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Greatest Ore Body Mining En
gineer Ever Saw in His
Details Given About Sioux
Mine Which Will Be of
i "The Colorado ore body as devel- J
oped in the Colorado mine is the great
est, body of ore-1 ever saw anywhere,
and if nature wanted to make a rce
( ord when she deposited that ore there,
she certainly succeeded. In all 1113'
experience in Tiutic this is the first
time in my knowledge that the stock
of any proposition is selliner for a low
er price than the actual resources of
the mine arc worth," snid Frank B.
Cook, tho well-known mining engineer,
who spent Saturday and Sunday in the
1 tt Tintic camp. Mr. Cook was accompan
ied by 1?. Bell, formerly state mine
inspector of Idaho, and Joseph S. Free.
Mr Cook added that, tho Colorado
resource had hecn described so often
that what he saw would be of little in
terest to the public, but he did not at
tempt" to conceal his enthusiasm rela
tive to the ore and its value and extent.
He also. went, through the Sioux Con
solidated workings, and pronounces it a
finely developed proposition. Tho man
agement has drifted on tho ore to a
point 200 feet north of the shaft, and
for eighty feet south of tho shaft,
which docs not mean, however, that
the ore body has been stoned for that
extent. Mr. Cook states that ho hard
ly believes tho management has stoped
out a half of this distance.
The faces both north and south look
as good today as thoy have at any time
tince ore was found, both being in higli
grade rock. The shaft, is about in the
, center of tho claim in which the ore
) occurs, and the body, if continuous all
tho way across the claim, will be about
700 feet in length, as it docs not cut
straight across.
By a diligent effort to corral all the
stock possible of the Pfoehc Nevada Min
ing company, tho property of which was
purchased, by it. the newly organised
Ploche Metals company is reducing the
amount of the bond that now stands
against the company by virtue of this
purchase. Tho stock Is beinp bought by
the company outright, just as tho proper
ty was purchased, and enough stock has
been placed in the treasury of the com
pany to take care of at least two-thirds
of this hond. When the day comes for
settlement, therefore, the Ploche Metals
company, should it not pet any mora of
the stock, will have only 520.000 to pav on
the bond where It would have had ?60.
I 000 otherwise. At tho same time, tho
company Ih not neglecting the property
at Ploche. Cm tho 100-foot level there
has been found a vein of ore three feet
in width, the ore being a splendid silver
rock, carrying with It much lead as well.
Some handsome specimens of this rock
can be soon In the Salt Lake offices of
the company.
1 Tho directors of the Uncle Sam Con
solidated company met yesterday after
noon for their usual monthly discussion
of company affairs, and at which was
presented a very oncouraginc report rela
i live to the latest developments from Su
perintendent Griggs. The directors wero
not willing that this report should bo
given out, preferring to await the work
of the next month or two. hut it can bo
' paid that Mr. Griggs Is enthusiastic over
I the results of the past two weeks" work,
,i and states that not for a vear has the
Cncle Sam looked so encouraging. It Is
Evident that Mr. Griggs believes the vir
gin territory in which he Is now concen
H ' ira ting his energies to be of great possl-
Some very gratifying assay returns
were received yesterday by the local of
ficials of the Washakl6 Nevada companv
n the samples brought to Salt Lako
?arly last week by General Manager Ed
( nonrls. Tho highest value was from ore
, n what is known as. No. l vein, the value
being S01S in gold per ton. Another assav
, (rom the same vein went $172. From the
ast vein a. sample averaged 521.20. and
,i 1 general sample went ?14 per ton. The
' ' argest vein og the same went SG.S0 nor
Much Work Being Energetical
ly Done Down in County
of Beaver.
'What money I havo mado in mining
has come from tho mines of tho Star
district of Beaver count3', and 1 am
satisfied to put it back into tho ground
to make more, and I fully expect to,"
said Dan Ferguson, one of the pioneors
of this section, who is a guest at tho
Cullen for several daj-s. MY. Fergu
son is recovering fast, but not fast
enough for him, from his recent very
serious attack of typhoid-pneumonia,
! and while ho docs not dare venturo
too much underground for tho time be
ing, he manages to keep closely iu
touch with what is going on in tho
Star camp and to stay pretty close
to the hoists and ore houses.
The Red Warrior company, he states,
is shipping steadily two cars of ore n
week, the rock bringing in about $1000
not nor car. This is one of the big mines
of the camp, and from what Mr. Fer
guson hears the second level, where
most of the effdrt is being ceutored, is
showiug up big and srrong with ore.
