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XLles Captai" of Police
SSW Fired by
IBi.rES Sept. 9.-CaPtain
MwTof tho Los An-elcs
three times at
Wmfl L bv Carl Sutherland,
f J b s afternoon from his
WSainAuble and Captain of
.B ti.mmpr this morning went
B f Sutherland was stav
lfea Horaine. a chauffeur. It
uBHft Sfttliro of the police
ifBir pTannlnc to rob eer
W5!h th i tv. and the arrests
B1 .a as 'a precautionary
iM&fofficer? dia uot.flnd tho
'w i St 937 Georgia street
IBSiS them at tho corner of
6fd Grand avenue. Cap-
5 tbat he was an officer
JKp his hands as it he
''Wa cun and Flamnier
A wrists, forcinc bim
'Jh n doorway.
-Without Warning.
Uine Anblo was attempt
ST Sutherland. Sutherland
NEf. a revolver and fired
Vfe rapid succession. All
afci effect aud Aublc top
Kjthe words, "Fm done
jto Aublc 's assistance,
Wto bo taken care of by
WSatherland had already
HckJy removed to tho
Edible police officers were
Hrliiid'9 trail, and he was
life room on Gcoreia street.
lirtovered that Sutherland
fcj, liut in what manner is
rr. a Auble had not been
i-jis pin after drawing if.
nj his room Sutherland dis
ai has not 3-et been nppre
imtZ is in jail, where lio
By part in the affra3".
ggJR! Announcement.
il$i E. Taylor announces his
LKfom the undertaking busi
fat on and after September
fvlHk.bsriDefs mil bo continued
k Mr. Samuel Tavlor,
HlKirtawnc S. M. Tavlor &' Co.,
ilflJoKph ?.. Tavlor.
OBfen'UM3 East First
9fH&f. Dancine parties with
fsilB1 trains Wednesday and
The Cheapest Fat Reducer
Is the Best
The attention of all who are halt
choked and generally bedeviled by an
oxcess of fat which, by tho way, always
seems more excessively excessive during
the sultry season than any other, is
called to the Marmola Prescription Tab
lets. Seventy-five cents secures enough of
these remarkable fat reducers from any
druggist to last 3'ou n good while, in
fact, it buys an extra large case. This
is enough to make a very desirable
change in almost anyone 'h weight. Tak
en one after each meal aud at bedtime
the loss of as much as a pound of fat
a dny has been attained innumerable
This is a ro'al result that seems all
tho more romarkable when one realizes
these tnblets arc cheaper by a half than
anything else your druggist .has. But
tho net loss they bring about is not. the
only good feature of thces tablets. Tliby
aro ulensant to tako; don't disturb the
stomach: don't require one to exercise
a particle or diet u mouthful, and last,
but not least, do not cause wrinkles.
They reduce one quickly, but evenly
naturally. They produce, in short, tho
identical results of tho f anion's Mar
mola Prescription, with which they are
identical in composition. Try a case. If
your druggist is sold out then write the
makers, the Marmola Companj of Dc
troit. to send you one by mail.
SEATTLE, Wash., ScpL 9. Owlnjr to
tho number of names upon tho Republi
can ticket and the strong light made for
tho nomination for United States Sena
tor and for Governor, complete returns I
have not been received at this hour (C
p. m.) from any of the thirty-six coun
ties of the State under the new primary
election law.
Incomplete returns from thirty counties
indicate that Senator Levi Ankeny of
Walla Walla has been defeated for re
nomlnatlon by Representative Wesley L.
Jones of North Yakima by from 1500 to
3000 votes, with Judpo William II. Snell
of Tncoma far behind.
In the race for Governor the Incumbent,
Albert E. Mead, has been defeated, with
a decldedlv close vote between former
Gov. Henry McBrldc of Seattle and Sam
uel G. Cosprove of Pomoroy. Under the
law, the winning candidate must receive
40 per cent of the nrst-cholce vote, nnd
where four or more candidates are run
ning, a second choice must bo voted for.
