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I News of the Intermountain Region
I Park Commissioners Granted
I but $5000, Afier Lengthy
I si iid Lively Debate.
I Special to The Tribune.
I OGDUN", Fob. S. The matter of np-
I proprlatlon for improvements find niain-
I tennnco of tho parks and public grounds
I i of the city during the present year,
I reached their climax at tonight's session
H of the city council, when $5000 wna
I otcd the park commissioners for this
I purpose, tho appropriation being granted
I by a voto of 7 to 3 after a long debato,
I In which every member of the council
I took part. Tho park cmmlsslonors asked
I for $16,000.
I As forecasted by The Tribune, the
council revoked tho retail liquor license
held by tho Apex saloon upon tho recom
mendation of tho police committee. D.
E. Eramlett and P. G. McGnlre, tho pro
prietors of tho place, are now under in
dictment for robbery, alleged to have
been commlttoed In a room above tho
saloon. It was further decided that no
license to sell liquor under tho samo roof
be granted during tho present year.
Anderson & Larson, tho lowest bidders
for tho work of repairing nlxteen sprink
lers for tho city and three wheel scrap
1 ts. at $202.25 and $22 respectively, were
nwardod the contract for the work.
Tho report of tho city auditor showed
a cash balance on hand of $IS,0IO,60. The
treasurer was Instructed 10 furnish the
ouncll at each session a statement
showing the financial condition of the
Chief of Police Browning submitted his
annual report, which was referred to tho
police committee with authority to havo
another copy printed for exchanges with
police departments of other cities.
Attorney Joseph Chez addressed tho
council and submirted a petition signed by
2"4 merchants and business men of Og
den, asking that tho licenses of peddlers
and street vendors bo increased to an
amount equal to one-half tho monthly
rental of an ordinary storehouse. J. S.
Carver, from tho Retail Merchants as
sociation, followed 2Ir. Che?: with a few
remarks along tho same line. The mat
i tr went to tho special ordinance com
mittee for report.
A request from tho Gamble & Robinson
) Commission company, who contemplate
. the erection of a building In which a
l wholesale fruit packing business will be
conducted at Twentieth street and Wall
avenue, was received asking for per
mission to lay a spur track on Twentieth
street. U was referred to the city engi
neer, city attorney and tho street committee.
Special lo The Tribune.
OGD13N". Feb. S. Contingent funds of
$100 for Sheriff Wilson and Commissioner
of tho Poor Stand ford won4 created by
the board of county commissioners n't
the regular session today. Kach month
the Tund will bo replenished by tho board,
uo that this amount will always bo avail
able in the two offices.
Tho claim of K. T. JIulanlski for pro
' ff-sslonal services In the recent River-
dale road controversy was allowed after
a communication was read from former
Commissioner David McKay. In which It
1 was stated that he had authorized tho
employment of tho attorney.
Owing to a number of complaints which
have been received from merchants of
the county protesting against tho un
restricted habit of peddlers selling their
wares throughout Weber county, a com
mittee composed of Chairman Mad.son
and County Attorney Jensen was ap
pointed to draft a peddlers' ordinance. A
number of bills wero passed upon and
other routine business completed the
business of the session.
I Schools Will Celebrate.
! Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN", Feb. S. Tho one hundredth
anniversary of Lincoln's birth will be ob
served in the public schools of the city
, with appropriate exercises next Friday.
The day being a holiday by proclama
tion of tho governor, no classes will bo
h"ld after tho programme Is completed.
Members of tho G. A. R. will participate
1 in the exercises to be held In the various
I Witnesses Disappear.
, Special to The Tribune.
fl OGD15N, Feb. S. Another postponement
I of the cases against John K. Garrett and
James Fleming, charged with robbery,
.1 was ordered In the police court this
I morning. The cases have been set for
February 11, when tho state hopes to
I obtain the presence of two important wit-
i nesses who havo mysteriously disap-
i peared from tho city since the first pre
liminary hearing was held.