The same interests own the Mowitza,
on which the' are doing energetic de
velopment work. Tho Hub, ho states,
has been shipping in somo ore, and
there is plenty of it to scud in. but
development work ir tho aim during
the present low metal prices.
Among the activo organizations of
tho district, Mr. Ferguson montioned
the DuPay. Monte Christo, Common
wealth and Wild Bill, while on tho Com
bination group, in which ho is inter
ested, is being carried forward a good
campaign of deop work. Mr. Fergu
son believes the district is good for a
splendid season.
Tho stock of tho Texan Mining com
pany will be listed on the local exchange
this morning and called for the first
time. This company Is the owner of
twelve claims in tho American Fork dis
trict of Utah, six claims being patented.
The compuny Is capitalised for 1,000,000
shares of stock, par value SI each.
Out of the 200,000 shares originally In
the treasury. H5.000 shares have been
sold. The stock is assessable, There
Is S19S0 cash in the treasury. On the
property S2J feet of shaft and over 600
feet, of tunnels have been driven, tho ore
being silver-lend bearing. Tho property
is twenty-three miles from a railroad, and
five men arc employed. The property is
well equipped with buildings and supplies
of all sorts. Francis C. Tyng is presi
dent and Charles Tyng is secretary and
Tlntlc reports that the Swansea Ex
tension Mining companyg, in sinking be
low the 100-foot level, and being down
now thirty-five feot. has encountered a
mass or Iron ore, and that the Indications
are this is the capping of the ore body ,in
search of which the management has
done much diligent work. The property
carries the extension of tho Swansea
Consolidated veins, which hove provided
no small part of the glory of that seetlon
of Tlntlc. and word that ore bos been
found would seem to be logical at any
Word from Nevada Monday was In ef
fect that some leasers operating on a
property in I-Tumboldt county, adjoining
the Ncvadn-IIumholdt group, have en
countered at a good depth one of tho
richest finds of mineral ever made in that
section of the Sagebrush slate. DeUilIs of
the find are lacking, but. from what can
be learned tho Tmlay Mining company, a
Salt Lake proposition Just south of tho
strike, is In line for the new find, and It
Is more than likely that additional word
will be received today.
Metal Market.
The mtal fpiotations for Mondav,
posted by McCornick & Co.. were as fo'l
lows: Silver, D2c; lead, $1.15; copper,
13 3-lCc.
Mining Notes.
President Rathman of the American
Flag Mining company (3 back from an
eastern trip. 1
Capt. Duncan MacVlehJo loft yestcrdav
for Nevada to make an examination of
somo proportles.
D. C. .Tackling, general manager of
the Bay Consolidated Copper companv.
will leave for this Arizona property thin
week. Mr. .Tackling states that reports
from tho mine are to tho effect that the
development by means of drills is adding
great tonnages each week to the avail
able copper resources and that the ex
perimental mill is running through 300
tons of ore steadily.
KER. 161 8 Main. Tel. Bell 792.
I iSlWi11 Suit'-Yu-
S i I j 'Jwd pick oi! our entire stock (excepting
liW tuxedo and fl,R dress styles).
H;" p ( A uifc for no"'' ancl nc tlml
as s now
Auborn Canyon, Once Diligently
Mined by Chinese, Is to Be
So Modern Operators Will Get
Results I)y Going to Bet
ter Depth.
Within the C'hafcj' camp is & ranpe
of .mountains which nature lias dealt
severely with, timo and its unmerci
ful agencies havo torn down an un
known extent of these mountains, still
leaving Ihem of. majestic, proportions,
however. As it happened, these- moun
tains were filled with gold veins, and
as tho erosion of ages maintained its
action, this gold was thrown down into
the gulches, to he covered in turn by
the metal and debris that came rolling
down through the ages.
One of these gulches is known as
Barber canyon, in which for many
miles during the early sixties Chinese
placer miners from the coast worked
and burrowed, taking out, so tradition
tolls us, many millions of dollars in
the vcllow stuff. On tho other sido
of tho range, and heading right into
Barber canyon, and which might be
termed tho continuation of Barber can
yon, is what ig called Auborn canyon,
another spot in the early days to at
tract the prince of placer miners and
to roward his effort with fortunes in
the precious metal.
Auborn canyon is now owned hy R.
