 125 1252
Amer Tob pfd 100 SSI SSI SS
American Woolen .. S00 21 23 23J
Anaconda Mln Co.. 1,400 42i 41 41i
Atchison 500 S2 S13 S2i
preferred 200 95 94i 94
Atl Coast Lino 100 S7 87 S6"
Baltimore & Ohio... 1,600 S6J SG S63
preferred S7
Brooklyn R T 5,500 4S ifij 47?
Canadian Pacific ... 700 1G0J 159i 160i
Central Leather 100 241 241 25
preferred 92
Central of N Jersey 190
Chesapeake & Ohio. 1,300 401 395 39S
Chi Great Western.. 100 61 61 6
Chi & Northwestern. 100 150J 1501 1501
Chi Mil & St Paul... 12.800 1341 132J 133 J
C C C & St Louis 55
Colo Fuel & Iron.... 500 27 27 261
Colo & Southern 700 308 301 30
1st preferred 200 5S1 5SJ 5S
2nd preferred 200 4S2 4S 4S
Consolidate'! Ga3 ... 400 1241 123 1241
Corn Products 161
Delawaro &. Hudson 157
Denver & Rio G. : ...y 241
preferred 63
Distillers' Sccur 100 34 34 34
Erie 1,000 195 1SJ 191
1st preferred 300 351 34 34
2nd preferred 231
General Electric 132
Great Nor pfd 3.600 1311 129S 131
Great Nor Ore Ctfs. 2.100 601 59 591
Illinois Central 3.400 130 1295 1291
Interborough Mot 101
preferred 28
Intcrnntl Paper 400 101 91 10
preferred :. 100 55 55 55
Intornatl Pump .... 100 23J 23g 23
Iowa Central 16
Kansas City bo 23
preferred " 541
Louisville & Nash.. 900 105 1031 105
Mexican Central 14
Minn & St Louis 200 27 27 28
M' St P & S Sto if. . 400 101?! lOSi 1081
Missouri Pacific 2,300 49 408 4S1
Mo Kan & Texas... 500 271 275 27
preferred 5S3
National Lead 600 651 64 841
New York Central.. 2,100 104 10211033
N Y Ont & West. ... 1,700 401 39$ 40k
Norfolk & Western.. 200 079 675 671
North American 300 605 551 60J
Northern Pacific 13,400 1371 1351 136J
Paclllc Mall 100 25 I 25 25
Pennsylvania 2,5001121 J 120 12U
People's Gas 300 92 913 91
P C C & St Louis 70
Pressed Steel Car. 27
Pullman Pal Car 1591
Ry Steel Spring.. 35
Reading 87,200 1135 1101 112S
Republic Steel 700 IS. 17? 173
preferred 400 651 05 653
Rock Island Co 500 16 156 15J
preferred 2,7001 301 205' SOB
St L & S F 2d pfd.. 1,300 245 23ll 23S
St L Southwestern I3
preferred 300 3S 3S 3Sl
Sloss Shef S & I 1.600 Wl 505 509
Southern Pacific .... 14.500 S81 S61 87?
preferred sno 120 119119-1
Southern Railway .. 100 169 163 17
preferred 200 3BH 361! 43
Tenn Copper 100 225 22l 361
Texas & Pacific I 2'
T St L & West...: I
preferred 4.i?l Zi 433
Union Pacific S1.400 H5lU4r.SlU5
preferred 100 S2J S2j 82J
U S Rubber 24
1st preferred 300 93 93
United -Slates Steel. 24.800 385 375 SS
preferred 1.300110''? I""1 1"-t
Utah Copper 1,0001 34 I 33S 33
V'a Car Chemical I I 229
preferred lonlioiliioij 101
Wabash 2001 11 11 ll1
preferred .1 22j
We.stlnarh Electric l,4nnl 55 519
Western Union 1001 53 53 5i
.Wheellnc ft L Eric. 200 65 6 6
Wisconsin Central ' 15
Total sales for tho day. 205.200 shares.
New York Flour and Grain,
NEW YORK. Juno 29 Flour Re
ceipts. 20.600 barrels; exports, 15,200 bar
rels; quiet and about steady.
Wheal Receipts, 3100 bushels; exports.
