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Little Matter of Printing De
; liiiquout Tax List Will
j Not Down.
i Commissioners Will Probably
Be Called to Time at
! Early Date.
'I'liorc is every indication that I lie
time is not, far distant when the county
commissioners arc to he brought to
' i task for their reckless disregard of the
B :iv. in handing over 10 the Smoot
"Mouth" approximately $5700. for the
j print in of the county delinquent mx
Jist without observing the little formnl-
- Sly of soliciting bids. A civil, suit to
compel the commissioners to reimburse
the county for the excessive amount;
1 paid the Smool organ is insistently
whispered. In fact, the whisper Ihrent
1 ens to burst into an avalanche.
A loiter of Count v Treasurer .lohn
, A. Ciosibcck threatens to bring (he
I ironb1- to a head. The bill for the
' .1 print'.. .g of the delinquent tax list nut-
1 U urn II v was placed against. Treasurer
(; i.'ioesbock's (lei)artment. There are no
records exlant on the subject, but it
1 it. authoritatively understood that
' (trocsbeck almost fainted when he saw
Hie bill. ?-r00 in excess of what it has
been for the preceding three years.
"When he recovered, he sat down and
wrote County Auditor Frank Hcgin
I bothain a nice little letter, in which he
j ! let. out a gentle, but firm and digm-
, fled, protest, against having the bill
credited against his department and
wanting to know whv it couldn't, be
i-harui'd elsewhere. Having plenty of
troubles of his own with the arbitrary
band that ruins the political destiny
of Salt Lake county. "Mr. Neginbothntu
declined to shoulder the responsibilities
of unvone else and softly "pigeon
' holed " Groesbeck's nice HI tic. letter.
Is Writes to Commissioners.
, Mr. Grocsbeck then sat himself down
and, although the commissioners are
onlv rwo floors above him and the floors
i :ro oonnccied by a perfectly safe ele
vator, addressed a second letter to the
commissioners in which he set out his
1 "pigeon holed" let'ter to Mr. Heirin-
' botham and emitted another, long and
; somewhat loud kick against having the
' bill taxed against his office, especially
! in view of the fact that he had nothing
lo do with contracting it.
i This was several days ago. Nothing
was hoard of the letter until Monday
', afternoon. Then the aristocratic conn
i tv patriots read the letter over ar, the
I regular sessiou two or three times, but
i did not allow it to go on the records.
, ; Oh. no! They were too wise for that.
A careful search of the minutes showed
no trace of the letter, which leads to
the conclusion that it i; safely riding
j n round in f'hairmau Clinton's inside
1 rockel. Meanwhile Groesbeck is nnx-
. i iouslv. but. timidly, waiting lo hear if
I : the bill is to slay taxed agaiust his
' i department.
When the commissioners found out
i ' that thev hud been violating the law
i Fince ISnt'i in paying $1200 a year for a
' pa uner clerk, when the statutes sa3' onlv
: ,"i00. thev rushed to the county altor-
! ncy. but not so in this case. The conn-
) fy' attorney lold them things in the pau
per clerk incident and they didn 't want,
anv more of ihat. Lyon has the repu
; tatiou of being both .efficient; aud hon
est, .'i rare combination iu the county
, offices, and the c.oinmissioncrsare not
' overlv auxious t hear his opinion of
i (heir little law-breaking stunt, this time.
! A crash is expected when the matter
' 1 comes before tho attorney properly.
EaJso-Ofi of "Mouth."
liesidcs letting the minting of the
; delinquent, lax list, without advertising
I for bids. I he commissioners paid 5S
i e.uits a name, or 46 cents more than
was paid last year. In 190! the Tele-
i gram printed the list for JJ 4-7 cents
i a name. Tn J00G the "Mouth" was
' . terriblv glad to get tho list for 11 '(
j f cents a name. Tn 1907 the Telegram
I again got tho list for an even 12 cents
(I a name. In 1008 the "Mouth" needed
a new press and some red ink, and it
i got the list for 58 cents a name,
i ' t U is now up to the county attornev,
but Mr. Lyon declined to discuss the
1 case Monday, merely stating that the
1 I matter had "not come to his oflicial no-
' . tico. The law. section f29. explicitly
i sets out that the list shall be awarded
bv advertisement for bids, and section'
, , f;0G provides for the recovery of illegal
I payments, as in this case, as follows:
S Whenever any board of county cnmmls-
sloners shall, without authority of law.
i ! order any money ptiltl as a salary or fee.
i t or-for any other purpose, and such money
Fhall have been actually paid, or when-
! ever any other county officer has drawn
I any warrant or warrants In his own
favor or In favor of any other person,
j without being1 authorized thoroto by the
I board of county commissioners, or by
I f law, and the .ame shall have been paid.