M. Edmonds,' general manger of the
Washakie Nevada Gold Mining com
pany, ami he is now in Salt Lake for
tho purpose of securing machinery with
which to work out Auborn canyon to
get what the Chinamen left. Tt is gen
erally considered that ic is useless to
work after a Chinaman in placer dig
gings, for. as the magnet attracts the
iron, so does the Chinaman focus tho
Hold into his pan; but Mr. Edmonds
has anothor theory about this matter,
and to Tho Tribuno yesterday ho ex
plained tho manner in which tho Chi
nese worked Auborn canyon and why
he expected to find as much or moro
gold than these early operators did.
Mr. Edmonds has placer mined from
N01110 to South America, and he
took about, thirty years to make the
trip. An investigation of this portion
of the globe has convinced him that
thero are no great gold placer fields
left open for discovery, and as a placer
miner never quite loses the fever, no
matter what his surroundings, Mr.
Edmonds has concluded that the only
field loft open is that which the origi
nal operator worked and left years ago.
"The Chinese in Auborn canyon,''
he said, '"'worked in an upper channel,
leaving tho lower channel, or the origi
nal depression into which the heavv
gold logically is to be expected to seek
out in the shaking down process of
nature, severely alone. There is no
better surface placer miner than the
Chinaman. Give him thin gravel.
plenty of water and sunshine over his
nea d and ho will come as near rescu
ing gold dust and nuggets as any man
or race of men alive. But. send him
underground, and ho isn't worth the
trouble to be put out of misery. In
Auborn canyon he drove several miles
of littlo s'hafts to-a depth thai would
not. get his feet wet. and let mo say
right hero that Auborn canyon is far
more dry thau it was forty or fifty
years ago, the shafts being twelve to
fifteen feel apart. From each shaft, ho
would send our four drifts, but not ono
any farther than he. could stand in
and pitch the dirt, into the middle of
the r.haft. He. was afraid of getting
caved-in. so ho kept daylight as close
as possible
"They did' not have pumps as we
have today, so I have purchased pumps
of powerful capacity, and also hoisting
equipment, and my plan is to send a
continuous drift on bedrock, or on tho
old channel, using two sets of timbers,
which will be pulled out. in turn an
the drift proceeds. In spite of the fact
that, this placer canyon has produced
3,500.000, T expect it to bring me a.
liberal return. T have three shafts
down, one being fifty-five, the second
thirty-five and the third down twenty
five feet, and pumps are essential. "I
am not afraid lo operate where these
Chinamen did. and J expect to leave
mi Wednesday to liurr3" the work
Stock Letter.
James A. Pollock .& Co.. bankers and
brokers. 0 Went Second Soutb street, fur
nish the following, received over tliclr
private wire yentorday afternoon:
Dick Bros. Stock better. New York
The market turned very strong today.
Tho scarcity of stocks that was evident
last week became an Important factor
where shorts tried to cover. Prices went
up easily and materially, even though
transactions wore not large. Representa
tive stocks did quite as Well as the, spe
cialties. It looks very much as though
Ftocks are badly placed. Tho rally will
probably go farther. Norfolk was strong
today and wo expect to see It Btronger
and higher. Panhandle will move with
It. Rock Island und Katy will Improve.
Copper stocks went up today In splto of
bad trade news. Rending. In spite of
strike talk, and the Ilaniman Pacifies
In spite of reports of his Illness. Thla
shows that the market Is In a much
stronger position than was generally be
lieved. There may be further demonstra
tion of the. same fact.
Ilutttui Riock Letter, New York Great
strength today enn bo attributed to an
ovorsold condition In active slocks, and
little or no pressure to sell from Inside
sources. Thero was prartlctilly no news
during the session to warranti a chitngc
of sentljnent murketwlse, and the trade
was larcely of tho professional kind. The
Japanese rjuoptlon seeme.d to be the chief
topic before the Wall 'street operators,
and many opinions prevailed as to tho
outcome and the market's course In the
future will bo dependent on this to a
large degree. Without any unfavorable
Incidents politically, we believe the mar
ket will show an Improving tendency
In the future.
Ore Shipments.
The Taylor Si Brunton company ' on
Monday released 9 cars of ore from Utah
and 3 from Nevada camps.
Ore and Bullion.
The ore and bullion report for Mondav
given by McCornick & Co., was as fol
lows: Ore received, 555.000; bullion ship
ped, $00,000.
Union Assay Office.
M. S. Hanauer, J. V. Sadler,
152 S. West Tomnle. P. O, Box 1-M(i!
Drift Going North Changed So
as to Prone the Eastern
Which way docs the Colorado-Sioux
ore body go after it leaves tho Sioux?