93.500 bushels; spot, firm; No. 2 red. 965
,i7'97c elevator and 9flje f. o. b. ulloat:
No. 1 northern Duluth, 51.14? f. o. b.
ailoat: No. 2 hard winter. $1,011 f. o. b.
I Rain news caused a higher whent open
1 lnu' today, which was followed by de
clines under profit-taking. Decided
i strength occurred later on bullish weekly
' and dally statistics, a jump In corn and
i actlvo covering, so that final prices wero
gc net higher: July. 931ff796c. closed at
96c; September closed at 931c; December
closed at 955e.
Now York Produce.
NEW YORK. Juno 29. Butler Weak;
creameries, specials, 23lc: extrus. 221c;
State dairy, common to finest, isssic;
common to special, lS'Sj.TMio; Western
factory flrsbj, 191c; Western Imitation
creamery firsts. 204210.
Cheese Weak; new State full crenm,
special. 1213c; small colored and white,
funcv. 113c; large, 111c; good to prime.
lOillc; common. 'SilOlo.
Egg8 Firm: State, Pennsylvania and
nearby, selected white. 2324c; go"d to
choice. 20f'22c; brown and mixed, fancy,
"21c: good to choice, 2021c; Western
firsts. 17-gilSc; seconds. 1016ic.
Visible Grain Supply.
NEW YORK, Juno 29. The visible sup
plv of grain Saturday, June 27. com-
plied by the New Vork produce exchange,
I was ns follows: Wheal, 15.309,000 bush
els; decrease, 1.596.000. Corn, 3,259.000
. bushels; Increase, 450,000. Oats, 3,671.000
! bushels; decrease, 703.000. Rye, J 01.000
I bushels: decreaso. 18.000. Barley, 1.0SS.
000 bushels; decrease, 107.000.
Lailios and children's freo da'. Take
tho kids to "Waudamcre.
Rain in Kansas and Bullish
Weekly Statistics Responsi
ble for tlie Advance.
CHICAGO, June 29. Rain in Kansas
and bulllBh weekly statistics wero chiefly
responsible for tho strong tone in thc
local wheat market today. At tho closo
wheat for September delivers' was up Ic.
Corn was ZiS'lc higher. Oats wero a
shade lower, and provisions woro 5c high
er. Tho wheat market was Irregular during
the first half of tho day, the July dellv-.
ory being rather weak and tho deferred
futures rather tlrm. Several leaders of
thc local bulls wore free buyers of tho
future deliveries early In the session, while
longs sold the July. The domand for tho
September option at tho start was due
to additional rains in Kansas, and to tho
bullish naturo of Iho weekly statistics.
The amount of breadstuff on passage de
creased 2,232,000 bushels, tho vlslblo sup
ply decreased 1.590,000 bushels, and tho
world's shipments for tho week were
about 3,000,000 bushels less than for thc
corresponding week a year ago. The do
mand became more general late In tho
session, which caused a much strongor
feeling In all deliveries. Actlvo demand
for cash wheat throughout tho country
by millers and small primary receipts
helped to Inspire demand during tho llnal
hour. Tho market closed firm. Septem
ber opened from 1c to 58c higher at
S555S6c, sold at S5Bc, and then advanced
to 868c, Tho closo wa3 at 86186ic. July
sold between S5c and S5?c and closed at
Tho corn market wa3 inclined to be
weak early In tho day because of selling
based on rains In various sections of tho
corn belt, particularly in Illinois. Tho
market closed strong, with prices at in
most tho top notch. Tho September option
opened je lower, at 6Sgc, sold at 681c and
then advanced to 693695c. The closo was
at 69B093c- July sold between 67fic and
69c. and closed at 69c.
Oats wero easy at tho start, owing to
more favorablo weather conditions, but
during tho last half of tho day the mar
ket became firm In sympathy with coil
and wheat. September opened a chado
to jgie lower at 582c. September opened
a shade to 8lc lower at 38838Jc, sold
up to 3SS339c, and closed at 3SJc July
rangod between 441c and 45c and closed
at 45c.
Provisions woro steady all day because
of active demand by local packera. Thfl
closo was firm, with September pork up
5c and lard and ribs each 5c higher.