As thro were eight candidates, the re
sult is" largely In doubt. McBridc scorns
to have a. slight lead on first choice, but
Cosgrove has a. decided advantage for
second choice and may be the nominee.
In Seattle and Kings county. Ankeny
and McBrlde lead by small pluralities,
with incomplete returns from 0o out or
22ConrgCesHCmnn William E. Humphrey of
this, tho First district, and 1- rands .
Cushman of Tacoma. Second district,
were nominated without opposition.
Will Care for Crank
"TiVFOL L I Sept. 9- John C.
Couchlln who was "arrested on Monday
while i?vlng " to reach President Roose
ve 1 .left thf Jail here today for hlshomo
in WalDole. Mass., In the custodj oi
Chief of Police Howard Patten of that
place. Relatives will take care .of Cougl -tin
until he can be placed In a sani
4rwn $3000 to $8000
iie Crop of Peaches
mmn on 10 Acres
itjMthe record of land in the famous Green River Valley.
i"IBeB1&nWflO wants to improve his present condition and
AT-Hr m of a permanent income within a short time,
UIiBF iwestlgate the proposition we are offerirf
?M not speculation
SfiPft now we are offering 250 acres in five or ten
f ftjF rccta, at S400 an acre. We require only a small
Bat down and a little each year for four years, at
jKd of which time we turn over to you a full fruit
.jHPig peach orchard. If you do not wish to keep the
Bafter making your fourth payment, we will refund
iKiT7, plus 6 per cent interest from thc time il
pJWrthing to gain,
'nothing to lose
b'yjE1 d nfc believe therc is another land offer as
the above. Come and ask us about it. Call or
-rdH rfre booklet explaining proposition in detail.
!il!tJler"MCl0I,al'i SCCUrity C" 6eDeral AgentS'
feyordealer for I . 1 '
'ere' I
Young Ladies in Outside Towns Make
Fine Showing; Every Candidate Ac
tive; Only Twenty-Nine Days Remain
in Which to Hustle,
Miss Constance Mcintosh, Montpelier, Ida , 50,420
Miss Bertha Michaels, rear 530 East Third South 41,290
Miss Florence Hadley, 647 East Fifth South 37,460
Miss Ruth Bradson, Ogden 37,220
Miss Alameda Gudmunson, Logan, Utah 36,390
Miss Nessic Skillicorn, Milford, Utah 36,100
Miss Juanita Foote, 62 West Fourth South 35,960
Miss Klea Sheets, 115 South Eleventh East 35,560
Miss Pattie Swift, Boise, Ida 35,250
Miss Gertrude Shearer, 145 Thompson's court . . . . 34,900
Miss Mac Busche. Pocatello, Ida .T..... 34,300
Miss Veda Reid, 309 Herald building. . 34,220
Miss Frances Johnston, 1172 Emerson avenue 33.890
Mrs. Grace Murphy, 406 East Third South 32,340
Miss Mona L. Davis, St. Anthony, Ida 31,560
Miss Marjoric Stallings, 358 East Fifth South ' 31.4S0
Mrs. II. B. Carter, Idaho Falls, Ida 30,220
Miss Emily Petersen, Twin Falls, Ida 30,140
Miss Stella Murray, Evanston, Wyo 30,100
Miss Louise Broberg, 167 North West Temple 28,480
Miss Edna Foreman, Paris milliner store, city 28,110
Miss Juanita Morrison, 760 Lake street 26,740 i
Miss Daisy Pattinson, No. 1 Hawks court 26,210
Miss Margaret McNiehols, 328 West First South : . . 25,580
Miss Dorothy Perkins, 368 East Sixth South 25.440
Mrs. Lee Chamberlain, 454 East Brighani 24.790
Mrs. A. II. Little, rear 724 S. Fourth East 23,390
Miss Frances Shields, Park City, Utah : 22,460
Mrs. D. E. Gleason, Ogden, Utah 21,420
Miss Millicent Lee, 417 South Sixth East . . 1 21.210
Miss Mary Ha tain, Rock Springs, Wyo 20.260
Mr. Thomas Ilimstreet. Caliente, Nov 20.100
Mrs. Lizzie Ivirkham, Aucrbach store '. r IS,220