Echo answers, which. Tho samo old
query is met with today oven moro so
than it was six months ago. The Iron
Blossom company evidently believes it
is going to get it. although so far the
management has not succeeded in solv
ing this vexations question. A month
ago tho management was convinced that
tho oro body would bo found farther
to tho cast, and towards tho cast the
workings began lo poko their way.
Early last week tho management evi
dently thought the ore was to the north
of where tho miners wero working, so
the drifts began going north instead
of east.
Monday morning reports well authen
ticated from Tintic were to the effect
that the management must have seen
the error of its way in the latter move,
for the drift that had been going north
was now turned to tho cast again, so
the original diagnosis probably is cor
rect, for the management must have
run across some trail mado by that ore
body as it traveled to tho east of tho
present drifts This work is being
done on the 385-foot level,
Following this latest news were innu
merable orders for the stack of tho Tin
tic Central company, the stock of tho
organization that expects to get the
Colorado ore if the Iron Blossom hap
pens to get it, aud which should got
the oro in case the body extends here
after the same way it has heretofore.
During tho regular call yestcrdav morn
ing. 3G.OO0 shares of Tintic Central
sold, and a groat deal moro sold during
the rest of the day. In the meantime
the matter of this oro body extension
is far moro absorbing than tho once
familiar qucstiou, "How old is Ann?"
Boston Copper Market.
James A. Pollock & Co.. bankers and
brokers, 6 West Second South street, fur
nish tho following, received over their
private wire yesterday afternoon.
I S'alcs.l H. j L. IClse
Boston Con I 2401 M ' U ' 11
Butte C ! 200 21i 233 24Ji
Butto & London....! 1 3tc' 28n .Tic
Calumet &. Ariz ) 50il05i;i051 105J
Con. Mercur ' 35e! 30c .15c
Copper Range 425 74 7S4; 731
Cumberland lCIy .... 450 Si Si!
Daly West 10 J !)J 104
Davis Daly 1.435 31 31 34
East Butto 2,000 10 0? 10
Glroux Con 410 SJ S SI
Granby Con 100 P ' 100
Grcone-C S35 105 10? 101
Nevada Con 45 1S1 IS IS
Nevada Utah S27 Sit 31 38
NIplssing 55 03 OH
North Butto :.. 005 75 74 743
Trinity 305 152 15 log
I'nltod Cop. Com 14 133 14
U. S. Smoltor Com.. 155 42 4H 42
17. S. Smelter Pfd... 15 45 45" 45
Utah Con 225 40 j 40j 40j
. I Bid. Asked.
A. and M -1JI lij
Black Mountain 2J 2J
Dominion Copper 23 25
Hancock 12. 12J
La Rose 6$ (5 0-1G
Raven ,--,
Gas US 70
Cobalt Central IS 11)
San Antonio 13J 133
S. and B. ... 143 15
Gf. Cons S 1-16 Si
Adventure S Si
Arcadian 23 3
Atlantic 153 10
Centennial .v 31 33
Copper Range 73 71
Franklin '15
GraYid Central 102 10i
Massachusetts , ... 5 5j
Mlehlgan 103 11?
Old Dominion T,i 52
Qulncy S7 SO
Santa Fc 2 2
Osceola ir.0 132
Victoria 13 5
I Wolverine lie 150
I'ake 10 -10
M. C. C 15 25
P- and P 15
Kow 4j l
Chemung- 20
Giobo 5j 53
Helvetia. .15 4
Majestic 73 75
Ojlbway 1 1 nj
Yukon i li-is 4 13-1U
Rh. Coalition 42 43
First National 73 7
Ray Consolidated oj
Tonopah fi 61
Allouez ,",9 395
Arizona Commercial 34i 35
Calumet and Hccla 650
La Salle 145
Me.vlro Consolidated 3? 4
Mohawk : G2 G3
Parrot -j '17
Rhode Island - 5 "5$
Shannon 15 15y
Tamarack 80 SI
Tennessee Copper r.OJ 40
Utah Copper 435 44
Winona 5 51
Wyandotte .- 3 ju
Zinc 272, 27
Corbln 103 192
Royalo " 2SJ "tl
Miami ; 134 i
Newhouse 41 5 .
9!1 307 31
Apex C5 cj
North Lako 63
San Francisco Mining Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO, Fub. S. The offi
cial closing quotations for mining stocks
today were as follows?:
Alpha Con .01'Kentuck C .. .0'
Andes 11 Mexican 75
Belcher 26 Occidental C. .17
Best fc B 35 Ophlr 1.25
Bullion 15 Overman .. . .07
Caledonia 10 Potosl i
Chal Con 16 Savapo o
Chollar llScorpIon .. .'oc
C C & Va 50 Sep Belcher . .03
C Imperial .. .02; Sierra Nev ... .27
Crown Point . .40 Silver Hill ... .