I the county attorney of such county Is
hereby empowered, and It Is hereby made
bis duty, to Institute suit in the name of
; the county against such person or per
sons and their official bondsmen to ro-
cover the money so paid, and no order
. or the hoard of county commissioners
r ) chnll be necessary to maintain such
1 nctlon.
j Our five-cent cigars tasto like ten
i centers, because wo keep them right.
1 We can show you tho best, sizes of
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! you pay for cheap sizes. Charles the
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t) ' ine Elliott. El Caro, Henry Irving
!' sixty brands of clear JTavana cigars
' to choose from.
rrumkiirs. the finest cigar store in
the west. IHf) So. Main St.
j 1 Would be lost in Salt Lake if the Cen-
I tun' wero not in business. 55-57 Post-
' ' office place.
I wired for electric lights and beautiful
A ehaudeliers. $5 down docs it. Wnsntch
Electric Service Co... "o. 4C-P. O. place.
i Ucdl phone, Main No. 221fl.
j Picture Framing.
j ' Salt Lake Photo Supj)ly Co., 142 Main.
i' Chapin's Wonderful Jiemedv for
' h Dandruff. "Walker Bros. Bank's Mil
l' ( . Hnery.
1 i Martin Coal Co., 55 So. Main.
j: ! All kinds of coal. Both phones 520.
! Tony Arnold Carriage Co.
s Dux and' night. Bell Main 2G, hid. 20.
Two Required to Show Cause
Why License Should Not
Be Revoked.
Health Department Given Extra
Steward for Isolation
Two saloon keepers arc to be haled
before the. cirv council next. Monday
night to show why their licenses shall
not be revoked, for selling liquor
on Sunday. The saloonkeepers are
.lohn Bacr. proprietor of the Lyon bar
at 120 South State street, and William
Strong, proprietor of the "bar at 01 Com
mercial street. Strong will bo sum
moned to appear before the council at
Chief of Police Barlow's instance, aud
Baer at Mr. Kavbould's suggestion.
Mr, Wood and Mr. Martin engaged
in a spiriled tilt over the petition of
.1. S. Cleveland and. suvernl othor
teamsters that provision for a three
nich tire be made in the new widc-tire
ordinance, and that the teamsters be
given more time in which to furnish
their wagons with new tires. Mr. Wood
mox'ed that six months' . time be
granted, expressing 'it as his opinion
that tho street department is in too
much of a hurry about; the matter. Mr.
Martin claimed to seo a covert attack
upon the street department in this, and
annonnceod his undving fealty to
Supervisor lialcigh. Mr. Wood as
serted that if 100 or 150 teamsters have
grievances against tho street depart
ment there must bo something rotten
in that department. Tho petition went
to the streets and municipal laws committee.-
To protect the city from damage
suits resulting from street accidents,
the building inspector hereafter is to
get a sufiicient; bond from contractors
asking permission to tear up or cncloso
a part of the streets for building pur
poses. L. P. Yowcll's proposition to build
a city market, went, to tho markets com
mittee. Yowcll wants the hucksters
driven off the streets into his stalls b
ordi nance.
Mrs. Schramm Given 5200.
Mrs. Margaret C. Schramm was al
lowed .$200 for damage lo property at
Twelfth West, and Fifth 2Sort.li streets
for a change of grade. She asked for
A. II. Nelson's appointment by Chief
Harlow as special polico for Second
South street, from Third West to Fifth
West, was revoked, and W. E. Biys was
appointed a special for tho Deliver &
THo Grande Itailway company's yards.
"According to one of tho couucilmen
tonight, we have such a great and good
man at Iho head of tho street dnparl
nicnt that, I will not move to reconsid
er the matter of giving him a special
officer to enforce the wide-tire ordi
nance and prosecute teamsters spilling
sand and gravel upon tho street," de
clared Mr. Wood, wheu this matter
came up.
The city attorney's ordinance, in
tended to cnlch tho ten loan companies
not required to pay the city a liccuso
for the reason that thoj' do not re
quire a. pledge of personal property
upon a loan, was pussed. This will
add $1000 annually to tho city's reve
nues. The board of public works list of
inspectors, with their places of employ
ment, was referred, at Mr. Fernstrom's
suggestion, to tho finance committee.