Mrs. M. B. Hardie, 120 West Fourth South ,. 18,200
Miss Dorothy Sorenson, 415 South Main street 17,480
Miss Frances Williams, Keith-O'Brien's store 15.9S0
Mrs. A. W. Swenson, 409 Eighth avenue , 15,840
Miss Buclali Bacon. Eureka. Utah " . . 15,480
Miss Lillie Laudie, Provo 15.400
Miss Maud Allen, Corinnc. Utah : .V. . . . 14.360
Miss Emma Phillips, 9S4 South Fifth East ;.' 14,360
Miss Annette Hcnriksen, 225 Brigham street. . . . . . . .'. .yV'.v. . 34,260
Miss Dora Murdock, Theodore. . . . '. ; , 7. ; . .12,300
Miss May Shelly. 125 South Eleventh East 12,230
Mrs. Dora Brown, rear 258 East Third South 7.380
Mrs: David Anthony, 917 Euclid Avenue , 6.320
Mrs. II. NT. Gilbert, No. 2 Kendall square 5.S40
Miss Mary Arms, Salt Lake Photo Supply i.... 1.S90
Miss Elsie Findersen, 662 South Main street 1.260
Miss Jessie Conway. Stockton 840
Miss Ivy Wallace, Pocatello, Ida ! 240
. This Ballot is Good lor 10 Voies
It Placed in Ballot Box Before Sept. 13, 1908.
WASHINGTON, Fept. 0. Whether A.
M. Ilcrrlnfr. who Is under contract to fur
nish an aeroplane to the plgnnl corps,
will d'.lIor his machine on Monday, tho
day upon which under the rnn tract It
must be at Fort Myor. If the question that
if? hclnp pe nerallv asked at Ml fort. On
February 1 hide for a heiivler-than-air fJy
nt; machine were opened In I he office
of the hoard of ordnance and fortifica
tions, and a week lalr 11 contnn't wna
awarded to A. M. HrrlnB for . O.OOfl.
Ilerrlngr was required to deposit S2000 as
an evidence of pood faith, and if ho dos
not brim; hits machine to Fort Myer tho
Finn will br forfaited. Arrordlng to his
contract Mr. Herring was to havr de
livered his maohlne on August 13. but at
that time h ccniri'd an oxinslon of ono
Emp'-ror NVIIllatn received MaJ.-Gen.
Lieonard Wood, IT. S. A., in tho Held this
inornlnp. Tho meetlnj; took place on a
loftv hill In front of tho position occupied
bv "tho "red" army. The General was In
troduced by Capt. Von LIverhiH, the Gor
man military attache at Washington, and
his Majesty h'ld him In com'ersatlon for
aevoral minutes. The Emperor was ex
tremely gracious and expressed tho hopo
that Gen- Wood had boon given every
opportunity to witness the maneuvers of
tho army.
Man Burnod to Death.
PH I LADE L.PHI A, Sopt. Ji. One man
was burned to death, two women were
serioiislv injured and several others more
or lens "badly burned this morning in a
(ire which destroyed the men's and yom
on'5 buildings of the Philadelphia Cricket
club at Chestnut Hill, a suburb. There
were only employees In the building when
the tiro started.
Oarcy Act Land
opening vnl drawing, Oasis. Utah, Sep
I tcmber 2Stb.
month. He said then that h intended to
bring his machine to Fort Myer under Its
own powor, flying from some point within
a hundred miles of Washington. Tho fan
that Herring lias accomplished imu-h us
an aeronaut adds to the interest with
whleh bis arrival at Fort Myer Is awaited.
Herring claims to have mode a fllpht
of fifty-two mile? In his new type of aero- !
plane, of which It Is snld ho has two. Its I
main features are Its small alr.o as com- !
pared to other mnrhlncs. its light con
struction, a gyroscope- attachment and
two motors. Which weigh less than a
pound to tho horsepower. Its equilibrium
1b to bo maintained automaticallv, and if
the" aeroplane Is a surress It will revolu
tionize all pres"nt Ideas regarding heav-ler-than-alr
flying machines.