Exchequer ... .27 Union Con .. .30
Gould & C 071 Utah Con ... .rp
Hale Sz Nor.. - .22;i"e! Jacket ... .43
Alice $ 2.00iLltl.lc Chief . 07
Brunswick C .03Mcxlcan ...... fi.
Com Tun St.. .27fOntario ..... too
Pom Tun B. . .ISIOphlr t in
C C & Va 45iStandard .. . U55
Horn Sllvor .. .70)ycl Jacket' .. 10
Leadvlllo C . .05
Adventure .$ S-00 Mohawk ... cn 00
Allouez 39.00 M C & C... 15
Ainala: 75.50 Nevada . ., is'00
Ariz Com .. 34.50 Old Dom .. ;, "5
Atlantic ... 15,75 Osceola .. . 130 00
Butte C .... 24.00 Parrot .. .. 07 o
Cal & Ariz. 105.00 Qulncy . .. S7lo0
Cal & H... 650.00 iShannon ... isioo
Centennial . 31 .00 1 Tamarack . SO. 00
Cop Range. 73.50 ITrlnlty . .. 15 5
Daly West.. 9.75 .United Cop. 13.75
Granby .. . M.STJ'U S 0... 30 75
Greene-C .. 10.37i(Utah 40. 5
Igle. Royalc. 2S.50 j Victoria ... 4 75
Maps Mln .. 5.00 iWlnona . .. 500
Michigan- ... 10.75 I Wolverine . 146.00
You Will Be Glad
If you see us about that- wall paper
and painting. Newgoods and tho best
of workmen. . W. A. DUVALL,
Both phones 110 TV. 2nd So, 1
Tribune Agonts in Nevada.
Copies of The Tribune will bo found
on sale In Nevada iit the following:
Buuvnrd R, Llvermore.
Callcnte John Shier.
Cherry CreekGrey & Collins.
Cobre Richard Richards.
Columbia B, I. Barlow.
Elko A. 11. Cochrane.
Ely Harvlllo Stationery Co.: Graco
Faxon; Waldcn & Burnett.
Fallon Black's N. P. Agency-
Goldlleld Louie Polln.
Las Vegas Wilson Drug Co.
Lovelock Charles N. Baker.
Mnzuma McLean & Dally.
Ploche A. A. Carman: Ploche Drug Co.
Rawhide Mrs. I. Davis: Louis Polln.
Reno Rosenthal & Armanka; Shepard
& Son.
Rhyolltc Tho "Crescent."
Tonopah T. A. Old father.
Wonder Adams Bros.
Tcrlngton G. E. Leavltt & Son.
Business still ts booming on tho local
exchange, tho Tin tics, na has been the
caso for months, keeping in the far front
of the procession. There was a report
current for a while yesterday that the
Mason Valley company was going to he
sued, but no confirmation or denial could
be had owing to tho absence of the offi
cials from the city. While the stock
broko Hornewhat early In the day, It re
covered strongly. The recent find of ore
In the shaft of the Nevada 1-Illls mine
has helped strengthen that stock, and
It Is being picked tip quietly Altogether
during Monday's two sessions, 257.515
shares of stock sold, the'market value of
which was '372.551.17. The following
were the closing unlisted and listed stock
transactions. v
I Bid. Askcd. Sold For.
B Cent Std .1$ .30 IS !$
Uln Tr Hill . .19 ' ; .1S55) .19
Coder .... ,07& !
Mln Flat ...! .11 .12i; .II3
Thompson .. ! .19 -19
! I A. M. 1 P. M.
j I Bid. Askcd Bid. Asked.