Domiuick PIcscia's request for a re:
fund of $100 on the unexpired part of
his liquor license for GO South "West
Temple street was filed. Ploscia's
place, the. Lone Star, was closed a week
ago because women were allowed to
frequent it.
Request From Raloigli.
Street' Supcnisor Raleigh wants
;?2000 to take care of tho sunken
tronehes, caused by tho laying of wa
termains mid sewers, for tho year. Jlis
communication went to tho finance
The health department was given an
extra steward at r.hc isolation hospital,
at a salary of $75 a month, for two
months, to take caro of a violent, de
mented patient, there.
ITealth Commissioner Stewart sent a
communication, setting out that in
the months of November, December,
.January, Fobruarj', March and April,
tho garbage men can mako good wages
at six cents a hundred pounds, on ac
count of the frozen and wet condition
of the garbage, which increases the
weight without adding to tho bulk. In
tho summer months tho rato of seven
cents n hundred pounds will obtain, as
usual, , .
The ordinance giving tho loan com
panies the' option of furnishing' tho
city with a personal or a corporate
surety bond was defeated, Mr. Martin's
motion to strike out tho enacting clauso
carrying by a vote of to 3. r
The ordinnnco creating city woigh-.
masters was passed. '
Tho bonrd of public work3 was au
thorized to advertise for bids for
sewer extension 210, on Lindon avenue.
Pioneer park is to be lighted and
policed again.
The social at the Odeon Academy
Tuesday, Thursdaj' and Saturday evenings.
Mrs. Obuchon, delicatessen nnd res
taurant. Usual excellence. Closes 3
o'clock .Sundays. 237 West 2nd South.
Tribune-Reporter Printing Co.,
CG West 2nd South Street. Phono 71S.
Kodak Finishing. I
Salt Lake Photo Supply Co., 142 Main. I
"Touched" for Ten.
ICdwnrd Clark, living at Ihe Wellington
hotel, reported to the police Monday
night nt S:.'!0 o'clock that ho had bci-h
robbed by a colored woman at South
Temple and .Second West streets. A
wagonlnnri of policemen and detectives
was hurried to the scene, but the woman
who 1b alleged to have committed the
theft had disappeared. Clark said she
had pone into the Umpire rooming house
across the street from which the robbery
waa supposed to have taken place, but
a search of that place failed to localo '
any woman who answered tho dcsciip-
lion given by Clark.
A private nafo may be rented in the
fun and bnrglar-prftof vaults of the
Salt Lake Security and Trust company, J
32-31 Main, btrcot, $2.00 per ycar-
County Fathers Want Pay From
Phone People tor Exten
sion of Lines.
The county commissioners want the
telephone conipnnics to pay the cdunty
something for the privilege of extend
ing their lines all over tho county,!
and may appeal to the legislature to
give them power to tax the telephone !
companies operating in the county for
this privilego.
The city receives something from
the telephone companies for this
privilege, and tho commissioners feel
that tho countv is entitled to somo re
muneration. 'I'hc city now receives
from ench telephone company operating-
here 1 per cent of the gross earn
ings annually, and tho county would
like In get the same. Tn addition, the
city gois lifty froo telephones from
each telephone company, and this par
ticularly appeals to jho county com
missioners, since their littlo graft of
having the county pay for the tele
phones installed in their residences,
nnd used mainly for private and do
mestic use, was cut off. The commis
sioners argue that the ielephono com
panies' lines extend along the high
ways of tho county for tho most part,
and that tho county is entitled to
something for this space.
Until 100S tho city recoived a fixed
licenso on each phono in uso from the
telephone companies, but a' few
months ago the ordinauco was amended
to. pvo the tclophono companies the
option of paying this license tax or
giving the city 1 per cent of their gross
earnings annually in lieu of the license.
The telephone companies ehoso tho lat
ter option. From tho Bell company
the city will, receive about $2500 an
nually, it is estimated, and from the
Independent about $1GOO or $1S00.
Tho item of froo phones saves the city
quite an expense, too.