WASHINGTON, Sept. n. Before- leav- !
Ing for New York today, .ludgo Alton '
1J. Parker took cognizance of a report
that ho would bo willing to make the
race for Govornor of tho State of Now i
York at the approaching election, and I
said in so many words that ho was not '
so Inclined. j
.Tudgit Parker said; I
j "I am not willing to run for Gover- !
! nor of New York. I do not feel that tho
I situation and thc question sustain mo
I In saying moro than that it Is my desire
to never again hold public office." ;
I Quenches Thirst !
It makes a refreshing, cooling beverage.
and wholesome tonic superior to lemon-
ado !
Cliimnoy Swcop Is Back. j
Havo your furnace and chimney i
cleaned by Griflin, tho expert. Office,
King Hardware Co. Both phonca. No
dirt made.
I Teacli day, Brigham, September 10. j
Salt Lake Statistics
Thomas W. James, St. Mark's hospital,
A. Tictgcn, rear 137 North Fourth West,
N. Flint Harrison, 704 West Second
North, girl.
John Heck. 323 Ninth East. girl.
Clarence C. Windsor, 34D Tenth Ea3t.
Clara Bloyd Evelclgh, 1321 Tenth East,
tuberculosis, aged 28.
Marriago Licenses.
Rowland Williams and Blanche Wln
ward of Salt Lake.
Magnus H. Nllesen of Salt Iako and
Jullnnc M. Sorenson of Mnntl.
Clifford M. Nlver of Los Angeles and
Lllllth Redman of Salt Lake.
A. K. Tripp and Frances A. Brown of
Salt Lake.
Walter Her.manson of Bingham Canyon
and Mary Maypki of Itock Springs, Wyo.
Thomas W. Ward of Salt Lako and
Alice Workman of Farmlngton.
Charles C. Riley and Ethel D. Rumol of
Salt Lako.
Temple J, Aboil of Salt Lake and Julia
Hudeck of Rock Springs, Wyo.
Real Estato Transfers.
Carrio J. Steward to Joseph Magld.
part lot 6, block 8. plat B 32500
D. F. Mangan to Silas W. Bennett,
part lot 8, block G3, plat C 2350
E. S. Cannon to Henry S. Tanner,
part block 4, plat C 4500
L. A. C. Thatcher to E. T. Cannon,
part lot 1, block 13, plat B 3000
M. R. Porter to L. M. C. Dahl, land,
section 25, township 2 south,
range 2 west 200
E TJ. Curtis to L. M. C. Dahl, land,
section 25, township 2 south, rango,
2 west 200
E. U. Curtis to D. F. Dahl, land, sec
tion 25, . township ' south, rango
2 west , 400
A. O. Miller to Board of Education,
part lot 2. block 12. plat B 2500
E. J. Kcarns to D. F. Culver, pari lot
1, block 107, plat D 1
D. F. Culver to II. S. McCann, part
lot 1, block 107, plat D 1
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Sept. 3. Con
gressman George L. Lilly was today nom
inated for Governor by thc Republican
State convention, receiving 402 votes out
of 577 cast.
A motion to mako thc nomination
unanimous was carried with cheers.
Other names presented wero LieuL
Gov. Everett J. Lake and Gov. Woodruff.
Frank 13. Weeks of Middletown was
nominated for Lieutenant-Governor by
John II. Light of Norwalk placed
Lilly In nomination. A referenco to Presi
dent Roosevelt brought cheers, and a
mlnut3 later a wavo of applause swept
tho convention at the mention of Mr.
Lilly's name.
Mr. Light snld that Mr. Lilly had
shown his courage in rising from a sick
bed to rcfuso to retract anything he had
dono in the submarlno Inquiry. j
BRESMER. Wis.. Sept. 9. A woman
"black hand" who for several -weeks
has been terrorizing italian business
men here was captured today, after
a gun fight with officers. No ono was
hurt. Tho woman gives her namo as
Mri?. Frank Galler. wife of a miner.