I Prostration
H'i "I suffered so with Nervous
' Prostration that I thought there
I was no use trying to get well. A
Hi . friend recommended Dr. Miles'
. Xcrvine, and. although skeptical
H1' at first, I soon found myself fe
covering, and am to-day well."
i MRS. D. T.JONES, '
H1 5800 Broadway, Cleveland, O. j
H1'1 Much sickness is of nervous
' origin. It's the nerves that
H,i make the heart force the blood
! through the veins, the lungs
, take in oxygen, the stomach di
gest food, the liver secrete bile
and the kidneys filter the blood.
H, ,. If aify of these organs are weak,
Ki it is the fault of the nerves
. through which they get their
' strength. Dr. Miles' Nervine is
1 a specific for the nerves. It
( soothes the irritation and assists
Hjj i the generation of nerve force.
H!'r' Therefore you can hardly miss
Hk it if you takr. Dr. Miles' Nervine
H' when sick. Get a bottle from
3'our druggist. Take it all ac-
( - ' cording to directions, and if it
H;i i does not benefit he will return
your money.
!! ;
PHONE 111; OFFICE HOURS 8 A. M. TO 10.30 A.M., 6 P.M. TO 8 P.M.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN". Feb, S. Employees of tho
Ogden Rapid Transit company havo had
a strenuous day keeping tho cars of tho
system moving and removing: tho fast
accumulating snow from tho tracks.
While on some lines tho cars have not
been able to maintain tho regular sched
ules, there has boon no blocking or truf
fle. Under the personal supervision of
Superintendent Joo Bailey, two snow
plows have been kept running during the
day over all of tho lines of the com
pany. At 3 o'clock this afternoon seventeen
Inches of snow covered tho level surface
of the earth, according to Weather Ob
server Van dor Graff, of tho Joint freight
depot. Snow began to fall shortly after
1 o'clock this morning and continued
without cessation tho entire day until
late In tho afternoon.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN", Feb. S. Accompanied by their
legal adviser, Judgo C. O. Stockslagor,
Frank Melius and Eugene Chnumell of
the ICIIpatrlck Bros. Sheep company of
Peekaboo, Ida., camo to Ogden today for
a conference with District Forester Leav
Itt regarding the grazing rights of the
company in tho Sawtooth forest re
serve. Tho Kllpa trick company for years has
used portions of this reserve for grazing
purposes. Since tho forest came under
the supervision of tho United States for
estry service the company was left out
In allotments made to other sheepmen.
Tho purpose of tho visit was to determine
the graslng rights of the company on
this particular reserve.
District Forester Lcavltt assured tho
representatives of the company that an
r-nnrt will bo made to provide grazing
facilities in fiomo nearby ' range accessi
ble from Peekaboo.
No Clue to Burglars.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN". Fob. S. .'o clue was lefl by
the burglars who ransacked tho residences
of Dr. .T. W. PIdcock on Twenty-second
street and Charles Ilupfer on Twenty
fifth street, lato Sunday night. Tho
police believe that both "tricks" were
turned bv tho same men. Not until to
day did the members of tho Ilupfer fani
llv learn that besides a child's bank. Jn
which thcro was about $10, Jewelry val
ued at $100 was also carried away by
the burglars.
During tho past week hordes of stran
gers have appeared on tho streets of
Ogden and at the city Jail for lodging,
claiming to be out of work. Tho pollco
are certain that the burglaries wore com
mitted by several of these men who have
recently "appeared in tho city.
Weisor, Ida., News.
Special to Tho Tribune.
WT3ISER. Ida., Feb. S. The Washing
ton Jail contains more prisoners today
than ever beforo in Its history, and the
criminal calendar of the district court,
which convenes here next week, will havo
more criminal cases on It than over be
foro In tho history of iho court for this
county. Three men will bo tried for crim
inal assault, one of the parties being a
brother of the girl who preferred tho
charges; ono murder case, two for for
gery, and several grand larceny cases.