J. J. Fox Held Up hy Four lien,
One of Whom Is
,T. ,T. Fox, a .iowelry drummer, travel
ing for a St. Louis firm, wis held up
and robbed of bix watches Monday
night, at G o'clock in the hallway of a
rooming houso in Greek town and a
few minutes after tho robbery Police
man Woods arrested G. Stains, one of
tho four men who did the deed. At po
lico headquarters two of - tho stolen
watches were found in Stains 'a pock
ots. Fox had made arrangements to meet
iho Groelcs in a house in tho renr of 551
WTcst Second South street to sell them
somo watches as ho supposed. Ifo was
there as agreed and four men met him.
One of the men said ho wanted to buy
a rovolver, but Fox informed him he
did not havo one to sell and did not
oven carry ouo. After bartering for a
while tho Greeks refused to mako a
purchase. As Fox stepped out into tho
hallway of tho houso tho four men,
lie says, stopped out behind him and
ouo drew a revolver and another a long
knife and made Fox throw up his hands.
Six watches were taken from him.
Fox notified Policeman Wood a few
minutes after the robbery and tho offi
cer visited the placo immediately, but
Stains was tho only man in the place
that Fox could identify.
A private safe may be rented in the
fire and burghir-pro'qf vaults of tho
Salt Lake Security and-Trust company,
32-31 Main street. $2.00 per year.
Peter Neilson, Alias Peter Mal
lcrup, Passes Away From
Heart Trouble.
Peter Neilson, alias Pot or Mallcmp,
75 years old, was found dead in the
kitchen of his home, on Eleventh East
street, south of Twelfth South street,
Monday afternoon, by Charles Davis, a
guard at tho Utah slate prison. From
all appearances tho man had been dead
several days. Deputy Sheriffs Smith
aud Emory wero sent to the home, but
could learn nothing that would lead to
suspicion of foul play. Tho old mail
was found dead, seated in a chair with
a newspaper in his lap aud his head
j resting on tho edge of tho table. Heart
trouble is supposed to have caused his
! death.
Davis's attention was called to the
face that tho old man had not been
fieen sineo last Tuesday, when he was
known to go lo a grocery store close
l3r to purchase oil. and went to iho
house to find out, if he could, what had
become of tho occupant. JTo found the
key in the lock on the outside of the
door, and when entering saw the man
sealed iu a. chair. Going furl her into
I lie house ho learned that tho. man was
Nephi Tunpson, acting coroner of the
precinct where the man made his home,
was notified. After waiting several
hours, the deputies notified Sheriff
Sharp Uiat. the coroner had not arrived,
and the bod was ordered removed lo
the Evans undertaking est ablislment.
Pishop John M. AVhitaker of Sugar
House ward knew the old man very
well, as the Mormon church had been
aiding in supplying him with the neces
sities of life. Mr. Whilakor said
Monday night that the old man's right
name was Neilson. but of iate he has
called himself Mallerup, as there wero
so many persons named Neilson living
in Salt Lake, lie had come from the
I southern part, of the state about, a year
I and a half ago, ami had lived alone.
Neilson did but little work, bocauso of
his advanced age.
McCoy's Stp.bles. j
Carriages and light livery. Phones SI.
Utah Light. & Railway Company
Makes Request of Com
County May Not Ask for Any
Remuneration for the
The extension of the street railway
service to Bingham .lunction and
Sandy is tentatively promised in the
request of tho Utah Light & Railway
company of the county commissioners
of an enrly consideration of its appli
cation for further extension of its
franchise in the county outside of Salt
Lake City.
i Tho railway company has long had
under consideration the extension of'
; its Murray lino to Sandy aud possibly
another line to Bingham Junction, but
there are several good reasons why this
has not been done. Murray wants a
five-cent fare to Salt Lako City. This
the street railway company has abso
lutely refused anil the county commis
sioners havo been solicited by some
of the iralc citizens of Murray to uso
tho matter of granting a franchise to
Sandy as a club over the railway com
pany' to forco tho reduction from I en
j cents lo five eon Is in tho faro from
Murray to Salt Lake City. The eom-
! inissioncrs are a littlo dubious about
j wrestling with tho proposition, "but it
is understood that, whilo the commis
sioners nro divided on tho matter, tho
Sandy franchise will not bo granted
unless the street railway company
agrees to reduce tho faro between Mur
ray .and Salt Lako lo five cents within
at least ten years. Tho cilizous. of
Murray, of course, want a shorter time
and have named fivo years, aud it is
a question of whether sufficient pres
sure can bo brought upon tho commis
sioners to 'gel them to stand firm and
refuse to grant tho Sandy franchiso
unless tho company agrees to so reduce
the faro within five years.