Flvo officers wcro lying in wait at
Powder Mill creek near a box whero
money had been deposited, when the
woman approached, grabbed the box and
ran. Upon being pursued she whipped
out a gun and hogan shooting at tho of
ficers. After an exchange of shots tho
woman was overpowered.
She and her husband. Frank Galler.
wero both placed in jail. Tho couple
havo four children. Galler claims ho i3
Carpenters Wanted.
Carpenters for interior finishing. Ap
ply 3rd So., between 4th and 5th Eust
Quality in I
I Candy j
1 is more important I
1 than quality in things I
I we do not cat. That's
1 why so much quality 1
I is put in
Half pound 30e.
Full pound GOc. j
I Shoes o
For Men and Women y !
Tho styles this season are A !
Black and Tan leathers. I !
Widths AA to EE. A .
1 Every size made. !
y See our showing and you ft
1 will find the best values we V
w ever offered, I
J mmu.a:aaimi.Hi:r- . n'jm, y I
J 2B8 Main St. I
An Ounce of Gold II
Given Away l
for Every Ounce of Adulteration Pound in flfl
Duffy's Fur Malt Whiskey j l
It has been tested thousands of times by the world 's most eminent i 3H
chemists. Thc decision has always been the same "Absolutely .pure ' '
and unadulterated." For forty-eight years the best known doctors ;
have prescribed it. As a tonic it is better than all the combinations of '
drugs that could be compounded. It is not only a stimulant it is a i
medicinal food, and is recognized as such by physicians. A leading ill
New York doctor said, "Duffy's Pure Malt "Whiskey is a form of
liquid food already digested." A bottle in the house will save suffer-
ing, perhaps life itself. : jM
GUARANTEE. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey :
"We puarautco that tho most sonsi- Js ,l.ho uo cl l life- , . j
tivo stomach will retain Duffy's Pure . t aul ' dipestion, stimulates .the blood, -
-vr u itri i , "- mvicoratcs tho brain, builds nervo us- -r iM
.Malt V hislcej' when it will retain no j suef tones up tho heart and prolong ; IH
other stimulant or nourishment." i life. ;
Duffy's Pure Malt "Whiskey is sold throughout the world by drug- ;
gists, grocers and dealers, or shipped direct for $1.00 a large bottle. ;
If in need of advice, write Consulting Physician, Duffy Malt
Whiskey Company, Rochester, New York, stating your case full-. Our fll
doctors will send you advice free, together with a handsome illustrated -, j jH
medical booklet, containing some of the many thousands of gratifying
letters received from men and women in all walks of life, both old and f t
young, who have been cured and benefited by thc use of the world's r
greatest medicine. Beware of imitations and substitutes offered by un- f c;H
reliable dealers who tell you they are "just as good as" Duffy's Pure t b
Malt Whiskey. Insist on the genuine. It will cure you. rH
s::u Hf AMT SM01r I H
Fall Fashions in Women's Suits, Gowns I ill
and Wraps ii fl
The correct TAILOR MADE Suit this season is the Semi- I . 41
dircctoirc Coat with Louis V vest and collar effects for I IjH
a Dressy wear. 1 i !iH
THE PLA IX-T A 1 LORED custom-made suit is shown for I ;H
j more general wear. 1 i ' jH
! A most gorgeous array o! l
i Handsome Dleeer Gowns j
I wall be displayed to our ! nfl
1 shop this season. I iM
( i
j WAISTS ffliad NECKWEAR j ijjl
j Thc new costume Waist and neckwear surpass any- j lH
j; thing we havo ever shown, as they are especially designed for 3 IH
mmmdmiWMfmiM) salt lake city.
Four blocks from 1 1 ? '
the busIl,cs center.
mm'M Proprietor.
RATES: Syeg: g-opp. RATES BY THE MONTH. .;
' "

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