Arthur Sweet, who is charged with rapo
upon the person of his sister, a girl Jo
vears of age. and who escaped from tho
county Jail about January 1, and was
searched for far and v.'ido by tho offi
cers, voluntarily returned to tho Jail
about H a. 111. Friday morning and de
manded to be locked up. As neither the
sheriff nor his deputy was present, a
trusty who was sleeping In the sheriff s
office telephoned to the home of tho dep
ulv sheriff, and ho went to the Jail and
locked the young man up. Sweet stated
that when he escaped from the Jail ho
walked directly throughTthc sheriffs of
fice and right through the city, catch
ing a train a few miles west of the city
and going to Oregon, where he remained
until just, beforo his return.
A. C. BlgKerstaff, a. prominent rancher
of Council valley, in the northern part
or this county, was arrested Thursday at
Coppcrfleld, Or., charged with murder,
and brought to this city and lodged In
the countv jail. BlggerstafC Is charged
with the murder or an old mnn of the
name of Moore, who died In tho county
poorhouse about January 1, Moore had
been work Inn for BIggerstaff, cutting
wood and railroad ties, and he and BIg
gerstaff had trouble over a scttlemqnt of
their accounts. In the latter part of tho
month of December. Moore was found In
his cabin unconscious. lie was taken
to the countv poor farm, where he lin
gered for several days, never regaining
consciousness. Two or threo weeks after
his death, there were rumors of foul play
circulated. A coroner's Jury was im
paneled, the hodv exhumed and an ex
amination conducted. It was ascertained
that his skull had been fractured and
there wero a number of bruises on his
bodv. An lnvesllgatlon was begun, which
resulted in the. arrest of Blgsrerstaff. who
was working for tho Tdnh'n-Orcson Light
and Power company at Copperlleld. Or.
He claims ho is innocent, but admits
he had a. fight with Moore. '
II. Goodman, a resident of Cambridge,
in the northern part of the county, was
brought to Wclser Friday evening and
lodged in the county Jail, pending a pre
liminary hearing. Goodman is charged
with adultery, his paramour belmr a
woman living a few miles from Cam
bridge. Goodman is the father of sev
eral children and his wife Is reported to
bo very ill. The woman with whom ho
Is accused of having Illicit relations Is a
divorced woman and has several children.
It is claimed the prosecution has Indis
putable evidence airalnst Goodman.
The linemen of the Idnho-Oregon Light
and Power company, which has a twentv
vear franchise to furnish llirht and power
for the city, will reach here Tuesday.
The substation being erected by the com
pany Is rnpldlv nearlng completion and
It is the Intention to turn on the current
about March 1.
As tho time for the city election ap
proaches considerable Interest Is being
manifested bv tho voters of the olty.
The. names of soverol possible candidates
are being mentioned. The campaign
promises to be a lively and bitter one. as
questions on which the cltv Is divided
will come up shortly. Local notion and
ami-lncnl option adherents will make a
hard fight for their candidates.
This section Is being favored with splen
did weather. There Is no snow on the
ground and. tho days are warm and pleas
ant. The lowest point renched by tho
thermometer In this pectlon this winter
was 6 degrees above zero. But very lit
tle ice has been put up here.
This promises to become tho great
apple-producing section of the west. Tt
Is stated that several thousand acres will
be set to apples this summer. Manv per
sons who own but two or three acres of
land are preparing to put It In apples.
The Wclser country in rapidly becoming
known as tho home of the big red apple.
Now DIvorco Law.
Special to The Tribune.
BOISE. Ida.. Feb. 8. The divorce col
ony of Boise, it Is said, is "up in arms"
on account of the Introduction of a bill
In the house recently extending tho limit
In which a divorce. may be secured from
six to eighteen months. Thev claim It
will work a hardship on , those who find
themselves unhappily married.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN", Fob. S. There appears to bo
nn clement of mystery connected with
the sudden death of young Archibald
Kuhn of this city at San Francisco last
week. The reports which reached the
young man's relatives in Ogden indicated
that he had died from poison sclf-admin-lslered.