Whether the county will ask any
thing in return for granting tho ex
tension of tho franchiso to Sandy is
uncertain now, but tho commissioners
nppear to think that Iho county ought
lo be satisfied with the extension of
the street railway lines over (he county
without asking the"" company to pay
anything for this privilege. Interur
ban lines are a great, benefit n the
county, and there will bo littlo or no
dispute over the railway company's
paving tho county anything for the
extension of its franchise throughout
the county if tho lines are built.
The extension to Sandy probably will
be mado this year, while it is londly
hoped that the Iiiugham .lunction line
will be begun. Once started, it is
believed, the railway company will
build lines to other nearby towns and
thus connect them with Salt. Lako City
within a few minutes time. Tho ex
tensions would in all probability have
been built and running ero now if tho
smelters had not closed down.
Bigger and Better Than Ever.
They havo moved back into their
own building, with all the new goods
opened up nnd everything ready for
business. i
GO West Second South. Tel. 729.
Royal bread is mado in a clean bak
ery and of the best material that
money can buy. Our Crown label
must bo on over.y loaf.
Policeman Lyon Is Struck Twice,
but Lands Prisoners
in Jail.
Quick action on the part, of brother
officers saved Policeman ,T. M. Lyon
from getting a sevcro beating Monday
evening at 7:30 o'clock whilo placing I
under arrest Frank Murphy, 20 years !
old, for begging. As it was tho officer
received a couple of hard punches in
t ho face from Elmer A. Lane, 21 j'cars
old, who attempted to aid Murphy to
Policeman Lyon was on duty in citi
zen's clothes and whilo walking up
Stato street Murphy approached him
and asked for money. Tho policeman
placed the man under arrest and start
ed to walk him to the city jail.
When near tho Independent Tele
phone company's building "Lane, who
was released irom tho city(.iail Thurs
day on a pardon after serving part, of
a thirty days' sentence for vagrancy,
ran up behind tho officer and struck
him back of tho left ear. When the
policeman turned around Lano hit him
again in the mouth.
Murphy broke away and siarled to
run and Lyon drew his revolver ami
fired five shots in the air to frighten
the escaping prisoner. Lano also ran.
Tho shooting attracted Policeman Carey
and McMardcn. who followed the men.
Lyon and McMardcn captured Murphy
in an alley back of the Orphcuni sa
loon on Slate street, and when he put
up a light tho butt of a revolver was
used on his head, making a wound
which Dr. F. B. Sleelc sewed up with
soveral stitches. Lano was captured in
another alley by Policeman Carey,
who obliged the man to come out from
under a wagon, where ho had hid, at
I ho point of a revolver.
Lane is charged with aiding a prison
er to escape and Murphy with vagrancy.
Lano stated to Lieutenant Shannon
that he'diff not know Lyon was an offi
cer. Tho shooting attracted a large
crowd, as many people woro on Stale
street on their way $to the variou?
HUGO I ill Ml
Has Trouble With Wife, and
Charged With Disturbing
the Peace.
Hugo W. Bohne is deeply immersed
in troubles, others than thoso of a
marilal nature, but his lntest. predica
ment arises out of these troubles, in
connection with his inability to get
nlong with his wife, Nanny Olga
Bohne. Bohne is lodged behind the
bars of the county jail, charged with
disturbing the peace.
Alleging that Bolmo had driven her
out of tho-houso with threats upon her
life, and thrown her clothes out. into
the yard. Mrs. Bohne brought suit for
divorce from him in tho Third Dislricl.
court Fridny. Twenty-four hours
nfterward, Saturday, upon complaint
sworn to bv Clarence M. Cannon and
Archibald Frceburn, neighbors of the
warring Bohnes, and issued by tho
county attornev. Bohne was arresled
by Deputy Sheriff Axel II. Steele and
incarcerated in the county jail on the
charge of disturbing the pcaco of his
neighbors, nnd particularly that of Can
non and Frceburn.
Found tacked upon Bohno's domi
cile, in a conspicuous place, was a
pencil-written note to the effect that if
''strangers" attempted to replace his
wife's wearing apparel and othor ef
foots in the houso from iho yard, where
he had thrown them, he would burn
tho articles. Tho note was in German,
Bohno's tongue, and had to be trans
lated into English before tho county
attorney's or tho sheriff's ollicc could
tell anything about it. At tho time of
Bohno s arrost, it is alleged, Lc had
built a fire in his yard in anticipation
of an ofi'ort on tho part of his wife or
neighbors to rcplaco Mrs. Bohne 's
clothing in the house, upon which, it
is supposed, judging from tho note ho
left, he intended to heap his wife's
things and thus destroy them.