Wheat Open High Low CIso
July S5g S53 85 856
September .. SO S61 S5B 86
Dec (old) .. 871 SS S71 88
Dec (new) . 871 S7? 871 S73
July G7S 69 676 69
December . . 5S3 fPJ 'SSi 5l5
May 5SJ 592 5Sg 595
July (oldl .. 441 451 441 45
July (new) . 44 418 44 441
September . 3S2 39 3SS 383
Doccmber .. 39 393 39j 391
May 418 411 413 413
Mess pork, per barrel
July 14.721 14.75 14P671 14.70
September ..14.971 15.021 14.90 1.1.95
October 15.10 15.10 14.95 15.00
Lard, per 100 pounds
July 9.25 9.25 9.15 9.20
September .. 9.37 9.375 9.30 9.30
October .... 9.45 9.471 9.371 9.40
Short ribs, per 100 pounds
Julv S.321 8,371 S.27 S.30
September .. S.525 S.571 8.50 8.50
October 8.60 8.62 S.57 8.60
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
steady; No. 3 spring wheat. 93c8$1.02;
No. 2 red. SSlJii90c; No. 2 com, OOjtfTOc:
No. 2 yellow, 71!572c: No. 2 oats. 501c;
No. 3 while, 491fiT'52c; fair to choice limit
ing barley. 57if?i02c; No. 1 Northwestern
flax seed. 51.22g; short ribs, sides (loose).
$S.00?iS.37i: mess pork, per barrel, $14.70
($14.75; lard, per 100 pounds. 59.20; short
clear sides (boxed). S8.25tf?S.50; whiskey,
basis of high wines, $13.57.
Articles Rccolpts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels 20,500 30.200
Wheal, bushels 6,000 20.900
Corn, bushels 51S.600 519,800
Oats, bushels 279.000 313.300
Rye. bushels 3.000
Barley, bushels 11.000 1,000
On thc produco exchange today thc
butter market was steady; creameries,
I922c; dnirles, lStflc; eggs. firm, at
mark, cases Included, 140141c; firsts.
151c; prlmo firsts, 171c; cheese, steady.
11 (St 12c.
CHICAGO. June 29 Cattle Receipts,
about 19.000; market steady to 10c high
er: beeves. $4.S58.50; Texans. MMfo
6.00; Westerns. S4.756 90; stockerfl and
feeders, $2.60(0-5. 15: cows and helfera,
$2.40(56.30; calves, $4.756.50.
Hogs Receipts, about 30.000; market
10(g15o higher; light, SS.SGO.IO; mixed,
35.906.50: heavy, S5.406.55; rough
heavy. S5.90fr6.20; good to choice heavy,
$6.20fi6.55; pigs. $4 805.60; bulk of sales,
$0.15i&6.35. , t
Shcop Receipts, about 22,000: market
10c lower; natives. ?3.S5(35.25; Westerns.
$2.S5(fi'5 35: vearllngs, S4 75(fI5.50; lambs,
$4.00(3)6.00; Westerns. $4.00C.00.
Knnaas City.
KANSAS CITY, Juno 29. Cattle Re
ceipts, 12,000. Including 4000 Southerns;
market steady to strong; native steers,
SSStfi'S.UO; native cows and heifers. 32 5
(f?6.50; Blockers and feeders, 53.0005.25:
bulls. $2.7D5)4.75; calves, $3.00fi'5 25:
Western steers. $ LOOK'S. 50; Western
cows,' $3.005.25.
Hogs Receipts. 10,000: market 10$lc
higher: bulk of sales, ?6.00w6.20; heavy
$6.15tfpC-25, packers and butchers', $6.00
(&0.20; light, Jp.OOiftO.lB; pigs. S4.5O0i5.OO.
g)1(.fip Receipts. S000; market 10c low
er; mutton.-?. S3.750l.5O; lambs. 55.00
0 00: rango wethers. $3,650)4.25; fed ewes,
S3.2501 1.00.
Omplia. ' '
OMAHA. June 29. Cattle Receipts,
3200. Market slow to lO015c lower. Na
tive steers, $4.7577.90; cows and heifers.
?305.S5; western Ulcers. S3.7O06.1O; Tcxus
steers, 53.50: range and holfors. $2.o0
4 75 canners, $203.50; stackers and feed
ers. $305; calves. $30O; bulls and stags.
s Hogs' Receipts. 5000. Market 10c high
er Heavy. $6.9506. 0G; mixed. 35.950)0:
light, 55.9006; pigs, $4.7505.50; bulk of
Dales. $5,9506.