Word has been received, how
over, that tho San Francisco coroner's
jury failed to ascortaln tho cause of
death, Its verdict being: "Cause of death
undetermined, perhaps heart failure, per
haps asphyxiation." Tho autopsy re
vealed no trace of poison In tho stom
ach and it is now believed that death
was duo lo some other cause.
Tho chief of police of San Francisco
has assured the relatives of Kuhn that
a thorough Investigation will follow. Tho
funeral was held hero Sunday, In tho
presence of a large number of relatives
and friends.
Coming From Italy.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN". Feb. S. Dr. and Mrs. Edward
1. Rich, who were thought to bo In the
earthquake 7.ono In Italy when tho holo
caust occurred, are expected home In a
few days, A letter received in the city
from Dr. Rich Is written from the Vol
cano house. Hawaii. An Interesting de
scription of tho Kllauea volcano and Ufo
In tho Hawaiian islands is given.
Montgomery on Trial.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN1, Feb. S. The whole day whs
taken up In tho district court with tho
trial of Lorenzo Montgomery for an al
leged .statutory crime committed against
Ruby Stanford, 17 years of age. When
court adjourned at S o'clock the stato
had not, completed tho examination of lis
Bad Money at Ogden.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN", Feb. 8. Several cases of
"shoving tho queer" havo been reported
In Ogden during tho past few days. Se
cret service officers are here attempting
to ferret out tho source from which tho
spurious banknotes are originating.
Two Carloads of Converts.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Feb. S. FIfty-flvo Mormon
converts, occupying two extra coaches,
arrived in Ogden today over tho Union
Pacific from tho east. Connection was
made for Salt Lake on a later train, all
of tho converts going to that city.
Marriage License.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN", Feb. S. A license to marry
was Issued bv tho county clerk today to
William M. Donohue of Ogden and Mary
V. Bourke of Kansas City. Mo.
Murray News Notes.
Special to The Tribune.
MURRAY, Feb. S. Tho best talent in
Granite stake will present tho play en
titled "Peggy's Dream," at tho Granite
stakehouse Friday evening. The talent
consists of sixty voices, and in the case
are several well known vocalists .of Salt
Lako and Murray. Tho affair Is given
tinder the direction of tho Primary Stake
choristers, who are Nellie North Bcnnlon,
Luclla F. Sharp, assisted by A. E. Bcn
nion, Maria Rlgby. Lyle Bradford and
Lucy Russell. Miss May Bennlon will bo
tho accompanist, assisted by tho orches
tra. In order to raise sufficient funds to
remodel the South Jordan wardhouse, tho
various church ' members contributed
calves, piss, sheep, turkeys, chickens,
geese, etc., also grains, fruits and flour
to the head members of the ward, who,
In turn, held a fair, which came to a
close today, and sold the things that had
been donated. The amount realized from
the donations was $1100.
Tho C. LI. Banks Undertaking company,
which has been doing business at Mur
ray for tho past three years, incorpor
ated last week, and will very shortly
commence the erection of a two-story
I structure on State street here for tho
purpose of carrying on Its business.
Provo News Notes.
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO. Feb. S. Tho Elkhorn phar
macy on West Center street was burglar
ized last night and several bottles of
wine stolen. Entrance was gained by re
moving a piece of glass from a broken
front window. Gcorgo McMahon. who has
charge of tho BIJou theater, is under ar
rest, charged with the crime- McMahon
will bo given a hearing on February 12,
and was released on a bond of $1000.
The shooting gallery on West Center
street was also broken into during Sun
day night, and a gold watch,' two pistols
and four one-dollar watches were taken.
The plunder was in a trunk, and tho
thieves took the trunk and carried it about
a block distant, broke it open and looted
it ofjtho valuables. Two translonLs are
suspected, and the officers have sent out
descriptions to all parts of tho state.
Provo has four saloons and five drug
stoics where liriuor is sold, and during
the year 1008 the Provo city police arrest
ed fifty-one drunks, or an average of less
than one each week for the vcur. Of
those nrrestcd for drunkenness about 25
per cent were residents of Provo and
about tho same number were from tho
prohibition town of Sprlngvllle. The bal
ance, or 50 per cent, were from all sec
tions of the county, and transients.