George Stokes and Olic Pierce
Have Fierce and Bloody
Dispute over a card game Monday
afternoon resulted in George Stokes,
colored, 22 .years old, being struck in
the side of tho head by a large-sized
green liquor bottle in tho hands of an
other negro named Olic Pierce, who
was arrested shortly after the trouble
by Detectives Burt and Chase.
Stokes went to tho emergoncv
hospital in I he city jail, and it took
Dr. F. B. Steele two hours to sew and
dress the terrible wound made. The
bottle, when it struck against Stokes's
head, broke, and the sharp edges of
the glass cut a gash four inches long,
starling close to tho right, eye and
leading down on to tiro check. Sev
eral other smaller cuts were made on
tho neck.
Stokes says he was watching a card
gamo iu tho American houso on Com
mercial street, when he saw one of the
players cheating. Ho spoko to tho man,
and nsked him his renson for not plav
ing fair. Pierce then lold Stokes to
mind his own business, and from that
the row started. ,
Tho cut was a bad ono to sew up,
and no little skill had to be used on the
part of the physician to sew the pieces
of llesh together so as not lo leave a
prominent scar.
The bread of taste and ocouomy. 'Crown
label. Royal Baking Co.
FBGI IlEjllVElsm
Twenty-Seven Others on Proba
tion; Failure to Pass on
Studies Is Cause.
There will bo fourteen fewer students
at tho university today than thcro were
Monday, and, unless thcro is somo de
cided chango in tho work of twenty
seven others, they also will go within
the next two woeks. Fourteen wero
given their unconditional dismissal for
Tho coming semester becausp of their
failuro to como up to tho roquiromcnts
iu obtaining passing grndes in a suf
ficient number of their courses. The
others arc lo bo given anothor chanco
ami are nt present on a probation list.
The men so far notified aro thoso of
ho engineering departments, only, and
there will bo others from tho other de
partments, so the professors say. Two
of tho men already given a vacation
aro members of tho football team of
last year, and one of thctn was ex
pected to star on tho baseball team
this spring
m One week ago. after the final exam
inations at. tho close of tho first sem
ester, it scorns that it was found that
about 200 men would be on the "ski
doo" list if tho regulations vero car
ried out to tho letter. Not wishing
to suspend the entire school, tho pro
fessors decided to leave tho decision
in the case of each individual, to a
committee consisting of tho department
head, nnd the professors under whom
the. student did his work, or was sup
posed to do bis work. This commit
tee was given tho final power to dc
cido the fato of the men according
lo whether they thought they wanted
to study or not. Jt is understood that
this is tho basis on which tho dismis
sals were .mado Monda', aud accord
ingly it is not thought that thcro will
bo any opportunity for Tepcal.
National Lecturer F. O- Davis will
lecture on Woodcraft, in Odd Fellows
hall this evening at S;35. Programme
and refreshments. Yourself and friends
cordially iuviled. N.0 charge.
In Passing Sentence, Judge
Lewis Says Desperado Con
victed Himself.
Missing Links in Chain of Evi
dence Supplied by the
"You convicted yourself."
Thus .Judge Lewis of tho third dis
trict court, iu passing sentence upon
Richard Doming, Monday morning, ex
pressed his opinion of Doming's action
in discharging five attorneys appointod
to defend him, becauso they disagreed
with him as to tho lino of defense, and
electing to defend himself.
Ten days ago Doming was found
guilty by a jury in Judge Lewis's di
vision of destroying county jail prop
erty, and Monday morning Judge Lewis
passed sentenco upon the desperado pal
of Joo Sullivan, murderer. Doming,
now serving ten years at hard labor
in tho stato prison for highway rob
bery, was sentenced to fivo vears more
at hard labor for destroying county
jail property. This will make his im
prisonment expire in February of
1023 instead of 1918, tho date his sen
tenco for highway robbery cuds.
It doesn't pay to dischargo roguarly
appointed and capable attorneys and
defend one's self, in tho opinion of
Judgo Lewis, delivered in passing son
tonco upon Doming. Tho court inci
dentally delivcrod a eovoro enstigation
upon Doming in passing sentenco, bo
Hides pointing out tho- errors of the
I desporndo's conduct in discharging
I his attorneys becauso they refused to
carry out his unprofcsional bidding.