Sl,epplecelpts. 3000. Market lO02Ge
lower. Yearling. $101-10; wethers, $3.75
04.10; ewes, $303.SO: lambs, $5.5006.25.
Evaporated Fruits,
NEW YORK, Juno 29. Tho market foi
evaporated applos Is quiet; prime stock
is going out of stock very slowly, and
futures aro quiet also, with offerings for
November shipment at 0c. Fancy an
quoted at 100101c: choice, S09c; prime.
61075c : common to fair. 51061c.
Prunes arc unchanged, with quotations
ranging from 31c to 13c for California
und from 51c to 10c for Oregon fruit.
Apricots are dull with choice quoted
at 100101c; extra choice, 110111c; fancy.
Peaches mnllnuo quiet, with oholcn
quoted at S1083c: extra choice. UtfiOlc:
fancy. 100101c; extra fancy, ioi0i'lc.
Raisins aro neglected on spot, with
loose muscat"ls quoted at H061c; choice
to fancy seeded. 61071c; seedless, 506c:
London layers. $1.2501.35.
St. Louis Wool.
ST, LOUIS. Juno 20. Wool firm: medi
um grades combing and clothing. 181 0 20c;
light line, 160101c; heavy .fine, 11012c;
tub. washed, 20027c.
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Fruit From the Tropics Is Dis
played on tho Salt Lako !
Although dealing; was rather slow on
the produce market Monday tho commis
sion mon wero kept tolerably busy, sev
eral new consignments of eatables be
ing received. From Texas came a ship
ment of watermelons and tomatoes, tho
forraor retailing at 40 and 50 cents each,
and the latter at 20 cents a pound. Tho
tomatoes wero among tho best received
this year.
Two carloads of gardon truck wero a
wolcomo arrival from tho Goldon Stale,
and Included In which was the first fresh
corn to appear on the market this sea
son. Tho delicacy Is young and tender
and retails at 5 cents a cob. A supply
of cantaloupes wns also Included in tho
shipment, Tho melons wero offcrod at C
and 10 cents each.
Samoan prunes and fresh figs wero fea
tures of tho market. Thc prunes were
raised In tho Samoan Islands, and look
very much like small tomatoes. Tho
taste, however, is rather peculiar. The
fresh figs, say the dealers, aro thc Jt
ever placed on tho Salt Lake City mar
ket. Tho fruit was raised In Moapa
valley, Nevada, and Is not unlike a small
pear In size, but the color Is similar to
that of a very ripe blue plum. Tho prunes
retailed at 20 cents a pound, and the tigs
at 25 cents a pound. Together with tho
figs came a large supply of Moapa
peaches. Tho fruit Is of excellent quality,
thoroughly ripe, and sells at three pounds
for 25 cents. ,
Cantaloupes aro now plentiful at' 5 and
10 cenls each, and cherries at fi and 10
cents a pound. Tho largo black variety
remains at 15 cents, a pound. Quotations
on Utah potatoes' have fallen to nine
pounds for 25 cents, and Utah green peas
to throo pounds for 25 cents. Utah red
currants woro offered at two boxes for
25 cents.
Tribuno Want Ads.
Bell phono 5201. Iud. phono 360-34S.
Fingers roughened by neodloworl
eatch every stain and lookhopelosalj
dirty. Hand Bapolio romovea not only
the dirt, but aho the loosened, injured
cuticlo and restores tho fingero to then
natural beauty.
We will move to our
new location, 51 East
Third South, July 1st.
Manufacturing Optician,
73 West First South'.
"Makes Everything Good."