Two hundred and eighty-three men
were Incarcerated In the Provo cltv Jail
during 1908. Of that number 25C were In
for a night's lodging only and wero not
charged with any crime. The above llg
ures do not Include arrests for Intoxica
tion. '
After hearing the arguments today In
the caso of Stephen Bu nnell vs. Inger
Williamson et at. in which plaintiff Is
suing for failure on contract for sale of
land, the court look the matter under ad
visement, Marrlacc licenses have been issued to
Amaua 10. Kindred and Jennie Johnson,
both of Sprlngvllle. and to Robert L. Bills
and Clara M. Loveless, both of Payson.
It was Mrs. Martha Penrod who died
yesterday, and not "Denrod," as stated
In tho Provo news notes Monday morning.
Boise's Bonded Debt.
Special to Tho Tribune.
EOISE, Ida., Feb, S. Tho bonded debt
of Boise City per capita Is $lfi.70; Sno
kane. ?G2.flI; Salt Lake. $75,72; Pueblo
SOS. 70: Boston. 160,50; N'ew York'
SlOO.O'l. which includes special assess
ment bonds.
BOISE, llZ, Fob. S. A ?
J joker bill was introduced in tho 4
house today proposing to mnko
J- St. Patrick's da" a legal holi- v
dav. The penalty clauso of the
t bill provides that anv person -r
r violating any of its', provisions r
r shall bo condemned to dance the
i Irish jig on. tho dome of the r
stato house. Following arc the v
4- authors of the bill: ' McBirne3-, .j.
I' IMcRartney, Mcintosh, McDon-
r aid, McCtttcheon, McCracken, r
r McGilivary, McKinlev, MeTfar- r
f ris, McFaddon and McAHles.
J ,
Removes Poisons of Catarrh and
Klieuraalism from the Blood.
For catarrh of tho head uso a tea
spoonful of salt nnd a quarter teaspoon
ful of borax dissolved in a pint of warm
water. Snuff this mixture through tho
nostrils twice daily and immediate ro
lief is experienced. To cure, a constitu
tional blood rcmody must bo used. Ca
tarrh and rheumatism' aro both duo lo
accumulated poisous in tho sj'stcm'.
Thoso poisons miiBt bo eliminated.
Tho following eimplo homo mixture
effectually acts on tho kidneys, the
bowels and tho skin, causing them to
resume their functions quickly and prop
erly: Got one-half ounco fluid extract
Buchu. ono ounce compound fluid Balm
wort, nnd two ounces syrup Sarsaparilla
compound. Mix nnd talco a teaspoon
tul nftcr each meal nnd ono at retiring.
Many cases of catarrh, rheumatism and
kidney troublo havo already benefited
by this treatment.
Important Gathering of South
ern Organizations at Mf.
Special to Tho Tribune.
EPHRAIM. Feb. S. Tho united com
mercial clubs of Sanpete. Sevier and Pluto
counties mot at Mt. Pleasant Saturday.
Tho meeting was hold in the Commercial
club rooms.
A delegation from nearly every club j
In these three counties was present, and
the convention proved to be both pleas
ant and profitable.
Tho principal event of tho afternoon
and evening was tbo business meeting
at 3 o'clock In tho aftornoon. In tho club
rooms. Tho banquet for tho Mt. Pleas
ant Commercial club and ladles nnd vis
itors at the South ward meeting houso
at t; o'clock was ono of the most elabo
rate affairs over glvon In this city."
Toasts wero responded to by sovcral
Tho programmo for the business meet
ing Included papers and dlncusslons of
various topics by tho members of the
clubs of the three counties. As tho club
was organized for tho purpose of ad
vertising the resources of tho threo coun
ties, with the object of stimulating Immi
gration. It Is probable that the discus
sion of this subject was tho principal
featuro of tho business meeting.