Monaco to Socloty.
"You and j'our kind," declared
Judge Lewis, ''aro a constant meuaco
to society. You havo followed tho path
of evil so long that 'ou and your kind
consider it common and jusjifiablo to
'bump off an officer. Jlad tho dis
trict attorney known several weeks "be
foro what ho learned from your lips,
when you were on the witness stand,
yoit would now bo facing fifteen 'cars
additional imprisonment in tho state
prison for being nn habitual criminal,
for you could easily havo been con
victed of that charge. Thcro wero miss
ing links in the case nguinst you, which
you supplied yourself after your dis
missal of five different, attorneys, be
cause they refused to do your unpro
fessional bidding, nnd elected to con
duct your own defense."
"Tho sentence of the court is,"
Judgo Lewis continued, after tho cus
tomary questions had been asked of
tho prisoner, "thnt you be confined,
at hard labor, in tho state prison, for
a term of five 'ears. boginning nt the
expiration of .your present, sentence."
Considerably Humbled.
Doming appeared considerably
humbled by Judgo Lewis's classifica
tion of his attempt at conducting his
own defense as a bungle. Doming had
absolutely no statement to mako for
himself. He spoke not a word while
in tho courtroom.
Doming began his sentence for high
way robbery February 28, 190S. With
no merit marks to his credit, this sen
tence would expire February 28, 1018.
Tho fivo years additional for attempt
ing to saw out of tho county jail in
In Hilary of 1008 will mako his term of
imprisonment expiro February 2S,
1023. By that, time Doming will bo
13 years old, almost an old man.
Tho trials of Alu ITayden and J.
Davis on tho charge of shoplifting were
continued until March 8.
Havo you noticed that the ma
jority of the wills disposing of
tho fortunes of our most success
ful men when admitted to pro
bute havo been found lo name
somo reliable trust company as
executor and trustee to manago
and dispose of the estates in ac
cordance with the wishes of tho
deceased ? -
These men, whoso accumulated
fortunes aro proof of their good
judgment realize that an indiv-.
ldual privately appointed as
trustee is not required to report
tox a court, is not compelled to
havo his accounts auditod, and
tho real condition of the estate
he is managing is not officially
inspected. Even his bo.nd, if
called into question, may not
prove salisf actor'.
Tf you appoint n friend, no mat
ter how honorable ho may bo, to
look, after the affairs of your
widow and orphans, sickness,
death, absence from home, pres
sure of his own privato business,
inexperience, inability or careless
ness on his part, may provent
your will being executed as you
The Utah Savings and Trust
company is authorized by law to
act in any and all capacities
where a trustee is neoded.
This trust company is pf neces
sity experienced in legal mat
ters, has knowledge of values of
property and investments, has a
system of records and roports
that aro invnlunblo to the estate
and to your heirs,- has a fixed
place of business, and niakos a
business of tho caro of estates.
The fees for the services of a
trust company are no larger than
the courts allow an individual to
charge, and an cstato valued at
$2000 receives the samo careful
administration as doos an estato
of $200,000.
The "services of our legal de
partment arc at your command
when you desire to make or alter
your will. .
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Tho public is cordially invited to
attend tt "Lincolu Centonnrv Mem
orial" exercise to ho given' by tho
Grand Army ot the Republic, Depart
ment of Utnh, at. the Armory on Picr
pont street, in Salt Lako 'City, at 8
o'clock Friday evening. February 1
By order of tho commit tec.
- . J. L. JUSTICE. Chairman.
Tropical Time Is Had M
Judicial Committee ofS
Legislature, ffl
Meeting Is Que 0f the M
Held inflty Thusflj
-. By a narrow margin tbQ feJ
tivo to tho merits of rcRulotiS
posed to prohibition, before iZH
coinnuttoo of the houB0 S fA
lives, Monday n eht
solved in tho midst o Pi
Judge J'j. F. a0bun, gV
of a speech, referred to tho &
the applause all went to the n
nndsked: "Why don
. At onco the house l,rok0 5m
nsive applause, a leading J'
was taken by A. Riser and :
named Schramm, who woro rcM
by Coinmii'tccninn Holnian as
bl.i.g. "paid eheerors," i
a point or order, and dcm.S
oftensivo partisanship. R,3C
toward the committee bihln J
marked that ho "didn't caro I
tho speaker wns a legislator or
would get what was corninc to.
ho insulted him."