F. J. Klesel &. Co., Ofldon.
Rlegor &. Llndley. Salt Lake,
Distributers, )
M I Yf-Ti every rcadcr Investigate my standing, so , t WANT every reader to call to see me. so that I may 1 Hft
H ihat tho,y can comparo it with that of any physician J- explain to him all about my NEW SYSTEM and dem- R JfBP '
a In tho West, ho that they may know I am thc most onstrato why It cures MEN after all other methods fall I ' iMit
U reliable specialist in Salt Lako. to even give rollef. 1 Vrn'J
If You Want Tltoi 1 Don,t AccePt I i fft '
Come To Ma S Y0TL Run No I ' w'K '
Cured by absorption; no pain. The OvTAOUsOO O&r&wB Cured In a few weeks. Improvement I -HVb
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cycle or horseback riding, disease, etc. lwl&&nff 'oss of en0I'&" an ambition, feel tired V 4HH
In time It weakens a man mentally as Cjj? W V OffSil-SdSSwU when you arlao in tho morning, lamo 9 yBfMI-'' .
well as phyoically. I will cure you for typflsCSa3 vfv?fi4(Pt nO back, dizziness, spots beore tho oyos,. lBr"ff 1 4
BUfo or make no charge. viUwpJiMi ani eel 'ou nrc not man yu once 'im'M
Cured by absorption; no pain; no loss WMmB TISSUE WASTE, g
qf time. Why suffer longer when you Ja5!(&&3v2$'y Either partial or total, overcome by H -ftiB'
1 can bo cured In a few hours at a mod- WSVDpK . tiwygjflat 2rffo my Vlgorel A.bsorbent Pad for weak, 3 ISivSM'
I erate coot? Call and consult mo at JJWj. Cft HfifflfPS&S. diseased men. Call and I will explain " JaMB'
once, and I will convlnco you of tho -&?Vtfe7 KK?SlRx1fe 'hi' 11 cures when all else falls. A . t'MiMli
superiority of my New System Treat- fcV jP zm&Lrr W)ttXig$ffl Irlen11y chat 'H1 cost you nothing. Uw3Bjv''
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Overcome In 90 days or no nay. Symp- tMvM' jIflfm.mP' Cured by absorption In a short time; jhMW1
toms ovorcome In 7 to 21 days, with- vSS X&Jttf&Jffi&& u TlJjm no Pnm no etitting. no operation. By. I -:VillBh
out chemicals or poisons. If suffering (w CA''&liw'- mv method tho urethral canal Is I Vf&Br
from ulcers, sore mouth or throat. ri$s y jt uiWm1 healed and entire eystom restored to J 'fflBi
falling hair, bone pains, come and I J flwJff nealtny state, No failures, no 1 Tillh
will drive tho poison from your blood J ' Ww' ixrA pain or loss of time. I 'iEiti '
forever by my New System Treat- jTW? ELECTRICITY 7j ;
A"Rm?PTTnN Properly applied with my Absorbent 'I fBl
aDtsuariiwi p-ees Given Belov Certainly Place treatment gives old men the vigor of - 1
My Medicated J Vigorcl Absorbent My New System Within Reach of Any youth, makes middle-aged men strong H y '.iSB 0,
I Pad for tho cure of weak men has no Man. as vouth, and makes young men lAjW
equal. It acts directly on the seat of Obstructions, from $5 to 515 stron. and revitalizes the nerves when I jB '4,
tho weakness and gives quick and Varicocele, from S10 to $25 exhausted from overwork or worry. It H jm$m 'V
lasting results. By tho action of my Hydrocele, from $10 to $50 cures nervous and general debility, N dm'W '
Medicated Vlgorel Absorbent Pad now Atrophy, from $5 to 312.50 138 of ambition, lame back, difficulty 91 V ,
vim and vigor is Infused direct Into Nervous Doblllty, from S5 to S20 In concentrating j-our thoughts and JU
tho weakened system. Tho circulation Wasting, from $7.50 to S10 tho whole train of symptoms that re- I JtW 1
of tho blood lo Increased, inflamed Ulcers, from $5 to $15 suit from the above causes. If your D f'fM