A grand ball at thcopera house wound
up the day's festivities.
Blizzard at Bingham.
Special to The Tribune.
BINGHAM, Feb. 8. The severest, bliz
zard of tho season struck this city today.
Thero was a terrific, windstorm, which
drifted tho snow and mado It very cold.
The snow on a level is 20 inches deep.
ROCHESTER, N. Y.. Feb. 8. The
Wayne countv prand jury at Lyons
has indicted Mrs. Georgia A. Sampson
for murder in tho first decree, allccr
inc that she killed her husband, Harry,
nephew of Admiral Sampson
ROCHESTER.. N. Y. Feb. 8. Harry
Sampson was shot and killed at the
Allvn farm home, near Palmyra, on
November 3, 1908. The theory of
suicide, which was nt first maintained
by his frionds aud neichbors, later be
caiuo discredited nnd an investigation
The coroner 'fi jury on November 2-i
chanrod Mrs. Sampson with her hus
band's death and she was committed
to tho county jail at Lyons, to await
action of tho grand jurj'.
FUNCIIAL, Madeira Island. Fob. 8.
Tho American battleship fleet, which
sailed from Gibraltar Saturday, was re
ported by wireless as being in latltudo
31 degrees S2 minutes north, longtltudo
15 degrees 16 minutes west, at 4 o'clock
this afternoon. The fleet had then cov
ered about COO miles on its homeward
Journey. The repair ship Panthor I3 ex
pected to arrlvo here this evening. The
Yankton, which reached Funchall on
February 3. was 1008 miles to tho west
ward at S p. m. yesterday.
A wireless dispatch from tho Yankton
says fine weather prevailed. At 2 p. m.
yesterday she received a wireless greet
ing from 3-10 Americans aboard tho Hamburg-American
steamer Moltkc, and
heartv congratulations from the Whlto
Star liner Cedrlc.
A wireless message from tho Con
necticut says: "All well."
BERLIN. Fob. S. The visit of King
Edward tomorrow Is regarded generallS'
In Itself as an event, at the present mo
ment, of tho greatest political significance
and with the feeling that It would be
an excellent thing for both nations if
tho meeting of the two monarchs re
sulted In a mutunl understanding tend
ing to allay International tension. From
no quarter, however. Is the expected
voiced with nny confidence that the visit
of the Eniillsh king will produco direct
tangible effects.
King Edward is accompanied by Queen
Alexandra and official circles welcome the
royal visitors in the most courtly tone,
regarding their coming to Berlin as a
return for 'the emperor's visit to England,
and aro making no comment on the po
litical Importance of the event.
KANSAS CITY, Fob. S. Blanche
Walsh, the actress, was brought here
todny on a special train from Fort
Smith. Ark., where she was taken ill
Saturday while filling an engagement
there, and was placed in the Univer
sity hospital. She is suffering from a
complication of stomnch and liver trou
bles. Her physician this afternoon said:
"Miss Walsh is dangerously ill."
gp Moneyi
bfli Worry J
Sentiment of Majority of Legis
lators Is Against Further
Division of Counties.
Special to Tho Tribune.
BOISE, Ida., Fob. 8. A greater part of
today was taken up by tho houEe con
sidering tho bill to crcato Power county.
After tearing tho measure Into countless
fragments It was Indefinitely postponed j
by a voto of 32 to 1C. It is tho general
opinion that tho voto on tho question
was that of tho combine said to havo ;
been entered into at. the beginning of the
session calculated to defeat all county
division bills nnd prevent the removal or
changing of any state Institution. A
number of persons, some of whom wero j
for and pome against the measure, have !
been here for a number of days from J
tho counties that would havo been af
fected bv tho passage of tlie bill, doing
all posslblo for the interests they rep
resented. Tho anti-gambling bill was given a
setback, tho comniltloo referring It back
for amendment. It is doubtful if tho
measuro will receive the support of tho
present alleged reform majority when tho
test comes. So It has been with other
reform measures that havo come beforo
tho lawmakers this session.