At this particular point,
looked as if tho prohibition
wero going to mix things in e
somo one made a motion to a,
and undor cover of tho motion
m;m Clegg brought forth tho j
and smoothed tho troubled t?1
Goshen's Portlnent Query,
Tho speakers, bearing tho hi
the argument against prohibits
Judgo F. F. Colborn and tho B
Elmor I. Goshen of the First Co"
tional church. Tho lattor opi
debate, and said ho had not coift
to entor a debate, .becauao ho
prepared, but gavo it as hisT
bcliof that a prohibition law.c
acted, would bo a step backwi
the stato. ITa said ho Iiad li
two prohibition communities,!
never wanted to live in anotb(
ing somo vory strong reasons, ai
ing with tho question: Vji
"Yon say you havo rcatrietki
urcs on your statuto hooks vrli
cannot enforce. How, then, i!
propose to enforce prohibition!
Judgo Colborn, tho only tpes!
either side, who produced on)
montury cvideucc, read a nua
telegrams, as follows: i
Telegraphic Evidencci
Hays, Kan.. 9
E. F. Colborn The prohibiting
Kansas Is fearfully nnd won
made. Tbo lonpr-halrcd men a
sliort-balrcd women havo got nil t
hlbillon they want, and tho romkl
tbo population all the liquor It'
It is merely a political dodge, m
all cundldntcs from jrovcmor;i
overseer, before election, worke
ways, for and against as the local
maTids, and iRiiored the day af
Hon. No attempt Is mado tot
the law except by talk, nnd Uh
boon fastened upon tho state l
army of sneaks and perjure
brought the sanctity of tho oai
disrepute, and disrespect for thj
laws. It Is simply the playt)
demasropucs; has been produi
crime of a class which taps the,1!
government through the evil w
to be eradicated by It It has m
eas tho dumping ground of tin
death-dealing- decoctions produca
In the still or the chemical
I seriously doubt If U ha3 redu
drink habit at all. It certalnly'Sf
creased private drunkenncHS, tm
army of hypocrite who howl M
morality and drink in their homw
yond number. Jt Is no prolrcllw
rising treneratlon. On tho contra
to lta "detriment. It bos nistcnflB
us a. gang of snitch-lawyers n
mako a living by the practice-
profession, but who now, thronstw
state, bring actions in tho name Wt
morals and decency, for the grJ
Is In them, enjoining expenses
counties, and atlrrlng wu
communities. A. D. GOLKSW
Ex -Presiding Judge tKansas CH;
Anneals. . M:
Perjury Encouraged.
From Milwaukee, Vis., came
lowing: 1
From my personal Investigit
prohibition in Maine, Georgia,1!
Kansas nnd other states, I nml
that prohibition does not proniwt.
I have been there has been morj
enne.ss than whero saloons ar
Perjury is encouraged and 1 nrpi
general. The law "is MJntte
crlmo has increased . clilWrca art
aged lo laugh nt violations o
arid temperance is not tho resoj"
bltion law. GLORGb j
Pittsburg's Experience.
The fallowing mcssngo is i
burg, Kan.: I
Five hundred empty residency
vacant business bouses and ft
city" treasury arc the m"""1C'r
prohibition wave In this dt).
blind tigers and boot-lexers
ance. DR. of gj
A number of othor speakers l
the subject front th
among them Mrs. K-rt
llcbcr J. Grant, Dr. 1.
others. , , ... r
Tho debato was closed b)
burn, who, in closing, sn"J; J
Until three years g,!j
his unme upon a "0SLu p5
east as coming from tan. Pg
look upon him with
and would "'jSJyourJ
"How many, wives aje 1
Just emerged from thai t f
amy and having a,VilHneoll
for the state thai would ra m
Investment of oulsWo cap '
tho fact that during tl.
years -more money has been
ITtah than during ill" "SofW
ceding. I ask yMSaM
who have Invested thest) in tS
to again mark tho sUU- an
these drones.-
The keeping of joM 'ya0S
pers. letters, etc., about j U
office or store 'SfnB
rent a Safe Denom JM
firo and burglar B"ofjBSJB
is a feeling of "'ff'" oH
valuables beyond the rcac" 1
thFor ,2 you can rent dH
private sate or box r"r
posit Vault-plenty arc M
the average man or ainan.
Hours, S:30 si. m- " 0 1 S
urdavs, until S:30 P- . jj
,t2 Up25LiJMj
Wallpaper. "c
1 Uodcl Co.. S3 East iirst -

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