surfaces aro healed, and Naturo Is as- Discharges, from ...S5 to S10 system has been overtaxed from any H "ifl a
slsted In roatorlng the diseased or Blood Poison, from $10 to $30 cause, seek Nature's own Elixir of n 3,1'
weakened system to tho normal. Falling Hair, from 55 to $10 Life and be made strong again. 9 t
I j strong, vigorous state. Plmplea, from $7.50 to 315 , ReAily HAVE 1 ':
I REALLY HAVE ISSE' AMm.nti " 'from' ' ' tio$n TH E LARGEST PRACTICE IN 1 ilffll1'''
THE BEST EQUIPPED OFFICES gladder ff f;;;; Sw THE WEST' 1 f '
,nt VYC- 1 Prostate Aliments, from $5 to $13 If this Is not true I will cure you 1 '
If this Is not true, I will furnlah vlthout charge. WfW -
you my .erv.ces FREE of charge. FREE ADVICE GIVEN 'CONSULTATION FREE. 1 M
ADVICE ALWAYS FREE. STUBBORN CASES. Write for advice today If you can- 1 fl 'k
Send me particulars of your case WT, nrraT, -M-pxr not call, sent free In plain sealed let- f M t 1
I at once If you cannot call. Medicines -uxuci mxjss. ter Medicines from $1.50 to $6.50 a H lW '
from $1.50 to $6.50 a course. DO NOT DELAY. course. I ' M t
DaJb Hours: 0 a. m. to 8 p. m. CALL OR WRITE TODAY. Sunday Hours: 10 a. m. to 1 p. m. jS ' I jj ' j
I I j Ill P HI i I v ri wriM wrtMirlHKo.. ' I
.tivefF Woman
U lutcrcjiod aud thonld know
ili about tlia wondcrrol
ffl5SMaMARVEL Whirling Spray
VWSvxSfi Beit MottconTcn-
Aicyonrunieclitforlt. yS-.QSWw Jr
If he cannot supply tno tTwKyj
MaVEL, accept no $y
otlier, hut send itamp for fo B m
tlluiUTitcd book-sralcd. It clvt" (Wrl i3
full pnxtlonUra and directions in- miilM'
XnlOAblo to ladlei. t 1 A It) I.I. to.
A Km.1 aBil ft trt. T EW 1 IIKk.
For nalo by K. J. Hill Drug Co.. F. C
Schramm, Charles Van Dyko and Qo-db
Fttts Drus Company.
Scott's Santal-Pepsin Capsules
of the Bladder and Diseased
Kidneys. No euro no pay
Cures quickly aud Perma
nently tlio worst cases of
Gonorrhoea hud Gleet, no
mnttcr of Mow long stand
ing, Absolrtely nannleis.
Sold by druggist?. Prlco
$100, or b7 mall, postpuld,
VI 00, S boxes $2.7fi.
F. J. Hill Drug Co., Salt Lako City.
1 Correspomlouco bolicitod.
The Doctors Who Cere
Witf&SSxiSfr CATARRH Deafness, Asthma, Lung
f'llljffiS" Troubles, Rheumatism, Hay Fever, yr?W
WMfTa f Epilepsy, Hysteria. Insomnia. Heart rtSaeJffilSV
SJV AtJ Troubled, Dloeasos of tho Stomach, jT sSW.
Tojjj '3 IOdneys, Llvor. Bowels and BUddor. 5SsJ43li.
SS "it and nil Curable Nervous, Chronic and A SPSwA
t1. dStJ I'rlvato Dlnooaes of both sexes. Svfw
Examisiatioes Free
"ac4fia3iPS3Efir shores Ji Shores will troat all Ca- &J!y&it3$t&Q
DR. A. J. SHORES, tarrhal Chronlo dlooasos of cvory i j$f&$rS'
name and naturo for the low fee of $5 a m-nth inodlclnos x,m&M$M
fres, to prove to tho afflicted that Drs. Shores' NEW treat- WjlzXMt
ment Is superior to all others, curing la one-fourth tho tlir.6
required under the old methods. DR. O. W. SHORES.
Drs. Shores maintain a Special Department exclusively for the treatment and
euro of all diseases of Men, no mattor how caused. 7ou can consult Drs. Shores
about tho most dellcato or embarrassing troubles, with tho assurance that you
will be clven honest advice and skillful treatment, and ovorythlng will be
STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. Mon who aro weak and falling
young men vfho have hcen led astray by bad companions old men who tlnd
their sexual vigor gonn the victim of . .