Ono of tho most Important bills in
troduced in tho legislature was presented
in the senate today by Davis. It provides
for making It a felony for any person,
company or corporation to contract to
deliver moro water for irrigation than It
has title to under the laws.
State Treasurer Hastings appeared be
foro tho senate for tho second time dur
ing this session to explain his bill to
legalise his method of handling "collec
tion" accounts, over which thero has
been much heated controversy. Tho sen
ate went on record as favoring all of
Hastings's bills along this line.
Tho following bills were passed: To
establish an agricultural college fund-;
regulating employment In mines; provid
ing for the payment of wages in United
States money or Its equivalent: regulating
the liquor traffic, cutting out brewery
owned saloons and dives.
The measuro providing for the turning
of one-half of the revenue from saloons
Into tho rural school district funds wns
defeated, and tho senate local option bill,
which wns to havo come up as a Epcclal
order, wns put over till tomorrow, when
a red-hot fight will take place.
Tho senaio Joint resolution providing
for a constitutional amendment authoriz
ing tho legislature to prescribe the mem
bership and number of members of the
board of education was passed unanimously.
Special to Tho Tribune.
BOSTON", Feb. S. The American Smelt
ing and Refining company lias issued a
statement for the six months ended Oc
tober 31, as follows;
Xot earnings from operations. . .53,91 i,GS3
Construction and Improvements. 7i"..9-3
Balance for dividends 3.S41.ii.0
Preferred dividend 31 per cent.. I.o0.000
Balance for common 2,091.(60
Common stock dividend 2 per
cent 1,000.000
Final surplus 1,001,700
"While tho snow nnd hailstorm of Mon
day morning was at its worst, a call was
received at fire headquarters for ap
paratus to fight a f Iro In the grocery store
of G. R. Clcavland at Q street and Second
avenue. The call camo In a few minutes
beforo 3 o'clock. Tho firo nearly ruined
tho building and its contents, which
caused a loss of about 1000. Tho loss is
fully covered by insurance.
Tho tiro was discovered and tho alarm
given by A. 3. Groenson, who lives near
the store, and was awakened by the
breaking of glass. When ho looked from
his bedroom window he could see tho
flames coming from tho store windows.
Decide on Baruruot.
The board of governors of the Press
elub met Monday evening nnd decided to
hold tho annual banquet on March C, if
it is possible to get tho Commercial club
on that evening. The chairmen of the
various committees in chargo of the af
fair were appointed as follows: Pro
gramme, P. P Jensen: Invitation, Ernest
Evans; banquet. Kenneth C. Kerr;
tabloid, A. X. McKay.
Scott's Emulsion
is for coughs and colds as
well as for consumption.
It's easy for Scott's
Emulsion to cure a cold
or cough and it does it
better than anything dse
because it builds up
and strengthens at the
same time.
Don't wait until you get
Consumption or Bronchi
tis. Get Scott 's.
Send this advcrtljemcnt. together with name of
paper In which II appears, your address and four
cents to cover postacc and hc will send you a
"Complete Handy Atlas of the World" -t
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl Street. New Yw'fe
Druehl " msmssmmmm
ip Mexall
Frank en
5 Order-
East sldo
not on tho
pjioo and JS
Ind. 100.
Ne"r discovery.
Proven by actunl
test to be the best
laxative and ca
thartic known to vT( I
medical science. jR2
10c and 25c. yfflf
BBaawwHHBssa I i
lYour Hair is WorgHFFra
Afraid to use hair preparations? Don't know exactlv wl t M
Then why not consult your doctor? Isn't your liair 1
I Ask him if he endorses Ayer's Hair Vigor for faiim!
dandruff, a hair tonic and dressing. Have confidpn! 8. ij
advice. Follow it. He knows.
I Of Rain Coat j
i Twl Bargains J
I Vfl If I Fr rai"S' WCt Sn0WS anfl stomJ
? I 1 wcaLher oE cvcly sorfc' thc Kaiu Coaffi
H 1S mllcn to c Preferred. ii
J EST 3j . wc are offering a nice assortment!