Addle 3 3 .09 $ S .09
Ajax 27 .2Sa .27 .2SJ
Albion 22 22
Alice 2.00 2.50 2.00 2.30
Beck Tun.. .S3 .87 .S4 .86
Big Hill ... .05 .051 0'
Bing Amal. .141 .16 .14 .16
Black Jack. .35i .37 .35 .36
Bonnie Br.. .01 .02 .01 .011
Boston Con 13.50 13.85
Brook Con.. .03 07
Bullock OSj .0S3l -OS .0S2
CarJsa . ...1 .S5 .91 11 .85 .91
Century ... .11 10
Colo Mln... 3.00 3.05 3. 02! 3.05
Col Con ... 1.37a 1.42s 1.35 1.42J
Con Mercur 35 35
Crown Pt .. .19 .20 .19 .20
Daly Judge. 4.50 4.50
Dragon 1 42 .35 .40
Dom Hump .10 .10
E & B B... .70 1.00 .75 1.00
Eagle's N. . .04 .07 10
E Cr Point. .033 .01 .033 .045
E Tin Con. .071 .07j .071 .Oii
E Tin Dev. .14 .131 .14 .15
Emerald 20 20
Galena 03 04
Godlva 2S 2S
Gold Cr Cr. .271 .27
Gold Daisy SO 90
Grand Cent 3.05 3.121 3.05 3.15
Ibex Gold 10 .09
Ind Queen . .091 .10 .09Jf .10
Ingot 011 .02 .01 .02
Inyo Gold.. .051 -OS .051 .07
Iron Bios... 2.45 2. 471 2. 47j. 2.50
Iron Hat .. .0L .05 .01
Iron K Con .161 .IS .161 .IS
Joe Bow .. .01 01
Keystone .. .25 .30 .25 .30
King David 50 51
King Wm 40 .35 .3S
Lehl Tin. .06: .09 .0(51 .OS
Lead Kg. .01 01
Little Bell 2.05 2.171 2.05 2.15
Little Chf. .30 .32s -30 .35
L. Mam. .. .24 24
M. A'alley 2.20 2.23 2.25 2.30
May Day .221 .2"
Mt. Lake .. .36 .37 .36 .37
Nev. Brll 40 41
Nov. F'w. . .01 .031 03
Nev. I IUIs 1.471 1.52 1.45 1.525
Newhouse . 4.75 5.35 4.75 5.25
N. York . .031 .04 .033 .01
No. Cllft . .01 .021 02
Ohio Cop. 6.70 6.80 6.65 6. SO
Ploohe Met .27 .2S! .27 .2S
Plutns 20 .20 .20 .21
Prlneo Con. 1.32 1.375 1.321 1-35
R. and A IS IS
Sacra to ... .031 .033 .03 .01
Scot Chief . .02 .01 .02 .01
S. Troughs .17 .19 .17 .10
S. K. Coa'n 3.72 3.77 3.75 3. SO
Sil. Shield -.11 11 .15
Sioux Con.. 1.30 1.32 1.30 1.32
S. Col. Con. . 19. .50 . IS .50
So. Pacific. .10 09 .11
So. Swan 06 04
Swan. Con. .27 .30 .25 .30
Swan. Ex. .04 .Oti .04 .05
So. I: Bios- .03 1 .01 .031 .04
Tetro .19 .18 .19
Tin Cent .. .14 .14 .141 -15
Tin Com... .073 .08 .07 .073
Tin Silver 17 15
Tin Sil Crn. .22 .2S .22 .2R
Uintah 25 40
Uncle Sam. .Gl .66 .67 .68
U Mercur 04 03
TT States . 41.00 41.00
U Con Tin .21 .21 .21 .21
Victor 11 .12 .11 .12
Victoria ... 1.771 1.00 1.80 1.90
Wabash . . .15 .20 .15 MT
W Nev Cop .49 .51 .50 .51
Yankee ... .26 .30 .26 .28
Ycr Cop .. .07 .OS ' .072 ."OS
Yer Nt Cop .12 .IS .12 .IS
Zcnoll 12 11
Beck Tunnel. 600 at S6c.
Bullock. 5000 at 9c; 2500 at 91c; 500
at 9c; 3000 at S3c, seller sixty davs; 2000
at 91c buyer sixty days; 6000 at S3c; 1000
at SJc, seller sixty days; 2000 at Sic.
Colorado. 1300 at $3.02; 100 ut $3.05,
buyer thirty days.
Carisa. 36 at SOc.
Columbus Con.. 200 at SI. 40.
Crown Point, 300 at 19c.
East Tlntlc Dev., 500 nt 15c.
Iron Blossom, 10P at $2.50; 100 at S2.47;
1500 at S2.I5.
King William, 100 at 35c
Mason Valley, 100 at ?2,25; 100 nt 52.22
100 at $2.20.
New York, 100 at 33c; 2000 at 4c.
Ohio Copper, 200 at $6.70.
Ploche Met., 6000 at 26c; 1000 at 26c;
1000 at 27c.
Plutus, 1000 at 20c.
Sliver King Coalition, 35 at S3. SO.