Blood Poison, and all othero who need TH"E PROTATP rvr iwn
tho counsel and aid of experienced and XXLtJ mVblA.Li, GLAND,
kindly phvslclans, aro cordially lnvltod Drs, Shores aro pioneers among tho
to consult this department, and be ad- Medical Profession In discovering that
vlBed FREE OF CHARGE. We euro noarly every caso of so-called "Weak
moro men than all tho "Fako Medical ness' In men. lo duo to enlargement or
Institutes" and quack companies In Inflammation of the Prostate Gland. Iml
tho city combined. No cheap, hired tators now copy Drs, Shore's' advortlso
doctors. menls and ctolm to relievo this troublo
So fiure Is tho Cure under Drs. but Drs. Shores' treatment Is not given
SHORES' MODERN METHODS In all or even known by nny "Fake Medical
private dlsoasns that you may ar- Company" In tho World,
range to pay the fee for a Cure In The treatment Is local It Is orlclnal
small weekly or monthly Installments. and scientific, and Is tho only cffectlvo
aa the cure progresses, or you may method to CURE this common and torrl
PAT WHEN Cl'RED. No mattor bin trouble. You can not get this troat
what your trouble Is, or who has failed ment anywhere clsn on earth as given
to cure you, consult these Master Spe- by Drs. Shores hence if vou wnnt a
clallBts, froo of charge, and learn how CTJRtt apply direct to Dra. Shores &
you can yot bo cured. CALL OR Shores, the originators of tho wonderful
WRITE. treatment.
Home Treatment C'.lros. Write for Froo Symptom List If you cannot call.
OFFICE HOURS: 0 a. m. to 5 p. m. Evonlties, 7 to S. Sundays and holidays,
10 a. m. to 12. Consultation free.
Drs. Shores & Shores, Expert Specialists, S'ali!ak'en csity.
If uliice Hours uail) 1U A. M. to S P. Jl. Sunday 11 to 2 P. M. $ ' i i j
mX'wMm tue .microscopic g ,
TSSd ?sll?r ,s tllc on,l' scientific Specialist In O 1 fjft-
. WPARl' JMFZm Salt Lake Clt' llsI"? tno micro- Q ; st-l
O &S1g!iMiF4 -"!&l5 scl,e t0 form 11,3 diagnosis. He O flf ;
O v,'ni tcl1 o:lcl, and every one of you O ' ll,
tm?Sbl Just what your disease Is. without O -V
O EfswOTtAS?1," - - ny Information from you; he will ' M
0 ISvWitl tor than you can tell It yourself ij , .1
By the lino of tho MICROSCOPK ft 1 ll U
O M(Wli0eWM we can dotect Calcut. Cancerous 'i
O MWfmM'Xm Matter. Carbonate of Lime. Albu- A
MW ? nnd a11 extraneous substance.- WM
O SraS mixed with the Urine or Blood X . .
X 'MmiXmWM This Is tho scienllllc principle o." A Hi'
K .StiMm?m treating Chronic Diseases and Prl- J
U iWffiv33a.A...isc:.(. ixve a.lo Diseases. Just call and see ft -4 $ I .
-for yourselves o JT f
1 ivX lit
j Best References Are iho. GrateSml
i Paileaits We Have Cured.
! Vgricoeeie, Constriction, Loss 8 ,J;fe;
Jk of Man!y Viar, Contagions j
rTT ArTT'Tn rTTT?"P Wc Isaue a ponltlve guarantee of a cara fi
i U-U Ai'tfi-lM JLJijJii A UUXtJlj jn evcrv cuso undertaken or money ra- H VliiiMll
l funded. Wo want nothing we do not honestly earn, and If wo fall to cure l'fhwh
you we do not wont your monoy. W ImU1'-
T7-DTrpiP Pooplo who llvo In outside towna and In the country and I f tMl ;!
WltllHj cannot call, should write for consultation, advice and medical t UU t,
book Free. Many csiscu have been cured by home treatment. I , -Jy mAil
IMPORTANT TVo will euro you for LIfSS MONET than j'ou can ba treat- 1 !' ftj
ed for by any other specialist In Salt ' Lnhc. and you have tho advantage of I ft?.
1 knowlnp that you ure In tho care of reliable specialists who arc ACKNOWL- ffl , J Mir
I LEDOED AUTHORITIES In the treatment of men's allmonta. We recojrnlw ' i H-.V
no nuporlorn In our specialty. Sf Wrji.
Conoult the Cook Medical Co. free beforo placing your case. t'. M 'if,l
Houni 8 a. m. to 3 p. m. Sundays 10 a. m. to 12;30 p. m. Call or address I i jKHh
I llBSontta Stre si, Salt Lake City, Wtafc, j 1

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