S i ( p at a great reduction from forlnor0J
II f wi' prlecs' I
X I L'vt 1 Al1 clcsunL asartrnent of neJ
Tlf ' I spring patterns are also ready fJ
your selection." Jf
j f1 Tnc Prices range from $12 to $35
? iS Many oi" ur 7"5 spcciai vaiflj
? Ii Suits' fLS g00d as auy Umt haTe gone
f ia out, arc here for your selection.
f Tortures Speedily
Cured by Cuticura.
A warm bath with
' Cuticura Soap nnd a
single application of
Cuticura Ointment, tho
great Skin Cure, will
afford immediate roller,
permit rest and sleep,
and point to a speedy
curo of the most dis
tressing forma of tor
turing, disfiguring humors, eczemas,
tettors, rashes, itcnings, and irritations
of infants, children, and adults when all
other remedies and even physicians faiL.
U. A. C. Opera Company in Victor
Herbert's Success,
Direction of Georpo W. Thatcher.
Choms of GO Orchestra of 20.
Prices Bvcnlns:, 23c to ?1.00;
boxes. $1.50. gale todny.
Thursday. Friday and Saturday,
Saturday Matinee.
Prices Evcnlnp, 25c to $1.50; mati
nee. 25c to 51.00. Sale today.
BOTH PHONES 3569 nflATlrr.
-THEATRE M Seats Hesenrt
Direction Martin Beck
Mile. Do Dlo. Harrison Hunter & Co.
Mcrlan's Canlno Actors.
Ilyman Meyer.
Chas. & Fannie Van. Work & Owen.
Klnodromc. Orpheum Orchestra.
Matinee daily except Sunday.
Matinee 15c. 25c, 50c; box seat 75c.
ISvonlnRS 25c. 50c. 75c: box seat $1.
Coloiola! TSiealre
Jules Murry presents
In the Smart Musical Play
By Edwin Milton Roylo of Salt Lalco
Xcver played beforo at these prices.
$1.00, 75c, 50c and 25c.
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday;
25 and 50c.
Special matinee Lincoln's Birth
day, Friday Feb. 12tlu Next Week
State Street, bet, 2nd and 3rd South
3dLJ35 IndJIjSl
A Permanent Homo for HIkIi Class
Willard Mack and associate plnvors
present Harold McGnilh's Comedy
Prices; 75c. 50c. 25e. Matinees.
Wednesday and Saturday, 1000 seats
nt 25c.
Special matlneo Lincoln's Birthday,
Friday, Fob. 12th
Next Week : "STRO N G H E A RT."
Firs! Quality
10c, 20c, 30c.
2:30, 7;30 and. 9 o'clock.
The Tribune Wives Your Wants
- tlie Largest Circulation.
I Usoful in Gouty and ltheuma
affections and diseases of j
I KMsieys audi
1 BlaMer
9 The Home of Strong HcaltD
For flowers beautiful call CHI
Tho Genuine Gas House Cokt Hi
favorite fuel for sieves arid
plants of all kinds. Special prlnfl
$? 6ff TON m
iinMO PER Ji
SHOVELED COKE (Run of yr5u
50c extra If carried.
Those who use It are well ,9
fled. Suppose you try It, 3ff
Utah Gas & Coke .3
61 -G5 Main Street. Phone. 'JjM
I $100.00 A 3
Cider Prel
Bend ioz catalog. .JtBJ
D. S. BSH4
Corinoo, UMS;
It makes tho toilet somelhlns'Jw'
enjoyed. It removes all stains
noas, prevents prickly heat and
and leaves the skin white.
In the batli it brings a glotf aaflijjf
nration which no common fnBf
equal, imparting the vigor ana
sation of a mild Turkish bitfk .M:
cera and Druggets. r3K
F. J. HUl Drug 2Lm
r -t A positive anl
their own homes. THE Etu
TUTE. 334 W. South TemP'
Lake City, Utah.

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