Sioux Con.. 100 nl $1.32.
Swansea Extension, 10,000 at 4c; 19.000
at.4ic; 1000 at 41c, seller sixty days; 6000
ac 4ie. buyer sixty days.
Tlntlc Contral. 25.500 at He; 2000 at 14c
buyer sixty" days; 11,500 at 14c.
Tlntlc Combination, 2000 at Sc; 1500 at
Uncle Sam. 100 at 64c: 900 at 65c.
Utah Con.. 2300 at 21c; 500 at 2lc,
buyer sixty days.
Victor. 2000 at lie, seller sixty days.
Western Nevada, 200 at 49c; 100 at 50c;
400 at 51c.
Shares sold, 127.265.
Selling value. S25.62S.53.
Bonnie Brier, 3000 at 1c.
Big Hill, 500 at 5c. ,
Bullock, 1500 at S3c;- 500 at Sic
Columbus Con.. 100 nt $1.40.
"East Crown Point, 2000 at 4c; 1000 at
43c buyer sixty days.
East Tlntlc Con.. 500 at 75c
Inyo, 1000 at Gc; 4000 at 6c.
Indian Queen, 500 at 10c.
Iron Blossom, 200 at S2.45; 100 at 52.47.
Grand Central, 75 at $3.07 ; 100 at 53.10
" Little Chief. 1000 at 32c.
Mountain Lake, 1000 at 37c, buyer slxtv
days. " '
Sioux Con-. 2200 at 51.32 ; 3800 at $1.30.
Western Nevada, 500 at 51c.
Tintic Central. 1500 at 1-JJc; 300 at 14c.
Shares sold, 30,475.
Selling value. 512,337.12.
Beck Tunnel. 200 at 36a ,
Bullock. 2000 at S5c seller sixty davs
1000 . at S3c, buyer thirty days.
ColumbuE Con.. 25 nt $1.35.
East Crown Point, 11,500 at 4c; 2000- at
ssrwr 2,07 LTfAt M
Throckmorton & CompanH
brokers If
Nw York, Chicago, San Franele, Qovernm.-. W!
Ravhldo, Tonopah, Goldfleld, an MunEfn,.' R"wiM
All Principal Exchange.. Bnl and Pnl,B.?nd M
1 invt!JniBtJ
4c, buyer sixty days.
East Tlntlc Consolidated. 1000 at 7ic. I
Indian Queen. 4000 at 10c.
Iron Blossom, 3000 at $2,171,
Little Bell. 100 at $2.10. ,
Little. Chief. 100 nl 31c.
Mason Vnllcy. 300 at 52.20; 1(10 at
S2.17; 100 at $2.22: 100 at $2.25; 100 at
$2.27. i
"Ploche Metals. 2500 at 27c. I
Prince Con.. 900 at $1.35. j
Silver King Coalition. 100 at $3.77. 1
Sioux. 1200 ot $1.30; 100 at $1.32. j
South Columbus. 1100 at 49c. !
Swansoa Extension, G300 at 41c; 2000 1
at 4c.
Tlntlc Central, 14.500 at llic
Uncle Sam, 1000 at 67e.
Utah Con.. 500 at 21c.
Victor Con.. 500 at llr.
Western Nevada. 500 at 52c; 200 nt 51c.
seller sixty days.
Yerington. 1000 at 73c.
Shares sold, 5S.525. I
Selling value. 51S.S39. 1
Beck Tunnel, 600 at Sic ,
Bullock, 6000 at 8c. I
Bonnie Brier. 3000 at lc. I
Colorado. 100 at $3.05. J
Crown Point. 1000 at 19c; 1000 nt 19c.
East Tintic Con.. 4000 at 71c.
Grand Central. 200 at 53.07.
Indlnn Queen. 1000 at 10c. ;
Mason Valley. 550 at 2.23; 100 at 52.27.
Nevada Hills, 3000 at $1,521, buyer six
ty days.
New York. 2000 at -lc.
Ohio Copper, 300 at $6.75.
Ploche Metals. 1000 at 27c.
Sioux Con.. 1400 at 51.82J; 600 at $1.30.
Swansea Extension. 4000 at 4c. buyer
sixty days: 2000 at lc; 1000 at 43c.
Silver King Coalition. 100 at 53.80.
Tlntlc Central, 500 at 14c; 2000 at 15c.
Utah Con. 1500 at 21c; 300 at 21c.
Yerington. 2000 at 73c.
Shares sold, 41.250.
Selling value, $15,746.50.
New Tork Mining Stocks.
James A. Pollock & Co., bankors and
brokers, 6 West Second South street, fur
nish the following, received over their
private wire:
I Sales.l H. ' L. IClso
Newhouse . .. 600 5i 5 J 5
Utah Copper 100 433 43J 43?
Tennessee Copper ... 500 403 10 I 103
I Sales.l H. 1 L. IClse
Cumberland Ely J 1.2001 Sij S3I Si
Ely Consolidated 1 ! l id 13c lie
Dominion Cop 1 ; 5 M x
Greeno G. " S I I 7rl lc 7c
Nevada-Utah 4.000 3 31 33
Nevada Smelter 11 18 li
Mitchell 5
Glroux Con 2.000 SS Si' Si
King Edward 3 3' 2
Tintic Mining 45 3s 4i
First Not. Cop 78 7Ji li
Boston Con 200 14i 14; 145
Nevada Con 300 185 IS 185
Yukon Gold I 4J
Mont. Shoshone 800 li IH, 13
Miami Copper 4,000 14 13! 14
El Rayo 3 35 35
Cobalt Cent 30.000 50 47, 50
Ray Con. S.0001 9 Q 93
I Bid. I Asked.
Butte and London 3 9
Cumberland Ely ' SI 8
Glroux Consolidated Si Sj
Nevada Consolidated 1S1 IS!
Nevada Utah 32 3 7-16
Niplsslng 03' 10
Newhouse 3 55
Tennessee Copper 40 40
Utah Copper 133 4 1
Davis Daly 31 35
Dominion Copper 3-IB 5
Ely Central 3
Ely Consolidated 13 It
Furnace Creek 11 12
Greene G and S com I 7
Mitchell k a
Montgomery Shoshone .... 12 2
Nevada Smelting 15 H
Silver Queen S3 SI
Silver Leaf 11 13
King Edward i 3
Foster Cobalt 40 50
El Ray 3 31
Cobalt Central 49 50
Me.Klnlev Darragh PS 1.00
Tlntlc Mining 3 45
Gibraltar 3 5
Mle Mae 1 2
Flrr-t National Copper 73 73
Boston Consolidated 133 14
Yukon Gold 4 11-16 4 13-16
North Butte Extension 6 S
Miami Copper 133 14
B. S. Gas 15 15
Penna Wyoming 7 9
Ray Consolidated Oji 9
Expert Workmen
To execute .your orders for paner
hanginff. pnintinjr, tintiufr. Midglej'
Bodel Co., 33 East .First South.
S. D. Evans,
Undertaker and Embalmer, has removed
to new location, 48. South State.
"Arrow" :
PaM and
Varnish Brushes
Guarantee you satisfaction in
over- particular. No matter
what kind of a brush 3-011 want
or what you intend to use it for,
tliero's an "Arrow" brand
brush that will exactly suit your
purpose. "
We also carry an extensive
lino of painters'" toos and sup
plies. Phone your orders to us.
Paints, Glass, Oils and Varnish.
161 Meighn St..
U. S. A.
It's an important
fact that severnl kinds
of otherwise cood coai '
contain a certain I
amount of bone, slate
and rock CLEAE
CEEEK is practically
free from this dross.
Baieherger I
161 MeJghn St, i
' - U.S. A. ;
I Scenic Hotel of ihe WorfS
Overlooks San Francisco Bay 3
Five Minutes Ride from F
6CO rooms. Every room hti bS
Bates alncle room and tlKK
$3.50. $1.00. W.50, t.5.00, I7.M tiMB
j Palace Hotel Com
when tho proper kind ot "lBi
used. We can supply all younH
that line. Good? and prices alK
at this store Finest qiiallly wrtH
per niid envelopes enili.?eil vrE
own dies. Large nsporlmrnt
books, office speclnltl's awl mCT
slatlonerv You'll be suite! ItcwrfaX
Pembroke St3linerm
Salt Lake's Stationer.!
Jas. A. Pollock &M
I Bankers and Brokers, M
j West Second South Stfl
I Only legitimate
I wires from Utah to thejK
I ern or "Western marJBj
We buy or sell stocaR
I bonds in" any market 6R
world: Our new DuPleB
service more than dojK
our capacity.
You want drucs oftent!SH
t i? inconvenient or iNPf m
X t-'ome for them. We J
f have them just when J(AjH
them, and shall be PlMfffB
T liver them free at aD? tinK
;; (Get the tclephonejatijj
Corner 2d So. and jH
70 W. 3rd So., Salt U W

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